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Win2K3 unable to boot after installing WinXP as a dual boot

Q: Win2K3 unable to boot after installing WinXP as a dual boot

Hello there,

I have a problem. I have a dual boot computer with Xp on C: and Win2k3 on D:

As my XP is behaving very weird lately, I intend to reinstall my C: again with XP again. But if I do so, my Win2K3 on D: will fail to start. I have done this experiment on a spare machine.

Does anyone know how I can reinstall XP on my C: and yet make sure that my Win2K3 still works well on my D: ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Win2K3 unable to boot after installing WinXP as a dual boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win2K3 unable to boot after installing WinXP as a dual boot

Yes. You need to restore the boot environment that was installed with Windows 2003 server. Its more up to date than the one that was installed with XP, and is capable of booting both, whereas the older XP one you now have can only boot XP and not 2003.

I believe you will be able to get round this:

Install XP.

Backup your boot.ini file.

Boot from your Windows 2003 CD and begin an installation.

After the text based stage, where the files are copied to the hard drive, STOP THE INSTALLATION BEFORE THE GRAPHICAL STAGE, AND DON'T FORMAT!!!! You can do this by booting from the Windows 2003 CD instead of the HDD.

Then, boot from the Windows 2003 CD into recovery console, and rename your old boot.ini file as the new one.

Basically, you are wanting the Windows 2003 installation program to write its boot environment to the HDD again, but not to reinstall the OS.

You get around this in future by installing OSes in the order they were released, from the oldest to the newest, so that the following would be installed in this order:

Windows 95
Windiws 98
Windows NT 4
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 2003

I hope this helps. Sorry if this is a little vague but its early in the morning. Post back if you still have questions, but I've encountered this problem many times and that was how I fixed it. I don't recall fixboot or fixmbr from the recovery console helping.

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Is this possible, with Win2k3 Enterprise installed, is it possible to install Win2k3 Web Edition using Dual boot?

High regards,


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Acer Aspire 7551 laptop, came with Win7 Home Premium x64 already installed, and I've done very little (if anything, really) to tweak or change anything, until now. I'm trying to install WinXP for dual-booting (for playing a few older games that don't like Win7 at all).

Followed this thread's instructions (step 1 of the "Win7 installed first" method) which led me to this thread to prepare the single HDD with a new partition, 100GB in size, gave it drive letter X: and named it WinXP.

Trouble is, in following the steps in that thread to create the new partition, Win7 Disk Management never asks me whether I want the new volume to be a Primary Partition or an Extended Partition/Logical Drive, and it defaults to creating X: as a 100GB Logical Drive - which isn't detected by the WinXP setup CD. It never gives me the option to choose to make a Primary Partition. What am I missing here?

Partitions visible in Disk Management:
[no name][no drive letter] - 12.70GB - Healthy (Recovery Partition)
System Reserved [no drive letter] - 100MB - Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)
ACER C: - 351.40GB - Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
Unallocated space - 101.56GB

I did find this answers.microsoft.com thread whose answer is that I must convert the disk to "dynamic", however, the thread here (linked above, creating the new partition) warns in Step 10 specifically NOT to change to dynamic, as it could make Win7 unbootable. ??? Confused...

A:Installing WinXP as dual-boot with existing Win7, partition confusion

Use free Partition Wizard bootable CD to create a fourth Primary partition for XP install.

If you need to add any further partitions, you'll need to convert one of the OS partitions to Logical to add within it.

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Working in a corporate environment, we use Windows XP now but are needing to upgrade to Windows 7. I have dual boot Windows XP and 7 machine, thats the easy part, but I need to hide Windows 7 from the boot menu OR have a keyboard shortcut that can boot Win 7. The goal is I do not want users to know about Windows 7 until it has been tested and when we go live its already installed and working.

So my objectives are: Working Win 7 install, Hide from XP and boot menu, Be able to boot into 7 at a later time, eventually remove XP from the boot and have 7 the only OS.

Is this possible?

Thank you

A:Dual boot WinXP/7 - How to hide Windows 7 from boot loader and XP?

In Control Panel\System and Security\System\Advanced System Settings|Advanced tab\Startup and Recovery\Settings set XP as default OS, uncheck Time to Display OS Menu.

Now to boot Win7 you'lll need to go into that setting in XP to enable the Dual Boot menu (with 5-10 sec timeout) so that you can reboot into Win7 via the Dual Boot menu.

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I have a situation where I have Windows XP and Windows 8 in a dual boot with the OSs on physically separate drives. WinXP was installed long ago on an HDD and Win8 was added from an upgrade disc and installed on a new SSD. The point was to do a fresh install of 8 on a brand new drive and remove XP and the old/small/slow drive it's on altogether. Dual-boot was not my intention, it just seems to have happened because I pointed the Win8 installation to the new SSD.

It appears I made a big error because Windows XP remains the primary/boot drive. I removed that drive from the system and obviously get nothing on startup.

Anybody have any tips on how to simply make the new SSD with Win8 the boot drive so I can jettison the WinXP HDD?

A:WinXP + 8 dual boot, XP is boot, how to remove XP?

Can you change the boot drive in the bios boot menu?

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After deleting the partition on which Ubuntu was installed and enlarging the windows partition to fill the old space at the same time( stupid I know), I am unable to boot to Windows 7. All I see is a command line message that says Unknown File System and on the next line says Grub Rescue> with the option to input commands. After looking at this forum and Ubuntu forums I'm still unable to resolve the issue. I would like to be able to boot into windows 7.

A:Unable to boot Windows 7 after unistalling Ubuntu Dual boot

You'll have to restore your Master Boot Record. See this tutorial:

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

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I have been struggling with boot issues ever since I decided to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS along Win 7 64 bits on myVAIO computer. To install it I chose "Something else" and resized the partition myself within the Ubuntu Installer. At first I got GRUB working and finding Win 7 but I could not start it. after this boot-info: Ubuntu Pastebin, I reinstalled GRUB in /sda using the following commands:

sudo update-grub
sudo grub-install /dev/sda
I got a seemingly quite common black screen from Windows Boot Manager saying this:

HTML Code:
File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.
From this message, I found out that I needed to rebuild the BCD and then reinstall GRUB to get a working dual boot.
I have created a Win 7 64 bits repair USB and using diskpart, I know I have 4 primary partitions:

1 - 100 MB - It seems to me that the boot files are supposed to be there. According to DISKPART, it s the volume C: and labeled "System Reserved"

2 - 140 GB - Windows is installed on this partition. According to DISKPART, there is no volume associated with this partition and it is hidden

3 - 81 GB - Ubuntu is installed on this partition

4 - 999MB is SWAP
Auto repair from Win 7 repair usb does not recognize my Windows 7 and does not work. Therefore, I have to work with the command prompt. I have tried most available tutorial on rebuilding BCDs. Basically, when I run al... Read more

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I installed opensuse 12.1 on dual boot along with my other windows 7 installation. Installation of opensuse is successful and i can use it. But when I tried to use windows 7 on grub, it says bootmgr is missing. I've already encountered this problem a long time ago so i tried to use bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /rebuildbcd and bootrec /fixboot in the recovery console in the windows 7 DVD. Rebuildbcd and fixboot did not work and it said something like it cannot find my windows installation. I also tried bootrec /scanos, it returned a windows installation on D:\Windows but my windows is in drive C. I think this has something to do with me messing up the active partition in disk management a month ago but i already fixed it by setting the active partition to the system reserved partition. Only fixmbr is successful, but now i can't boot on any OS because it says: Missing operating system.

I also tried bcdboot C:\Windows but it failed with a message that goes like: Failure when attempting to copy boot information...

Oh, and I also tried changing my /boot/grub/menu.lst settings but still, it didn't work.

I just need to boot in my windows OS please..

Can anyone enlighten me?


A:Cannot boot windows 7 after installing opensuse 12.1 on dual boot

Hello -
Uninstall opensuse 12.1 first - See if your Windows O/S will boot -
Reinstall opensuse 12.1 again, and then see if your Windows O/S will now boot -

If it will not boot please stop trying to alter your registry as this may also be causing the problem

Just an idea -

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I installed Ubuntu on the same hard drive as my Windows 7 (different partition ofcourse)

Now, even with windows boot manager, when I choose 'start windows' it writes 'windows is loading files' then reboots.

Can't use recovery options "repair your computer" off my windows cd since it keeps telling me I don't have the matching windows version (perhaps since ubuntu made some changes ro the MBR?).

Solutions I've tried:
1. Fixing MBR with a 'utility' boot-cd like hiren's. All it did was mess up ubuntu aswell so I had to reinstall ubuntu just to be able to boot.

2. Tried using boot-repair utility in Ubuntu - didn't work, same problem.

3. Tried burning rescue disc off an existing windows 7 computer. Same error - 'no matching windows found'

How can I reach window's rescue enviourment if it won't let me boot into it? I would try to use bootrec.exe but I can't get to it.

Please help? I really don't want to re-install windows 7 and lose all I have on that partition.

A:Windows won't boot after installing Ubuntu 14.04 for dual-boot.

First off, if you can boot into Ubuntu you can browse the Windows partition and copy your files to a USB HDD for backup, so you won't loose anything if you have to reinstall.
Then use EasyBCD boot manager to manage your OS's boot loader.

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After having installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Lenovo IdeaPad U430p I'm not able to start Windows anymore. When I installed Ubuntu I used the setup to divide my Windows partition in two parts. One is still used for Windows and the other part is used for Ubuntu. Whenever I select Windows in Grub or use the EFI boot menu and select Windows it immediately goes into startup repair mode. When using the command line of startup repair I can see that all my files that are on the Windows partition are still there and everything looks fine to me. But still, so far I haven't found a solution. I've tried the automatic startup repair. I have tried to fix it with the bootrec command and rebuilt the bcd, which was also unsuccessful. I also tried to activate the boot log but the log is not even created. It seems that the system directly goes into startup repair without even starting to boot into windows. I'm kind of lost and don't really know what I could do to fix this. Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? Cheers,Bastian

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Hopefully I'm sticking this in the right forum, seems the closest to me at least. Sorry for the wall of text, but I'm trying to provide as much info as possible.

Anyway, I can't get Win 7 to boot after setting up dual boot (Ubuntu 10.10) on my GF's laptop. Been trying to solve this with help from the Ubuntu forums for several hours (I've been up all night) to no avail. I'll describe the problem and everything that has been tried so far. REALLY hoping somebody has an idea, I'm getting desperate.

I installed Ubuntu last night via the Live CD. Used the Live version to install alongside Windows and partition the drive, install Grub, etc. At reboot, after POST it would just go to a black screen with a flashing cursor. I could only run off the live CD. A forum member determined the Grub was trying to load from the wrong partition. We changed that and voila! Grub now loads properly. I can boot into Ubunto via Grub with zero problems. HOWEVER: when I try to boot into Win 7 from Grub, it just locks at the same flashing cursor of death screen. The 7 partition is till intact, I can see and access all the files on the 7 partition from within Ubuntu, however 7 will not boot. I have tried downloading and burning the Win 7 repair disk and doing all of the following:

Running the automatic Start Up Repair - several times. All it does is remove Grub, but booting still goes to the flashing cursor and I have to reinstall Grub again to be able to do anything after POST.

I have used the comm... Read more

A:Win 7 won;t boot after installing Ubuntu dual boot

Figured out how to move the boot flag from within Ubuntu. Had no effect at all. That exhausts my last remaining idea. ugh.

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I've got 2 drives with OS on them - my old one with winxp, and my new one with win7. I was thinking it could be a good thing to be able to boot the winxp drive, if I'd like to run something from that installation. Is this possible? How would you configure this?

A:Dual boot winxp & win 7

hi quano, you could use bcdedit to acheive what you are after BCDEDIT - How to Use hope that helps

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Hi, just wondering, dual booting right now win 98 and win 2000 and want to replace win 2000 with XP pro: do I just boot from my XP CD , quick format the partition where 2000 is and install XP?
Thanks in advance,

A:dual boot and winxp

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I have winxp already installed on 2 different hard drives in the same computer. i want to know how to set up a dual boot with these 2 hds.

A:Dual Boot WinXP on two HDs

if the second hard drive came from another computer,you will have to run a repair install on it

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What is the easiest way to backup an existing WinXp on an old hard drive and restore it to a new hard drive that has Win 7 on it in order to dual boot them?

I bought a new hard drive and Win 7 for my laptop but I want to add my existing WinXp from the old hd and dual boot them.

A:Add existing WinXp to Win 7 for dual boot

Was the Win XP installed using the same MOBO?

The best way would be a clean install of Win XP.

Have a read of those tutorials:
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete - Vista Forums
Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup

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hi ,
i am currently using win10,
i neeed to add winxp to the dual boot , how do i do it ?

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Hello, I have 2 partitions on my HDD, C:\ for vista and D:\ for XP, but now XP loads up straight away, I forget how to boot vista, since I hated it at first. But want to go back on it, thanks.

A:Dual Boot - WinXP/Vista

You will need this program to dual boot Vista and XP, it will restore your boot choices at startup.

http://www.vistabootpro.org/ read carefully before using

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I have inadvertently setup my laptop with both Win2000 and WinXP. The intent was to set it up(clean install)with XP. I thought that now that I have both OS's on the same partition, I could still do a new install by booting to the XP CD. I go into BIOS, make sure the CD is the first device, save, and reboot the machine. It wants me to pick an OS. It does not want to (seemingly) do an install. How can I fix this. If I must reformat the drive, fine. Please point me in the right direction to get a single OS(XP Pro) on board my machine. A sincere thanks.

A:Help...Dual Boot,Win2K and WinXp

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I'm new one here, so hello everyone
Well, I am using COMPAQ Evo W6000 WorkStation, and I have a problem with 2 operating systems:
I have 2 HDD's, one is ATA (~5.000RPM) and secound is SCSI (10.000RPM), on the first one I have Windows 7 Ultimate and on the secound one I have Windows XP (7 is used for everyday fun but XP is used for gaming).
Now everytime I start my computer there is no option for me to choose from wich HDD to boot!
Everytime I want to boot from other HDD I have to enter BIOS and then select the boot order...

A:Dual HDD Boot (Win7&WinXP)

see if easybcd can help


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Karthiklord said:

hi ,
i am currently using win10,
i neeed to add winxp to the dual boot , how do i do it ?Click to expand...

I had partitioned my hard drive and was running XP in two of them so I could boot into either with data on separate drives. I then purchased Windows 7 Professional 64bit and installed it over one of the XP partitions so now I can choose either XP or 7 when the PC starts. I've been led to believe that if I accept my free upgrade from 7 to 10 that Windows 10 will not co-exist with XP on a partitioned drive. Does anyone know if this is true as I want to keep the XP option as some of my older kit e.g. scanner will not work with Win 7 or 10.
I used Paragon Partition Manager to create multiple partitions for OS and data. Would using EasyBCD help?

A:dual boot winxp t& win10

Started your own thread for you, as posting this in a month old "dead" thread will do you no good.

Windows 10 is certainly weird, but I do not know why it would not co-exist (dual-boot) with XP. But, as with any such attempt, make sure you can get back to what you have now before starting.

EasyBCD should be able to create a dual boot if it somehow gets lost.

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My system in running on WinXP. I want to install Win98 in another Fat32 partition without uninstalling WinXP. In doing so, the system is freezing in a few steps. Is there a way of installing Win98 on a system which already has WinXP. Pl help.
( I know it works the other way, ie installing Win98 and then WinXP, but I do not want to do the entire exercise again).

A:Dual boot WinXP+Win98

Check out this thread: http://forums.techguy.org/t99591/s2240327e12ed0e611fa35e972f544fdf.html it may help you. It sounds as if you have the same plan as me

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A new PC running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit will not run a program that ran on Windows XP Home edition in a DOS box. I'd like to set the system up to dual boot into either Windows 7 or Windows XP Home edition. I successfully created a second partition using EASUS Partition Master 4.0 Home edition. When I tried to install XP Home edition
on the new partition, however, I got a "blue screen" error. Any and all suggestions
on how to set up a dual boot (Win 7/Win XP) on this system deeply appreciated.

A:Trying for Win7/WinXP dual boot

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My dual boot system WinXP/Win7 got really Messed up. I am stil getting it straighten out. I got an error and neither operating system would boot up. It was really screwed. I almost have the system fixed. I do not yet have Win7 back running though...

What happens is that when I installed Win7 RC, I put it on a seperate hard drive, clean install. I have WinXP Pro on another hard drive. When my computer boots, I press F11 and choose the hard drive I want, and then I choose the operating system.

I have been running Win7 for about 1 month now... maybe longer... This was the first incident that was serious. Maybe the only incident. I h ave been using Win7 for flight simulators.

A:Win7 and WinXP dual boot

It appears the Boot loader file got corrupted when I restarted and switch from Win7 RC x32 to WinXP Pro and go the errors. I didn't have a have a WinXP bacjup file ready to use. So, I disconnected my Win7 disc, restarted the computer and reloaded Windows XP Pro over the Windows install. No problems after that.

I did look up the fix for a corrupted Boot loader file. I keep a copy of those intructions now. If I do make a WinXP Pro Backup.bkf file, it will be about 86 GB in size. That would need a whole Hard drive just to put that on. I don't have enough room on my current hard drives, so making that file is out of the question. if I did make that file I would burn it to a dvd disc to keep as a backup. But first need to mkae it before I could burn it to the disc.

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Hi all
I have a bit of a problem with my drives..

I've been running win7 x64 for a while, but needed winXP x86 for some older apps.
So I installed XP on a different partition on another drive - Install went well but messed up my MBR pretty bad.
I used the bootsect tool in commandline on the DVD to make win7 work again. But I couldn't make the XP work..
Then I took out the drive win7 is installed on to reinstall XP on the other disk.
That went fine so I had a working XP but only when the win7 drive was not connected.
I reconnected the win7 drive and booted up the install/repair win7 from the DVD - I was prompted to repair win7 so I did (not in command line - it was a dialog box)
So now I'm thinking great, win7 will work again. But no... XP booted up, but this time with the win7 drive connected

As i browsed my drives to see which have some "boot files" on them I discovered a total mess! 3 partitions have boot files on them and I'm not sure which it uses.
I'm really confused as to what action I should take to make it all work as intended (What I want is a dual boot menu at startup)

I've attached a screenshot from the disk management tool in XP to give you an idea of what I'm up against

(partition F: has the XP install - C: has "boot files" - L: and D: are fine and have no "boot files" - E: has "boot files" - H: and J: is the win7 install)

I really hope some of you understand what I'm talking about, and any help will be much appreci... Read more

A:Dual boot win7 x64 and winXP x86

Hello GrrRasta, welcome to Seven Forums!

You are correct, you have a horrible mess, let's do this one step at a time.

The flag "Boot" is the OS that is running, that's all it means and "Active" is the flag used to point to where boot files are to be created when running a startup repair and "System" is where the system Windows boot files are stored.

The first thing to do is to remove the drive letter of the "System Reserved" partition on Disk #4.

Then power down the machine and disconnect all Hard Disk Drives except the HDD that is currently the Disk 4 (the W_7 HDD) and connect that to the #1 SATA port on the motherboard, then connect the HDD that is Disk #0 (the XP HDD) to the #2 SATA port of the mobo.

Set the HDD that is now connected to the #1 SATA port (W_7) as the second boot device after the CD/DVD drive in the PC BIOS and do the 3 separate startup repairs, with the restarts discussed in this tutorial at the link below to the Windows 7 OS.

That should get you a Windows managed dual boot with entries for both Windows 7 and XP and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7

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yes i would like to know the process to create a dual boot with win98se and winxp home if someone would could tell me the process i would be very gratefull Thanks Lon

A:win98/winxp dual boot

Here's a link that was provided by JToast in a previous thread.

here is a step by step... Click to expand...


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Already have winXP installed, but would like to install Lindows on a 2nd HD.

Booting up from Lindows CD will detect the existing windows OS and will give 2 options, ie either start windows and install Lindows from inside windows, or Lindows takeover the entire HD (which will wipe off winxp). No option is provided for choosing the partition.

Have not try installing from inside winxp as Lindows said cannot install side-by-side with winxp.

Any suggestions?


A:How to dual boot winxp and lindowsOS?

So your gonna try Lindows huh?

Anyways! You need to prepare the hard drive by creating a different partition. DON'T install Lindows with Windows XP or you will end up losing all your files and doing a clean install!

Microsoft has instructions that can be read for more info!

Good luck and let us know how you like Lindows!

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I have a Gateway computer, 64 bit, DX4822-01, with Intel pentium E5300 Dual Core, 2.6GHZ each, 6GB ram, and 1TB HDD, running Windows 7 Home Premium x 64 bit.

I want to add Winxp Pro for a dual boot. What all do I need to know and what to watch out for to accomplish this? Is there any trouble to repartition drive C for enough space to add this?

Thank you!

A:Dual Boot Win7 & Winxp

Follow the steps in Method Two: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

Most modern SATA controller drivers are not in the XP CD so need to be added during install or slipstreamed into the XP CD: SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

If you have XP programs which won't work in Win7 try installing them in Win7's XP Compatibility Mode

Or try virtualizing XP within Win7 using freeware like Virtual Box, Virtual Player or VMWare. Much easier.

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hi guys i need some help hear, i want to dual boot with win7 with win xp, i have windows 7 ultimate installed now and i want to install winxp pro with out screwing my windows 7 install thanks

A:how to dual boot win7 plus winxp

Hello corduroy33, welcome to Seven Forums!

Start by having a look at Method Two of this tutorial at the link below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

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i have a pc which have an windows xp pro in chinese os. what i want is to install another win xp pro os in english in a slave drive so ican run other programs in english specially autocadd. is this possible? how do i do it? any instructions, where can i find them?

here's my specs

amd athlon 64 2500+
512 ddr pc400
inn0 3d 6600
60 gig hard drive- (master) chinese os
17 gig hard drive - (slave) blank no data yet (to be used for the english os)


A:How To Dual Boot, Winxp On Two Drives....need Instructions Please

It is very simple. Install the English version just like the Chinese version. You wiil be prompted to select a partition\drive to install your new instance of windows to. Simple select the second hard drive.

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I have windows xp in a partition and recently i installed windows 7 in another partition. From then there is this problem with windows xp, exe files are not opening, when i click on exe files, open with window pops up... Also my antivirus(mcafee 8.5i) is completely disabled in xp. Is all this because of windows 7? Please help me, how to fix my xp again.

A:Problem with win XP because of winXP/Win7 Dual Boot

Uninstall the antivirus.

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After spending 2 days off and on fooling with EasyBCD 1.72 and trying to get Windows XP to load, I finally loaded the EASYBCD Beta 2.0 and it worked immediately....

Get EasyBCD Beta 2.0 ...Yes, you must subscribe to forum, but it was worth it.....

Good Luck

EasyBCD = awesome program!!!

A:FIXED! Dual Boot issue WinXP and Win 7

Win7 should configure any multi- boot properly if it is installed last and all other drives than the OS's are unplugged.

The fly in the ointment is when a data drive is marked active and confuses the Win7 installer, so keep them unplugged during install and you won't have to use old technology like EasyBCD to do what is automated in Win7 installer, and Win7 startup repair from boot.

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I installed a hard drive with Win98 installed on it from an older PC in my eMachines w2686, running WinXp. I would like to know how to choose which OS I want to boot. I am new to this kind of thing, so please be detailed and most of all, patient. Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Dual Boot WinXP and Win98 on two harddrives

it won't work
try install win98 again with the hdd conected to the new sistem
Is better to install first win98 on the active partition (cand next install winxp on other partition
After that when boot you'll see a dialog for choosing between operating systems
You can edit the file boot.ini (located in c:\) to set up you default system to boot

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I upgraded from windows XP to window 7 and got stuck with the dual boot setup. All that I need to do is access the boot menu and change it. However I am finding that it isn't as easy to find in windows 7. When I checked MSconfig the only OS listed was windows 7. Still it stops at the beginning and asks the question. I want to keep windows 7 in the boot process and dump XP.



A:How do I remove the dual boot option for Win 7 and winXP?

Hi and welcome, Mike
Can you please post a screenshot of the full screen disk management window, so that we can understand the situation a bit better ?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I have a dual boot machine that has WinXP SP3 and Ubuntu 10.04 that has some serious errors that I can't figure out how to fix. It happens on both platforms, with Windows getting a blue screen and Ubuntu freezing up, requiring power button shutoff. The problem doesn't seem consistent with any specific program, but does happen when internet browsing, for sure.

Here are the specs to my comp:
Dual Boot OS: WinXP SP3 32 bit and Ubuntu 10.04
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2047 Mb (4 x 500MB DDR DIMM)
Hard Disk: WDC WD50 SCSI Hard Disk (500 GB)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT, 128 Mb
Network: Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter
Motherboard: ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

It seems to occur more frequently when browsing with Firefox, than with IE, but still happens when browsing with both. When I am not browsing the net, it seems to occur when I have a PDF open. I am not sure if this helps, but I exported the event log for both System and Applications for today (attached). I am not sure if there is a way to do the same thing in Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance!

A:Dual Boot (WinXP/Ubuntu 10.04) Serious Errors

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I have an SATA drive with WinXP loaded. I decided to use a spare EIDE drive to load Windows 7. I have installed Windows 7 with no problems. I never see the Windows boot manager to choose which OS I want to load, but I can load either one by changing the boot order in BIOS. I can see the EIDE drive from XP, but not the SATA drive from Windows 7. How can I get the boot manager to work and let me choose which OS to load?

A:WinXP / Windows 7 Dual Boot Problem

Actually booting from the BIOS is a better method of dual-booting since the drives are then fully independent and can come and go as you please. You can set your preferred default drive to boot first in BIOS, then use BIOS Boot Menu F-key to choose other drive while booting.

Having the Dual Boot menu which should have been configured when Win7 is correctly installed last makes the drives interdependent and harder to extricate one later, although we specialize in that here.

Make sure XP drive is assigned a letter in Win7 Disk Management to see it in explorer.

If you still want to configure a Dual Boot menu then please post back a screenshot of your full Disk Management map, using the Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attaching file using paper clip in reply box.

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Hello. I was wondering after you have already created a dual boot with WinXP and Win7, how do you avoid getting a second windows 7 boot option when installing another hard drive. The last time I replaced the hard drive, I now have 3 boot options: earlier WinXp boot, windows 7 and windows 7 again. Of course, one of them doesn't work since I replaced the hard drive. I guess also how to get rid of the old windows 7 boot option after installing your new hard drive, as well. thanks

A:Dual boot options WinXP and Win7

Always unplug all other HD's during Clean Install Windows 7.

After install plug in the old drives, make sure you have all the files off of them and then run Diskpart Clean Command making doubly sure you are choosing the correct drive. This gets the drive cleaner than merely deleting the old OS and it's 100mb SysReserved partition in Disk Mgmt after if necessary marking it Inactive. Partition - Mark as Inactive - Windows 7 Forums.

If any unwanted boot menu items are still present after you know you've deleted all other OS partitions or wiped their drive, you can delete them in msconfig>Boot.

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I bought a new hard drive and Windows 7 for my laptop. I want to know what the easiest way of transferring my existing Winxp to the new hard drive, in order to dual boot it with the installed Win 7, would be.

I have an external hard drive I can back up xp to. The laptop only has one hd slot so I would have to backup the existing Winxp 32 to the external, then use the same program in the new Win7 x64 install to restore it to a new partition on the drive.

Does anyone know of a guide outlining how to do this and a good free back-up software I could use?

This along with any guides or instructions that explain how to setup dual boot once I have transferred my old WinXp over?

Or would EasyBCD be a good choice to do that?

A:[SOLVED] Add existing WinXp to Win 7 for dual boot

To ensure that your system actually sets itself up properly for dual-booting, you need to install Windows XP to your existing Windows 7 system. You can't "add" Windows XP from a backup because dual-booting won't be properly configured if you do it that way. You won't get a prompt asking you which OS you want to use each time you boot up.

So you need to have a Windows XP installation CD to be able to do what you want.

Tutorial here: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

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Starting point:
A (tablet) notebook Lenovo comes with Win7 pre-installed. The HD (Sata 2.5 by WD, 250MB) has three partitions, as default, two of them hidden.

Problem and aim:
A lot of software that I use does not run in Win7. XP mode is too slow. I'd like to install win XP (in my specific case Win TabletPC SP2) side by side Win7, so to make a choice in which one boot up. I do not want though to risk to mess up my Win7 partition & boot up.

What I learnt:
a) WinXP installation will destroy the Win7 boot sector. So as a consequence,
b) after installing WinXP, I will not able to boot in Win7 (that should be repaired with Win7 DVD that I do not have). Plus:
c) Possible problems with the first hidden partition, which is shown sometimes in XP partition and the need to use EasyBCD (under Win7,once recovered the partition) to make the initial dual boot menu: Win7 --- WinXP.

My attempt:
Since I do not want to mess up my HD, with a *direct* installation of WinXP (TabletPC in my case), I thought the following. 1) Make a new partition in my HD. 2) Remove physically the HD and attach a different external USB HD. 3) Install WinXP in the external USB HD. 4) Make sure it works, add SATA drivers, etc. (in my case WinXP is the default Lenovo installation) 5) Remount the original Sata HD, 6) Copy (or if necessary clone with Acronis/Ghost/and alike) the WinXP files/folders I installed from the external USB HD into the new partition of step 1 above, 7) Make the correction with Eas... Read more

A:Dual Boot with WinXP over Win7, without messing up

What are your system specs? XP Mode and Virtualbox should/would run at near native speeds on a proper system, especially on that supports VT.

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Tried the search but didn't come up with anything for these two. I am wondering if I'm in for any surprises. I'm gonna dual boot XP pro and 2003 ent. server with 2003 on it's own hard drive. I'm a student and get OS's for free to study and play with incase anybody is wondering.

Whoo-hoo! First post!

A:dual boot: WinXP & 2003 ent. server

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Existing: Dual Boot
Windows 7 RC Beta partition 1
Windows XP 32 partition 2

Can have Windows 7 64 bit on partition 1 and WinXP 32 bit on partition 2 for dual boot?

Is it worth the trouble/issues etc to run windows 7 64 bit?

Intel Dual Core E7400
Gigabyte EP45
Memory 4G

A:64bit Install? Dual boot with winxp?

Hi jlm86 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

This is perfectly possible. See Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP for full details. Since you have XP installed first, you need to follow Method One.

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Hello good people!

I find myself in a precarious situation. About 2 years ago I installed Windows 7 on my new 1TB hard drive I had just bought to replace my old Windows XP installed drive - actually, I planned on using the first one as a backup drive in case I ever need it. So here's the thing; I installed Win7 on my new drive, but I left the first one plugged in while I was doing it. Win7 understood by that - I guess - that i wanted to setup a dual boot system (which i learned today). So it did that. And it was kinda handy, having both drives working at once.

Thing is, my Win7 drive has run its course, and is in dire need of a format. So I figured I would format my D: drive first, seeing as I don't use it, so I can get it all cleaned up, and then transfer all the files I want to keep from my C: drive to my D: drive. Thing is, as I learned, the dual boot thing prevents me from formatting either drives while running windows 7. Which also means that my only immediate way of formatting them would be to do both at once, but if I do that, I can't keep backups (i don't have an external HDD, nor a third HDD, and I currently don't have the cash to buy either one of them).

So I looked online, learned quite a lot about the situation, but most fixes I found online seem to be very complex in nature, and all of them had slight differences with my current situation. Here's my disk management screen :

So my disk 0 is the one with Windows7 installed, and disk 1 is the one with XP. I t... Read more

A:Win7/WinXP dual boot, need to format one of them

You said you installed W7 on the 1TB drive which is disk 1 not disk 0.

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I have been trying to dual boot winxp and win7 on two different hard drives but no luck.
c: = Win7
d: = Winxp
I have added winxp entry using easybcd but on booting i get the following error (pls refer image)
bcdedit entry from win7
Windows Boot Manager
identifier {bootmgr}
device partition=C:
description Windows Boot Manager
locale en-US
inherit {globalsettings}
default {current}
resumeobject {db4ad8e3-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
displayorder {current}
toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
timeout 10
Windows Boot Loader
identifier {current}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Windows 7
locale en-US
inherit {bootloadersettings}
recoverysequence {db4ad8e5-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
recoveryenabled Yes
osdevice partition=C:
systemroot \Windows
resumeobject {db4ad8e3-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
nx OptOut
Real-mode Boot Sector
identifier {db4ad8ee-6b5c-11df-96a7-a053ecd57d0e}
device partition=D:
path \NTLDRdescription Microsoft Windows
Using win7 recover manager i tried
"bootsect /nt52 d:"
and winxp boots up
"bootsect /nt60 c:"
"bootrec /fixmbr"
"bootrec /fixboot"
"bootrec /rebuildbcd"
... Read more

A:Win7 and WinXP dual boot issues

Having two HD's allows you to configure the cleanest method of Dual Booting via the BIOS. This leaves the HD's independent to come and go as you please, whereas a Windows-managed Dual Boot interlocks the HD's and makes them harder to extricate later.

To set this up, run the "bootsect /nt52 d:" command again to start XP. Now unplug the XP HD and set Win7 as first HD to boot in BIOS setup, after DVD drive. Boot the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots to write the System MBR to Win7, which will work providing it is also marked active.

When Win7 starts up, power down to plug XP back in. Now set preferred HD to boot first in BIOS setup, then if you want to boot the other HD, use the Fkey given on first bootup screen for one-time Boot Menu to trigger it instead.

If you want a Windows-managed dual boot, then start Win7 and install EasyBCD 2.0 beta after doing quick registration to use beta. Remove XP listing, then Add it again, accept boot files, autoconfigures, Save, restart.

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I am running Windows 7 Version 7260 on a dual boot with Windows XP3. I can get internet/network access when operating under Windows xp3, yet if I shut down completely then re-start into Windows 7 I have no internet access.
However, if I start up in Windows XP then reboot into Windows 7, internet access is retained and available in Windows 7. All very curious.
Troubleshooters does not help claiming I have a missing cable connection.
Any help appreciated.

A:dual boot: win 7 internet access no, winxp yes

Quote: Originally Posted by George King

I am running Windows 7 Version 7260 on a dual boot with Windows XP3. I can get internet/network access when operating under Windows xp3, yet if I shut down completely then re-start into Windows 7 I have no internet access.
However, if I start up in Windows XP then reboot into Windows 7, internet access is retained and available in Windows 7. All very curious.
Troubleshooters does not help claiming I have a missing cable connection.
Any help appreciated.

George; It might be helpful to know the make and model of the nic and driver you are using. I was having issues with my VIA Rhine onboard nic and the default Windows driver. When I installed the driver from the motherboard, stopped the problems. If you want to add some additional info, we will see what we can do.


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Hello all, new here, my pc config is intel quad 6600, 4gb ram, 2 320gb hd, OS is XP Pro with SP2. Okay I heard people speek highly of Vista and no so highly so I decided to give it a shot and make my own decision.
XP was installed a few weeks ago and is on disk 1 50gig partition, created another 75 for E:Vista Ultimate and have 175 unallocated for now. My other drive is just for games.
At first I used the remaining 250 for Vista the first time. Everything loaded fine was online with Vista was updating drivers and then I rebooted to finish the install for some drivers and the boot options never came up it booted right to XP.
I looked at the partitions and it shows Vista there so I looked in XP boot.ini and it shows:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
I checked around and people said to add Vista to it so I did and added this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate" /fastdetect

It gave the options to now choose one but when I choose Vista the screen goes blank
no cursor or anything, display is 1280x960 someone had suggested that already... Read more

A:Solved: Dual boot XP installed then tried Vista but no boot dual boot options

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Hey all,
I have a SSD with Win7 Home Premium x64. To boot off it my bios needs to be in AHCI mode.
I also have Windows XP Prof SP2 x84 on a Sata2 drive and too boot off of that I need to be in IDE mode.
Is it possible to get a dual boot happening in this scenario?
Also when I boot into the XP drive it rewrites the boot BCD (*?*) and I need to load up the Win7 install disk and do a repair to get back into Win7. While EasyBCD will allow me to fix that issue I can't imagine it will allow me to do the whole AHCI/IDE combo will it?

Thanks all.

A:Can I dual boot with Win7 on an AHCI SSD and WinXP on an IDE SATA2?

With separate HD's its best to boot via the BIOS, settting preferred to boot first then triggering the other using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu (or BBS) key. Then the HD"s should not be able to interfere with one another, although you can access your files on either.

You'd need to convert the XP HD to AHCI. Back up a system image using free Macrium - Image your system first.

Enable AHCI in Windows XP After Installation - Bootbeta

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Basically I want to create and restore a bootable image of my C:Winxp drive using Drive Image 2002 and burning it to disk.

Current config:

I have no problem with imaging and restoring the D:Win98 drive from within C:Winxp because there are no open files/directories in use.

The problem is If I try to create an image of the C drive from either within C: or D: it'll reboot into dos and hang at the "loading please wait.." Drive Image splash screen.

The same thing happens with tryin to boot from the rescue disks.
And it doesn't matter if the rescue disks were made in winxp or 98se
they both hang at the "loading please wait.." screen.

Anyone have any clues to solving this?

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