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Vostro 1400 audio driver for windows 7

Q: Vostro 1400 audio driver for windows 7

Where can I get Vostro 1400 Audio Driver for Windows 7 32 bit.

Preferred Solution: Vostro 1400 audio driver for windows 7

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Vostro 1400 audio driver for windows 7

Try installing the Sigmatel HD audio driver. There is not one for Windows 7 so you must use the Vista version and install using Vista compatibility mode.
Download the driver package using the browser, not Dell Download Manager. Extract the files (unzip or unpack) but cancel the installation process. Go to the hard drive to c:\Dell\Drivers\R171786 (This is the folder that is created when you unpack the download. It contains the driver files.)Right click on setup.exe and select Properties. Find the compatibility tab to select Vista.

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I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on my Dell Vostro 1400 laptop. Everything works fine except I can't hear any audio from my speakers. When I plug in the earphones then audio works fine. 
I previously had Windows 8.1 and the speakers worked flawlessly there. Now when I tried to install the http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=NN9X1&fileId=3327213123&osCode=WW1&productCode=vostro-1400&languageCode=EN&categoryId=AU it threw an " Error: ExitError:Error=Device Object not present ". I tried uninstalling the current drivers, then reinstalling them but that didnt work. I think if I could get the Sigmatel audio drivers installed then my audio would be back but I wasn't able to fix this error.
If anyone has any ideas how to fix this I would really appreciate it!

A:No Audio Dell Vostro 1400 - Windows 10.

Sorry for late reply -- must have overlooked your post.
MrAudioProblemtried to install the http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=NN9X1&fileId=3327213123&osCode=WW1&productCode=vostro-1400&languageCode=EN&categoryId=AU 
That's an XP driver. Win10 is supposed to work with Win7 and 8.1 drivers, so Win10 might not be a good fit with the Vostro 1400. Try the Vista version, Sigmatel R171786. Download the driver package and extract the files (unzip or unpack and make a note of the name of the folder that is created) but cancel the installation process. Go to the folder on the hard drive to which you unpacked the driver files which should bec:\Dell\Drivers\R171786
Find the setup.exe file and right click on it. Select the Properties. Find the compatibility tab and select Vista.
If still no luck then I would advise you to revert to Win8.1.

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i upgraded my vostro 1400 and now the video driver cant be found

A:Vostro 1400 with Win 7 64 bit video driver needed

When you say you "upgraded" your Vostro 1400, what upgrade did you perform?  If you replaced the GPU (assuming it's removable in that system) or replaced the motherboard with a version that has a different GPU built in (assuming that system was available with more than one GPU configuration), you'd need to download and install the correct drivers for your new hardware. You can find them at support.dell.com, although I would manually select your system model rather than entering your Service Tag.

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Dear Tech Guys,

I'm admittedly not great with computers but I'm trying to learn, so here we go:

I'm having trouble connecting to the wireless network in my new home using Windows Vista on a Dell Vostro 1400. Confounding factors:

1) My roommates are connecting without any problems
2) The computer will connect occasionally, but just as frequently disconnects so I'm using internet through the wireless in frustrating 5 minute intervals and I never know when it will decide to shut off or on again. It is incredibly spotty.

My boyfriend tried to fix it a few days ago and I'm not sure what he did or if it affected anything, but for the past few days the wireless hasn't connected at all, even for a few minutes like it was before.

3) The network sharing center shows me as being connected and getting great signal but it's clearly not. I tried all of the options it has given me---resetting network adapters, restarting the computer on multiple occasions, but it still gives the same feedback that "there is still a problem" basically.

I tried walking through some of this:
and from what I can tell, everything LOOKS fine. In the past I have connected to other wireless networks without issue, though things on my computer may have changed since then...but I doubt it.
I'm not sure what to do, I have scoured the internet but to no avail. Can anyone h... Read more

A:Wireless connectivity problems: Windows Vista on a Dell vostro 1400

We need to have information please.

- Make and Exact model of Router, Modem or router/modem combination
- can you connect using a cable rather than wireless to the router - just to see if that works OK
- The other machines working without any issues - correct
- Do you have a Firewall - if so it may be blocking access - what firewall / security program do you have ?
- If using wireless, do you have Encryption - if so, Remove any wireless encryption from the router, and try to connect - post back results
- Most laptops have a wireless switch - some a physical switch other use a combination of the FN key + one of the F key to toggle on/off - make sure this is on

Please post back the results from below - you may need to copy into notepad and save on your PC and then copy to a working PC to post here

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
{ipconfig /all}
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following i... Read more

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I want to put Windows 10 on my Vostro 1400, after I replace the hard drive I see Windows 10 disc on Amazon for $around $60. Is that a good idea? I also see XP Pro (Is that obsolete) for around $10. Everything I need seems to work with my current Vista OS, but the hardrive is bad so I wouldn’t mind a little upgrade, without spending much. It’s an old computer.

A:New OS for old Vostro 1400

Thank you for writing to us!
Firstly this system is no tested with windows 10, we would not suggest you to force upgrade the system as you will not have the appropriate drivers for the same which will give you more issues.
We would suggest you to the install the same Operating system as it has been working fine with the system configuration.
Kindly Private message the service tag and email address.

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Can you tell me that which Os is more stable on Vostro 1400 notebook.

A:Which one is best OS for Dell vostro 1400 ???

This usually ships with Vista basic - which is as much use as a chocolate teapot. You can upgrade to vista premium or bite the downgrade bullet and take it to an OS XP Home or PRo that is established with at least 3 service packs. You don't include any specs - so answers may be vague as a result. Give us PC info. and we may be ale to help.

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password dell vostro 1400



A:help dell vostro 1400

read the FAQs please: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic90285.html

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Hi i chose following customizable settings - Can u Comment and suggest !

It will be so nice off u if u contrast Specially on following things

-- Processor cache, RAM Size, maximum HDD Size, battery, wireless adapter type.


Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T5870
2.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800 MHZ FSB

DOS Operating system ( NO CHOICE )

2GB (2 X 1024MB ) 667 MHZ Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

160 GB SATA Hard Drive

Internal 8x DVD+-/RW Combination with dual layerwrite capabilites

Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

Black LCD Cover with Camera

Dell(TM) Wireless 1395 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card

Floppy Drive - NONE

1year next business day onsite service

1year complete cover

9-cell 85whr lithium Ion Primary Battery

No case

90W AC Adapter

Dell(TM) Premium Optical Mouse

A:DELL Vostro 1400 - Best BUY ?

All the above is meaningless until we know how you intend to use it.
Are you buying this from Best Buy?
What OS do you intend to install?
Why not buy direct from Dell?
What's the price?

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I have a Vostro 1400 which runs with Vista Business.

It has stopped working properly all of a sudden. It starts up ok, I enter my password ok and it goes onto my desktop ok. But when I click on anything, whether it be an icon or the Start menu, it just freezes.

It's working fine in Safe mode. I've tried System Restore and CCleaner.

I have a feeling it might be when I tried to plug in a camera into the USB when it was shutting down (I didn't know it was shutting down). It might not be that, but that's when it started.

Help anyone???


A:Help with freezes on Dell Vostro 1400

The hard drive may have bad sectors. It is going to be hard to check it using Checkdisk, because you can't get to where the check is. Are there any drive utilities available in the bios or right before boot up?

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My old Vostro 1400 display goes black shortly after startup.  External monitor works fine, and the image is visible on the screen if I shine a bright light on it.  So, I conclude that either the lamp driver or the bulb is bad, am going to try repairing but don't know where to get these parts.  Options for my computers tag don't show these parts.

A:Vostro 1400 Display Failure

You'd have to try EBay - - or replace both the screen and the inverter together, which is likely the best option.
There was once a time when replacing the bulb or inverter made economic sense because of the cost of LCD panels -- it no longer does.  You can easily replace the screen and inverter for well under $100.

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Hello all, it is with great sadness that I compose this post from my mother's computer. My beloved Dell Vostro 1400 is maybe dying on me. Even after i shut it off and turn it back on I just get these lines. I've attached pictures below. The computer is about two and a half years old. I'm afraid that it's overheated and maybe something got fried.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, David.

Vostro 1400 --
-- Intel? Core蒂 2 Duo T8100 (2.1GHz/800Mhz FSB/3MB cache)
-- [223-5514]
-- LCD Panel --
-- 14.1 inch Wide Screen XGA LCD Anti-Glare Display
-- [320-5564]
-- Memory --
-- 4GB
-- [311-7285]
-- Video Cards --
-- 128MB NVIDIA? GeForce蒂 8400M GS
-- [320-5563]
-- Hard Drive --
-- 250GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
-- [341-5536]

WELL...I CAN'T UPLOAD Here is the link...
Picasa Web Albums - David - junk

A:Vostro 1400 showing only lines

Most likely it's a video card problem, although it could be the cable to your monitor or the monitor itself.
Check to be sure that the fans are working and that there's not dirt/dust stuck inside (use canned air to blow it out - DO NOT use a vacuum or an air compressor, it'll cause damage)

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I have a Dell vostro 1400 laptop. I am running Windows Vista.

When I plug my power adapter into my computer, I get the error message:

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or higher for best system operation.

I am using the adapter that came with the laptop when I purchased it about 15 months ago. The laptop still runs off of the charger and so it functions when it is plugged in, but the battery itself is dead. My battery health is good and nothing is broken off of my charger. Please help me!

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I'm in the process of replacing the screen on my old Dell Vostro 1400. However, as I would like to buy it used (for obvious reasons) it's hard to find the exact part number I want at the right price so I was wondering which part numbers would be a good replacement the part number on my current screen is LTN141W1-L09 (Dell Part Number: 0DM110). Firstly, I was wondering what the part after the hyphen meant in the model Number. Also, can I replace this screen with one with a lower resolution or different aspect ratio?

I've also noticed that latitude D600 series shares a lot of hardware with the Vostro 1400 would any screen from there be compatible?

Thanks for reading

A:Replacing Screen On Dell Vostro 1400

I would think that when you replace a screen it should be the exact same one as the original. you might find what you need on ebay as im sure someone might be selling one for parts or repair only.ive never replaced screens yet in my laptops because by the time they have gone bad it was more to fix it than the computer was worth.you might also check with a computer repair place they might have what you are looking for or tell you where to find the correct screen for that model.

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Hello guys & girls,

I'm unable to get the in-built bluetooth function working on Dell Vostro 1400 laptop. I have perused Dell forums to no avail. I have downloaded the machines bluetooth driver & have located a couple of patches via said forum but all to no avail.

I've uninstalled & re-installed the Widdcomm software too even via a direct route by drilling down to the folders in the OS in my case it's C:\dell\drivers\R140135\3100_216\Win32 & have even tried utulising the laptop's drivers cd to load bluetooth from that. Again no luck.

Anyway thanks for looking in & if there are some Dell engineers taking a look here then I appreciate any help you may have also.

Thanks in advance

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I am trying to restore the laptop to factory settings....
I tried Ctrl + F11 with no results.
I tried F8 and DID NOT see "repair my computer" option ?
Thanks for your time

A:Restore dell vostro 1400 to factory settings

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I have had a Vostro 1400 with a C2D cpu for about 1.75 years now and just today I started to get a high pitched whine from the back left (right where the fan is).

I've tried using compressed air to clear out the fan, no luck. The Whine is from the back left right at the air vent. (Vostro 1400)

I disabled popup and popdown, disabled c4, tried HLT.. no luck anywhere. Whine is not just in Windows, as soon as cpu starts the Whine starts. Thoughts?

Vistra froze thanks to RMclock, but when I restarted I noticed the Whine did not begin until I chose Boot Windows Normally, b4 that nothing.. Whine was almost immediate after

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How do you start up a recovery partition on a dell vostro
i tried:

alt + f4 , f4 , ctrl + f4 , f10...i cant find any info...

i saw repair my installation in a menu...when i didnt need to do this...now i do...
i had the same problem with a newer dell earlier today...

is the partition having a problem that it cant start..and no option is available

any help please

A:dell vostro 1400 recovery partition...actually all new dells

On my dell a little over a year old is as follows
hit power start tapping the f8 key light and fast
A menu will appear
select repair my computer
select dell factory image

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I'm running windows 10 on my vostro computer when the screen freezes. I have to (after a long time waiting) force shut it down and when I turn it back on 6 identical screens come up, even in the bios. after a few weeks of reinstalling the nvidia driver through device manager and getting it to work again, the driver fix I was doing the few weeks stopped working.HELP!
also in device manager it says windows has stopped this device, but i can't seem to fix it

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Hi All,
I am brand new at your forum, and I would lie to share with you with my poor experience. Now I am having 2 Dell notebook, having the same problem, I took to all technician around and no luck to solve the issue.
The problem is when you switch on the power it does`t work, it just give red flash and then dead.
The model as stated on the topic above is Dell Latitude D610 and Dell Vostro 1400. Any one can help me out to solve the issue.

Pls Help to solve it!!!

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I've been working on attempting to fix my girlfriends Dell Vostro 1400 notebook and I've been running into too many brick walls.

First off, the computers specs:
Core 2 Duo T5470 (1.6Ghz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
1GB DDR2 667Mhz
128MB Nvidia Geforce 8400GS
120GB 5400RPM SATA
Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
8x CD/DVD Burner w/ double layer DVD+ write capability
85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

When I got the laptop from her I booted it up and there was no video, just a blank screen. It indicates HDD activity but nothing displayed. I then tested out the PSA boot method through the beep sequences. It came up with an optical drive error, which I can really doubt. I've unmounted the optical drive and thoroughly inspected it, but I couldn't imagine it being the problem here.

I then hooked it up through my PC external monitor, and got some video out of it. It goes through the boot start up and then hangs for a good 3-5 minutes before displaying an error message that reads:

***Hardware Malfunction
Call Your Hardware Vendor For Support
NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
***The System Has Halted***

I reboot and attempt to enter any of the start up options but none seem to be operational. It takes about 5 minutes to enter BIOS setup and as soon as it loads it just display nonsensical coding. The same goes for the other boot options, though some are slightly different in appearances. I've attempted a full power drain on the laptop which didn&#... Read more

A:Solved: No display on bootup (Dell Vostro 1400 notebook)

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Small annoyance -

As the title says, I have Dell Vostro 1400 w/Vista Business. Using just the laptop monitor. I set the video resolution (as it was when it arrived) at 1200 x 800. Now, it changes to 1024 x 800 when the computer is put to sleep and the awakes. I can set it back to 1200 x 800 and it works fine. Anyone have any ideas? It is small so it drives me a little nuts.

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My 4 year old Dell vostro 1400, a carryover from my son's college days, has stopped reading and writing DVDs, though it reads and writes the CDs perfectly.

I replaced the DVD drive with a new Optiarc internal DVD writer. This new Optiarc has worked for about six months and then again same problem not reading and writing DVDs only.

Is the problem with the DVD writer or with the laptop? I am apprehensive to replace the DVD writer again.

By the way the OS is Windows XP professional.

A:Dell Vostro 1400 laptop internal DVD writer not reading/writing DVDs..

Normally it can be attributed to the laser burning out. The drive uses a different wavelength to do CDs than DVDs. They often don't burn out like a light bulb but just can't do the higher wavelengths.

Optical drives are notorious for sudden failure. On a desktop it's no big deal - a $20 repair. But a laptop is expensive to do replacements on. I'd be bumming too.

Curious (dealing with a similar issue with a laptop here):
When you go into Device Manager and check the properties of that Optiarc drive, is the name 'garbled'?

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Dear friends,

AnyBody Knows which audio driver to use for Dell Vostro A840 Model. I have Dell company Driver CD But It will not work as the model is outdated. Dell Vostro comes with Ubuntu OS with Ubuntu audio Drivers installed. I had Installed Win Xp with Hp Audio Drivers it worked. But I can’t remember the audio Driver. I also tried the website http://dell.com/downloads. The fact is the orignal drivers of Dell Does not work . We have to use other drivers like hp driver to listen to the sound.If Anybody can Please help me solve this issue then it would be a great favour from u people.Please email me to [email protected] if you know

A:Dell vostro a840 audio driver

sanchit said:

Dear friends,

AnyBody Knows which audio driver to use for Dell Vostro A840 Model. I have Dell company Driver CD But It will not work as the model is outdated. Dell Vostro comes with Ubuntu OS with Ubuntu audio Drivers installed. I had Installed Win Xp with Hp Audio Drivers it worked. But I canít remember the audio Driver. I also tried the website http://dell.com/downloads. The fact is the orignal drivers of Dell Does not work . We have to use other drivers like hp driver to listen to the sound.If Anybody can Please help me solve this issue then it would be a great favour from u people.Please email me to [email protected] if you knowClick to expand...


Hello and welcome to TSG. Firstly, you might like to edit out your e-mail address in case the Spam brigade gets hold of it. All your replies will be through ths Forum.

Somewhere on the casing of your Dell machine will be the Service Tag reference number. If you input that at the Dell website, their system wil then identify your computer and tell you exactly what they put into it. Because they customise so much, they invented that system for just this purpose. Do that and you get the driver for the precise audio equipment they put in but, obviously, not anything you changed after buying it.


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Hi, whenever I insert my board CD and try to install audio driver for my dell Vostro A860 it shows an error:
Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver
What is this kind of error and how to fix it ?
PS: It has intel GM965 board and 1.6GHz CPU.
 Plz help me out.. Thanks

A:can't install audio driver for dell Vostro A860

Please try the driver from the below link.
If it didn't work for you, please post the hardware ID of your audio card. 

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Me Chad Kagen from Atlanta. I am buying new dell vostro 15 3558. My  audio driver is not working. Tell me what i do?
Chad Kagen

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Anyone know where i can get a driver for this printer?

A:Kodak Pro 1400 Printer 64 bit Driver

Kodak Tech support tells me there isn't one. He suggested installing the printer on a 32-bit machine (which apparently does work) and sharing it.

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I have problems with my Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T TV card, which does not function in Windows 7 64 bit, build 7229.

Whenever I install the driver for it, it says in the device manager that:
"The software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with Windows. Contact the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)"

The newest driver, I am able to find, is version 5.0.18. When I look at the driver details in the device manager, then it indicates that the problem is caused by the cxavsvid.sys driver.
Does anybody have a solution for this?


A:Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T driver blocked

I just tried the same Driver Version on a Windows 7 x64 Edition. It worked without issues. I tried the Vista x64 Driver Version.
The Windows Media Center seems not to recognize the TV Tuner with this driver and the Terratec Home Cinema 6.3 neither.
Ok, after a reboot I have the same issue than you. One Cinergy Device is working but not the TV Tuner.

There is a German Forum on which they discussing issues with Windows 7 and THC in general: http://forum.digitalfernsehen.de/for...-7-beta-3.html

Someone seems to get the driver to work if he presses F8 on Boot then choose "Deactivate Digital Driver Signature" (or something similar). Install the drivers with Vista Compatibility and reboot.
I haven't tried this yet. Could be that he is using a different TV-Tuner from Terratec.

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I saw an old post by someone that said they used HP LaserJet IIP driver that worked with the NEC Super Script 1400 and Vista. I'm trying to figure out how they made it work, because I have had no luck in using that driver with my NEC and I'd really love to get this thing working with my Vista.

I'm open to any suggestions, other than the obvious of upgrade, because I've upgraded my color printer, but love this one for mono.



A:Driver for NEC Super Script 1400 with Vista

Try in XP compatibilty mode.
Compatibility Mode

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Hi dear,

I am helping my friend with a Compaq Presario 1400.
Somebody did the reinstallation of this pc, but the USB Floppy doesn't work now. For Compaq, all the drivers are embeded in the recovery CD, we can't find the stand alone driver for this device.

The device name is "NEC USB UF000X".

I have being searching for this driver for three hours... Can someone kindly tell me where I could find it?

Many many thanks.


A:Driver for USB floppy, Compaq Presario 1400

Did you try COmpaq support [you will require the model number ] http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/eng/support.html

Have you rechecked the bios to see if it enabled?

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After reinstalling my windows 8.1, I have issues with my laptop audio. It shows red cross on the sound icon. Things i have done to fix it but failed: 
1. Uninstalled my Realtek audio driver. Downloaded an updated driver from Dell official forum. Installed it but failed to fix it.2. Did a diagnostics check with set up and also with online support which in turn shows that no error found.3. Tried to follow maximum instructions given on the Dell forum on Realtek Sound problem but failed to fix it.4. My device configuration:Device: Dell Vostro 3546OS: Windows 8.1BIOS: A12 (the latest one) - I think there is something wrong in this only. But unable to find.5. One more thing I want to add is that after installing Realtek audio driver, Device manager shows this error:This device cannot start. (Code 10). The request is not supported.
Now please guide me to fix my laptop.Thanks in advance.

A:Vostro 3546, Windows 8.1, Realtek audio, no sound

ashish_mdp Did a diagonstics check with set up and also with online support
Hello. Have you tested with the ePSA diagnostic Quick Audio Check?

If you fail to hear the test tones in the Perform Quick Audio Check then there is a hardware failure with the Realtek audio system.
ashish_mdpBIOS: A12 (the latest one) - I think there is something wrong in this only. But unable to find. 
Did you install the A12 version before or after the audio failed? If the audio error occurred with the previous BIOS then the BIOS is not at fault.
Some BIOS versions let you downgrade to an earlier version. Some BIOS versions have a setting to enable audio (most don't).
ashish_mdpan updated driver
Dell has only released only 2 versions for Win 8.1 for the Vostro 3546: Realtek and Realtek, both from 2014. It should be one of those. However Windows contains its own native audio driver so the audio should have worked right after installing Windows, even before installing a Realtek driver.

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how can I find vostro 3300 webcam windows 10 driver?

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I want to use my Dell Vostro 3558 laptop as a speaker to stream audio from my Android mobile (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4). On my earlier laptop i was able to connect with my mobile using Bluetooth and i would get the option to use the laptop to output audio from my mobile. But on this new laptop (Vostro 3558) i don't get the option to do that after connecting via Bluetooth. I am using Windows 7, 64 Bit OS.
One important thing i have found is that my mobile shows a yellow exclamation mark in the "Bluetooth Devices" list and there are also some "Bluetooth Peripheral Devices" under "Other Devices" in the Device Manager. Does it mean i need to install some drivers? If yes, which ones?
I have read something about Bluetooth A2DP functions and need it to be enabled on my laptop to stream sound from my android phone. How do i enable it.
Below are the screenshots of the device manager and bluetooth devices list. Please help me as soon as possible ......
Waiting for your replies.

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Hey Tech Guy... Please help!

I rehabed a Dell Vostro 260 computer from work by re-installing Windows 7 Pro over the work stuff with the Dell OS disk. Next, I loaded all the necessary drivers from the Dell web site (network, sound, etc). Everything was working perfectly. Next, after all the dust settled, I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and tried re-installing the Dell drivers again. Well, everything works great, except there is no sound. The sound driver (Conexant HD Audio) keeps failing when I run the Dell driver software. I tried deleting the existing sound drivers in Device Manager, deleting the driver folder (dell/drivers) after uninstalling the program through control panel. Please help! What can I do?

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I have upgrade to windows 10, and I need to update my Graphics Card.
I have Dell Vostro 3450.
Thank you,

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I have a dell Vostro 3500 which was released early 2010. The windows 10 upgrade app tells me I cannot upgrade to windows 10 because of the NVidia GeForce 310m driver is not compatible.
I also have an inspiron 1545 released late 2008 this can be upgraded to windows 10.
I have looked into this driver issue as I have been running windows 8.1 on the Vostro 3500 laptop for sometime. However the graphics driver sometimes crashes and has to recover. While this is useable it is not ideal.
In order to run windows 8.1 I had to download and install the old XP 64bit driver and run it in compatibility mode and as administrator. This took some effort and messing about to get it to work as well as it does.
However I have tried to install windows 10 preview on the system it will not let me install at all so I cannot even get to the point where I can try the windows XP driver. When I try to install directly on this system.
However I did install windows 10 preview on a different dell laptop the is compatible and them moved the hard drive into the Vostro 3500 to see what would happen.
Windows 10 worked on the laptop except for the GeForce 310m which had a exclamation mark in device manager. and it too sometimes crashed and had to recover
This is telling me the only thing stopping this laptop running windows 10 is the lack of a dell GeForce 310m driver
Will dell be releasing an updated driver for this graphics card as it seams very unfair that one laptop over a year olde... Read more

A:Vostro 3500 NVidia ge-force 310m windows 10 driver

there is a work around for this problem. go into your device manager, select Display adapters.
where you see Nvidia go into it and click on the driver tab. at the bottom uninstall the driver, remove it completely.
your screen will go black and flash but don't worry, it comes back in 640x480 ( hehe )
restart the laptop, you will now have no drivers at all. come back to dell.com and download the video driver again, you are looking for this file only R287485.exe
these are the Intel HD video drivers and are more stable then the Nvidia drivers too.  
Happy Windows 10 dude.

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I have a Dell Vostro 1710,
I installed Windows 7 64 Bit and i'm having trouble finding the right video driver for my NVIDIA 8600 M GS. Dell Support recommends to install the Vista 32 bit video driver. I tried that, but the driver won't install, it says something that my OS isn't Vista. The driver version is this one: v / 24.06.2008 (R189832)
The NVIDIA official driver for 8600 M GS (v 179.48) for Windows 7 64 bits does not offer suport to Dell Vostro laptops and send me to manufacturer for drivers. I installed it anyway, but my system won't even start (I had to restore it).
Please help me with any kind of solution or sugestion.
Thank you.

A:Dell Vostro 1710 NVIDIA video driver for Windows 7 64 bit

Edit your post and remove the tag. That's not allowed on this user to user forum.  You can never use a 32 bit driver with 64 bit windows. You can only use the 32 bit driver with 32 bit windows 7--and sometimes that doesn't even work. Did you allow Windows 7 to find a compatible driver? Is the video card working now?  If it works with win 7, don't change the driver. You should have installed the 32 bit Win 7 for compatibility.

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Recently upgraded a Dell Inspiron 3847 to an SSD and did a clean-install of Windows 7 Home-Premium x64 using Dell media. Post install, I cannot get the audio working. Device manager shows ...
Bluetooth Audio DriverHigh Definition Audio Device (yellow exclamation point)Realtek High Definition AudioI have tried the following to fix:
1. Uninstalling and deleting the driver then re-downloading using Dell Detect 2. Installing the RealTek R282 driver from the RealTek site3. Windows Update does not find the driver if it is uninstalled4. Right click on entry in device manager and letting Windows find it5. Installing it manually from the Dell siteAny help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

A:No Audio Post Clean Install. Realtek Audio Driver Installed but High Definition Audio Driver fails every time?

same principle as mentioned here: en.community.dell.com/.../20027104

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I have a new Epson 1400 and in print review in LR get a black screen it flashes then print review comes back with :

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Display driver Nvidia windows kernal mode driver version 186.27 stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
I have a HP Windows 7 64 bit and a GT230 nvidia graphics card.
Any ideas to keep this from happening It just seems to occur with the print review checked.
I love the printer as it has great prints with very nice color .

A:1400 Epson print review nvidia problems says display driver stopped responding and h

I guess nobody prints with an Epson on a HP desktop that has had this happen in Windows 7 64 or has a recommendation for the problem ?
I see it is not just me so this might help others to see.

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I am using win 7 in my Vostro 3446 . I am unable to install the touchpad drivers available at dell.com for my system. The touchpad however seems to be working fine with the default windows drivers but additional functionality provided by Dell touchpad drivers is missing. 
I have provided the screenshot for the issue. 
Kindly help. Thanks in advance.

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Vostro 360 upgraded to Windows 10 (via ISO).
Built-in panel video is corrupted (vertical stripe down center that suggests panel failure).External monitor works fine.However, built-in panel works during boot for both BIOS and Windows 10 logo screen, and also works in Safe Mode. Additionally, the panel works fine after it comes out of sleep mode.Any time the video mode changes (e.g. by a resolution change, plugging in an external monitor, or starting the computer) the built-in panel will be garbled. Causing the system to sleep and unsleep (even immediately after startup) will correct the built-in panel video corruption.Driver installed by Windows 10 is: Intel(R) HD GraphicsDriver Date: 5/27/2015Driver Version: update a Vostro 360 Windows 7 system with the latest Intel HD Graphics driver, I will get the same behaviour, so it's almost certainly a driver issue.What confuses me is that no-one has mentioned a similar problem, and many have mentioned successful upgrades to Windows 10. Am I just unlucky with my systems, or is there some software variable that could mask (or create) the problem?On Windows 7, I can revert to an older driver to make the problem go away. This is difficult on Windows 10, as it continually upgrades to the latest driver.Closest similar issue is an unresolved red/green/blue colour cycling problem.http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/dell-vostro-360-and-optional-intel-graphics-driver/2fbf78e7-2c1b-4986-b711-add8... Read more

A:Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver

Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

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I am using a Logitech 2.1 mini jack audio system. Audio sounds quite bad. It's like sometimes it's out of phase and sometimes sounds like it's being dithered.
Windows 10 is running without audio enhancements. Audio is from any source. AIMP, FIrefox/YouTube, Pot Player.
I have up/downgraded audio drivers and problem remains.
Any suggestions to fix the problem are welcome.

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X1 Carbon 5th Gen (20HR) with i5 7300U / standard Toshiba 512GB SSD / 16GB RAM.  Straight out of the box the "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation" (WADGI) process was using between 15% and (occasionally) 95% total CPU resources, causing the machine to slow to a crawl, with the fan whirring away constantly, not to mention severly impacting battery life.  Tried reinstalling the Conexant Audio driver from Lenovo support website (didn't help).  Uninstalled the Conexant Audio Driver (solved the issue, but soon after reboot Conexant auto reinstalled and the issue returned, thereby validating that the Conexant Audio Driver was the cause.  It must have some pretty poor code ... you'd think they'd test these things, right?).  Got some great support from a chap named Steve at the Lenovo Support desk in Romania, but nothing we tried helped (including doing a bit of registry editing, editing various group policies, attempting to make the Windows Update Foundation service not auto-install updates, etc.).  Steve got back in touch with me a couple of times over a few days and we continued to attempt various things.  At one point I reinstalled the OS using a Lenovo provided USB Recovery flash drive and then updated OS to Win10 Creators (didn't help).  Throughout all of this the Conexant Audio driver continued to run at an average of 20% CPU usage, often spiking as high as 30% (I only saw it go to 90% twice but on one of those occasions I had to shutdo... Read more

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Hi :
I am having issues with my desktop. There is a red arrow in the sound icon. When i plug headphone i can hear sound .But without headphone there is no sound. I do not see any issues with driver as they look good. Can anyone help me to fix it.

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Recently upgraded hard drive to an SSD and did a clean-install of Windows 7 using Dell media. Post install, I cannot get the audio working. Device manager shows ...
Bluetooth Audio DriverHigh Definition Audio Device (yellow exclamation point)Realtek High Definition AudioI have tried the following to fix:
1. Uninstalling and deleting the driver then re-downloading using Dell Detect 2. Installing the RealTek R282 driver from the RealTek site3. Windows Update does not find the driver4. Right click on entry in device manager and letting Windows find it5. Installing it manually from the Dell siteAny help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

A:Win 7 x64: Realtek Audio Driver Installs but High Definition Audio Driver fails?

chipset driver first

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I have a Dell Vostro 260s with Windows 7 Pro.  I tried to connect it to my TV to run as a HTPC.  I get Video but no Audio through the HDMI port,  I went to playback devices to change it to the HDMI and HDMI is not an option only the Conexant HD Front and/or Rear Jacks.
Steps I've taken so far have been...
I've formatted the drive and reinstalled Windows 7 to make sure I have a clean install.  Installed latest drivers for Chipset and Intel HD video drivers as well as other required drivers, and it still not there. Went to Intel's site and tried their driver updater,  it did find new drivers for the Intel HD and installed them but still no HMDI under playback devices.
Is there no audio output through the HDMI on the 260s?

A:Vostro 260s No HDMI Audio


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como instalar dispositivo de som vostro 3550

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