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Flex 2-15 thin lines and turning purple/pink

Q: Flex 2-15 thin lines and turning purple/pink

Hi All Just came home from the school run to find my laptop is now being funny with me.It was off whilst I was out and now have random thin lines apparening and the screen flashing to pinky/purple every now and then. I havent had this laptop long and now this =( Can anyone help please

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Preferred Solution: Flex 2-15 thin lines and turning purple/pink

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


screen turning purple/pink on the left hand side of my hp pavillion all-in-one 

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Just upgraded from Vista ultimate x64.

Soon as it restarted the desktop has a purple/pink tint but only running at 1920x1080.

If i lower the res its fine.

Monitor: BenQ G2412HD
Video card: ATI 4870HD dual edition.

A:Why is my screen purple/pink?

Do you have the latest drivers for both gfx card and monitor installed?

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i have recently been given a pc which is slightly better than the one im currently using it has an sis mother board with a 2.6 ghz processer p4 as min is only 1.8 ghz p4 i would like to switch i currenntly use an ati radeon 9600xt 256mb graphic card which is in a brown agp slot the new pc has a pink one when i put the card in its fine with the monitet connected to it but as soon as i install the driver i get problems with black screen which then puts it in sleep mode or it simply keeps crashing and restarting some times i get an error message which says failed to draw or something or unable to communicate with device can anyone help fix this or is it simply because the slot is not compatible.

A:pink/purple agp slot please help

Are you certain you are not using a PCI-Express slot? That is what all newer computers are using for computer graphics.

An AGP slot requires an AGP video graphics card. The PCI-E slot requires a PCI-Express video graphics card.

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This morning my Dell AIO 27 inch screen went pink/purple and then I smelled something burning. What does this mean? I closed all the apps and turned off the computer. Thanks all. D

A:Pink/Purple Screen

Exactly which model AIO is this?
Unplug it.
If you're still under warranty, contact Dell Tech Support ASAP.
If no longer under warranty, you may have to take it to a reputable PC shop to examine the system and find/replace the part(s) that failed.  Working inside an AIO can be challenging, so unless you're experienced at this, you probably shouldn't attempt it your own.
Depending on the model and the exact problem, it might not be cost-effective to repair it...

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i have encountered a sudden problem that the color changes sometimes to pink or purple , my device is lenovo yoga 500 and i have two graphic cards installed :1- Intel(R) HD Graphics 55002-NVIDIA GeForce 920Mand i am using windows 10, last time thats happened i have tried to restart the device but the problem didnt solve, and the color stayed purple so i have updated the NVIDIA GeForce 920M driver and the proplem solved , but after two days i have updated the driver for the other adapter Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 after that the proplem came back , i dont know if there is a conflict between the two adapters or not so , i have attached a video , please help me lenove tech team . 

MOV_0370_mpeg4.rar ?7386 KB

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hello ,i am using ideapad Z570 , windows7 yesterday i was working on the pc suddenly the screen turn purple/pink awkwardly . i shut it down and then few minute after i started it . it started with a system repair . afterward its  working but the screen remain purple/pink except few mm on the top of the screen . there is a dark pink line just 9mm below the top of the screen horizontally . above this line the screen is fine that is merely 10% of screen but below this line the full 90% screen is purple/pink. moreover  this color changes it intensity  ,for example,  as i right click on the desktop the tab opens as it in windows ,, some dark purple/pink vertical line appears in the part of the tab through out the screen vertically except the top part what i have mentioned earlier . remaining desktop is less purple/pink. OR as i open a drive ,(the folders within the drive is in small icon pattern) , dark purple/pink lining  appears over the folders . seen like fringe over the screen . if i have 4 folder in the drive there are 4 such fringe over these folders and the remaining part of the screen is less pink. ( except the top)AS i open a folder , (let it contents some songs and sowing in 'details' pattern ), the dark purple/pink vertical lining across the screen (except top 9mm part) appears over icon of the song and the name , title , album ,etc ,, i mean where there are letters the lining appears.OR i open notepad &n... Read more

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Hi there, i have some issues with my monitor (awhhh).

It's working fine like 10-20-30 minutes and then it's turning off (for no reason) while the cumputer is running and the flash/button goes pink. I don't know what's this colour stands for. Blue is when the monitor is active, yellow is when the monitor is turn to sleep and when i shut down my computer, but PINK? What's that, anyone?

The monitor is turning OFF, not in a sleep mode or something.
I must remove the cable and push back in every 20 minutes. That's wrong.

Maybe it's the cabel, maybe something with drivers and stuff...i don't know.


please anyone....it's my moms monitor and she's gonna kill me, i blew it up.



A:Monitor is turning off and the button in the right corner is turning pink

It would be nice to know the brand and model of the monitor

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I have a problem which is kind of difficult to describe, but I'll try.

I am experiencing an annoying pinkish/purplish discoloration with Windows XP, and I can't figure out why. For example, the two thin horizontal bars at the bottom of the screen -- just above the Start Button -- are both a pale pink all the way across. When I drag my cursor onto the Up/Down vertical bar on the far right, it turns from pale blue to a pale purple; however, when I left-click the bar returns to pale blue. The middle of the screen looks to be normally colored for the most part. The problem appears mostly around the perimeter of the screen, including the toolbars. Sometimes the color is displayed evenly; sometimes it has an uneven appearance. Sometimes it's sort of splotchy. It seems that the Windows boxes which pop up are invaribably discolored. For example, when I go to File> Print, the entire background of the Print box is a light pink or purple color, although all the small rectangular boxes contained within (e.g., Properties, OK, & Cancel) all have their normal white backgrouds.

Another thing I've noticed is a lot of pink/purple discolortion in photographs, both color and b/w. It seems that the darker or shadowy sections of a photo are especially discolored. Some photos seem to be unevenly discolored with a smearing effect.

This is a problem I've had at least once or twice before over the years, but I don't recall how it was resolved. At first I thought... Read more

A:Solved: What causes pink/purple discoloration of Windows (toolbar, etc.)?

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While i was playing a game this morning (rise of nations thrones and patroits) the display suddenly changed. It looked like everything that was supposed to be white turned pink/purple and on the desktop green spots and a vertical green bar appeared. I've tried rebooting but that didn't help. I tried changing resolution, it didn't help. I tried dxdiag but it didn't showed any problems. I tried device manager but this also didn't show problems. I also didn't see any error message.
I have had this displaydriver for a while, but device manager says it's up to date. and i haven't had this problem before and i cant figure out what's causing it. I hope you can help because this pink is driving me crazy.


A:Display problem horrible pink/purple and green

Sounds like a hardware problem where the signal to the monitor isnt getting through properly. First step is to change settings in windows- try a different resolution and different colour depth. If its no go, make sure the graphics card is fully seated, give it a push down to make sure. Then take out the monitor cable and reinsert it after making sure all the pins on the cable look good. If that doesnt work, try a dfferent cable if you have or can borrow one. If its still bad, try a different monitor, if you can borrow one. If its still bad, most likely cause is a bad GPU, may need replacing.

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I have no idea what's been going on with my laptop lately. I've had it for 3 years already, it's a hp laptop running on Windows 7. About two days ago my laptop started turning into this pink and purple colour like it's made for 3D glasses display for no reason, and then it reverts back to normal. On the next day it happened again except this time it keeps flashing so it goes back and forth from normal to this. And finally today, it's been the worst, it hasn't reverted normal at all, it's just been staying this colour as I'm backing up my files. Help? Is there a way to revert it back to normal? Or will I have to just get a new laptop??

how my screen looks;

A:Solved: Pink/Purple/Green Display Monitor

I'd say it is a hardware problem. But you can try and update the video driver and see if that helps.

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Hello Team,Today when I start my Lenovo Yoga 500 laptop, the display has turned sometimes pink, purple or green.Also, its motion is also affected a lot. e.g. if i click on any application or window or tab, it takes a lot of time to open and i can see background screen too. I think its hanging. I have Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 and NVIDIA GE Force 920M Display Cards. Till yesterday, everything was ok. Suddenly its showing this behavior. After several restarts also, i am facing same problem. Please help.TIA,HK

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That's my little problem... I have ignored the little thing, and now it it irking me to do something. It's a little annoying to see this kind of just see it just move down my screen, while surfing the web, or playing gmaes (like the picture there).
Could anyone help me with this?
As well, sorry for the toaster quality photo. I only had a tablet on-hand to take pictures with...
Here is a slightly higher quality photo...


A:Vertical, thin, pink dotted line on computer screen...

Do you have or have access to a different monitor that you could try your computer with?You could also try booting into Safe Mode to see it also happens there.

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I may seem like I noob, I wouldn't doubt it but. For the past months or two I've been dealing with these annoying purple figures on my screen. At first it was only the arrow. And then when I chugged it around and opened it back up there was a larger line going almost all the way across the screen. They have disappeared after a bit before, just about the whole left to right line went gone, but then It showed up again.

An image of my beautiful paint replica is in the attachment.

See what I'm saying? Imagine theres just about 1000x the lines spiking out and the arrow and line are just further apart. And it's purple on whiter pages. But when I go to my desktop it turns almost blue. Any solutions?

A:Purple lines

Okay what are your computers specs? Make and model? We know you're running Windows 7. What about your graphics card?

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I have a 15 inch Lenovo Flex 3 and my screen has a purple tint because either the LCD cord is bad and/or there is something wrong with the screen (it get's better or worse when I move it around). None of the local computer repair places will fix it, but I don't know how to do it myself or contact Lenovo to help me get it fixed. My warranty is expired.

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Hi guys and gals
Having monitor problems. Systems been running fine for 2 years but last week developed horizontal lines running sown the screen. So far tried the following.
1) Plugging monitor into new computer- worked ok so dont think theres a proble with hardware itself
2)Uninstalled and reinstalled videocard software. Resolution increased (yey!) but purple lines remained (boo!)

Monitor itself is neovo f-419
Videocard is ATI all in wonder 9800
According to windows all my hardware is operating ok.

Any suggestions?

A:Help! Purple lines of doom

try a simple cleanout of the graphics card, get rid of the dust, make sure its seated properly... but tbh this will just give you a little more time. it sounds like your gfx card has had it!

if you can, get hold of a bogstandard card and see if the lines go away, if they do, think about getting a new card. (most peeps have a crappy s3 card stuffed at the bottom of a box!)

ive had (over the years) 4 cards go down, and they all seem to go down differently (coloured blocks in the post and boot up sequence, random lines, not refreshing the screen properly, etc...)

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Hello everyone!
has anyone ever seen this? I can't figure where is the problem....

img708.imageshack.us/img708/9285/dsc00683ho.jpg pls add http: in front img as I dont have 5 posts yet

It's my friend's computer, 4 months old. After 2 months those purple lines started to showing up randomly 2 or 3 times in a day, I took the computer to service, what he said to me that computer freezees and that he needs to reset it I suspected that RAM is bad, I took and tested RAM and it didnt passed the memtest, RAM was replaced in the warranty wit a new one, after I replaced it I tested computer 4 days at my place with various games and testing programs and it runs normally and I gave it back to him, after 2 days he phones me that pink lines are back?!?
OK I took the comp again to service tested it, flashed MBO BIOS, reinstalled Windows 7 all up to date drivers, testing and testing 3 more days everything OK, I back the comp to him again and guess what after 2 day purple lines! Isd it possible maybe that his monitor is bad? he has an old CRT 17" Samsung monitor... Then i said him to install windows XP and he did, computer was working fine for 6 days, but yesterday purple lines showed on XP as well while he was surfing the internet, but showed after 7 days?!?!? Dont know what to do computer runs fine at my place and pass all tests, i suspect on his monitor... Any ideas?

Computer is Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5300, Apacer 2GB DDR2 800, HDD Western Digital 500AAKS, PSU ... Read more

A:Purple lines comes randomly

This sounds like artifacting which means either the video card is overheating/fan is not working properly or it is dying.

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I have recently bought a new computer and within about half an hour of setting up the display suddenly froze and cut off into about 8 sections with vertical purple/black/white lines going across every other section I have reinstalled my monitor, my wireless mouse and keyboard, windows live and then finally Windows 7.

I called Zoostorm about my problem and they told me they'd get back to me on Monday. He said something about a driver but trailed off.

My old computer was very old and it just gave out one day. I have been looking forward to using brand spanking new OS and general computer with more than 50 GB space on the hard drive. This has completely crashed all my hopes. Could anyone suggest a solution?

Processor : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3300 @ 2.50Ghz
Installed Memory (RAM) : 2.00 GB
System type : 64-bit Operating system.

Please help? I feel as if some cruel trick is being played.

A:Purple lines. New computer :'(

Did you get any discs with it?....does it have a make and Model......

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Recently started having problems with my ATI Radion 9700 pro, i have the latest drivers installed etc. However, my pc sometimes starts fine and remains this way for 5 minutes, and then all of a sudden Purple lines begin to form accross my screen and it even sometimes becomes impossible to see the screen due to these purple lines. Then, maybe after a further 5 minutes or so the lines will disappear. I did recently however, change the fan on my graphics card, so the first problem i thought of was that the fan was not fitted correctly, so i have taken the fan out and put it back in again in various ways, as well as making sure the fan actually works when the computer switches on - and everything checks out fine. I cant put my finger on why all of a sudden this problem has occured.

I have managed to identify my graphics card as the problem by replaceing with with a friends, and having no problems at all

My pc is used mainly for gaming, so i also thought that stress could be an issue, but since the card has been working correctly for over a year, i dont see how this can all of a sudden be causing problems.

Any feedback/solutions to this is greatly aprechiated.

A:Graphics card - purple lines

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Hi I have an old pentium II which is running win xp pro and it was great for the longest time but now for some reason on all pictures not banners or logo's or anything like(unless of course they contain a picture) In my browser internet explorer have little purple lines through em WHAT COULD IT BE.....

A:Purple Lines on images in browser

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I have a Philips HEPC-7511 desktop PC I have a bit of a problem explained below. It?s a bit long winded but explains everything any help would be much appreciated

I was playing pes6 when all of a sudden it froze and made this weird buzzing sound and in the screen it looked like every other pixel was pink. So I left it to see if it would unfreeze but it didn?t so I switched it off at the plug. Then I turned it on again and normally you get a white screen with Phillips written in the middle this time I got the same screen but with a few pink vertical lines down the screen, then it says do you want to start windows normally or some other options I went start normally and you get the usual screen with the bar running across it and that?s all it does and restarts. So next time I went for find problem and restore to last good time it didn?t do nothing, so went into safe mode no pink lines anywhere to be seen saved everything I wanted and got out, then I did a destructive install which deletes everything ( which was okay coz I saved everything I needed on my external hard drive). Then I installed windows from a CD and did repair the cpu restarted with no pink lines on the white startup screen ( it looked normal) windows then went about installing normally, baring in mind the resolution looked like 800X600 rather then the normal 1280x1024. The installation got to a point where you put your name and password in at this point the resolution corrected it self to the normal 1280x1024... Read more

A:HELP pink lines

This sounds like the graphics card is dieing, I am assuming that you are using the most recent drivers.

But if people have already sujested to that it is the graphics card. You need to understand there is not going to be any magic setting or button you push that is doing to fix it. Computer components die, its fact.

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Having a problem currently with pink/blue pixellated lines going down my screen. They only go halfway down which allowed me to test whether it was the screen that was playing up or if it was something else by taking a print screen. I have all the latest drivers and downloads, so I am pretty stumped. I am new to PC's so didn't really want to jump into things without some advice and help first. Thanks and very much appreciated,


I have also inserted an image of my desktop after re-installing Windows earlier today hoping this would resolve the problem.

A:Pink Lines?

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I bet it's not dead pixel or something, cause it sometimes appear, not too often.
Sorry I can't take a screenshot from it, cause the screenshot can't seem to take it.

Any comment would be appreciate.

A:A few thin red lines running up from my pc?

Quote: Originally Posted by game333

I bet it's not dead pixel or something, cause it sometimes appear, not too often.
Sorry I can't take a screenshot from it, cause the screenshot can't seem to take it.

Any comment would be appreciate.

Hi there....
if the screenshot wont duplicate what your seeing, its 100% monitor related.

the panel itself may be on the verge of failing (or at the very least loosing the pixels in question forever), is it always in the same spot..??

how long have you had the monitor, & what is the exact model..??

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Hi guys, I've been experiencing a problem lately regarding green/purple lines or so called artifacts maybe? whenever I'm playing a game. I have a 8600GT with factory stats, not overclocked or superclocked and my CPU is an Athlon 64x2 4000+ @ 2.1GHz, 2GB of ram and 500GB of HDD. Like I mentioned earlier, once those lines appear, the computer completely freezes and I'm forced to restart it the hard way. That being said, green lines only appear in games while purple appears when I'm surfing the net. They don't appear too often, usually does after a while in a graphic intensive game such as Gears of war, COD 4, Crysis, Dark Sector etc. Quite a while ago I had this issue with HAWX demo but a quick restart solved the problem. I've been somewhat paranoid then, trying to avoid playing games whenever I could and it never turned up till yesterday after I purchased a copy of Dark Sector through steam. Everytime after 5-6mins through the game the green lines will appear and crash my computer entirely. I haven't done anything to try resolving this yet other than restarting my computer continuously to avoid those annoying dots or lines that appears at the boot screen. Is this due to some graphical corruption or driver issue? My card appears to be running quite well as I'm still able to play HD movies without that issue but once I enter a game it'll just appear out of nowhere to ruin my day. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated, t... Read more

A:Computer freezes with green/purple lines

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I have a Kindle Fire and my front camera seems to have green and purple vertical lines on the screen...any help?

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I think - although not sure as I'm not an expert - that my display driver is failing / on it's way out.

PC has been fine for a while but recently had some BSOD messages relating to teh nv4_disp error. However my PC continued to work fine and this only happened when I tried to run a game using Direct 3D as an option - without it - worked fine.

However today, my PC loaded up fine bt after 5 or so minutes a purple block appeared around my mouse pointer - the screen then looked corrupted as I moved the mouse, lines appearing down it. I checked my monitor cable - gave it a wobble - still the same.

The screen then just went black.

I switched off and on and noticed the loading Windows XP screen also had the same lines - however it would not then continue to load - black screen appeared.

I can select BIOS as it loads but the screen flickers purple / red as I use my arrow keyes to select the options.

I attepmted to load in VGA mode - and it did load up, but with said lines running down the screen still.

I do not think it is my monitor cable (dont have a spare one to check)

Hope you guys can help - if it is some sort of display driver error, is it expensive to fix - time to invest in a new PC?

Many thanks

A:Purple Block Around My Mouse? Lines on Screen? Help

Hi please post the full make and model of your computer or if it is a custom made then the make and model of the motherboard,cpu,gpu,ram,and psu

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The monitor is showing pink and light blue shades... sort of many mini vertical lines... especially around windows. Many times text is also non readable. The problem appears randomly and sometimes disappears... but it seems to be getting worse with time. I already changed the VGA cable connection to my laptop with a new one but no improvement. The hp elitebook laptop monitor works fine. Can this problem be fixed? Thank you

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I tried this on another site, and nobody has helped. So I'm hoping you guys will be able to.

Forgive me if this is the wrong section of the site, but I have a problem.

Firstly I know very little about the technical side of computers, so any assistance would be helpful and appreciated.

The problem is my monitor is acting strange with pink lines all over the place and distorting the picture. It looks like this, LINK.

I don't know if this information about the screen will be helpful but I'll give iit anyway.

Monitor: 17" Sharp-LL172A Analogue Flat Panel.

Graphics Card: RADEON 9800 SERIES

And I'm also using Windows XP if that helps.

The problem hasn't been around much, just the past few days it has been occuring.

Thankyou for any help received.

A:Pink Lines down the screen.

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I need some advise/opinions.

I have a dell inspiron 6000 (XP), recently thin pink lines began to appear through all graphics. From what I have tested/checked I believe that I need a new video card, but I was wondering if there are any other options. Below are some important points to note.

1-I have used an external monitor....pink lines remain.

2-Laptop can run WITH NO PINK LINES in 32bit. 16 Bit has pinks lines.

3-Laptop can run resolution 1024x768 and lower with no pink lines.

4-There seem to be known "Pink line" problems with this and other dell laptops, but I do not think that the matters are related based on what I have tested. [post="Dell Blog"]http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/06/19/17774.aspx[/post]

5-Pink lines appear through every graphic.....even the DELL logo when the system starts up, before the software is loaded.

Any other ideas besides the vid card?

And any suggestions for a new vid card.......the one that is in there now has worked fine for what I do, but I would have to order it from the dell website and I don't want to wait that long. Right now it's an ATI 64 bit.

Thanks for any help-Mukluk

A:Pink Lines On Laptop

A laptop has a built-in video chip. There is no room for a replacable video card. I'd at least try reloading the driver

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I need help regarding the pink screen problem I am experiencing recently on my laptop. I see pink in place of white, green in place of black. There is screen image on the screen even after it has beenclosed or minimized- Ghost effect.(Not sure about terminology).External monitor works fine with HDMI.2 years old laptop. No more warranty. I have opened my laptop, unplugged the lcd screen and lcd cable and replugged everything back together hoping it was a lcd inverter or backlight problem. But nothing changed. The cable looked fine without any damage, and the screen looked fine from the inside. Please suggest if is a problem is with lcd cable or lcd digitzer or  something I do not know. I don't see the point of taking the laptop to repair and getting charged 250-300$ where as I can get a decent new laptop for 350-450$. I would rather buy the necessary part and replace it myself.screen faultyIll be glad if you could provide service. Thank you for your time.

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After 6 month, My Lenovo flex 2 15 have a problem in showing the images on screen. Green Color is Strong, and i see the pink color of latest windows when they are opened!
Now i have new windows and this problem staying! and now I can't install driver for nvidia GPU!
This problem born in after restart my Flex 2.
My Screen Hardware Ids is: LGD044F
My Graphic GPU is: Nvidia 840M
My Graphic is: Intel HD Family 4600 (It's working good)
My Warranty is in iran (AVAAT) and they are not true respond to me!
Thank You. Ariafar Khosravi
Ghost of windows when they are opened!?Ghost of windows when they are opened!?GPU?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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After 6 month, My Lenovo flex 2 15 have a problem in showing the images on screen. Green Color is Strong, and i see the pink color of latest windows when they are opened!
Now i have new windows and this problem staying! and now I can't install driver for nvidia GPU!
This problem born in after restart my Flex 2.
My Screen Hardware Ids is: LGD044F
My Graphic GPU is: Nvidia 840M
My Graphic is: Intel HD Family 4600 (It's working good)
My Warranty is in iran (AVAAT) and they are not true respond to me!
Thank You. Ariafar Khosravi
Ghost of windows when they are opened!?Ghost of windows when they are opened!?GPU?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Hi,As soon as I switch my laptop, I can see the desktop top image with pink and fuzzy look. It stared with yellow dull screen at he beginning before the pink color shown up. The screen will be in dull yellow while I open chrome or any white background appllication. The pink clor comes up if I open a video or any other apps without white background. This also come in safe mode. I have done the graphic driver update and see the same problem. Dont know what is the actual reason. Please help me..!!

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Bought my laptop and 6 months using it not much the screen has a pink colour and I can see documents that a behind the main one (transparency ). Took to a store and the guy told me it is a screen deffect from factory. Has someone had the same problem? Cannot work properly as the colour is really tyring to look at. Need to fix it urgently and he told it is going to cost me almost a new one. The laptop is new and I have used few times. Bought in USA and is out of warranty.Can someone help ? 

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Hi I just created an account here and needed some help with a problem. Just built this new PC for a friend and after everything going fine whenever i start any newer game like crysis, oblivion, and WoW i get purple squiggly lines on my monitor and then i lose connection to the monitor and i get a hardware lockup and have to manually turn off the computer. During the lock-up the mouse, keyboard and i believe everything just goes to sleep or turns off. I have run 3D Mark and got a benchmark around 10000 for graphics and 30000 for cpu. Also updated and reinstalled all drivers multiple times for my graphics card and updated directX and reinstalled. Also reinstalled the games and tried that but this problem keeps persisting. Ran GPUZ and the graphics looked like it was running smoothly. Any help would be very much appreciated thanks so much!

System specs:
Windows Vistas Home Premium 64bit
Acer 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor
Foxconn A79A-S AM2+/AM2 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-core black edition
EVGA 896MB DDR3 GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB 448-bit GDDR3
G.SKILL 2GB(2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 ... Read more

A:New here, Purple lines and hardware lockup when starting games

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I own a Dell Inspiron 15 5559. This problem has been going on for about 12 days or so now. Every once in a while my laptop will flicker these colors of purple, black, and white. It seems to have gotten a bit worse lately. Here is an example of my problem in this video. I have updated my drivers, and run a diagnostics program from the DELL site. All leaving me with nothing. Saying no problems were detected. 
I  do wonder if it's possible it could be an issue with my charger? I have been using a charger I had to order from amazon that didn't come with my laptop. I decided to order an extra one of the exact same to keep upstairs so I don't have to keep taking this charger everywhere with me. I'm not sure if that would be a cause or not.

A:Lap top flickering black, purple and white vertical lines.

Run the LCD built in self test (hold D through powerup).  If you don't see the artifacts, it means the screen is OK.
In that case, check and/or replace the wiring harness that runs between the mainboard and display panel.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.
If you DO see the fault on the LCD test, replace the screen.
While a third-party charger has its drawbacks (won't charge the battery), it won't cause the video artifacts.

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I have had bad experiances with my windows vista laptop, first I lost the sound driver which now gives a loud *HONK* whenever an alert comes up, then I lost the disk driver (which isn't that bad because USB is fine) and now the screen generates random purple lines and dies, then turns back on, and repeats. This even happens during startup!

Any help on the problems would be appreciated.

A:Vista screen has random purple lines then dies.

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Hello. I am having problems with my ATI Radeon X850 XT AGP card running under Windows XP x64 Pro. I was running on Cat 6.3 just fine. 6.4 came out and I decided to update to that. I did everything right, first uninstalled the old drivers though control panel, restarted, installed 6.4, restarted, computer booted up, new drivers detected, screen shuts off. So I go into safe mode, do a system restore to the day before, everything was back to normal.

A few weeks go by, then all of a sudden, any move(DVD, AVI, MPEG) in any video playing software (Windows Media, PowerDVD, RealPlayer) has a series of flashing white lines and dots at the top of the movie.

Another week goes by, all of a sudden, pink and green lines start showing up at the bottom of my screen during a time when I was playing World of Warcraft. This is running in 1024x768 res all the way from left to right of the bottom of the screen. I'm going to try to upload some pictures so you can see what I mean. You'll notice too when I'm on any web page and scroll down, the lines move up the screen.

I looked at ATI's site. Saw 6.5 Cat was out. Downloaded, uninstalled 6.3, restarted, installed 6.5, restarted, same lines everywhere. I turned off my computer, pulled AGP card out, cleaned dust, re-inserted, booted up, still have lines at bottom.

Now get this. I uninstall 6.5 Drivers, restart, the Standard Graphics VGA in Windows XP x64 pro load up. NO LINES AT ALL. Movies run fine, no lines, 1024x768 res. no ... Read more

A:ATI X850 XT Problems with Pink Lines

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Yeah a few minutes ago something happened that hasn't happened in 7 years with the computer I have. All the sudden the screen had green and pink lines on it. All over the screen. Almost like the graphics were in VGA mode. Here is a small pic of the lines. I didn't wanna show all my icons on my desktop so here is a bit of it. Picture it all over my screen. You can even see stuff that I shut down frozen on the screen. Like Google website. I rebooted the computer and all is well now. What might have caused that and is something failing on me? Thanks. Here is the pic.

A:Green and Pink lines on Monitor

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Hi Guys,

I have a desktop PC & Im getting alternate Vertical Green lines on my screen (when the screen has dark wall-paper its green, & pink lines with white backgrounds). And during windows startup, grey squares appear while windows is loading. My PC worked fine until last week, but one fine day all of a sudden this started happening.

The Green lines start appearing when the windows blue screen opens.

My monitor is working fine. I connected my laptop to it & screen is perfect.

I also started Windows in Safe Mode, the same problem appears. And no prominent errors r shown in event viewer.

Whats going wrong..???? Could it be my display, video or graphic drivers need updating or a hardware failure & needs a card changing? Iím just speculating.

I need HELP.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

If i can, i'll attach a screen-shot pic.

Ps.: what is the difference between display-card, video-card & graphics-card?

Thanks a bundle.

I appreciate your valuable help..........

My System info are below.

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Processor
Microsoft Windows XP Pro
NVIDIA nForce2 motherboard with dual channel DDR & USB2.0
160GB 7200rpm UDMA 100 hard drive with 8MB buffer
2.25 GB RAM
17" Philips 170B5CS TFT DVI 16ms
Radeon 9800 AIW 128 MB Graphics

Plzzz Help.

Thanks again


A:Green & Pink lines on Screen HELP...!!!!!

Make sure the graphic card seated properly on motherboard. And re-install/update the driver:

Here is the information about of type of AGP or PCI-E cards.

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I have pink lines running through all photos that are online. It doesnt happen with offline photos or programs but these pink lines appear on all photos when we are online. I have windows me as the operating system. What would cause this?

A:Pink lines in online photos

could you show me an example , url or screenshot?

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A few days ago, strange lines and blocks appeared on my pc screen. Ive attached a screenshot of the problem to this post, i think or you can see it on the link below.

The pc had been running fine for about 30 mins, then when i was playing the sims the lines and blocks appeared on the screen without warning. i thought it was a problem with the sims so i closed it but the error was on the desktop to. i did a Directx test, didnt help. I checked the VGA connection and its fine, im using a samsung TV and i dont get the error with the ps3 running through HDMI so im guessing its more likely the pc, infact im certain its nothing to do with the tv, its been great with the pc for ages. I downloaded a new driver for my graphics card (Radeon x850xt) and the blocks changed into the lines you can see in the screen shot. so i uninstalled the graphics card and reinstalled, still the same. ive just taken the graphics card out of the pc and dusted it, which it desperatly needed anyway, but i still have the problem. These lines also appear in safe mode and different shapes appear during startup. when i move any open window around, the number of lines increase within that window, as u can see in the screenshot.

I havent changed any drivers or installed anything new so i dont see why it would happen.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Strange horizontal pink lines

Hi Kenneto18 and welcome to TSF

Check your cables, reinstall the driver to. Try the Monitor on a KNOWN working PC and if you have a graphics card remove it and use a KNOWN working graphics card.

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Strange issue with my computer, can only run it in safe-mode and it has pink lines down it, if I try to start it normally or repair the system; it restarts or says that it has not been successful. I've done some routing around online and it seems that these problems could be either the graphics card is failing or the power supply isn't getting enough power to the motherboard.
On start up all the bios crap at the beginning has gaps in it. Computer has been running fine until it started doing this yesterday when I turned it on.

My computer is an Advent, Processor Intel quad core Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, 3GB of RAM and 32-bit Windows 7 OS. The graphics card is on board, dunno what it is apart from plastic and metal.

I pulled it appart earlier today and cleared the oversized, bloated dust mites out. It's about 4 years old. I'm going to try reinstalling windows but I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem from what I've read.

How can I find this out for definite without taking everything apart? Has anyone else heard of this problem. I'm very unwilling to part with my hard earned cash. I'm really stuck with this and would be very happy if I knew how to fix it.

Many thanks.

A:Pink pin stripe lines on screen.

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I have windows xp prof installed on my computer. I have noticed that i have pink vertical lines on my screen. They become more prominent when i scroll up or down. They are on all apps and also on my wallpaper. I have never encountered this and nobody seems to know what they are. Any ideas would be appreciated?

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Hi , I have bought Lenovo G510 with Core i7 and 2GB graphic card. Today when i turned on my laptop, i see pink Line horizontally to lower end of my LCD of laptop. I tried updated the AMD drivers and intel drivers but it didnt affect.My laptop is out of warranty, and i Live in Pakistan. Is there any way to resolve this issue or LCD will be required to change ?

A:Pink Lines in Lenovo G510 LCD

Hi shanalikhan , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You can try to isolate if the issue was due to graphics chip and driver or localized in the LCD and cable. 
Connect an external monitor and see if the lines are there.
Check also if the lines are visible in the BIOS (turn on pc using the Novo Button instead of the power ) 
Update us how it goes. 

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Hi guys,
What could be causing photos on websites to have pink and white lines running vertically through them. It used to happen infrequently but now it seems after only a couple of web pages the lines appear. Is it some setting in IE I need to make? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .....Joe

A:Pink and White lines in pictures

I'm going out on a limb on this one and suggest it might be the beginnings of video card problems. The reason I say that is last year the folders in my Windows Explorer started having this funny shade of yellow. Even though everything else looked okay, the folders looked different.

As time went on other things started happening - colors not as bright, colors not showing! (green was black, etc.) so I got a new video card and all was well again.

Check your monitor, too. Another long shot, but better than no shot.

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