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"Expansion port 3" pinout, function of pins and signals

Q: "Expansion port 3" pinout, function of pins and signals

Hi folks! Is there a place where I can find technical information regarding the "Expansion port 3" ? I was thinking on building a docking station that could suit my needs, as I could not locate a docking station that could be used with my laptop. If you know the pinout, function of pins and signals of the "Expansion port 3", please, drop me a note, OK? Thanks in advance and regards, Mike

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Preferred Solution: "Expansion port 3" pinout, function of pins and signals

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a P1 GEN2 OLED. While the internet is flooded with complaints of the OLED screen itself, the thunderbolt 3 port of my P1 GEN2 magically stopped working for no reason.  I have been using the laptop with an external display ever since I got the laptop. All went well. Suddenly from yesterday, the external display starts turning into a blue sreen with "NO SIGNAL" shown on it.  I had a windows cumulcative update (KB4532693) and windows security update (KB4524244) yesterday and I suspected that the update might be the culprit. I rolled back the OS. No change. Still NO SIGNAL.  I searched this Forum. Played with Thunderbold 3 menu in the Bios. Everything was enabled and every single option of "security level" was tried. Still NO SIGNAL.  I checked Intel Mangaement Engine software. It is already the latest version. Reinstalled it. Still NO SIGNAL.  I checked Nvidia driver. Latest version already.  In sum, the problem is: the thunderbolt port is still able to power the extenal display but just simply does not pass signal to the external display. HDMI port, however, still passes signal if use an HDMI cable.  I want to give it a shot here to see if anyone has experienced similar issues and how they sovled the problem before I call Lenovo technical support, the staff of which does not seem to know more than some people here on this Forum. 

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I have an HP laptop...

and i know what all the ports are except for one...

Expansion Port 3..

What is it for...What periperals can be attached to that...


A:What is the Expansion Port 3 for? (Laptops)

From What i can find it is used for a port replicator i have seen one on the hp site just go into laptop acceorys it may have a base stastion to

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I am considering on purchasing a Gigabyte Z370 HD3P motherboard to start a new computer build. However, it lacks a PCIe x8. After a bit more research, I found a Gigabyte Z370 UD3H that had a PCIe x8. And, it would cost $100 more. However, It is only sold outside of the US. and Gigabyte would not say why. The Z370 UD3H also has Dual m.2 ports, a PCIe x16, PCIe x8, PCIe x4, and 3 x PCIe x1's However this board is only sold on Alibaba in China. I'm afraid of the expense of the cost of customer support if I have touble with the motherboard. I'm also trying to consider upgrades in the future. I use my computer primarily for eBay sales, accounting, photo collections and am considering on looking into gaming.

If I decide to go with the Gigabyte Z370 HD3P, am I giving up much to be without 1-PCIe x8?

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Other than USB port?Any other options? 

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Hi, New to the forum. I have an HP 450-A24 Slimline and would like to know if it is possible to install a 4 port USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card?  All I have been able to find out is that the expansion port has been used. Is there any way to still add 4 port USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card?   Thanks fror your help

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I have a 320GB Seagate Expansion Drive which worked fine for several months, but in the last week or so the only way I could get it to register on my computer was to push the USB plug into the port on the unit very firmly. This sometimes caused the drive to work for a while, but then later ceased to work when I let go. So, I decided to tape it place very tightly. Wrong move! The whole USB port came loose from the mother board! Is it possible to have this fixed? I have a lot of stuff on the drive I don't want to lose!!!

A:USB port loose from Seagate Expansion Drive

I'm not entirely clear on what you are describing. Are you calling an external hard drive and "expansion drive" or is the "expansion drive" a drive physically mounted in a chassis? An external hard drive doesn't have a motherboard.

If the USB port came loose on an external drive enclosure adapter you could remove the drive from the present enclosure and install it in a new enclosure if the external drive is an IDE drive or a standard SATA drive.

Posting a picture may help decipher exactly what you are describing.

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Hey guys,has anyone tried a 54mm 3 port USB 3.0 Express Card in their X220?I found this one on eBay... AKE Laptop Notebook 54mm Express USB3.0 3 port 5GB/s HUB T Card adapter FL1100http://www.ebay.com/itm/AKE-Laptop-Notebook-54mm-Express-USB3-0-3-port-5GB-s-HUB-T-Card-adapter-FL11... I've noticed a lot of 54mm 2 port USB 3.0 cards on ebay and in other notebook forums X220 users have said they are using 2 port cards with no issues and no need for power cable so I'm wondering if 3 port USB 3.0 would work? Cheers


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A:X220 Expansion slot fit 54mm 3 port USB 3.0 Express Card?

I would imagine that as long as you used a USB 3.0 device which did not require external power (like a USB flash drive) or had an external power adapater (like a hard disk drive enclosure) that things would be fine.  You might want to contact the seller and ask what the maximum current is for each USB 3.0 port, and whether or not the card can supply that simultaneously for all three ports.
Aryeh Goretsky

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 The mentioned games do not start on my windows 7 32 bit computer. I Have played them on this computer before, but sometime this year the games stopped working. I have used all the methods for fixing this problem, but none of them worked. My game
files are all downloaded correctly, and my Dad has also noticed this issue on his computer.

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 The mentioned games do not start on my windows 7 32 bit computer. I Have played them on this computer before, but sometime this year the games stopped working. I have used all the methods for fixing this problem, but none of them worked. My game
files are all downloaded correctly, and my Dad has also noticed this issue on his computer.

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Summary: Line out port on my pc is completely ****ed. I have to spend 5-10 minutes messing around, jerking and twisting my audio cable before I can get sound. Tested with 3 different devices. I've heard you are able to configure the line in port to function as a line out but google hasn't proved to helpful. Any idea on how one might do this. Using intergrated hd audio on my motherboard Asus m2nbp-vm csm.

A:Configuring a line in port to function as a line out port.

Usually,it can only be configured as something like 5.1 which
would enable the rear outputs but wouldn't give any front audio
out through the bad port.
Might think about getting one of these and disable the onboard.
These are supposed to work with windows 7 too.

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I recently replaced my mainboard and processor.

I installed my DFI Lanparty UT nf3 250gb and my new sempron 3100+ and everything went very smoothly. I have a brand new 120gb Samsung drive with a fresh install of Windows Xp. Here is my problem.

The Line Out port on the back of the mainboard (onboard sound) does not function. I have resorted to plugging my speakers into the Rear R/L port and using it this way although I don't see this as ideal.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:nVidia nForce Audio Line Out port does not function

does your board support fp audio ports? if so, then refer to your manual and find out where this jumper blobk is located. to complete the circuits to the back panel ports, there needs to be one or more jumpers installed on said block as your manual indicates. check that first, as it is most likely the cause. but you have gone over your windows and bios settings twice, right?

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Sometimes I get this message. I have the latest Driver. Is there any way to stop getting this message? My system is a lenovo P50 with Windows 10

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P50 / Windows 10 I get this message every time I dock the computer or plug in an external HDMI display. The Thunderbolt software is version which looks like the latest available. Any way to suppress this? Very annoying when presenting.

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Hi, after getting a easy answer here about that I can upgrade my w550s to 3k and ordered the screen, my laptop is has 30 pins screen cable, apparently all the fullhd TFT screen laptops have the same cable ( i am not sure about it).... now i have at home a 3k screen and a w550s with backlight not working, i thinks the fuse got burn bcs i connected the screen with the internal battery connected....So my question is, do i can upgrade for real my screen to 3k from full HD having a 30 pins cable??I havent open the laptop to see if the connector on the motherboard it has that possibility....I have not so much idea about hardware, that is way I am asking here.Thanks for the help!RegardsJorge

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does anybody know the connections to build myself a DVI-D to VGA adapter ?
I need to connect a "new" video card with a DVI-D output to an "old" CRT monitor with a VGA cable, and i don't want to buy a commercial item.


A:DVI-D -> VGA adapter pinout

They cost like $6 bucks! You must have alot of time on your hands.

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Take a look at the attached Pinout diagram of the EXT connector on a SB Live! Value soundcard. The top left PIN is PIN 1, but which way do the rest of the pins go? Down or across?
By down, I mean:
1 7
2 8
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12

By across, I mean:
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10
11 12

A:Pinout on SB Live! Value

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Does anyone know of any websites that have a good range of pinout diagrams?
I am mainly looking for PS2 and USB, but it would be handy to know if others were available as well.


A:Pinout diagrams

Did'nt find any for more common cables like USB but I did find one forInternal Cables

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I have this pinout:

9-pin Female 9-pin Male
3 Yellow 2
2 White 3
6,7,8 Solder together ----
5 AC ADapter gnd (-)green and orange Green pin 1 Orange pin 8
red to Ac adapter (+) 5
4 Blue 4

Now, I understand how to do most of this, but the part that throws me are the pins 6,7,8 being soldered together...I'm assuming any other color than the ones I'm using for the other pins...but soldered together, where? The actual wires?

Also, I'm wondering if I can do this using an RJ-45/Dsub9 adaptor and some CAT5e....but how would I achieve the above pinout using this method?

Thanks in advance!

A:Dsub9 Special Pinout

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I need the pinout for the 708231-5C1 webcami am trying to wire it to a external usb cord

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Hi, I need RS232 pinout of HP RP2 Retail System  2030 . How can i found it ? { RJ-50 Serial Ports (Power Configurable 5V/12V) } Could you please help me ? Best Regards, N A

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I just put a system together with a Compaq Presario 5000T motherboard (motherboard model 686C3 with P-III 933) and am having trouble getting the front case USB ports to work. The header on the board looks like a standard 9 pin header but no matter how I connect to port cables I get a "unrecognized USB device" message in Win XP. I've measured voltages on the pins and get 5 volts on the first and third pins instead of the standard first and fourth. I've rewired the connector on the cable to the front panel accordingly but no luck. Seems like no matter how I arrange the wires into the header I get the same message when I plug my thumb drive in. The thumb drive reads fine when plugged into the rear USB connectors on the board.

I know it's usually a waste of time trying to make use of old Compaq parts, but other than this problem the board actually hooked up and runs great in a new mini ATX case. If I can get this little annoyance figured out I'll have a pretty decent little machine for cheap.

Any help would be great. Thanks

A:USB Pinout on Compaq Motherboard

Welcome to TSG Forums

Well if it says "Unrecognized USB Device" then its plugged in right because otherwise XP wouldn't even see it.

If you haven't installed SP2, do so, that usually solves any USB related problems. Worked for me.

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I am installing an Intel motherboard into a case that is equiped with 2 front panel USB connectors. The case came with no documentation.

What I'm looking at is 2 sets of 4 wires each labeled as follows:

a)USB1+ (yellow)
b)USB1- (green)
c)VCC (red)
d)Ground (black)


I found the following on the intel site:
3. USB_FNT 1#
4. USB_FNT 2#
5. USB_FNT 1
6. USB_FNT 2
7. Ground
8. Ground
9. Not Connected
10. Not Connected

I am assuming (yes I know what happens when you assume that:
USB_FNT 1# = USB1+

Can anyone confirm this?

A:Front Panel USB Pinout

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hi everyone i am new to the forum. i am here because of the following problem i need to repair an old lansing atp3 but i cant identify the pins the cable is missing. does anyone have a diagram or can create one and send me. i would be very great full thanks.

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HI All

Hope someone can help me with with this one, I have an NEC N4-IBFGL P4 mainboard and want to connect to the front USB connectors on my new case but cannot get the pinouts from anywhere.

Header pins


x = no pin

from everywhere i've come across researching this the blank space is opposite to standard. I tried connecting the cables directly to the pins in the standard layout

+5 D- D+ GND X
+5 D- D+ GND NC
o o o o x
o o o o o
But when I connect anything to the ports on the front I just get a device not recognized message from XP.
Thanks in advance

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I am using a HP pavilion motherboard model CUV-NT; HP part number P1335-69002 in a system I built. (Don't ask). Problem is HP uses some proprietary layout for the front usb. See the board layout here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...en&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&docname=bph06062#N10134. When I connect the now standard connection; VCC1, USB1-, USB1+,gnd; a device will be found; but will come in as unknown device and disabled. Any ideas

A:usb pinout for hp pavilion 8760c

If your talking about front panle USB, VCC1, USB1-, USB1+,gnd this is standard for Intel chipsets, however for Via chipsets it could be anything try switching to VCC1, USB1+, USB1-,gnd, if the connector is a solid block type, on the front side of the connector just bellow the exposed contact pins gently lift the plastic tab with a strait pin, then pull the pins out, then switch them.

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A friend's newer laptop comes only with a USB port, no longer does it have a parallel printer output port. I loaned him an older parallel port laser printer and he was unable to use it.
I know you can buy them, but I would like to make my own USB to (Centronics)Parallel Printer adapter cable - I am looking for the necessary pinout - Can anyone help me?

A:USB to Parallel Printer pinout

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Hello, I moved my z420 workstation mainbaord to a different case (Fractal Design R4) and keep running into the screen that notifies me of different panels not being connected. So far I was able to solve the issues with: Front Panel Audio, USB2.0 and ieee1394 due to searchin through the HP Forums and figuring out which pins need to be connected to ground in order for the mainboard to pass the test.One issue I can`t seem to figure out / get to disappear is "939-Front Panel Usb 3.0 not connected".I have connected the USB3.0 cable from the case and it still displays this issue - reading through the forums I came accross that z420/z620 have a USB3.0 redriver .Do I need the original panel to make the board believe that usb3.0 is connected? Is there any other way of fooling the mainboard that usb3.0 is connected (similar to the detect pins with audio and usb2.0?) Since the pc will be running 24/7 as small fileserver, I don`t really need front usb3.0 - I`d rather have it boot normally after a power failure and not needing to be physical present to press f1 for it to bootAny help on how to solve this is highly appreciated

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Does someone know where I can get the pinout for the 10 pin header called "PB/LED" labeled P5 (connector) on the MS-7860 Ver 1.2. (Pro 400 G1 MT)? I have seen manuals that avoid that connector. Note the "missing or key" pin is exactly in the middle (pin #6). I have seen many diagrams with the key or missing pin at one end. That is not my board. This is where the cable containing the power switch (not to be confused with power supply) meets the Motherboard. I am replacing a failed Motherboard (three Months out of new Warranty with no physical indications of damage) with an ASRock H97M Pro4. I has every other connector perfectly wired. The only one I will have to "convert" is P5 (on the very outside edge of the SATA port corner). Thank you for your help.

A:MS-7860 Motherboard PB/LED (P5) header pinout

Replacing with NON-HP motherboard voids the OEM license for Windows.  That will be another setback for you. Been a long time since that pinout question was made.  Do these help? 

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I have a case whose front audio cables are all singles.
Case has 7 cables:

spkOut L
spkOut R
return L
return R
Mic- in

Motherboard pin out

8:No Pin

Could anyone help me link the names of cables to names on motherboard? Thanks

A:Solved: Front Audio Pinout

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I am trying to connect a FIC K8MC51G motherboard to a case. The case has a front panel for two USB ports. Each port has a connector for VCC, D+, D-, and ground. I don't know how the pinouts are set up on my motherboard. It shows an arrow and a two next to two of the pins. I'm assuming the arrow is pin 1 and the 2 means pin 2 so if I follow that logic, I at least know which pin is which.

The problem is that I don't know which pins should be placed where. I can't find the manual.

And the front audio is even more confusing. I can't tell which pin is what number since the one with the arrow also has a number 2 next to it. Any help would be appreciated.

A:FIC K8MC51G motherboard usb & audio pinout

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I have a KDS XF-7P with a missing video D-sub plug. Anyone have a pinout for this plug they can send me?

A:KDS XF-7P Video plug pinout needed

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HI,  I'm trying to use this motherboard in a different case and the USB headers are non-standard 12 pin. I've read th article below which is for a different model and shifting the header connector 2 pins along doesn't work on this motherboard. I tried both headers, 2 diff motherboards and checked they are enabled in the BIOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/ThinkCentre-A60-front-panels-power-audio-and...

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Hi everybody! I need some help  about power pins of ml 350 g6 motherboard.I have a atx power supply with 24 pins, but this motherboard (ml 350 g6)  has 22 pins.  Is there any way to adapt it ? Thanks!  

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I have a connector on my mobo for USB 2.0, It lists 2 pairs of pins like
5V, 7-, 7+, GND and 5V, 8-, 8+, GND

Then it shows a single pin at the end of the connector labeled NC.

One my USB from panel connector I have 2 sockets matching the 2 pair of pins on the mobo USB connector. Then there is a single wire in the same bundle from the fron panel USB socket with the 2 connectors that is labeled GND. Does the single wire from teh front panel socket that is labeled GNDgo on the mobo pin labled NC?


A:Pinout label on USB mobo connector

I believe that the label NC stands for No Connection.

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Product Name: HP DL370-B6 HP 606200 001 I have hp HP DL370-B6 HP 606200 001. Unfortunately I lose front IO . Currently I am trying to trip the prongs on the mother board to try and get it to post so I can give it to a friend. The psu works fine, ram is properly seated and a green light comes on the board once everything is plugged in.   Also you guys have nothing for this on your website.  

A:Please I need pinout front IO HP DL370-B6 HP 606200 001

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP EBC Support Forum -- Proliant DL Servers section... http://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL?-SL/bd-p/itrc-264#.V5iwqmb6u9I

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Hi guys,

I am replacing the stock fan/heatsink on my HIS Radeon HD 6790 with the Arctic Accellero R2 Plus. This fan has a 3 pin and 4 pin option for the fan. The stock fan is only 2 pin...black and red. The aftermarket fan's wiring is black, red and yellow, and black (ground), red (VDC), yellow (signal) and blue (PWM).

My question is can I just splice the original connector with just red and black into the aftermarket wiring? The fan came with a molex adapter but I'd rather the video card be able to regulate the fan rather than it just be going full out all the time. Is the factory red and black also considered VDC and ground?

Thanks in advance!
More about : 6790 fan pinout aftermarket fan replacement

"There is only one way to boot a computer..."

A:HIS HD 6790 Fan Pinout (Aftermarket Fan Replacement)

Chris, if the fan will plug into the motherboard, it will regulate the speed and u will be alright.

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What is the pin-out of the Center/Subwoofer in 5.1 Ch. Surrround System?

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Hiya, I'm building a new PC with a HP motherboard. I need the pin layout for the front panel; I've looked everywhere I can think to look and I can't find them. I'm not sure what info is needed, so here's what I can find on the board:503397-001fmb-0901 I've tried trial and error to find the power switch, but I just can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated   

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Hello all, I have a Z420 and am looking to replace the standard PSU which I know uses a proprietary 18-pin ATX power supply header, and I was hoping that I could get help with the pinout of the header so I can make a standard ATX 24-pin to 18-pin adapter given that the pinout for it does not seem to be provided in the support pages for the Z420 (from what I have seen at least).In my search I have found the Z210 pinout for the ATX power connector which is also an 18-pin header, but I do not want to just assume that they share the same pinout and possibly bork my system. I have also found an adapter made just for this purpose from moddiy, however without any pinout information I do not just want to blindly trust them either.Thanks in advance for any and all help.

A:Z420 ATX Power Connector Pinout

Hi,I'm trying to do the same thing. Could you share the information if you have figured out how to do this? Thanks

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When I turn on my computer I wait and turn the monitor on. It then is black and a screen pops up and says no dvi signal or vga signal then it says monitor going into sleep mode. I have un plugged and 'repluged. Changed the cord I have and even bought a new monitor. No luck! I don't want to buy a new computer or loose the things I have. I need help.

A:No signals from dvi or vga

Hello Lowryamber27, and welcome to TSG.

I don't think anyone here can help you without knowing the details of your computer.

1) Manufacturer's name and full model number of the computer and/or the Motherboard in the computer

2) Manufacturer's name and full model number of any plug-in video controller card.

3) Has this set-up worked OK in the past and the problem just started? If so has the computer case been opened for any reason?

4 What operating system software are you running?

5) What signs do you have that the computer seems to be powering up normally and it is just the video not working?

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Hello guys, i have a trouble with Lenovo Yoga 700-11ISK (platform number La-d131p), i have lost my charger(hybrid usb charger with 20+5 volts output), now i have only the specific usb cable and ordinary lenovo charger (only 20 volts). So my question is, can i solder that specific usb cable with standard lenovo charger, i have seen in Aliexpress special adapters (pinned picture), in my opinion there is some resistor in.Please help me, i need to turn on that laptop asap.Thank you in advance

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I have a ThinkCentre M81. I am currently trying to put the guts of it in a different case, so that I can add some more disk storage to it. I have checked all of the guides I can find on the Lenovo Support site, and they just show the location of the connector, and how to repalce the front panel.  I am trying to connect standard ATX front panel connections to my M81 motherboard, which I am having some trouble with, due to the Lenovo front panel connector just being one big connector. I am just wondering if this information would be in a resource I missed somewhere, or if I have to trace out the wires.


Go to Solution.

A:ThinkCentre M81 Front panel connector pinout

It's not your model, but perhaps they are similar:

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I have the 2N3904 transistor, that used as thermal sensor.Genuine-Lenovo-ThinkCentre-M91P-M73-Temperature-Sensor-Cable-SFF-54Y9922 Genuine-Lenovo-ThinkCentre-...Can somebody give me a pinout of the thermal sensor connector for properly wiring this transistor to the connector?

A:thinkcentre m91p temp sensor pinout

I'm confused, the photo in the link above shows it having a connector.  Isn't a case of simply connecting it to where the old one was?  

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I replaced a eMachine mobo (I believe the model is Trigem Imperial -G),
for a friend. She purchased the used mobo from a computer repair shop
after her original mobo went bad. The PC boots up/runs no problems. The
computer repair store had no literature so I guessed at connecting the wires
that go to the front of the tower. Now the only way to power off the PC, is to
shut off the power supply itself. I could not find any info on the Web, except
the jumpers for CMOS, Password, etc. Managed to talk an eMachine support
rep, no help. What I need is a diagram/pinout how to connect the wires
going to the front of the tower(LEDs for power, disk drive, power switch etc.)

A:Need Front Panel Connection pinout for an emobo

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Hello all. I have HP Pavilion 15-n031sr notebook, model F2U14EA, OS Ubuntu 14.04. With my notebook i want to use  headphones and microphone with standard three-contact stereo jack plugs.  User manual for this notebook says: "NOTE: Be sure that the device cable has a 4-conductorconnector that supports both audio-out (headphone) andaudio-in (microphone)." So, i bought converter where 4-contact male pluged in notebook and  two female sockets from the other side: green is for headphones, red for microphone. I don't know what pinout of this converter is, but headphones plugged in green sockets sounds fine; it's stereo and clean sound. But when i plug my standard 3-contact mic into red socket it clicks and produce huge noise in my headphones.  My questions are: 1. What pinout of headphone/mic socket for this notebook model? CTIA, OMTP or some else?2. Is it really unsafe to connect 3-conductor phones directly into notebook socket, or i may use my standard headphones without any converters?3. Is large clicks on system startup and shutdown (with no mic) causes by incorrect converter? 

A:HP 4-conductor headphones/mic jack. What kind of pinout: CTI...

This is a puzzel, have a similiar problem.  You use the Mic and Ground for the Mic and the Left/ Right Ground for the speaker on the to jacks on the left side.  If you use a splitter you (we) still may need a four connection mic Jack. I tried two different splitters that killed the audio, however I used a conector similiar to the first and second one from the right for the microphone and the speakers, causes a mismatch on the microphone Kills the speakers. presume that the splitter uses a 4 contact on all connectors. So I presume that the microphone only will needs to have a four contact jack. Hope this helps. I either have to buy a four contact jack and rewire my microphone or find a three contact to 4 contact microphone adapter. Found the connector on Amazon    3.5mm 4 pole connectorhttps://www.amazon.com/Areyourshop-Plated-Stereo-Repair-Headphone/dp/B01CJE03OW/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&... Hope this helps 

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