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Using Memorex CD-RW Disks

Q: Using Memorex CD-RW Disks

Hi everybody :

I formatted a Memorex CD-RW disk. And then proceeded to transfer data files to this disk. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't "drag-and-drop" files. (I'm backing up my Sketchup projects). When I right-clicked on Drive E, the PASTE option wasn't listed. Before, when I did this same procedure, this option WAS available. I checked the Properties for this disk. Yes....it showed there was a disk in this drive. And that it was a rewritable. I COULD, however, open the file with Sketchup and re-save it...this time to the disk. I checked the disk to see if these files were actually on the disk.....yes they were. I'm not sure what to ckeck to "enable" the drag-and-drop function. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. With 3Gb RAM. I'm not sure what other information to include in this message. Thanks

Preferred Solution: Using Memorex CD-RW Disks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Using Memorex CD-RW Disks

If you are going to be sending files to a backup source, you should use a USB Flash drive, which can be easily formatted, and reused, as well as files drag and dropped there.
RW discs are troublesome. The ability to Format and reuse is limited, and problems will arise. I also found Memorex discs to be lower quality and not compatible with many burners.
If you must use a CD/RW disc, try right clicking the file and choose Send To... CD/RW drive.

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Hi everybody :

I formatted a Memorex CD-RW disk. And then proceeded to transfer data files to this disk. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't "drag-and-drop" files. (I'm backing up my Sketchup projects). When I right-clicked on Drive E, the PASTE option wasn't listed. Before, when I did this same procedure, this option WAS available. I checked the Properties for this disk. Yes....it showed there was a disk in this drive. And that it was a rewritable. I COULD, however, open the file with Sketchup and re-save it...this time to the disk. I checked the disk to see if these files were actually on the disk.....yes they were. I'm not sure what to ckeck to "enable" the drag-and-drop function. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. With 3Gb RAM. I'm not sure what other information to include in this message. Thanks

A:Using Memorex CD-RW Disks

If you are going to be sending files to a backup source, you should use a USB Flash drive, which can be easily formatted, and reused, as well as files drag and dropped there.
RW discs are troublesome. The ability to Format and reuse is limited, and problems will arise. I also found Memorex discs to be lower quality and not compatible with many burners.
If you must use a CD/RW disc, try right clicking the file and choose Send To... CD/RW drive.

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I recently inherited two spindles of BAD Memorex CD-RW's. Both are now TRASH!

Has anyone else had similar problems with Memorex CD-RW's?

If so, please post your experience here. This way everyone will know that they are CRAP!


A:Bad Memorex CD=RW's..

I've never had any trouble with Memorex or any media brand.
What makes you conclude they were bad?

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my aunty has a Memorex CD-RW Drive Model Twelve MAXX 1032

just wondered if i need to download any software to install the drive and if they are easy enough to install

A:memorex cr-rw

There are no drivers required foe the drive. However you do need to install CD burning software in order to be able to burn CD's. The drive may have came with burning software, if not you will have to get some. The most common are Nero Burning ROM and Roxio Easy CD Creator.

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I just finshed doing a photo story with a song playing in back ground. My problem is when I burnt it to a cd-r my dvd player recoreder won't play it. comes up disk error. I have tired 3 times with same results. any ideas why this happens. I am burning it with the writer that came with my pc. Thank you for what ever advice you can give me

A:memorex cd-r

Have you tried it in another couple of players to see if it plays as some are a bit finicky about CD-R and some players will not play any.

Have you tried a different make of CDs.

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I've got a Memorex DVD+RAM530L Drive
I can play videos on it, and AVS DVD Player opens up.......no problem here. But, I'm having an impossible time "writing" to the drive.
I tried using a blank DVD+RW disk, [I FIRST FORMATTED THE DISK] (and the first time) copied and pasted a couple of downloaded programs onto it. (First time) I notied they were burned to the disk. (Second time....nothing)
I tried opening the disk to see the "burned" files. My System rebooted.
On My Computer it lists my DVD Drive as "CD Drive" with a DVD icon (?).
The following information might be a "negative"

Windows XP/SP 3
Intel 1.7 Ghz Processor (a litle slow, maybe?)
1024 RAM

And here......I noticed that something might be eating up my memory.
(about) 700 available physical memory.

Other than a new computer, and/or a rebuild (with faster equipment), is there a way around this problem ?
I've also got an HP External CD Drive. No problem whatsoever
Reading or Writing to this drive.

Help !

P.S.---I don't mind replies to my e-mail address :
[email protected]

A:Memorex DVD Drive

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hi ever since i put xp on my pc my cd bruner is'nt right
when ever i try to brun data it gets 3% in then just hangs the hole pc. audio is fine though not using memorex drivers as lost disk with them on so using ms ones tried nero,roxo,cd clone ext............. all no good has eney got an idea on how to sort it


A:memorex maxx16

Did you check Memorex CD-RW Software Downloads to see if you have an updated driver for your CD-RW?

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Here's my problem, my burner has stopped burning Video dvd's. It will read them just fine, but won't write to a blank disc. I've tried uninstalling the drive, updating the firmware, and using different apps to burn a video dvd but having no luck. It just crapped out on me...I went to my other computer, tried to do the exact same write process and that burner gives me an error message at the initial write stage...

Are my drives shot? Has it come to that dreaded time to replace them?

A:Memorex DVD-RW problems

How many different makes of blank dvd have you tried?

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I have a DVD-RW drive that I use for CD-RW disks. It works very well. Unfortunately, I inserted a particular CD-RW that was nearly full, and tried to add more images to it. The images were added to the Wizard (I have Windows XP Service Pack 3), and then I proceeded to finalize the download from there to the disk. That's when I got the overload message. I got a message that the CD-RW disc didn't have enough space, and then accidently hit the Eject button before the unsuccessful attempted download was fully processed. Like, I accidently was asking the desktop to perform a function, even as I was making it impossible for it to do so.

Then, I received another message saying that combining those two actions could render the disc unusable. I tried to retrace my steps more properly, and then got a third message saying there was something wrong with that disc, and I needed to use another one.

Since then I have tried to use that same disc. The drive doesn't even recognize that the disck has been loaded. And when I hit the Explore button for the disk itself, I get a visual chart saying the disk has 700 megabytes free, like it was never, ever used. The DVD-RW drive still works fine for all other disks I have.

I'd like to somehow save the information that was on the disk. Any way I can do that at this point? I have another drive, but it doesn't seem to read CD-RW disks at all. That second drive keeps telling me to insert a disk, even after I've done it.... Read more

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ive been making movies and recent my movies did work in a apex dvd player i was wondering wat dvd player can memorex work on

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Hi, I am backing up data files onto CD-R's using 2 year old TDK VELO CD 12/10/32 and Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic. Everything worked fine until I used up my last TDK 24x CD-Rs. Now I am trying to use Memorex 48x CD-R''S and I cannot get them to work, they slow down to burning at 1x and then I get "cannot read" error messages.
I opened several different boxes of the Memorex CD's in case first was defective, no difference. I downloaded latest version of Roxio Creator Basic program, again no difference. If it would solve the problem, I can reinstall Nero 5.5 (I have both) but is that really the problem?
Thanks in Advance

A:Why Can't I Burn 48X Memorex CD-R'S?

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Just started using a new Memorex External Dvd burner today - MRX-525GE - 18x/8x/12x and 48x for cd. I tryed copying a full cd using drives D(liteon) and the Memorex on
Drive E but it kept getting stuck at 77 % and it freezes so i just used drive E The Memorex burner to copy the image to Hard drive then burn it to a blank cd but that took almost 30 minutes and i was shocked , whats that all about and how do i speed things up ! ? The dma is on for both drives my pc is 1800 mhz, i e 6.0 w98se and 512 ram ? ! Any ideas out there and how do i figure out the correct speeds are for write/ re write and will that make a difference - Thanks . . .

A:Memorex is Slow

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I have a Memorex Traveldirve 512. I have information on this drive from another computer, it won't register on my home PC. I am using Windows XP, but it doesn't recognize the drive.

A:Memorex traveldrive

hello there,
are you sure you don't need any specific drivers for this drive?


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I bought an old--2008--mp3 player, a Memorex MMP8595, and it came with a CD for installation. The software is not compatible with Windows 10, so I am stuck and need an updated driver, if there is one. I
found websites for driver installation, but am skeptical and wary of downloading from obscure site. Any ideas and or help will be most appreciated!!

A:Old Memorex MP3 player

You will not find a driver designed for 10
However there is a chance you will not need one
Connect the device turn it on
To get started, follow these steps:
Connect the device to the PC and turn it on.
Open Windows Media Player, then either tap or click Finish to sync automatically, or tap or click Finish, then tap or click the Sync tab to choose files manually.
With luck WMP will see the device


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Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody knows of a dvd+-rw diagnostic program that would check the integrity of my drive (freeware is always welcome)

A:Memorex DVD=+-RW Drive

I usually get a very quick response from this forum. Not this time. I found a nice little download http://www.dvdinfopro.com/

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I just bought Memorex burner and successfully made a simple slide-show video that plays on my DVD player. (Used DVD-R disc) I tried to make another and I got an error message saying that this burner now does not recognize DVD-R disc. I am using the same Nero 7 as before, why the error message?



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My travel drive works fine with my Acer laptop running XP. It used to work fine with my Sony Vaio running XP Pro. I tried using it today with the Sony but couldn't write to it. I kept getting an error message stating it was write protected. I brought it home and tested it with my Acer. All's good. It just won't work with my Sony. I did some google searches but basically come up empty.

Any thoughts??


A:Memorex 4GB Traveldrive

I've also determined that my Sony laptop won't write to ANY external drive. It simply says they're write protected. This all happened after I'd installed Microsoft Steady State. When I uninstalled it is when i began having this problem. I've gone back and reinstalled and uninstalled Steady State again hoping to remedy the problem, no luck.

Any ideas why Windows would report all external drives are write protected?

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I have always used regular old silver Memorex CD-R 16x speed cd's for copying music cd's. This time I bought the "cool" colored cd-r 16x ones and they don't work, I mean I can't record on them.
Has anyone else had the same problem? Should I be using 16x speed (my burner is a 8x). ? Should I use the ones with 40x? I wonder why the regular silver 16x cd-r works and the colored ones don't?
Thanks, Hotskates

A:Memorex CD-R blank cd's

There is allot more to CD-R and CD-RW technology then meets the eye. The colors differences you are experiencing relates to the dye used in the construction of the CD and many time relates to the burn process and speed at which the CD will accept burning. Here is a website that explains in as basic terms possible but still try to explain the complexity of it.
Bottom line here is you should stick with the brand and type of CD you have success with or experiment to see if other types are also compatable but expect some rejection during the process.

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The CD/DVD drive on my Sony VAIO went out, and since I'm not able to lose the use of the computer for several days to send it away for service, I bought an external drive. (Samsung Super-writemaster, the cheapest external drive available off the shelf.) It's got lightscribe capability, so while I was at the store, I picked up a 30 pack of Memorex lightscribe discs.

The problem is that I can't get the discs to register as lightscribe discs. Things I've checked:

1. Downloaded new drivers from the lightscribe site.
2. Made sure discs are correctly upside-down in drive.
3. Tried both Nero 7 (came with drive) and downloaded Lightscribe's template printer.
4. Tried multiple discs, in case one was faulty.

Is there something that I'm just missing? I've gotten bum CDs in a pack before, but is the failure rate on Memorex lightscribe discs just atrocious (in which case I need to return 'em and buy a different brand)? Is there some fancy driver I should have?

A:Trouble with Memorex Lightscribe CDs.

It's probably the disc, Memorex branded discs are just not very good. The Memorex brand exists in name only, they no longer manufacture. Unfortunately, they don't use the best manufacturers in the business.

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Alright, the mother-in-law got me a 512 Geek squad memory stick with that new U3 lancher on it. It pissed me off so bad I returned it and got a Memorex 1Gb stick. Guess what, comes with U3 "smart" technology on it as well. It is supposed to make autoplay and running apps from the USB stick easier. For some reason on my Dell labtop and my HP desktop the thing keeps ejecting and re-connecting. Every time it does this a U3 window pops up on the screen while this launcher software loads. As I am typing this it has happened twice. Not to mention it takes up about 12 meg, no biggy with 1Gb of space, but it is more of a principle thing to me. The launch drive (j: in my case) is read only and I cannot delete the U3 software off it, says something about being a cd-drive? The k: that the bulk of the stick gets assigned to has some U3 files you can delete, but does not get the j: stuff off. My basic question, how can I get rid of the automatic U3 crap?!?!? I just want a friggin memeory stick that I can put stuff on!!!!! PNY is the only brand I found at BestBuy that did not have the U3 stuff on it at this time, but I don't want to shell out $40 more to not have software I don't want!!!! Someone somewhere knows how to get rid of it....

A:Memorex 1Gb USB stick with U3 launcher

Anyone? I really hate this U3 crap...

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A friend of mine wants to get an external CDRW drive.
I found this Memorex drive:

pretty cheap... I tried looking for reviews on it, but could not find any.

I was just wondering if any of you know/heard anything good/bad about these.

Also, I found a cendyne drive for pretty much the same price:
40x12x40 USB 2.0 CDRW DRIVE

which one would you recomend?



A:are Memorex drives any good?

I don't think we are supposed to recommend one brand over another.

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Hello all,
I recently have recvied a package of spindle Memorex Black CD-Rs. Are these any good or should I just dump them and keep using my gold and sliver CD's? To me it does not look like it should work. It does not look that reflective to me.

A friend gave these to me (new package) so it is not any big deal if they don't work. I just thought I would ask and see what the general consensious was here. Even if they do work, how long do you think they will last? If they are going to give way to bit rot in a few years might as well not bother then.

Any info is apprecated. Thanks in advance.


A:Question about Memorex Black CD-R

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Help, the player will play dvd's but i can't get it to recognize blank dvd's. Tried many different blanks. Windows recognizes the drive, but my computer shows the disk to be full. Any other settings I'm missing in windows. Using Nero, but, that doesn't seem to be the problem.

A:new memorex dual layer

I have probably the same or similar drive so decided to poke around. If you're looking in My Computer and the icon shows a disc is there you're probably OK. Holding your arrow over the Icon and seeing Free Space and Total Size as 0 bytes is normal because its blank and should still work fine. If by recognize you mean you want Windows to Tell you when you've put a disc in (and give you options as to what to do with it), try right clicking the drive icon(in My Computer),click properties, and click the auto play tab to set that up as you'd like. Interestingly auto play only had the option of blank CD as opposed to blank DVD (but still sees the disc), but don't think that's an issue as Nero asks you to pick one or the other anyway.

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I have an older memorex 48 U scanner. Recently I am getting the error message "failed to log on MAPI " when I try to use the e-mail button using the scan-panel. I have uninstalled and reinstalled which did not help. The copy portion of the scanner still works. I appreciate any advise you can give. Thank you tomjo

A:Solved: memorex scanner 48U

Hi and welcome. Did you change any of your email settings? Are you still trying to scan to the same email program?

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Cousin gave me a memorex DVD combo drive (external),,,,it had only been used a couple times. I cannot get it to play any DVD's......it burns CD's just fine however. I have tried Win Dvd, Interactual and Windows media player to attempt to play dvd's......I usually get "key Echange" erros or nothing at all....any help ??

Win Xp Pro. 2.4 Ghz 1 gb RAM

A:Memorex DVD player not working

also.....it will play a few dvd's....but it will not play any regular type movies .....ones that you rent or purchase

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Thanks for any help. Older HP Pavilian PC, replacing DVD player with one I had lying around. All seemed fine shows up in bios and "my computer"....but when I try to play in "windows media player" say's needs "video codec"... there has to be a free download for this right? Any suggestions....thanks so much...

A:Help finding CODECS for Memorex DVD rw

You can use VLC, a lot of people do. I use a paid software, Cyberlink.

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I bought a stack of Memorex CD-R media and I quickly discovered that on our HP Pavilion a1410y, these will not burn an mp3, no matter what program I use. If I switch to a Staples brand CD-R, it burns normally. I tried the Memorex CD-R blanks in two other desk tops,another HP in W7, and the Dell in W XP and they burned normally.
Thanks, John

A:Solved: Memorex CD-R won't burn

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My Memorex MEM48U scanner has quit working. When I try to reload (reinstall) the driver from the program CD the DVD/CD-ROM does not recognize the CD at all. It does recognize the CD installer for the printer, so it isn't the laser reader causing the problem.
There is nothing visibly wrong with the CD and 'wiping' it with a damp cloth (circularly) did not restore function. The CD was sleeved since last use.
I've been unable to find a replacement driver on the web. Can anyone help here?

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My dvd drive wont work.
Can anyone help me?

A:Memorex 20x MRX-530L v1 Internal

I see you posted on cdfreaks

I think you would be able to cross flash it to a Lite-on, it might be your only option as Memorex is slow to update firmware and the only firmware is from June 07.

Only problems are risk of a bad flash and of course your warranty is voided.

Is it possible to send the drive back and get something different if you don't want to go with the cross flashing route?

Anyhow, have you tried tried right clicking on it in device manager and deleting it and rebooting?

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I have recently aquired 2 Memorex Telex 1187 Dot matrix printers.
On closer inspection, the interface is a single BNC type connector.
I beleve the printers were previously used in a form of WAN, with terminals and the like all connected via a very old system. My question is, is it possible to connect these printers (either directly or via a network) to a computer to be able to print to them, and how is it done?

Something a bit different to make you all think

Thanks in advance.

A:Memorex Telex Printer

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Hello all,
I tried to post this under the Hardware section on the "other" forum but haven't gotten any luck, so I'll try here.

The problem I'm having is, recently I was having keyboard and mouse issues. After spending a lot of time not getting anywhere I was able to format and reinstall and that took care of that.

Now, when I try to plug my external Memorex 52MAXX 2452AJ USB Device into my USB port, it tells me a high speed USB device is plugged into a non high speed port. So, when I try to burn it either fails half way or doesn't get past the initial lead write-in. Example, out of 10 cd's I've tried to burn...I've only gotten 1 complete audio cd and 1 data cd.

This didn't happen before the reinstall (of course it didn't) and I'm not 100% if/where a cd for the burner would be or if I had one. I went to the Memorex website and they didn't have a driver for my burner.

I'm on WinXP pro, 1.3 ghz and have more info if needed not sure what anyone would need.

Sorry for the post being so long, but if I have to listen to In Flames at work again for another 8 hours....I think I'm going to lose it. Please help, offer any suggestions, and much obliged.

A:Memorex 52MAXX problems

After your reinstall of Windows did you get your updates & service packs?
Also look in the Device Manager for any yellow ?

Is the USB port intergrated or did you install an adapter card? If an adapter card did you install the drivers?
Did you install the motherboard drivers?

If you do not know much about your information in your system d/l Belarc Advisor it builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.

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After installing my new motherboard and CPU, I repaired windows so that it used the SATA drivered for the new motherboard via this drive without any problems. Then, from the start, windows had problems with the drive mentioned. First, it wasn't displayed in My Computer. I followed a Reg tweak to have windows reinstall the drivers. Then it appeared, like usual. Now, I put in a CD-ROM. the drive detected it, but it was shown to be blank (it had 0/0kb used, and Windows seemed to treat it as a recordable CD). Some disks have the same issues, but instead it thinks they are DVDs, when they are, in relaity, CDs.

I discovered, then, that is isn't even spinning the disc. I set one in the drivem facing a specific direction, and accessed it via explorer. I ejected it-- yet it didn't spin at all. Rarely, If I check for newer drivers via the device manager, it sometimes begins to spin-- and I can access it normally.

I have a 430w PSU, so I don't think it's a lack of power, and it worked fine iinstalling windows. Please help!


Motherboard: ASUS SK8V
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 FX-51
RAM: 1GB, in the form of 2 512mb 333mhz sticks
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800xt
CD drive: Memorex Duel Format DVD/CD Burner (link)
OS: Windows XP Home Edition


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I use the tutorial in in this web to slipstream windows7 and sp1 but when it came time to burned to the dvd R 4.7GB it told me tha it wasn't enough space on the dvd i went by the tutorial using RT 7 lite 64bit so my question is
Can i shrink it to make it fit? and what can i use to shrink it?
And im going to have to do it all over again because it didn't save an image of windows7 sp1 .

another question im running an intelcore i3 550 3.20GHZ 6.00 GB of ram
and when RT 7 lite was doing the slipstream my cpu was hitting 80 to 95 usage is tha normal?

Thanks for ur help in advanced for any help

A:windows7 sp1 wont fit in memorex dvd r 4.7 GB

It wont fit buddy, and no, those temps are not normal, try reseatting the heatsink with new thermal paste.

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had a co worker give this to me...i have no idea what it is used for ..what it hooks up to ..or if it requires software to run ...any thoughts apprecieated thanks oops..that would be of some aid...model jsk210

A:Memorex joystick with turbo?

Perhaps a model number may give you more information.

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The above Scanner won't run after being installed on my new computer (XP Home OS). It worked OK on my old computer with the same OS. I also tried to Install it on a computer with Win98 OS, and I get the same results. An Icon shows up under 'Scanners' as
"Memorex 6136 USB", but when I check Properties for Status, it shows "Unavailable" and it won't Run when clicking the Icon. Help - Thanks

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Good Day

I was wondering if someone could help me. I just purchased this dvd burner. The problem I am having is that I was able to burn a video dvd with the bonus light scribe disc that came with the burner. I then went to use the dvd-r's I had left over from before my last burner died. It would not record to the dvd-r's. It would encode the video to my harddrive but when it shouls open up and begin the writing process it fails every time. tried with 5 different dvd's but of same variety. Checked specs and it says it is both dvd+ and dvd-. Anyone have any ideas. Doesn't really pop up with an error message just tells me process failed. Thanks

A:Memorex 32023223 20x DVD won't burn DVDs

you should try burning with lowest speed, and update your burner firmware.


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im running norton 360 and it as used my I drive as backup for norton 360 when usb card not installed it still says I drive (norton backup drive) if i put my memorex usb flah drive in cannot put anything on it or format say read write protected.

A:memorex 4gig usb card cannot reformat

i never get a answer on these forums norton 360 took up my I drive for backup ive switch it of it might be write protected can u change this in windows 7 i im putting my usb stick in cannot format it at all

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I just bought this Memorex dual format recorder for my dell dimension 4500S

i pulled the old cd-rom out and put this one in using the same cables from my old one

i can put a audio cd in and it will work fine but when i put in the cd that came with the DVD recorder it wont read it then when i go to My Computer and click on the D:\ it just locks my computer up

A:Memorex DVD recorder Wont Work

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Hey, guys. I've been having a tough time getting Win XP (home) to recognize my flash drive. Almost every time I put it in, windows says it can't be recognized. The manual says that XP doesn't need drivers to run it, just 98SE. I saw the folder with the files -once-, so I'm sure this is just a temporary problems. Any ideas? All or any help will be appreciated.

A:Memorex Traveldrive (2GB) + Windows XP = Dead...

First off, if it's not recognized by any system, this won't fix it. If other systems recognize the drive, try this:

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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I recently purchased memorex simple save photo and video backup discs. they automatically find pictures and download. It would not download. The error screen said it wouldn't work because i had a 64 bit version of windows. The compatibility on the box said it worked w/ 2000/xp/vista. I tried the compatiblity setting on computer but it said i needed to log on as an administrator which i already was! Help!

A:can't get memorex simple save to work!

The SimpleSave disks are an over-priced gimmick. Memorex has obviously not updated the software to work with Windows 7. Store your pictures in the My Pictures folder, and just use regular DVDs to back them up. Windows 7 supports DVD burning natively, so you don't even need to install any software. Just drag and drop from the hard drive to a blank disk.

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I want to use my Memorex 6142 flatbed scanner. It will not work on Windows 7 x64 bit. I need to update the driver.

A:Memorex 6142 flatbed scanner

Your best bet would be to install XP mode on your system and then install the scanner there.

I do not believe there are any 64 bit drivers for that scanner.

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Hi Guys,

I have an eMachines E525 with a Matshita DVD-Ram UJ880AS disk drive.
It doesn't seem to let me burn onto Memorex DVD-R x16 that i bought.

Any ideas?

I've tried CDBurnerXP and Nero 12 but no luck.

Thanks in advance!

A:Matshita drive won't burn Memorex DVD-R's

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I just installed Windows 7 and it is not recognizing my flash drive. I suspect part of the problem is the U3 Launchpad. When I located a drive in Explorer, I tried to access it but it said u3dapi10.dll is missing and to re-install it. I believe that came from the U3 software on the flash drive, but it apparently isn't working correctly.

I'm not very familiar with these kinds of problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Memorex Flash Drive NOT recognized.

Can you access the drive from another computer? If you can, do so and format it to NTFS. Then try again via the Win7 computer. Most if not all flash drives should connect to windows automatically. They kind of have to. They'd be completely useless if you had to install drivers for each one.

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I just saw an ad for Memorex brand, SCSI, 8x4x32x CR-RW drives with an Adaptec PCI SCSI adapter included.

Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about this setup or brand?

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Hi I have an external DVD player and it is not working with my computer (make and model in title). I have a Satellite computer with Windows 8.1 on it (Windows 10 did not work well and messed up some of my apps). Are these two devices compatible or not? The
DVD player does not want to work and I would like to know if it is a program thing or something else. Please help. Thanks.

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Hello everyone,
I have a bit of a problem here, my computer won't read blank DVD-R's. I don't know if its just Memorex or my computer. I went to my device manager and my CD-DVD player is Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-85JS ATA Device, maybe this is not capable of burning dvd's, even though the guy that sold us it at radioshack said it had a dvd burner. If someone could help me it would be very greatly appreciated, E-Mail me at [email protected] or post here if you would like.
Thanks In Advance.

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