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Can I upgrade my Lenovo G50 from Pentium processor to higher.socket no. Is 1170 BGA

Q: Can I upgrade my Lenovo G50 from Pentium processor to higher.socket no. Is 1170 BGA

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Preferred Solution: Can I upgrade my Lenovo G50 from Pentium processor to higher.socket no. Is 1170 BGA

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I need to upgrade present Pentium processor to i3 or i5 is this possible 

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 Hi everybody. Got a question with my e531. I have one, that originally was with pentium 2030, 4 gb ram and nvidia gt 740m. Now I've added 4 more ram and thinking of installing i5-3230M. The question is - does my chipset support all functions of i5-3230M including hyper-threading? It seems that it should, as lenovo support shows by serial number, that I've got HM77 N14P-GV2 motherboard that meens it is based on HM77 chipset. But I'm still not sure, if there's no any functions blocked that my pentium does not have. And another question - is it possible to install an SSD in addition to my hard drive, not instead of it, to install a windows on it? Probably instead of my dvd-drive as i don't use it at all. Thanks

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Hi all,
I have just ordered an Intel Q9650 processor for my budget gaming rig and was wondering if the heatsink i have been using for my socket 775 pentium D 2.8 ghz will provide sufficient cooling.

A:Solved: Will an Old socket 775 heatsink for a pentium D processor be sufficient for a

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My question is if i can switch from the original pentium II to a pentium III processsor.

If yes can you tell me how? If no, thanks for your time.

I thank you all for you time.

A:Upgrade the processor of Portege 3110ct from Pentium II to Pentium III


The pentium 2 architecture is completely and totally DIFFERENT so I think its better for you to buy another machine than thinking about this.

It?s absolutely impossible and thats the fact.


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It's really SLOWWWW. Can anyone tell me the best way of speeding it up? Will adding 4G of RAM make any difference if the processor is pentium?It thinks about every instruction for about 2 mins before it acts.Cheers for any ideas you might have. P.

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I picked up a Dell Pentium II XPSP3 machine as a backup/experimental machine. This thing is agonizingly slow, so I'm thinkg about upgrading the chip to something faster .

Is this do-able?

A:Upgrade Pentium II processor?

Not sure I'd term it "upgrade"...I would just buy a new motherboard/CPU, PSU, RAM and case.PII systems are quite obsolete compared to the systems/technology which have emerged since then.If an "upgrade" was doable, I doubt if it would be worth the effort...considering the prices of any number of components which are better quality while not commanding "brand new" prices today.Example: One Vendor From www.pricewatch.comSeems foolish to me to even think about spending money on such an obsolete system when the money could be better spent on something more current, yet inexpensive.Even better, IMO, is a system that includes an O/S and proper license...such as http://www.pricewatch.com/gallery/computer.../athlon_le-1620Louis

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I have an older pc with a BD100Plus motherboard running a Pentium ll 300 Mhz Processor, 128 mb sdram, and a MAXTOR 20GB hdd,I bought Pll450 to replace the 300 Mhz one, and i was told all i had to do was replace the cpu then enter cmos and set the processor speed to 100x4.5, i did that , and at first my operating system was fine and running but when i checked to make sure it was running at 450 it still said 300 Mhz so i re-started my pc and this time when it came on it said the cpu was 450 Mhz but my operating system wouldn't come up, what i wanted to know is do i need to update the bios on my board or is there something else i am supposed to do? please help!!

A:Processor Upgrade Pentium 2 300 to P2 450

Your boards manual states it is good up to 550 pii/iii so I doubt if a bios update is your problem.
What error messages did you get and what operating system are you running?

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Did you ever upgrade to this processor:



I was reviewing this thread here:


I have the exact same motherboard (07E8h), in a Compaq Presario 6027us, so I'm thinking if it worked for you it will work for me perhaps.

But my bus speed is 400mhz where as this processor is 533mhz, will that be compatible with my motherboard that you know of ?

I don't know whether the bus speed is limited by the motherboard or depends on the processor.

Thanks for any info!

A:Did you ever upgrade to that socket 478 3.06 processor?

Also, I found this neat little site from asus, it's a Power Supply Calculator.


wow, just looked at my power supply it's 220W MAX hahaha, wow this should be fun.

Even with my current setup, it says my computer was shipped for retail sale with a psu that is too low for what is contained.

I have:

p4 2.0ghz socket 478 400mhz

NO video card (onboard graphics are decent so i don't need one)

2gb of ddr pc-2700 ram (1 gb modules)

1 Dvd/CD-ROM

1 Dvd/Cd-RW

1 usb device (wireless receiver)

0 PCI slot expansion devices

3 Fans
I really hope I can add just this one PCI soundcard (layla 3g) for recording my synths and drum machine, and get away with it with the 220W power supply, since I've had no problems whatsoever, and this is just one more device that has a max pull of 10 Watts.
Anybody have any opinions on that ? ... lol

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Here is my pc specs:

Intel Pentium M 740
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (Build 7600)
CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 1 Cores - 1 Threads
CPU PSN : Intel Pentium M processor 1.73GHz
CPU EXT : MMX, SSE (1, 2)
CPUID : 6.D.8 / Extended : 6.D
CPU Cache : L1 : 32 / 32 KB - L2 : 2048 KB
Core : Dothan (90 nm) / Stepping : C0
Freq : 1729.08 MHz (133.02 * 13)
MB Model : HTW00
NB : Intel i915PM/GM rev 03
SB : Intel 82801FBM (ICH6-M) rev 03
DirectX Version : 11.0
RAM : 2048 MB DDR2 Dual Channel
RAM Speed : 266 MHz (1:2) @ 4-4-4-12
Slot 1 : 1024MB (4300)
Slot 1 Manufacturer : Melco
Slot 2 : 1024MB (4300)
Slot 2 Manufacturer : Melco

I would really like to be able to update/upgrade my processor.

Toshiba M70

Thanks ahead of time, clovis

A:What processor can I upgrade to from an Intel Pentium M?

"I would really like to be able to update/upgrade my processor"...

Why? Upgrading the CPU in a laptop never gives much gain in performance. You are limited by the 533MHz data bus. You can increase the system Ram to the max allowed (you may have the max memory installed already) and install a bigger capacity hard drive. Doing this will give you a good increase in performance, much more than just changing the CPU

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Tonight I'm taking the plunge and installing my new (damn expensive!)AMD46 dual core 4200.

I think the physical side of the operation looks pretty straightforward, got my thermal paste and I'm guessing it will be pretty straightforward to work out where to put it.

How do I find out if my BIOS supports the dual core? Do I need to look into sorting that out before putting in the processor? Or will it recognise the new processor when I reboot

Thanks in advance, it was this board that lead me to my new processor!

A:Solved: Processor upgrade AMD x2 socket 939

I saw in your other thread that your motherboard supports the 4200 so it should work ok. When installing the heatsink and fan, too much thermal paste is as bad an not enough. A good tutorial can be found here: http://www.arcticsilver.com/pdf/appinstruct/as5/ins_as5_amd_dual_wcap.pdf

You can decide for yourself if you want to install the AMD dual core processor optimizer: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ComputingSolutions/0,,30_288_809_871^9706,00.html I use it with my Athlon64 X2 3800+ but I am not sure it is doing anything for me, but then I don't use my PC for gaming.

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I have a Intel Desktop Board D875PBZ with a mPGA478 socket. I bought a Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 3.0GHz 1MB L2 Cache Socket from Newegg. I installed the chip and there is nothing running. All components are running, however the monitor is a blank screen. Apparently, for some reason, the board did not have any signal response to the processor. I want to ask if there is a difference between mPGA 478 and just normal 478 socket. If there is, do I have to buy a specific type of chip for it to work?

Thank you.

A:Upgrade processor with mPGA478 Socket

All "478" sockets are "mPGA", no issue there (it stands for micro Pin Grid Array)

However, for the 3.0E, your board has to be of a certain minimum revision: either

C27085-207 or later
C26680-206 or later

You'll find the rev number on a barcode sticker preceded by the letters "AA"

In addition Intel says you'll need to be running the "P20" version of the BIOS, so, if you don't have the necessary minimum board rev, you could still try flashing up to P20 using a CPU that is supported (I keep a "slow" socket-478 P4 around for just this purpose), and then, just possibly, your 3.0E will work in spite of the board-rev mismatch (but don't bank on it)

I'd like to reassure you that it is highly unlikely that you have actually damaged either board or CPU -- typically, modern mobo chipsets are smart enough to recognize incompatibilities of this kind and they simply refuse to power-up the CPU socket

The chart of CPU compatibilities is at

and you can get the latest BIOS (actually P34) from

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On different sites it states that you can upgrade a pentium 3825U to e.g. i5-5200U.Info mentioned: The Intel 3825U is based on Broadwell-U core, and it requires BGA1168. There are also 23 Broadwell-U processors, that work in the same socket. Brief characteristics of these CPUs, together with stepping information, are provided below. For instance i5-5200U.  Can anybody confirm this or have tried it? Kind regards,Paul

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i have a Dell optiplex 380 and i wanted to upgrade my pc into a  Pc gamer to play like second life but i was told i need to upgrade my   Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor ,so i need is there a up grade on my   Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor

A:can i upgrade Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor

You can upgrade to a core 2 Duo such as the Intel E7500 CPU.

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I have Dell 8600 and looking to upgrade the processor which is a Pentium M 1.5. Is this compatible:

If not what is?

A:Looking to upgrade processor for Dell 8600 Laptop--Pentium M

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Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself with my very first post in this community.So, I'd like to upgrade my Lenovo B590 (I know it's an old one ).Currently my specs are: - Intel Celeron 1005M 1,90GHz; 8 Gb DDR3 Ram (which i perfectly upgraded); 450 Gb HDD and Windows 10 - 64x and this mainboard Socket 988B rPGA (G2 if I am correct). Thanks to this forum an other posts like this one: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Notebooks/B590-Processor-Upgrade/td-p/1948989 I could figure out more like for e.g. which CPU's are compatible. So my question is I actually found on ebay an Intel Core i5 Mobile CPU Socket G2 PGA 988 with the following FRU 40W0492, but on the Lenovo Maintenance Manual the FRU of the i5 is completey different (102001067). So is my laptop with this CPU incompatible 100%? Aren't FRU numbers supposed to have 7 numbers with letters? Or am I wrong? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english I haven't talked it for 3 years or so. 

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Hey, so i've been thinking about upgrading my lenovo g510 cause its kind of 'stuck' with probably the worst cpu in the G- series (pentium 3550m) don't get me wrong its served me really good but i guess its time.. So i've been looking for a newer one to match the TDP (35w) but the i5/i7 counterparts (T series) are kind of expensive (300-350$ used) and a little higher wattage processors (again from haswell) are hitting up to 100$ max for a high ish end i7 CPUs . I've got my eyes on a i7 4710mq but its 12watts higher TDP and i have no clue if the laptop could handle it *also did a HDD to SSD upgrade so i have no clue if that would affect anything*. Like would the brick handle it? Would my laptop like detect and take potential of the i7? Best regards,Reisser.

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After reading this thread http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/desktop/f/3514/t/19379837.aspxI decided to give it a try and upgrade my Dell E510 from Pentium 4 to Pentium D 945. I upgraded different PC componentsin the past, but never a processor. I followed the instructions, removed the heatsink assembly, and took out the processor, but then I unwittingly scraped off thermal paste from the bottom of the heatsink.
I installed the new processor, put back the heatsink, and tried to start up the computer, but unfortunatelyit wouldn't start - no lights come up. I then put back the original processor - same thing, the computerdoesn't start. I read the manual once again, and realized that I shouldn't have removed the thermal paste,but can that really be a reason for the total failure ? Hard to imagine that a processor can overheat right away - or is it possible ? I can buy the thermal paste and apply it to the heatsink, but I wonder if anyone has any opinion or had a similar experience.

A:Dell E510 won't start after an attempt to upgrade to Pentium D 945, even with the original processor

I successfully replaced the OEM Pentium D 940 CPU in my E510 with the Pentium D 945. You MUST clean the old thermal paste off of the heatsink and then apply fresh thermal paste when you install the new CPU. Best to use isopropyl alcohol to remove the old paste. Also, a coffee filter works best for removing the old paste. I recommend using Arctic Silver thermal compound.
For me, the upgrade from 940 to 945 was not dramatic. The WEI subscore for the CPU only rose by 0.1 points. But, the D 945 is the best that the E510 can handle so it is what it is. The 945 generates less heat with a TDP of 95 W instead of 130 W for the 940 so that's a plus. Note also that my E510 came with copper performance heatsink because of the higher TDP of the OEM 940.
Upgrading from a Pentium 4 to the D 945 seems like a big jump. There are compatibility issues between the CPU and the motherboard and chipset. My E510 has the right motherboard for the D 945. Other motherboards will require you to press F1 when you boot. I don't have to do that. Moving from a Pentium 4 to the D 945 might not work. Depends on your motherboard.

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Hi everyone !I decided to upgrade my laptop cpu from Pentium B970 to i7 3610qm, so i explored the forum and didn't find though a relevant answer and i decided to ask if someone have or had the same model and upgraded their laptop to that CPU ?My motherboard has an HM76 Express Chipset so the i7 3610qm is supported, the difference is that i7 3610qm is 45W power but Pentium B970 is 35W, also the cooling system on my laptop is combined for CPU and GPU (that on some forums i find, it says that this TDP package is for 45W CPU's), and another question is may there be some bios block for the i7 CPU ? Because i studied the manual from this link: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/lenovo_g480_g485_g580_g585_g780_hmm_v1.0_english.pd...and there is only i7 3612qm listed there as highest CPU supported. Thank you in advice for your answers and support !

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Hello I have Lenovo B560 with intel pentium p6100 with integrated intel graphics.I want to upgrade cpu to i7 or i5 processor according to my searchs my hm55 chipset supports i7 640m but i7 cpu's requires external graphic cards like nvidio or ati. so the question is are there any i5 or i7 cpu that doesnt require graphic card and will work on my b560

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I bought an old Dell Optiplex 380 system refurbished from Dell for about $80 with an E7500 Intel core 2 duo processor and upgraded it to a Xeon E5430 for about $20. The cpu benchmark went from about 1800 to 4000. The Dell Optiplex 380 uses DDR3 memory, so the Xeon gets an additional boost there. I also downloaded a modded Dell bios that supports the Xeon functions on the 775 motherboard at bios-mods forums for free. Great little computer to play older games in Windows 7. Next I will be updating this system to Windows 10. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium OEM installed by Dell.

So for little cost you can play around with older hardware and make it do things it wasn't originally designed for.

A:Socket 771 Xeon processor in a Socket 775 motherboard

Used little sticker eh ?

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hello there, i have a problem. i have a processor which is a CELERON 2.00 GHz and it's on socket 478. is it okey to insert it on my other motherboard which is a socket 478B? i really need some help right now... thanks in advance... god bless...

A:Socket 478 vs socket 478b on Celeron processor

i think it will.........tigerdirect WAS selling the 478b and celeron in a combo so i would imagine that they are compatible. Now if its only a socket 478b then no it won't work but if its a socket 478 thats has socket 478b compatibility then it will work.......socket 478b is pentium 4 cpu......

What is the motherboard specs if you have doubt so i can help?

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It's a cyrix M2 250 mhz.

Someone told me that the fastest cyrix processor was a 200 mhz one, but a site tells me that my 250 mhz m2 is a regular socket 7.

This computer is a compaq presario 2286, and I'm trying to figure it out, but I need some help.

I want to upgrade this computer.

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I am trying to find a motherboard for someone. They want 4X AGP, Socket-270, capable of going at least 850 MHz, PC-100 or higher for overclocking, able to change the CPU voltage (overclocking). I have search and can not find one that has all this. Is there one out there? - Or, will he have to get a Slot-1 motherboard and use an adaper? Also, if there are several that has all this - one that is known to overclock well.




A:Wanted: Mobo with 4X AGP Socket-370, USB, at least 850 MHz, PC100 or higher, etc....

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I've got a computer running as a server right now now and am wondering if and amd chip i have sitting in a dead mobo will fit into the server.

The server is a dell computer with a pentium 166
(if you want more specs you can ask, but i'm lazy and dont want to hook it up to a monitor) its a Dell Optilex GXMT 5166

The chip in the dead mobo is an amd 266.

Did a little searching but still not sure, thought someone here would know.

It seems like i remember reading that you could just about any chip into the socket 7. The only problem might be the board, but i'll worry about that later.

So, Will it work?

A:Will Amd Fit in Socket 7 Currently with Pentium?

No..socket 7 were designed for the PI mmx processors. They are different in pinout, and electrically. It would most likely kill the AMD chip, damage the Mobo, or both.

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Recently I posted about my new socket 775 560 3.6 Pentium Prescott ran @ 150-154 F w/ Intel's Heatsink on ASROCK 775V88. I read an article that said no higher than 160 Degrees Farenhiet. But anyway a 3.6 isn't exactly a CPU I would want to burn out anytime soon. I am looking into a Watercooler for the proccesor. I like some at Swiftech.com. Hard to install? And is it worth it? And how does it affect performance? One more thing, could my BIOS reading be incorrect of the actual temp of the CPU?


A:socket 775 560 3.6 Pentium Prescott ran @ 150-154 F

For a normal system air cooling should suffice.

Check out an aftermarket cooler like this: http://www.zalmanusa.com/usa/product/view.asp?idx=145&code=009

And yes the reading could be wrong.

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A friend of mine just purchased a computer that is supposed to be a Pentium 3 (800 mghz?). But the chip looks like a Socket 7 chip. Is that correct? Have they went back to that style of CPU?

Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

A:Is Pentium 3 a socket 7 type chip?

It is socket 370, but yes, it does look a lot like a socket 7.

All the new Celeron and Pentium IIIs are like that.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech


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Happy weekend!

It's time for me to upgrade one of my older computers, but I don't have too much money to spend, so I'm trying to make a decent computer with a little bit of money.

My current computer:
Socket 423 Intel Motherboard
1.8GHz Pentium 4
1GB Toshiba PC800

My idea was to either get a 423 -> 478 adapter, but the prices were better to just get a new mobo.

So what I'm going to get this motherboard (probably wont buy it from there though)

Now for a cpu, i preferred a 3GHz Pentium 4. Now I noticed that all of the 3.0GHz Pentium 4s had a 512kb L2 Cache, but Pentium 4 Ms had 1MB L2 caches. But would a Pentium 4 M work with this motherboard? And I don't think that this motherboard supports Hyper-Threading does it?


A:pentium m socket 478 with desktop mobo

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i have lenovo G 50-70 with processor core i3 4030U can i upgrade to i5 or i7?

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Can I purchase and install a better processor for my Lenovo z51-70 by myself? If so, am I limited to specific types of processors? Thankyou in advance.

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Hello people.
I have a Lenovo G50-70 Laptop (specs given below).
I wanted to ask if i can upgrade the cpu or the gpu?
If the cpu is soldered onto the motherboard, how can i still upgrade it and where would i find a suitable motherboard?
also, can i upgrade the display to touchscreen? This is the most important question!
MODEL NO.:20351
SERIAL NO.:******
CPU: INTEL CORE i5 4258U 2.4Ghz
GPU:AMD RADEON HD8500m (or R5 230m)
Mod's Edit: Serial number removed from public view to protect owner from its unwanted use.

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Hi! I have an AMD A-10-7300 1.9 GHz in my laptop and I just wanted to know if it was possible to upgrade this and if so with what other processor can I do it. Sorry if this is a stupid question but this is the first time I need to do something like this to a laptop. 

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I have a Lenovo G50-80 Laptop. The motherboard of that laptop got damaged. So, my question is, Can I upgrade the Processor from i3 to i7? If yes, Then which motherboard will fit in that laptop? And what kind of RAM will be fitted??

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Hello, im using H30-50 FID with intel core I3 and i work to rendering some bad work. certainly, does i can upgrade the processor to intelcore I5 or I7? does it'll work with H30-50 FID spesification? Thank you!

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I assembled a desktop maybe 8+ years ago, the board finally went South.

It's an ASUS P4C800E motherboard , uses a Pentium IV socket 478 CPU, dual channel DDR400 PC3200 RAM -
has 4 slots, I've got 4 modules for total 3 gb RM.

I'm not a gamer, just fool around with home video & pictures, some online sports, watch an old tv show, surf the net, simple things like that. It's always been plenty fast for everything I do.

When it happened, all the lights flashed rapidly and it beeped rapidly when I tried to start it. Now the switch has no effect - the board powers up as soon as power is supplied to the machine. Can't force quit the machine either.

Nothing on the monitor at all.

A tech shop checked it and said the board is bad. Sounded like they checked it by swapping cpu's, RAM, etc. I had tried a new battery first, had hoped they would test the chipset, etc. but doesn't sound like they did much if any of those kinds of diagnostics.

I do have an ASUS setup disc I got with the board when I bought it that ASUS says I can use to reinstall the BIOS, haven't tried that yet. While I was poking around inside making sure there were no loose cables or other obvious simple problems, I cleaned it. The CPU heat sink came off the CPU so I have to get some of the heat sink grease and reattach it before I try to start it again.

Assuming I do need a new board, I've found that boards that will accept that old Pent IV and my ram are scarce. So ... Read more

A:Need source for Pentium IV socket 478 motherboard or repair


I see I failed to specify, but I need an ATX rather than a micro ATX. I did a quick search on the basic LGA 775 specs and the one I happened to see was a micro ATX, altho I imagine other forms were available?

If yours is an ATX, I'll very gratefully take you up on that.

You wouldn't happen to have a setup manual? I'm far from being very knowledgeable,
more of the typical "know enuf to get myself in trouble" level.

I would imagine I might be able to find and download a manual if you don't have one.

My zip is 89046, Searchlight NV. I'm here temporarily for a 2+ year solar-steam generating plant project, then RETIREMENT!!

Thanks so much!

Address removed for your safety. Note from mailpup: Give address in private "conversation" with Matthew.

I'd prefer FedEx ground, they deliver to me.

Let me know how much, throw in some extra for your packaging and time/trouble.
And how to send the money. If you do PayPal, add extra for their cut of course.
Or I can mail a Postal MO or whatever.
Not a huge rush, I can access my "civilian" email at work if I don't overdo it.
Thanks again!

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Trying to determine the CPU socket type for this motherboard. I pulled the information for the processor off the back of the processor. It is a 'dual' core processor as above:

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i have a computer w/ a celeron processor. can i put a pentium III processor in the socket on the motherboard???


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hello there everyone !!!
This subject is opened only becouse of couriosity. There have been simillar one thread under other section:
Let's run Win10 on really really old hardware - Page 6 - Windows 10 Forums
But it looks dead for now. Moreover it was connected to Insider version of system which is useless now.
I want to bring newest Windows into my machine in work which got Windows 7 Pro license and MSI MS-7008 motherboard and Pentium 4 478 Socket.
I've found some info that Pentium 4 SL8JX with 478 Socket got EMT64 and NX Bit:
But it's very hard to find (and possibily even processor alone won't give possibility to run w10).
Also there exist NX Bypass for W8:
Windows 8 CPU Feature Patch (Bypass Windows 8 CPU feature checks))
which worked with Insider Edition of W10, now it doesn't. There is no possibility to open WIM file.
Any ideas ?? Maybe someone did it here ??

A:Let's run Windows 10 Final under old hardware Pentium 4 Socket 478

I'm interested on further posts on this thread... it's weird to see MS didn't pay enough attention to 2000's Pentium 4... they're really good !!!

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Ok, this might be a bit obvious, but what was it? I'm a bit new at this..
What was it?


A:Which type of Socket did Intel's Pentium 4 employ before the 478?

423? I could be wrong...Why do you ask?

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Hello, I'm having Lenovo notebook G50-30 which quite falls under low end device (Intel Celeron & 4GB ram). I need to know whether I can upgrade it's processor to some mid or high end Intel or AMD processors and also add up some more GB's of ram and video card. Anyone who knows about this please guide me. Thanks in advance Spoiler (Highlight to read)  

A:Lenovo notebook G50-30 processor upgrade

Dear Lokeshwaran,
Welcome in lenovo community,
You can only upgrade The Ram up to 8GB.

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Hello Guys, I decided to upgrade my lovely laptop instead of buying a new one. I upgraded my ram to 8 gb and hdd to ssd. I also want to upgrade my processor but could not find a proper answer about "which i7 processor I can use on my g570 motherboard" I'll be the happiest man if someone helps me with this issue... Thanks a lot.

A:Lenovo G570 Processor Upgrade

What cpu do you have now?How about a i5?i5-2450M will work.Not sure on the i7s, but would be second gen for sure.Maybe i7-2620M, or 2640.Chipset should support i7.But alot depends on the bios support, and if Lenovo didor did not sell that model with i7. Probably not, so biossupport may not be there.

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I am upgrading a Lenovo G550 that I purchased a few years ago for my wife. So far I was able to install 8GB or RAM and a 500GB HDD with no issues. However when I tried to upgrade the processor, the laptop would not power up. It will turn on and the lights will indicate that the HDD is on and the battery is on, but I do not get the Lenovo splash screen. I hear my fan going but nothing happens. Only a black screen. I purchased an Intel Core 2 Duo processor P7550 (2.26GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache) based on the speciation sheet below. I was wondering if anyone might know where I could find any documentation that specifically lists what CPUs are compatible with the Lenovo G550. Ideally I'd like to install the best processor it will take. Thank you.http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/pdf/notebooks/Essential/G-Series/G550%20Datasheet.pdf 


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo G550 processor upgrade

hi gbueno832,
Welcome to the Forums.
The P7550 CPU that you purchased, was that taken out from another Lenovo G550 machine? If no then this is likely the problem as only specific processor FRU's are allowed in the BIOS (whitelist).
In addition, is your G550 model (e.g., 2958-3BU) listed in this pdt datasheet?
I've looked into the specs and the G550 model uses either an Intel PM45, Intel GM45, or an Intel GL40 chipset and a compatible CPU for an upgrade will be dependent on these chipset. To check what chipset you have, you will need to put back the original CPU and use tools utility tools like HWINFO.

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I have a Lenovo H50-55 with an A8-7600, it has the Lenovo Bantry CRB motherboard and wanted to know if an Athlon X4 880k would work with that motherboard since they're both FM2+ sockets and can fit the A78 chipset. Wanted to pair it with a 1050 ti or rx 570 once prices come down. Has anyone done this before or know if the motherboard is compatible?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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How  do I begin to organize a processor upgrade? I have model 20023.

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Hi, i have Lenovo IdeaPad G780, 59366751, Intel Pentium 2020M (2.4GHz), 1000GB HDD, 4GB, 17.3" 1600x900 , nVIDIA GT635 .... can i go for i5-3210m processor? in HMM i see that it is possible, but there is no p2020m on that list , i am not sure anymore...

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I have Lenovo G400 which has Intel Pentium B960 and Chipset Inter 7 series/c216 chipset family.  I want to upgrade to intel i5 3230m but it didn't support. so what should i do and what are compatible processors for my laptop?

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