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external harddisk not accessible

Q: external harddisk not accessible

my WD harddisk became inaccessible after I got a game copied into it

when I connected it to my laptop, there's no autoplay and when I tried to open it via my computer, it says;
G:\ is not accessible

error performing inpage operation
I can't open it, and I can't scan it also
it is new so I don't think it's because of the age
using XP here
I have no idea what's going on

Preferred Solution: external harddisk not accessible

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: external harddisk not accessible

External drives are generally less reliable than internal ones. This is because of the connection interface inside the enclosure, rarely is it actually the drive itself. That's why the problem plagues external drives (all makes, not just WD) as compared to internal ones. Some say it's because the small enclosure (compared to a PC) restricts heat dissipation, especially in external drives without a cooling fan (and most don't have one).

Since it's new I would return it, either to the shop or to WD (you'll need to contact WD and ask for authorisation (an RMA) before returning it for replacement.

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My laptop internal harddisk is not accessible. The laptop was switched ON and I was holding it in my hand. Suddenly it slipped and fell down. Since then, the harddisk is not accessible. Windows and BIOS are not detecting the harddisc. So, I bought a new harddisc and replaced it with the old one. Then I connected the inaccessible harddisc to the laptop via USB port by purchasing a harddisc casing and connector. But the disc did not get detected. I didnt see it in disk management. I use windows 7 OS. The connector cable I purchased is Y shaped at one end with two USB connectors. The other end has only one connector which goes to the hard disc.
I have data in the harddisc and I need to recover it. Is there any way I can access the harddisc? Please help!

Thanks & Regards,

A:Harddisk not accessible

First did you use the Usb plug with 2 wires at the computer end ? If not please do so. Also, try it with both Usb plugs in ports at the PC end.

If that doesn't help it looks like the drive is too badly damaged to work.

EDIT : Oh and welcome to TSG

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i bought an external hard disk its western digital 320gb, i observed data transfer rate of that disk is 30-40mbps only but ability of usb2.0 is 480mbps, how come very less data transfer, is there any way to increase it or any other application to increase it.

help me in resolving
thanking you

A:external harddisk

Transfer rates externally (i.e. USB or Firewire) are recorded in mega bits per second, however ATA and IDE protocols are measured in mega bytes per second. This means 480bp/s translates to 60MB/s (taking into consideration 1 byte = 8 bits). It seems the speeds on external USB drives are bottlenecked at around 40MB/s anyway - so if you're missing out, it won't be by too much.

Speeds also depend on how your external drive (well, inside the enclosure) works and reads the information off the disk. For example, reading from the outer edges of the disk will result in faster transfer rates than if it was reading from the inner part of the disk.

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I have an external harddisk of 1TB recently it became RAW type and i have lot of data in it so I tried TESTDISK but everything goes fine but in the end it happens nothing, it again shows in RAW format and windows ask me to format the disk to use it.

Somebody help me.Thanks in advance

A:External HardDisk became RAW

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I have this external USB hard disk which I am using for over 2 years now. It was working fine and kept properly. Now when I plug-in the hard disk (thrg USB cable) the green light on hard disk appears but my laptop is not recognizing the disk at all. I tried all standard ways and also went thrgs some other posts but nothing helps. Also, I dont see any entry in removable storage under computer management and neither I see any entry in safe removal option for USB.

How do I get my drive back? I am using win xp home and professional (on two different laptops)

A:External USB Harddisk

They don't last as long as internal drives... It may just be bad. Have you tried formatting it?

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i have hitachi 80 gb external usb harddisk. It has two partition yesterday night i am working on it but suddenly i am not able to access my hard disk so i unplugged harddisk.

now when i click on this drive it gave me error "file and directory is corrupted or unreadable" so i format my drive after almost completion it gives error "windows is not able to format this drive".

when i restart my computer and i click on this drive it gives message "this disk drive is not formated do you want to format it now?" it has two partition so when i click on other partition it works ok but this partition has some problem

when i click on this drive it shows me 0 bytes in used space and 0 bytes in free space. Now what to do i also check this drive with check now but no window is open and check now is not started what to do?

my data in this drive is not important can any software help me for this problem

A:external usb harddisk

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i have a 320 gig smart tech external harddisk. when i tried to open it today from my computer, windows vista displayed a message that says it need to be formatted, do u want to format it ?
i have a lot of data on it (nearly 120 gig).
i run it from another machine that uses XP, and when i open it, it opens but with no single file. however im sure tht there are 120 gig of data.

it was running great yesterday,
how i can fix it without losing my data.
please help.

A:my external harddisk doesn't run !!!

Have you tried running a chkdisk on it?

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Control Panel > Backup > then I chose a folder in C: to back it up to an external hard disk. Now I want to change to schedule from every Sunday to everyday, can I do that? How?

My second question every time the backup happens does it replace the old file for the back up in my external hard disk? because I did many backups and it seems that there is only one file in my hard disk!


A:Backup to an external harddisk

Refer to this:
Backup User and System Files

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Hi everyone,

i have been using my 2.5 inch external samsung harddisk for past 3 months and suddenly im not able to detect my harddisk in 'My Computer'

I have tried some basic troubleshooting using my basic knowledge:
I am getting an error when i tried to initialize disk. I have also tried both another option GPT and getting the same error.

Also tried with diskpart:

and i can also select, and clean:

but not able to create a partition

Kindly please help. if u need my system log, please let me know how can i do that

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Dear Specialists,
Could you please instruct me how to transfer my desktop icons with all their datas to the external hard disk.
I have new emachine working with windows vista. Thank very much.
With kind regards,
Beni Even

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external harddisk is no getting open

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I have just bought a new USB Harddisk case and plug it in onto my laptop, at first, it works fine. But in the past few days, Window XP cannot recognise the HD as "USB Mass Storage Device" as it used to be.

Now whenever I plug my USB cable in the port, it only shows "Unknown Device" under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

What has gone wrong?

Thanks, guys !!!! This has been bothering me for a while..


A:USB External Harddisk problem

This little raindance will usually fix this issue.

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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Help, my pc doesn't detect my external harddisk. It was working fine all the time until I tried to plugin and open the files, My PC didn't detect it. Its not working on my laptop too. It doesn't appear in Disk management too. My harddisk led light are showing up and I can still hear the sound come out of my speaker everytime i plugin. Please help as all my important stuffs are inside.

A:External HardDisk help needed

Just to try something else, you might use Partition Wizard standalone bootable CD. Just curious as to whether or not the drive is visible outside of Win7 itself.

To be honest, I actually don't know if it will be usable on the external USB drive (assuming it could be seen), or whether you must use the Win7 version while under Win7 in order to see USB-connected drives. I can't find specifics on what PW standalone can see. And of course, if Win7 doesn't see the drive I doubt that PW running under Win7 would show it. That's why I'm curious about the PW standalone, if it really does support external USB-connected drives.

But, worth a try. If the drive IS visible to PW standalone, you can use it's "explore partition" operation to at least confirm that all of your data is still there, at least that the folder/file structure is unharmed.

I see you said that it's not visible any longer to both your desktop and your laptop, so that's certainly an ominous sign. But if the "new hardware detected" sound is coming from both machines, that's perhaps an encouraging sign.

Have you called the drive's manufacturer fro possible support from them?

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I have WD Passport 320GB. I am using different desktop PC and laptops. All the window operating systems are XP. The problem is that pc or Laptop not always can recognise this USB HD.
Any suggestions to solve this problem
Thank you.

A:USB External Harddisk Problem

And what would the problem be?

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Do you have to format external harddisks (for instance LaCie USB 160 GB)? And if yes, which is preferable, NFTS or FAT32?


A:Formatting external harddisk

ummm yes normally they do. format them to NTFS if u are using xp and with only be using the hdd as somewhere to store files.

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I just bought an notebook harddisk of 30GB and an external USB2.0 harddissk case. I am using winxp pro. When i connected my external harddisk to my PC, i can see that the external HD is recognise thw external HD from Device Manager. But it canot be seem from from windows explorer. I think the problem is that the harddisk have not been formatted. So, i do i go about formatted my external USB connected 30GB harddisk?


A:format external harddisk

Right click My Computer, select Manage, and when Computer Management opens, select Disk Manager. You can right click on the graphic for the unformatted drive and select format.

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My External Hard disk is not working all of a sudden and it is not shown in disk management too.

A:External Harddisk not working

It might be trying to use the same letter as 1 that is already thereif u know what I mean if u open up my computer u have like c: D: E: F: ETC

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Hi Guys,

have anyone of you encounter a senario whereby when you plug in your external harddisk to your lappy and your lappy is able to detect it
but during transferring of files into the external harddisk, it always failed halfway during the transferring process.
The error states that the lappy is unable to find the external harddisk source and then later on it will auto play my external harddisk again. This process keeps continuing whenever I want to save a file into my external harddisk.

The external harddisk works well with my main lappy which is using a vista home premium but not my 2nd lappy which is using a vista home basic.

Hope you guys can help...

Thanks alot!

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Hello forum members. I need ur help. My company is in problem. A month ago one of our cust gave a external HDD for analysis its condition. So we took it and we told it would take some time as we were busy with our work. We could not complete the operation within the time so we returned the HD without any changes. After few days back the cust calls us back claiming that we have stolen his data from the Ext HD. As we didn't see any data present in that, he expects us to make the recovery . He has also given a Police complaint now, which our manager has to face the summons now. The cust is asking for the recovery and he even not negotiating for money. Our manager is speaking serious honestly with this matter. So if I/We can recover data from it, what are the steps to be taken? A company named Stellar Is charging 80,000 INR for the recovery. Please Help.

A:Need Help To Recover Dead External HardDisk

Hi! @purshupro I don't know what you have tried. My suggestion would be to get help from a professional. IMHO that would GRC.


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i am trying to boot windows server installed in external harddisk from my windows 7 pc but when iam trying to do so it my pc is flashing blue screen and my pc reboots with win 7 i wanted to know how to solve this problem


A:dual booting using external harddisk

Have you had any error messages ? I ask because Win server setup does not support configuration of USB or firewire ports, so the installation theoretically should fail during 'select partition' to install to.
What else can you tell us ?

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Hi Guys ,

I am having 5 Internal HardDisk of Different space Sizes ( 80gb, 120gb, 160gb, 250gb, 500gb )
I want to combine all these hdd to create one single External Hard Disk Storage Device ( 1110gb )..
please help me out how can i create it . what all things i should require . how can i do it ..
Thanks in advance



A:External HardDisk Storage Device

You need an external enclosure with 5 drive bays and that supports RAID JBOD.

But there is no benefit aside from only having a single "drive" and drive letter.

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I forgot my seagate external harddisk password.

I tried to reformat the HD

I went to: computer management->storage -> disk management->and right click hardisk drive but the Format option was disabled.

can anyone help me to solve the problem?

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I just don't remember the password and cant find the recovery key. So I just try lot of passwords and now its just ask the recovery key only. I think its because of the too many attempts that I tried to find correct passwords. I have the laptop that I
use to encrypt that harddisk but I don't have any other information. Is there anyway to remove the bitlocker without damaging the files that inside ?

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I guess my external harddisk is dying out. Tried to open but can't. Prompt me to format. Any way to retrieve back data?

Can any experts out there help me out? Many thanks in advance…

A:Need Help From Expert!! External Harddisk Not Opening Up

If the data on the drive is corrupted and you cannot access it through Windows, you can try using a Linux distribution, but if it is all corrupted you will not be able to retrieve the data.

That is of course, not including the option of professional data recovery companies.

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Hi, could you please help me?

1) local disk (G) is loading too slow

2) (not responding at all) once I click it

3) so, I decided to eject the disk but it couldn't safely remove. I pulled usb,then this box come out.

I've tried many time. What should I do? How to do data recovery.? I've lotsa picturesss in my hard disk!

A:External harddisk; not recognized completely

Have you tried accessing this drive on another computer?

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Hello I Am Service Engineer

I Need A Help

Right Now I Am Having External Usb Hard Disk 160 Gb

I Need To Install Vista Os In That External Hard Disk?

How Can I Install It Help Me

I Have Boot From External Hard Disk With Vista Os?

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My HD crash, so i put it as external usb to open, everything open fine, but when i need to go to my folder it keep telling me it cant open due permission, I assume that when i used it in the comp, I password protected it when open windows normally.

Now my question is, i know my password, is a way that i can enter that use-sing that external way, so every folder can open normally?

A:How to remove password of external harddisk

i search my self and this was helpfull http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421

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I have purchased a hard disk case ("gate" GXM-25SU Case-kit), have inserted my old hard-disk to it, and connected it to my USB port. The device has been detected, the disk is turning, and it appears in the device manager.

The enclosed drivers are for Win 98 only, I am running XP - however is the driver installed as it appears in the device manager?

But the drive doesn't show up in the explorer / my computer / file manager. How can I solve this issue ?

A:External Harddisk detected, but does not appear in explorer

Has the HD been FDisked/partitioned and formatted?

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Guys , i want ask a weird question, if i want to format 1 TB Harddisk External , just do "Quick Format" or just do a "Normal Format" without Quick Format ?


A:HELP! which option should i choose for Harddisk External Formatting ?

When you choose to run a regular format on a volume, files are removed from the volume that you are formatting and the hard disk is scanned for bad sectors. The scan for bad sectors is responsible for the majority of the time that it takes to format a volume.

If you choose the Quick format option, format removes files from the partition, but does not scan the disk for bad sectors. Only use this option if your hard disk has been previously formatted and you are sure that your hard disk is not damaged.
quick format takes a few seconds to complete
normal format can take hours to complete

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I use windows 7 ultimate edition - 32 bit
I have a Toshiba Harddisk of storage capacity 1 TB. When I first bought it, I renamed it to "TOSHIBA".
At first, the computers to which I connected my external harddisk showed the correct names but over time, the computers started showing the name as Local Disk.
 The disk management menu has the correct name (TOSHIBA).
When I use the safe mode, the name is correctly displayed.
Some where in the net I saw about using autorun.inf files to change the volume label.
But when I rename notepad file in the harddisk to autorun.inf it doesnot get renamed. And change back to previous name itself. Not even in the Safe mode. ( I am the admisitrator) 
 How can I make windows to display the correct volume label?
P.S:  I have tried plugging in it various computers with windows 7.
         All computers show the harddisk name as Local Disk in normal mode and TOSHIBA in safe mode.
I plugged it in a computer with Windows XP.  It showed correct name in normal mode.

A:External Harddisk Volume name not being displayed correctly

Hello, and Welcome
In an admin account open Computer. Right click on the External drive, select Rename and type TOSHIBA. Does the name stick at when you safely remove and then attach the drive again?

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I am trying to copy data from my previous laptop (windows does not work on that one) to a new computer.
I have removed the 2.5" harddisk, put it into an external sata enclosure, and connect it to my new laptop.
First it says  i need to format it to read it!
Then I see two drives, E: and G:, with G being as "system reserved" (71MB free of 99MB), and E is just 0 bytes.
My harrdisk is 500GB.
How can I read my files on it?
Can you please help me?

A:"system reserved" on external harddisk drive

With the drive attached to your computer, open Disk Management. How does it list the partition with zero bytes? Does it list the partition as RAW?

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BitLocker locked my external harddrive by itself
my external Seagate harddisk is locked by bitlocker itself

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I have 2 SATA hard drives inserted into a docking station connected to my laptop with USB
both were working fine until a week ago then both stopped working altogether
Today I switched everything off and tried re-seating them one by one
One came up as working fine but the second one came up that it was unformatted
Knowing I have important files on the disc I have no intention of formatting it
I tried again and now get the following error:
K:/ is not accessible. The disc structure is corrupted and unreadable
Could someone please advise on recovery
Thank you

A:External HDD - K:/ is not accessible

Go to disk management and check what it is showing.
Your disk may have changed from NTFS to RAW.

If it is the case, there are many programs which can recover data from RAW HDD
such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery (it is a shareware).

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Hello Everybody, I was using Dell Inspiron 6000 with Windows XP 80gb with Hitachi Travel Star HD Model No:HTS541680J9AT00 also called 5K160 HD with 5400RPM, I accidentally broke the computer, I just dropped it, The screen was broken but It would still turn on. So i managed to get the Hard drive out from that laptop.

Then I ordered another Laptop from Dell this time Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista Basic 160gb Intel core 2 duo T6400 @ 2.00GHZ mEMORY 3GB AND 32 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM. wHEN i WAS BUYING DELL 1525 Online I asked them if i cud get all the info from my old laptop to the new one, and they said yes just get a harddrive enclosure.

Now I got the Ultra USB 2.0 STORAGE HIGH SPEED ENCLOSURE, connected the harddrive, but 1525 wudnt read it, so with online info and help from various forums I learned that I must change from sata to ATA/IDE SO i CHANGED THAT IN BIOS, so 1525 downloaded necessary drivers, And now I can see the F:/ DRIVE IN My Computer. But When i right click to open it it wud say that there are no files, when i check the properties it wud say used space and available space as zero, but when i scan the F:/ DRIVE with mccaffee security centre it checks all the files. I have almost over 30 gb of files pics and songs in it as i was using the old laptop for over 4 years .

I just had an administrator account which was password protected in my old laptop. I would really appreciate if you can give me some ideas about how I cud get all the info from the old laptop... Read more

A:External HD not accessible

Besides several free and shareware data recovery programs available for download you can elect to boot from a live Linux cd like ubuntu or Knoppix since that will easily read various partition types and simply copy and paste files from the old to new. You first have to see each hard drive mounted however which is easy by going into Applications>computer while booted live and double click on each drive.

Immediately you will see the "can't mount drive" message while a new icon suddenly appears on the desktop for each one. Those are simply double clicked on there to end seeing two explorer like windows come up. One old tutorial explains how to use Knoppix while ubuntu will easily work as well. Computer First Aid Using Knoppix

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My os crashed ( windows xp)and now i cant get access my HD. It says my External is now unallocated. how do i recover from this with out losing the data on it?


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I need to transfer files from a hard drive with Windows 98 (Quantum brand) to a hard drive with XP (Seagate brand). I have an adapter to connect a HD to another computer with a USB connector. I tried with three different jumper configurations (master, slave, cable select) on the external drive and different USB slots but it still didn't work. XP recognizes that a USB storage device is connected to the computer, but in My Computer the removable hard drive does not show up. What am I missing?

A:External Hd Not Accessible

Are you connecting through a USB hub or a multi-card reader? Try using different plugs. Does the drive show up in Drive Management? What other USB devices are connected? Disconnect them and retry. I'll admit, when it first happened to me I got so p.o.'d I went out and got a USB add-on card for 8 bucks. After I did that I found this site:www.usbman.comMost of the problems are caused by IRQ conflicts. Take some time and search around that site for some tipsMarkEdit: typo

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I've been using this external HD for a while.Yersterday while in the middle of something,I couldn't get back to the device.If I intend to get a new HD,is there any way I can retrieve all the files myself or I have to bring it out to a technician?Can they do it?

A:External HD USB not accessible

You may be able to remove the drive from its case and attach it internally or via USB adapter.

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I have a WD My Passport Ultra 1 Tb External HD. My Win 7 Home Premium Days it is Inaccessible. and shows up as NTFS in windows explorer/My Computer. I have tried various things to access the drive.
Transfer Ownership
Change Drive Letter
Adjust Permissions

Nothing has worked.

I can access it in safe mode but all the folders I copy to my internal hard drive cannot be accessed.

I do not want to Reformat the drive and lose all the pictures of my kids and family. This is the only place they are stored.

I am at a loss please help.

A:External HD not Accessible

The drive may be corrupted. If you can access the drive in Safe Mode, go to Start/Search and type CMD, right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type the drive letter of the External (eg) G: and press enter (eg) G:\> at this prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y for Yes to Unmount the drive. Check Disk will try and fix any errors this will take some time.
You can also download WD's DataLifeGuard for Windows and run the Short and Long tests on the drive, if either test fails the drive needs to be replaced.

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today i bought an external harddisk of model SimpleDRIVE 320GB.
the problem is that Windows vista doesn't recognize it and asks for a driver which the company doesn't provide. it works well with windows XP.

the manuel says that it doesn't need driver and it should work as you plug it in on both Vista and XP.

I appreciate any kind of help..

A:Windows Vista doesn't recognize my external harddisk ?

As far as the drivers go, a couple things you could try is updating the driver software through the device manager, and if that doesn't work, take the model number and try going to the company's website or google and see if you can find drivers. Does the company have a support number and have you tried to call it yet?

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[not sure if this is teh right section of forum for this post, hope so]
hi, my friend with windows 8.1 64bit has done a system restore with 2 external usb2 harddisks attached. all programs have been deleted and one of the external hdd's has 'crashed' - the other is fine. the crashed one has its driveletter turned into a small partition names 'restore' and the most part of the hdd as a no-driveletter raw partition. the second ext hdd was okay and retained readable data and driveletter.

I have already tried restoring the crashed hdd with third party recovery software, but only a collection of flac audio's are readble after restoring tot the (spacey) internal c harddrive. the majority of mkv's avi's and dvd videos on the hdd are unreadble.

My question is, as the original driveletter of the crashed external usb hdd is now one named 'recovery' , can this hdd (where i manually assigned a new driveletter to the data part of this crashed hdd, which is not readble, save by recovery sw)
be more effectively restored somehow by windows recovery system itself?
If so, how do i go about that task?
(Windows 8.1 itself from inetrnal c drive runs okay, although i had to reinstall all the user installed software)
I am an advanced windows 7 user but have not had much expierience with win8(.1) recovery useage.

help would be nice.

regards, RR

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Recently I have formatted my Usb External Harddisk with exFAT, as I heard of the benefits of it over FAT32.

Its an IMATION Drive with 320gb storage.
Device Properties: TOSHIBA MK3252GSX USB Device

The problem is that it takes forever to copy files from the drive as compared to when the format was FAT32.

Currently, Im trying to backup all my files on my PC and I've been trying to copy out 60gb of Data that I started 10+ hours ago.
The wierd thing is the progress bar moves a fraction and then stops for about 5mins before continuing the another fraction.
I have totally no idea how to speed this up!
Anyway, I am going to reformat it into another filesystem. Should I choose NTFS or FAT32?

A:Having Poor Performance on exFAT Formatted External USB HardDisk

I just found out that the slow copying/moving of Files is not due to formatting. It was due to my computer that switched to Native IDE from AHCI using registry editing and bios just a few days ago.

I'll switch back to AHCI and test tomorrow

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Hi guys, firstly I'm new to this forum.

I currently have an issue on my notebook. When I plug in any external hard drive it appears in disk management as well as "my computer" ie.:

However when I try to access the hard drive I get this message:

I have researched this, but can't find anything posted anywhere. I have tried resetting ownership, but when I try to do that I get the same message. Access denied. This is not related to the drive as all external's I plug in has the same result and I get the same result regardless of the usb port I plug the drives in to. I have also tried restarting the laptop a few times. Also, I did not change any settings or anything. I plugged in a friend's external and it started doing this. I unplugged it and tried my external which was working fine and had the same result with that and every other external I've tried since. Could it be a corrupt registry file? Please assist urgently. Thanks in advance.

A:External drives not accessible

Hi ericksb,

Welcome to SevenForums.

The questions to be answered:

1. Were these externals accessible on this specific laptop before and suddenly turned inaccessible?

2. You tried your friend's external drive on this laptop and even that was not accessible. Did you try the other way - plugging in your externals into your friend's laptop?

To me it looks like that it is a company-owned laptop and the administrator has set it up that way - no USB storage devices.

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Thank you in advance, to anyone who can help.

My Western Digital External Drive has quit on me. I have read the forum and found I am neither the only one w/ this problem, but the source for help I found was for a laptop.

I have a WD 500GB external drive. I was moving filves, from my PC to the External HD, when I got an error stating the file path does not exist half way through. From that point on, I could not access my External HD. Each time I plug it up, it simply says.."New Hardware Found", but yet no driver update will allow my PC to recognize it.

I've tried it on two PCs, one running Windows XP and the other Vista Home (note both have always reconginzed the drive, on just plug-play). I had even feared, I had some how over burn, or went over my capacity, but I was no where close. If someone has found a solution or knows of something I can do. I have no idea of what steps to even start with, outside of contact Western Digital.

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I am having a problem with 2 external hardrives. The drives are in external enclosures and connected to my laptop via USB. My OS is XP.

When I first connect either drive, I sometimes get the requestor with the standard Open to View Files options, however sometime I don't and if I click on the drive icon in My Computer instead of being given the option to Open to View Files, it only gives me the Open With menu.

If the drive connects correctly and I get the Open to View Files option and open the drive, if I then close that window I am then unable to re-open the drive to see the files.

This is really frustrating and I've searched all over the place to figure out whats going on.

Hopefully someone here might be able to help.



A:External USB hardrives not always accessible

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hi tech gurus,

need help for this one...

my external hdd is detected by My Computer and the dive I: is seen...
but, there is no capacity seen also.. when i tried to click the drive, it stated "needs reformat."

is there a way to recover this problem..? picture is attached...

A:external HDD ( detected and seen but not accessible)

Please post a screenshot of Windows Disk Management. Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Any history on how it happened?

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Sorry for my bad english.

I have 3,5 HDD Box on USB with my SATA disk Samsung 750GB.
I have two partitions there F: G:

F: is 50GB Aciv partition of Other XP System (not important)
G: is important data partition with around of 680GB

F: is normally accessible, but G: is accessible only in Windows XP System.
When i plug the External drive to Windows 7, F: is normally fuction. But when i click to G:, it shows me "Access is Denied"
I don?t understand this, please help !

I?m tryed a lot of things yet.
I?m changed owner.
I?m tryed pstool, but nothing help me.

Thanks for help.

A:Partition of External HD is not accessible

Can you go to Computer>Right Click>Properties>Security and check that you have full access to the partition.

If you do and it still does not work you could try this tutorial.
Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums

Also,in disc management>control panel>amin tools>computermanagement>Disk Management (bottom left) and make sure the disc is a primary partition and that it also has a drive letter (im guessing it does).

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