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wrong order of P50 from lenovo outlet

Q: wrong order of P50 from lenovo outlet

Hi, everyone, I bought a p50 from lenovo outlet this past wednesday. The specifications include 4k screen and M.2 512G SSD. But, this Friday when I received the laptop, I found it was only equipped with standard screen(1920*1080) and 500G HDD. This is totally not what I wanted. So, I want to ask if any of you has this simiar experience. My question is:if I request a returning for exchange, lenovo will refuse my request and give me the full refund since this specification is not on sale in lenovo outlet? or lenovo will try to assessmble an alternative one for me and diliver to me? appreciate any ansnwers in advance!

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Preferred Solution: wrong order of P50 from lenovo outlet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


HiI have a Lenovo Ideapad U530 and the hinges stock and broke the screen, I have already ordered the screen but need to find the front cover for the hinges, but was not able to find online or find FRU number. please help me with this issue. Thanks 

A:need to order lenovo u530 hinges cover or find FRU number to order online

Have you tried using parts lookup?  Choose "Mechanical Assemblies" on the left under commodity type.  Dont post your serial number here but if you put it in parts lookup you will find parts for your laptop.  I just looked up Generic u530.
With that part number you can get at Lenovo Encompass store.  Please verify part numbers before buying.
The above are for the hinge.  For the hinge cover  choose "LCD parts" on the left side under commodity type.  Below is hinge cover.

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I have placed an order for 2 laptops on 7 August 2019. Till now, I have not received them. I have also not received any assistance for this entire period. In fact the only responses I have received thus far are emails from your staff stating that they would assist me. My last contact with Lenovo was on 16 September 2019 and that was not even any email from your staff but from ME to your staff. It has been 8 days and I have yet to receive any reply. I am not sure what kind of service Lenovo has but not only is it bad, it appears to be non-existent. I believe I have been extremely generous and patient with my time, given that my order was 49 days ago, please contact me on facebook message or reply me here. Everybody at Lenovo told me that they will contact me but I have no reply at all. I am at my wits end

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Hi there, I recently bought an X1 Yoga from Lenovo Outlet. Upon delivery, I came and checked my warranty information, just to be suprised as it already expired.... 8 months ago.I wonder if the warranty will be updated accordingly or I have to call customer service to let it adjusted. Hope to receive an advice here. Thanks. Note: My warranty supposed to be 1 year on-site. I however considered upgrading it though.  

A:Warranty for Machine from Lenovo Outlet

Look here:

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Hello all,  First time posting, but I have surfed and lurked a lot. I am about to purchase a new notebook as I am about to sell my business and start a new adventure.  Typing this from an X201 Tablet that is getting a little long in the tooth. Since I am, by nature, a bottom feeder, I naturally gravitate toward the Lenovo Outlet to see what is availabe in the Refurb/Scratch and Dent pile.  The problem is that it appears that virtually none of the machines available there come with a WWAN. Is there a definitive resource I can use to determine if a machine I am considering at the outlet has the capacity for me to add one of the Lenovo WWAN cards?  In other words, will the product number tell me if the machine already has the WWAN antennas installed without having a serial number? Thank you for your help.

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Here's how I got in this situation:

When I tried to access a website, the site attempted to download 'flash player'. Apparently; it tried to use 'active x' to perform this download, because I got the IE warning box about how the page wouldn't display properly, because I don't allow active x.

Well... my browser got stuck in a loop, and I couldn't even tell the site to close. The only way out of it, was to tell task manager to 'end task' on the attempted download. This caused my entire browser to shut down.

I tried to access the web again, but couldn't. It took several attempts, before I tried resetting my 'winipcfg', which worked.

Here is the problem though: Now... every time I boot up windows, my Norton AV loads before my ZoneAlarm. (They used to load in the opposite order). This is obviously either the problem itself, or at least a symptom of the problem, because I must now access my 'winipcfg' every single time I want to access the web!

Does anyone know why this happened, and what I can do to correct the problem?


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well after testing pretty much everything im out of ideas and need help.

i have two harddrives, one wd black 2 tb and one wd green 1 tb. wd black is connected to sata port 1 and it contains my system partition c: (which is boot flagged) , and 3 logical partitions in an extended partition (lba flagged). the 1tb is connected to sata port 2 and contains only logical partitions in an extended partition (lba flagged aswell).

no matter what i do my second drive (the one connected in sata 2 port) gets listed as disk 0 in windows 7 install program and later on in windows disk manager. i've even erased both drives (to unallocated) and repartitoned them from scratch hoping it had something to do with mbr but to no avail. ive tried switching ports on the drives, changing boot options in bios, but whatever i do second drive always lists as disk 0.

i've also tried installing windows with only the first drive connected, sure it works, but when i connect second harddrive later on it gets listed as disk 0 again and i have to change drive letters. (windows lists cdrom before second drive partitions)
this is the first time im experiencing this, i've never had this problem before using the same rig (albeit different harddrives).
is windows listing drives based on their total size so smaller drives always comes first?
im pretty desperate at this point.

update: i got a breakthrough. changing from ahci to IDE emulation makes the harddrives (and partitions) to be listed in the correct orde... Read more

A:harddrives listed in wrong order

Thank you for persisting in finding the cause of your problem as it will now help others searching the problem.

This is another reason why we always advise to remove all other HD's during install. Then even the MS solution to verify disk info by size and volume label isn't necessary.

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Hello everybody,

I found that my XP (English version) is not able to put non-English characters in correct order, so that my Thai dictionary doesn't work properly.

Here are some details.

In Thai language, some vowels are on the left side of consonant, but when ordering those words with vowels on the left side, we don't consider the vowel is the first character, but XP does. I need to introduce 3 Thai characters in order to illustrate this problem more clearly.

ก is the first consonant in Thai language, ข is the second, ไ is a vowel which is on the left side of consonant, such as ไก and ไข. Now we put these 2 consonants and 2 words in proper order, it's supposed to be 1.ก 2.ไก 3.ข 4.ไข, but what XP does is 1.ไก 2.ไข 3.ก 4.ข

Is the any solution for this? Thanks in advance.

P.S. In the shop where I bought that dictionary, it works pretty well, but I didn't notice what system is was.

A:Wrong alphabetical order for Non-English characters

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Can you help please? when I open my MS outlook email, and I see a message is in my outbox, the messages are scattered throughout my received mail, in no apparent order and it is hard trawling through them all to find them. This has only just happened. I liked it when any received emails were at the top of the pile. Can anyone help me to get it back to the way it was? thanks

A:Solved: Outlook - messages received wrong order

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Hi there

Any Audio gurus out there

I seem to have some Audio files that whatever I do seem always to play in the order 1,10, 11...2,20,21... etc instead of 1,2,3,.. etc

Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Seems to be the SORT function in Windows is telling Lies !!!

I've got the file names in the correct sequence -- it only happens on a few albums bit it's mega annoying since if I'm playing an Audiobook in a Car I obviously want the tracks to be in the CORRECT sequence.

Here's an example of what a music app shows the order - and from MP3Vtag you can see the filenames are in the correct sequence.

Any ideas (note the music app for playing these can be any - same problem).


A:Music Apps seem to play tracks in WRONG order

Just a guess but it looks like you need to pad the track <= 9 with a zero. I'm stumped [Archive] - Squeezebox : Community : Forums

Your filenames look correct but what about the metadata?

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I am developing a packet sniffer based on windows raw socket on windows 7. The program captures packet from IP layer. The issue i am facing here is that, Program captures all packets but some of them are captured in wrong order, for eg. for a tcp connection establishment phase, instead of getting packets in SYN , SYN-ACK, ACK order i get it as SYN, ACK, SYN-ACK. Instead of capturing ACK after SYN-ACK(from remote), pgm gets ACK before SYN-ACK packet. Same thing is happening some times during data transfer phase also. Program captures the ACK packet of a data packet before the actual data packet. If i run a wireshark in parallel, it displays properly. I am using Visual Studio 2005 as the IDE.

#include "stdio.h"
#include "winsock2.h"
#include "ws2tcpip.h"
#include "pcap.h"
#include "MSTcpIP.h"

int main(int argc, char **argv)
struct in_addr addr;
int in, optval=1;
struct hostent *local;
char *Buffer;

//Initialise Winsock
if (WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2,2), &wsa) != 0)
printf("WSAStartup() failed.\n");
return 1;

//Create a RAW Socket
sniffer = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, IPPROTO_IP);
if (sniffer == INVALID_SOCKET)
printf("Failed to create raw socket.\n");
return 1;

memset(&dest, 0, sizeof(dest));
memcpy(&dest.sin_addr.s_addr,argv[1], sizeof(argv[1]));
dest.sin_family = AF_INET;
dest.sin_port = 0;

printf("\nBinding socket to local system and port 0 ...");
if ... Read more

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You're Doing It Wrong.

"Think you've mastered the art of server performance? Think again. Poul-Henning Kamp, in an article at ACM Queue, finds an off-by-ten error in btrees, because they fail to take virtual memory into account. And he solves the problem in the open source 'Varnish' HTTP accelerator, for all of us to see and use."

A great sleuthing story and embarrassment to Computer Scientists (me ) everywhere IMHO!

-- Tom

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Please I need to know the price of Lenovo Y50-70 S/N : xxxxx
And How do I order parts?

the parts are

Fan C Y 50-70

LCD Cover c Y50-70

Lower and Upper cases C Y50-70

Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief. S/N comes back to MTM: 80EJ59442338.

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Hello everyone,So I basically ordered the Lenovo P52 for my brother before he started university. When the order finally arrived, it was the wrong order. Somehow it had my name on it but it was the wrong address and the laptop itself was another model. UPS shipped it back and we thought we would be able to resolve the issue pretty easily since it didn't seem to be that big of an issue. However since than, I have made 3-4 calls and chatted online with a rep with no end result. They basically have no idea what is going on with my order. They even emailed me a new tracking number a week ago saying its coming in tomorrow (it didn't come) and when I called to follow up, it had not even been shipped and they don't know what is going on. This is actually so bull**bleep** lolOrdered Online: Aug 17Wrong Order Pick-up (for which I had to go to UPS): Aug 22New tracking number (Lenovo CS basically doesn't know what is going on still): Sept 4Now its Sept 9 and after multiple calls I basically have no idea what the status of my order even is. Is this common with Lenovo products? I've seen a bunch of posts on Reddit with people having huge delays. 

https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.vet/

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On the configurator/customizer website, I'm building a P50, and I have no drive selected for "first hard disk drive," but I have a 256GB SATA3 OPAL 2.0 for "second hard disk/first solid state" option. Then there's an option for a "second solid state" which I can check, and this option is only a SATA3 OPAL 2.0. If I have the HDD as the option for "First Hard Disk Drive," I still can select a 2.5 inch SATA3 as a "first solid state" drive. This seems to imply I could order this computer with 2 2.5'' drives.The SATA3 OPLA 2.0 is a 2.5" inch form factor, not a PCIe type. Does this mean that if I can get this computer with space for two 2.5" drives, or this is a glitch in their configurator? I've seen videos and pics of people opening up this computer and they all have one 2.5" slot and two PCIe slots.

A:Can I order a Lenovo ThinkPad P50 with two 2.5" dr...

My understanding is that the slot with two PCIe slots can also support a 2.5" drive, if you order the necessary rubber mounting bracket.  I could be wrong.  I do not actually have a P50 to tell you exactly.In my experience, the P50 and P70 only offer as the "second SSD" option exactly what the first SSD is (both size and type, irregardless of raid).  So, if you ordered the first as a 1TB SSD, the second SSD is only available in the 1TB size.  If the first is 512GB, the second is only available in 512GB, and so on. I think the P70's second HDD follows the same rules--they only offer the same size (for the optivcal drive replacement) as what you chose for your primary HDD.

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.

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I need to get a new wireless card for my wife's Z410. I found the list of replacement parts on Lenovo's site and there's an add to cart option for 1 of the 9 options. The price is fine, so I click it, but it keeps saying that it fails. Do I just have to go elsewhere for the part?

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Dears,am trying to order spare parts for my x240 from lenovo website, yet i can't see any purchasing option.can you please direct me how to get this done.

A:How do i order parts directly from lenovo???

You can buy from Lenovo encompass store.

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Hi,I've ordered a ThinkPad X201 Tablet a month ago, fully equipped ($3000) with lot of accessories ($200). I've received the accessories week after week, but no Tablet. I've called today for an update. My order was cancelled, no explanation, no reason, no phone call, no email, even if in my account it's still 'In process'. The rep told me I must redo the transaction to obtain this Tablet. I'll not. If this is the kind of service I'll get from Lenovo, I'm glad it have cost me only $200 to know it. A very disappointed customer 

A:Lenovo cancelled my order for no reason!

Hi clefranc,Please send me a personal message with the following information, I will log a case for you to the team to request them to investigate this issue which you are facing.Name:Email:Mobile:Date of purchase:Invoice #: //JameZ

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I want to order replacement Motherboard and base cover for Lenovo Ideapad 300-14isk. What should  I do.

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Hello,After reinstalling Windows 10 ( Laptop came preinstalled with Windows 8) , I cannot see option of booting from USB or DVD. It doesn't exist anymore. I tried changing UEFI to Legacy and everything is the same, I don't get USB or DVD as options. 

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Hi all - I am trying to refresh this laptop with a clean installation of Windows 10. I have a USB with Windows 10 via Microsoft's Media Creation tool.

I can navigate to the BIOS via F2, boot tab and use F5/F6 keys to set the USB drive to the top. I have even attempted to use 2 USB keys at the same time, and set both of them above the eMMC drive in case it was an issue with my USB.

However, when pressing F10 (to save settings and exit), and navigating back to BIOS via F2, the boot order resets and shows the eMMC drive on the top every single time. I have also tried setting the USBs to the top first, then going to the exit tab -> save changes and navigating back to the boot tab. When doing so, the USB drive is still on top, but as soon as I have exit the BIOS and re-enter it, the eMMC drive is back on top.

Needless to say, trying any of the above (setting USB at the top of the list) and letting it boot, it will only boot up windows via my eMMC drive and never to Windows setup.

Secure boot is off, UEFI boot setting. USB boot enabled (all other settings are default). This occurred in BIOS 1.03 and 1.04 (most up to date).

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Hi all,is there a way to order new original sticker for Lenovo G580 (like this one on picture)?I have new, very good G580 laptop (model 20150) and I am very satisfied. I replaced the CPU and put the new i7 3610QM in it, 8GB of RAM and SSD. The only thing that tore and which bothers me is sticker. xDIf anyone from Lenovo can help me with this, I would be grateful.  

A:Lenovo G580 - where to order original sticker?

Hi Wind,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
It really feels something amazing when people are concerned about stickers more than issue. I can honestly say that i haven't tried it. However if you asked me to guess I would suggest you to contact the nearest service center for futher assistance.
Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.
Shashi Kumar
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Hello everyone, I need some help, I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre A55 9636 Desktop, and I need to boot off a CD but when I insert the CD in the CD/DVD-ROM and restart, it won't boot of the CD, it doesnt even give a message at startup to change the boot sequence (like press F2 for boot) or something like that. anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. thanks,    


Go to Solution.

A:cHANGE BOOT ORDER ON A Lenovo ThinkCentre

Hello, I am still struggling with this, and I hope that someone will be able to get the chance to assisst me with this. Thanks,

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I purchased a used Leovo Z580 laptop; the seller put in a SSD, no operating system (the way I asked for it). It's like brand new, I don't think anyone ever used it. I have another Lenovo Z580, so I am familiar with this model. I purchased it to install Linux Mint, which I put on a thumb drive after downloading the .iso file. When I turn on the laptop, I get a blank screen and then after several seconds I get a list of options for the Boot Menu, starting with Windows Boot Manager. All the other drives are there, including the CD/DVD, the SSD, and the USB thumb drive, as well as two PCI LAN options. When I select any of these, the menu disappears, and the computer apparently reboots as the same menu comes up after a delay of several seconds. When I choose App Menu > Setup, I get the BIOS Settings menu. Under the Boot tab, I make certain that "boot from USB" is enabled. I change the boot order, putting USB at the top, and make certain to save these changes. When I exit out and reboot, the exact same menu comes up, with the exact same boot order as before, i.e.: not the USB. What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it? Booting while holding F2 doesn't work, nor does F12, nor does booting it without the battery in. This series of laptops is kind of weird in that holding down the "b" key seems to summon the menu, but that does not work with this laptop. Plus, I seem to be getting to the boot order menu, just that changes never seem to "stick." What a... Read more

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Tldr: My cancellation request on un-shipped order was rejected so how do I return laptop without taking 15% restocking fee?  I want to return Thinkpad T580 that I ordered on Feb4th because I will be re-ordering it with different configuration. My order is not shipped yet (estimate date of shipping is Feb18th so I called CS to cancel my order and FS Reference Number was generated. After couple of hours . I got another email from Lenovo saying my return/cancel request is rejected because:"In regards to your recent cancellation request for order 4####, one or more items are in production or have already shipped. As a result, we are unable to cancel the below item(s) at this time." Lenovo return policy says that I need to pay 15% restocking fee https://www.lenovo.com/medias/returnpolicy.html?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8MzkxNXx0ZXh0L2h0bWx8aDRhL2g4...

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I bought a laptop on the website (feb. 06) and the website estimated 5 - 7 days delivery. However, the website estimates that it will be feb 23 for the laptop to arrive and the laptop is expected to ship on the 12th (6 days after the order is placed)? What's going on? Why isn't the order being shipped in a punctual fashion?

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Hi, I'm Erol from Turkey. I have a Lenovo B560 notebook and I need to get a "Windows 7 Home Bacis OA MEA Recovery Media.How can I get the recovery media CD/DVD ?My notebook is not eligible for create a recovery disk with using "Lenovo Digital Download Recovery Service (DDRS)"Therefore I followed the other methods like place a online request for a Recovery Media or contacting the Support Center. But I couldn't the order. Turkey Support Center told me that I couldn't get Recovery Media (free or paid) because my notebook is older than 5 years. Well what sould I do now? Where can I get a Recovery Media. Isn't there any method? I feel very desperate about this. Please help me the find a way out.

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Hello, After talking to Nvidia support I found a reason for fps drops as big as from 80fps to 24fps while gaming. And that reason is GPU safe temperature limit set to 61*C in BIOS - after exceeding that temperature clock slows from about 1000 MHz to about 400 MHz making any game unplayable for the 30s in which the GPU cools down and this happens every 2 minutes making this computer worthless for games. Is it possible to somehow increase that value?

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Lenovo - X1C7 - X1 Carbon 7th Generation 2019 -  Pre-Order Start and Delivery Dates? Hi there! I am in the market to update my X1 Carbon 1st Gen(!) to the current, upcoming X1 Carbon 7th Gen (X1C7). Obviously, the only available option currently (as of January 28, 2019) on Lenovo.com is the X1 Carbon 6th Gen.May I ask if anyone knows when pre-order will begin and when delivery will start please?I saw the initial press announcement at CES that "delivery is June 2019", though that is very broad and doesn't differentiate between pre-order start date and actual delivery date.Thank you in advance.

A:Lenovo - X1C7 - X1 Carbon 7th Generation 2019 - Pre-Order Start and Delivery Dates?

Typically, Lenovo puts the laptops up for sale when they're ready to ship. So probably late May or early June would be when you can pre-order one, with delivery in June as well. 
Hope that helps. 

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Tried searching for warranty info on https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/warrantylookup however I get this pop-upScheduled site maintenance July 12 2019 7:00PM to July 14 2019 9:00pm EDT TODAY IS JULY 11 AND IS 9:15AM EDT What's wrong with Lenovo???????????????????????????????????

A:What is wrong with Lenovo?

Lenovo is worldwide.  Perhaps that message was posted from one of the other locations in another time zone.

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Why does it say that I will receive the laptop 2 weeks from now when it says that I should expect it within 1-3 days?

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Hi, lately my lenovo 720-15 ikb isnt running good. Freezes for couple of seconds, etc.What also was strange that i always got notifications that a new bios for a Yoga 730 was available, but i always declined. But i dont know if my wife accepted it per accident. Because of all the latest problems, i checked the bios. And there is a 730 bios installed. FML.How do i change this?  Thanks for all the help.

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The Windows Photo Viewer will not display photos in the order they are sorted by Windows Explorer.
This is not referring to the slide show feature, just the forward and back arrows.
The only order pictures can be viewed is by name despite Windows Explorer being set at view by date, ascending.
I have repaired Microsoft Live Essentials, uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains.
This is also not an issue with photo tags or photo names.
Windows Explorer sorts as selected but click a picture in the middle to view, click the forward arrow and instead of the next date picture being viewed, the next name picture is viewed.

A:Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order


I upgraded to Windows 10 recently as well, I have the same problem and I also have a solution. However, I do not know, if it is ideal. :-)

What is obviously missing is an entry in the registry called DropTarget. This entry tells Windows Photo Viewer to display the images in the sorting order of the folder Photo Viewer got called from.

I saw that at least in my registry there is a DropTarget defined in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget. From the name of the key and from reading the docs this looks as if it would be applied to all calls to this program, but -if that actually is the case- for me this entry does not work. It has been there (at least) after my Windows 10 upgrade, also the "Clsid"="{FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}" seems to be fine, but it does not do the job.

For me, this problem was present for jpg and png files, but not for bmp, dib, gif, jfif and what else can be opened with Windows Photo Viewer. To fix this, I have added the following to the Windows Registry:


After you added that to the registry, rightclick a jpg file, select "Open with", choose Windows Photo Viewer and click "Always open with this ... Read more

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Greetings, community.I have the strange situation with Lenovo Diagnostics: after second run of Memory Test it displays wrong available RAM value.Maybe there is a problem.Configuration:- Lenovo ThinkPad T430s- 16Gb RAM (8Gb x2)- BIOS version: G7ETB0WW (2.70) 03/09/2018config_1config_2Steps to reproduce:- launch Lenovo Diagnostics utility on boot- launch Memory Quick Test - see, that memory test was completed successfully and "Available RAM": 16119 MB, oklaunch_1- exit to Lenovo Diagnostics main menu- launch Memory Quick Test one more time - see, that memory test was completed successfullyActual result:See, that after the second test launch "Available RAM": 8059 MBlaunch_2Expected result:"Available RAM": 16119 MBCould you please tell me if anybody had encountered such a situation?Thank you in advance )

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Hi users,  I am facing problem with my last row of keyboard and the numeric row.When i press zxcvbnm,./ following comes 1z2x3c4v5b6n7m9,0.-/ Please help me to fix this problem i have tried installing OS again. Tried changing the language also nothing worked.

A:Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

Hi AnkurSharma,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Try connecting an external USB keyboard and test the same keys (zxcvbnm).
Another alternative to isolating if such is a Windows issue or a hardware keyboard problem is booting the machine using a live media image similar to this.
If the same issue with another boot image and likewise fine using an external USB keyboard then it is probable that there is an issue with the keyboard itself. You may try reseating the cable and cleaning but if still, the same, replacement may be proper.
Update us how it goes.

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I have 400+ photos, all are in the same order by date created and by name, so no matter which way I sort them--by name or date created-- they are in the same order. When i view them with microsoft office picture manager, some of them -- about 20, at random throughout the list -- are out of order.


A:Photos in order on windows explorer; out of order on viewer

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