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Booting from cloned drive - Macrium

Q: Booting from cloned drive - Macrium

Hi all,

I've just cloned a hard drive on a laptop which I then tried to boot from (switched over hard drives installing new cloned drive).

I keep receiving the error message, "no operating system".

One thing that i have noticed is that the letter on the drive is F and not C.

Does anyone know how to change over the drive letter or how to boot from a cloned drive using Macrium.


Preferred Solution: Booting from cloned drive - Macrium

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Booting from cloned drive - Macrium

Choose Auto drive letter selection when cloning, also to copy the MBR and track 0.

Make sure the clone then becomes set first HD to boot in BIOS setup.

If it won't start, try unplugging all other HD's and peripherals. If it still wont' start confirm the Win7 partition (or it's 100mb Sys Reserved partition if you have it) is Partition Marked Active
and then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times

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I have a dying hard drive, this pc is a work pc and acts as a small web server for my company. The IT guy that set it up is no longer around so I needed to clone the hard drive with all the settings in order to keep the site going. I used Macrium Reflect to clone the windows 7 hard drive to a new SSD. After the cloning I used the boot menu to pick the SSD and it appeared to load up that drive but I dont think it actually did. I think it still boots into the dying HDD. Though if I only have the dying drive connected, it seems the boot takes longer and the windows is slower. Another thing I noticed is if I pick the SSD from the boot menu, change the background color, if I restart and pick the dying hard drive, the same color I just picked is now the color on that drive. Which again tells me Im not actually getting into the SSD.

If I disconnect the dying drive, when I try to boot into the SSD it keeps saying "loading desktop" then the loaded screen is just a blank blue screen with the cursor and at the bottom right it says ?This copy of windows is not genuine?. I tried bringing up task manager and starting new task, entered explorer.exe which brings up a very basic desktop but Im limited in what I can access. No control panel or windows explorer, ect.

I really need to get a proper cloned copy of my dying hard drive til we can find someone to help re-setup our site which could take a while. I don't know what my options are, Im willing to redo the clone again if n... Read more

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I used Macrium v5 free to upgrade/clone a 250gb WD Caviar to a 500gb Seagate Momentus. The cloned drive is really slow -- slow to boot, slow to login, apps go into "Not Responding" a lot. I'm curious if someone knows the reason. It is quite unusable as it. I don't know if it'll get better with time as Windows somehow adjusts.

A little background, but probably not cause of the sluggishness. There are 4 partitions, from the factory -- HP Tools, Recovery, C:\, and something else (Win PE maybe?). First time I used it, I cloned as-is, which ended up with a large unused unpartitioned space. This is not what I wanted so I cloned it again, putting the "C:\" partition at the end and used Cloned property to specify Max space, ended up being 400+gb on the new partition. Both times the sluggishness is present. I have not changed BIOS or Windows settings, but Windows did install new driver for the new drive.

Any suggestions to narrow down the problem? Thanks

A:Macrium cloned drive REALLY slow

It would be helpful if you posted a picture of your Disk Management.

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Hi guys,

I bought a new drive recently (1TB) to replace my older drive (250GB).

I started by installing it as a drive E:\ - I then used Norton Ghost to clone my original C:\ drive to the new drive.

Then I took out the old drive to try to boot from the new one.

Basically it went to the blue Windows booting graphic, but got stuck there.

When I used the Symantec Recovery Disk to see why, I saw that the new volume is still designated as Drive E:\... so no wonder it's not working properly.

Any ideas on how to force my computer to see the drive as C:?


A:Trouble Booting From Cloned Drive

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Hello All,
Ok here is the problem, I have a machine here where the HD has a couple of pending sectors. It still boots fine, no data has been lost, regular backups are being kept. I am trying to clone the original HD to another HD using clonezilla (all other cloning software choke and never complete). Clonezilla does, HOWEVER the new drive is not bootable. When I try I am told that there was a problem and into insert my vista disk to fix the problem. Well that is fine IF you have a vista disk. This is a HP machine which as you probably know, they only give you a "recovery" partition/disk which wipes the drive and restores it back to when you bought the machine. They don't give you any Microsoft start up tools other then reverting to a restore point. The guy does not want to wipe and rebuild everything, just clone it over to a new drive which I have done but it won't boot.

A Vista recovery disk would work, but the only one I found is by Neosmart and they want $25 for it. While that is better than buying a copy of Vista, it seems like I should be able to do repair the startup data in another fashion. Would a windows 7 disk work? I am assuming not, and would cause more problems. I have seen tools to create a recovery disk, but again it requires having a Vista disk in the first place (which if you already have a Vista disk, why would you need to build a emergency recovery disk that does the same thing?)

One other thing I thought of: EasyBCD and using that to ... Read more

A:Trouble booting cloned (vista) drive

If the problem is really "only" that there is an issue with the boot then a Windows 7 Installation DVD or a Windows 7 System Repair Disk will likely fix the boot problem as well as a Vista Installation DVD would.

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when I boot it has the ACER logo and "please wait" underneath

then it comes to the "light blue" background screen asking me to choose keyboard layout,

once I choose "united kingdom" it then proceed to the CHOOSE AN OPTION screen

1. continue (exit and continue to windows 10
2. use a device
3. troubleshoot
4. turn off your pc

when I select continue it just loops again, Im suspecting it's booting from the wrong partition?

looking for advice on how I can resolve this as it did totally clone the whole drive to a SANDISK SSD
and using the acronis tool.

I tried the DISKPART command, tried to make the partition ACTIVE but this doesnt work for GPT disks and it reports the selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk so not sure what to do.

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I have a single drive partitioned into 2.

I installed windows 8.1 onto partition C.
I cloned partition C onto partition D using EaseUS Backup.
I used easyBCD to add a boot entry for partition D.

I know if you do two separate installtions through the installer, windows makes the drive letter it boots from into drive letter C. This retains the proper path links and ensures compatibility for all applications.

But with the clone when i boot into drive D, it doesn't rename itself into drive C. How can I get the rename functionality enabled so it works properly?

What I have now is windows starting from drive D, but all the links point to drive C for everything including the desktop.

A:Dual Booting Cloned Partition - Incorrect drive letter


I solved it the issue. It was because that the disk lettering was already enumerated for the other partition on the initial installation. You couldn't change it in disk management since it was in use.

I opened the registry on disk d remotely.

Those keys are what gives the drives the letters, but they have to be removed remotely and not within the installation

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I'm new here and I've read threads about this already, but none are seeming to help me with this.

I have a Silicon Image SiI 3512 SATALink Controller with a 160 GB Seagate HD hooked up to it. My motherboard does not have SATA ports.

I've cloned my hard drive after a fresh reformat, gotten all my drivers, everything updated and running, and now what I want to do is boot Windows and work from that Seagate HD and have my other HD as my backup/storage.

A computer geeky friend of mine said he'd never dealt with anything like this and says it probably is not possible, but I've been reading threads all over from searching on Google and people are saying it is possible if your card has a BIOS of it's own, and I think it does, and I'm also seeing people say that you have to put the SCSI drivers in while you're installing Windows, but I don't have Windows CDs (this is a pre-built Compaq, yeah, sucks. =\)

So, yes, Windows is on the HD I want to boot from, I just need to be able to get my computer to want to boot from that device.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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I'm an admitted newbie to Macrium Reflect free cloning SSD to SSD, but have had good luck doing cloning for a trial upgrade of W10.
However, I have developed a peculiar (it seems) problem with USB not being functional on the cloned SSD. Systems is a i5 4670k, MB: GA-X87X-UD3H running EVO SSD for Win7 OS and two HD for data.

Boot OS SSD Config, all GPT:
A) Original boot SSD is EVO 840 120 GB
B) 2nd SSD is EVO 840 120 GB (redundant)
C) 3rd SSD is new EVO 850 250 GB
Note: I am not using "C" as in "C:\".

1. Cloned A to B, shutdown, removed A data cable, booted W7 and did W10 upgrade. Disconnected A data cable and booted on B and all is good. No problem here. Note: cloning from EVO 120 to EVO 120; otherwise it appears as if I'd doing the clone correctly.
2. Problem case. cloned A (EVO 840 120GB) Win7 to C (EVO 850 250 GB), max OS partition except for ~23 GB free partition) Win7. Boot with both A and B data cables and able to use F12 to boot on either SSD and have expected normal USB use. Then, I disconnected the A data cable and the OS boots on C but USB throws Code 10 error; Win7 sounds a new-device-connected tone when I insert a USB stick, but Explorer etc. does not see the USB as mounted. Did a previous clone but set the OS partition to maximum (no 23 GB free partition), and that is when I first noticed the USB issue. If I reconnect the A data cable, the USB functions normally.
Other than a somehow corrupted clone (Macrium showed clone was good) am... Read more

A:USB Code 10 error on Macrium cloned SSD EVO 840 to EVO 850

Hello Grinder mate now you will always have just one C: drive if I am not terribly wrong then the clone of C: will not show up as C: unless the original (smaller drive) is disconnected because it is the drive that Windows goes looking for on power up.

Personally it would have been better forr you to post in point form ie
1. Installed 7 on 120GB drive
2 Connected the 240GB drive to board and cloned the 120GB to it
3 Detach 120Gb drive and boot form 240GB
4 USB problem etc etc

By the by the unallocated space you can extend the partition ahead of it by resizing the C: and S: partitions

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Can I put it in a new computer and it work on it.

A:Moving Macrium cloned hd. from current computer.

I don't think so. You will have problems with the drivers and if it is an OEM Windows, it will not activate.

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 I had a failing SSD and cloned it to a larger  SSD via a USB with the new SSD being external at the time.  I installed the new SSD into the laptop and it will not boot without a boot disk in the CD/ROM. 

Gives a Boot Device not found and lists external several times along with unknown error.

I have been through the bootrec fixes and the BCDEDIT without success.
Can this issue be fixed?

Steve in California

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I have an Alienware 13 R2, 16 GB RAM, intel core i7, NVIDIA 960M, Windows 10... And it had a 256GB SSD, but i bought a new one of 1TB.I the used EaseUS Todo to clone the old one on to the new 1TB SSD. The problem now is that i have no idea how to boot from the new SSD. So I am stuck with the BIOS screen and i son't know what to do.
I would really appreciate some help. This is really urgent. I cant't use my computer.

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I bought a new hard drive (same make and model as my old one), and copied the information from the old one to the new one. I took my old HD out, put in my new one, and I got the following message when I booted up:

Drive 1 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-2
F1 to continue, F2 setup

When I continue, the computer works just fine. Can someone help me solve this error I get on boot up?

Thanks in advance.

A:Cloned HD booting

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Hi, I have the lenovo T400 (Windows 7 64 bit) and cloned the existing HDD with Acronis True Image.When trying to start with the SSD, it beeps once and the cursor in the left top of the screen blinks endless. I already tried the SATA compatibility mode and did a bios update. No success.If I replace the SSD with the old HDD Windows starts normally. Do you have any idea? Thanks and kind regardsAlex

A:Not booting from cloned SSD

Welcome to the CommunityHow did you clone the drive, what mode in? Auto? Manual? As an entire drive or separate partitions one-by-one resizing them?

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Hi, Need help here!Model : ideapad 310-141KBBIOS version : 3JCN30WW (already updated to latest version)SSD Sandisk 240 GB I bought a SSD 240GB and replace the DVD drive with it. I cloned the exisiting HDD with Marcium Reflect software and everything goes well till the BIOS part.i set the 'Boot Mode' to 'Legacy support' and 'Boot Priority' to 'Legacy First'.Then, I did prioritise SSD as first option to boot with but after the computer is on, SSD doesn't appear to be in partition (C and turning it on still takes quite some times as before.Therefore, i wonder if my SSD is really working?Do you all have any ideas? Actually, I was trying to do as per video i found in youtube (link as below) after setting on BIOS, SSD is not in partition (CI only cloned 3 partition to SSDBIOS settinghttps:... Thanks and kind regardsCK 

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Here is my problem...

I have a Dell Optiplex 7010 on Win 7 with a 128 SSD. Decided it needed more space so I cloned it to a 250 SSD with Acronis. I have done this with Acronis several times on other machines and never had this problem. Now when I put the new SSD back in, the system says "failed to boot, no drive detected". The only way I can get it to boot is hitting F12 and selecting on "Boot from Windows boot manager".

legacy boot is turned off and I have tried changing the boot order, but still no luck. It seems that even when I disable NIC Booting, POST still tries to check for PXE boot IP and then it gives the "failed to boot, no drive detected".

Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Help! - cloned SSD not booting directly

See this link. Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD

Or use the free version of EasyBCD EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies#

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Having trouble booting from a cloned disk - it says please insert correct boot device

Bought 2 identical desktops Zoostorm 7872
So I installed the Wins 7 OS on one with all the trimmings

I thought it a good idea to clone it with a stand alone device that holds 2 hard drives and does it automatically - this would save the reinstallation etc

The other one, I inserted the cloned disk and it won't find the OS

Have tried many permutations in the BIOS and have now got confused

Can anyone tell me the correct settings - it gives selection for

Wins 7 or other OS
Windows 8

The seems to be 3 partitions on the HDD

Have tried inserting Wins 7 repair disk, but it says this is not the correct disk for this OS

A:Booting from Cloned disk

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Hi, Need help here!
Model : ideapad 310-141KB
BIOS version : 3JCN30WW (already updated to latest version)
SSD Sandisk 240 GB
I bought a SSD 240GB and replace the DVD drive with it. 
I cloned the exisiting HDD with Marcium Reflect software and everything goes well till the BIOS part.
i set the 'Boot Mode' to 'Legacy support' and 'Boot Priority' to 'Legacy First'.
Then, I did prioritise SSD as first option to boot with but after the computer is on, SSD doesn't appear to be C drive and turning it on still takes quite some times as before.
Therefore, i wonder if my SSD is really working?
Do you all have any ideas?
Actually, I was trying to do as per video i found in youtube (link as below)
after setting on BIOS, SSD is not in partition (CI only cloned 3 partition to SSDBIOS settinghttps:...
Thanks and kind regards
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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I cloned my HD with ghost, then tried booting from the new drive. It goes to my boot menu like normal, does the XP load screen with the progress bar or whatever at the bottom, then goes to the welcome screen, and there it hangs, and won't go any further. Is there something I'm missing? Did I need to Format the New drive before Cloning it or do I need to use Fdisk or some such?

A:Solved: Drives cloned but XP not booting, what am I missing?

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I have a Win 7 x64 SP1 Acer Aspire G3600 system w/1.5 TB boot hard drive. It has the boot drive (C:), the System reserved partition, and the restore partition on it. I copied the C:\ partition and the System Reserved partition to a 64 GB SSD using EASEUS partition Master 4.1.1 Professional. Didn't copy the Restore partition -- not enough space on the SSD. But I've tried to boot from the SSD and can't. I get an error message like "Bootmgr is missing press Ctrl-alt-del to reboot." What am I doing wrong? And how can I fix it? I would appreciate any help I can get.

A:[SOLVED] Booting from SSD cloned from boot disk

Use your Windows 7 recovery disc to install W7 onto the SSD,

Regards. . .



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OK, here's the deal... I've cloned the HDD onto an SSD, but I can't get it to boot.-- keep getting a notice to install the OS.  I know the clone is (should be) ok, because this is the SEVENTH SSD I've cloned over the past three weeks.  The only difference with this one is that it has the UEFI interface (with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit), and for some reason it won't recognize the OS on the SSD. The UEFI is set for: "Legacy Boot with Secure Boot disabled" (when booting either drive).The original drive is MBR.  I tried cloning the drive as MBR and GPT, but neither will boot.I tried cloning a different SSD to make sure it wasn't the SSD.I tried disabling the "UEFI Boot order"  (by unchecking it), but that didn't do anything. What I did notice was... When the original HDD is installed the UEFI BOOT MENU shows the drive in the list TWICE, once as UEFI (#2), and once as Legacy (#4) (with DVDRW as UEFI #1, and Legacy #3, then Boot from file as #5). HOWEVER, when the SSD is installed, the only option it gives me is UEFI.  If I DISABLE (uncheck the option) for the "UEFI Boot order", all it will show is the Legacy CDRW in the Boot Menu. I remembered having a similar problem with about a year ago on my own Windows 10 laptop having the same issue when installing a cloned SSD and then I was able to use the Windows Repair to fix it.  So I created a Windows 7 repair disk (CD), but it won't boot from the disk (it just comes to a blank screen--I've f... Read more

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Hi Everyone! This is my 1st post here. Did a search on computer help and heard great things about this forum. 
My fiance's old dell was on it's last leg and she had a very important program on it for her home based business (medical billing). This program could not be re-installed without paying an arm and a leg. So I cloned the Hard Drive which had Vista Ultimate SP2 (64 bit) on it to a bigger 1 terabyte drive and bought her a newer refurbished HP system. I then took out the HD in the new system which had Windows 7 (32 bit) on it and installed the cloned drive and no boot.. but does boot in the old machine so the clone was successful. I was able to get into the Bios on the new machine and change some settings and now I can at least get to the Vista Splash screen to enter her password but have no use of the keyboard & mouse? Strange. The keyboard does work in the bios but not when Vista starts and get's to the Splash screen. There is no settings in the bios for usb, legacy,ect. So basically.. the MB on the new computer is not playing well with this cloned version of Vista. Tried all the usb inputs so it's not a usb 2..3 thing. And again the keyboard works fine in the bios. Is this a driver issue? Why is this mother board not communicating with this cloned Vista? Do I need to install some driver in Vista?
Thank you so much for any advice!

A:Problem booting a cloned HD of Vista Ultimate SP2 on new machine

Starting to wonder if I should set her Vista to have no password in the old machine and then re-clone. Then at least I could get into the OS. But.. I still might not have a any key or mouse function? Hmmm.. 

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I tried with my usb drive.It came as follows.I couldnot take screen shots so i'm explaining the steps dat came in the blue screen wizard.Pls help me.
Wen i opened ithe rescue.iso during booting from pendrive,a window opened As
1.Restore Wizard V5.0.4286.
2.Press next to continue.I pressed next,den
3.It said to locate the image.It showed two portions.In upper portion i selected the C drive image file wich i had stored in another drive.In the lower portion it showed my C drive(type:NTFS) and the disk space as 29.491GB.
5.Select partition in lower section
6.I selected C(type:Primary)
8.Choose the target disk(Select a disk to be used as the restore target)
10.Select the drive from the following to start restoring.
But i could not see any drive there.It was fully white with no drive to select in it.Den wen i pressed next it said Please select the drive to restore or Select the target drive.But i did not find any drive in it.It was totally blank white screen.Pls help me wat to do.I'm not understanding y its not showing my C drive in it.

A:Macrium reflect usb booting error

Hi Kumaranil. Did you do what I posted here? Imaging with free Macrium

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My laptop is acer aspire V5-571P-6815 bought recently a few days ago. It has EFI-GPT booting and partition system. It does not give recovery disk making facility from DVDs. I used macrium reflect and taken total disk images in external usb HDD. I also made Macrium Windows PE rescue disk using marium reflect.
My laptop has two boot modes : 1)UEFI 2)legacy BIOS mode.
Windows 8 boots only in UEFI mode.
Where as Macrium Windows PE rescue disk does not boot in UEFI mode, but boots in Legacy bios mode.
I want to know from experienced users whether this is normal? From there will I be able to recover my windows using Images created?

In UEFI/GPT system, how to shrink Windows partition which has 686 gb (free 650 gb) and make additional partitions?

A:Macrium Win PE Rescue disk booting


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can download your manual from here:
Take a look at page 19 of the manual.

Acer Recovery

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:


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My laptop is acer aspire V5-571P-6815 bought recently a few days ago. It has EFI-GPT booting and partition system. It does not give recovery disk making facility from DVDs. I used macrium reflect and taken total disk images in external usb HDD. I also made Macrium Windows PE rescue disk using marium reflect.
My laptop has two boot modes : 1)UEFI 2)legacy BIOS mode.
Windows 8 boots only in UEFI mode.
Where as Macrium Windows PE rescue disk does not boot in UEFI mode, but boots in Legacy bios mode.
I want to know from experienced users whether this is normal? From there will I be able to recover my windows using Images created?

In UEFI/GPT system, how to shrink Windows partition which has 686 gb (free 650 gb) and make additional partitions?

A:Macrium Win PE Rescue disk booting


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can download your manual from here:
Take a look at page 19 of the manual.

Acer Recovery

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:


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First off PC specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 processor - 3.4 Ghz
Nvidia N460 GTX GFX card
240GB SanDisk SSD
Windows 7 64 bit

So here is the problem. I had a Western Digital 300 GB SATA drive that was starting to quit on me. So using an Ubuntu live CD I cloned the 300 gig drive onto the 240 gig drive (I only had used approx. 120 GB on the old drive so had LOTS of free space). It seemed to clone fine, and after removing the old drive the computer booted up fine (no errors, running super fast). Windows 7 also recognizes it as a solid state drive (it doesn't show up in the defrag list). However, I just noticed that it's showing the space on the drive as incorrect. It shows up as 126GB free of 297 GB (so pretty much the same size as the old drive). the motherboard's bios shows it correctly, and my linux CD shows it correct as well.

Any way I can fix this in windows without a reinstall of the OS?

A:Problem after having cloned drive. (showing incorrect space on drive)

Maybe you can try to clone with Macrium free
Try loading defaults in BIOS

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I messed up by making a cloned SATA drive instead of just doing an image back up. Now, because it's recognized as a real system drive, I can't get to it to make it a backup drive with an image vice a clone.

A:How do I change a cloned SATA drive to use as a backup drive

Sorry to hear you are having issues Beaner...

Not sure how politically correct that name is either... LOL!

I messed up by making a cloned SATA drive instead of just doing an image back up.

What application did you use to make this "Clone"?

Now, because it's recognized as a real system drive, I can't get to it to make it a backup drive with an image vice a clone.

Can you boot into your OS? If yes, can you see both the old HDD and the Cloned HDD? If you can positivly ID the cloned drive just format it and start again!

I can give you more details once you give me more details!

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I recently moved from a hard drive to a SSD . Unfortunately, the Samsung data migration tool didn't move my second drive. This was not surprising, as I had used Ext2 Volume Manager to mount the Ubuntu partition I had in dual boot. The software told me that it would be empty, but I decided to go ahead after backing up my programs and data.

My current problem is that I have a drive U:\ that shows up in explorer, but not in Disk Management. Also, it contains zero bytes, so it is of no practical value. I would like to hide it, but using Disk Management doesn't work. I would prefer not to need to download a tool etc. Any ideas?

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So my C drive is 500gb and pretty much full, so I got a 2TB drive and cloned all of C's contents over.
I tried changing the bios to recognise the 2TB drive as the main one, but it wouldn't boot.

How can I copy the MBR over or just tell the computer to boot off the new drive. I've read about the spark plug things but my dad says that they're pretty old and not needed any more

Also tried googling how to turn a slave drive into master drive but I really need something fairly simple and probably step by step if possible please
Oh and it's a Hitachi Deckster 7k2000

A:Cloned C drive and want to boot off the newer drive

What did you use to clone it?

What if you boot off the OS disk and do a fixmbr: http://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/fix-mbr-xp-vista/
If you have Win 7 the Vista instructions should work.

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I decided to make my secondary 60G drive the master drive and cloned my original Compaq drive using Drive2Drive software, switched the jumpers and everything seems to be working fine. Now I am supposed to erase the files on what is now the slave drive. My question? How exactly do you do that? Just drag them all to the recycle bin? Even though all of the program files are on there too? Normally I would use add/remove to do the programs so am not sure if it will mess things up to just delete. Also, my performance tab says that all the drives are operating in MS-DOS capability file mode. Tried to fix that using the microsoft knowledge base article but no luck. It's not showing a NIODE in the registry and finally called the techs at Compaq who tell me it is just showing two systems installed and will go away after I erase the slave drive, but that doesn't sound right to me. Am running WindowsME on a Compaq Presario 5000T. Hope you can help. I'm guessing the first question has a simple answer and the second problem maybe isn't so simple.

A:cloned drive

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I have W10 which was upgraded from w7 ultimate.
I cloned w10 to another hard drive and now have 2 drives bootable which i can use.
I am going to be buying a new pc without an operating system,before i do can i:
Put one of the drives into this new pc and boot form it?
Will it W10 remain activated on the new pc
If it is not activated how can i activate this?
I also have a bootable clean install of w10 on a usb,which i could install but again this would need to be activated?

Any thought or help for above appreciated before i buy a new pc..

A:Cloned drive to new pc possible?

Taking a hard drive that's cloned from one system and using it to boot another system is fraught with problems, not least of which is that all the wrong drivers will be loaded.

The free upgrade from 7 to 10 granted you a digital licence that is tied to the hardware of the PC you upgraded. This is not a transferable licence. I'm afraid you need to purchase a new licence for the new PC.

What's going to happen to the old PC? If you are keeping it as a spare or passing it on for someone else to use it still requires its digital licence. Even if it were transferable, you can't activate two machines with the one licence, each machine needs its own licence.

PS: it may be possible with a lot of work to configure the clone drive to work in the new PC. I can imagine why you might want to do this, not having to reinstall all your software for one. It won't be activated though. If you decide to take this route, you can activate it later by purchasing its own product key.

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I installed W7 on my D: drive and it was only 80GB, and had everything running to my satisfaction. Started adding a few programs from my Vista install and thought the drive was to small, so cloned the drive unto a backup drive and installed a 1TB drive. Cloned the image back unto the new drive, but when I try to dual boot, it doesn't see W7. I tried booting from the W7 disk, to do a startup repair, but it doesn't see W7 installed on the new drive.

Any ideas?

A:Cloned Drive with Windows 7

Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?

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i cloned my c drive (75 gig, xp system, western digital drive), using driveimagexml. i followed the guide in the tutorials on the site, it all went well. My intent was to swap out the original and use the clone. However now my system does not recognize the cloned drive.

I have 2 western digital 75 gig drives. (xp system).

Is there a way to identify what i did ? Is there a way to get the drive to be recognized? Does it make a difference on the jumper settings (currently both the same)?

What can i do at this point? Before i made the swap,the cloned drive appeared to have all the duplicate info.


A:lost drive when cloned


Only thing I could find offhand.

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Silly me - I guess I thought it would be easy enough to clone my OS drive with Win XP Pro to a new drive using Norton Ghost 2003.

It appeared to work, but I suspected that merely changing the new drive to Master wouldn't be the total answer and I was right getting a 'boot disk failure' message.

Please forgive my ignorance but I presume there's probably no way for this idealistic idea to work without reinstalling from scratch?

A:Cloned drive won't boot up

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Too late for me . I've already swapped the cloned disks and booted up with the old disk!

The new disk (master) goes into a boot up loop if the old disk is not plugged in. So I need both disks to boot properly.

What can I do to boot with the new disk only? It already has boot priority in the bios.


A:Cloned drive will not boot without Old

It sounds like it wasn't cloned correctly, that only the partition but not the MBR was cloned over. What did you use to clone it?

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HiThe hard drive on this J115 3000 series was full - cloned the drive to a larger drive and this will not boot - just a flashing cursor top-left-hand corner of the screen. Tried cloning to a good old IDE drive - same. What am I missing ? Put the old drive back in and everything boots ok. I'm using Norton Ghost to clone - any ideas?

A:Cloned drive won't boot

Try clonezilla but be careful.

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Win 8.1 Pro x64. I cloned a 128gb SSD to a 256gb SSD one, trying both Samsung's cloning software and Todo Backup Home's, both successfully, but the new drive won't boot. Returns one of three errors;
- disk read error
- MBR Error 1
- system32\winload.exe error / 0xc000000e

A common solution to the latter is to boot from a Windows CD and run bootrec /rebuildbcd from a command prompt. For the moment, that option is cut off because my CD/DVD drive isn't being recognized by the BIOS, only by Windows (got a post about that on the TweakTowns Gigabyte forum). So I've booted from the old drive and the new one is plugged into a USB port. My question is whether or not there's a way to run a fix from there, without the new one actually being in the boot seat. I've tried running bcdboot from a command prompt with the new drive's current directory, F: - "F: bcdboot c:\windows / s/ f:" - but that returns "failure when attmepting to copy boot files." Any other ideas? Thanks,

A:Cloned drive won't boot

bcdboot f:\windows /s /f:

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Hello guys! I just just purchased a 100 Gb drive and cloned my old 60Gb with the 2 partitions into it. I swapped the 2, but windows doesnt boot properly. I can see the windows logo, and the blue screen with the second windows logo (the one right before asking you for username and password) and it just gets stuck there. Whats wrong with it? I read in a thread that the drive letters make a difference. Should I name my new operating system partition c? Can you please help? I use windows xp home edition. thank you very much for your help!

A:Cloned drive won't boot

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Hiyya Shawn now I have just upgraded to 8 using my 7 settings on a couple of my machines. Is it possible to put back the original 7 SSD drive - clone it to a spare drive and then create the VM set up on that cloned drive using the upgraded drive? I would of course remove the original 7 drive and just use the clone.

Sorry a bit convoluted and if I have to I'll just get an OEM 8 to install if what I have cannot be done.

A:create VM set up on cloned drive

Hello John,

Trying to clone it like that may not work to well.

If you like, you could get a Windows 7 ISO from the link below for the Windows 7 you own a product key for, and use the ISO to create the VM with.
Microsoft: Windows 7 Direct Download Links
Afterwards, you could copy any data from the original 7 to the VM 7.

Hope this helps.

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I purchased Apricorn DriveWire to help me clone my current 120GB hard drive to a 320GB hard drive.

I think I successfully cloned my HD to the new one.
Only problem is when it was done, I did not unplug my 320GB hard drive when I rebooted my laptop. I guess the OS settings got modified.

So I wanted to see if everything worked, so I reopened the software I used (Apricorn EZ Gig II) and clicked on Clone Disk. I get an error saying
"you have only one drive. this program is designed to work with two or more drives".

It no longer recognizes my 320GB hard drive being plugged into my drivewire.... HELP!!!!!!

A:Cloned Hard Drive

To add to the matter, I put the hard drive in my laptop to see how it would boot up.
I get test diagnostics that appear. Nothing else...


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After having a hard time installing a SATA drive, I finally got it working right. Now I have trying to clone Windows XP off the 10G drive onto the new one. I have tried Ghost, Acronis, and several manufacturer's programs with no luck.
When I clone the drive, It will boot up windows, but once it gets to the login screen, it stops. No user names or passwords to put in like it usually does, just simply the windows login screen with the Windows logo. I have probably cloned, formated, cloned, formated, over 10-15 times and still can't get it to work.

I have successfully done this before on an old 250 gb drive but that one died last month so I know it can be done.

A:Cloned drive boots, but that's it

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just cloned my hd from 80 to 120 but my dell laptop still reads 39% empty same as before what can i do to get it to read the hd right?

A:Cloned my hard drive

Maybe you simply cloned your 80GB partition onto a 120GB drive so you now have unused disk space. You may just need to resize your partition

You can use EASUS Partition Manager freeware to easily manage the partitions on the drive (including a resize if needed)

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My system has two identical hard drives. Using Paragon's Partition Manager v9, I made an exact duplicate of my main drive, which when tested alone boots just fine. However, when I boot my original system with the cloned drive and open Windows Explorer, none of the partitions on the clone are visible. They are visible using My Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

FWIW, my configuration is as follows:

Main Drive (HD #0) -- Primary partition - C; Extended partition - Logical: D, E, F, G, H, I
Cloned Drive (HD #1) -- Primary partition - J; Extended partition - Logical: K, L, M, N, O, P

When both drives are present and Main is booted, why doesn't Windows Explorer see the cloned system's partitions? What can I do to alleviate this situation?

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My wife's G500 shows signs of an impending disk failure, but I have been unable to clone the drive. All cloning applications I've tried fail with read errors at about 50% completion. CHKDSK /R /F reports corrections have been made.SFC /scannow reports no problems with system files.Troubleshooting via the Windows 10 control panel reports no issues.Yet the computer is very slow and generates blue screen errors. I have checked carefully for signs of malware and have found nothing. I tried running Gibson Research's well known SpinRite on the disk and it tells me that there is a misconfiguration -- specifically a problem with the BIOS: "A subtle but potentially devastating defect exists in the BIOS code of a very few motherboards ? both old and new. This defect has remained largely unnoticed by the PC industry because modern operating systems only use a motherboard's BIOS to get themselves booted up and running. After that they take over all input and output data transfer functions using their own drivers. But all current and past versions of SpinRite, being a DOS-hosted program, uses the BIOS to perform its "bulk" data transfers. So this rare but devastating bug in the BIOS's data transfer logic, if present, prevents SpinRite from operating safely." Full details are here: https://www.grc.com/sr/kb/badbios.htm Apparently there's no BIOS update for this computer. The computer it out of warranty and Lenovo does everything possible to keep people with out-o... Read more

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About a month ago I decided to get a much bigger hard drive (500GB) but theres no way I have time to reinstall everything so I decided to clone my existing hard drive, I tried acronis and the clone went superfast and put everything onto a single partition the full size of the new disk - when I tried to boot up with the disk, it didnt boot. It got to the pale blue screen that usually says 'welcome' but instead it had a small windows XP logo and that was it, it didnt go any further. I contacted support and they were no help so last night I tried another free software hdclone - it took about 6 hours but I actually managed to boot up from the new disk - but the new drive had a single partition the exact same size as the old one and the rest was unused space - no problem I though, I'll just extend it with diskpart - which I did and now windows wont boot from that disk again - with the same issue as it did with the acronis migration.
So I resized the partition back down to the original size and it still wont boot up from that disk

A:Cloned Hard Drive

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Having successfully cloned my C drive to a removable drive (Thanks for your help on that), I would now like to access some of those programs on a different computer via the USB port. Since the other computer is somewhat smaller than mine, I'm reluctant to try out of fear that I'll crash it or worse.

Can this be done?

A:Cloned hard drive


Apart from some very simple programs such as Solitaire and freecell. This will not work.

The host computer would need the programs installed to have all the correct registry settings and files to run the program(s)

Things would also be very slow.



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