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Please help me calculate power requirement

Q: Please help me calculate power requirement

I'm trying to figure out how many amps at 12v the system I'm building will require, since it seems like the true limit of basically any PSU is the amount of power is supplies on 12v rails. I have a PSU that supplies 17A at 12v and I'm hoping that will be enough. The system is pretty basic:

ASUS M3N78-EM mobo with NVIDIA GeForce 8300 onboard video
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ Brisbane 2.8GHz 65W processor
1 SATA DVD-ROM drive
May add one or two IDE or SATA HDs and a TV tuner card down the road

I'm having trouble finding data on how much these devices will draw from the 12v specifically. The CPU isn't hard, since it draws all its power at 12v: 65W/12v = 5.4A. Let's say 6.5A with imperfect efficiency, though I have no idea at what efficiency I should expect the CPU to operate. But what about the rest? In particular, I expect the onboard video to draw significant power at 12v, but I can't find how much.

Can anyone help? And can anyone suggest a resource for finding this kind of information in the future? When I find power usage information at all, it's usually simply listed in watts, without specifying which rail it's drawn from.

I did find the following two links in thread:


Both seem pretty useful (if a little out of date), but neither site seems to have good information on onboard video.

Preferred Solution: Please help me calculate power requirement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Please help me calculate power requirement

The onboard graphics doesn't draw significant amounts of power. You could say 1-2 A on the 12 V rail. It's quite a lot less than what a better discrete graphics card, let's say Radeon 4350 would draw.
What's the actual model of your power supply? If it's a "Ultra value 500w power supply" then even the underpowered 17 A @ 12V isn't most probably true, rather it's measured as a top peak output at unrealistic circumstances, for example a lot lower ambient temp than what it normally operates at.

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Hi everybody,

For the last several days, I've been doing a lot of research about whether my power supply can support my graphics card, but I can't seem to find a definate answer. What I have is a 450 watt power supply; it has one single 12v rail that provides 24 amps. My graphics card is a ATI Radeon X1950 Pro PCI-E. It requires a 450 watt power supply and recommends 30 amps on the 12v rail.

When I asked whether my PSU can support my graphics card on other forums, some people tell me it can, but others tell me it can't, so I'm really confused right now. I had my X1950 hooked up and running for 3 days without having any problem, but I took it out today, just to be safe until I can get a definate answer. Although I do notice that my power supply runs cooler without the X1950 hooked up.

But on other forums, I even heard people run this card on a 18 amp 12v rail without any problem and they even have it running on a fully loaded system with 2x HDD, 2x DVD Drive, cooling system, fans and lights. And many people say that 22 amps should be the minimum to this card and 24 amps should be fine. However, there are also people who say that you should follow the manufacturers recommendation and get a minimum 30 amps power supply.

To give you a better idea of my system, here are the specs.
Pentium 4 HT 524 Prescott 3.06 GHZ (84 watt)
Motherboard: ATI RC410 ULI M1573
2 stick of DDR2 Ram 1x 1GB and 1x 512MB
1x Samsung Writemaster DVD RW
1x SATA 250GB Western Digital H... Read more

A:GPU power requirement - Please Help

You could try this:
1. Find a low watt power supply, with a 24 amp rail.
2. Use the PSU as an external power source to power the GPU.

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when it comes to power usage im not that up to date i currently have a 250watt power supply that came with a plain jane case , im running a pentium duo core 3.0ghz processor 2 gigs of ram and a 256meg nvidia video card i saw a new case at best buy that came with a 500watt power supply how do i know if that kind of power would be right for what im running, would to much power blow my motherboard ? i was highly advised to up my power supply a friend was amazed my computer was running to begin with.

A:Power requirement question

Power supply problems relate mainly to video graphics. I suggest you get a quality power supply from the list of power supplies on this forum you can find with a search. Certainly 400 or 500 watts is a good choice, if it has steady output.

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Is 450W power supply sufficient for the following ?
Intel Dragontail Peak DP35DPM motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 Mhz
Samsung 2GB DDR2
WD 320GB/7200/16MB SATA II
Nvidia 8400GS 256MB
Vista Home Premium 32
( Samsung 226BW Monitor )
Does the addition of extra fans affect this at all , or is this negligible ?

A:Power Supply Requirement

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My parents' video card is not cutting it. Since I am not going to change the power supply (it's technically not my computer), so I am trying to work with Sony's Generic 300Watt (18A on 2 +12V Rails). I see that on the 7600GS, it has a power requirement of 300Watts. I was just wondering if it is wise to purchase a card that requires the amound of power I have. Thanks for any feedback :wave: ! Happy holidays!

A:Power Requirement for 7600GS?

It'll depend on how much other hardware is in that system, but there is a good chance it will work. No way to be certain until you pop it in, but my guess is, you'll be good.

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Hi,this is for a friend who is interested in buying an AMD A6-3650. The power for the processor is listed as 100w.I want to know what will be the minimum power requirement without any GPU attached.It will be of great help since we wanna cut cost to the most affordable one.

A:AMD A6-3650 power supply requirement

In a standard setup with no-GPU one or two HDDs, one or two ODDs a 300w should be sufficient however I would be hesitant to build any system with less than a 400w and preferably a 500w just because there isn't that much of a price difference and it gives you room for future upgradeability.

For budget PSUs I usually recommend these:
Antec VP-450 = $40 (This is a true budget / low end unit, It is decent for the money but I would recommend the others I listed over it. unless you have a really tight budget)
Antec NEO ECO 400C = $45
Antec NEO ECO 520C = $50
Antec EarthWatts Green EA-430D = $55
FSP Group SAGA+ 500R = $57 (this is good but it is an older model so it doesn't have very many SATA power connectors)
Antec BP550 Plus =$65 (modular if that is important to you)

Almost all of the newer Antecs are made by Delta or Seasonic so they are very good PSUs. Some people recommend the Corsair Builder series in this price range, however the builder series is made by Channel Well Technologies (CWT) which has a less than stellar record and I still don't really trust.

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Hi All, What is the power delivery requirement (Watts) to charge the Yoga 720 13"? I don't know what wattage the charger that came with the computer provides, but can the computer accept a lower wattage and just charge more slowly? Thanks!

A:Yoga 720 13 Power Delivery Requirement

Hi mkehoe20,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
Your system need 45-watt for charging, you can refer this document and check specification.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Tap that kudos button if I helped.
If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I have an occasion to use a previously stored Linksys BEFSR41 wired router ......... I find now however that I do not have the power supply adapter ......... does anyone know the correct voltage requirement for this unit as I do have a multi-voltage universal adapter..............

A:Power requirement for Linksys Router

input 120vac 60 hz 15w

output 9vac 1000ma

right from the befsr41 adapter.

good luck.

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As By default, There is no Lenovo Power Manager in Windows 10 in Lenovo G50-70. So I was searching through Web and found this Support Website https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/ht103535  and https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Windows-10/Power-Manager-for-Windows-10/td-p/2113645/page/3 which States that Laptop Running Windows 10 (G50-70) Support Dual Mode Battery Firmware. So, Is this Information Right and we should not worry regarding Battery Charging just like we used to Threshold Charging in Windows 8.1 via LENOVO POWER MANAGER. I want clarification over this.


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I have following configuration
Intel DG 965 RY Board
Intel Dual Core 3.2 GHZ processor
Nvidea Quadro FX 580 Graphic card
3 SATA HDD (500 + 500 + 300)
1 SATA DVD Drive
RAM 4 GB (4 chip 1 GB each)
Power supply iBall LPE223-400
I am experiencing frequent automatic restart of the system and sometimes my hard drives got vanished from My Computer.

Can somebody tell me that my SMPS (power Supply) is enough for this configuration?
if not then What is minimum required?

A:SMPS (power supply) requirement for my computer

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I am upgrading my pc using my old ATX case with a new motherboard which is ECS KM400-M2. The cpu is AMD XP 2800+. The pc would work for a few minutes or seconds and then just shutdown by itself.

The day before yesterday, I posted this question in this forum and an expert had provided with some suggestions on this problem: It seems that something wrong with the power supply and the cpu temperature. I definitely appreciated that.

Before I throw more money onto this computer (I really don't like to do so), could somebody help me on this issues:

1. Do I need a more powerful power switch? Right now, I have a 350kw power supply and someone suggest me to buy a 400kw one.

2. I actually bought and installed a new case fan. I connect the pins to the motherboard. However, when the pc is starting, from the BIOS, I couldn't see its speed and the temperature. Is that a problem? What's wrong and Why?

Please help!

Thanks very much in advanced!

A:Power supply requirement for ECS KM400-M2 motherboard: 350kw or 400 kw?

Kilowatt? Thats a PSU with balls! 400-500 watt should be fine. Has anyone told NASA? All this time they've tried to spend millions on glorified supplys fort they're system,s and all they had to do was throw a few hundred bucks towards the lovely people at whoever makes those PSU's

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I just came in to the desktop group about 6 months ago, and a few things we do are a little odd (to me). For instance, we order GeForce 9800 cards for AutoCAD users.

But any way, we always ordered these 9800s with a computer that had a power supply that put out lesser wattage than required. So my question is, for the 9800/GTX 260 (nvidia), will it give a message that the wattage is too low or that it is going to start performing less, or can it cause issues without ever giving such messages?

Can it potentially cause issues with other pieces of hardware?

A:Video card power supply requirement (GTX 260, GeForce 9800)

You won't get a warning message.

Most often what happens is a freeze/crash or a restart.

If you haven't experienced any crashes, then the video card is not being stressed very hard. Normally these crashes occur as soon as you put load on to the card, but if this isn't happening, then a 9800 card is total overkill for your application.

You could probably get by with a 9400 or 9500 for these purposes. Technically, a Quadro from nVidia is really their workstation card, but they are all based off the same chips.

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Hi, anybody heard of getting the Ready & Calculate appear in the status bar in Excel 2003? This happens when opening the spreadsheet.
No updates are made without going into each cell and pressing F2. Have seen references to having 65k links but this doesnt appear to have anything like this. Tried another pc but gives the same problem. There are no external links, although there are links to other spreadsheets within the workbook. Oh, it's also set to Automatic updates. Tried Manual but does the same thing. No macros.
Any ideas out there greatly appreciated.

A:Ready and calculate

I think that can come from improper formulas...? What kind of formulas do you have?

Also, see if this helps: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/214395

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Hi All

I have a number of fields that is of data type yes/no. These fields are all questions for a questionaire to see how well someone performed. I now want to calculate what is the percentage. Thus I first want to know how to calculate the amount of yes/no answers (please note this is over different fields), then the amount of questions filled in (some questions may be N/A) and then devide the total number of "yes" by the amount of questions answered (to get the percentage of the questionaire.

I'm new to access, and know only what is needed, so a simple answer will do.

If anyone could help please.


A:Calculate yes/no field

Nadia1, welcome to the Forum.
Access registers a "yes" by storing the value -1 and a "no" by storing a 0.

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When I go to my C: drive on my laptop, it shows that I have a 28 gigs total on it. I had about 23-25 gigs free. Well I decided to install a game called "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" and that takes about 4-5 gigs. I had plently of space on the HD for it so I installed it. Well, it turns out the game didn't do too well on my laptop, and I read a lot of people had that problem, even with HIGH performance PCs. But anyways..

Before I uninstalled it, I looked and I had 20 gigs left on my HD. Sounded right to me. Well I uninstalled the game, and it was successful, but when I looked at my space available it had 22 gigs available. Basically saying the uninstall only took a little over 2 gigs out. How could a 3.5 gig game be uninstalled only to take 2.5 gigs out?

Can someone tell me what happened?

Before you do, let me ask you this.

I'm also gonna take it as me not paying attention to how much space I had in the first place, so I am through all my things and calculating manually how much space I am using. WHat I wanted to know, since Windows XP takes about 2 gigs of space, do I calculate that with the 28 gigs, ( like saying windows is using 2 gigs out of that 28) or is my HD infact 30 gigs and its already taking it away, hense it showing 28 gigs?

Can you help me with both these problems?

A:Trying to calculate space on HD...

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is there a way to automatically calculate the age from the birthdate in words 2003? can only manually type in the age in words......

A:calculate age in words

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I need a function, which will get Date of Birth and Result the Age.
Can some one help me.



A:Solved: Calculate Age in VB6

Sorry guys, I got it already after searching the forum.

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I am working on developing a new reporting form. I have developed the form using Omniform 5.0 and I would like the form to calculate a persons current age automatically.

I beleive I am using the right formula: Sum([Date]-[Date of Birth])/365.25

Here lies my problem:
So, today's date 9/24/2008 - 2/23/1977 = 31.58
If I change the settings to only use two decimals omniform returns the age as 32. Is there any way to make it use two decimals yet not round the answer? Will it round down?

If I keep the settings at two decimals I am able to delete the .58 and have it say 31.00; however, this isn't quite the look I was hoping for in the end product.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Calculate age using Omniform 5.0

here is something someone tried to find out how old someone is based on two dates
Age Formula:
Create the following fields:
age year
age month
age month year
age day
cut and paste the following formulas
dob - (must be date field)
dod - (Must be date field)
age year - (Year([dod]))-(Year([dob]))
age month - If(Month([dod]) < Month([dob]),[age year]-1,[age year])
age month year - If(Month([dob])=Month([dod]),"month equal","")
age day - If([age month year]="month equal" And DayOfMonth([dod]) < DayOfMonth([dob]),[age month]-1,[age month]-0)
Let me know how it goes

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I am working on developing a new admission record for the Georgia War Veterans Home where I am employed.

I have developed the form using Omniform 4.0 and I would like the form to calculate the residents current age automatically.

I beleive I am using the right formula: Sum([Date]-[Date of Birth])/365.25

Here lies my problem:
So, today's date 12/28/2004 - 2/23/1977 = 27.85
If I change the settings to only use two decimals omniform returns the age as 28. Is there any way to make it use two decimals yet not round the answer? Will it round down?

If I keep the settings at two decimals I am able to delete the .85 and have it say 27.00; however, this isn't quite the look I was hoping for in the end product.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Calculate Age using Omniform 4.0

I solved the problem on my own.... I discovered a messageboard on the OmniForm website that had the solution to my problem.

Thanks Anyway


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Anyone know of any tools (especially free ones) that can calculate the hash value of a program file name? I am trying to create a whitelist in Group Policy of programs that are allowed to run and am thinking that using the hash value would be my best option.


A:How to calculate hash value?

Here is something that I found on google http://www.pinpointlabs.com/free_tools/?gclid=CJu35MWwwIoCFRSJgQodqmXofA

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I use Excel to store the names of clients, including their ages. Can Excel automatically calculate and update the age of a person?

System: Windows XP

An office colleague suggested "=DAYS360(J145,NOW())/360". Although it works, Excel gives a pop-up window that says "formula results volatile".

A:how to use excel to calculate person's age?

If you put their birthday in A1, then you can use something like this ...

=DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"Y") & " Years, " & DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"YM") & " Months, " & DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"MD") & " Days"


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Hi, I recently took delivery of a new P1 with Xeon processor, 512 GBSSD, 32 GB ram. I am coming from a W540 with i7 which is 4 1/2 years old.  The P1 is current on all the drivers and  is not plugged into a hub.   My issue is that I do a lot of financial modeling in excel  and when I load calc intensive (30mb+) excel files the whole system slows down, the mouse becomes very slow to respond and it takes the P1 longer than my W540 to load and calculate. Excel says all 12 threads are working, the cooling fan is at full speed, and the CPU in the task manager says ~1GHz. I?ve searched on this forum and on the Internet to try and find this issue and possible solutions. Those that I found relate to drivers which I have attempted to update and then later roll back but it has not resolved my problems.  I?m curious if there are settings that I may not be aware of which I can change to increase processor speed. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much

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for these three conditions i need a formula

if i buy 1000 quantity at 100rs sell 700 @ 105 and 300 @ 110 what will be the profit

buy 1000 quantity at 100rs sell 700 @ 105 and 300 @ 90 what will be the profit

buy 1000 quantity at 100rs sell 700 @ 90 and 300 @ 90 what will be the net profit

these three conditions should be applied in excel in one column to calculate for these three conditions kindly help

A:need a formula to calculate is excel

is this homework question

otherwise what is the application use for this request ?

look at the IF function

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I am a real beginner at C++, I have to write and equation to calculate the area of a room and area of a wall without two windows and a door! Ouch, I don't know where to begin.

Please help!

A:C++ calculate room area

I'm guessing its a school project, but I'll give you a starting point. I don't actually know C++ ( only some C and Java) but i'll give you an idea on what you'll need to do.

Depending what information you are going to be inputting into the program it should be fairly simple. For room area you need the length of the room and the width and just multiply them, only problem is if its an irregular room which you'd have to look up how to calculate different shapes' areas. For the wall area just calculate the area of the wall (length x height) and subtract the area of each door and window and you'll have the area of the wall.

So you'll need a few inputs for the dimensions of the rooms and the walls and door and windows. Do the calculations I described and output the final answers.

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I wish to formulate stepwise formula for calculating Income tax.

"if taxable income is between 100000 to 150000, then it attracts 10% of the amount excess of 100000." [Other wise NO tax]
"if between 150000 to 250000, then 20% of amount excess of 150000 Plus 5000 of the previous step."
"if above 250000, then 30% of amount excess of 250000 Plus 20000 AND 5000 of previous STEPS."
How can I place maximum figure of slabs in each step, when I have income of ,say, 260000.
I wish to put it step wise, so that 5000 for first slab, then 20000 for next slab and rest in third slab. At the end, The total will be placed.
Please see my attached txt file after " unwrapping" text in Format of Notepad.

A:Solved: help me calculate Income tax.

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I have written a program in java that puts 100 random integers into an array. I now need to find the median of these numbers. I am still a beginner in java, can anyone help me? Thanks.

import java.util.*;

public class array
public static void main (String [] args)
int [] num = new int [100];
int high = 0;
int med = 0;

for (int loop = 0 ; loop <=99 ; loop++)
num [loop] = (int) (Math.random() * 101);

if (num [loop] > high)
high = num [loop];
System.out.println (num [loop]);
System.out.println ("Highest: " + high);
System.out.println ("Median: " + med);

A:Calculate the median in Java

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I've made a scale drawing in Visio of an office plan, and I've put in all cables etc, is there any easy way of calculating the trunking length?

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From what I understand, I am trying to find out cost per page of printing. I believe its the cost of toner / by the amount of pages a toner can produce?

so 50 / 3000 = 0.01p (excluding cost of the paper)

However what would the price be if I came across the following?

19.99 / 2100 ?

I can't work out the cost since it becomes 0.0009

Any ideas?


A:Calculate cost of printing

Looks like you may be loosing track of decimal places. Assuming there is 100 pence (p) in 1 pound () ...

A 50 toner cartridge that could print 3000 pages would result in a cost of 0.01667 per page, or 1.667p per page.

A 19.99 toner cartridge that could print 2100 pages would result in a cost of 0.00952 per page, or 0.952p per page

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Hello all.

I've done a little searching on these forums and have found a few posts concerning what I need but the links don't work. (or else my laptop at work sucks. which it does)

Anyways, I was wondering if someone could explain to me the math I could do to determine wattage required for a PC. Can I take a figure off a part i install and then do some math to compare it to the PS wattage?

This may be the easiest thing ever I just remember reading some complicated thing somewhere. Can anyone explain?

A:How to calculate PSU wattage requirements

A quick Google search turned this up....


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I have Win 7 Home Premium, 500 GB disk.

I'm getting a "low disk space" message for drive C.

Using "Properties" for C, I can see that the used space on C is 307 GB, and free space is 6.5 GB.

Note that when my laptop was new, I moved my entire "Documents" folder to the E: partition, using Windows tools. I have plenty of free space to shrink E, and increase C, using Partition Wizard.

My problem is that if I use "Properties" for each high-level folder, and sum the sizes for all the folders on C, it only comes to 55 GB. (That includes $RECYCLE.BIN. All hidden folders are shown.)

IMHO: 55 GB is too low, and 307 GB is too high :-)

What am I doing wrong?

A:How to calculate the used file space on C?

Quote: Originally Posted by OldGrantonian

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe nothing.

You can't rely on a "sum of the folders" calculation to be accurate.

I'd download Tree Size Free to get more details on what is using space.

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

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I am working in an educational system. Due to transfers and withdrawals of students my strength list varies at the end of every month. Is there any way to record the month end statistics in excel?
Like I want to record what is the strength of particular section at the end of Aug, Sep and so on ... If there is any excel formula that I can use to automatically record at the end of every month.

A:How to calculate the statistics at the end of each month?

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Are there any software for calculate my PC total up-time. Windows task manager can only calculate 1st season up-time. But windows task manager can't calculate today, this week, this month total up-times. So how do i do it?
Are there any special utility software for that?

A:How to calculate total uptime in my PC?

I don't believe there is any way to calculate that figure. There is no system on the motherboard to keep track of total hours on, that I know of.
The OS only knows the hours it has been on since the last reboot.

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I am using a spreadsheet sent to me by my company. I usually
make adjustments, ie adding in a formula on a price list.
When I key the formula into the first cell, I obtain the correct result.
Then, when I drag the original cell ,which contains the formula, to fill remaining the cells below, instead of recalculating the new values, it keeps the same value as the original cell.
However, when I key in the formula into one of these "dragged" cells, the result is correct.
Am I missing something? I thought I knew Excel well enough
to do this simple task, alas, I apparently don't.

Any help would be appreciated. I have to get a lot done and
I'm stuck.
I'm using Excel 2000, v 9.0.2720, winxp home. I'm up-to-date
on all MS updates.

A:Formula will not calculate correctly

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Have read this link http://excelsemipro.com/2010/12/calculate-the-xth-weekday-of-any-month-in-excel/
and downloaded their spreadsheet, called
Xth weekday of a monthClick to expand...

Have unsuccessfully tried to replicate it in a spreadsheet I called
Calculate 4th Tuesday of each monthClick to expand...

Both these files are attached.

Can someone point out where I am going wrong.

A:Solved: Calculate xth day of month

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I have the Calculate caption at the bottom of the Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

My general options have been set to Automatic, and I have tried the manual calculate PF9 button, but that caption 'Calculate' still remains annoying me. It is there for all open files.

More than annoying, I am more concerned there is a possible problem with the excel file.

Any ideas.

A:Remove Calculate in Excel

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In excel I would like to calculate the value of Column A ($) / Column B(# of years) across the row, one result per column for each number of years.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

7 $2,800 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400
5 $364 $73 $73 $73 $73 $73
3 $150 $50 $50 $50
2 $200 $100 $100
3 $250 $83 $83 $83
2 $210 $105 $105
2 $210 $105 $105
2 $200 $100 $100
2 $100 $50 $50
1 $140 $140

A:Solved: Calculate an average

The ideal way would probably be to use macros. However if you put this in every box that may hold the results (i.e. every box with a 400 in your first example, for the maximum number of columns you'll have years) it should work


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Alright, so I installed CPU-Z and I'm unsure to know what my ram is actually being clocked at. It shows that the DRAM Frequency is 933.4 MHz which should equal up to about 1866 MHz which is what the ram is defaulted to, but then when I go over to the SPD section it shows the max bandwidth is at 667 MHz.

So what does each one mean, what is my ram being ran at?


A:How do I calculate the speed my ram is running at?

That is perfectly normal. Mine is reading the same. I think that it could be a bug in CPU-Z or, more likely, that it only picks up the fastest JEDEC timings for the Max Bandwidth section. You are, however, running at the higher frequency which is the XMP profile settings.

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Dear all, I am working in an organization & looking production planning.I manage the entire controls thru excel sheets.Our per day Volumes are as high as 15000 units per day and managing the material and tracking dates associated with orders is being done thru seperate excel sheets but I am looking to create new excel tracker to make things simpler.In this exercise I came acorss with a requirement.For all you learned boarders I am attaching a sample work sheet for reference.I would be much delight full if you help me out to overcome this problem.I have mentioned the requirements in worksheet itself.

Looking for an early response

A:How to calculate the days ..Pl guide me

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Can anyone help me?

I need a way to determine the difference in time between two dates excluding weekends.

For example:

A1: 9/12/2014 8:51
A2: 9/16/2014 14:45

A1 is the start date, A2 is the end date.

The difference between these is 4.25 days, but since it includes a weekend (ideally I'd also include holidays if possible) the ultimate answer I'm looking for is 2.25.

I thought about calculating the total number of week days using NETWORKDAYS, but the problem I run into is that excel includes the entire day even if it's just one hour of that day.

This formula doesn't work because it includes all of 9/12/14 and all of 9/16/14 when I only need it to count a part of those days.


What would really be great is a NETNONWORKDAYS function (that would calculate weekends and holidays)

Any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Calculate Weekends

you can try this

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Could someone just to say how to calculate a file transfer on Ethernet? ex.: Ethernet (100Mb/s) and 1 file (400M), time = 400M / 100Mb/s = 4s Is my formula right?
It is right that Ethernet is 100Mbit/s and not 100Mbytes/s??
Sometimes aren't the bits very clear for me?
Thanks in advance,

A:Calculate file transfer

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I believe a saw a posting on this but I was not able to copy and paste the one line formula!!! I want to use a formula like this:

=If B110 <7000, then b109*0.008

B110 is a cell that contains the YTD gross earnings, B109 is the gross earnings for that pay period.

But then I also need this,

=if B110>7000, then b109*0

or something like that. How can I combine both into one formula? Luckily I just have one employee.

A:Excel to calculate FUTA tax

=if(b110<7000, b109*0.008, 0)

= if ( test , result if true, result if false )

so for anything in cell b110 that equals 7000 or above cell the formula is in will have b109 * 0.008 in
but if it is less than 7000 it will have zero in - no need to have the calcualtion as anything times zero is zero

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I'm trying to save time by creating a formula for something I do every week, and I'm stuck. I wonder if someone would be able to help me out.

I have two columns, they each contain a date. I need a formula to subtract Col A from Col B to calculate the difference, then to assign a category to them:

Col A Col B Difference Time Group
12/1/2015 7/1/2016 213 6-9 months

My time groups:
Less than 90 W/n 3 mos
91-180 3-6 mos
181-270 6-9 mos
271-360 9-12 mos
361-450 12-15 mos
451-540 15-18 mos
541+ 18+ mos

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

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I need help knowing if my Rosewill 750W 80 plus gold will be enough power to overclock both gtx780 ti Superclocked and the new i7 4790k that is coming out. Also, does it mean they are overclocking the hardware when they say, "full load"? Here are some sites I found with wattage use:

A:PSU requirement

I would say no.

The 12 volt rail on your psu is 62 amps.

One evga gtx780 ti requires 42 amps on the 12 volt rail.

Full load means the gpu is at maximum usage without overclock.

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Can anyone help me with calculating disk access rates please?

Basically I've got that it's Seek time + Latency, but I can't seem to get to the access rate from the spin speed and the speed in which the heads can tranverse the cylenders.

Any help appreciated

A:How to calculate disk access rates?

The classic way it to simply benchmark them with an application like HDTune. There are a number of factors to consider, and you probably don't have all the data required.

You need to consider the time to read the data from all the cylinders, and you need to know where the number of sectors/track changes, typically there are a number of zones on the platters with different numbers of sectors/track. That's why speeds increase at the outside edge of the platters. You also have to consider the effect of the buffering, and the quality of the firmware managing the reading/writing.

What exactly is the reason for trying to calculate it?

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I have a sheet in excel 2003, that has a table that gets its data from different files, and does calculations on it. The size (= amount of rows) of this table varies, so I use the code described here: http://www.vbaexpress.com/kb/getarticle.php?kb_id=512 to remove empty rows (the table is printed after the calculations are done, and having a half empty page before the rest of the text continues does not look nice, so leaving the rows empty is not realy an option). The problem is that the combination of the calculations and the VBA script to remove rows, is slowing my PC down considerably, since with each row that is removed, all calculations are repeated. Is there a way to force excell to only do the calculations the first time around? 1 round of calculations takes about 30 seconds, and it is usually repeated about 20 times (the amount of empty rows that is left after the calculations, which means that my computer is calculating for about 10 minutes, while this is completely unnessecary for my purposes.

Thanks in advance,

A:Solved: Let excel calculate cells only once

Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic 'it will change calculation to automatic
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual 'it will change calculation to manual
so you could add these to the VBA code to Turn to manual before you delete the rows and then turn back on to automatic at the end

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I am trying to create an excel spreadsheet that will show me the amount of UK Income tax I need to pay when I enter my earnings. I'm sure this must be something that someone else has already achieved.

This is the formula that I have at the moment and that is currently not working:


It currently gives me a error. The tax brackets are as follows; <9440 @ 0%, 9441-32000 @ 20%, 32001-150000 @ 40%, 150001+ @ 50%. Can anyone see where I am going wrong or have another idea of how I could do this?

Thanks a lot in advance!!


A:Solved: Error when trying to calculate UK Income tax

does this work for you


you had some brackets closing

Also if the first test is false - then the value must be less than 150000 - so you only need to test if greater than the next threshold - 32001

if you want to use between ranges
AND( B16<150000, B16>32012)

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