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Lenovo Power Manager - general question

Q: Lenovo Power Manager - general question

Is the a corresponding function in Windows 10 or in some Lenovo downloadable program like function available in PM?I am specifically looking for: - battery health- possibility to set/define computor speed Thx, Kenneth

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Power Manager - general question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I was looking in my Device Manager the other day, when I noticed something odd: there were two devices related to Lenovo Power Management.   I looked at the properties of both of them and this is what I found:  The first one, "Lenovo PM Driver", is the one that shows up for download on the support page for the Lenovo T430 as it matches the version number. I have no idea what the second one "Lenovo Power Manager" is, at nothing with its version number appears on the website at all. Does anyone know what the second one is and if should it be there?

A:Lenovo PM Device vs. Lenovo Power Manager

I do not know if it SHOULD be there or not BUT I show the same 2 drivers with the same 2 version numbers on my X1Y3.  By the way Lenovo Power Manager was installed by windows 10 Update not through Lenovo Vantage for me.  Looking at windows drivers update on my laptop I traced it to the below link.

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 Hi all Does the Lenovo Power Manager that able to choose how many percent battery being charge could be useon Lenovo G41-35 35ID  ? Thank

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Hi all
Does the Lenovo Power Manager that able to choose how many percent battery being charge could be use
on Lenovo G41-35 35ID  ?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G41-35 - Lenovo Power Manager

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
The Conservation Mode option for battery charging is preset and can not be changed.

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Hello, I have an e560 that was upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10.  When opening Control Panel we receive the following DLL error associated with Lenovo power manager. "Power Manager An error occurred while loading resource DLL." Power Manager is listed in Programs and Features but unistalling does not work We attempted installing Lenovo updates, Vantage, System Update, etc. I used a few "fixes" from Microsoft that are supposed to help remove programs that cannot be unistalled but it didnt work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance  

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As By default, There is no Lenovo Power Manager in Windows 10 in Lenovo G50-70. So I was searching through Web and found this Support Website https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/ht103535  and https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Windows-10/Power-Manager-for-Windows-10/td-p/2113645/page/3 which States that Laptop Running Windows 10 (G50-70) Support Dual Mode Battery Firmware. So, Is this Information Right and we should not worry regarding Battery Charging just like we used to Threshold Charging in Windows 8.1 via LENOVO POWER MANAGER. I want clarification over this.


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I downgraded my pc from windows 10 to windows 7 because of certain issues i know that power manager doesnt work in windows 10 so i downgraded it and install power manager when i open the manager i can see the power adjust slider and my cpu and gpu usage but i cant turn the turbo mode on and off  can you guys help me PS:screenshot included

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The latest driver and dependency software DOES NOT WORK correctly.   I can manage battery 1 or the internal battery, but I cannot manage battery 2. Once I get the driver installed.   I change the following in the registry.ChargeStartControl                            35 (decimal)ChargeStartPercentage                     35 (decimal)ChargeStopControl                           100 (decimal)ChargeStopPercentage                    100 (decimal) The changes made here ONLY EFFECT battery 1, battery 2 will not charge above 85%. Now after intalling the Lenovo Settings tile and looking in the power area,  it shows that battery 1 is set correctly.  Battery 2 is set to start changing at 101% and stop charging at 150%!!!!   I cannot find these numbers in the registry. Better question is why doesnt lenovo settings have a hook to make adjustments to battery management!!! Frustrated!!!    This works find in windows 7, windows 8 Lenovo drop the ball.   

Go to Solution.

A:x240 power manager and Lenovo Dependenc...

Tried Power Manager as well.  Same problem, battery 2 will not charge over 85%.   I have also tried removing the Microsoft ACPI drivers.    What I would like to know is what is controlling the second battery.  Where is it reading those settings from.   

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I have a two week old Lenovo X1 Carbon 20A7 and from the beginning after simply got Windows7 initial setup with nothing else on, I noted that if I left it to go in sleep or Hibernate, when the lid was closed, upon opening it again, the notebook screen was black although the adaptive keyboard was active and the machine was pingable from the network. No matter what I did I could not get the unit to come back to life so I always had to press the power button until it power cycled to get it back. I noted that I was not alone out there and some reported the issue on earlier X1's Support suggested to send it back and were not helping much. They decided it is either hardware or configuration issue, and in both cases it required a return.  Because the issue was reported in the forums on earlier X1's I decided that it was probably software and I started by disabling all sleep modes only to find out it would still go to sleep. This is how I found out that if the sleep mode was disabled in Power Manager, it would automatically enable in Windows version of the power manager. Disable it in Windows and it would enable in Power manager... yeah - exactly; I had the same reaction.. Same thing with other power functions. So I de-installed Power Manager 6 and bingo, no more issues. But now I get non critical warnings  in Lenovo tools that I have no power manager software installed. Plus I don't get the extra features that are useful in PM6. ... Read more

A:X1 Carbon and Lenovo Power Manager 6. Random Sleep...

Can you please tell me exactly the steps to reproduce this?
Is it:
1.  Leave system idle with lid open  (is AC attached or not?)
2.  System automatically enters sleep mode after XXX minutes
3.  Close the lid
4.  Open the lid
5.  Screen stays black?
Or is it something else?

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HelloI am on my second identical U330 Touch as my first failed, and when bought the laptop was completely reset and had non of lenovo's original software installed and also updated from windows 8 to windows 10 I Installed lenovo power manager but under 'settings' tab there its missing the option to turn off/on USB charging at will (iv enabled it in the bios and windows suspension it works) also update and dust removal is missing Examples of what it should look like and what it dose now. ????In the power management help it lists USB charging as one of the options that is activated if its supportedAm I missing some drivers, how can i get theses options working again? the laptop is still under warranty. This software is not available on the software/drivers page windows 8 or 10 of the u330 even though it came with new laptops and is still being sold with new laptops This functionality worked perfectly on my previous laptop under windows 8 and also window 10, I also see other lenovo laptops in the shops running windows 10 with the options available.Thank You

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I have Thinkpad W550s running Windows 10 Pro, upgraded from Win 7 Pro. The system tray has this battery icon.?When I right-click on it, I am offered "Launch Power Manager". In Windows 7 this opened a Lenovo app with some interesting capabilities, such as charge/discharge limits when on AC power; however, these capabilities did not often work.After upgrade to Windows 10, the Lenovo app no longer works. Sometimes it brings up the app splash screen and just freezes there. Lately it doesn't even bring up that.Does anyone know how I can simply get rid of this battery icon? 

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Please can anyone from the Lenovo Forum help with this?I received a pop up msg this morning on my Lenovo ThinkCentre:'R6034 Prog C:\Program Files(x86) Lenovo\Power ManagerDPM Host exe'.An application has attempted to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact application support team for more info.I clicked OK, then another pop up msg said,DPM Host exe. - Application error (0xc0000142.I've been unable to get Lenovo support to help and other solutions I've Googledappear to be conflicting.Can anyone enlighten me please as what I can do?Thanks so much.

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Hi. I recently started building a computer for my brother, I've got everything together, but I'm a bit stuck on the power going to the motherboard.

Unlike on my main PC, which was a doddle, there is only one 6pin PCI-E power cable coming from the PSU on this one, and the card wants two. What will happen if I only operate it with one in? Is there another one there, and I am simply missing it?

Also, the only 4pin connector I can find is one that is bright blue and says '12v' on the top. Is this the right one to put into the CPU power header on the mobo? I thought that CPU wasn't controlled by 12v?


A:Only one PCI-E power from PSU, card wants two, and general power noobery

If you try to operate with just one auxiliary connector to the card it won't run properly since it is not getting the required power.

Most all processors require the +12v auxiliary connector.

It sounds like you need to look at a stronger power supply for your build.

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Operating Win XP.
1.2 ghz AMD

Got off the computer Sunday night no problem. I downloaded the AVG anit virus software earlier that day and used the computer no glitches. It said I had no virus. Didn't use it all day Monday. Tuesday and all has gone WRONG! I have no sound. I have nothing listed under General Device manager. My AOL software will not open it. It says it needs to load some files and I need to restart. I do that and nothing happens.

All my printers are gone.

Of course I have no system restoration point I can go back to.

I uninstalled the AVG software. I get no relief.

Can somebody tell me what angle I can try a solution? THanks

A:General Device Manager has disappeared!

I'm not sure it would be AVG... thats a pretty solid AV. Do you have a firewall? It is possible that someone planted a malicious code on your harddrive. Get on from www.download.com and search for Zone Alarm and Ad aware 6 and Spybot Search and Destroy... it's free.

Run scan disk, check for viruses (again) Defragment, clear all temp files, history, cookies... Delete all spyware and adware... back up ONLY the important files... you may need to do a System Recovery. But wait until other suggestions!

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Kevin Chapman joins as new SMB General Manager
Kevin Chapman, Avast's new GM of our SMB business unit, will drive results for our Avast business customers and channel partners.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Kevin Chapman has joined our team as Avast?s new General Manager of our SMB business unit. I have known Kevin for years, and I am very glad he is joining us.

In this role, Kevin will lead all aspects of our SMB business, including our go-to-market strategy, product management, marketing, sales and support. Kevin joins us with a long background in security as well as great experience working with the channel having spent many years in senior roles at Symantec. He brings a track record building SMB operations and leading global teams.
In his Symantec days, Kevin ran the Northern Europe channel for consumer, SMB, and mid-market. Later, he ran the European consumer business and many of the global aspects. Kevin also started and ran all aspects of Symantec?s premium support business for consumer and SMB, building it from essentially nothing and transforming it into a $100M business.

Read More:Kevin Chapman joins as new SMB General Manager

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Hello. I'm having issues with my t450S not being able to go in to sleep mode. Everything I've read says that these two programs have major issues with Windows 10 and could be the source of my problem. I go to uninstall and it says that the program can't run on this version of Windows. Ok, so I have tried many of the solutions offered in this forum and nothing has worked thus far: * c:\swtools\readyapps\pwrmgrv\setup.exe -l0x9 -AddRemove* change compatibility mode of programs and try then* straight up add/remove button Please let me know what I can do to get these off my system (without reverting back to Windows 7).  Thank you! 

A:Windows 10 can't uninstall power manager or fingerprint manager

Welcome to the hole to nowhere. I assume you read that 45 mile long post to nowhere,with a zillion fix recommends.Use your time more wisely.(1) Buy SSD and SSD bracket for your machine.(2)Install windows 10 creators edition on SSD.(3) Use external item to connect old HDD via USB.(4)Install all Lenovo software from your support page. (5)Install all other software, aol, quicken, windows office.(6) While win 10 HDD is running, use ALL known backups from your software vendors, ie aol, quicken, office etc.(7)Copy your pics, email, etc from old HDD to new clean SSD.=Going back to win 7, forget it.When you are done, you have a New Slick surfboard. Not a muddy swap with snakes, etc. =Your T450s is Officially supported win 10 Lenovo.You took the shortcut. Granny Lenovo did give directions. https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht103616 The above recommends will bypass the shortcut, back to win7, etc.Clean and mean is better than mud.Expense: Your time and a external USB HDD connector item. +$70 SSD(buy on sale).You will get better educated on DISASTER recovery solutions for your machine.=You should also purchase a Seagate external USB-HDD slimeline 1 TB HDD to cover your buns in the rain.http://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-backup-plus-slim-1tb-external-usb-3-0-2-0-portable-hard-drive-bl...Buy it on sale. $44. Get the one with Seagate dashboard (actually www.nero.com backup incremental). You can store windows backup System Image here. Create your own folder, dr... Read more

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Hi there. New to the forum. This problem comes and goes randomly (Like... an std of some sort. )
Thus far, I've not been able to figure out the problem on my own. Attached is a full dump file using the program suggested by one of the stickied forum posts.

Nothing in particular seems to set it off. Its terrible frustrating to look at event logs and see the same thing. Having called numerous shops, i get the same response. Nobody wants to touch it.

((I am in love with your file manager))

Thanks much in advance for giving it a look

EDIT: Updating drivers. Checking for a bios update as well

A:BSOD during general use (Power kernal and various others)

Hi Silvermango,

Welcome to the 8forums.

I am very sorry for the delay, there aren't many people in this section.
Are you still requiring help?
If you do, please use the tool again and upload the zip file.

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Hi all,I bought me a Lenovo Beacon last week but have some troubles with it and a lot of questions how to use it right because the manuals availables aren't really helpful...or perhaps I'm too stupid to understand them. Here the specifications of my device:Firmware:    OS6.build_195_v1.1.10.2.ROWProcessor:    Intel CPU CE5315 @ 1.20GHzVersion:    1.7.1013.0Disc:        ST3000DM001-1CH1 Firmware: CC77 And here my questions: 1. USB CopyI tried to upload an external disc (1 TB) but the process seems to stop at some point and the copy wasn' done. Unfortunately I couldn't specify where to store the uploaded data and only the usbhdd folder was used.a) How long would it take to upload 1 TB of data via USB 2.0 (the external disc has only this version)b) Is there any possibility to change the target folder?After my first try the usbhdd seemed to be empty but when I tried it the second time all former sub folders were to be seen until at least I canceled this upload too for time reasons...  2. Synchronise foldersHow does that work? The only option I have is to open a local folder and when the explorer window opens I see no possibility to chose a folder or partition??? 3. Wake on LANWhat do I have to do in order to use tthis option? Do I need a special wakening tool? Thanks for your answers Rolf 

A:Lenovo BEACON Some general questions (USB copy, sy...

1. could be about 8.2 hourshttp://superuser.com/questions/9229/how-long-would-it-take-to-transfer-1tb-over-usb-2-0

OS6.build_195_v1.1.9.2.ROW after ud Lenovo Beacon Version 1.7.1013.0, OS6.build_195_v1.1.10.2.ROW, latest OS6.build_195_v1.1.12.2.ROWLenovo IdeaPad s12Ion, Levovo G580, Lenovo B5400.....

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Hello, just got this brand new laptop. Hoping someone will have some experience in removing bloatware and will let me know what I can ditch. ?? Anybody have advice for what I can disable on startup? ?  Any other advice on how to improve performance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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After the recent upgrade to windows 10 , I can no longer access HP PowerManager, or HP setup mamager.  The message is 'This app has been blocked for your protection' An administrator has blocked you from using this app...Publisher not trusted.   I am the only user, I am the administrator  I am six secnds away from unistalling Windows 10. Any insight would be appreciated.

A:HP Power Manager & Set Up Manager Blocked Windows 10

I am experiencing the same problem and I cannot get operate the web cam on my HP Touchsmart 310-1110UK PC.  Can HP user support provide a solution?

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I have a power adapter for the Lenovo 100e Chromebook on hand, and an X1 Carbon 6th Gen that I need to test, and the X1 does not power on.  According to the Lenovo Compaitibility Matrix, they are not compatible.  Can anyone confirm that the USB-C type chargers are standardized in pin layout / power?  I would like to attempt to charge the battery while the X1 is powered off, and want to ensure it's not going to cause any problems.  Thanks.

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Say windows has downloaded the latest updates and is set to install but you have scheduled it to do so later. In the mean time there is a bad update and Microsoft has pulled it. Are you stuck installing and trying to fix the problem or does this update get voided when it's pulled. Just curious.

A:General Question

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Does the Inspiron 20 3052 not have an internal fan? The back panel is extremely HOT to the touch! As with any electronics that run hot, it extremely degrades the life of the unit, especially the CPU!

A:Very general question

The Service Manual shows a CPU fan.
downloads.dell.com/.../inspiron-20-3052-aio_service manual_en-us.pdf
Like laptops, AIOs tend to run hot because there's not much air space inside the case.
Reboot and immediately press F12. Look for the option to run Diagnostics and run the fan tests.  That should tell you if the fan is working 'normally'.

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Since we don;t have a general computer tread I'll ask here cause you guys in this area know more than I do.
Is it a good idea to shut down a computer each day or should I just leave it running or put it to sleep or something else?
I've heard different things everywhere, and I've been curious for a long time but I never asked.

A:Just a general on and off question


From the hardware perspective,(i am no hardware guy though ) it depends on the computer , i think, as in servers are built to be on for longer periods of time, while home computers- probably not.

Though from the software point of view, i like to shut it down or put it in sleep mode. though while i do use sleep mode a lot (too much) at night, i try to get in a occasional restart, as it rids the system of all those little software bugs that occur along the way and build up the longer the system is on (or that's why i restart it )



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I have a Laptop that had a hdwe failure and it has Win7 Home on it..I have since bought a new laptop with Win8 on it...My question is,I made a recovery set with the old laptop on 4DVD's can I use those on a different machine since the laptop is dead?
I have a Game machine that has XP on it and want to load it with Win7,I would of course wipe the drive first and start fresh.
Might be a dumb question but thought I would ask.


A:General Question

Hello JC, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but no. An OEM product key of Windows can only be activated on the exact same computer it was first activated on, and not on any other computer.

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In a previous thread, it was mentioned that "....If you do, you can do a clean reinstall and use the key on the COA certificate to activate Windows...". I am assuming in my ignorance that this is the 'product key'. Does this imply that I can use a windows disk (of the same rating i.e. win7 32 bit for example) and activate that copy with the COA certificate on a machine, or is this not the way to go about it. It's not urgent, just something I would like to clarify should it ever be needed.



A:Using the COA key - general question

Yes, you can reinstall using the product key on the COA for your licensed version ...
See step #6 in this tutorial for a more detailed explanation with a picture ...
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Hey, i wonder if someone could explain this to me...I like using my DOS-Prompt because i find it much faster. Now in school or on someone else's computer when i launch it I'm automatically being accused of 'hacking'. Like what gives? I dont think people realise the DOS-Prompt can say access denied too. Does anyone know why its seen as a hacker thing rather than just an interface?

I just don't get it... I was almost banned from the school computer system for being on one like what the hell?

A:General question...

They just didn't know DOS was the only interface before Apple came up with window interface and Bill Gate gets rich.

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Howdy,I have a question about the repair cd of Windows7 64-bit.I have an Usb harddisk with enough room.When you want create a system copy, than Microsoft gives you the advice for use an external HD. and you can see that your ext. HD. would selected by them.The system copy come on the ext. HD and than done.Okay so far so good, but now is the moment there is a problem when I get my repair cd and load it, when it is loaded in the system, than see I the option Repair with system installation copy.When I hit that option than get I the error message, there is not a system copy on the Computer.No it is not on the Computer it is on my ext. HD. Advice from Microsoft.You don't see also not a menu for select the drive with the system copy.My question in this is, how do you fix your Computer when there is a problem.?If I said, it is not possible for selected the ext. drive via the Repair cd from Windows7 64-bits. Solved! I was looking the information and then I found the solution.When you made a system copy, then you made also a repair cd also known as recovery cd.When the system copy would been changed and not the repair cd, than get you troubles with restore system copy. The program don't find the system copy on your ext. drive.So I did make a new system copy and also a new repair cd and hoppa, it works.About the last question, still have I no answer on this.Than have I another question: By accident with Paragon Backup Restore program, must I created a new installation wit... Read more

A:General Question

Grinler, I have just read your information in List of Tutorials, this was a great help for me.
I am glad that you have made this.
Before I post, I would first study your Tutorials of Windows7.

Ps. There is still one thing about the D folder on my drive what I don't understand and that is the fact, that I hadn't the first time a D folder; only C and by accident via Paragon Backup and Restore must I made a new installation, after that, have I a D folder.

Strange very strange.

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In the early days I got AOL 9 and still have it in use, I had save a lot of things to "My Favorites". Later came the IE browser and I have a lot of favorites saved there too along with FireFox that I also have.In the days previous I could open a saved item in aol or ie but not bing, google, firefox.With aol, the file opens and I`m able to select the section I want. It is highlighted by black when I click it.If I copy/paste to firefox the main page loads but you cannot open the sections. It highlights to a yellow tinge. These are mostly service manuals that were able to download for free that have since been rendered useless.I went to aol, and opened these fine, copy/paste to firefox, wont openThis link works with aol and ie but not the other browsers .Can it be "adjusted" to work or not.All the files have been burned to dvd`s so I`m not at risk of losing them should you recommend a fix. http://www.boatfix.com/merc/Servmanl/16/16cov2_1.pdfhttp://www.boatfix.com/merc/Servmanl/11/11covr5x.pdf Thanks in advanceEd

A:General question on why this happens

I am assuming the links to the 2 PDF files are what you are having trouble with.  I would recommend you download the PDF files to your computer instead, then use a PDF program to open the PDF.  Although web browsers have a limited ability to open PDFs, it is that "limited ability" which is preventing you from navigating the PDF via its contents.  Something like Sumatra PDF should fit the bill nicely.

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Is there a difference between Windows NT Professional and Windows NT 4.0 ? Further, I sometimes see where it calls for Windows NT 4.0 or later. Is NT Professional "later"?

Thanks, in advance, for anyone's help.


A:General OS question

I've never heard of Windows NT Professional. Are you sure you're not thinking of Windows 2000 Professional? There are two versions of Windows NT 4.0, Server and Workstation.

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does anyone know of a site where i can get a scan and download free driver updates for my comp becausei cant seem to find any for my sound card or my graphics card so i cant run some of the games i have like northland and pool of radiance

A:just a general question

post the sound card and graphics card you have
These programs will help identify the hardware
The program is freeware called EVEREST Home Edition v1.10 and can be downloaded from http://www.lavalys.com/index.php?page=product&view=1&subpage=5
or http://www.belarc.com

post the make/mode of PC
Dell and Gateway both have this available for there products

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Ok, so I have two separate hard drives. One hard drive I have loaded with windows 10 the one I'm on now. The second one I have dual boot with Windows 8.1/ and Ubuntu. When I plug them both in it only reads one of them. Is there any way to have the option when I boot to select from Win 8/Ubuntu or Win 10? I'm moderately tech savvy, so let me know what my options are.

Thank you!

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I have malware that has just about took over my computer (I've posted a HiJack log in the Malware Removal forum and waiting until someone has time to take a look at my post). At the moment I can't get to Control Panel, Computer Restore/Non Restore, etc.

My question . . . I have a external hard drive and ran a full backup about a week ago (the only thing I didn't do was make a floppy copy of my operating system). IF I can find the original disk of Window XP that shipped with my computer, would it be easier to start all over; that is, to completely reformat the hard drive, reload the operating syterm and then the other stuff from the backup? Is this a viable option? I've never done anything like this and assume it can be quite a time-consuming operation.

Thanks to anyone who can offer any help.

A:A General Question

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can any one tell me some recently used security software.

A:general question

Welcome to the BC Forums, jackson1001!
Your inquiry is somewhat unclear.  Could you please clarify more specifically what it is you are seeking information about?
Thank you!

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I don't know what the function is called that I'm looking for help with is, but I'll try to describe it. When using the mouse pad, sometimes touching it will cause font size on the screen to increase or decrease. Is there a way to disable that?

A:General help question, please-


Control Panel > Ease of Access> Change How Your Mouse Works (at the bottom of that page click "Mouse Settings") > Device Settings > Settings > Pinch Zoom (you can disable it or adjust it)

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I was just looking for some general information. I'm thinking about looking into the Web Hosting / Internet Providing business. I was curious as to what is needed and how much it would cost me to:

Open an Internet Service
Open a Web Hosting Service
Or a little of both

If you have any ideas/concerns/comments please post!!


A:General Question

hi there

heres a URL you might get some info from

Hope it helps


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Hi all, I have a few questions. First question is...the "firewall" that comes with windows xp, is that a "real" firewall? Someone told me that it wasn't and that I should go buy a firewall. If it's not a "real" firewall then what is it for? Second thing, I have antivir antivirus, lavasoft adaware, spybot search & destroy, and last night downloaded avg antivirus. I keep them all updated and do my scans weekly sometimes more than that. How do things like trojans, malware and such slip through them? And everytime I go into www.pogo.com and play word whomp I get booted off the site and a message comes up saying.. www.errorprotector.com notice: If your computer has errors in the registry database or unpredictable or erratic behavior, freezes, and crashes. Fixing these errors can increase your computers performance and prevent data loss. Would you like to install error protector to check your computer. Of course I click the X and it takes me to their page. This is fustrating. What the heck is going on? It seems more and more it's harder to keep your computer clean of junk like this. Oh p.s. I started using mozilla firefox instead of IE. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Genevive

A:General question..

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So basically a friend of mine's Skype was compromised by some people and they were mass sending a picture of an old man from Google images titled "crazy.jpg." I accepted the transfer through Skype, but I didn't open it. I simply deleted it and recycled it because he warned me on the phone. I am scanning my computer using Malwarebytes. Is it possible that I am keylogged or RAT'd? I know this may be a dumb question, but I would like to know.
Thank you.

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I used to be a part of a mailing list/List Serv for Windows NT and Exchange. This was a pretty good source of information but I can't remember the Webpage to sign up. Basically if you had a question you could mail it and it would go out to all other techs on the list. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good similat list?

A:General question

If you go to www.google.com and search on exchange user group you should find many links by location. If you add your location to the search it should narrow it down for you.

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How useful, is windows defender? What is the main benefit of it (as compared to standard antivirus or teatimer)?

A:General Question

Windows Defender is supposively a "anti-malware" device on your computer. I don't think it's the best out there, but others do the job better than it. So on a scale of 1-10, i'd say 4.

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Good day all! My wife just became a real estate agent. She needs a program to track her business expenses and mileage etc. It's just for her not a group of people. She's looked at Quick Books. A little pricey. Are there any cheap or free alternatives out there? Thanks!


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I just bought a 512mb pc3200 kingston ram and i already have 2x256mb pc3200 kingston ram running DC in my machine. I was wondering if installing the 512, would that disable the dual chanel?

A:General Question about DDR RAM

Without any information on your system it will be very hard to answer you (my magical crystal ball has gone offline today ).

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Ok i have a genral question about RAM. i personaly have 256MB OF RDRAM in dell dimension 8200... And am not sure the answers i get to this wuestion will also relate to my RDRAM but if it doesnt can someone give me and answer for mine aswell


WHAT WORKS BETTER ONE INDIAVIDUAL RAM OR SEPERATE RAMS? does it work out cheaper aswell or not?

if my question isnt very clear am sowrry ill explain again if you want lol.

A:General RAM Question

Your Dell dimension 8200 uses rdram(rambus). It has to be used in pairs, so 4x256MB sticks would probably be better.

Check carefully that all the ram modules are exactly the same and are compatible with your system.

The rdram is very expensive compared to normal ddr ram.

Regards Howard

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Here is my question?
My cousins live in America Chicago....
and they are not in contact with me...

I have thier home address and thier telephone numbers

I am wondering is there any way to find their email address.
any website or any other idea.

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There's always the "low-tech" approach..........call and ask them. :>

Unless they posted it on a public web site, there's not really a "national directory", per se.

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How long is the average "burn in" period for a power supply?

A:General PSU question

I have never heard of that. I have used about 20 PSUs and never had a problem just hooking them up. If you get a good one you should never need to worry about such a thing.

Good luck

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i dunno if this is in the right area. i was wondering if there is a way to hide task switching. ty.

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Im not sure what you want to do? Can you be more descriptive?

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