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WSUS updates downloading extermly slow in 2012 R2

Q: WSUS updates downloading extermly slow in 2012 R2

I had installed WSUS on 2012 R2, during installation, updated downloaded successfully which i approved. Now i approved patches around 1500 MB but updated taking long time. Only 200 MB download within 24 hours. Internet speed is 80-100 Mbps on WSUS server.
I restarted server and done WSUS cleanup but same issue.

Thanks, Manish

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Preferred Solution: WSUS updates downloading extermly slow in 2012 R2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi Guys ,

i am getting below error after completed WSUS setup 
i did below setup before wsus configure please let me know i f i am wrong 
Setup :-
SSMS-Setup-ENU   management studio 
SQLEXPR_x64_ENU  Sqler 2012 serv

Error :- 
Content file download failed.
Reason: The server did not return the file size. The URL might point to dynamic content. The Content-Length header is not available in the server's HTTP reply.
Source File: /d/msdownload/update/software/secu/2016/02/windows6.1-kb3139940-x64_d5c014c13e8c40c867dbdde6ae053f1f1e41126e.cab 
Destination File: D:\WSUS\WsusContent\6E\D5C014C13E8C40C867DBDDE6AE053F1F1E41126E.cab

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Title: Downloading only full updates ?

Hi, does anybody knows exact conditions when WindowsUpdateClient
is switching from "express" to "self-contained" type of updates ?
Maybe it needs some responses from server like:
"200 Ok", "Accept-Ranges: none" ...
How he exactly reacts to codes like? :

And some silly question, can i make/force client to dowload only 
"full updates", not express ? ( client doesn't use wsus )
About wsus with "express files" checkbox, i have already read.

Here is my full log [ https://yadi.sk/d/MBEMkCenO8Xdbg ], 
from win8.1x64 and update (KB4525252), .
This is a successful download,
client "DnldMgr" succesfuly realised that there is no "range-request" support on proxy
and "Switched to self-contained" type of package. Usually it tries
"express" range request, and fails. Some notes about that below.

Some citation from my windowsupdate.log :
2019-11-26 13:24:43:982
844 ac8
DnldMgr Asking handler to generate non-range requests.
2019-11-26 13:24:43:982
844 ad0
AU AU checked download status and it changed: Downloading is not paused
2019-11-26 13:24:44:107
844 ac8
Handler Generating request for CBS update 67B5CCBF-3E17-45E6-86AE-E935578F9C6E in sandbox C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downl... Read more

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Hi There
We deploy images or special builds for new or used PC to clients and in the past couple of months the Windows update services are taking for ever to download or even pickup on updates.
Can anybody else confirm this?
I believe MS are pushing us towards Windows 10 as we have tested a number of the same Windows 7 images and done the upgrade to Windows 10 without any issues
Something is not right.

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Considering we have to deploy workstations wit MDT, we wander what should be the more efficient way :

- we tryed to apply convenience rollup then WSUS in MDT process = about 45 to 50 mns from a Windows 7 SP1 source
- we tryed to apply WSUS in MDT process = about 50 mns from a Windows 7 SP1 source (quite logical)
We saw that it was possible to include updates directly in WIM, may it be faster : as all of updates have to be applied we don't think so, but we prefer ask.

So what should be the best and fastest way to deploy an up to date Windows 7 workstation today :

- source + rollup + WSUS
- source + WSUS
- source with updates included ?

We do not want to include then re-capture image for the moment.


Emmanuel IT

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Hello. I am running WSUS 3.0 on a 2003 server. It is syncing and not finding any updates since 3/17/07 which can't be right. When I go out to the Windows update site it only finds a IE 7.0 update.

Any ideas on what to look for?
Your help is appreciated.

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Hi, I have an issue with Windows 8.1 clients using WSUS.
I have had a GPO set up to apply to All my computers in my domain, majority of them are Win 7 and WSUS is working perfectly, updates are downloaded and installed automatically and when user shut down, they have the install updates and shutdown option.
Settings in the GPO are: auto download and schedule the install everyday at 10am from a local WSUS server.
These settings as stated are working perfectly fine on Win 7 clients and updates are installed with no user intervention.
However, with the Windows 8.1 clients, the updates are downloaded to the machines from the WSUS server but they are not installed on the computer. There is no option to update and restart or update and shutdown they just sit in Control Panel\Windows Update
until someone manually goes in and clicks install updates.
I have installed the required updates onto my WSUS server for Win 8.1
I have ensured the GPO is applying to the machine which it is, i have also tried settings the 'Install during automatic maintenance' option in the same policy and configuring all options under maintenance scheduler and still nothing.
I can see that the settings are applying to machines via RSOP and the settings are set and unchangeable in teh relevant areas of Windows.
Automatic Maintenance runs and the time and date stamp for last run time changes but the updates are not installed as part of this and they are still sat in Windows Updates with the 'Install Upd... Read more

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My computer is on an AD domain and we have a WSUS server serving updates. However only certain categories of updates are auto approved so typically what I used to do with windows 7 is every once in a while click "Check for updates from microsoft" and this would bypass WSUS and reach out to microsoft for updates. Now this Windows 10 install USED TO have that button but it does not anymore. How can I restore this functionality as I am sure there are plenty of non-critical updates for Windows 10 over the lats few months that I am missing. I am a local/domain admin so access is not an issue.

Thanks in advance

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A client which is in a domain environment is not able to detect any approved updates from the WSUS server. The search for available updates takes too long. This problem does not occur on other clients.

The folder "SoftwareDistribution" has already been removed, even the file "WindowsUpdate.log". The services BITS and WUAUSERV have been restarted. The tool "Windows Update Diagnostics Tool" has been executed, too. The firewall
is disabled.

I also tried those instructions:

All solutions failed. Even the command "wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow".

After executing the WSUS Client Diagnostics Tool, I received the following error:

Checking Machine StateChecking for admin rights to run tool . . . . . . . . . PASSAutomatic Updates Service is running. . . . . . . . . . PASSBackground Intelligent Transfer Service is not running. PASSGetFileVersion(szEngineDir,&susVersion) failed with hr=0x80070002The system cannot find the file specified.

How can I fix this error? Thank you for your answers in advance.

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On a client with Windows 7 32 bits the following security updates fail to install. They all fail with error 80070663. The other updates do install normally. Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance

KB3114833 InfoPath 2013
KB3114829 Outlook 2013
KB3115025 Word 2013
KB3114944 Skype for Business 2015
KB3114735 Access 2013
KB3114946 InfoPath 2013
KB3115039 OneDrive for Business
KB3115031 Outlook 2013
KB3114831 Skype for Business 2015
I tried to do the following:

1. Shut down the laptop
2. The same error occurred when I tried manually
3. C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log says:"1268  215c  REPORT EVENT: {895F2058-A7B1-4AE5-97BF-DC66D7940134}  1  98  101  {093D54FD-35CD-4271-A51B-5AB0EB47BA96}  202  80070663  Installation Failure: Windows failed
to install the following update with error 0x80070663: Security Update for Skype for Business 2015 (KB3114944) 32-Bit Edition.
4. Tried MS Fixit "Automatically reset Windows Update Components".
5. Ran MS EasyFix50302.msi.

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Hi Guys,

Been a while since I have posted, thanks for your help in the past.

I have 5 problems at the moment:

- Computer is slow to startup.

- Windows defender keeps finding the same 2 problems: Adware: Win32/Cpmsky & Browser Modifier: Win32/Fotomoto - says it removes them but they come straight back.

- CA Antivirus has been detecting and removing 44 threats for the last 6 weeks or so.

- When I shut down my computer it invariably downloads and installs updates - I have checked this out and it is always the same update (which is always installed properly).

- Spybot S&D also acting up a bit by not immunizing my computer properly - ie: after clicking on Immunize it tells you how many items that you are not protected from, ie: 198, after updating I am still only protected against 74670 whilst the total reads 74861. A discrepancy of 191?

HiJackthis log follows:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:53:58 AM, on 2/08/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG... Read more

A:Solved: Computer slow/stubborn viruses/forever downloading & installing updates on sh

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when I update my Win7 clients monthly after the Tuesday patchday with the newest WSUS Updates from Microsoft it takes up to 5 hours until the client has detected the needed updates. During this time there is no high CPU or disk utilization.
Win8.1 or WinSrv 2012 R2 clients only take 5-10 minutes for the same process. All machines get the updates from a Win2012R2 WSUS within a local network (1GBit).
How can I reduce this time for Win7 clients?

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I am using the guide (xls/csv) to find relevant updates for the products that I am interested in. I have noticed some differences between the guide and security updates that are listed in WSUS server. For example, following updates are in my WSUS server
but not in the May 2018 guide:

Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB4011253) 32-Bit Edition and 64-Bit edition as well2018-05 Security Monthly Quality Update for Windows Embedded Standard 7 for x86-based Systems (KB4103718) and x64-based as well
Is there some reason for not listing these in the guide?

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Hi everyone ,
We are facing issue in WSUS server , Our environment as follows :
WSUS Server : windows 2012 RS
WSUS Version :  6.3.9600.18694
clients : windows7,8,10
Actually  from the WSUS server we are not getting any error messages , for testing purpose we created one test group on wsus server and moved one lpatop which is having windows10.
we approved some updates and went to client and clicked on updates .
After search its showing that your machine is up to date and managed by group policy.(group policy has been configured).
Now after that we executed Get-windowsupdate-Log on the client and generated log file.In that file we can see lot of failed messages and errors.
I am attaching the file for more clear Info.
kindly some one help me in fixing this.
link for log file on client
Thanks & Regards


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Microsoft is investigating public reports of a non-security issue that prevents the distribution of any updates deployed through Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 or Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Service Pack 1 to client systems that have Microsoft Office 2003 installed in their environment. Microsoft is aware of reports from customers who are experiencing this issue.microsoft.com/technetThe Microsoft Security Response Center

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Hello Everyone,
We have around 100 systems in our Labs using Windows 7 x64
Downloading and Installing updates for each one of them will eat away our bandwidth.It's already slow ,here in India.
I was wondering whether we can host a proxy which would download updates and save it.The computers on the network can then check for updates on the proxy server and download them rather than visiting microsoft.com.
Is this possible?
Need your advice!

A:How do I download and install updates on a network without using WSUS?

Hello Saurav, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could download the MSU files for the updates to be able to use to install the updates with the MSU files on each PC.

Windows Update - Download Standalone MSU Installer File

Hope this helps,

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With extended support ending January 14th, 2020 for Windows 7 and MS's Extended Security Updates thru January 2023 - does anyone know how that will work if we are using a WSUS server for distributing updates? Does anyone know if we would just have to pay
for the WSUS server(s) for extended security updates or how will that work? I can't seem to find any information on that. 

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I had been tinkering with a batch file to update my WIM files with patches using DISM and a fully patched machine.  I ran into a problem were Express Install Packages were present, and therefore, not being injected.  I wanted something a bit more

Then I found this PowerShell method using WSUS for VHD's and re-purposed it for patching WIM's.
param (
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$WimPath,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$MountDir,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$WsusServerName,
[Int32]$WsusServerPort = 8530,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$WsusContentPath,
[string]$LogFile = "$WimPath-dism.log",
[switch]$Confirm = $False,
[switch]$WhatIf = $False

if ($Debug) {
$global:DebugPreference = "Continue"
Write-Debug "Debug messages enabled."
} else {
$global:DebugPreference = "SilentlyContinue"
if ($Verbose) {
$global:VerbosePreference = "Continue"
Write-Debug "Verbose messages enabled."
} else {
$global:VerbosePreference = "SilentlyContinue"

Set-StrictMode -Version 2

Write-Debug "Performing sanity checks ..."
if (-Not $(Test-Path "$WimPath")) {
Write-Error "WIM specified through parameter -WIMPath does not exist. Aborting.&quo... Read more

A:Using WSUS repository and DISM to inject updates into WIM

Never did get the PowerShell version to work.  In the end, the process I'm using is:

Install VLS Windows 7 to VM. (Or Custom WIM)Scan run WSUS update (with nothing approved).After machine reports back, approve everything except .NET 4.x, Silverlight, and IE 9, 10, and 11.Re-scan machine, repeat steps 3 and 4 until no more updates show as needed.From DISM CMD, mount WIM.  (dism /mount-wim /wimfile:C:\MDT\WIM\install.wim /mountdir:C:\Mount /index:1)Run command: Start /w for /R \\virtualmachine\C$\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ %f in (*.cab) do DISM /image:C:\Mount /add-package /packagepath:"%f"When completed, dismount and commit. (Dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:C:\Mount /commit)Replace install.wim in MDT OS Sources folder.

"Most" updates are already applied when the updated WIM is installed.WSUS is necessary to prevent Express Install Files typically fetched from Windows Update.There's no place like

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Hi, I want to configure win7 Home Premium to get it's updates from a WSUS server, but there is no gpedit.msc. How do I achieve this..


A:Configuring windows 7 Home Premium for WSUS Updates

Quote: Originally Posted by bugzee

Hi, I want to configure win7 Home Premium to get it's updates from a WSUS server, but there is no gpedit.msc. How do I achieve this..


There is no gpedit.msc in Home,it is only in Proffesional and Ultimate

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Today whilst doing a clean W7 SP1 Reinstall and a W10 Pro Reinstall, for some reason on both machines somehow the windows update was not fully functional.

A bit of research and came across this tool, which downloaded the relevant updates (progress in command line window):
WSUS Offline Update - Update Microsoft Windows and Office without an Internet connection

Using "WSUS Offline Update", you can update any computer running Microsoft Windows and Office safely, quickly and without an Internet connection.
Please note the patch coverage information.Click to expand...

Edit: When before downloading, select folder for USB (so updates are in the folder).

Then launch the exe inside the created folder.

Also works for W8.1 as well as Office versions etc.

A:Windows Updates Offline - WSUS Offiline Update

@Inkurax - this is good infos. Thanks.

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Hi IT folks,
I'm currently facing a 'weird' problem with my Windows 8.1 WSUS clients. Server OS WSUS clients are all reporting back to my WSUS server, but for unknown reason, Windows 8.1 WSUS clients are not. A few days ago, all WSUS clients are able to download both
Windows Defender (WD) AV definitions and Windows Update, now only WD AV definition updates are successful.
WD AV definitions are auto-approve in WSUS, the rest are <g class="gr_ gr_132 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="132" id="132">manually</g> gets approved. I've already
tried using Windows Update Troubleshooter and said it has fixed few problems - tried to check for updates, still gets stuck with 'checking for updates...'.
OS in my environment:
WS 2012/2016 - working well both AV definitions and Windows Update
W8.1 - only downloading of AV definitions is working

akosijesyang - the conqueror

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Hey guys,

Being the IT guy at work, I upgraded myself (actually did a fresh reinstall) to Windows 10 Enterprise build 1607. Hoping I could find any potential problems before the rest of the company gets it - they're still on 1511.

We have a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server running on Server 2012 R2 that I have configured and essentially left alone for several months - it automatically approves "critical" and "security" updates, and the rest I have to approve/deny manually (like the version upgrades)

I've noticed that since installing the build a couple weeks ago, NO updates have been installed at all! And I tried to do them manually, it seems they get to 98% "downloading" and then just sit there for hours and nothing happens.

But what's stranger is that I don't see the "search online for updates" option that the other clients would show - which is how you know it's configured to connect to WSUS instead of Microsoft directly.

Here's what my Updates page looks like:
We also have, in the Group Policy settings, the auto-restart time as 3am and to install them automatically (the reverse of what I've seen others on this forum want to do)

As you can see here my update history is blank...
I've tried cleaning the update cache (by stopping the service and deleting the SoftwareDistribution folder) and that didn't help. Several reboots later and still no updates, they just get stuck at 98%.

I notice this
Shouldn't t... Read more

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I was under the impression even non admins can have their PC's updated with WSUS but when I log in as a general user onto a machine I never get any kind of update prompt or download but the minute I log on as an admin I get the hourglass and the update downloads and then I get the prompt telling me the updates are ready to be installed.

How do I get this updating when non admins are logged in?

A:WSUS pushes updates to computer when admin logs in only?

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I have several Win7 x64 SP1 clients on a private network not connected to the internet. Other machines on the network are downloading updates OK. They have all been running for a few years now andconnecting to a WSUS server (version 3-2.7600.226, install
type 1) on windows Server 2008 R2 to receive updates.
A while back some of the PCs stopped reporting to the WSUS server and now will not update at all. I have tried connecting directly to the Internet and no matter what I try I cannot get them to update.
I have extracts from the WindowsUpdate log, Windows Error Report, I have run the WSUS Diagnostic Tool and have also tried to re-install dot net 3.5 and 3.5 sp1.
The various outputs and reports follow:


2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 1208 AU #############
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 1208 AU ## START ## AU: Search for updates
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 1208 AU #########
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 1208 AU <<## SUBMITTED ## AU: Search for updates [CallId = {E9B6EBE7-F76D-43EE-98AE-7C23BA4AB42B}]
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 13f4 Agent *************
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 13f4 Agent ** START ** Agent: Finding updates [CallerId = AutomaticUpdates]
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 13f4 Agent *********
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 13f4 Agent * Online = Yes; Ignore download priority = No
2016-08-05 14:33:25:708 1288 13f4 Agent * Criteria = "IsInstalled=0 and DeploymentAction='Installation' or IsPresent=1 and DeploymentAct... Read more

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we only do WSUS Security updates at work, and I need to MANUALLY download the update to MS Malware Protection Engine to get to version 1.1.10701.0. everything I find says windows update - can't do it.  I need a URL to go to that has the definition
to download, every URL I find only has information regarding it. I need a URL to download the update. Any help would be appreciated.

A:need to download MS Malware Protection Engine / we use Security updates only in WSUS

Like below article description, the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine is running in these products:

Microsoft Forefront Client Security Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint Service Pack 3 Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Service Pack 1 Microsoft Malicious Software Removal ToolMicrosoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease Windows Defender for Windows 8 Windows Defender for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Defender Offline Windows Intune Endpoint Protection
Thus you only could update it via these products as its description. This article provides information about how to update the Malware Protection Engine. Please read it as reference:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2510781/en-usKaren Hu
TechNet Community Support

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I noticed that all of my workstations that are on Windows 10 version 1909 are showing as having the wrong version in WSUS -version tab.
Computer's on 1909 show as 10.0.18362.1082
Computers on 1903 show as 10.0.18362.1082
Computers on 2004 show as 10.0.19041.508

Anyone else seeing this bug?
1909 should display as 10.0.18363.1082

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Dear Team,
Can some one assist on how to check the data integrity between the downloaded microsoft patches in local WSUS server to microsoft wsus server
For example, if microsoft released the single latest patch and uploaded the patch in there WSUS server. Once uploaded then local WSUS server will fetch the patch and download it. Once the download is completed then how I would check the data integrity between
downloaded patch and available patch in microsoft wsus server

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I keep getting Error message: Install Failure after Windows updates are downloaded and Windows attempts to install those updates.

The download is successfull, however, after Windows 7 attempts to install those updates I get this message:

Configuring Windows Update. Do Not Turn off computer.

After Windows attempts the installations of those updates, I get the following message: Failure configuring Service Pack. Reverting Changes. Error_install_failure (0x80070643).

I contacted Microsoft on the problem via emails....they went through a number of trouble shooting techniques....but after all of their recommendations, all they could tell me was to reinstall Windows 7.

I really would not like to do that. Do you have any idea what the problem is?

I have HP Pavilian dv6-3010 us Entertainment Notebook
Windows7, 64bit syatem, 8 gigabytes of Ram, 320Gig Hard Drive

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I have recently upgraded to Win7 and Windows Live Mail 2012. I have multiple email accounts that I set up in Windows Live Mail. I have previously used Windows Live Mail (earlier versions) for this same process with no problem. However, I have set up my Yahoo account in WLM and I am getting an error message. Error message is as follows:
It says:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Yahoo (swilson933) account. Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.

Server: 'plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F
Protocol: POP3
Port: 995
Secure(SSL): Yes

I have checked and double checked my configuration for setting up yahoo mail and I have deleted the account and settings and recreated it and it would download emails initially but then the next day when I would open Windows Live Mail, it would not update with current messages.

I have checked and changed firewall settings - with no change in response.

Any suggestions regarding this issue would be so greatly appreciated as I am so frustrated as to why this is not working for me at this point.

Thank you,

A:Error while downloading email using Windows Live Mail 2012

Have you checked here:
Helpcentral Help | - SLN3285 - Using POP with Yahoo! Mail in Windows Live Mail

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My computer had 45 updates that were stuck in downloading updates for 12 - 24 hours+.
I decided to stop the downloading updates process to find out why my computer was stuck in downloading updates.
I followed instructions from a Windows forum and turned off my avast, malwarebytes and windows firewall and tried to download the 45 updates again.
The 45 updates were stuck in downloading updates for another 12 - 24+ hours.

So I went to a different forum and did the following to the computer:

- Ran Microsoft FixIt, received error 0x80070424
- Tried to run update. Still hangs
- Went into msconfig and went to selective start-up and disabled windows
update. Still hanfs.
- Noticed Chromium browser was installed; uninstalled it and deleted subkeys
in the registry
- Ran malwarebytes and discovered 3 viruses:

Registry Keys:
PUP.Optional.InstallCore, HKU\S-1-5-21-609468153-1500422488-916508973-1000\SOFTWARE\csastats, , [a8b7792627732313b7b7d02a30d3c13f],
PUP.Optional.ProductSetup, HKU\S-1-5-21-609468153-1500422488-916508973-1000\SOFTWARE\PRODUCTSETUP, , [b0af57484456af87b7fd3d7304ffa858],

Registry Values: 1
PUP.Optional.ProductSetup, HKU\S-1-5-21-609468153-1500422488-916508973-1000\SOFTWARE\PRODUCTSETUP|tb, 0N0U0L1F, , [b0af57484456af87b7fd3d7304ffa858]

Removed malware and rebooted.

We've tried for 4 days now and the computer is still stuck in Checking for updates. It's been checking for over 48 hours now. I need to use this computer for work. Please help.

Listed below is... Read more

A:Windows 7 Updates Stuck in Downloading Updates

45 updates means that computer hasn't been updated in quite a few months.

What is the KB and the date of the last successful update?

Go here and scroll down to Solution to the Issue
see if you have any of the 3 updates for Windows 7 installed: 3172605, 3177467, or 3020369.
Pick one, download it and install.

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I am a network manager in a school in Australia, we have Windows 2012R2 Domain and we have a BYOD program for our students and staff. The staff are using Surface Pro 3 (Windows 8.1 & 10) (not domain members) and the students are using an Acer Windows
8.1 & 10 Home device.
Windows Updates are a real problem as we have a relatively small internet bandwidth updates are constantly taking up a large portion of it. This is creating problems with the surface 3's as well, as we have docks on each desk to mirror to TV's and Data projectors,
but the dock won't work during an active update.
The question is can I put in a WSUS server that will serve Windows Updates to Windows 8.1 & 10 Home & non domain member Surface Pros that connect to our network to manage Windows Updates locally?
If this can be done can I get some information of how?

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Yeah, had 16 updates on the 09/05/2012 and not a sausage since,automatic updates is on and i've been scanning for the latest updates and it finds nothing.
I checked through my update history and there's never been a gap this long without an update.
It has coincided with me disabling windows defender as i did'nt think i needed it being as i am running mbam pro and Avast free version.But recently when i tried to enable windows defender it won't turn on and just hangs,then after a while it times out.
So either there's nothing wrong with windows update and there just have'nt been any updates for me since the 09/05/2012 or there is something wrong and it can't detect new updates coming in.My os is Windows 7 64bit home premium.
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:No updates since the 09/05/2012

The only updates I've had since 9 May are MSE updates. There's nothing wrong with your system.

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Because I don't like to take chances on Windows Updates being needed while I'm bringing my computer to school or work, I sometimes do Windows Updates manually at convenient times so it won't interfere.

Today, it occurred to me that I didn't need my Win 10 laptop for much, so it'd be a good time to do updates. When I go to the "Windows Updates" tab within Settings, the right column says:

Update status
Updates are available.

Downloading updates 0%
But it just sits there and 0% doesn't start counting upward.

If I click on update history, it says that it did a number of updates four weeks ago.
I could see that there might not be anything new for it to upload in only four weeks,
but the concern is that it says "updates are available" yet the 0% never goes up
and the bar above it stays gray (I would think that's a status bar that should change; not certain;
I'm simulating it above using underscores, but it's thicker than that).

Is the "Updates are available" line just wrong?
If not, why are no updates downloading and installing?
I've checked it both within the "Active hours" and outside; no difference.
Side note: I can't change the active hours. It says 8-to-5. If I change the number from 8 to 9,
it sets back to 8 as soon as I click off the number (either onto the form or by clicking save).
So I can't change the active hours at all.


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Hi Guys, Windows 7 security updates does not download, if showing N number of updates, it won't
download and the downloading shows life forever.\<o:p></o:p>
This problem has found in Windows 7 Ent and Windows
7 Ent SP1 in clean formatted PC with windows Activated and Domain not joined. Tried on several PCs and either it won't ever start or it will be showing 112 or 114 updates but it won?t ever download. Domain joined PCs have different
story, because GP options are enforced. There is no WSUS or patch management software yet on network. <o:p></o:p>
I am purely looking for an answer for this problem of Windows Update either not initiating at all if ever it is showing number of updates to be installed,
it never them downloaded and downloading screen with 0% activity is running forever. Please share any experiences and solutions. If there is a KB about it please refer. <o:p></o:p>
Any or all help is appreciated. Regards.<o:p></o:p>


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Hi people, I'm on a ASUS G759JW and recently had to run a DISM source restorehealth using the files provided by topgundcp on this thread. Worked like a charm, DISM came up squeaky clean. Did not have access to local group policy editor as I'm running basic 8.1 and files provided by Microsoft online didn't contain ISO.

Afterwards I was trying to resolve some strangeness in event viewer assuming a lot of it was being caused by incompatible drivers. Downloaded some programs from Windows Assessment Toolkit to scan for issues. Drivers came up fine besides having a TON of unnecessary oem's (however I'm still trying to find some clear instructions on how to remove these drivers using DISM without spending a huge amount of time. I wasted over a week trying to fix the previously mentioned issue and can no longer afford to be blindly jacking about with it.). Still getting a lot of messages in event viewer but far fewer critical and warning entries than I was before restorehealth (pointing device is driving me nuts). I've been checking event viewer mainly to figure out why my dvd player is being initialized randomly as if on startup or upon opening itunes. Icon is a document, believe it's a paired SSD with DVD.

Here I was thinking I had everything fairly well taken care of but now I'm getting a plethora of optional Windows Updates for Windows Server 2012 R2. I have no need for this kind of setup and I'm running basic 8.1. I have no idea why I'm getting these as optional updates and ... Read more

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I have recently installed updates (Tuesday updates) from 11/7/12 which I think contained 7 critical and one optional that I installed, it finished installing and I turned my laptop off for the night and powered it up the next day to find it very laggy and extremely hard to open programs and when I do they come up with a not responding error (at which point I have to force the programs to close).

I then left it a day thinking it was just a spur of the moment and it comes to the 13th july and after seeing several videos online on my brothers laptop (same service pack, same OS, checked and he had the same updates installed but his is working fine) and find that I should do a system recovery from today (14/07/2012) and in my stupidity after checking for affected programs (just updates) I take it back to the 11/7/12. It then comes up with an error (I can't remember what the error message said) I click OK and it says it has completed its recovery to 11/07/2012

Now my question is, is this really to do with the updates I installed if so is it safe to do another recovery back a few days from the 11/07/2012 to earlier because I still get the some lag and unresponsiveness?

I then go onto control panel, system and security and I can't click on review your computers statues (I did this just to check if it had changed any settings) or most of the other links yet I can still open Firefox.

If it is not to do with the updates, then I am not sure what.

Please help!

A:windows updates from 11/7/2012 cause lag and unresponsivness

I think I would just restore it to one restore date earlier than the restore point created for the Windows update, and then just reinstall all the updates again.

Hard to say whether or not the issue is related to the updates. I've updated about 10 different w7 PC's since the updates came out with no issue. But no two machines are identical, much less so if you consider the installed software on each one, all of which may contribute to any issue.

Even though there weren't that many updates this time around you might try installing them one at a time, starting with the critical ones and ending with any optionals you want. One other thing worth looking out for is making sure to install oldest to newest as new ones may depend on the older ones already being installed. You don't have to worry about that if your batch of updates were only the ones issued this last Patch Tuesday.

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I really would like to know (bottom line) if these updates are too problematic at this time? I have read countless articles about failures and newly created problems after installing these updates. Would it be best to wait and find out what the underlying problems really are?

A:Windows 7 Updates November 2012...

They are no more problematic than any other update - the problems mostly occur becuase the system was previously in a porrly-maintained state.

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My Windows 8 Desktop and Tablet are always getting optional updates for errors regarding Windows Server 2012 R2. I have no idea what that is, and if I should install them. I'm not running a server, so I'm guessing that I can just hide them. Am I right?

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ie9 last browsing session failed msg on screen then doesnt respond. I have tried reinstalling ie9 but same fail.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 6135 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 122101 MB, Free - 91650 MB; F: Total - 482466 MB, Free - 237190 MB; G: Total - 159991 MB, Free - 17030 MB; H: Total - 311408 MB, Free - 93078 MB; W: Total - 953871 MB, Free - 871373 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Rampage III GENE
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: ie9 broke since july 2012 updates

Go to start/control panel/internet options.
Click the advanced tab.
Click the reset button.
Reset IE9 to defaults.

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I think the "updates freezing" issue has come up in another thread and apologies if it has, but I can't find it momentarily.

The screen shots show what I've been looking at for two days now. Obviously something is amiss with Automatic Update but I dunno what, or what to do about it.

Any advice, help????

Mods, please feel free to move me to the other thread I suspect exists.



A:Windows Updates - Stuck on "Downloading updates 37%" for 2 days!

G'day mate!

Have a look here.

Windows Update stuck downloading updates in Windows 10

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Several people are posting about having various problems after running the latest Windows Updates. Those who have tried to do a system restore to a date before the updates are encountering further problems where the crypt32.dll file has gone missing thereby rendering the machine unbootable.

This is just emerging and I'm sure Microsoft will issue a fix rapidly but until then it might be a good idea to turn off automatic updates temporarily so they are not downloaded and if you've already installed them and are having problems do NOT do a system restore but hang tight until further notice.

A:Apparent problem with Windows 7 updates - June 13/14, 2012

I know nothing about the problem(s) and had no trouble updating three systems plus two VirtualBox guest systems. A frequent cause of Windows update problems is a security suite or other firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware. So, if you do go ahead and update before getting some definitive word on this disable your non-Microsoft security applications during the update process. And remember to re-enable it/them after the required reboot.

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Well, I have done some experimentation this evening, and I'm happy to say the updates for Windows Server 2012 install successfully on to Windows 8, including those for IE10. I thought you might be interested in some of my findings so far, so I've linked to my thread on MSFN.

Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8 - Windows 8 - MSFN Forum

Cheers All!
(There's still hope for Windows 8 Yet!)

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Is any way to download all applicable updates for Server 2012 R2?
When i install fresh server 2012 R2 then around 200 updates are applicable for that new build server that i am willing to download offline to install these updates manually or via batch file on other servers (that not connected to internet). 

Shailendra Dev

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My mom's laptop picked up the XP Security 2012 malware, and I think I've all but wiped it out thanks to the instructions on this site. However I'm still not able to turn Automatic Updates back on, so I think I may still be infected. I downloaded Comodo Antivirus and scans are showing negative. How do you think I should proceed?

A:Unable to Activate Automatic Updates After Cleaning XP Security 2012

Hi Try thisYou may be missing automatic updates from your servicesClick on start button ,go to RUN and typecmd and click okNow run this commandregsvr32 wuaueng.dll and press ENTERNow go to RUN and typeservices.msc and click okRight click on Automatic updates and start itIf that doesnt fix the issue,run the MICROSOFT FIXIThttp://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9665683If that doesnt work,Download dial-a-fixhttp://djlizard.net.nyud.net:8080/software/Dial-a-fix-v0.60.0.24.zipExtract and launch itClick on TICK mark and then click on GOGood luck

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I see that there is a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 forum but my Windows Update problem is on a Windows 2012 Server Standard machine. Would it be OK to post in here, or is there a different sister forum I should post in?

Thank you

A:Window 2012 Server Standard Windows Updates Broken

Slipstick.com is the best resource, same as Microsoft's Technet site.

Very few on here play with Server 2012 or Server 2008.

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Hi, first of all, I am being directed from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs section to this Windows 7 section by nasdaq:
The affected laptop is a Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit Operating System.
In the beginning I thought it was mainly affected by viruses.
Later on, as nasdaq was assisting me with the virus cleanup, I realized it is not exactly the case. 
I am not sure if the viruses are totally cleared because halfway through the cleanup, nasdaq suggested me to seek help from here for certain problems that are probably not virus-related.
I am gon list those problems here as clearly as possible:
1. ControlDeckStartUp.exe Problem
After starting the laptop, BEFORE the desktop is shown, an error message window will pop out with the title: ControlDeckStartUp.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error
The error message is: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\mscoreei.dll could not be loaded
So i clicked OK or the X button to close it.
Next, the screen will become totally black and i have to wait for awhile before the desktop will be shown.
 NOTE: Sometimes, while starting up, the black screen will not be shown but AFTER the desktop is shown, that is when the error message window starts popping out! 
... Read more

A:ControlDeckStartUp.exe problem, Canot install new windows updates since Dec 2012

Go to the Microsoft Download Center, click Download.  
A list of downloads will open, you want  the 7601.17514.101119-1850_Update_Sp_Wave1-GRMSP1.1_DVD.iso
This is a ISO image which you will need to burn this to a DVD.
To burn a ISO file to a CD or DVD please downlaod ImgBurn and install it.
Insert blank CD or DVD into your CD/DVD drive.
Open ImgBurn, and click on Write image file to disc.

Click on the Browse for a file icon:

Locate the ISO file you want to burn, and click on the Open button.
Click on the blue arrow to start burning the bootable CD.

Once you have created the disc you need to insert it in your optical drive and restart the computer to install the Service Pack.
After the SP1 is installed, run the Update Readiness Tool.

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