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White is not showing up as white on laptop

Q: White is not showing up as white on laptop

I have read and tried many different suggestions, but I have no idea what is going on. The white on my dad's laptop is showing up with thin aqua vertical stripes in it. I have tried many different things (system restore, updating drivers, etc) and nothing has worked. The only thing that helped a little was when I calibrated it and it made the white in the window look white, but everything on the desktop that was supposed to be white, was not.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?


Preferred Solution: White is not showing up as white on laptop

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: White is not showing up as white on laptop

Whatever it was, it has resolved itself.

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I have the same problem. When turning on the laptop screen goes to white, I can hear windows starting but cannot see anything. I connected it to an external monitor, which will only display once windows has loaded. I then took the whole laptop apart and discovered the LCD cable was frayed due to a faulty laptop hinge. I replaced the cable and it was the same, just white. The problem I think is with the motherboard and the intergrated video card. Upon taking the whole thing apart I noticed that where the video card plugs in is right where the heat sink is and the cooling fan which gets exceptional hot. I figure it has fried the board to the extend the monitor will not work where it is plugged in, but the external monitor will work but only when windows boots. So sad to say because of the the heat this laptop puts off and if you have it sitting on your lap or bed or anywhere else that it cannot cool properly it has over heated and you will have to get a new motherboard.

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A:Laptop screen starts up white and stays white

"I connected it to an external monitor, which will only display once windows has loaded"... This is normal behavior because the video signal to the external monitor is not sent until Windows loads. If you can see normal video, the motherboard video chip is good

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Why is my new hp laptop showing white bubbles on screen. How can i solve this.

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We have an acer aspire one laptop, I'm not sure about the model #
But anyway, the screen 'cracked' I guess and now it's showing all these weird colors in a strange pattern along the cracks.
When turned on, it looks very similar to this:

Is it just a broken screen or will some of the hardware need to be replaced?
I don't know what steps to take next to fix it or if it even can be fixed.
Any help would be appreciated and thanks!

A:Is my laptop repairable? Broken screen showing black/white?

That's likely to be just the screen.

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my laptop is showing red green blue black white screen on startup and wingdow is not working

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I got a 2nd hand laptop the other day and when im on web pages that have a white background the white looks a little like cream not white as it should do.

i have changed the brightness but still the same and the screen has been cleaned so what could be the problem and what can i do about it?

the laptop runs on Vista.

A:White is not White on my laptop screen

Follow this tutorial specifically,intensity
Color Scheme

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i have a weired problem on one of our staff laptop. its core i3 system having windows 7 64 bit.
initialy it had visio 2010 and office 2013 installed .. the problem was that when outlook was opened it would open but no text / menus were visible. it was all a like a white window having only title bar.

when i wold open word/excel they would show same behaviour but it would also open some sort of dialog box which was all white.. no button to click on it.. only close button was visible .and clicking on it would exit word/excel/access.

i also tried outlooke.exe /safe .. /resetnavpane.. but no luck

so i removed visio 2010 32 bit and rebooted system . still same issue.

repaired office 2013 32 bit still same issue...

uninstall office 2013 and reboot and and install office 2013 32 bit still same issue.

uninstall 32 bit and installed 64 bit same issue.

sfc /scannow found no violations..

tried it with local administator account same behaviour.. also tried with another local admin priviledges account same issue.. tried with domain accounts same issue..

i removed display drivers and tried wiht standard drivers same issue..

updated to latest drivers still same issue..

i however created a .docx file and opened it with word .. it did opened but some menus were not visible they were just white places instead of the icons for vaiours actions (like bold/font etc).. but i by guess work wnet to options and tried disabling hardware acceleration but still same issue...

please hel... Read more

A:office 2013 interface white washed menus appearing as white spots

A screenshot of the problem is attached. This is the first screen that opens when launching any office applications and as seem there is no click able button there just the cross button clicking it closes application.

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Hello everybody. I own a Zbook, and today a small white dot appeard on my screen. Is brighten then his surroundings and it can be perfectly be seen on the white background. Is quite annoying. Anyone knows a cure for this? my notebook is under warranty, but i still i will prefer if i can fix it somehow whitout changing the display. Thank you

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My Hp pavilliin g7 series laptop running windows 7 home starts up with white screen and no beeps or sounds . Started freezing on Hp logo screen last week only sometimes. Id turn off and it would work on second try. About a year and a half ago I used laptop to preview windows 8. And after I reinstalled windows 7 it has been acting funny. Ie freezing and louder fan noise. I did recently update the bios and a pci device driver that never installed. But now it has white screen this morning. I shut off and powered up and still white.
I took off battery and pressed power for 10 sec plugged back in and still white. Still no noise.
Any ideas?

A:HP G7 17" screen starts up white and stays white

Try attaching an external monitor and notice what it displays...

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Computer covers whole screen with either white, or white with black, and blue stripes. Multiple times a day.?
This computer was bought in 2005, (HP Media Center PC). Within the second week this freezing(it freezes, and the screen has a white or white with black and blue stipes) occured( yes second week, my brother was uninformed and thought it was normal and didnt return it. It happened often enough as to save anything you were working on every ten to twenty minutes on a bad day. It settled and slowly became less of a problem, then stoped. One day he got a virus and had to restore the computer, the freezing started up again. same as last time, it settled then stoped, a month later, i recieved this computer as a hand me down, as my brother went to college and got a MAC. That was in mid summer of 2008, a week and a half ago, i got a huge virus, i restored my computer, and the freezing started up again, after not doing it once for over a year. It has gotten as bad as freezing every 30 minutes some nights. And earlier today it froze, i turned off and on my computer, went down stairs, and when i came back it was frozen again. I had not even used and program. Please help if you have any idea whats wrong!
Things to keep in mind...
-It only happened after the computer was restored, or bought(ish)
-Its not a normal freeze where you see the programs on the screen still, the screen goes completely white, or white with black and blue stripes.
-4 years old


A:Screen Freezes and turns white or white with stripes

Then maybe it isn't freezing at all. Maybe there's a problem with your monitor, vga cable, or video card.

Try a different monitor/cable and see if that changes anything. If it doesn't, then try reseating the video card--if any--and if that doesn't work I suggest getting a cheap one from someone's old pc at least to test with.

Installing a new video card can be complicated, but google search for a guide or follow the setup instructions for the video card to the letter and you'll have no problems.

Let us know what's going on, we love to help here... it's like an addiction, but we can stop anytime... really we can.

Welcome to TSF. I know I come off a bit strange, but most of the people here are friendly... and nowhere near as messed up.

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There is a website I used to browse. In this website, there are thumbnails of pic files which I download to my PC. Recently, I've found that all these thumbnails are not showing. In their place, I see a white box with an 'X' across it.

I also encounter this problem at some websites. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem? Is there some other 3rd party stuff I need to install with my IE6 / Windows XP?

A:IE6 showing thumbnails as white box with 'X'

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My brand new laptop, never damaged, nor dropped has these staticky flickering white lines and dots. The problem started after maby an hour after opening the box and turning it on. Keep in mind i just got it a day ago.

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We have several computers here that are all of a sudden having problems watching radar (weather channel - we're a landscape company)or any video or pictures that change. The screens either get white squares that keep coming up across the area or the area is completely white....several operating systems from XP to 7.

A:white squares or completely white screen

Are they all updated with the latest video card drivers, directx, and flash?

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Ever since I got this notebook, all I've had are problems, and HP has never been able to resolve a single problem. It's like the warranty is completely meaningless. They didn't even replace defective parts, let alone replace the entire notebook.I've had problems with the hard disk, and was told we can't solve this problem as this is a problem with every envy notebook.I've had a problem where dust is building up inside the screen (between the screen and the external glass cover), and I was told I need to send the notebook to the service centre (even though I have an "on-site, at home service warranty? for 3 effing years). This one time, one HP tech even told me "ENVY NOTEBOOKS DON'T SUPPORT VLC PLAYER, YOU MUST PLAY MULTIMEDIA USING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER ALONE". NOW, I have a white line appearing on the top corner of the screen, and HP said I need to take a picture of the problem in the BIOS. The BIOS itself has a white background. How can I click a picture of a white line on a white background? If I write with white ink on a white paper, can anyone read it? I explained this precisely, and was told "Since the issue is not present in BIOS, we need to check if this can be covered in the warranty". WELL, THE ISSUE IS PRESENT IN THE BIOS, IT?S JUST THAT IT CANNOT BE SEEN AS IT?S WHITE ON WHITE, AND YOU WANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AND NOT REPLACE MY LCD? The issue is present in live linux USB sticks as well! All you need to reproduce it is a DARK BACKGROUND. ... Read more

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Hi all.

Did a Win repair install and everything seems to be working fine except for the Gadgets as the CPU meter doesn't show the two "dials" it normally shows but instead it shows 2 white boxes and the % of usage in pink numbers instead. I know I've had this problem before but I don't know how it got fixed last time. Now, it's back and couldn't find anything (online) to fix it. It's not a big problem but just wondering.

Any ideas?
A second question since I'm here, Is a cloned HDD as good as the original? I mean, can I use it as if it were the original (if something happens to the original one) and can I use a cloned HDD to clone another HDD?


A:Gadgets (CPU meter) showing white box..

hi can you right click on the gadget and choose option and change it how you want it? I do not have gadgets installed so could not check that.

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I've been using my TV as a second monitor to watch movies for about a month now with no problems. But today when I tried to watch a movie I got a black and white image from the TV. Everything is displaying correctly (with sound) but there just isn't any color coming from the TV.

I've ruled out the cables being the problem, as well as the TV, because they all work fine under different circumstances.

I've looked for a solution on the internet and now have wound up here with no success. I've tried changing the signal format from NTSC to PAL (i.e. M/NTSC --> B/PAL; though when I change the settings here, the computer changes both displays, one and two, to NTSC or PAL; meaning I can't have one as a PAL and the other as NTSC), disconnecting and reconnecting all cables, and of course re-booting.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9100, with Microsoft Windows XP ver. 2002, SP3. The information that comes up from my ATI Catalyst Control Center says that the graphics adapter is a Radeon X600 256MB HyperMemory [DELL E173FP]/[Default TV]. Oh and the TV's a Magnavox, but like I said, the TV's working fine (cable, PS3).

I'm not sure what other information to give right now so let me know if I need to provide anything else.

Also feel free to contact me via e-mail if it suits you (<email removed>).

A:Second Display (TV) Is Showing Up In Black & White.

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Hi guys

Apologies if this is in the wrong area, please feel free to move it.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Samsung TV (LE40R88BDX/XEU)connected to Medion PC only showing black and white, using an HDMI to HDMI cable.
Colour up until past loading then main windows continues black and white (I assume when drivers load, colour is lost)
Tried another HDMI cable, no change.
The graphics card is an Nvidia 9600gt.
Windows used is Vista.
I think my mate came round and tried VGA to HDMI, using an adaptor and it was still black and white.
It's only black and white on one certain resolution (the one that fits the 40" screen best lol)
Sorry I can't give more detail but I'm not at home just now and struggling to remember the finer details.

I apparently have the latest updates from Nvidia, AFAIK there was no new updates recently (any way I can check this?)

The TV has 3 HDMI plugs in it and tried the HDMI in each plug, each one produced a different range of settings on the pc
(for example- plug one will show a resolution as very zoomed in, while plug 2 on the same resolution will be very zoomed out)

This only recently occurred, this set up has worked fine for 2 years, just put it on one day and it was black and white.
After 3 hours of Google-ing last night, I've came across the hue and digital vibrance sliders issue a lot, but all my sliders are set at the right bits and even trying to change them just make the tiny dull bit of colour pok... Read more

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The digital river download manager shows as a white screen. While the top Title bar shows that a download is in progress and I have downloaded it 100%, I cannot continue or get passed this part because I cant see anything! Help pls!

A:Windows Download showing white screen

Go to your download folder and see if its there..

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Hi, the Internet download manager icon has changed in taskbar and startmenu and Instead, a white blank icon replaced it.I didint pinned neither. How can I get the normal icon back?
Edit..Its showing normal on notification area icons......

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I purchased a White Label, Mediamax HD on Ebay. Here is the link:


Its now showing up in my system. What can I do to find it?

A:Solved: Mediamax, White Label Sata 2 hd not showing up

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Firstly, apologies for the vague thread title, I couldn't think of how else to describe it

Right, when the monitor (rather old 16" Sharp LCD monitor) is showing the colour white (such as a Google search results page, GMail inbox etc.) I can hear a rather audible high pitched buzzing sound, no matter what brightness the screen is on. Any ideas as to why? I'm sure there is a scientific/electronic reason as to why, it's just I'm not sure what that reason is

A:Monitor makes a high pitched noise when showing white.

I have read that the condition can be caused by low quality capacitors.
And I understand the fix (workaround) is to lower the refresh rate as low as it will go.

Also could be the power inverter for the backlight (same reason: cheapness).
Some people say you can epoxy the edges of the inverter to fix this. Not advisable IMHO - just replace it.

And if the backlight is fluorescent, then you could be hearing that common buzz that fluorescent lights make when they are close to burning out.

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Does anybody know how to fix this issue so I can actually see the text. They are both set to the same colour but can't seem to change it?


A:White Font/White Background

Hi cbenson87, and welcome to 8 Forums.

This tutorial might help you:

Color of Background and Accent - Force in Windows 8.1[1]=Appearance Personalize

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Update: Solved by switching themes to basic and back.

In Metro mode I see this... I don't know what happened last as I don't use this PC often but it's running Windows 8 Build 8102. Even the switcher button "start menu" in normal mode shows white instead of black.

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I have a new laptop with a gig of Ram and very few programs on it. It runs Vista. I've been building a huge mansion in Sims 2 (basic prog only) and it's run just fine. I have about 17,000 items of CC and it still ran fine.

Yesterday I discovered I could change some settings and make the picture more detailed so I did so. Things looked so much better but as I began having a display driver error message I figured I would see if mine needed updating. I had trouble finding the right one but finally did on the Gateway site. It said my driver is up to date.

Today I was testing out some new CC files and the game began crashing so I worked and found the bad files. The game was working ok.

I began slowly putting some of the files I had removed back in to be tested. I was trying to make it easier by renaming the downloads dir to downloads2 and making a new downloads dir.

At some point, and I can't recall exactly when, I began not even being able to load the game at all. I'd start it and before it even reaches the first screen I began getting this white box with a red box with a white X in it. Nothing else will happen.

1. First I removed the files I'd put into the new downloads dir. No change.
2. Then I deleted the dl dir and renamed the downloads2 dir back to downloads in case there was a conflict, though I couldn't imagine why there would be except they were in the same main directory. No change

This means that the problem has nothing at all to do... Read more

A:Sims 2 suddenly gives white box with white X in red box

I am haveing the same problem i instaled the game after a bad round with BV then put mack all my cc it was running fine but the net day when i tryed to start the game all i get is that white square with the red X and sims 2 whats up?

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a White Laptop, I couldn't find any among the ASUS' site.
I'm looking for Notebooks, and not Netbooks.

I was hoping someone may know of some.
Both the outside and inside must be white.

Thanks for your time.

A:Looking for a White Laptop

See here:

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Laptop is a nearly new Fujitsu 1510D, running XP Pro, SP2. It has been doing service as a desktop replacement (traveling for months), and thus is on most of the day, I close the lid only at night, this puts it into hibernation.

I wasn't doing anything in particular - was just composing an email in Thunderbird - when the screen went completely, utterly white from top to bottom. No keystrokes changed this, but on reboot it seems to be working fine.

I did some research but none of the problems were definitely the cause of this. The laptop has shown absolutely no indications of either overheating (the fan is on though) or some other display problem. It's been running for some hours since the lid was opened this morning. Therefore, I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software problem.

Anybody experienced this before? From my research, it seems that white-screening is specifically a laptop issue...

Oh, and I do have AV software and spyware protection - running a full AVG test, so far nothing (not that I expect this is a virus but it's always good to check).

Thanks for any help!

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I have built many new computers, and rebuilt many old ones, but never ran into anything like this. I am rebuilding an HP Pavilion g7-1017cl with a 17" screen, that would not boot up at all. What I found, was that the processor and video card were both bad. The only motherboard that I could find for it was, now try and follow this, a g4-1016dx. The place I got it from, told me, that the g4-1016dx was compatible with the Pavilion g7-1017cl laptop. I replaced the old board with the g4, and a new processor chip. I was able to boot the system up. The only thing that isn't working right is the laptop screen. It lights up white, but shows nothing on it at all. To test the video card, I connected an external monitor to the laptop, and it shows the desktop like it should. I replaced the video cable that runs from the motherboard to the screen, but that didn't change it. I even replaced the old screen with a new one, and it does the same thing. Any ides as to why this is happening?

A:Laptop white screen.

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I have a Gateway Laptop Windows 7, and everytime I turn it on the screen is completely white, and it won't do anything else. I need help on how to fix this. I'd appreciate the feedback.

A:Laptop Screen is white.

So you see nothing? Not even the Gateway Logo?

Can you hear the hard drive working at all?

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i bought my laptop about 6 moths ago, its sony, Vaio

and suddenly my monitor goes white and if i adjust the monitor it sometimes comes

back to normal

but i usually have to restart the laptop

can anyone tell me what the problem is?

and if i need to replace the LCD monitor can you tell me how much it will cost?

A:My laptop monitor goes white

The video chip on the motherboard mite be overheating, or the LCD display is failing

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Hey, I have an Acer Aspire s3 laptop and I appear to have a white screen on loadup after the laptop taking a bit of a bang.

There was no actual impact on the screen itself.

When I opened it up, I could still get a picture but when I moved the screen it would flicker between the good picture and the white screen, with grey lines coming across the screen. I used it for a couple of days or so and then I moved the screen a little bit and that was it - white screen all the time.

The laptop can be used on an external monitor.

Can anyone help me in at least diagnosing the problem? I have a hardware diagnostics software so if anybody knows what I could look out for on there which would give me any clues that would be great.

I am unfortunately a poor student so I would like to exhaust all avenues before I go and pay to get it repaired.

Thanks for your help

A:Laptop LCD white screen?

It sounds to me that the internal plug for the screen is only partially seated.

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Hi folks. I took a Lenova Ultra book from a customer today who told me that their screen had gone white. I just got done taking the hood apart and didnt see any obvious damage to the cabling or anything. I unplugged the screen from the PC and plugged it back in, put everything back together and still the white screen. The laptop is accessible through an HDMI cable and a tv/monitor. So it has to be the LCD right?? or is there a software explanation for this issue. If anyone has ran into this before I would be happy for some input. Thanks

A:White laptop screen

You can refer to this article about your issue, but since you say
BobbyWat said:

... and didnt see any obvious damage to the cabling or anything.Click to expand...

BobbyWat said:

The laptop is accessible through an HDMI cable and a tv/monitor.Click to expand...

it may be a problem with the LCD itself.

You said that there's no obvious damage to the wiring, but have you checked that they are fully seated under the retention arm? You can try reseating them, and if the problem persists the LCD will need to be replaced.

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anybody help me .. my laptop display is white

A:My laptop display is white

Hmmm...check your dispaly properties and make sure its set to dual output. that is not the exact name of the option but it should be of that nature. hope it helps.

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I've been given a laptop that my Mum could use while she's stuck in bed .. and that I could use for practice.

The donors get a new one every year, so I hoped it might just need a good clean and updating. They weren't sure but thought that was the case, as they had been using it. I think the battery's gone but it has an adapter.

Now I've started it up, it looks to me like the screen is gone (my non-technical term) - it's white. I think they would have remembered if this had happened for them, which makes me wonder if it could be anything else? (I'm not at all familiar with laptops).

I haven't a manual but I'm not sure about the 'Fn' button, or if the screen could be white if set to an external monitor? I don't suppose I'd be so lucky that this could be a graphics card or something.

I do think it's running otherwise, as I can hear it .. and when it stopped making a noise, I tried typing in the password - after, I heard the familiar jingle, so I knew things were running inside.
I'm disappointed that it looks like something I can't work on .. but thought I'd make sure .. if anyone knows of causes of a white screen, I'd really appreciate the feedback. (hope I'm posting in the right place?) Thank you.

A:Causes of a white laptop screen?

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I have a year old laptop and all of a sudden out of nowhere the LCD monitor goes white. I replaced the invertor in the the screen and it was fix for a little while but came back. I am desperate in finding a way to fix this. But, I can tell you that, my laptop is on right now and the screen is white, but I have another screen externally hooked up so I can use the thing. Please tell me this can be solved. I have done hours of research and nowhere have a found someone who has fixed this problem pernamently.. please help!!

A:My laptop has a white screen

I've split you off from the other post. I don't what what it good be, if I was guessing I'd say its a bad connection between the laptop and the screen

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Suddenly from Past 2 weeks i have been noticing white spot in my screenWhat is it ?

A:White spot on my laptop

How big and where? Does it show up when the screen is dark before Windows boots? Against the Windows desktop?

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I have an older laptop called a Quantex N30W. My operating system is XP professional w/ 128 ram and approx. 20 gigs of memory. Whenever I turn my laptop on the screen is just solid white. It seems the computer is starting up because I hear the hard drive spinning and the fan kicks on. I have actually taken it apart and checked for any loose connections. What else could be the problem.

A:Laptop LCD screen is white

1. has xp ever worked on this pc ?
2. do you have a vga port on the back of the notebook ?
3. have you tried a desktop monitor connected to the port ? you may have to go into bios @ boot up to tell the notebook to use external port, may require another reboot to take
4. have you pulled the main battery and power connector, reseated the ram
5. it is not a good sign, prob the onboard vid card is bad

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I have a compaq presario laptop, about 2 or 3 yrs old. My screen keeps going completely white w/ small lines shooting across the screen where you can see the regular screen. Whats weird about it is..I don't have to reboot or anything like that..depending on how wide I open up my laptop...it stops. Not that I try to use my laptop w/ it half closed or anything..lol But even when its at a 90 degree angle it goes white and it won't stop until I open it up some more and then it goes away. This has started happening a lot more often now then it used to. Can someone tell me why its doing this?

A:My Laptop Screen Keeps Going White!!

Sounds like the interface cable between the LCD panel in the lid and the motherboard has an broken conductor or two in the area where it passes through the hinge. It only makes cood contact through the break at certain angles of the lid. Depending on the purpose of the voltage or data signal passing through it, it could cause different symptoms such as the ones you mentioned.

EDIT: Forgetting my manners here. Hi mommamea, and welcome to TSG.

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I have a Toshiba Qosmio laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (32-bit) with most current updates.

I plugged my laptop to a projector and the screen is now only showing in black and white. I tried rebooting. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting. Nothing.

The odd thing is about 2 weeks ago I did this with everything being the same, and I had no issues.

When I reboot the laptop, it is in color for a little bit. Once Windows starts loading, it goes back to black and white.

I downloaded and installed the latest video card driver (GeForce 8600m). While it was installing, everything went to color during the install, then back to black and white again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

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I have an hp g61 laptop and it comes on to login screen then my desk top shows up for a couple seconds then the screen just turns white and I can't do anything. I tried to boot up in safe mode but after safe mode comes up it logs off and shuts down. I got a administrator: cmd.exe screen to come up ando I put CHKDSK E and it says Windows has checked the file system and found no problems. Could you please help me, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Anyone help with this. The white in my photoshop is no longer white, it is creamy/yellow. Other programs do show up white, and even the icon in the top left of photoshop is white, it is just the colour palette and and white in any pictures i'm manipulating.

Please help.

A:Photoshop white not white

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I need to take some pictures of wedding dresses. They are white with white trim and white beads. each white is a different shade but close to each other. any advise on how to get the best pictures.
I am using a Sony F63 with the 3 1/2 disk on a windows XP 2.6G cpu and 512 Ram.

A:picture white on white

I canít find any reference to your camera. Iím guessing it might be a Mavica, but I think they all have FD designations and I see no FD 63 either. A 3.5 inch floppy holds 1.44Mb total. That makes for some pretty small images. If you just want to display images online it is sufficient.

What you need is some lighting from the side to make some shadows. A movie light might work if you move it back a way and also maybe use the camera flash. A small halogen work light would work as well if you have one of those. They have remote flash units that arenít pricey that are triggered by the camera flash. You could put one of those to the side, but you might have to lower the EV if the camera doesnít have TTL metering.

You might want to lower the EV a little in any case if your camera allows that. It is easy to burn out the highlights and not be able to recover them in software. You might want to bracket the EV as it might want to lower it on its own with all that white in the picture.

Digital pictures are cheap. Take lots of pictures with different settings and whatever lighting you have at different angles and distances. But you need to get some lighting other than the camera flash.

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I am not positive as to what I did - I was working on a project and dropped my keyboard - when I picked it back up my white background and color chooser - along with my style packs background had changed to this yellowing color - But its only on ONE monitor not both.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

A:Photoshop CS5 - white not white

It sounds to me like the dropping the keyboard is a red herring.

It is more likely that the colour temperature of one of your monitors has shifted with age. Get yourself a monitor calibration tool, I use the Huey pro relatively cheap or you could go for something more expensive like a Spyder or similar. You need one that copes with two monitors, then use the device to adjust your monitors properly.

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Hi,When i start my laptop after few minute its screen goes white and i can't see any flicker on this. I tried to repair but that doesn't help me. also, sometime screen goes off but i can see the laptop is running. It look like motherboard problem with graphics card.  System configuration: Windows vista Ultimate 64 bitHP pavilion dv6000 RegardsVed Agrawal 

A:Screen goes white when start laptop

Have you tried connecting an external display to your laptop?

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When I'm on my computer, sometimes it just crashes and turns white or gray. The last time this happened, I had a Bluetooth adapter (ASUS USB-BT211) plugged in from earlier in the day. I unplugged it and the screen immediately turned pitch black, presumably off.

When this happens, I have absolutely no control over my computer. I cant open task manager or Ctrl +alt+delete. I've searched this and so far I've only gotten that its a RAM problem, but I don't think it is in my case. I say this because I have 8GB and I constantly have task manager open and I've never seen over 50% used (except when on a game or using something like a screen recorder, and it has never crashed while doing those things)

The weird thing is.. And this may just be a coincidence, but Youtube has been open every time it has crashed (10+ times). Weather it was just one short song in another tab while doing something else, or just browsing my subscriptions.

I used to bear with it and didn't worry about it too much when it only happened once a month if that. Now its happening weekly and it kind of worries me.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

A:Occasionally I get a white/ screen on my laptop

Hi laungst, welcome to Seven Forums.

Similar thing happened to me when I upgraded my Outpost Firewall Pro without removing old version first.

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My computer was working fine the last time I successfully used it, which was about 24hrs ago. Today, I opened the laptop, and when the screen turned on, it was solid white.  Tried CTRL+ALT+DEL, Windows key, etc but computer did not respond.  Had to hold down power button to restart -- screen went straight to white when it turned back on.  Tried to get to Safe Mode by restarting again and pressing F8, no luck.  Tried letting the computer just sit with the white screen, nothing happened. I honestly have no idea what could have caused this.  No error messages, no recent updates or installations, etc.Any suggestions?

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My laptop has some big white spots on the screen and i have seen other owners of a dell laptop with exact the same problem.I have contacted dell and they have replaced the screen but i`m getting the same problem after a couple of months with the new one.My question is if this problem is solved with the newer models of dell laptops or this problem still exist?For me a reason to go for another brand very annoying.

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