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Converting JPEG file to DST file for embroidery

Q: Converting JPEG file to DST file for embroidery

Hello i was told by an embroidery shop that I need to convert my JPEG file to a DST file in order to avoid further costs. I was wondering if you could help. I have attached the Image. All I need is the lettering with the font.

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Preferred Solution: Converting JPEG file to DST file for embroidery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey there! Was wondering if anyone could help me out with converting a jpeg to a dst file. Trying to get a logo on a hat. Thought I'll ask here. Thanks!

A:How to convert a jpeg file to a dst file for embroidery

Hi pegs1731, and welcome to TSG.

Due to copyright concerns, members are no longer allowed to make DST files for other members.


There may be free programs that will allow you to manually digitize your jpeg file to create a DST file. More automatic programs may be available, but they are not cheap.


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Does anyone know how to covert a file from JPEG to DST? I am looking for software but they are in the ballpark of $1000 which I am not looking to spend. Can anyone help?

A:Converting a JPEG to DST for Embroidery?


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I have a pretty simple image I want to put on a hat but the store says i need to bring it as a dst on a thumb drive. I've done a lot of research and downloaded free trials and have not been able to figure out how to convert my image from a jpeg to a dst. Cam anyone help me? Willing to pay.

A:New help converting jpeg to dst for embroidery! Help!

that's an embroidery format
from what I can see it is a stitch file made by embroidery software
I have never used this - but its a free program to create DST files

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Thanks for any help in advance. I already converted it down to a svg file for having shirts made, but I need it to be a dst file to have a hat embroidered.

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I need to convert a .jpeg file to a .dst file to get something embroidered. Does anyone know how to do that or can point me in the direction of how to learn?




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I rec a lot of excel files via email with a jpeg in the document.
Is there any way of just popping the picture out and converting
it to a JPEG and storing it in my pic folder ?

Thanks for your help

A:Converting to a JPEG file.

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I'm trying to get my logo converted, can someone please help me. I have attached the logo.


A:Converting jpeg or png to dst file

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would like some help converting my jpeg file to pes or dst file thanks Brian

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I have a PSD file that I converted to a jpeg image for a Facebook cover. No problems so far. Looks right.
I needed to change the phone/name in this file sent to me. I don't have photoshop nor do I use it, so I opened the file in notepad++. Made changes then saved, however... when I go back to converting the file to jpeg, the image doesn't look like the original file that DID convert originally. Just a mess of colors.How did the first file convert just fine and the edited one did not? They are both PSD file extensions. Am I saving it in notepad++ wrong? There are no errors on the code, changes were only a name and phone number. I know I am overlooking something real simple, but can't figure out what that is.

A:editing PSD file then converting to jpeg

You can use Paint.NET and the PSD plugin to open the file and edit it inside of Paint.NET. GiMP supports PSD out of the box but it has a steeper learning curve.

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Hello All,

I hate to ask but, is there anyone who could help me convert a .mix file to jpeg?

Don't know what else to do?

I'll send the pic to you....rather not post it.....

A:Anyone mind converting a .mix file to Jpeg?

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Does anyone know how to convert an embroidery *.DST file to a *.JPG file?

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Hey all,
Im new to the site and was wondering if anyone had could help me understand how to convert this file to dst? Im trying to create an image for embroidery and just am finding myself unable to figure this out. Would really appreciate any help

A:Custom embroidery file?

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Hey, first time poster.

I have a PNG image I'm trying to digitize to a DST file to have it embroidered. I've done a bit of hunting online but can't seem to find a free program that will do this for me and the place I want to get the work done charges a crazy amount to do it -.-

Anyone have any good solutions for this?

I've attached the file for reference so that those of you with knowledge can tell me if it's a good file to convert.

Thanks for the help!!


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Hi guys don't really know where to put this because I don't know what is causing it.  I was infected with cryptolocker and the 4 files can still be found in just about every folder on the computer however the infection is no longer active?  I don't get the messages anymore when I reboot/log in.
After the infection was removed everything seemed fine.  That was a couple months ago. Last night I needed a picture and I went back to get it and found out all my thumbnails are gone (they show the place holder and file name but not the picture) and the pics wont open on an entire hard drive and scattered throughout the computer.  (I localize most pics on one drive) The video files are ok though.  I have been searching the web and downloaded data repair (stellarphoenix).  Tried photo shop because I read that it would open files with bad headers.  Tried gimp.  Tried my linux box.  When I look on the network linux cannot even see the files.  Tried the following command at C: assoc .jpeg=jpegfile and get access denied error occurred while processing jpeg.  
In some folders half the files are there and half are not.  I originally noticed when I clicked on the image and got this message.  "windows photo viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large.
Sadly this is years and years of family photos.  Naturally no system restore or backup.  : ( ... Read more

A:Corrupt jpegs error file starts with 0x06 not a jpeg file

Hello,This sounds like another ransomware infection. The real CryptoLocker was taken down long ago.Can you copy the contents of one of the ransom note? Or at least the name, so it can be identified?Regards,Alex

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Hi guys,

I need to convert an image file in stitches.
I can provide a PNG, a JPG or even EPS vector file. I have Photoshop and Illustrator that I can use to create my logo.
I need a DST file, for Tajima embroidery machine.

Someone can help? Or tell me what I have to do..

Thank you.

- Tchantal

Here's a JPG.

A:Solved: Need to convert a file to *.DST for embroidery

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Hey all,

I am in a bit of a bind. I need to convert a .jpeg logo to a .dst image in order for an embroidery store to stitch the logo on a hat. It's a birthday present for my boss and I need to have it in a week! Unfortunately, the embroidery store will be charging me an exorbitant amount to digitize the logo, so I am looking for a more cost-effective solution.

I noticed an expired thread where a distinguished member (Noyb) had converted a simply logo for someone into .dst format. If Noyb (or any other user) could help me out, you'd be saving my life.

Any info on free .dst conversion software would also be helpful, as google has failed me on this one.



Edit by Administrator Cookiegal regarding this thread:

Please post all of your requests for .DST file conversions for embroidery projects in that designated thread. Our resources are limited as we only have a couple of members who are able to do this type of work and willing to give of their time and expertise so please be patient. Unfortunately, we may not be able to handle all requests.

Note that, in order to ensure that only the intended recipient receives the digitized file, instead of uploading it as an attachment in the public forums, it will be emailed to you. Therefore, please make sure that you have the option to receive emails enabled in your profile for this purpose. You can always disable that option again once you've received the file.


A:File Conversions to .dst for Embroidery Are no Longer Being Accepted

By the way, here is the attached logo, if anyone wants to try their hand at converting it. Obviously only the red part would need to be stitched to the hat.

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For those who request an image file to be converted to an embroidery file and are looking for a free program to accomplish that, there aren't any really good auto conversion programs. The auto-convert process can convert many types of image files into stitch files, but the results can be less than optimal.

Generally, simple clip art style images do pretty well in the auto-convert process but complex designs may require manual digitizing to obtain a nice embroidery design. The digitizing process isn't simply feeding a program an image and saving the resulting file as a DST (or other) type of file. That's an auto-conversion process.

I've attached some screen shots of designs that were manually digitized using artwork from several posts asking for file conversions. The main objection to having a digitizer create the embroidery design seems to be cost. For personal use on a cap or similar item, an auto-converted design is probably going to suffice. For a design that is to be stitched on several items, it may be better to find a digitizer or a local embroidery shop that can provide a top quality stitch file.

Sorry, I misspelled artwork in the title.....

A:Converting astwork for embroidery

Much better than I can do in my so called Auto Digitizer that's freeware.

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Hi guys, I am new to this forum and am trying to figure out how to get a DST file created from my graphic. I saw in the past someone was able to help a member that was looking for the same type of answer. I have a GIF file I created which seemed to take away from the quality a bit, but once it gets shrunk to 2.5 height and 3.2 width or so, it should look fine. I will attach the image below, if anyone is able to help me I would be forever grateful!! In any case, any help would be appreciated! P.S- the background should be transparent, this is why I used a GIF file

I Also have a hi res PNG file if that would help more!


A:Converting a logo to DST for Embroidery

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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite, or possibly converting it into a ISO file.

Daemon Tools Lite should be able to mount NRG files. Make sure you are using the latest version:
Daemon Tools Official Website:

You might also want to try these other virtual drive, image mounting software (both freeware):

Alcohol 52%
Alcohol 52% Official Website


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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

Duplicate post. You have the same one here - http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/816942-mounting-nrg-file-daemon-tools.html

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Hi Guys,

Wondering if you could help me. Im looking for a program, or a way to edit a mpeg file with a jpeg insertion. I found this really funny mpeg file, and i just wanna replace the guys face with a friend's face of mine....

How would i go about doing this?

Nothing complicated or realistic...i just wanna be a cracker...hehehe...

A:Editing Mpeg File with a Jpeg File

You would have to edit each frame of the video file. It's not like there's a line of code that says "use face file man1.jpg". It's going to take more work than a file substitution.

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When i convert a (Bitrate - 320kbps, Channel - 1(mono), Audio Sample Rate - 44 kHz) 9.0 9mb mp3 file to a stero file using rip edit burn, I get a (Bitrate - 56kbps, Channels - 2(stereo) and Audio Sample Rate - 22 kHz) 1.59 mb mp3 file.
During conversion the converter shows the following message:

The currently selected mp3 encoder and bitrate does not provide optimum quality for music files. To get a better quality mp3 please use a different mp3 converter.

Available codecs - Windows ACM Default
Bit rate ( kbit) - 56

What needs to be done to achive a better quality stero file.

A:Converting a mono mp3 file to a stereo mp3 file.

Well, you can't really convert a mono source to stereo, think about it.

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Hi my Canon camera produces movies as MOV files & my dvd player plays DIVX video files with extension avi or divx is there a good free program for converting these? or others in the future?

Appreciate any help

A:Converting MOV file to Divx video file?

If you convert the movies to full DVD format (VOB's, etc), you can watch them on any DVD player. DVD Flick can handle Quicktime, which is MOV, hopefully the same MOV as the Canon. http://www.dvdflick.net/index.php

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Can Windows 98SE .clp files be converted to Word2000 .doc format?
Have a 6K .clp file which I can't open, Can .clp files be converted to Word2000 format? If not, what can I read it with?

A:Converting a .clp file to a Word 2000 .doc file?

Well, it appears that it could be one of the following file types:

You searched for file extension: .clp

Clipart GraphicProgram: QUATTRO PRO
Clipboard fileProgram: MS WINDOWS
Compiler Script (Clip List)Program: CLIPPER 5

So that depends.

You can always try, from Word, File-Open. Change the files of type to "recover text from any file" and try opening the file.

Don't forget to change the file types back to Word docs after you've used that file type or you'll forget and be in trouble next time you open a file.

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These are the instructions handed to me:

1. Download VCF-to-23andMe. The two scripts in this directory require Python 3.

2. First, run the data_to_db.py script using your VCF file as input. This generates the genome.db file:

> python3 data_to_db.py input.vcf.gz vcf genome.db

3. Then run db_to_23.py script using the genome.db file as input. This produces a file in the 23andMe format:

> python3 db_to_23.py genome.db blank_v3.txt 23andMe.txt

So, I go on command prompt and tried copy pasting the 1st command and I got a genome.db file but when I copy paste the 2nd command line (the one involving db_to_23.py) nothing happens. Youre supposed to start off with a vcf file and 2 python scripts to convert it. Im not sure how to do this.

All I have are a VCF file and 2 python scripts. If someone could describe the process from a fresh start to how I would convert it to 23andMe then that would be helpful.

Just a technical maneuvering issue.

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As I could not find any FAQ pertaining to this matter in this website, I hope someone is able to guide me on

How can I convert my Powerpoint ppt files into Executable file so that it can runs by itself when double-click ?

If I do not have any MS Office with me, I can still rely on pptviewer.exe right ?

I still think the 1st Option is a better choice ! By the way, is my requirement similar to a pps file ? if yes, how can I convert my ppt file to pps form ?

Thanks for your kind assistance


A:Converting Powerpoint ppt file to EXE file

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Hi Robbeboo, and welcome to TSG.

Post your request in the link below. Be sure to attach the JPEG file in your post and give the desired dimensions of the embroidered pattern.


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I created a dst file from a jpeg and then took it to be embroidered but they said it had over 40k stitches and it needs to be about 5000 stitches for flat or 10-12k for raised. I can't seem to figure out how to make it smaller stitches. It is just supposed to be the letter T on a hat. Can anyone help me figure out how to get fewer stitches? It won't let me upload the dst file. I want the Outline of the T to be green and the inside of it to be white.

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help!!! i would like to upload pics saved from dig cam to computer to sites or developing.... the site i tried to sent my pics to only accept jpeg files mine are png (i think)how do i change the file so that i can send my pics...thanks

A:dig pics-file not jpeg

Open them on your images program and then go to save and pick "save-as" and then pick .jpg

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Yes, I am trying to get a hat embroidered at lids. They are wanting the file to be in .dst. I was hoping that there was somebody who wouldn't mind helping me with the situation. I would be highly thankful. Image is attached. Its going a medium dark grey hat.

A:convert jpeg to dst file

Everything I've found says the file format has to be digitized. With that, I found this tutorial with a link to software that will do that for you. It's a 30 day trial but the users says it's worth it.

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Hi ....Help!!

Just got back from a trip. I tried to copy my photos from one Cd to another.
When I try and open each Jpeg file I get this message:
(Could not open File. Jpeg marker segment lenght is too short-the file may be truncated or incomplete.
any suggestions on how i can open these files I'm usig Photshop.

A:Can't Open Jpeg File?

Try the free Irfanview. It can open and identify nearly any image format. It may even be able to correct errors. Download and install the plugins, too, to increase the program's functionality and the number of formats it supports.

It can convert from one type to another---just open the picture with the program, then go to File, Save As, and choose the format you would like in the dropdown box.


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Hello, I am looking for someone who is able to help me convert a logo I have from a jpeg file to a dst file so that a company I deal with can embroider my shirts. Thanks so much, I will include the file for anyone who can do this, all the best, Montecarlo01.
GB embroidery.jpg (212.7 KB)

A:Convert a jpeg file to dst

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Does anyone know of an easy way online to convert a file into a DST for embroidery? I'm having a hard time finding assistance with this. Any suggestions will be very helpful.

A:Need Help coverting a PSD or JPEG into a DST file

If South Hays doesn't have an Embroidery Pattern yet ....
The Only way to do this right and get a quality pattern for you logo is to have a professional do it.
You might try Here first

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Hi, I am trying to have this image converted to a .dst file and I have no idea where to begin??

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i downloaded a jpeg off of KAZAA and for some reason it wont delete. i've tried sure delete, and nortons to see if its infected but.. both of the programs said the file couldnt be found. though when i go into the folder its in, the file is there, sure enough.
also when i right click, i can rename it or delete it, OR get to the property menu, i've even gone into safemode and tried it that way, nothing has worked.
any ideas......Thanks

A:jpeg file - cant delete

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I attempted to load a .jpeg picture on another forum and they said the file size was too large. What other format should it be saved as, and how. Thanks

A:JPEG file too large

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Hi there,
We are trying to sort out a kit order. I was told by the company Samurai that there is a charge of 60 to convert our logos to their DST format. Since we are a new university rugby team we can not really afford to pay 120 for these logos to be converted. Wandered if anyone knew how to do this, or could possibly do it for us? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached one of the files in-case needed. The hoodies are black so the logo does not want to be on a white square. Many thanks.

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I need help! I have a few logos I created from scratch in Photoshop that I need to convert to .dst files so I can have the logos embroidered hats.

Can anyone help? If you're willing to convert it for me that would be incredibly awesome. If not, can someone just tell me how to do this in the most cost effective way, preferably for free.

Thank you so much!

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Hello all! I'm having a problem opening some JPEG files that a friend sent me through email. I'm running windows XP media center edition, and I can't view the photos in the photo viewer. I get "no preview available". Also, when I try to open the files in the photoimpression software, its says "wrong file format". I can view all other JPEGS fine. It's just the ones from my friends computer. He says I'm the only one who has problems with his emails, so I'm assuming it's on my end. One more thing I should mention is that he's sending these files from a mac computer, but he's using a converter that he says works, because everyone else receives the files correctly.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions as I am at a complete loss.


A:Cannot see JPEG file when opened

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Hey community i am trying to get a hat made for a friend and it is a specific logo. So i went to my local lids(hat store), and they told me that since my file was a jpeg id have to get it digitized. Then they began to tell me its 50$ to get done and takes weeks. Is there any cheaper way i could have it done? Thanks for any of your help!

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I saved an email to My Documents. It has pictures in. I put my cursor on it and it says Firefox document. Can it be converted to a jpeg so i can get a url please?

A:My Documents file to jpeg

If you open it in firefox, can you see the email, including the pictures? If so can't you right click the images and click "save image as"?

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Is it possible to pin a jpeg file to the task bar so that I can easily open it with a single click from wherever I am. It is possible to pin it to the jump list for some programs on my Taskbar (eg Calculator & Notepad) but not to others (eg Explorer). I can also pin it to the Start menu. However, trying to pin it directly to the Taskbar fails.

And the reason for all this? The jpeg is a picture of the 2011 calendar which I would like to be able to call up with a single click from wherever I am and whatever is on the screen at the time.

Any other way of doing this will, of course, be gratefully accepted.

A:Can I pin a jpeg file to the Taskbar?

What about using a Gadget for the calendar (like the built-in one) or the Outlook Overlay that puts the calendar on your desktop?

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I would like to apologise if this is on the wrong forum.
I have been sent a photo regarding a claim for damages to a vehicle in jpeg format and suspect that the date and time that the picture was taken have been altered. I am aware that there are free programs on the internet that enable a person to change these properties. What i would like to know is whether there is a way that I can confirm this is the case?
Your advise would be appreciated.

A:Jpeg file properties

There is no way to tell if any of the bits and bytes in a JPEG file have changed since the file was first created.

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Hi to all. I am not sure if this is the correct board to post my problem to! I apologize if I am wrong.

I save my picture albums in external storage device. Its the memory of an entire lifetime, my school, highschool and all. Now I opened it after many days to find that many of the JPEG files are showing 'X' although their properties are showing appropriate file size. If I try making a slideshow, it says 'No preview available'. I have tried opening it with MS Office Picture Manager and Adobe Photoshop 7 but of no avail. I have tried to look it up on google and tried repairing the images using a few free online picture repair tools, but it says no data available or something. Please help me resurrect those images. I dont understand what could possibly go wrong with them! I use Windows XP home. They are very valuable to me.

Thanks in anticipation.

A:JPEG file error

can you open ANYTHING on that external device?

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I can no longer save any images in JPEG format, all images go to a default of bitmap when I try "save picture as".
I can't seem to get the files to associate, or see the file type.
Here's a screen grab of a JPEG pic that I would like to save as a JPG file, but as you can see the "type" isn't available

A:No jpeg file association

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