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Trying to reach print server on different sub-net

Q: Trying to reach print server on different sub-net

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup a Print Server remotely - and the challenge that I am facing is that the Print Server is on a different sub-net (by default) than the main network.

The main network consists of the I.P. addresses: to

The Print Server has a default I.P. address of:

Fortunately the remote location is using a Netgear SRXN3205 which supports Lan Multi-Homing.

I have added the address to the router (as shown below) -

I have remote access to a Windows 7 computer, and I have tried adding a Static Route to it in order to reach the Print Server -

I have tried both of the following -

route add mask

(above uses the Routers LAN Multi-Homing feature)

route add mask

(above uses the Routers standard I.P. address)

** Can't reach the print server either through ping or a web browser with either of the above commands ***

If anybody has any suggestions on how I can reach the config page of the Print Server (TP-Link TL-PS110U) they will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Preferred Solution: Trying to reach print server on different sub-net

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Trying to reach print server on different sub-net

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I recently changed my printer and installed an HP1510. This printer is installed with my wife's computer as the host and my computer sharing on the network. It all worked for several docs then docs sent from my computer started to disappear. Sometimes there is an indication that the doc has been sent to the printer,other times nothing. The system worked ok with the previous printer an HP 2200. The printer works ok with the host computer. This seems to have been a problem some time ago but I haven't been able to find any recent complaints so I am wondering if it was finally sorted out. I have tried the recomendations from windows and the forums without success,including removing windows updates back to the time the printer was printing ok. Any help would be appreciated.

OS win 7 home premium 64 bit on both computers
Home network all works except for this printer glitch

A:Print jobs don't reach the printer

Hello billhanley,

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer itself?
Do you get spool errors? Or could you provide us with the error details.

You could also go through these threads, see if they might help:Fix printer problems - Microsoft Windows
10 Biggest Printer Problems -- And How To Fix Them | PCWorld

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As of yesterday morning I am having major problems with my computer, which runs on Win XP Pro SP3 with all available updates. Protected by Norton 360, and scanned regularly.

The computer was running normally when shut down.

When booted next morning it could not connect to the internet, although the router was working normally and my wife could connect via her wireless link.

Since the problem began I have scanned it with Clamwin Portable (fully updated) and Stinger, and found no malware.

I have disconnected the computer from the router

Oher noted problems were

1. Couldn't access Windows Help & Support
2. Couldn't run Windows System Restore
3. Couldn't print,- no installed printer showed - and couldn't add a printer because couldn't access Windows Print Spooler
4. When I visit Network Connections, no network is shown
5. When I tried to install Sophos Virus Removal Tool, Windows Installer wouldn't work - error message said I might be in Safe Mode
6. Same problem trying to install Hijack This
7. No Taskbar - to switch between running programmes I am having to use Windows Task Manager (Auto-hide the Taskbar is NOT selected in Taskbar properties)
8. Can't run Norton 360

I include logs of scans from from DDS and GMER - as indicated above I was unable to install Hijack this

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 Bro... Read more

A:Can't acccess internet, print, reach old restore point or make anything work!

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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Using three different computers 1 Win 7, 2 Win 10 and one android phone.
On the Windows 7 machine I cannot reach one web site (SanduskyRotaryPizzaChallenge.com), I get 503 server unavailable. All other web sites work fine on the Win 7 machine. Using Chrome, IE and Edge.
On the Win 10 and Android the web site works fine.
Only the one web site on only the one computer does it not work.
I can using FileZilla I can FTP into the site, on ALL computers.
So what should I be looking at on the Win 7 machine? Remember all other sites work fine.

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After using Capture One Pro version 4 RAW image workflow software from Phase One for a few weeks with no problems (and version 3 for a couple of years before that), suddenly the application has reverted from the Pro version which I paid for to the less capable Standard version.

Between my description of events and screenshots, Phase One support has determined that the application cannot reach the company's activation server to verify the status of my license code. My user account on their site says I have 2 free upgrades and 2 activations remaining. In the app, it says I have zero and zero.

I've tried deactivating and reactivating the software, but I get the error: Capture One was unable to deactivate the software on the server. This happens whether I try to connect from home or from my studio.

I'm running Vista Home Premium SP1.

Phase One support suggested creating a new Windows user account and trying it from there, but that didn't work. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and completely disabling my firewall (AVG 8).

The last from Phase One support (in Asia, who can reply no more than once a day ):

The activation procedure is using the following:

activate.phaseone.com that has IP address
Mac uses port 80 (http)
PC is also port 80 but uses also SOAP commands besides http
Also every machine needs to be able to ping itself on

That is all that is needed to run activation procedure as... Read more

A:App can't reach license activation server

I'd be surprised if machines can ping themselves on, since the loopback address is!

I wonder what other misconceptions they have?

BTW, that IP address for activation is in NJ, not Asia.

I think I'd connected directly to my broadband modem, disable any firewalls, and run the activation. If that doesn't do it, you're pretty much out of luck.

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I'm running OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 on a MacBook Air.
Whenever I try to connect to a website (apart from Google, Facebook, Apple support) it shows the error message "Unable to connect"(Firefox) "Safari Can't Connect to the Server"(Safari). It is not a network problem because every other device works just fine. I've tried changing DNS to Google's, deactivating IPv6, Renewing DHCP lease, rebooting Mac, deleting cookies, uninstalling Avast Antivirus, disabling any VPNs, getting a new IP, et cetera. NOTHING HAS WORKED.
Please help me.

A:Unable to connect, can't reach server.

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I'm trying to work with my server guys on this, but I think the problem may be more local. I cannot reach my personal web servers by pop3, http or ftp when using my domain names. I have tried logging in by server IP and everything works fine. They tell me that they can reach the sites ok and a secondary lookup website was able to ping by domain name.

I have used my command prompt and 3 different browsers, rebooted my entire system, shut down firewalls, cleared all caches (browser and dns) and rebooted again. Every other site on the web shows up fine, but mine just say 'server not found'. The only other posts I've seen have dealt with people who couldn't look up any domains at all, or are trying to access an intranet domain. I am just having trouble with 3 domains on a shared web server.

I have a vonage/motorola router, motorola modem and PC running WinXP

Any suggestions?

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I am trying to connect to a computer in my house so I can play a one of my friends at Bos wars. Every time I try to connect it says "Could not reach server". What am I doing wrong? Is it possible I have two different versions of the game?

A:Solved: Bos Wars lan game... Can not reach server

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I have installed a wireless Belkin G all in one print server on my Dell Inspiron 1300 notebook and connected it via usb to my lexmark 5360 all in one printer. I can send a request to print and it enters the queue but the printer won't print. Any ideas please?

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I have three printers connected to this Linksys EPSX3 print server and almost 25 workstations (WinXp pro installed) using this three printers and can print fine with all the systems. Recently have formatted and installed one workstation with WinXp Pro and connected to the network domain with DHCP enable and firewall disabled on local machine. After installing the print server driver and going to the configure the print server dialog box, Im able to browse and view the print server name and ip but when I press ok it gives a error message " addport failiure" and the whole network get jammed. Nobody can print anything from any other systems and just has to reset the print server again to make it work.Can anybody explain whats goin on..

A:Print server Linksys EPSX3 print problem

problem solved.. Winxp Pro SP2 installed and which adds and enables the ICF internet connection firewall. I have disabled it in control panel firewall but some how it was loading automatically at startup and running. So went to services and set to start service manually. The print server port was added without a prob..

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Hello Guys,

Is there a way via scipting to force a pc to refresh their local printer
settings from the print server ? We have enabled Duplexing as the default for
printing ( conserve that paper ! ) for our HP Laserjet printers on the
Print Server, but if a user goes on their local printer settings and unchecks
duplexing, it will not re-pull that device setting from the print server
unless you delete and then re-add the printer on the local machine. Is there
a way to have the printer settings pulled from the server without have to
delete and then readd the locally installed network printer ?

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I have a print server running 2003 standard sp2, I have been looking for a way to allow helpdesk staff install and manage printers without logging into the server and without adding them to the admin group.

So I added them to the power users group and the print operators group, that worked fine they were able to UNC ( \\servername ) to the server and install printers, drivers, as well as uninstall drivers? printers ect????.
Now the problem??? this works great from an XP box, but when we try it from a windows 7 machine we get access denied. More specifically it acts like it is going to install the printer then when it comes to the driver installation part it fails ?Printer driver was not installed. Access is denied.?

No changes have been made to the permissions I can log into an XP machine with my profile and it works fine log out go to a Windows 7 machine use the same credentials and I get the above message access is denied. I am an admin of both machines on the windows 7 machine I have UAC turned off completely. Running XP Pro SP3 & Windows 7 pro both are 32 bit machines.

I should also add that I have made the necessary group policy changes to allow printer operators to Load/Unload device drivers and under the local policies/security options I ensured that the Prevent users from installing printer drivers was Disabled.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server

How do you enter the credentials on the Windows 7 machine? I've noticed that you have to use "domain\username" rather than just the username in some cases.

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I had a Print Server EUSSO that connected with my old deskjet printer (HP deskjet 845c USB) to my knowledge it working fine...

Though I had bought a new printer (HP laserjet 1020 USB) hook it up to a Print Server but to my amazement, I couldn't get it to work (it working fine, if plug direct to PC)... I set it the way I worked with the old deskjet (HP deskjet 845c USB) and I don't see why it didn't work... Or maybe the Print Server do not support the new Printer? I had visit HP support site, and they just didn't give me any good solution...

Note: upon completing the setup and do a test print; I notice there aren't any error messages display... I see a queue of file on the Printer Document Name last for 2 seconds and dissappear, No errors messages...
But if I try to change the port name/number it will display error message upon printing, and the file on the Printer Document Name didn't dissappear either...

I am so curious why it didn't work?
1. I know it not the printer fault
2. Print Server is not malfunction either (unless it not meant to support my new printer)
3. Not the cable either
4. I don't see any wrong doing with my setup, since I got the first one work and running
5. Now I am sitting duck

Any feed back on this issue would gladly be appreciated...

A:Print Server won't print on new printer

Did you install the drivers for your new printer? (Obvious, sorry, but I have to ask) Best bet would be to uninstall all printers and printer software you have and start over from scratch.

The print server doesn't have to support your printer - all it does is take the data sent by your computer and forward it to the USB port. Your printer however has to support the print server. Some printers require a bidirectional connection with the computer and that cannot work over the network.

Does your print server suppirt several types of connection? It could be any combination of LPR, SMB, JetDirect and any proprietary protocols. Try something else than you are using right now.

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Hi all. We have a number of NT 4 servers, one of which is PRINTSVR, a print server for our NT Workstation network. We have approximately 58 printers setup on this server and for the most part they work great. Something weird is happening, though, on an irregular basis.

On occasion the server will not print Excel spreadsheets and the only way to get it to print them is to reboot. It's not a specific printer problem because once this starts it affects all the printers. The print jobs run through their respective queues indicating that they're spooling, printing, and then they disappear and nothing comes out of the printer(s).

One of our employees has mentioned that she has noticed that the problem occurs after she has attempted to cancel a job. The next time she attempts to print from Excel nothing happens.

Any ideas? Anything would help.

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I have 4 PCs. A Compaq SR2168HM Running Vista Home Basic SP1, a Dell Dimension B310 XP Home SP3, a Dell Dimension 3000 Running XP Home SP3, an HP Pavillion 6736 Celeron 667 running XP home SP2. I want to set up the HP Pavilion to act soley as a printer server for two printers and all of the computers. What I am trying to accomplish is not having to have all the computers turned on so that One can use either printer (1 Laser 1 Inkjet), the Pavilion will not need a monitor keyboard or mouse once set up, unless trouble shooting or updates are needed. No Problem, turn on File and Printer Sharing for all 4. Haven't tried to install SP3 on the Pavilion (don't know if it will even work on this PC).

My Question is, after having all the necessary updates to XP on the pavilion, how do I disable internet access only on this computer while still keeping access to rest of my home network. At the moment I am using a Linksys RTP300 (voip) router as my router with out the telephone service enabled, as my network router. Or is this possible. I am not using the router firewall, I am instead using the Windows Firewall on all 4 computers. Also the Pavilion is not presently connected though I have had it on my home network with both of the Dells before. Print and file sharing with this computer works.

Any Suggestions are appreciated and TIA for any help

A:Using old PC as Print Server

Just don't configure a default gateway on the HP.

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I recent received a netbook. I installed a Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router (very nice btw). I am running Vista on my PC and XP on my netbook. My Printer is an old LaserJet 6p.
Okay, so I have the router set up just fine, but here is the rub. I set-up a linksys router for my sister-in-law and was able to send docs to the printer without any trouble. My netgear is not as forthcoming with this ability... I assumed all routers assisted with the capacity unequivically...
Am I missing something.
I set my printer up on my PC to be shared. But my netbook can't seem to find it...
What do I need to do?
Any and all help, tips, and links would be appreciated!
I've browsed (googled) but I am not sure if I need to create a print server on my PC or if I am missing something very obvious...

A:Print server?

if you wire it like this

then systems attached to router#2 can reach anything on router#1
BUT not the converse.

remove the cable from the WAN side of router#2 and move it to the LAN side.
login to router #2 and disable the DHCP server.

Router#1 will then control all IP address assignments and all systems will have the same
first three portions of the IP address, eg 192.168.0.x

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I'm setting up a print server and i need to wipe the two drives it has but they both have windows NT server on them pass protected and the bios doesn't allow for boot from CD and ways around this with out opening up my compy to reformat them?

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I recently installed a Linksys wireless Broadband network in my home. Is there any way that this router can be used as a wireless print server as well?


A:Print Server

On the computer with the printer just click on the printer properties and mark it as shared. Under Control Panel>Printers, click on add new printer, then find it in the network and it will install it on that pc.

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dear friends, pls tell me what is a print server, and also tell me the installation and sharing procedure of a plotter.

A:print server

Howdy sandheep...


There are Hardware Print Servers that basicaly control the flow of data from pc's to printers. Then there are Software Servers that will control the flow, drivers and anything else you configure them to do from pc to printer...

A Plotter is basically a printer, set it up as you will a printer ( via the software )...

And...for some reason I think this is a test question...

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I have a wireless network at home right now and i'm sharing my printer through my desktop. What I want to do is make the printer a network printer without having to share it through the desktop so that i don't need to always have it on when i want to print from my laptop. I know print servers are more expensive than this, but i don't really know too much about this stuff and maybe someone can help me out. I know it says its a print server, but i just wanted to make sure and see if anyone has used something like this to make a printer a network printer on a wireless network. Thanks in advance.

A:Can i use this as a print server?

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I'm thinking of setting up a print server for 3 parallel printers; HP 2600, HP 450C and HP LaserJet 4V.

My questions are:
Is there a print server that will handle these 3 printers?
If I connect to our exisiting Nework server will it slow things down?
And if so what do you suggest should be minimum requirements for an alternate computer to use as a server?

Thanks for your help

A:Print Server

moving to networking, may get a better response there

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Okay, I'm looking to use one printer for up to 4 computers in my house on my wireless network. What is the cheapest solution here? Im thinking I have to buy one of those "Print Servers" from newegg.com but I'm really clueless on the subject. Would like to do this as cheap as possible.. K, thanks

A:Print Server

The simplest & cheapest way would be sharing the printer.

If you're running XP...........http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/expert/honeycutt_july2.mspx

If not XP..........http://www.microsoft.com/windows98/usingwindows/work/articles/906Jun/Shareprinter.asp

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I use a D-Link 704P router. It came with software and instructions for Win 9X ME 2K, nothing for XP and same on website. Since putting in XP Pro don't know how to install the printer using the router port. I got it useable for the network by hooking it to one of the computers with a USB cable, all can print now but the "server" it is on has to be running, that is the PC that was USB'ed to it. All use the router printer port now, don't need the USB.

Anyone know how to point XP towards the print server port the right way?

A:print server with XP Pro

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I am trying to connect a wireless print server to an Actiontec M1000 Single Port Wireless DSL Modem. Currently The modem is hooked directly to a desktop computer. My equipmemt is

Desktop Computer that has no wireless card
2 laptops that can connect through wireless
Actiontec M1000 Single Port Wireless DSL Modem
Linksys Wireless-G PrintServer

My question is how can I hook the print server up so I can print from all three computers? Do I need to throw a router or switch into the mix? Can someone tell me the best way to hook everything up?

Thank you,


A:Print Server Help

The way the wireless print server works is it should authenticate on your existing wireless network. These can be a pain to setup as you have to get that working and then install the printer as a network printer through the print server. These almost always come with a cd that you run to help you configure them.

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Hi all,

I have printer servers pointing to several printers, and users of course will go to the print server. We will be upgrading the network and there will be IP changes for everyone, including the printers and print server.

My question is, after the printers and print server IP addresses changed, does the user end PC need to do anything?


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Can some please walk me through in how to set up a print server? Networking isn't my strength so I would appreciate it if you could explain it in easy terms. Thanks for all of your help.


P.S. I have searched the posts already but they are too difficult to understand.

A:How to set up a print server?

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How can I get around a print server?

I have a cheap usb Lexmark X1150 printer. In past I installed this printer to my server pc. Sharing the printer with the network.

I would like to share the printer with the network without using the server pc or a print server.

What I would like to do is use a USB to ethernet adapter, attaching my printer to my Dlink DI-624 router.

I don't have a the adapter yet...

Will this work?

Any help or other ideas would be great.


A:How can I get around a print server?

Highly unlikely unless this is some peripheral from Lexmark. You'll either have to have something connected to the printer (a computer with an OS) or a print server. Something has to actually "share" the printer out and know how to handle your print jobs.

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My print server will not connect to my computer through my new wireless router.
When I type in the IP address in the browser nothing comes up. How can I make it connect?

A:Print server

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Howdy folks,

I have an Elite Silicon 4-port USB server that I used to have connected to my router when using W7. Since upgrading to W10 (x64 Pro) I haven't needed to use it but SWMBO is whining about having to turn my PC on to use the Epson sat in my office so I thought I'd connect it up again.

Firstly, W10 doesn't see the device at all - no beeps when I connect it and can't see it when doing a scan for devices - and secondly the drivers won't install from the CD. They are the latest drivers but several years old so I guess maybe not compatable with W10?

If anyone has a suggestion to get this deice working I'd be happy to hear about it. Alternatively, does anyone have a print server running under W10 that they can recommend?


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Hello all i am after a print server not worryed if it is wireless or wierd that is not a problem! What i am wanting is that i can print straight to the server using the printer drivers on the computer and no aditional software if there is any out there. E,g like printing through the network to anouther computer and letting that do the printing thanks for any advice Steve
P.s it has to be usb as i already have a intel Parrale one chears agane

A:Best USB Print server

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Hi there

I have istalled a IOgear usb print server. Everything is working fine apart from the fact that the actual printing is very very slow. I have 2 xp machines connected to it.

Any suggestions very much appreciated



A:Print server

your connection to the printer is the issue. if you have a WIRELESS connection,
then you will be limited in two ways: the wireless limit + any encryption on the connection.

if at all possible, wire the printer to any system and then just print-share it with

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We changed from cable to dsl wireless the other day and I can't get my printer to work. We have it on a print server. (dlink). I probably have to change some numbers or something but I'm not sure what or where. Can anyone help me? The printer is an HP photosmart all in one C4100 series. The router is a dlink.
Thank You

A:dsl and print server

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I have to configure one of my old print server that works with only with ARP to setup the IP address.

My PC (and the network) IP address range is with subnet
My Print server MAC address is : 00-05-5d-5a-04-54

I want to assign the printer server IP address and I tried the following DOS command from my XP

ARP -s 00-05-5d-5a-04-54

The command works successful, but I can not ping from my PC to Print Server.

I assume that I need to assign teh subnet also? If it is then how can I assign a subnet using ARP command?


A:ARP for a Print Server

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I work with a network of 30 win 98 client machines and 1 nt 4.0 server on a tcp/ip cat 5 10/100 network. I want to use an old win 95 machine as a dedicated print server so that prints can be seen and deleted by all that look at that machine. Can anyone tell me how to do this and the software that i will need. Free software would be best.



A:Print Server help win 98/95

Well, I've used old W98 machines as print servers, and no software is required, other than Windows. I presume W95 will do the trick, though it's been many years since I tinkered with W95. Just setup File & Print sharing and share the printer. It should appear as a shared resource in your workgroup.

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I have windows7 home and want to use it with HP printer which only accepts XP print driver. What do I do?

A:Have XP print server but need driver for use with Win #7

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Dear all:
Recently I purchased a LINKSYS EFSP42 2-port Print Server. Before I opened the box, I expected to finish the testing in approximately 10 to 15 minutes because most of the Linksys products I have are hassle-free setup.

However, this Print Server took me the whole day for testing. I experienced graphical texts failed to print, slow respondance, and Admin Software not able to search the print server on network and/or upgrade the firmware. I have even tried to visit Linksys's official website and downloaded the latest version of drivers and firmwares, but still no use.

Right now, I am in the market shopping for the most reliable print server for SOHO standard (means faily inexpensive but performance is good and reliable at same time). Can you share your Print Server experience with me, and perhaps give me some recommendation?

My friend has a NETGEAR PS101 and hethinks that works great. However, I searched the web and found out that it's got a problem with giving itself a static IP.

Currently we are hosting a RedHat Linux + Samba workstation as the print server, and the performance is so fantastic. However, it has some compatibility issue with Crystal Report. Switching to a Windows based workstation may help but currently the only PCs we've got are those old P2 and some old P3 with 128RAM; can such slow PC handle the print jobs well as a print server???

Thank you all =)

A:Best Print Server for recommendation?

The best solution is no print server at all and having printers with network support builtin..

If you set up the print serving computer with raw print queues (the pages are rendered by the client computer) then you don't need any computing power at all. You can use something as slow as a 286 in that case since all it has to do is take data from the network and send it to the printer port. Only some memory/disk space is needed for buffering/spooling.

Do you use raw print queues in your current setup? Or do the clients use a generic PS driver to send pages to the server which then renders them for the printers?

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I need to find a way to print on a network as inexpensively as possible. I have been researching external print servers and printers and wondering what, if any compatibility issues there are with print servers and printers. I was told that it was ok to hook and external print server to any (cheap) printer with a parallel port but that with under 2mb of memory in a printer, I wouldn't have very good results.
The volume of printing that this would have to handle is very low, maximum of 30 pages a day. What I need to know: Is it possible to connect a print server to a printer with only 2 mb memory and have decent network printing for the volume that I have specified?
If not, any there any other "economical" options for network printing?

A:external print server


I'll answer your second question first. There are other methods to economically print over a network.
You could connect the printer to one of the workstation computers and share it. Or, you could dedicate a fairly low end computer as a print server and connect printers to it.

If you are printing text documents you don't need a lot of resources on the printer. Printing graphic material will need more memory and processor speed on the printer.
The problem I run into most frequently with my customers is people who hang onto old printers like the HP2 or HP3 because they still work good. They have limited memory and more important a very slow processor in the printer. You can add memory but the processor will always be slow.

Hope this helps.


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I'm trying to find a wireless USB print server that just WORKS. I tried a TRENDNet TEW-MFP1 It's a piece of junk that requires you to use their software. I want something like an old JetDirect... I can point any printer under any OS to a raw TCP/IP port, and the print jobs come out.

A:Wireless USB print server?

I don't know if a simple solution like that exits, but you can check THIS.

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ok here is the scenario:

I have a windows 2000 server box named print01
it has all of the network printers defined and acts as the network print server

i want to replace it (it's an old server) with a new server
running windows 2003 server.

If i name it print01 and add the printers (using same drivers, etc)
and name the pritners the same, will i have to re-add all the network
printers to the xp clients? will they see the printers using the new print
server once it is converted?


A:Replacing a Print Server

Not as long as the server has the same name and IP address on the network. Is this a member server or a standalone server in it's own AD forest?

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I am running three printers off an Intel Netport Express XL 3-port print server. They are currently served by Novell queues. In the near future, we will be moving away from Novell and completely into a Windows server environment. I'm trying to install all of our printers to the existing Windows server. Unfortunately, this print server is not recognized in Windows 2000 Server. In the add new port portion of a printer install, after I enter the IP address, it asks what kind of print server it is. It's not in the drop down list to choose from and I have no idea what to enter for custom print server. I tried installing the print server by choosing Netport Express 10/100 as the print server, but had no luck. Is there any way I can install a "definition" of the XL print server onto the Win2K server? If not, is anyone familiar with the custom settings for the print server? Thanks.

A:Intel Print Server

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I'm a graphic artist and recently purchased a Hawking print server to house my 3 printers. I had a professional tech hook everything up ... he printed a couple of test pages, then a few text pages ... all 3 printers worked and he left. Later when I tried printing my higher resolution graphics ... not one of the 3 printers would work ... they just give me error messages. I tried plain text again ... and it works. Is there some kind of setting for high resolution work?

A:Print Server mystery

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Hi, I am looking to be able to print from any internet location to my printer at home. I have a print server at home although not wired in yet. I do not want to have a computer always hooked up at home I would like the system to be self sufficient if you see what I mean.

Only problem I can see arising is I have a dynamic IP...is it possible or am I going to have to pay for a static IP



A:Remote print server

Not my field of expertise but if I understand the question, using the print server plugged into the router, if it is a wireless router, you can print from it anywhere in the house. You can create a static IP address for the print server as well in Windows which would make finding it a lot easier.

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Im attempting to setup a printer OKI 5500 on a linksys print server.
Im constantly getting errors including "cannot connect printer to lpr port"
I have installed the print server options under add or remove windows components.

I have tried setting up an lpr port at
I have tried TCPIP port with an lpr protocol..and raw protocall..
Does the LPR queue name matter?
Does LPR byte counting enanbled matter?
Should I have SNMP status enabled?

Im quite proficient with computers and networking since I do it for a living but this is something I have not been able to solve....

I logged into the print server and have copied all appropriate information from the interface.

Hardware ID:05004A8C2C
Firmware Version:6050
MAC Address:00-0F-66-88-32-FE
Protocol ID:80FE
Default Name:LK8832FE
Server Name:NETPRINT

AppleTalk Info:
Printer Type:

TCP/IP Info:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway Address:
Email Server IP Address:
Printing Account Name: N/A
Redirect Account Name: N/A

SMB Info:

Station Name:00-0F-66-88-32-FE
Channel No:6
Network Type:Infrastructure
Link Quality:Excellent
Signal Strengthoor

Printer Status

Port P1
Current Selected Port: USB 1
Status: On-line
Printing Info: Idle

System Tab

device name


Port Tab
Logical Port
Selected logical port:... Read more

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Will USB print servers return ink levels to the computer either through the normal printer monitor or through the IP address?

Will this happen in a networked printer like an Epson Workforce 40?


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I'm having trouble setting up a new Vista machine on my home network to use the printer connected to a USB Print Server on the router.

Here's the hardware involved:

Edimax PS-1205Um 1 Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet USB Print Server
Netgear DG834GT Router
HP PSC 2110 Printer

In XP, I have the printer set up as follows:

Port Name: IP_192.168.0.5
Printer Name or IP Address:
Protocol: LPR
Queue Name: lpt1

But I cannot seem to be able to use these setting to make it work in Vista! Any ideas on how to set this up?

A:Using a Print Server with Vista

Anyone? I need this set up pretty urgently to be honest...


I went to Control Panel > Programs and Features >Turn Windows features on or off, expanded Print Services, and then selected LPR Port Monitor.

After the feature was installed, I went to Printers > Add Printer > chose Local Printer > selected 'Create a new port', and chose Type of port: 'LPR Port'. Then I typed in '' under the 'Name or address of server providing lpd', and 'lpt1' under 'Name of printer or print queue on that server'.


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Sorry for asking such a newbie question, but I'm having trouble finding the right hardware to set up a wireless print server at home. I have an absolutely ANCIENT D-Link DI-713P that I'm using, which still requires a parallel port printer. I've tried a few router/print server combos over the years, yet have yet to find one that is as reliable and easy to put together as my ancient D-Link.

I recently purchased a D-Link DIR-755 because of its great reviews, and its supposed ability to "Share USB devices like printers and storage with all the users on your network with D-Link's SharePort? Technology," yet have had absolutely no luck connecting the router to a (new) printer. I have searched many forums looking for a solution, and came to the conclusion that this was a common problem.

I love the increased speed of the DIR-755 and would love to have a wireless printer that actually allows me to print large PDF files. Yet in my research, it seems like these wireless router/print server combos are a thing of the past. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should proceed?

I looked into purchasing a separate print server, yet none of them seems to have good reviews.


A:Wireless Print Server

What about just getting a Network Printer
ie a Printer that has Ethernet as one of the connections (not just USB)
Then plug it directly into a multi-port (Ethernet of course) Router

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