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Yoga 370 random black screen after sleep

Q: Yoga 370 random black screen after sleep

Hi, I have the device since 2-3 months. Since some time, the yoga has problems coming back from sleep. Usually i press the button, or open the lid and the device starts to the login screen in 2-3 seconds. Sometimes, pressing the button or opening the lid does not work. The power button light stops "breathing" and turns on, but the screen stays black. It looks random to me. Only way to solve this is to press power button for 10 seconds and reboot completely (tried different things, e.g. detaching, attaching external screen, press the button shortly, close and open the lid). I turned of hybrid sleep and fast startup, but did not help. Somebody else experiencing this? Any solution available? Best regards

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 370 random black screen after sleep

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 730-13" laptop, and I'm writing this post after only having the laptop in my possession a couple of weeks. Starting today my screen has gone began rapidly flashing to black (not asleep as the screen still emits a slight light), for no discernable reason. I haven't dropped or otherwise damaged the laptop in any way since receiving it, but I have very little technical knowledge when it comes to computers and the like so I don't know exactly how to pinpoint the problem otherwise. The flashing to black seems to come and go randomly, I thought it might have to do with the orientation of the screen but after some experimentation, that side of things seems unrelated. Restarting the computer seems to have helped for the most part and the flashes to black aren't as common, but still occur sparsely. I'm not sure at this point if I should take the computer into a professional or if there is some other sort of solution. 

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Hi The laptop was working perfectly until i updated the intel HD graphics driver to version (27/10/17).  As soon as I did this, the machine would not wake from either sleep or hibernate mode when the lid was shut. When I open the lid it will either enter staright into a black screen, and I can hear the fan spinning with lights to the right hand side but no further activity. Sometimes the Lenovo log appears on the screen first and then enters into a blank screen state. I am on Bios Lenovo C6CN34WW 29/10/15 As soon as I press and hold the power button to turn off, and then turn on again the machine loads into windows perfectly, with a visible display.  Any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks

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 Hi all,First post!  My Dad's Lenovo laptop goes to a black screen when starting up, so is unusable.I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but have started to research things for him and have found that 'black screen' shows up quite a lot for Windows 10 and Lenovo PCs! We were so impressed with my Dad's PC I've ended up with the same model myself:Lenovo YOGA 500 Convertible Laptop, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6" Touch Screen.Also labelled as: Yoga 500-15IBD Laptop (ideapad)  I see some people mentioning hardware failures and others device driver problems with the graphic card etc. but haven't read a definite cause/fix for this so far. I've just found this recent critical BIOS update for this PC which mentions the black screen problem:Software name: BDCN63WW Version 63[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue.http://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/Yoga-Series/yoga-500-15ibd/downloads/D...I haven't seen this mentioned in the forums? Has anyone else used this?If the PC always boots to a black screen I'll obviously have trouble installing this! I'm hoping that it will boot in Safe Mode or I'm going to have some trouble installing it?! I don't know whether to install the BIOS update on my own machine which is running fine - I think I'll wait until I see my Dad's laptop first which will be in a few weeks. Has anyone had any experience of this BIOS update or other comments on this?Thanks. &nb... Read more

A:Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue"

I'm still wondering about this... I've just updated the Lenovo Companion after seeing it mentioned in another thread. It looks like this s/w is supposed to scan the PC and recommend Lenovo updates - critical and nice to have ones. Initially the Companion was showing a critical update for Lenovo SHAREit and a recommended one for my BIOS. It says I'm currently on BDCN28WW and offered something like v61 and not the 63 I mentioned in my first post? After letting it update SHAREit and re-scanning the BIOS update is no longer being offered and still shows me on v28 ??? I'm not sure I trust this 'Companion' app!My laptop seems to be running fine so I don't want to break it updating the BIOS if it's not required. For all I know my Dad's broken one may be broken because it upgraded?! Does anyone else use/trust the Companion app?And has anyone else seen it change it's mind on recommended BIOS updates?Thanks.

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I've had my Yoga 3 11" for about a month, and recently have been experiencing a strange behavior.  It randomly - and frequently - turns the screen off, even when I am actively working on it, where I have to re-log back on to unlock the screen.  It's to a point where this is happening every 5 minutes now.  I've re-configured the power options so that it doesn't turn off for an hour, but that didn't help.  It is almost un-workable at this point.  Has anyone else been experiencing this? 

A:Yoga 3 11 Random Sleep Mode

I've had my Yoga 3 11 for about 3 days. It goes into sleep mode and shuts off the hard disk every 2 minutes or so even if I am actively typing. If I can't find a solution in the next 2 days, I am returning it. I really like this laptop but this makes it unusable.  Has corrupted files that I am copying because the hard drive goes to sleep. I have set the power settings to shut down the screen after 3 hours and the hard disk never.

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This is driving me crazy.

Right after I boot my laptop, the screen flashes randomly.

Also something is stealing focus from what I am working on to something else.

Then it likes to suddenly go to a grey screen. I have to manually reboot.

If that is not enough, it like to just reboot.

Scanned with my AVG and Kaspersky, nothing found. Tried TrendMicro House Call, nothing. Dr. Web, nothing.

All drivers are up to date.

I have run it in the safe mode for about an hour with no problems. No new software installed recently. I went to restore and it was only dated from the previous day, so no help there.

I would prefer not to Nuke and pave, but if that what I need to do, I can.

Any thoughts, theories, explosives you can recommend for this?

I await with enlarging piles of hair as I pull it out.

A:Windows screen flashes, random grey screen & random black screen

Welcome to SF!

This sounds like a case of overheating, Download Speccy and upload a Screenshot
when in normal use (not Safe-Mode).

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Hi All,I bought this laptop yesterday and i have seen that it randomly goes to sleep and can only be waken by putting the charger on. I have customise all the power settings but it still happening a lot.. hope i not bought a lemon! Also how in the world you get this active pen 2 activate? it comes with 1 x aaaa battery & 2x tiny batteries for bluetooth. I put the aaaa in but can't figure out the where the 2 tiny ones goes and the manual diagram doesn't help either!!  Thank you

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I recently bought an X1 Yoga 3rd Gen for a user at work and I want to love it - the machine is gorgeous, physically well built, best screen I've seen on a laptop, wonderful key feel, etc. But the thing doesn't work. When it goes to sleep (lid closed or selecting sleep in Windows) it simply will not turn the screen back on. I'm on the latest BIOS (and tried the last one). 1709 and 1803. All the drivers from the Lenovo site or none of them (Windows Update drivers only), doesn't matter. No combination of anything I do to this machine will get it to turn the screen on when waking from sleep. I have to give my user a computer, and I'm at a total loss for what to do next - any ideas?

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Hi Issue: Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen black screen / 'screen off' on resume from sleep I know this issue has been posted about several times regarding the X1 series but .... none of those threads seem to have any kind of answer to this problem. This seems like quite a horrendous issue for a +1500 to have !! Constantly 'hard rebooting' and losing all my open work is seriously seriously annoying. Please note: My drivers are 100% up to date based on Lenovo's own update software. I have all official Windows 10 updates issued to date (21 aug 17). These are the patterns I've noticed: - It doesn't always replicate the same behaviour: after resume from sleep sometimes it's 'black' and other times it's fine. I'd say 66% of the 'lid openings' it's OK but 33% of cases it's not.- I've found that if I shut the lid again and reopen (often 3 or more times and waiting 30+ seconds on each open then 30+ seconds on each close) then I can eventually 'force' it to turn the screen on.- If I 'manually' set the unit to sleep from the start menu rather than just closing the lid, I'm pretty certain that it *does not* exhibit this problem. I'll be 100% certain once I've tried this a few more times.-  I've removed all USB devices from the laptop one-by-one and waited for the problem to reoccur thus ruling out any single or combination of USB devices.- I have the 'lock screen' shown when it does successfully resume from sleep. - The screen 'blackness' looks t... Read more

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Hello everyone. I'm very sorry for just being a new member and allready posting.
I felt like i needed to post this straight away as i've seen the technichal support given by the community
and as much i can be honest, this is the top website i found with the most fixes.
to anyone that will be interested in helping me, I appreciate it deeply - thank you very much.

Recently i left my computer to update a game ( world of warcraft ) overnight.
When i woke up I was confused why it was back to the login screen. ( im guessing it must have reseted )
So i logged in, couple of minutes later the wallpaper changed into something 'Warning your computer has been infected everything you do is logged'
so bla bla. So i ran a couple of AVG scans manage to find the thing it was something called b.exe ( been deleted ). now my wallpaper problem is fixed.
HOWEVER sometimes when i turn on the pc it's just a plain black screen with a curser in the middle a couple of clicks it will freeze ( it works after a couple of hard reboots).
Everytime i search something on google ( using firefox ) and click on the link it brings up a new tab with 'jump' title.
the computer also randomly freezes at some point.

This is my log.
DDS (Ver_09-07-30.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Carlo at 18:21:33.78 on 09/08/2009
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_10
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.44.1033.18.2046.985 [GMT 1:00]

AV: AVG Anti-Virus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {17DDD... Read more

A:Help: Random Black Login Screen, Google link 'Jump' & Random Freezes.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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Hello, i am searching for how to resolve the problem mentioned in the subject. The problem occurs when i put my laptop in sleep mode. The screen turns black, but i can turn on and off caps lock and num lock. However, i cannot turn screen back on unless i shut it down by long pressing power button. All of the drivers are up to date Y700-17ISK Laptop (ideapad)PF0PF41J is the serial number please help me to resolve this

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    I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 that is out of warranty. I bought it in 2013.  With that out o' the way, my Lenovo Yoga 13's screen stays black even when the power is on...I see no Lenovo logo or anything AND the laptop keeps restarting on its own, so it is stuck in restart mode, with the screen staying black the whole time.  This laptop has been doing this (black screen even though power is on and shuts off and restarts on its own) for about 6 months now....(Jan 2017-June 3, 2017 as of this writing). This laptop works WHEN IT WANTS TO EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE, BUT NOT OFTEN.  I turned the laptop on now, and I'm typing on it now, **BUT when it doesn't work, which is most of the time**, it shows a black screen (I see nothing on the screen) even with the power on and constantly restarts on its own. Is this hardware issue a motherboard problem or a screen issue specifically? Specifically, is it the motherboard that needs to be fixed on this Yoga 13 or is it a screen issue? If it's a motherboard issue that needs to be fixed, how much would it cost? Or If it's a screen issue, how much would that cost to fix? Any help on this is much needed! 

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Keyboard and signal light are lighting,, fans run for a short time,, then stop.Need helps. I do a lot of steps that learn from internet like 1. Click the power 30 s 2.reconnect the cmos battery 3.bios resetBut no one idea workssss,, computer still at black screen and the system can't run. 

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Hi there. I have a Toshiba Satellite 1805-s207. If my computer is running off its battery rather than the AC adapter, and it goes to sleep, I can't get the screen to start up again by hitting keys or the trackpad, even though I can tell by the lights and fan sounds that the computer is on. I have to then manually shut the computer off and restart, even if programs and documents are running. That means those documents have to be recovered. Can anybody give me some guidance about how this is best fixed? Thanks! Rachel

A:Screen won't come out of black after sleep


I do believe that there have been several reported problems with Windows and Sleep Mode. You may wish to search the MS Knowledge base for the Op/Sys you are using.

Also, you may wish to turn off Sleep Mode in Power Management to get around the problem for now.

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I have an L70-B119 Satellite upgraded to Windows 10. Just recently the laptop has been going in to sleep mode after approx. 1-2 minutes of no activity for no reason ! I have now changed the settings to over 2 hours but when returning from sleep by hitting a key or moving the mouse all starts up except the display screen which stays black. I then have to hold the power button down to switch of and re-boot from fresh.

Any ideas or help to solve this would be much appreciated !

Thanks, Rob

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New XPS 12. Windows 8 64-bit.
SSD only, Intel HD Graphics only.
My screen remains black after coming out of about an hour's sleep, even though the power, fan and keyboard's backlight is on. I have to force shutdown and switch it back on to use it again. It has happened twice, and hasn't successfully come out of a long sleep yet. I got the laptop yesterday, and I haven't made any significant changes to the setup.
Any help would be very welcome.
Thank you,

A:Black Screen after Sleep

Hi Mark,
I sincerely apologize for the technical troubles you have experienced with your New Dell computer.
Reset BIOS to default. Restart the computer and tap F2 at Dell logo.Now tap F9 to ?Setup defaults?.
If the issue persists, run diagnostics on the computer. Restart the computer as soon as you see the DELL logo, tap <F12> until you see the one-time boot menu. Now select Diagnostics.
Let me know the status.

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Hi guys and girls, first off thank you for taking your time to read this

The laptop:
Kobalt (rebranded Clevo)
Windows 7 x64
xTreme Core duo (about 4 years old)
NVidida 9800gtx
4GB Ram
Cant tell you any other specifics as I cant see anything or access any details on the laptop

The problem:
I usually close my laptop lid so i can resume using it if I need it. It will usually shut itself off after a few hours if i have not
This time however when I shut the lid, it did not sleep/hibernate. The screen was grey/black like the backlight was still on but nothing else and the fans were still spinning.
I powered it off using the power button and when I turned the power back on the following day, the same screen shows.
I think it is stuck in permanent attempt to awaken from sleep/hibernate it was not able to complete because it doesn't sound like a cold boot is being performed, more like an sleep start
However since the screen is always black I cant see a thing, ever.
No cursor, blinking light or anything. The screen goes from black to a lighter color which I assume is the backlight. All the fans are spinning, and the drives are working away but the display doesn't want to play

What I've tried:
-Taking out the battery, holding down the power button for 60 seconds and plugging the power lead in and restarting; no effect
-Burned a recovery CD ISO - cant see the screen
-Put a Windows 7 ISO onto a usb ket - cant see the screen
-Connected the laptop to my mac/anoth... Read more

A:Black screen after Sleep, can't do or see anything

Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Try blindly tapping the F8 key during a reboot in the hopes that you get to the safe mode.

You might also borrow/try another external monitor - besides the one that you've already tried. Maybe visit a store and tell them of your problem, they might let you hook up to a monitor or two just to test.

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Hi, I have a problem now with my Thinkpad Yoga that I started noticing after the latest Windows 10 updates (KB2538243, KB890830, and KB3176495- the one that adds the Windows Ink features). The problem is that if I let the laptop go to sleep, when it wakes up it gets stuck on the lock screen.  Sometimes the lock screen appears all blue with the clock and icons and sometimes with the lock screen image plus clock and icons but at that point it freezes and won't recognize a click nor present the field for the pin when I hit the return key. It only has this problem when waking from sleep.  Waking from hibernate or starting cold works fine. Any ideas or suggestions?

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My X1Y3 goes to sleep (Modern standby) as soon as the screen turns off. That's not what I'm expecting. I've set my screen off timer to 10 minutes and my sleep timer to 15 minutes for DC and never for AC but Windows doesn't care. When the screen turns off after 10 minutes, the computer also goes to sleep. I don't know if I should report this to Lenovo or to Microsoft. I know of at least one user who have installed stock Windows on his X1Y3 and who does not experience this (see https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Yoga-3rd-gen-CPU-frequency-pegged-at-max/m... and the following answers from Arjov). That suggests that it's an issue with Lenovo's configuration, not with Windows generally, but I would very much appreciate if others could check and confirm. @someotherguy, you helped solve another Power Plan related issue, would it be possible for you to have a look at this too? It's highly annoying not being able to let the computer run with the screen turned off.

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Screen becomes black after idle or hibernation and won't come back up until is it turned off and then back on. 

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Hi guys. I have a customer that got a x240.It goes black, and when I start it up after sleep mode I can't get the screen back up.I can hear the FANs and harddisk getting back up - but not the screen. Lenovo have tried to change the motherboard and the screen on the laptop, but that didn't solve the problem.Any ideas? BR,Michael

A:x240 - Black screen AFTER sleep

Hey Michael, I am experiencing the same issue! This is the second one we've gone through. It also Blue Screens and freezes often. Lenovo Support couldn't help me in determining what is causing the issue. Anyone else out there experiencing the same thing, or similar issues? Thanks,Derrick

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Whenever I wake my computer up from sleep, the power ring shows that is turned on, but the screen remains blank. I have to force restart it get it back to the login screen. It's really frustrating. Sometimes, when I try to put it to sleep, it just stays on and the screen goes blank. Any help?


BTW: I have already installed the BIOS drivers and it has made no difference.

A:Screen black after sleep wakeup

Try using System Restore to set it back to a point before this problem started happening - IMO that's the easiest and 2nd most successful way of fixing this problem.

Also, update your video, chipset, and storage drivers - just in case.

This is the most successful way of fixing KSOD (Black Screen of Death) issues:
At work we don't mess with these issues - as it can take weeks to solve them (and no one wants to pay me by the hour to troubleshoot their computer for weeks!). We slave the hard drive to another system (to backup the data), then we do a diagnostic (to make sure there's no overt hardware issues), then we wipe the hard drive and clean install Windows.

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Sorry don't got much time so I do it quick,

when I put my PC in sleep mode and wake it up I get a black screen which forces me to restart the PC.

Any help?

A:Waking up from sleep causes black screen.


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I have a Lenovo Z51-70.  Sometimes the screen stays black when you lift the lid up. I know that a lot of other people have had this problem.  HDMI out shows the machine has booted.  Rebooting the machine clears the problem until the next time.  Windows 10, fully patched.  I have the latest Bios, and both of the latest graphics drivers. Can someone point me at a systematic guide, of the 'first try this, then try this' type? Regards, Stephen

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I experienced the black screen syndrome for the first time yesterday. Everything was black except for a big old cursor that I could move around the screen.

Have they figured out the cause of the problem yet?

A:Black screen after standby or sleep

Windows 7 Black Screen of Death Free Fix Available for Download - From Prevx - Softpedia
Prevx Blog KSOD
Windows Black Screen recap

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I'm having the same issue. As I open up my laptop after having it closed (while the power was on). I tried disabling the monitor & enabling it but it didn't work. I even turned off the sleep mode & still, nothing. I would literally have to hold the power button to turn off the laptop & turn it back on just for my screen to come back to its original set before I closed it & it went to sleep.


Have you run HP Support Assistant to see if you need to update any drivers- or checked your Support page for updates?

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Sometimes (NOT ALWAYS) my laptop simply doesn't respond when I put it to sleep mode. I just click put to sleep, then it is behaving like it is going to sleep, but then it "freezes" on black screen, HDD is running, fan is running, led indicator is flashing, but it doesnt respond. The only solution is to turn it off by holding power button for several seconds. I thought that it was problem of my previous Windows (W7U SP1 64bit), but now I'm using W8.1Pro 64bit for 2 weeks and today, it happened again ! my BIOS is up to date, and drivers too (as I made full instalation by myself, not just some sort of upgrade). I also have disabled "hybrid sleep". and I also unchecked "allow computer to turn off this device" and "... to wake up computer by this device" on everything like USB devices and network adapters., but no change. Any suggestions ?

I have a suspicion that it has something to do with wi-fi, as it didn't happen when I was connected just with ethernet cable for 2 weeks, but it happened today as I started to use wireless connection (home network) as I came back home.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E531

A:Black screen when put to sleep, not responding

hello, not sleeping is always a tough topic with win8 ,but it seems to me that you answered your own question.wifi causing it ,why not sure ,it coulc be driver issue ,check that you have the driver reccomended for the wifi in win8.1

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I'm not sure if this counts as a crash, but please bear with me here.

I have a Sony Vaio VPCSB11FX/W laptop. I lock the screen (it's password protected too) and close the lid when I need to get up to do something else while using it. Usually, the blue Windows 7 lock screen shows up when I open the laptop, but just now, I got a black screen that wouldn't respond to any buttons, so I shut the laptop down manually by holding down the power button. When I booted up and logged in, I got the old 'Windows was shut down unexpectedly' message.

Just curious, why did I get the black screen? Also, the power button was green, which means it wasn't in sleep mode at all, and the laptop's fan was whirring loudly too. This has happened to me a couple of times before, and I usually wait at least 30-60 seconds for the black screen to respond before shutting down, though the fan makes a louder noise the longer I wait. This happened even though the lid was closed properly. I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice on how to prevent this from happening in the future, please and thank you.

A:Black screen after sleep mode--why?

I still recommend following the http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html if you have had blue screens in the past. You said you usually get a blue screen during these circumstances, and those are the best method to determine why sometimes you also get the black screen. It is highly likely the behaviors are related to each other, and this behavior usually indicates a Bug Check 0x9F: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE crash.

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I have followed other threads with similar concerns but so far nothing has helped. Just to clarify the problem, I have my G60 Notebook set to go to sleep when the lid is closed. It goes to sleep after a couple seconds. When I open the lid it wakes up as evident by the fan and the hard drive light. The screen stays black. If I close the lit and imediatly open it, the notebook goes to sleep after a couple seconds but the lid is now open. If I press any key or swipe the mouse it wakes up and the screen wakes up as well. This has been happening ever since I updated to Win 10. The notebook starts properly and wakes from hybernation properly as well. I have tried power setting trouble shooter, disable hybrid boot, reset BIOS to default, update graphics and all other drivers, but the problem persists as described. I have not tried a reinstall of Win 10. The BIOS is ver F.62 12/25/2009. I can not find an update to the BIOS. I have a pentium processor but I do not have the Intel MEI installed on my notebook (don't know if I ever did). I tried installing Version 1.5M but I get an error message "system does not meet minimum requirements." Are you aware of any other fixes to the wake up problem or suggestions for installing the Intel MEI?

A:Black screen after waking from sleep

Hi @PapaDelta52?, Thank you for your inquiry.  I grasp that you have your notebook set to enter sleep mode when you close the lid.  When you open the lid you can hear the fan and  hard drive spin up, but the display remains black or blank.  If you press a key or move the mouse the screen responds. You have tried the  power setting troubleshooter, disabling  hybrid boot, resetting the  BIOS to default, updating  graphics and all other drivers, but the problem persists. When I checked the software and driver page for your notebook Windows 10 is  not a supported operating system.  HP has not tested Windows 10 on your model of notebook and the outcome is unknown.   This does not mean it will not work only that the outcome is unknown.  HP does not guarantee that Windows updates will have drivers. Here is a link to  HP PCs - Sleep and Hibernate Issues (Windows 10, 8) that may help. Please let me know the outcome.Thank you  for participating in the HP Forums! We want to help you as well as others who may experience a similar issue as yourself. Please consider marking the post that resolves your issue as   "Accept as Solution"   to help other community  members! To show appreciation for my efforts, please click the   Thumbs Up icon   below.  Best of Luck!

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Hello everyone,I have just performed a clean install of windows 10 on the SSD and I have installed all the required drivers. After the PC enters in sleep mode (either by closing the front panel or by pressing the button), it is not possible to activate the screen again. To clarify, the pc correctly exit from the sleep state (music is being played and the CPU is computing for example), but the screen keeps staying black, no matter how the pc is awaken. I have already turned off the fast start function and tried different solutions found on the net, but I was unfortunately not able to overcome this annoying issue. Thank you in advice for your help,LT

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I have next problem:
Reinstall windows on my PC, change from x32 to x64 (Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64). After installing update drivers for my nvidia video card using auto system from its site and drivers for audio, lan, chipset from site of my motherboard. Usually i put my Pc to hybrid sleep mode, not shutdown. After power up from sleep I see black screen and nothing else, Reset - and i have BSOD on loading, Reset - PC boot normaly.
I again go to nvidia site and manualy find driver for my card and update it - some behaviour, but without bsod/ But windows still creat minidumps after this black screen.
I download some drivers pack and update all drivers in system. Two or three days all work good, but after that I again see black screen after sleep mode with same behaviour (without BSOD).

My PC hardware:
Intel Pentium E5400
Asus P5QLD Pro
4Gb Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 240

Minidumb attached to post

And sorry for my poor english

A:Black screen after sleep mode

Just thought jabacrack as I am no expert but have you tried taking the card out and tried the board vidoeo outputs? I am just thinking maybe it is just your card is bung?

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Purchased a 15-ba009dx this week.  The laptop runs fine but does not resume from sleep.When I close the lid it sleeps ( disk stops spinning and fan stops )When I open the lid the disk spins up and the fan starts but the display stays black.At this point all I can do is hard power off then it will boot up fine. I changed it to Hybernate rather than sleep when the lid is closed and this workes with no issues I have disabled hybrid sleepI have updated the bios and driversI have updated windows  

A:15-ba009dx black screen after sleep

Hi,The only suggestion I could give is :Uninstall all AMD graphics driver from Device Manager - Display Adapter.Download, save and install this: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/10862317/model/13...Restart system. Check if issue persists.If still there, do the above steps in installing this previous driver version:http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/10862317/model/13...RegardsVisruth

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I have had my 3rd gen x1 yoga for 6 months now. Whenever the computer wakes up from sleep, it goes into blue screen of death and then restarts. I have installed all the latest updates, please help.

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Hi,  Since last week I have some problems with my new HP laptop (5 weeks old). Every time I leave my laptop and it switches to sleep mode (or wathever mode its called), the screen stays black. I get responses from my keyboard lighting etc. But the screen stays black. I have to shut down my laptop by holding down the power button, when it restarts, it works again.I also have to mention that my computer froze more than often the las couple of days, with only the internet on and my fan is making a lot of noice, with no heavy programms running.  Does somebody has any idea what the problem could be? Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Maarten

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Don't know if this is the correct place or not but here goes......I have 2 almost identical HP P6 desktop pc's 2400t/2420t bought new in 2013 both running Win10 Home and one of them is giving me a black & white screen instead of the regular color when I bring it out of sleep mode.......Everything is normal on the screen its just in black & white.

And all I do to fix it is restart it and it comes back to color as normal everytime......This started happening about 3 months ago and it does it about once in every 8 or 10 times I bring it out of sleep mode.

And just to let everybody know this pc is hooked up to my 55" Vizio 4K smart tv which is 1 year old.

The other pc has never done it ever and the one that does it has a Nvidia/GF GT 620 1GB card with 12 gb of memory......Let me know anybodys thought on this!

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I have the Yoga 900 and a Dell monitor extention screen.When the unit goes to sleep mode, and I try to wake it, the extention monitor will not come on and I have to reboot the unit to see anything. It seems like I had read one time aout a Intel Video driver needing to be upgraded?

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Hi,I have tried to install windows 10 enterprise 2016 LTSB, on two T480s and both have the and issue now with a black laptop display when I close the lid open the display again ("when I close the lid" is set to sleep). The windows installation is from the iso on a usb. And just after the Windows installation I have the issue. and it is still there after full windows update and lenovo update. When I got the 2. laptop it worked with the orginal image (start the pc for the first time and let it finish), but after re-installation I got the issue. I have tried a few things without luck (turn of fast startup, disable secure boot, monitor profile update) but i cant make it work. If I attach an external monitor I get a dispaly on this external monitor (via hdmi), and I can see one Generic PNP Monitor (the external monitor), it seems like that the internal display is disconnected if choose show hidden devices in the device manager, and can't be enabled (i have also tried to rescan for new hardware without any luck). When I reboot  the display is back again. I dont have this issue on the t470 model with the same approach. What do I miss, some driver/windows setting or ? Thanks in advanceregardsMartin

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Hi, I've got an HP Elitebook 850 which is about 3 weeks old. It's running Windows 8.1 with most of the HP softwares, available for this model, installed.Once the laptop goes into sleep mode you can't wake it up for some reason. The screen remains black and all LED light seem normal. Only thing to do is either ctr+alt+del to reboot or forced shutdown using the power button. Any ideas? Best regards


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A:HP Elitebook 850 Black screen after sleep mode

Had exactly the same problem.  Called HP support.  They said I needed to downgrade the video driver I was using.   Specifically they asked me to check the version of the video driver first: Start Screen, type "Device Manager" then click to open the Device Manager;In Device Manager expand "Display adapters".  There were two shown:AMD Radeon (TM) HD 8500M/8700MIntel(R) HD Graphics FamilyThey asked me to double-click on the Intel display adapter.  The Properties dialog opened;On the Driver tab of the Properties dialog, check the Driver Version.  Mine was HP Support then asked me to download an older version of the driver,  Here's how: 1) On the laptop in question browse to hp.com;2) On the Support menu of hp.com, click Download drivers;3) Find by Product: Enter "Elitebook 850 G1" and press Go;4) Several results will come up, select the one that says "HP EliteBook 850 G1 Base Model Notebook PC";5) Select the operating system: "Windows 8.1 (64-bit)";6) From the Download Index select "Drivers - Graphics";7) Download "Intel Video Driver and Control Panel (International)" version, from 15 Nov 2013.  It's a big download, 158 MB. After the download has completed, double-click on the downloaded file to install it.  If you get a dialog warning that you will be installing an older version of the driver than the one that is currently installed, click Yes to continue.A... Read more

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When 4th gen tries to go to sleep, the power light stays green, along with other lights like mic and mute. Display stays black and keyboard/input is locked up until I hard turn off the laptop by holding power button down (black screen hang). I think it started after the firmware for intel management engine was updated to but I can't downgrade it now. I tried uninstalling and downgrading drivers, but doesn't work. What eventually kind of works (for now, at least), is to downgrade the bios to 1.19 here: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/n1fuj13w.exe What's also weird is that the intel ME firmware was supposed to fix these symptoms but instead caused them for me (I believe);<>(N1CRG38W)
- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the system might encounter a black screen hang
during power cycles.- (Fix) Fixed a number of security issues.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the ME might crash when resuming from sleep.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the system might hang after boot from G3 power
- (Fix) Fixed an issue where exit from shutdown power state after an
unconditional power sequence might be misreported as an exit from sleep
state and skip a security function and cause corruption in the BIOS.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the Bitlocker recovery screen appears when booting
a Bitlocker-enabled system with the AC adapter connected.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the AMT WebUI is not accessib... Read more

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I have win 8 installed for a few weeks now which I have been working on and off playing in a bios duel boot setup to see if I like win 8. (while keeping my win 7 setup)

Every thing has been fine until for the first time I put the computer into sleep , after I tried to wake it up the computer, started up but the screen was still in the standby state. I then had to do a reset as this was the only way I could get the computer to start.
It went through the boot process and opened to the desktop it a state which showed it had booted from a hibernation state (doc left on desk top open how I left it)
I tied a few options I had read in the forums like turning off "powercfg -H off" and rebooted. but this did not fix anything.
I tried a selective start up in misconfig like a safe mode start and this time when I went to try sleep then tried to wake the computer, the monitor at least started up from its sleep mode but was black (blank)

The win 7 x64 on the duel boot sleeps/wakes fine with no problems. I guess the only difference between them is the win 8 is installed on a SSD

any further information you need please ask

A:Win 8 Pro x64 After wake from sleep black (blank) screen

Just an update, Been doing a lot of searching of the internet about my problem and I was about to give in, I kept thinking it was my GPU drivers. But I was wrong

I was thinking I might have had some ideas off people from my post, but I guess without it crashing and giving a bsod it made it hard to find what was the problem.

Just to give help to anyone else reading this post I think I have found the answer . I though I had the most up to date drivers for my ACHI controller from the Asus website which where newer than what I had installed.

But once I found out that I had a Intel 5 series chipset, I found some more up to date drivers on Intel's website. Even though when I went there before and ran an online scan it did not offer any updated drivers (I guess Asus had changed them so Intel did not know them to update?)

So the moral I guess is if you think you might have up to date drivers maybe sometimes you need to keep looking, Hope this helps someone as this is a great forum.

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I have a problem with the hybrid sleep mode.
Whenever I try to put my notebook in sleep mode everything works ok, also normally waking up the system.
But when I disconnect the power cord and restart the system, Windows tries to resume its state but suddenly stops with a black screen and a blinking cursor.
I have absolutely no problems with normal sleep and normal hibernate (shutdown -h).

For a short time hybrid sleep worked only when I put the system to sleep with the notebook FN keys, but not through the Win start menu.
Now it doesn't work at all. Maybe this was also just a coincidence.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance and best regards!

Win 7 Ultimate 32 Bit German edition

A:No wakeup after hybrid sleep (black screen)

Windows Does Not Start After Sleep

This was a fix for a common error that we had here, on a previous thread. It seemed to cause the error in waking from sleep.
Perhaps disabling Hybrid sleep will fix this for you.


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I've got an HP laptop (dv6568se) and lately it has been having issues going into sleep mode. I close the lid, but it remains on and doesn't go to sleep. I open it back up, and the screen remains black, as if it had tried to go into sleep, but didn't. I can't do anything at this point except power it off by holding the power button.

This started happening around the time I got a base with two fans that plugs into the USB port, could that be the root of the problem? When it booted back up, it gave me this error message:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 00000003
BCP2: 84A2B700
BCP3: 864591B0
BCP4: A3265068
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Nathan Wilson\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-29514780-0.sysdata.xml
C:\Users\Nathan Wilson\AppData\Local\Temp\WERA3C6.tmp.version.txt

I have copied the files above and attached them.

A:Black screen when trying to enter sleep mode

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This thread kind of looks like my other one in Windows 7 support. I kind of got an black screen after putting my computer to sleep mode. I was away for an hour and when I got home again it just recovered with three options upon bootup.

1. Bootup on safety & Network
2. Safety without network
3. Normal windows bootup.

Does anybody know how to fix this so i can put my computer to sleep mode without any black screen crashes?

A:Windows 7 Sleep Black screen recover

That usually indicates a driver issue, and it can be coupled with a blue screen that you do not see due to the sleep sequence.

Even if it was not accompanied by a blue screen (that you did not see), the http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html may be able to help us help you track down the problem.

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I'm having a problem where if my laptop is idle and the screen goes black, I can't get it to resume. I try moving the mouse and hitting buttons, but nothing happens. I have to completely shut the PC off and start it again. Also, if I put it to sleep, the same thing happens (it goes black but doesn't sleep or resume). My drivers are all up to date but it still happens.

A:PC Won't Resume if Screen Goes Black/Won't Go Into Sleep Mode

Try in clean boot, does it happen
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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