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How to configure x1 carbon 2nd Gen to work properly with Linux Operating System ? How to upgrade the

Q: How to configure x1 carbon 2nd Gen to work properly with Linux Operating System ? How to upgrade the

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Preferred Solution: How to configure x1 carbon 2nd Gen to work properly with Linux Operating System ? How to upgrade the

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello EightForums administrators and other members

Today, I installed Linux Mint 13 to try some appliactions, programs and other good things.
I downloaded it normally , followed guide from this forum and after installing it I don't have network connection.

I tried with all type of network switches and activated Legacy Network Adapter but it don't work (I configured in network adapter for ex. External Network 1 , I want to say it's not say : Not Connected in VM Settings).

When I turn it Linux Mint says : Disconnected - you are now offline.

How to configure network and the Internet to work with Linux Mint VM ?

Thanks in advance and please answer soon.

A:Windows 8 Hyper-V-How to configure network to work in Linux Mint Guest

I'm new to Hyper-V myself but I think there are 2 guides you should follow:
Hyper-V ? Create Linux Virtual Machine in Windows 8

How to use (vista example):
Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8

And there is someone that manages to add network to Vista so maybe you can apply that to LMDE.

Good luck

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There is a new firmware release (FWNV15) for the NVMe SSD of the X1 Carbon 5th. I'm wondering if there is a way to perform the upgrade on a machine with no Windows installed on the internal SSD?
I've installed Ubuntu on the NVMe SSD and have a external USB Drive with Windows 10.
I tried to run the Firmware Update Utility on the "external" Windows 10 but no luck so far. Windows reboots and after it's up again the utility just shows some generic error message.
Also, there doesn't seem to be a booteable ISO.
Any recommendations on how to upgrade the firmware with my setup?
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A:Upgrade NVMe SSD firmware to FWNV15 (X1 Carbon 5th Gen) on Linux

The upgrade utility sometimes fails before it reboots windows with a message like "can't initializie linux system". So I investigated further and found that the updater in fact is an ELF binary  $ file fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff
fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/ld-linux.so.2, for GNU/Linux 3.8.13, not stripped Which also seems to be pretty easy to use: $ ./fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff
PROGRESS --- start firmware update.
Usage ./fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff <Model> <Serial> <Firmware> [Option]
Model : Drive Model Name.(Mandatory)
Serial : Drive Serial Number.(Mandatory)
Firmware : Firmware Image file path.(Mandatory)
Option : Additional Option string starts with `-'.(Optional)
PROGRESS --- completed with status(8). And the necessary info which firmware to use is in a file called fwwinsd.pro: $ cat fwwinsd.pro
"THNSF5512GPUK TO","5KLA5102","5KLA5104","TINYCORE","fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff","5KLA5104_NVME.sig","L","TOSHIBA"
"THNSF5512GPUK TO","5KLA5103","5KLA5104","TINYCORE","fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff","5KLA5104_NVME.sig","L","TOSHIBA" However, I'm not absolutely convinced I'm brave enough to run this utility  Is anyone from Lenovo in this forum who is willing to confirm my findings?

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If I change my operating system to linux and delete my old operating system entirely, will I be able to still use system restore to change my old operating system back?
Please help. All help is appreciated.

A:If I change my operating system to linux, can I still use windows' system restore?

The simple answer is no. If you remove an OS then you can not use it to do a restore because it is no longer there to run the restore program. What I would recommend would be to have a duel boot system.

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With the latest "n1cgr16w.exe" installed. It takes a long time to switch between tabs in "Synaptics Control Panel".Ok", "Cancel" is taking forever to close the dialogbox. Also no checkbox can be ticked in the "Scroll" tab. Also see the errors in the "Clicking" tab. This latest driver literally does not work. It CANNOT even provide the simplest functionality. Please refer to the attached screenshot. Things used to work perfectly before applying the latest driver. Thanks

Doc1.docx ?192 KB

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Bought my XPS 13 a month ago, and accidently bought the Linux-version.
I have a Win 10 code laying around, and wondering if i can replace the operating-system?
Or is the computer "tuned" för Linux?

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There are lot of Portable Linux Operating Systems. Its difficult to choose one. I just want to know what linux distro do you prefer...
My requirements are...
*Should be preloaded with VLC, Firefox/Chromium, LibreOffice and some basic apps.
*Should have easy GUI.
*Should boot in few seconds even with old pentium 3 hardware.
*Should be lightweight (less size)
*Should be error free (less crashes, hangups)
*Should not be a battery sucker(low power consumption)...
*Should support newer wireless (Intel, Atheros & Ralink) hardwares.
I am going to use it in a CD/DVD.

Suggest your preferance to me...

A:Which Linux distro will you use for a Portable Operating System?

Try one of these. Mint Mate is the more advanced system.

Portable OS - Carry your OS on an External Drive

Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS

PS: CD/DVD is not a good idea.

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hi in the past 6 months I have had this problem 3 times. However this time around I am unable to do a system recovery or rest my laptop as I'm keep getting the blue blue screen. I reget updates to Windows 10 as with Windows 7 I had no issues. now I can't use my laptop at all ;( can an someone please help me? or advise me on best steps to take?

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As the title of this thread explains.
Every time i boot the computer up, i go past the first post screens, select boot from cd/dvd and then it shows the loading of the cd (this is for xp btw)
i then get to the screen where it asks me what i want to do eg, install windows or exit.
I click install and then it just says please wait and sticks on this screen.
I have left it like this for several hours and nothing has happened.
i've tried resetting the bios, still the same thing.

Pc spec is:
Asrock 4CORE1333 FULL HD Motherboard
Intel 2.66ghz dual core processor
2 x 1gb 667mhz ram.
500 watt win power powersupply
250gb seagate hdd ide
sony + pioneer dvd-rw drives (ide)
Onboard graphics.

IF you know anything id be very greatful to hear it.
building the pc for the old man, desperate to get it running.


A:Built Pc Does Not Seem To Load Operating System Cd/dvd Properly

Try using one of your Sony drives.

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Hello All, I?ve received the Windows Downgrade Recovery Media for windows 10 Pro from Lenovo and I?ve followed all steps for the upgrade from windows 7 : -Bios and all driver update with ThinkVantage-changed in bios option ?OS Optimized defaults to enable?-reboot-press f12 and boot from usb key After that, a black screen with win10 Logo appearin 10 seconds it changes to a Lenovo Logo with a lifebeltI would expect a windows form for the selection languages , but my thinkpad x1 reboot and restart with windows 7.I tried also to modify from bios the boot order putting the highest priority to USB, but in this way start a loop.I think that the problem could be in the USB media that they have sent me.My upgrade to win10 pro is stuck, do you have any idea?Thanks

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have gateway fx 6800 with windows vista premium 64 bit what os can I upgrade to?

A:operating system upgrade

Run the Upgrade Assistant to see if Windows 8.1 is compatible with your hardware and software.

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I have an HP m8517c with vista 64 is there a driver that would allow me to upgrade to windows 7, 8 or 10?

A:upgrade operating system

Normally Windows 7 will run OK on a Vista PC.  You can run the Windows Upgrade advisor to check.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20Take a look at the Windows 10 advisor herehttp://www.intowindows.com/download-windows-10-upgrade-advisor/ Keep in mind, it is not a free upgrade for any of those.

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Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook AH512 Intel Pentium B960 6GB 750GB HDMI 15.6" Laptop

This post is related to the laptop detailed above.

This is a new laptop, as yet unused, still in its original packaging. The laptop has installed Windows 8, which I would like to upgrade to Windows 10. This should be easy enough, as I've already performed the upgrade to Windows 10 on my desktop computer without any problem. However, before doing anything to this new machine, I'd also like to add a second operating system, Windows 7, to the same hard drive, and would be very grateful if anyone reading this post could explain, in very simple terms, how I would go about doing this. Ideally, I'd like to be able to choose which operating system to use each time I start the laptop. Please include as much detail in your reply, with step by step guide. All constructive responses welcome. Many thanks.

A:Upgrade to W10 and add a second Operating System

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Hello all! I was wondering if you guys could help me with my big big problem. My brother got a laptop for me from Japan. And it is just a second-hand piece. My problem is that it is in Japanese. The whole thing, Window 2000 is in Japanese. SO i was wondering if i can upgrade this into Win XP English form...PLease help me...i really need to use the laptop for my school. The laptop is an IBM R32 series.

A:Operating System Language Upgrade

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Can someone please help me upgrade my computer to a 64-bit Operating system. I am using now Windows 10 Pro but my system is still 32-bit Operating system, x64- based processor. Can I upgrade to 64-bit OS? If so, can someone help me how?

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I have a Dell computer that has Windows XP.  Want to upgrade to another system but not sure where to get upgrade or how to do it.   As you can tell, i am not very computer savvy.  Get alot of messages that say my system is too old .   How to upgrade to windows 7 or 8 at least?

A:Need help to upgrade window operating system

Upgrading from WinXP to Win7 or Win8 depends on your system. You can click the .link below to select your computer from the list. You then can click Drivers to see if there are any drivers available for your computer.

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First of all I would like to take a second to apologize for probably creating yet another topic considering the same matter. However I really do suck when it comes to any technological matters so I was simply unable to find/search efficiently for a solution.
My operating system (which is Windows 7) has been gradually decreasing it's efficiency over these last months. 
It's come to this moment where 90% of programs don't work properly without me knowing what's going on.
System itself started to create folders like "asdjbi82egbjqhvsd1v18127teyashbd" (randomized letters and numbers with no sense whatsoever), that despite the fact I've got administrator privileges, forbids me from taking any action.
I can't do much right now. Games don't work (I can install something, but every time I open a patch or the game itself it crashes into "program has stopped working". I've got a thing called a back-up recovery system, but even though I do it, nothing really changes. The entire memory is being literally cleansed and yet after I install anything it happens once again from the very start.
Is there anything I can do or am I being forced to contact professional technicians and pay tons of money (which I don't really have) to try and save it. 
I thank every single one of you from the pretty much bottom of my heart for taking your life-time to read this out and maybe help me find a solution.
Best regards,
Bart McAllister.

A:The entire system does not work properly.

Please start a malware removal topic. Follow this guide.
Best of luck.

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After I put the disc in and restarted my computer, I chose the option "Full System Restore (destructive)." After I chose it, it said "Formatting hard disk partion in NTFS file system... Please Wait" After a few mins of that it just restarted and nothing was changed. Is the disc broken or is there something else wrong?

A:Operating system disc doesnt work

You tried only once?

System manufacturer and model?

No error message of any type?


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A friend of my daughters has a packard bell pc (4 years old). After ridding various virus from the machine and coming to a full stop they decided to use the restore disc (red floppy) and restore to factory default - all appeared to be going well. Machine froze after telling them to remove the floppy, when it came back to life it requested master cd1, which they dont have and dont remember ever having (bearing in mind machine is 4 years old).

What do you think the best track would be to contact packard bell for master disc. I wondered whether my copy of xp home would work with their pc and their code - afterall they have purchased the machine etc. or am I being totally blonde. I am quite happy to reformat for them if this is a possibility but dont want to attempt it if there is the possibility it wont work. I realised xp is one machine one copy but not sure whether this is reliant on code or not.

Advice, please.

A:Solved: my operating system, their pc, their code - will it work

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I have a Pavilion desktop s3750t. It runs on a Vista operating system. I want to know if it is possible to upgrade it to a newer operating system so I can purchase a new printer? If so how much will it cost or can I do it myself? 

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I recently upgraded my system's graphics card and processor to an FX 6300 with an R7 250X. I had some issues with my old OS, so I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro.

After these upgrades, I'm now getting various different BSOD's (Blue screen of death) upon boot and while using the machine. For example, NTFS_FileSystem_Error, Kernel_security_check_failure and several more which I cannot remember off the top of my head.

In addition to that, I get error messages on start-up for various different programs, sometimes Google Chrome fails to launch, and I'm unable to use any of the Windows Metro apps - they simply launch and then crash.
Iv'e got all the latest drivers, I've ran an HHD check within windows, and a RAM test using memtest86 and nothing abnormal was found. I can play games when I'm not getting BSOD's at solid FPS, which shows me that all of my new hardware is not at fault.
It's getting to the stage where I'm considering downgrading to Windows 7 again.

I'd appreciate any help that I can get on this. Thanks in advance. I can post anything else that would help you guys out with troubleshooting.

**System Specifications:**
Gigabyte GA-73LMT USB3 Motherboard.
AMD FX 6300 Hex-Core @ 3.5 Ghz.
Windows 8.1 Pro.
Sapphire R7 250X 1GB GDDR3.
8GB Corsair RAM (2x4)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD.
Generic 500Watt PSU (Maybe the cause...)

A:BSOD's After Hardware & Operating System Upgrade

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Please follow the instructions here >> Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista and post back with the requested information.

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My CPU is capable to 64bit platform but when i try to boot 64bit windows 10 it says that this operation cannot be done on this computer or something like that. I tried to boot 32 bit windows 10 and worked perfectly. What should i do? Help please

A:Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit operating system

What make and model of CPU do you have?
If the the CPU supports EM64T or AMD64 features then it can run 64 bit Windows. Tools such as CPU-Z or SiSoft Sandra can check your CPU for you.

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I have a Small Form Factor Business PC HP Compaq 8100 Elite, with Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz and 2GB of RAM (no. 2 x 1GB 240pin DDR3 SDRAM Unbuffered DIMM DDR3-1333 - hynix HMT112U6TFR8C-H9 https://www.skhynix.com/products/computing/view.jsp?info.ramKind=20&info.serialNo=HMT112U6TFR8C&posM... The operating system is Windows 10 to 32b. In the Hardware Reference Guide for PC Installing Additional Memory is reported:Installing Additional MemoryThe computer comes with double data rate 3 synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR3- SDRAM) dual inline memory modules (DIMMs).DIMMs The memory sockets on the system board can be populated with up to four industry-standard DIMMs.These memory sockets are populated with at least one preinstalled DIMM. To achieve the maximum memory support, you can populate the system board with up to 16-GB of memory. DDR3-SDRAM DIMMsFor proper system operation, the DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs must be:industry-standard 240-pin ? unbuffered non-ECC PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 MHz-compliant or PC3-10600 DDR3-1333 MHzcompliantunbuffered ECC PC3-10600 DDR3-1333 MHz-compliant (Z200 SFF only) ? 1.5 volt DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs The DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs must also:support CAS latency 7 DDR3 1066 MHz (7-7-7 timing) and CAS latency 9 DDR3 1333 MHz (9-9-9 timing) ? contain the mandatory JEDEC SPD information In addition, the computer supports:single-sided and double-sided DIMMsDIMMs constructed with x8 and x16 DDR devices; DIMMs constructed with x4 SDRAM are not supportedNOTE: T... Read more

A:Problem upgrade memory with Operating System to 64b.

@Peppe_Valenza I am not surprised by the response from Kingston.  The memory density issue was mentioned message #2. Try some other memory manufacturers and see if you can obtain the proper memory dimms.      Thanks for posting on the forum.

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Helping a friend on his Acer Aspire V5 laptop that was running an OEM Windows 8 to upgrade to 8.1.

After selecting the Upgrade to Windows 8.1 via the store, the system went through it's install procedure, however after it does an auto reboot, it gives you a blank screen with the message No Operating System found, in the upper left corner.

But, you can turn the machine off and back on, and it will boot just fine. However if you select restart it does the same thing "no operating system found", on restart and again you must power down and power back on.

I have searched for fixes, but all seem to point to some sort of re-install process. I am not to crazy about the idea of re-installing to factory settings or doing a repair back to Windows 8 and attempting to upgrade again, are their any known shorter fixes for this?

And if I do go back to Windows 8, and try to upgrade again, what is to say it won't happen again?

A:No Operating System found after Windows 8.1 upgrade

Try running Startup Repair up to 3 times: Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8

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I had to use my operating sytems disk a month ago or so but I went to go use my Microsoft Works program and its no longer there same with office and power point... They orignally came installed on my system..... Why are they not there now, how do i get them back.

A:Had to use my operating system Disc/ Now don't have some programs like microsoft work

Did you format before you reinstalled Windows or did you just reinstall Windows? If you just reinstalled Windows without formatting, your programs may still be there under the Program Files directory. If you formatted (erased) before reinstalling, your programs are gone Did they give you an Applications disc with your computer?

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I was trying to recover/reinstall win 7 and bring back my asus laptop to its manufacture state. When I run the recovery media (recovery dvd) that comes with my asus laptop and after answering the prompts, it gives off "missing operating system" message on an entirely black screen. I tried to go to the bios setting by hitting delete key upon boot-up but it does not respond. I switched off and back on several times trying the delete key every time but to no avail. Please help. It's an ASUS N61J Series with intel i7. I need this very badly! Thanks...

A:missing operating system, del key does not work going to bios setting

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have you tried using the computer's recovery partition as it sounds as though the recovery disc may be corrupted?

To use the recovery partition you need to start your computer and tap the F8 key then select the repair computer option from the advanced boot menu. Follow the prompts to format your drive and restore your computer to its factory state.

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I'm trying to format my friends computer but I can't get his OS cd to work. When I reboot his computer with his OS cd, gateway, it says, "No hard disk found, Gateway System Recovery cannot be continued".
But, when I us my OS cd, dell, I can get to part to make a new partitian. What's going on, can I use my Cd to format his computer?

A:my friends operating system disk does not work in his cpu, but mine does...??

You can use your cd to format his drive (assuming its not a recovery disk), but I do not think you will be able to reinstall windows with it.

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Hi All,  I have an X1 Carbon Gen2 which came with Dragon Assistant originally. But I lost it once upgraded to Windows 10. The response I got from Nuance when I called them was that Dragon Assistant is designed for Windows 8 and is not supported by Windows 10. So I was just wondering if there is a way to configure Cortana instead of Dragon Assistant to the same button on the adaptive keyboard. Have anyone tried this ? Please let me know.

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I hope this will help all the other user out there struggling to get their M.2 ssd to work with their HP Envy 17 laptops. I will give a step by step instructions on how to install and how allow the bios to recognize the m.2 ssd in slot 0, and how to install or run windows 10 off your m.2 ssd. 1. Download the latest updates from HP Envy from HP - I used Internet Download manager to download all the updates as of June 15, 2016. (Bios, drivers, software) http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers 2. Install your M.2 ssd Boot into Windows - Right click on My Computer on your desktop and select Disk Management, and  Format Disk 0 If you want to do a clean install and you did not update your HP ENVY with the latest software and drivers this is the screen you will see when you try to intall Windows 10 on your m.2 ssd. The bios will not see the m.2 and will not allow you to select it in BOOT options.  Instead of doing a clean install, I highly recommend using the Samsung migrations software, it will clone your DISK 1 (2tb hard drive) to Disk 0 (m.2 ssd). After successfully migrating your Drive C to your M.2, when you reboot your m.2 ssd should kick in. Right click on My Computer on your desktop and select Disk Management, you will notice now that Drive 1 is offline, it will conflict with your m.2 ssd drive, don't worry, you can right click on disk one and select go online, you can then start to delete main partition, I have not yet figu... Read more

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After a painful and long process of cleaning my pc of spyware.
everytime a reboot winxppro. i got the following Security Alert Message from NSW 2003.

"Some symantec product setting has been changed by an unauthorized program. This can indicate that an attacker or avirus is attempting to disable your protection.
To avoid problems setting will be reverted to a previous configuration and your system will be started"

I scanned my system and nothing shows up as a virus
I don't know what's wrong. I uninstalled and re-installed NSW2003 and I am getting the same message.

Please help

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hello sir i have thinkpad x220 which i am using from last 5th years, and today morning after uninstall of  McAfee AntiVirus this message are showing " an operating system wasn't found" i don't know what to do.
after pressing power button same disply are showing, then i am used these command in cmd   " diskpart>list disk>seclect volume>actvie>and then assign> exit.... this waya i got my os win 7 and still running.
but the blue button ThinkVantage doesn't working,....same message are showing. now what to do?
how to get back it's defult setting..please i neer your help.
Partha Roy
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Après avoir fait la mise à jour vers w10 mon lecteur d'empreinte ne fonctionne pas. Dans la gestion des périfériques il n'est pas visible. J'ai installé le pilote mais c'est toujous pareil, il n'est pas visible.. quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider ?
Google translate: French >> English
After upgrading to w10 my fingerprint reader does not work. In the management of the pheripherals it is not visible. I installed the driver but it is always the same, it is not visible .. could someone help me?Thank you
Moderator comment: Please feel free to post in your native language, but as the principal language of this community is English, please include a translation alongside for the benefit of other members. Regards.
Commentaire du modérateur: N'hésitez pas à poster dans votre langue maternelle, mais comme la langue principale de cette communauté est l'anglais, veuillez inclure une traduction pour le bénéfice des autres membres. Cordialement.

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I just reinstalled Vista with the factory Reinstallation DVD that came with the computer (Dell Inspiron 1525) and now I can't get the WI-FI to work. "Network adapters" does not appear in the Device Manager. From what I've read, it seems as though I need to install the wireless/WIFI drivers, but there are three problems: 1) The Dell support site with the drivers doesn't seem to be working (please provide direct link if you can get a working one. 2) I don't know EXACTLY what drivers to download. 3) I don't know how to install the drivers once downloaded (from what I've read, it's apparently not as simple as just double-clicking and installing.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, as this is my cousin's computer that I'm helping him with.

Configuration: Dell Inspiron 1525
Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz
Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
System type: 32-bit Operating System

A:Can't get Dell Inspiron 1525 WIFI to work after Operating System reinstall

There is a service tag # on the Dell computer that should take you to the correct drivers.

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I had to download the updated drivers for my computer that has windows 2000 loaded on another computer. The drivers were too big to copy to a 3 1/4 floppy, so I copied the drivers to a cd disc. When I try to update the drivers using the cd disc, the pop up screen say "this is not a valid mfg hardware update." I know they are valid because I copied them from the mfg website. How can I get these drivers installed in c:\winnt folder since the first place the installation looks for is files that are under this particular folder first and then ask if you have disk. Any help will be gladly apppreciated. Thanks


A:Trying to get modem, video, and audio to work with Windows 2000 operating system

Hi ja50us, Welcome to TSG !!

I did the exact same thing. I downloaded the new drivers for mine to CD (video, MB, audio, nic, etc.). I opened device manager, Right clicked the device I wanted, selected properties. Clicked on update driver, Then pointed to the cd. Found the driver and installed it. Did that for each one.

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Firstly I should say that I am primarily a mac user, and it is not my laptop I am posting about. Although I am reasonably knowledgable about Windows, I haven't used it since XP, about four years ago, and so am pretty rusty.

Basically, my girlfriends computer randomly turned off about a week ago, she assumed it was a dead battery, plugged it in, and then when it turned back on it wouldn't boot displaying error message: missing operating system.

As it is a Dell laptop it didn't come with any installation discs, and I totally forgot to even make a repair disc when we got the laptop. I managed to get hold of a Windows 7 Installation Disc and license key for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit through my university. I think the laptop was previously running Windows 7 Home Premium, but that's all I know, and I'm not entirely sure of that fact.

Anyway, burnt the .iso to disc and have tried to boot several times from DVD Drive. The laptop loads the files from the DVD fine, and gets as far as the "Starting Windows" screen, where it seems to get stuck for a few minutes, until it becomes a black screen with just a cursor (the cursor still moves). This also happens with an 64 bit repair DVD I also managed to get hold of.

Any ideas on what I should or can do next?


A:Missing Operating System - Booting from installation disc doesn't work

Welcome To Windows Seven Forums.

Please have a look at this excellent tutorial.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hi, I recently downloaded the Wubi Installer for Linux Ubuntu 9.04 and it has been working fine with Windows XP (SP3), I installed it onto a new partition. Shortly after I decided to do a full restore using Samsung Recovery Solution III on my Samsung NC10 netbook, which must have removed something that was used to dual boot Linux. This was my first experience with dual booting so I don't know what the Wubi installer changed to make dual booting possible originally.

Could someone tell me what I have to change or download to get it dual booting correctly again please?

Thanks in advance =)

A:Re-configure dual boot with Linux after XP full restore

Download SuperGrub. It will fix most probs.
To avoid your prob , in future load Xp onto the first partition of the first hard drive then install Linux.

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I have a laptop  (HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4-1195ca) which required a recovery effort to restore the OS.  Unfortunately the recovery failed and I had to purchase a copy of Windows 10 to get the laptop operational for my daughter going back to school.  I put the MS install of windows 10 on the machine and it operates fine but all of the HP tweaks are not present and the SSD drive is not configured  to help the processor like it was originally. I have attempted to install as much of the software for the machine as I can but it still is not working right. IS there any way I can configure the SSD drive from within the windows 10 install? If I purchase the original factory WIn8 restore disc/USB, will it restore the original setup of the SSD? Please help.  

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Been unable to install the following updates.

KB952004, KB956572, KB958690, KB959426, KB959772, KB960225 and KB60803.

Tried to install these updates many times since their release and every time they seem to download fine. The problem occurs on restart where it jumps from

Configuring updates Stage 1 of 3 to Configuring updates Stage 3 of 3

Then it says that updates didn't configure properly and reverts the changes.

Please can anyone help? This is getting beyond a joke now.

A:Updates wont configure properly

Hello MemoryCrisis, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I'm not sure what the problem may be, but you might see if only installing them 1 or 2 at a time may allow them to be installed instead.

Hope this helps,

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Why did my deployment of Windows 2012 fails with the error message, "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot
proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation." OR I have components that didn't install drivers that are in my driver package?
example error in setuperr.log (from %windir%\Panther) shows the following failure information:
Error  CBS Startup: Failed to process advanced operation queue, startupPhase: 0.  Primitives are still pending. [HRESULT = 0x80004005 - E_FAIL]

Do I need to update latest KMDF http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2685811 if mean please share for windows server 2012

Pandiyan Muthuraman

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Since my return from near non-existence, my parents bought another router to (extend/repeat the wireless signal).

Here is what I have and what I've done so far...

D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router (updated firmware version: 1.34NA 2010-04-16)


D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless N Range Extender (firmware Version: V1.02 2009-10-09)
used WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) was added successfully, but the issue is I cannot seem to copy the mac address from the DIR-655 to the DAP-1360, so when you seek a wireless connection in my household, you see 2 different wireless signals, when all I should see is one (very strong) wireless connection.

I used the same SSID name, channel, and encrypted with WPA2-Personal synced 100% clock and all, except the mac address is different.

I have searched high and low for an answer and if anyone here can help me, I would be truly grateful.
Thank you in advance.

Ps- I can post screen shots if requested.

A:Can't configure D-Link wireless repeater properly

Does the extender have a setting to "Bridge" the two devices?


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I'm reading this guy's blog post about the issues with the 6th generation of X1 Carbon:https://mensfeld.pl/2018/07/lenovo-thinkpad-x1-carbon-6th-gen-2018-review-sad-story-of-a-potentially...At first, he made a blog post about how to make it run properly with Ubuntu 18.04, but then it seems he just lost patience...is the service really that bad?

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Does anyone have any experience of intalling Linux (preferably  Linux Mint or Ubuntu) on the X1 Carbon 6th Generation? I would like to dual-boot this if possible, but I have read a number of reports that suggest that the BIOS for this machine can cause problems with Linux and that compatibility is not as good as on previous models.   

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Hi guys, i bought a new x1 few days ago and it's freezing all the time while i write something in both linux or windows. i already updated the firmwate to the last version and followed any tutorial to set up linux at the best for this laptop but nothing changed. i really want to return it and get another one i think this is faulty. the problem is.. i wiped the ssd including recovery partition and windows. is that ok for lenovo? thanks

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Hello, I recently bought a refurbished X1 Carbon 3rd gen Laptop. Having issues with installing Linux/Debian I need your advice how to make the changes in the BIOS. In the BIOS I see the USB stick with the linux install. I pulled it up in the boot priority. Yet, the install won't start. My desktop machine reads the USB stick properly and starts the installation. Someone around who can lend me a hand with that? Kind regards,Dennis

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