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Problem with mapping network location - network printer

Q: Problem with mapping network location - network printer

I added a printer to my network (hp c5180) via ethernet cable. But problem accords when I try to map a network location (card reader 5in1 or sth like that, is used to read SD, xD, ms cards used in cameras) from which I d like to copy images, files in explorer without extra software from HP. After I installed drivers for printer, it automatically map a network location but when I try to open it or connect to that location I get an error:

"Access code is invalid"
The network path is "\\\Memory_card"
I copied this link in to my internet browser (in this case its g Chrome) and I was able to connect to the network location:

Its strange because all of XP based computers can easily connect, problem is only with windows 7 based computers.
Somewhere I found that this could be repaired with changing: (below)


1. Open the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel
2. Open the Local Security Policy
3. Select the Security Option under Local Policies
4. Choose Send LM & NTLM responses in Network security: LAN

or in reg:

In Windows 7, we can set the following Registry key ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\Lsa\LMCompatibilityLevel? to ?1?.

But this solutions dont work in my case.

Does somebody know hot to fix this and what is causing it??
Ty for reply

Preferred Solution: Problem with mapping network location - network printer

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Problem with mapping network location - network printer

Do you have a lot of pictures on your memory card? Or is the memory card near its max limit?

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We used to map a network location an http site in Windows XP. Worked well, but under Windows 7 when we map the same location we show an empty folder and it should contain all the links from the site. I did notice that when we tried this on a different XP box we were prompted for the user ID and Password to login to the share (makes sense to me... ) but there was no prompt in Windows 7 - instead we just get "This Folder Is Empty"

Did I miss something? We can access the website in IE... did not try to access the share using the computer name instead of the website... could try that.... however they use the mapping as above because they still use FrontPage to administer the site and this method provides the mappings etc that FrontPage likes to have.

A:Mapping Network Location to website results in empty folder win 7

Worked on this for a bit today. Can auth to the website. Can auth to Front Page to update the site. But through Win 7 I am unable to auth to map a drive, in actual fact I believe I do get authorized but instead of being take to the share I am put at the root ...davWWWROOT.... not the share and of course I get Folder Empty. I believe this to be an AUTH issue ... I have opened a case with MS and will post once I know the answer.

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When mapping all my network printers, I am immediately priompted to trust the print driver and allow install, and iot maps successfully.

I am using a network driver store for non print drivers, located at \\server1\drivers"]\\server1\drivers. On client computers I update the DevicePath value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft Windows\CurrentVersion, to "%SystemRoot%\inf;\\server1\drivers". After implementing this registry key and restarting print spooler, mapping network printers fails. It just sits there seaching for driver, but never finds one. I'm assuming it is seaching the driver store (which is small, shouldn't take long at all) and never actually uses the driver from the print server like it should.

Any idea why this would happen? I'm expect when mapping a printer, it would use the driver presented by the print server first anyways. Besides that, it shouldn't search the driver store for so long.

A:Mapping network printers fails when using custom driver store location


I finally located the issue. First off, Windows will search the drivers stores first, to see if the driver is already downloaded and just not installed yet. This explains why my network location was searched before accepting the driver from the print server.

Secondly, the search of the driver store was taking so long because it was a network location. When specifying a local location for the custom driver store, such as c:\drivers, it worked fine. when using my network location, it took forever. INDEXING. If the network location is index'd or alternatively made available offline, the search completed immediately.

Fixed my own issue, but useful info for anyone else doing this.

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I have a Linksys BEFSR81 router and a Linksys WAP54G connected to it. I recently installed a Linksys Network Storage Link NSLU2 to the network with a Maxtor One Touch HD. I have been able to map the new network drive to my computer that is connected to the router, but I'm unable to map the drive on my second computer that is connected to the network via the AP. However I can ping the Linksys NAS from my wireless computer.

A:Mapping Network Drive on Wireless Network Problem

like most NAS devices, the Linksys nslu2 has built in security administered through a web browser. You probably need to create a user acount for the wirelessly-attached computer, either by machine name, IP address, user id, or some combination of the above. You may also have to grant permission to the user or user group for the specific share you are trying to map. hope this helps.

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Hi All - I have a quick question :

Can a local LPT port be mapped to a network printer ??

The reason is we have an old DOS program which runs great under NT, But the printer is hard coded to point to LPT1. We would like to be able to print to a network printer from this package, can this be done ???

Thanks in advance

A:{Solved} - Mapping LPT1 to a Network Printer ??

I have found a solution :

net use lpt1 \\server ipaddress\printer share name

Have tested this and it works fine.



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I'm having problems mapping a share to one of the NT4 servers which are in a workgroup. We have two office building not very far from each other that are on a different network.

The building that is local to the NT4 workgroup that has the share I'm trying to map to can map the drive just fine. However, the other building which is about a 3 blocks down can't map that share. From the offsite building I can ping the server just fine. What could this mean... is this a routing problem eventhough I can ping the server just fine? Btw, I already created user accounts on the NT4 server.

Any help/suggestons/insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Network mapping problem... someone plz help... thx.

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Hi Guys, im new to the forum so be gentle - this wont be a 1 post and leave either

So whats happening is im replacing a staff members computer , she has windows xp and has 4 network drives mapped, ive built her a new machine and have installed windows xp on it, and connect it up using the same network cables, how ever when i go to map the drive i get "The network path \\Fileserver1\SCHEDDAT could not be found" , yet when i re-hook up her old system and boot it up it all connect fine....so in a nut shell why does the old one connect fine , but the new build cant access the drives? i have disabled the firewall also....thanks in advance for any help offered.


A:Problem mapping network drives

Ok so some progress on this, if i share a drive on a local computer plugged into the same router or switch then map to it, i can connect no problems, how ever connecting to the 2 servers seems to be the issue, oddly enough also even when using the EXACT same cables that the other computer that connect fine uses, it still wont connect.

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This makes no sense. I have always had 2 cpu's on a network. My main rig, and a "server". (Basically a storage and backup cpu). Well I just built a new rig, and installed Win 7 RC. Re formatted my old "main" rig to become my new "server". I still had the old "server" (Win XP) connected to the network, and had no problems mapping the drive to my Win 7 machine, and the new server with Win XP.

Now, I took the 320GB Storage drive out of the thrid CPU and installed it in the new "server" and tried to map the drive to my Win 7 Machine. I can not for the life of me get it to work. Both machines have the same user and p/w for login. WHAT GIVES???

A:Mapping a network drive problem.

Just to get the basics out of the way first

Can you see the drive on the actual system it is physically located on and is it shared ?

As you have moved the drive, you may also want to check that the NTFS permissions for the drive are set to the new location's user and not the old location's user - user "Fred" on machine "a" and User "Fred" on machine "b" are different as far as NTFS permissions are concerned and can cause sharing to fail

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hey guys, I got a problem with mapping network drives for some reason right now, and quiet honestly i think it might start leading to more problems...

What happened is last night, i shut down our lab and left the server doing a backup off a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and well, it has to back up like 45-50gb of data, so almost every time i back up it looses network connection to the file path. so what i did was i started a command prompt and had that command prompt continously ping the NAS, while this helped abit, i still loose the network path to the files i'm trying to backup.

Thats not really my problem, but it might be a contributing factor to the problem i'm currently having, this morning when everyone logged on (domain, i have a .bat file set to map a network path to a drive letter) it said that the drives could not be reconnected. No big deal, i tryed the drives and well, they worked so essentially there was no problem. yet when i log in as a certain user, its supposed to map a drive but it doesn't. i have to log out, then log back in, then it maps it.

Can someone tell me what my problem is? i'm lost on it, i'd like to see the .bat file execute when i log in but i don't know how.

Anyone willing to take a jab at this?

A:Network Drive Mapping Problem....

Lets try to get a better picture of your network infrastructure..

- How many PC's on the LAN?
- How many servers on the LAN? (win2k or win2k3 or even NT4?)
- What do the servers do?
- Describe your network equipment - switches/hubs, routers etc...

Have you noticed degradation in network response? IE; internet browsing, accessing files from the server, slow emails etc....


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This might be in the wrong board, but since the same process works fine on two other Vista machines, I'm pretty sure it's a problem with Windows XP. Anyway, here's the story:

I have a machine on the network running Windows 7 Ultimate that has a shared folder on one of the hard drives. I set the network settings to allow for networked sharing of the folder. I can connect to the folder by mapping a network drive from Windows Vista, and it works just as it should. The problem comes when I try to do the same thing under Windows XP (SP2). After I type the network path into the map network drive dialog box ( \\COMPUTERNAME\Folder ), it pauses for about 10 seconds before I get an error message that reads "Could not connect to R:\ on <COMPUTERNAME>. The specified server cannot perform the requested operation."

It has worked before on this XP machine, and I was able to transfer files successfully, but for some reason it's not working now. No settings were changed, it simply stopped working after a restart and now refuses to work again. It's been working fine for the two Vista machines on the network.

Any ideas?

A:Problem with mapping a network drive from XP to 7

Still haven't solved this - anyone have a suggestion?

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Here is my setup:

Have 6 PCs running win98se and 1 PC running winxp pro acting as file server. All are config in same workgroup.

All the 6 win98se PC are identical in both h/w and s/w setup. Only difference is the Computer Name. Using dynamic IP assigned by router. All have mapped as Network drive a shared folder from the winxp PC.
Here is the problem:

Now 1 of the PC will show error during powerup when trying to reconnect to the mapped drive. However if manually go to Network Neighourhood, can see the shared folder and can also access it by clicking on it. After manually accessing it, now clicking on the mapped drive will work too. But once restart system, same thing happen again.

Changing the Computer Name and problem resolved. However would like to know where in winxp is a particular name banned.

Note: Change Computer Name and not User name. All win98se login with username "guest" under MS Family Login.

A:Problem: Mapping Network Drive

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I have a small 3 computer network. I am trying to share a folder on Computer 1 , but computer 2 cannot see it. I can ping computer 1 by name and ip address that works. I have checked to make sure the network sharing is on and that folder is shared for everyone and they are all on the same network. Computer 1 and 3 can see all computers, computer 2 can see computer 3, but not 1. I have tried mapping a drive using name and ip address, but neither see it. Computer 1 and 2 have Windows 10 home and Computer 3 has Windows 7.
Any help would greatly appreciated.


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hi all

sony vaio pc desktop pcvrs620 g, dell A940 all in one printer (wired to sony desktop) and a toshiba satellite laptop connnected through a wireless linksys router to the network...
all xp sp2

here's the trouble. we want to be able to share this printer, but right now cannot make the laptop print on the wired printer. of course it will print if i connect the usb cable, but i want to be ablet to print wirelessly.

have done "share this printer" on the wired pc
when i try to add the drivers /install the printer on the laptop it wants me to connect the laptop to the printer...i am not sure that i want to establish this connection since my ultimate goal is wireless printing...

ok? thanks!!

sorry, edited, i am posting this question in the more appropriate "networking" forum...

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Running Win2k3 server sp1 with WinXP Pro SP2 workstations in a small domain controlled by same server. I have about 30 users on 15 workstations who log in to use an old application on the server. Recently, there were 2 new hires I setup in AD and are capable of logging in and authenticating. However, when I try to setup a mapped network drive to the application folder, it fails.

Specifically, I see on the the browse list the domain name / server name but no folders or drives available on the server when I select the server. The mapped drive shows up if I log on as another (older) user or as admin; the application works as well. When I look at the permissions and shares on the server, it looks fine. When I look at the new user settings vs. the old user settings, they look identical.

I thought this might be CAL related at first but the CALs look ok and the practical example of other users logging in and using the machine and app seem to make CALs irrelevant.

Any ideas?

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Hello. I am after some help regarding installing some software called Pensions Profiler on a clients computer.

Firstly the computer - Windows XP Pro, all windows updates installed.

Pensions Profiler - Installed on their server but installed on each pc. Everyone's pc is fine except one. They have a mapped network drive linking them to the pensions profiler section of the server.

When installing, it does not get very far before displaying the following error.

Pensions Profiler Installer Information
Error 1606. Could not access network location CMNet\Network Path\.

I have checked the Microsoft site but nothing comes back into relation with "CMNet\Network Path\." part of the error.

Look forward to reading some replies.
All registry has been checked in relation to similar problems on the Microsoft support website and all registry entries appear to be fine. Error message attached as a pdf.


A:Error 1606. Could not access network location CMNet\Network Path\.

If the installation file is an 'MSI' file (ie it uses the Microsoft Installer), this may help: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/msi1606.htm

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Just upgraded to Windows 8 Professional from Windows 7, and I love everything except the networking.

Nothing works except wifi. I can't see any other computers on my network or any of the hard drives connected to my router. My other laptops in the house can see them (one runs Windows 7 and one is a Mac).

I can, however, ping one of the hard drives and the other computers. When I go to map a network drive, it only shows my computer, nothing else.

Anyone have any idea?

A:Network & Network Mapping Problems?


So it seems like I have fixed my computer not seeing other computers and mapping network drives.

Now the current problem is that whenever I try to transfer a file to a hard drive connected to my router (ASUS RT-N66U), it times out. I get the following error message.

Speed ranges rapidly from good (10 mbps) to horrible (0 kbps), and then just seems to cut out.

However, what's weird is that even though that error pops up, the drive is still connected. I can still browse the drive even though the error is appearing. So my best guess is that the drive is timing out, but yet reconnects itself (or never disconnects) instantly.
Help please?

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Hello All,

I am having problems with adding a network location in Windows 7. I can add a network location by right clicking in the open space under location. I get to where I enter the Internet or network location. My problem is that if I have already set up a internet or network location in the past it is remembering the username and password on the new location and not letting me change it. I didn't select the "remember password" box.

Is there any way that I can have windows prompt the user every time to enter their U/P, or is there a way to set windows to never remember U/P for Internet or network locations?

Thanks for any help.

A:Add Network Location Problem

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums!

For network location, Windows remember User and Password until reboot. For Internet, it is a web-browser feature.

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I have several colleagues who have had their Network Places screwed up. When they click on one, they are taken to a folder with a desktop.ini file and "target" folder. Clicking on the target folder takes them to the network place they should have gone to in the first place. Something has changed in Win XP (SP 2) that takes these users to this "middle man" location instead of directly to the network places they have created. Anyone know what causes it? Anyone know how to fix it (without recreating all of their network places)?


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how do i change my network location to its true location

see where my web sites on msn is?

A:change my network location to its true location

is there not a way to change this?

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I recently began working as a network admin for a small research company (100-150 computers). The network runs as a workgroup not as domain and has been setup in a rather adhoc manner. There wasn't really a network admin before and people have just done whatever they needed to.

I have been asked to map out the network in the down time between other projects. I don't have admin passwords for any of the userís computers but I do have the passwords for DHCP, DNS, mail, Nortonís antivirus servers etc. I am a little bit unsure of how I should go about mapping the network. What sort of software exists to do this kind of thing and are there any recommended guidelines for writing up network documents.

I also need to setup a monitoring system that would alert me if a server went or a large amount of strange traffic started appearing.

Also I'm only interested in free/open source software (trying to get funding is kind of annoying)

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I have just setup a new network storage device at the office. I was hoping to be able to access this drive from home. Is this possible? What I would like to do is map a drive on my home pc that will read that drive at the office.

If this is possible, what is the port number that I will need to configure the firewall at the office router to allow access?

Thanks in advance,


A:Network mapping

Port 139...but be careful because if it's not secured properly, everyone will have access to your harddrive.

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I'm not sure what it's called, but I wish I could get it to work again. When you go to "Open Network and Sharing", you'll see a little thing in the upper right with the words "See Full Map". When I press on that and wait like 30 secs it tells me that "An error happened during the mapping process". I have looked high and low on how to get this corrected and it seems like nothing is working.

On the stuff I do find out about it, I follow those instructions and still nothing. Does anyone have any clue?


A:Network Mapping (I Think)

I am assuming that your network is operational, correct? You can connect to other computers, shared printer, etc.?

Did you try removing the connection from your list and adding it again?

When you open Network and Sharing, on the left is a link "Manage xxx Networks" (xxx could be Wireless, etc). Click on it, it should list your current connection. Right click, then "Remove network". Then, connect to that network again and see if Mapping works.

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Hi ppl!

First post here, need your help please

I have created a network drive on vista (I can see it under network location category) but its connected through my computer

Eg. \\ComputerName\XXX

Is it possible for my xp laptop to access this folder?

When I tried to map network under XP, they can find it but I am asked to enter username & password..what details am i suppose to enter?


A:Network Mapping

Hello, are you using an Access Point ? or straight wiring the computers ? Check these two articles out for some tips and tricks : Maximum PC | 5 Networking Tips and Tricks and this one : Maximum PC | Wi-Fi Basics: A Beginner's Guide to the Wireless Web - Page 2

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Is there a way in Windows 7 to have network mapping (network neighbourhood or network favorites) shown the same way as it used to be in XP ?

That is to say similarly as the attached screen shot where there are both domains and workgroups.

A:Network Mapping

of course can..

To create your own network map, click on Start, then Control Panel, then Network and Internet, and finally Network and Sharing Center.

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So i used to have a little home server i used for backups, and after awhile i figured that i would just use my computer and its secondary hdd for backups. So i am trying to get that drive to be able to be seen on my laptop by mapping it out. both use windows 7.


A:Network Mapping

Hello HonorGamer!

In order to help you more, I've a few questions, and some clarifying I'd like, if you don't mind.

Quote: Originally Posted by HonorGamer


So i used to have a little home server i used for backups, and after awhile i figured that i would just use my computer and its secondary hdd for backups.

So, you have two machines, and instead of using the home server, you're now going to backup to a secondary drive installed in your laptop?

Quote: Originally Posted by HonorGamer

So i am trying to get that drive to be able to be seen on my laptop by mapping it out. both use windows 7.


Is this a drive from your home server, or the secondary drive mentioned above? If the latter, where exactly is the drive, and what is it connected to?

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I'm hoping someone can help.

I have tried everythign I can. I have a work network that is connected to a domain.

Up until yetreday I had everyone mapped to a personal forder on the domain


Starting today it is giving me an error message when I attempt to map those network folders.

However, I can get as far as \users$ after that is says not accessibile. Access is Denied.

I am the only one with access to the servers and I have not changed anything. When I attempt to map the folder it says :

The mapped network drive could not be created. The following error has occured. The specified network name is no longer available.

However, I can access the folders when I RDP into the server.

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How do you set-up a cd-rom in to a network cd-rom, where you will be able to use different workstations and map the cd-rom drive and access the cd-rom.

A:Network a CD-Rom (mapping frm 1 station to another)

Win98? Turn on file and print sharing from Network Control Panel (Start/Settings/Control), then reboot.
Goto Windows Explorer or My Computer. Right click on the drive you want to share, and select sharing from the menu. Give it a name if you don't like the one it has, select read only (CD-Rom...), and specify a password if you want. The password kinds sucks in my opinion because you only need to put it in once when connecting to the share...ever.
You can share individual folders on a drive too, if you like.

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I need help mapping a network drive. I am using Win98 to map a share on a NT server. I am able to map it once I enter in the password. However, I don't want to have to enter in the password everytime I reboot my computer just to map to the share. Does Win98 have a script that I can use to map the share and enter the password automatically? Thanks for the info.

A:Need help mapping a network drive

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Guys I'm looking for a great app/tool that will let me draw out a network setup and allow me to test connectivity. I have RouterSim's Network Visualizer, but wondering if there is any better app out there?

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Is there some way you can map a network priter to an LPT number? Does it still use the setprint command? If so does anyone know what the command line is, it has been a long time since I used it.

A:Mapping Network Printers in W2k

Start, settings, printers, add printer, next, choose local printer (I don't use auto detect), next, pick your port.....

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I have a mapped network drive that will not reconnect at logon. If I double clik on that drive in "my computer" it will log on and is ok until the next restart.

A:mapping network drive

You could create a logon script (just a batch file) using the net use command and put it in your Windoze startup. When you first create the mapping in windoze explorer it gives you the option to reconnect at logon.

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I've set up a network, out of a few computers over my router. I've also set up file and folder sharing on all the computers.

Two of the computers are Windows XP, the other, is Windows 7.

My Win7 computer, for whatever reason, cannot connect to my XP computers. Both the XP computers can connect to the Win7 computer, and access the files on it, and they can connect to each other, and correctly map the drives. But the Win7 computer cannot connect the other way. The computer shows up on the "Browse" list in the Map Network Drives prompt, yet it cannot connect. I know I'm connecting correctly, because the other XP computers have no problem mapping the drives, and I'm using the same settings. It did work before, but it no longer is working. All 3 computers are in the same workgroup, and they're all connected to the router.

I've tried pinging the computer, and had successful responses.
I've tried connecting Via computer name, and Via local IP address.

I've reset the computers a dozen times, and still no success.

When clicking the computer in the "Browse" window, it immediately tells me that it cannot connect.

Anyone know what problems could be causing this?

A:Mapping network drives

What version of Windows 7 is it?

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I have a VPN connection which establishes without any problems.

Netgear FVL328 --> Windows XP sp2 using Netgear prosafe client.

Once the tunnel is established I can ping any of the PC's on the network but cannot map to a shared resource on the network.

When I run the 'net use' cmd I receive the error 'network path cannot be found'

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:VPN Mapping network Drive

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Ok. I mapped my college snap server on windows 7 professional. I just upgraded to windows 7 ultimate, so I know what I need to change. I went into local security policy, and changed Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level to Send LM & NTLM Responses. I go to map it, and I get the servername and share right, and I type in the login details CONC\F101 for username, and nothing for password. However, it refuses to let me login. I've tried several fixes from google, including adding a key in my regedit and nothing works. Any ideas?

A:Mapping a network drive

I'm not sure which server your trying to get into here but maybe these adjustments will help.
Set Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
Disable Require 128-bit encryption

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i'm having problems mapping network drives, I used to map them and no user or password was asked to be inputed, now it does, can anyone help?

A:mapping network drive

That is because the PC that you are mapping the drive from has a password protected user account, there should be a tick box that allows you to save the password.

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HI guys

I'm trying to solve a network issue to allow an old XP desktop to be connected to a new NAS drive.

ISP is Virgin media
Router is Netgear wnr2000-100UKS
Netgear ethernet switch
attached devices:
XP desktop (ethernet wired)
Vista desktop (ethernet wired)
MAc Laptop (wireless)
Ipod touch (wireless)
Brother Network printer (ethernet wired)
MYBOOKWORLD 1TB NAS (ethernet Wired)

Everything works except for the XP cannot map to the MYbook world drive to back up data.

I can ping the IP address for the device and can also ping the server name "Mybookworld"

Have tried mapping the network drive both manually and with WD software with no success.

Gut feel is that there is a network setting incorrect somewhere but not sure what else to try?

Any help appreciated...

A:xp network drive (nas) mapping

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Dear all,

I am using on my network a server running windows 2003 and 2 client computers running windows xp pro. I have created a folder on my server named "user files" and have created multiple folders, each named after the users. I have mapped each of these folders for each user under the letter U:, but to do this i have to logon to each user account, does anyone know a way that can automatically create and map this folder when i create a new user?


A:Mapping network drive

I would say the easiest way would be to make a Domain logon GPO and assign a batch file that has - net use U: \\Server\Share in it. This way as the users are created in the OU you apply the GPO to they will all have the mapped drive.

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I am in need of some help.
I am doing some admin work on our LAN data server, and i had access to network drive (thru samba).
It worked all the time, but nowadays, when i try to attach it, it asks for login

At first i blamed admin for this, but it seems that the problem is on my side, cuz he says it's all set as it used to before.

Can this have anything to do with something problematic on my side? or do u guys think that this is solelly problem on the server itself.

A:Mapping network drive

It seems most likely the user account setting in Samba or Windows.

Questions to help isolate trouble :
1. Can you login samba server successfully by valid user and password?
2. Does it happen to all users?
3. Have you recently change configuration in Linux or Windows?

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I am trying to map a network drive by using a login script through group policy applied to a OU in group policy. it looks as though the client machines are not even trying to run the script according to the logs... i have ran the script manually on the client machines and it maps the drive with no problems. I am using the NET USE command in a .bat file for the script. I am at a loss and im am pretty sure it may be something simple that i am overlooking...

any help would be appreciated!!!


A:Mapping Network Drives through AD/GP

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I currently have one drive (N) mapped from my company's network: "Main Server\\Work Data\Document\Pictures"

Starting last week, at least a few times per day, I see that there are new drives mapped to "Mainserver\\Work Data" - this folder used to be mapped to my computer, but it was disconnected over a month ago.

The drives are somehow mapping themselves. It start with the Z-drive, then Y, X, W, etc. and keeps on going until I stop it and disconnect all of them (except for N).

After reading the forums, I thought it might occur when a media drive (SD card or phone) was plugged into my computer. So I unplugged everything and it stopped for a few days, but then it started up again yesterday.

Any thoughts?

A:Network drives are mapping themselves

Hey gogrizz,

This very issue came up with a machine on our network a few years back. There was definitely a fix - what it was I can't quite recall right now (I'm at home).

I've made a mental note to check my support logs when I get in tomorrow morning and will be sure to check back in here and if unresolved at that time will definitely run through the fix.

As a starter, does your organisation use any startup scripts that would map the drives? Is it possible someone has configured one wrong?

Also, you presumably do have MS Office software running - how about MS Project? There was a legacy issue with old versions of Windows/Office (maybe as far back as NT?) that caused repeat mappings as a result of previously-indexed locations, recent files and similar. Shortcuts could also play havoc with drive mappings, but unlikely you're running such old OS'.

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I have three computers in my office. 2 are on windows 10 home, the third laptop is running windows 8.1 home. I have mapped a network drive from one of the windows 10 computers. The other windows 10 computer can access it no problem. When I try and connect
the windows 8 laptop, using exactly the same settings etc it comes up with the following error message "log on failure, user not granted requested  log on type." Please help its driving me mad!!!

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I have windows xp pro and im trying to map network drives through my network. I right click my music go to sharing and enable it to share.. Its shown up as a shared folder by the different icon ..

I hop on another pc on my network and its not showing up anywhere, i had this working like a month ago but its not now .. Whats the issue, Could someone maybe tell me what to do step-by step.

Secondly, if someone logs onto my hamachi and simulates the lan can they see my shared network lan folders/files?


A:Network Mapping drives through Lan

Windows networking is a bit slow to update sometimes. Try mapping the network drive manually by right clicking My Computer and selecting "Map network drive"

You can select any drive letter you want that is not already being used.
In the "Folder" field you have 2 options:
1) \\yourcomputer's name\My Music (whatever the name of the folder that you shared is)
2) \\yourcomputer's IP address\My Music

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i am using two computers at home oone with windows vista 32bit and the other with windows 10 64bit both are home versions.
i want to map the drive on my win10 machine to acess my saved files and wanna share from my vista one but when i do it i cannot connect to it because it my windows 10 mahine doesnt have the same user and pass but thats irelevent i guess because no matter what use/pass i use it says this dirve is mapped to another user/pass even though there is only 2 accounts on the pc that i have acess to and have full acess to the shared drive. i have password protection off for the vista machine bcause it would be stupid to have to use a password to print since my printer is shared just fine and I can print from any pc. Everguid I use is just not detailed enough I have tried using different credentials bt they don't work. please help

A:Help with mapping network Drives

follow these steps on windows 10 PC it will be works for you

Open Computer by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Computer in the search box, tapping or clicking Apps, and then tapping or clicking Computer.

In the Menu bar, tap or click Computer, and then tap or click Map network drive.

In the Drive list, tap or click a drive letter.
You can choose any available letter.

In the Folder box, enter the path of the folder or computer, or tap or click Browse to find the folder or computer.
To connect every time you sign in to your computer, select the Reconnect at sign-in check box.

Tap or click Finish.

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I will attempt to give all the information here that I feel is relevant.

After a recent virus attack, on our server, the system was cleaned. The virus attack cause us to lose the majority of .exe files attached to a certain program amoung others. The software vendor went in and replaced those .exe files and repaired their software. Some of the .exe files were named incorrectly to coincide with what we previously had. Fixed those, but now whenever we click on a certain exe file that was repaired, it causes a new mapped network drive to appear. It is a copy of the network drive that the original file is located in. And it will begin at drive letter Z, and move backwards creating one for every time that file is accessed. It happens on any client computer that accesses that file.

Any ideas? Obviously I feel it has to do with something within the software that the vendor repaired, but has anyone else run across this? I do not feel there are any more viruses on the system as it has been scanned with several top scanners frequently used on this site to clean infected computers with zero viruses located.

A:Network Drives Mapping themselves

Why not simply uninstall and reinstall the software that appears to be the problem?

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I'm having a mapping problem. I have a Windows 2003 server in the workgroup group. My Windows 7 PC is in a domain. I'd like to share files between the domain and workgroup. Most of the time i can't see the Windows 2003 server. When I am able to, it asks for a username and password. I put it in but it says it's invalid. How can I get a PC in a domain to talk to the Server in the workgroup group?

A:Mapping network drives

Welcome to Seven Forums!

A PC can't be a member of a Domain and a Workgroup a the same time. They're mutually exclusive.

You should however be able to manually map a drive from the W7 PC. You'll need to use the fully qualified name (FQN)of the share on the server.

One thing you'll need to so is make sure the W7 machine has Network Discovery enabled. Also take a look at Password Protected Sharing, you may need to disable that.

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Hopefully someone can help with this query that after days of trying myself and hours of google searches I can?t solve.

I have a home network:
2 windows 8.1 machines
2 windows 7 machines
D-link NAS ? 2 Volumes
Sign on?s are all Local account

All used to connect successfully to the NAS for backup until about two weeks ago then the mappings to the volumes failed and every time I try to map or connect I get a Windows Security box requiring me to ?Enter Network Credentials? and my file history requires me to re enter credentials.

I have tried:
Machine user name and password
NAS username and password in straight and \\NASname\Username format
IP address and Volume reference and every combination I canthink of

But to no avail the security box just bounces back and i try again....

I have tried various combinations of on/off in the advanced Network and Internet options, resetting the NAS etc.

Sometimes I get the ?Enter Network Credentials? message when addressing the NAS - sometimes I can expand the NAS and then get the message when I try to address the Volumes. Sometimes I get a different message about not having the permission to map the drive instead of the network credentials one ? the frustrating thing is the variability in error or message that makes it even more difficult to solve the problem.

i have tried lots of forums and whilst there are people with similar issues none of the solutions that some have found work for me.


A:Network Credentials & NAS mapping

Go back to the NAS and double check user settings. That they are setup correct, along with the shares are correct for the users. Also that it is on the same workgroup (keep both the computers and the NAS set for "Workgroup").

Then make sure Network Discovery is enabled on the computers.

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