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deleting help files from -c disk

Q: deleting help files from -c disk

my help files folder has 136mb---i read your post on slimming down xp,i noticed that i should delete, tour exe dllcache first--i didnt see this in my folder;-info. on my folder has this---sbsi tours-files accesschm,access help-accessb chm acc. dis .chm-can you give me a little more info. on this---windows xp--thanks,cutler

Preferred Solution: deleting help files from -c disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: deleting help files from -c disk

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I recently ran a Disk Cleanup as part of my regular maintenance on my new computer. It had over 2.18GB of files to cleanup. That seemed a little high considering I run it every week to 2 weeks. It said it deleted all the files. I ran the Scan Disk again to be sure and it still had 2.18GB of files. I ran it again. Same result. I have a ton of room on the computer right now, but this could be a major problem down the road. Does anyone know why my Disk Cleanup would appear to be working and then not delete anything? Is there a solution for this problem? Thanks!

A:Disk Cleanup Not Deleting Files

Ever tried https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner ?

If you have the necessary boxes checked disk cleanup should be removing stuff.

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my comp. want let me delete these files--help and tour files---a message comes up,stating that someone else or some other program is using the file--would you give me the right procedure to use in deleting these files,thanks in advance.--cutler

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Actually this happen ages ago but since it done nothing with the hard drive(or it seems do nothing) i didn't worry
Until today I relieze when I want to make fan videos again,I found like 5 videos are missing.I search for them bbut nothing came up
I download the videos again and went I reboot,the computer want to check my HD and I was slow at canceling it..so when it load up,I go to my HD again,and I lost one video again

Can I disable it from checking my second HD or make it shut up on trying to check my HD?

A:Windows Disk Check Deleting Files On Second Hd

I'm unsure of what your problem is and what you're asking. In the BIOS there is a section to change the boot device order. There should be an option in there. You're not dual booting with a second OS are you?

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I got a message stating "Low Disk Space". It suggest that I delete files to increase the amount of disk space. Every time I delete a file, the amount of free disk space decreases rather than increase as one would expect.

The computer operating system is ME. The computer is not on the internet (different computer). I have run anti-viras software, Reg/fix, defrag, Norton Internet Security,and emptied the Recycle Bin, but no improvement.

My Computer says that of 40GB, I only have 17MB of free space when I should have over 10GB of free space.

What is going wrong?

Any idea how I can correct this problem?



A:Deleting files DECREASES disk space

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I have win xp 32bit machine.
I've been having this weird problem for a very long time:

Say i have 5GB of "free space: on drive E.
I delete 3GB of files.using shift+delete (Note: to be specific, I mainly have video files and pdf files on this drive)
So you'd expect to find 8GB of free space on drive E.
however still I've got 5GB of free space on E !!!
(note: I just use righ click>properties to see how much free space i have)
I run Disk Cleanup, delete everything that it offers to delete (bunch of crap and temp files)
and STILL I'm not getting that extra 3GB that I deleted!

I noticed that on my drives there is this folder:
where "sometimes" my deleted files show up in there and after deleting them from here using shift+delete the 3 GB that I was expecting to be freed will become free and available. but this is not always the case.
Alot of times those 3GB worth of files dont even show up in this folder, and i know that i've deleted them already
So why is the space not becoming availabe yet. What is wrong with my sys. and how can i fix it?
Thank you all in advance


A:Solved: Disk space remains the same even after deleting files

Hello Vince and welcome to TSG

Could you try downloading Spacemonger and see whats actually hogging your disk space.

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I am working on creating space on a laptop. It has a 250 GB HD. Out of this, apparently almost 25 GB is taken up by system backup/restore partition (I think). So the total disk appears as a 224 GB disk. I started to backup files using the Toshiba Disk Creator but frequently got errors saying it could not continue writing to the DVD because it may have scratches or something to that effect. This happened several times.

After this, when I was actually successful in writing to another DVD, I deleted the folders on the disk that I had backed up to the DVD. Thus I was expecting the free space to go up. But it didn't. I tried using ccleaner, and I also tried rebooting thinking that after reboot I will see more free space. But it didn't.

Eventually I started using another disk burning program (ImgBurn) since I was fed up with the Toshiba Disk Creator and then I noticed that suddenly by free disk space went up from 44 GB to 104 GB. So I thought the problem might have been that Toshiba Disk Creator was creating some kind of cache for storing temp files, but when I looked in AppData I did not see any large files or even a large number of files from my previous unsuccessful attempts at writing to DVDs. Since the free disk space went up, I was happy and I continued using ImgBurn with better results. But after I deleted the folders that I had backed up, I again noticed that sometimes I am not seeing the free disk space go up.

I would appreciate any pointers as... Read more

A:Free disk space does not increase after deleting files

Two questions:
(1) How are you performing the deletions?
(2) How do check how much free disk space you have?

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Currently 95 GB of space is being taken up from files located in my WinSxS folder. I have tried running Disk Cleanup with the option to remove temporary files selected (which I think is supposed to remove unnecessary files from WInSxS). Disk Cleanup even
says that I can free up 91GB, but when I opt to delete the files Disk Cleanup never actually deletes them? I have tried rebooting my machine a couple times and keep getting the same outcome. 
I have also tried using CCleaner. (Didn't work either)
Any ideas on how I can get these files deleted / what is going on?

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So recently I tried to use the disk cleanup to try to get some space off my laptop

Disk cleanup scanned and recognized 1.7GB worth of windows update cleanup files, so I then proceed to delete them

Restarted my laptop multiple times but it seems the files were not deleted

I retried everything and ran everything using run as administrator but still did not work, even used shutdown -s -t 0 to turn off my laptop

did a sfc /scannow and the only errors in the CBS log is related to my AMD radeon card and should have nothing to do with the disk cleanup / windows update

Im running out of ideas about why the disk cleanup didnt delete my windows update cleanup files, is it possible to delete them manually? also im a ccleaner user, so if that conflicts with disk cleanup do tell me.

A:Disk Cleanup not deleting windows update files

WinSxS Folder (Component Store) - Clean Up in Windows 8.1

from command prompt(admin)

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

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I recently used File Shredder to shred a bunch of my files thinking it would free up the disk space like deleting it would have; except it didn't. Is there a way to free up the disk space after shredding the files? What kind of program should I be looking for? I've used WinUtilities to clean up some duplicates and registry files without doing too much damage.

I'm running windows vista (64-bit) with and original 220 GB hard drive, now down to 47.7 GB because I can't figure out how to free it up.

A:Deleting shredded files to free up disk space

You can try CCleaner to delete temporary files.

If you're confused what's using up all the space on the disk, try one of the following disk analyzing utilities:
1) RidNacs
2) WinDirStat

Hope it works for you.

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Several related problems in one.

First off, I'm using this thread as a jump-off point.

Tired of Windows 7 telling me I need Admin permission!

Nothing recommended in this thread worked for me. I haven't been able to restart in safe mode (Tried holding down F8, nothing different happened, just logged in normally).

Tech Support Forum - View Single Post - Administrator

This idea did not work. I get "System error 5 has occured. Access is denied."

Turning UAC off did not work (sliding that bar all the way down to the bottom). I did restart after I did that so that the changes would take effect.

Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

This post explaining how to take ownership did not work. I've tried to take ownership the normal way, too, but neither work.

Unrelated (maybe?), the second time I started up this computer, which I've only had for a day now, I get "Disk I/O error. Insert disk and press any key". Just pressing any key gets me out of it, but it's rather alarming. I can't find any info about it for windows specifically. It happens any time I restart, too, except for the time I tried to boot into safe mode.

Any help out there? Thanks in advance.

A:Deleting files/admin permission/Disk I/O error


Originally Posted by qwerty31

Several related problems in one.

First off, I'm using this thread as a jump-off point.

Tired of Windows 7 telling me I need Admin permission!

Nothing recommended in this thread worked for me. I haven't been able to restart in safe mode (Tried holding down F8, nothing different happened, just logged in normally).

The solution is posted in there, just not step by step on how to fix it (though I wouldn't consider it a "fix"). If that annoys you, then disable UAC.


Tech Support Forum - View Single Post - Administrator

This idea did not work. I get "System error 5 has occured. Access is denied."

Turning UAC off did not work (sliding that bar all the way down to the bottom). I did restart after I did that so that the changes would take effect.

Disabling UAC had a sliding bar?? Which OS are you using, and version (Vista or 7; starter, home, pro, ultimate, or enterprise)?
I can help you further if I knew that info.


Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

This post explaining how to take ownership did not work. I've tried to take ownership the normal way, too, but neither work.

Unrelated (maybe?), the second time I started up this computer, which I've only had for a day now, I get "Disk I/O error. Insert disk... Read more

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I have a new system where I installed Windows 7 on a SSD drive and am using the HDD that came with the system as a user data drive. I want to delete Vista /Windows, /Program Files, etc, but when I try to delete them, I'm told that I need permission from "TrustedInstaller". Without reformatting the drive, how do I get rid of these old Vista files?

-- Geoff

A:Deleting unwanted Vista files from non-system disk

You need to take ownership of the files... See Brinks tutorial -=> Here

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Recently I made a few videos with fraps that took up around 110 gigs of space, so I decided to compress all that and upload to youtube, the amount of space the videos are taking up are now down to 70, but my free disk space hasn't increased, in fact it's decreasing as if I never deleted the videos, it isn't decreasing on it's own only if I make files, so basically it'll take up space and it just stays that way for some reason.

I've looked around the internet for a solution, I have tried:Disabling automatic backup, that didn't do anything.
Scanned my computer with malwarebytes to make sure it isn't some worm, nothing found.
Used disk cleanup, cleared up 900 MB but the free space still didn't change.
Used CCleaner, cleared up 500 MB but the free space still didn't change.
Used disk check, nothing bad was found.
Used WinDirStat, everything seems fine as it should be, but theres 100 gigs of <unknown>, and I have no freaking clue what it is.
Used SpaceSniffer, found absolutely nothing that would take up that much space

I would use defraggler, but it will take WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long so I'd use it when I have no other option, there's gotta be another way other than literally waiting over a day for defraggler to finish, and chances are that it wouldn't change anything as well meaning I would have wasted a bunch of time, if defraggler doesn't help I'll just reformat the whole thing.

Any suggestions?

Additional information:

298 GB HDD
Wi... Read more

A:Free disk space does not increase after deleting files

Welcome to the Seven Forums Jack101.

I suggest that instead of using Defraggler you use Puran Defrag and carry out a boot-time defrag.

Now about free disk space. Sometimes the correct free disk space shows up after a reboot. However from your message it would appear that you have already tried that but without success. Another way to find out how much free space exists is to open the Command Prompt and use the "dir/p" command. Please try that and check if the free space shown is identical with what you see with your method and report back with the command prompt screen shot after dir/p has been executed.

Good luck.

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Hi, at my work we use a Windows 7 desktop & Next-image program to scan old documents & go paperless. We have been storing all the files of those scans onto Local Disk D. Its over 200 yrs of stuff & we have now run into the problem of running out of room. There is currently only 16.0 KB left out of 232 GB. I need somewhere to store the rest of the documents as we still have quite a few left to scan. I've tried to move some to Local Disk C put that also does not a have enough storage. I've done a disk cleanup but its all files I wish to keep so that doesn't help. Any help? ( I guess I just need a flash drive with like 1,000 GB on it lol).

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I have W2K Pro.
Flrman1 & others,

I tried again to delete my Temp Internet Files by right clicking on IE & doing it that way. This error popped up again: "Control Panel: An error has occurred while Windows was looking for Control Panel File: C:\WINNT\System32\INETCPL.CPL"

Here is that event log:

"The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( XtreamLok License Manager ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: Service started."

When I tried the tried to do a Disk Cleanup. I got this error "Cleanmgr.exe has generated errors & will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is created".

Here is that log:"The application, cleanmgr.exe, generated an application error The error occurred on 05/02/2004 @ 14:01:07.696 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 63002671 (<nosymbols>) "

I found the same thing u did about the "C:\WINNT\System32\INETCPL.CPL". error. All info about this error is about Win 95/98 machines. This problem happened after the 1st time I was invaded with trojans.

Any help appreciated!!!!!! Thx!

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Hi. Not so sure this is the right place for this. If it's wrong, I apologize, and hope someone will be so kind as to direct me to the right forum or help me anyway.

I've been burning DVDs and deleting files off my computer, but instead of increasing the hard disk space, the free space report when I go to My Computer and click on C: keeps decreasing. Is there a way to refresh it and check what's going on? I've been installing some apps, yes, but none so large as to take something like 7 GB of space all at once.

Thanks so much!

A:Hard disk space keeps decreasing on record even if I'm deleting files

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hey all, i just reformated my computer. i have 2 hard drives. one which stores all my system files, os etc. and onther which i use just for storage. When i restarted my computer for the first time since reformating i had a message sayinf somthing alng the lines of:

"One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You
may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended
that you continue."

i wasnt at my computer so it decided to go ahead and do it anyway. by the time i got to my computer and turned it off, booted it back up and avoided the dick check again on start up it had already deleted 20 gigs of my music files. It was saying somthing about orphened files when it was running through deleting everything from image files to mp3s. please let me know if there is a way to resotr my deleted files or find out exactly what was deleted. ive never seen anything like this.

A:Disk Check Keeps Deleting my music, "orphened files" help!

^^ bump for help pleASE

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Hey folks, well first of all i want to thank u for all the information posted on your forums, that information was the one that helped me removing the spy programs on my comp, but there is one last problem, that i donīt know what files i have to delete with the Hijackthis so this is my log file and i hope u can help me.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 20:08:29, on 17/12/2003
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Archivos de programa\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnd.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Hewlett-Packard\AiO\hp psc 700 series\Bin\hpobrt07.exe
C:\Archivos de ... Read more

A:Help deleting the right files with hijack this after deleting the spy programs

you have quite a lot of nasties there

first open IE/tools/connections/click on your connection & untick use a proxy server & use autoconfiguration script

then run hijackthis, tick all below, make sure all browser & email windows are closed and press fix checked

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,AutoConfigURL = http://proxycfg.marketscore.com/gencfg.asp?id1=WU9$bGcINh8&id2=U340MADfs3a&lp=1&nsv=
then Download & Run CWshredder from
and make sure you follow the advice about the security updates listed at the bottom of the page, in order to prevent re-infection, otherwise you will be continually reinfected

then reboot &
Download Spybot - Search & Destroy from http://security.kolla.de

After installing, first press Online, press search for updates, then tick the updates it finds, then press download updates. Beside the download button is a little down pointed arrow, select one of the servers listed. If it doesn't work or you get an error message then try a different server

Next, close all Internet Explorer and OE windows, press 'Check for Problems', and have SpyBot remove all it finds that is marked in RED.

then reboot &
download AdAware 6
Before you scan with AdAware, check for updates of the reference file by using the "webupdate".
Then ........

Make sure the following settings are made and on -------"ON=GREEN&qu... Read more

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I have Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is my file server and it auto syncs user's file every minute. I have 3 disks. The primary partition (Disk 0) and two others (Disk 1 & Disk 2). My question does not include the primary

I shrunk Disk 2 so that I had unallocated space. I then extended Disk 1 using the unallocated space from Disk 2 creating spanned volume on Disk 1 (extended volume on Disk 2). It did not do what I wanted so I want to 'undo' it. Can
I just delete the spanned volume on Disk 2 (space that added to Disk 1)? Or more accurately if I'm going to delete the spanned volume on Disk 2, will it affect my users' files?

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Hay everyone, Got a friend going to give me a working computer but he needs to clean all his personnel file out leaving only the usable programs. Is there a way to delete them easly, leaving the usable programs in tacket with a few easy strokes of the keybord, it is a Gateway computer and not sure what OS system is install but assume it is Win?
God Bless and be wize all.

A:Deleting personnel files leaving OS sys files in tacket.


Try CleanUp.
The folders you have to delete manually.

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Hi guys, I recently removed aol from my system the standard way of add/remove programs in the control panel. However when i did an advanced search of my system to see if it was fully removed, I found an aol file folder in program files, common files, which contains 357 files and 99 folders. Anyway when i right click on it and delete it i get a warning saying, renaming,removing or deleting "aol" could make some programs not work. are you sure you want to do this. My question is, Is it safe to delete this or will it affect any other progams on my pc that i still use. Please let me know. Thanks

A:Solved: Deleting aol from program files,common files

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Recently I upgraded from IE 5 to IE 6. Then I noticed that as Norton scanned, it spent over 30 minutes just looking at files in "Content IE 5 temp". There were upwards of 30,000 files there, said Norton as it counted them while scanning. Anyway, I went to delete them. There are about 12 folders in there, and they all have gibberish names like ghl8fdpr5. They DO seem to be internet files, although there is an application in at least one of the folders. (NO idea what it is, it's just another gibberish string of letters and I didn't open it.) I marked them for deletion, and for every folder got a warning box saying it contained System files...programs...was I sure? No, not sure! So I left without doing anything. But I do want them gone. Why are System files in there and what could they be? Why would programs be in there? Are these NOT temporary internet files?

A:Deleting temp. IE5 files - some are System files

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Laptop: Acer Aspire 5552
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
AV: Avast! Antivirus Pro

I have an 2TB external hard drive (Toshiba) where I keep my music, movies, etc. About two months ago, I had an issue where the drive became inaccessible due to the data cable disconnecting during file transfers. The painful process of CHKDSK /F /R on the volume, which took about eight hours and found A TON of errors. I went through and deleted the corrupt remnants.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had some newly corrupt files. I performed the CHKDSK again, and manually deleted any remnants. This time, the process was only about 30 minutes. To be honest, I performed CHKDSK numerous times between those two instances, but never found any problems.

Now we're up to last night. I was going through some of my earth porn and found a corrupt file. "No biggy," I thought as I just deleted the file. However, deleting that file seemingly caused roughly five more to become corrupt. Deleting the five newly corrupt files caused ALL the roughly 100 files in my earth porn folder to become corrupt.

I was at work when this happened, and just happened to have another 2TB hard drive with me. I connected it to my computer and attempted to transfer the files that are most important to me; my movies, music, and family photos. The transfer said it was going to take 14 hours, so I cancelled it being that I only had about four hours left at work.

Upon arriving home, I initiated the transfer again, but this time ... Read more

A:Deleting corrupt files corrupts more files?

Enoctis mate I would try running some malware scans if it were me try these if you haven't already




download from bleeping computer ? delete any rubbishthese find.

then onto Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit: portable malware scanner | Free removal of Viruses,Bots, Spyware, Keyloggers and Trojans < run only the Emergency and Command line scans

I would be also running this
Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 this is all just an elimination process - for starters.

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Ya its me again, but this is for my old CPU. I have like 5 old disk structure which I don't know how to delete. The old disk structure came from system recovery which causes to put my old files in the old disk structure. I want to delete it cause I think there's tons of virus in it which are currently locked in it and its making my computer slow too sometimes.

A:Deleting My Old Disk Structure

Can you explain the "old disk structure" a bit more for me. Are you talking about an actual hard drive, a restore point, or a folder?

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Is there anyway to Deleting My old Disk Structure? This folders are from my old partition and I have 4 of them because my computer keeps getting errors/viruses and I end up having to start a new partition

When I try deleting them, it says:

A:Deleting My old Disk Structure

Try downloading Ccleaner. It will clean your hard disk.

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I am very confused. I am running Windows XP on my home PC. All of a sudden, even though I have not recently installed or downloaded anything, I had less than 200MB free on my C: drive (which is a 230GIG drive). I started getting the pop-up warning in the system tray, so I went to Properties and did the Disk Cleanup. There was nothing abnormally large in the Recycle, Compressed Files, etc. In fact, I was barely able to clean any space off this way because everything was already taking up next to no space.

After this, I moved over 20GIGS of data on to a completely separate external drive (not a partition of the C: drive). I looked at my C: disk space and it was still around 200-300MB. I noticed as a kept the C: drive Properties window up that the space kept fluctuating throughout the day, going from 200MB to 300MB to 500MB (that was the max I have seen it at), then back down to 300 range and then back down to below 200MB, then back to 300... all the while, I am not downloading or deleting anything. (In the time I have been writing this, it has gone from 218MB to 318MB to 253MB to 316MB. It even got down to 76MB.) This could be completely normal behaviour, but I thought I would mention it anyway.The Low Disk Space error keeps popping up and then disappearing, popping up and then disappearing as this data fluctuates.

I am running a full virus scan but nothing has come up so far and it is almost done. It runs in the background anyway, so a virus surely would have been detected.... Read more

A:Low Disk Space Even After Deleting Data

Try to find out what is using the space.

These will allow you to visualize your disk space usage:

Disk Space Fan
Visual Disk
Disk Pie
Directory Size Calculator

How big is the C:\Windows\Installer folder?

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On my Windows XP when I run the Disk Cleanup Mgr, all the files go down to zero, except for this one, "WebClient/Publisher Temp Files". I cannot seem to even locate this in the system to check it out. Dell gave me this list to do to resolve, but it involved deleting any found in the *.log files off the C:drive, and on to deleting all found files in *.chk, *.bak,*.old. When I pulled up the first one, *.log, alot of things came up that I was not comfortable with deleting...looked as if they took up alot of space and maybe I was in the wrong thing and would mess up the system even more than it is now. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanx!!

A:Disk Cleanup Mgr not deleting a file

How about posting the log of what they said to delete. Maybe we can pick out the ones that are safe to delete, or the one's you need to keep. Whichever is smaller.

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I messed up my hard drive using Hex Editor in Windows 7 because I want converted my entire hard drive from dynamic to basic and then from basic to dynamic because my hard drive was not showing 15 gb space in basic but failed.
Now I can't even boot Windows and When I want to boot my computer with Windows vista or Windows 7 CD it don't go hard disk deleting ad formatting option, it don't go further after copying files
Is there a way for me to delete the entire dynamic disk, convert to basic, and start over with the Windows installation.

A:Bootable CD for deleting Dynamic Disk

Find a DOS system boot disk from an older version of Windows, like Win98, and use the Fdisk utility to delete and recreate the partition. You should be able to do the rest with the Win 7 DVD after that.

If you can't find an old boot disk, try a program like Gparted, but you'll probably have to get a buddy to burn it onto CD/DVD for you, or else put it on a thumb drive.

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I had to free some space space on disk C: using treesize and soon I realized that I don't have anything that I can delete from user side do much so I was looking at big files in Windows directory and put my eyes on DataStore.edb 1GB size.
After searching an looking on internet I saw lots of posts and article saying that there's no harm just that I will lose updates history that can be remade. So to be safe, I moved the DataStore file to my PC in case i will need it. Now I had lots of free space but short after I was having a lot less free space than I had before! less than 1 GB and Windows is asking for a restart to install update.. Datasore.edb is now arround 8MB After checking a little bit, i think Installer and winsxs folder filled up.
Can this be fixed somehow ? It will free up after restart ?

What could I do to fix this ?

A:Disk clean-up failed after deleting Datastore.edb

Welcome to our forum.

We need more information. Use this tutorial by Brink to help with that.
Make sure we see what security programs you have installed and your power supply.

System Info - See Your System Specs

I suggest you leave winsxs alone.

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PC runs on Windows XP Home SP 2, with latest patches and IE 7.0 and Firefox (latest version). Computer is going to be four yrs old next month. Hard disk C (format NTFS) has a total capacity of 27.94 GB, according to right-clicking on hard disk C and according to Disk Defragmenter. Currently, 15.05 GB are occupied (53% of the hard disk). I have been deleting stuff to free up space and haven't been saving anything particular to the disk - but still I lose .01 GB EVERY DAY (day before yesterday, I had 15.07 GB, yesterday .06, and today 05 GB). Why do I keep on losing space in spite of my emptying the caches of both my browsers (Firefox manually, IE via Disk Cleanup), running Disk Defragmenter and properly deleting old files and programs I no longer need via control panel? Has this something to do with the Temp folder (in the WINDOWS folder)? It is currently more than 51 MB in size, most of the files end in .tmp and are indicated in blue. Only few of them have their names written in black. It looks quite full, with something like 2.500 objects in there.
So: why am I losing .01 GB every day although I'm trying to free up stuff?
PS: I am NOT at all well versed in computer lore.

A:Help: I keep on losing disk space even though I'm deleting stuff!

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I've recently rendered my computer useless by deleting my Windows XP partition to merge the remaining space into my Windows 7 partition. Now I get a "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" error.

I've run the Startup Repair utility about six times now and have had no progress. The 'System Recovery Options' panel doesn't detect anything (The window that has two dot check points; One being 'restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier', the other 'Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows'). I don't know what drivers it expects me to find, but any help there would be great.

So here are a few things i've tried;

I'm not sure what information is worth mentioning, so i'll mention it all.
Running the startup repair six times, as mentioned previously.

Bootrec /scanos - [1] D:\Windows
Bootrec /fixboot - Element not found
Bootrec /fixmbr - The operation completed successfully.

Diskpart List disk: Disk 0 Status online.

I selected disk 0
Diskpart list partition:
Partition 1 T:Primary S:93gigs Offset: 31kb
Partition 2 T:Primary S:138gigs Offset: 94gigs

I don't have have experience in Diskpart, so I didn't do any more queries.

How could I get out of this rut?

A:Disk boot failure after deleting WinXP partition

Hello Tetsuma, welcome to Seven Forums!

First you have to mark the Windows 7 partition as active, then you will need to run as many as 3 separate startup repairs with system restarts between the repairs to write the boot files to the Windows 7 partition.
Be sure to post back to keep us informed.

Partition - Mark as Active

Startup Repair

System Repair Disc - Create

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While attempting to format a USB drive in DiskPart (using the 'cmd' function) , I accidently deleted my Backup Drive "D".

How do I Recover the 2 TB drive with all my backups on it.

Since the episode my system has NOT been switched OFF or rebooted.
However I have exited from the CMD prompt.

Notwithstanding, the LIST DISK cmd within DiskPart still recognizes the Drive as Drive 1. ,
yet under the "VOLUME" command it is not recognized (only Drive "0" or my C drive).
Also within Diskmgmt.msc while being identified, I am unable to assign it as active as the system states that it is being "cleaned" ??

Your assistance is anxiously sought

Regards - Marburg

A:How to Recover Logical Disk after Deleting in DiskPart Win7

Should I not be able to recover the Disk Drive using Diskpart or some such WIN product,

What steps do I need to go through to have Win7 recognize the Drive and nominate it as my backup device, assuming I delete all data from it and run Ghost for both backups to re establish their integrity ? ?

If I have to take this recovery path then I accept the fact that I've probably lost all my backup's and restore points.

HELP Please


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I'm new to the forums and have decided to post so I can hopefully resolve the mess I have got my girlfriends laptop into....

1. The laptop already had windows 7 on it but I wanted a clean install so I created a W7 disk from an ISO on a usb stick.

2. It wouldn't however install onto the original partition as it froze during installation so I created another partition and installed W7 on there.

3.I then set the new partition as active and ran startup repair multiple times to allow the correct boot files to be installed onto the new partition

4.I then used command prompt to delete the old boot partition that had the old W7 on it, but then the laptop gave me the "A disk read error occurred" spiel

5.I have tried every command to rebuild my bcd in command prompt from the W7 disk but it still says no installations are found after the /rebuildbcd command

W7 64 bit
Toshiba Sattelite C660
4GB Ram

Thanks for reading and replying in advanced, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:A disk read error has occurred, - after deleting partition

Does the new win7 partition boot succesfully? Does it have a bootmenu with 2 options (new win7, old win7)?
Please post full screen image of diskmanagement with all fields visible. Please tell on which partition old win7 is and on which partition new win7

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Thank you for WindowsSeven forums. I have just registered but during the last 6 months or so I have used the resources provided here - particularly the tutorials - to set up my Wndows Home Premium x64 system.

Looking at one of the tutorials: System Protection Restore Points - Delete
I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help me with.

Options 3 and 4 of the tutorial cover deleting system restore points selectively with CCleaner or System Restore Explorer.

My questions about doing such selective deletions of restore points with these utilities are:
1. Does it actually save any disk space; or is it simply cleaning up a list so that after the deletion of unneeded ones only the restore points considered useful are presented in the list - whereas system restore disk usage is left unaffected.
2. Is there any risk in deleting restore points at various arbitrary points; are they interdependent? Will deleting some cause a risk of others not working?

Essentially, if it is possible, I would like to keep restore points done at the begiining (after drivers, windows updates and installation of programs etc.) and delete the remaining ones except the most recent one - but I only want to do this to save significant disk space by the selective deletion.

Thank you.

A:Deleting System Restore Points Selectively - disk usage

Deleting the points does recover disk space. You can see it with
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

You can use this shortcut to make restore points with your comment

System Restore Point Shortcut

Makes it easier to know what happened. For instance before installing a program I may use it and comment "before installing zappos untried newsreader" or whatever.

I would not only rely on restore points. I've heard a thorough disk defrag can mess them up. It's good to also image your system to an external drive. You can find free imaging programs.
There's a list here:

Free Hard Disk Backup and Restore, Hard Disk Image and Cloning Utilities (thefreecountry.com)

But you may find some additional if you search the Software sub-forum on thiis forum.

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Hi all,

I am preparing a laptop for sale, and have carried out a fresh install of Windows (booting from recovery CD). During this process, I selected 'Custom installation', followed by the hard disk partition containing my personal data and 'Drive options (advanced)', followed by 'Delete'. Is this a secure method of erasure or should I take additional precautionary steps before selling?

Thanks for reading.

A:Is deleting a hard disk partition on Windows 7 installation secure?

To tell you the truth, it really depends. How paranoid are you? Deleting the partition should be fine as long as you did a Clean Install of Windows and then deleted Windows.old.
Windows.old Folder - Delete

But if you're really paranoid, you might want to also Quick Format...
Format a HDD or USB

...as well as using DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke). You simply load this tool onto a CD, DVD or USB and it securely erases all data from any discoverable hard drive until every single bit of data is permanently removed by overwriting all data on the disk with random numbers.
Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing

But unless you have very important and private data on that particular hard drive, I suggest doing a simple Clean Install and at the most, a Quick Format.

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Hi, does anyone know of a method to undo the deletion of a parittion that was deleted using Disk Management in XP? Partition Magic wasn't opening correctly, so I used Disk Management to delete a 1 GB swap (logical partition, about in the middle of the physical disk) I searched around the Disk Management tool bar and didn't see anything about "undo"

First off, it deleted instantly. No down time to process...
Second off, all located within ONE primary partition at the end of the physical drive, there were 3 logical partitions: one swap, two NTFS. The two logical NTFS partitions were physically behind the swap partition on the drive. (One 12 GB NTFS partition immediately behind the swap, and a 30 GB NTFS partition behind that) When the swap was instantly deleted, it also *instantly* deleted the 30 GB partition ( < 1 GB free) It left the 12 GB NTFS partition (also < 1 GB free) alone. It also didn't touch any of the primary partitions.
To try and visualize:
160 GB Toshiba SATA 2.5" disk

In physical order:
Primary - D:, NTFS, 6 GB
Primary - C:, NTFS, 78 GB - XP install
Primary - ..., Ext3, 20 GB - Ubuntu Edgy Eft install
...........Logical - ..., Swap, 1 GB
...........Logical - U:, NTFS, 12 GB
...........Logical - Z:, NTFS, 30 GB

Now, it looks more like this: (when I immediately shut it down after the incident)
Primary - D:, NTFS, 6 GB
Primary - C:, NTFS, 78 GB - XP install
Primary - ..., Ext3, 20 GB - Ubuntu Edgy Eft install
... Read more

A:Solved: Undo deleting a partition using Window's Disk Management

Just an update:

So my GRUB is all messed up now and I can't boot into anything. I'm going to see if I can accomplish anything hooking up to an IDE on my desktop. In the mean time, if anyone can offer any advice at all...it would be appreciated.


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I recently purchased and installed xp home version update package. can I delete the windows me files without damaging the installation??...Thanks

A:deleting me files

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There are two pornographic videos that are downloaded onto my computer in the folder that I use to download music on LimeWire. I've never downloaded a video from LimeWire that I can recall, only music. Anyway, these 2 files will not delete when I right-click and try to select delete. There is no delete on the right-click list, the files CANNOT be dragged into any other folder including the Recycle Bin.

I tried going into Safe Mode and deleting it, but no good. Restore point, it's still there. Help?

A:Help Deleting Files

Sorry, closing thread as this is against TSG Rules:

P2P Instructions - The purpose of P2P is to illegally trade copyrighted material. We do not support the use of P2P networks and any threads requesting help for them will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit StealingIsIllegal.com), but information on how to use them will not be providedClick to expand...



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Can anyone suggest me some free tool which will delete all the files from HDD which I had already deleted from recycle bin earlier ? I'm asking for this kinda tool cause I had few files on my company's laptop which I was not supposed to have. I have deleted them from recycle bin but I doubt when I return it, these guy will recover it back and put me in trouble! please help!!

A:Need help in deleting files

Hmm.... I haven't used any file shredding programs myself, so am not able to personaly recommend a particlular one.However, I did a quick Google search and found the following one: http://www.fileshredder.org/It appears to be free, so you might as well give it a try.You might want to do some additional Google searches yourself, or perhaps even visit the MajorGeeks website and see what their recommendations are.Best Wishes.

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I have several files on my E drive that I had used for a restore project which is now complete. These files are in a Temporary Internet Files folder. I can't delete them and I can't open up Properties to change their type. I don't what to format drive E and they are taking up a lot of room.
Any suggestions?

A:Deleting files in Win 2k

what does it say when you try to delete them?

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I want to delete everything from the computer how do I do it and will it mess it up (I want to start out just like I did when we bought it)

A:deleting all files

Cindyshort67, This guide here just might be what you are looking for.. http://www.everythingcomputers.com/reformat.htm

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I want to know I am trying to delete files that I no longer need and some files that I try to delete it pops up and says Renaming, moving or deleting this file could make some programs not work. Are you sure youu want to do this? I need to know if it is going to hurt anything to delete these files because I have alot of unwanted files on my computer. Also how do you know what you can get rid of and what you can't?

A:Deleting files need help


What are the files that you are trying to delete? Hope they are not system files... or the files in the Windows folder? You can delete the files that are in the Temp, Temporary Internet Files and the History folders regularly!

What OS are you using? Win XP or ???

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I'm running XP Pro and I downloaded an AVI files from the net... but when I tried to open it, WMP encountered an unknown error.

Now when I try to delete the file, I keep getting an error message, saying another program is using the file, and therefore, it cannot be deleted. I restarted Windows, and same thing. Went into safe mode... same thing. How do I get rid of it!? I even tried quarantining the file with NAV, but my computer stopped responding. Any help here?

A:Deleting files...

You have two options that I can think of:

1. Go into Task Manager and see if you can find the process that's running it and then end it so you can delete the file.

2. Go into safe mode with command prompt and use the DEL command to delete the file.

(Or run SpyBot or Adaware to see if it is spyware)

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I need to delete a folder in C:/program files in order to accomplish a total file erase, and re-install. I've done this before, but now, when I try to delete it, a message says, "Cannot delete AReadyLB.dll:Access Denied. Make sure disk is not full, or write protected" Can someone please tell me how to bypass or set my settings to allow access to delete folders here. Thank you very much.

A:deleting files?

Start computer in safe mode

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i am selling my laptop and want to remove everything personal on it so it is back to brand new with no info on it can anyone tell me how to do this
thanks tanz

A:help deleting files

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When I run defrag on my C drive, the program tells me that there are certain files that cannot be defragmented. When I go to delete these files, I am not able to find them on my hard drive. It tells me that the files are in C:\\WINDOWS\Temp but when I look in that folder no such files exist. When I check the properties of the folder, it tells me there are 4 GB in it but it only shows 4 MB worth of files.

How can I delete these files when I can't find them?
I've already made my system show hidden files and these files still don't show up.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions ^.^ Thank you,

A:Deleting certain files


Have you gone into Tools, Internet Options and under "Temporary Internet Files" click on "Delete Files"?

By the way, I doubt you have 4 GB of temp files. 4MB is more likely.


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