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What causes Satellite C55-B5302 to turn on then turn off again?

Q: What causes Satellite C55-B5302 to turn on then turn off again?

Hello i've Toshiba C55-B5302 when i try to turn on and then turn off again. You can turn on the laptop as normal. The LED lights on the laptop light up, but once this is done, the laptop just runs for 5 seconds and it automatically shuts off again. You can hear the fan run for a while but other that it just turns off. So what is the cause for a problem like this? i've dissasemly it and clean the fan there's no dust, i've remove the battery and keep the power button for 60sec read it on other forum, press many times the power button without the battery and the charger to reset the bios info, but without any luck.

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Preferred Solution: What causes Satellite C55-B5302 to turn on then turn off again?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Laptop doesn't turn on when the power button is pressed, power button lights up along with the backlit keys but the screen remains black.

The model is a Toshiba Satellite S70-A-11H

A:Satellite S70-A-11H won't turn on


It is not easy to say what the problem may be. Disconnect AC power supply, remove the battery and press power button for 10 seconds. Leave the machine for a while and try to start it with AC power supply only.

What happen when you do this?

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Hi all,

My Satellite M60 has no power indicator lights lit neither for the battery nor for the AC connection. It will not turn on. When I connect the AC cord the indicator light flashes for a fraction of a second but nothing happens. I disassembled the unit and checked for broken DC connection. The connector is fine, not loose, the motherboard has power where the DC connection is soldered in.
It happened after I installed Zone Alarm and tried to reboot with a cold boot.
Does anybody have experience with a company doing component level repair?
I don`t want to replace the motherboard, the system is only 18 months old.
The bast*rds at Toshiba Canada want me to pay $50 for phone support (laptop is 6 months out of warranty), I find that disgusting.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks ,


A:Satellite M60 will not turn on.

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Hello, I need help somehow recognising the make of my Satellite computer. I'm not sure if it's A, B or whatever
Also, my laptop WILL NOT start at all! It just turns on after restarting at it goes to a black screen, no cursor! I can do nothing but press ctrl+alt+del to give it a white screen! I'm not sure why this happened as it just suddenly, while playing games turned black? If it's a virus I swear I will go insane considering I had got it only on Christmas! My parents will be extremely mad as it was very expensive and all my music etc is on there. HELP!

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Sometime mid Feb my Satellite PRO R50-C-116 wouldn't turn on for me. I checked the forums, and followed the advice, and replaced the charger. Once that arrived, and that didn't solve the problem, I tried a new battery. The new battery has just arrived, and unfortunately that hasdn't worked either.
The light on the front of my laptop is flashing, and I've managed to decode it (through google) to error code 20h which according to the code that means "20h Main battery voltage is over 13.46V. (Not supported)".
Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this?

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Hi all, my L50 went blank yesterday in use and now will not turn on. I can connect the charger and the charging light comes on. If I press the power button it illuminates, but that's it. No fans, no WiFi light, screen dead no beeps or other noises... Help!

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I recently purchased my laptop and it was running fine.

I played GRID and it was fine and then it was jumping, so I quit then put it to sleep and now it will not come back on.
I have tried removing the battery and nothing.

Please help.

A:Satellite X will not turn on


First of all, which Satellite notebook you have exaclty?

Well in your case I would try to remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor. Wait one hour and then connect the AC/DC adaptor and battery again.

If it doesn?t work it?s time so contact an ASP. The technicians should check your notebook to determine what parts are faulty or not.


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Hello, I have problem with my Notebook. I buy Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-11C with HDD and I change it to SSD: Kingston SSDNOW300( SV300S37A/240G). I install windows 8.1 with all drivers and updates from Windows Update. Now my laptop don't turn off. When I click "Turn off" it's closing and after that screen turn off and the led's on laptop still shining. And when I want to turn it on I can't do this because it's still working. I must hold the power button to turn it all off. Then I can start laptop normaly.

Please help me I have few computers with the same problem in my company.

Sorry for my English.

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Sometime mid Feb my Satellite PRO R50-C-116 wouldn't turn on for me. I checked the forums, and followed the advice, and replaced the charger. Once that arrived, and that didn't solve the problem, I tried a new battery. The new battery has just arrived, and unfortunately that hasdn't worked either.

The light on the front of my laptop is flashing, (Five short flashes, pause then one long flash), 2 short flashes and I've managed to decode it (through google) to error code 20h which according to the code that means "20h Main battery voltage is over 13.46V. (Not supported)".

Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this?


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I have followed some steps suggested on this forum but no luck so far...

My Satellite Pro L50-A was working well till yesterday but today it just won't turn on. A small orange led light is appearing when I connect to power cable..

This is what I have done so far -

1. Removed power cable
2. Using a needle, pressed force shutdown button at the bottom for 10-12 secs
3. Then I pressed start/power button in the front for 60-70 secs
4. I connected power cable and then again pressed start/power button in the front for 60-70 secs

still the laptop doesn't start !

any suggestions ?


A:Satellite Pro L50-A won't turn on

Hmmmmmm..... it is not easy to say what is wrong there.
Have you used your notebook as usual ot you have maybe updates something?
Generally speaking, is there some action that you have done that could be responsible for your problem?

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Hey everyone!
I've recently bought a refurbished C50D-C00U, and it worked fine for the first couple of days. I left it running, not doing anything in particular for a few minutes and come back to it powered down. Pressing the power button makes the LED flash slowly 5 times.
I've read through other forums and tried the solutions there (removing the battery and holding the power down for 45+ seconds, trying a different power cable, reseating the RAM, booting without any RAM, etc.) but none of these have made any difference.
I tried again today, and nothing seems to be happening at all, not even the 5 slow flashes.
Can anyone suggest what it might be, and any ways I might be able to fix it?
Thanks in advace,

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Hello Everyone,

My laptop Satellite C55-A-1N9 has 6 Gb (4 + 2) RAM. I have tried to upgrade (4 + 4) 8 Gb RAM and it was successful. I turned on the computer and 8 GB RAM worked very well.

After 15 minutes, Suddenly I see my computer is not charging. AC cable was plugged in but not charging and there was a red X sign on the battery sign at the taskbar. And then the battery was empty and laptop turned of. I couldn't turn on my computer anymore. I have tried that battery and AC take out and 30 seconds turn on button press but it didn't worked.

1- I cant open my laptop anymore, what can I do?

2- Is there problem with motherboard? What do you think? What is your suggestions for solution?

I have exams next week, ı must find a quick solution.

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HI Guys,

Im seriously freaking out here.
I re installed windows 7 using the f8 key system.
Worked great. Had a clean laptop. Purchased the new office 2013 and installed just great.
Installed WinRar and AVG.

That about as far as i got before it started mis behaving.

So it started to run very slow.
I shut everything down, opened task manager and the CPU was running at 80%- 100% continuously.

Nothing was opened. I even checked in the processes and nothing was showing that high usage.
No device connect or programs running. I even uninstalled AVG.

Then i thought lets give it a restart.
It shut down but never turned back on.
Now i cannot turn it on.

I removed the battery and connected the power and still no luck.
Im out of my warranty so i cannot send it to toshiba.

Do you think the ram got fried?

Im open to any suggestions. Please

A:Cannot turn on Satellite T130-13M


It could be possible that your RAM is faulty.
But in your case it could be any hardware part which malfunctions.
However, the RAM module is the first part which needs to be checked.
You could remove it and could check how the notebook would act using just one module.

The best case would be the usage of new, goo tested RAM modules.
But this is just my personal opinion?

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Hi Everyone,

My Toshiba C50-B suddenly stoped to turn on after not using for 5 days.
If I plug in to power, charging LED is lighting red for 5-6 seconds only. At that time it is not booting, fan is not going and screen was black.
Same situation was occured when I pressed power button.
If I remove the battery, charging LED lights on white, but when I push power button, nothing is happening.
I tried to solve it through forum advice (removing battery, holding down power button for 30 up to 60 seconds) but this made no difference.
Without plugged in power cable, even indicators are not lighting.

So can anyone suggest how to fix it? (Unfortunately there is not any official Toshiba Service Center in our region, Uzbekistan).

Thanks in advace.

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Hi all,

I have a C670-19K for a while now
http://www.toshiba-greece.com/suppor...oduct/laptops/ ( Greek web site for info about the laptop )

Have upgrade it a bit : 8gb ram and new ssd things are running little bit faster now, bought a cooling pad 17 inch ( 2x160mm fans spin at 1000rpm ) that doesn't do much work on Toshiba armor, have clean and change the thermal paste over time at CPU and GPU, have clean as well the fan + the thermal metal body part , battery have died over time haven't replace that !

I recently made a format ( yesterday ) and today decide to have a further look in my gaming section to see if everything is alright, i have a application to counts the temperature to make sure i`m running good without issues when gaming or multitasking
Before the format i have seen numbers up to 99c with out making the laptop BBQ, but for safety reasons it was turning off which fine for me
After format when it reach 84~85c computer is turning off for safety reasons !!

Am i missing a specific driver that i didn't add ? And which is that ? Can u provide a link for this ?

Did have a look at the web
Bios doesn't have adjustment for temperature
Have formatted the laptop sometime ago and it worked fine afterwards
Have installed the drivers from Toshiba web-site in order to run the laptop

Thanks for your time !!

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I have Toshiba Satellite P50-A01D machine and I cannot switch it off. I also cannot access most of my appa. Some I can open with permission from administrator. Help

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Good morning,
i ve a L50-B-1jc bought on end 2014. 2 days ago my keyboard begun to work bad, some keys were not in function. Today, it doesnt start at all. When i push power button nothing happens. No fun working, nothing on display, no Power Led into the button turns on.
When i put AC adapter, white LED of charging battery turns on.
I tried to remove battery (it is static battery so i had to screw): without battery, when i put AC adapter, LED of charge is on again. Why, if battery is off?

I d like to know if there is a way to understand if Mainboard is dead or maybe battery is low, i tried to charge it 1 hour before to try again with the same results.

Thank you

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Satellite Pro C660 will not turn on. no sounds, no lights just completing dead.

any suggestions?

A:Satellite Pro C660 will not turn on


On this virtual way it is not possible to offer some precise diagnostic. All you can do is to disconnect AC power supply, remove battery and leave it for a while. Then press power button and hold it for 15 or 20 seconds.
After doing this connect AC power supply and try to start it again.

What happen when you do this?

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Hello everyone.

I?ve got a problem with my SP6100. It doesn?t seem to start any more.
No matter if the power supply is connected or not, or the battery removed (with power supply connected of course).

The DC In LED on the far left is blinking orange in the following pattern:
2 times, pause, 6 times, pause.....looped.
Could it be the power supply? I meant it?s blinking, when the power supply?s not connected and the
battery shouldn?t be empty, since it worked fine a few days ago.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Can't turn on Satellite Pro 6100

Yes, there is some problem with power supply electronic and now your notebook sends hexadecimal code and this code is actually important for service guys.
They can read this hexadecimal code and identify the problem.

I don't know what the problem can be but it can be serious problem and I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service and ask for help.

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Hello everyone,

As funny as my question may sound ... it's actually serious!
I have big concerns over battery life (not so much of the one of a single recharge, but the one affecting the "life" of the notebook itself!) because there doesn`t even seem to be a way to COMPLETELY turn this notebook off! This feels like a joke for a notebook advertising with an "eco" label supposed to help reduce wasting natural resources (which was an important part for my purchase decision).

When I hibernate the notebook or turn it off by long-pressing the "Power" button, the LED's indicating battery mode etc. are still on, by that the battery is slightly drained even when the notebook is turned off. While the LED's will of course certainly not use a lot of power, it means that the next time I'm plugging in my computer, +a new recharging cycle is initiated+ which could have been avoided without that. With a battery usually surviving 1000 recharging cycles, this will force me to buy a new battery (by the way: what a shame and how "yesterday" that the battery is built-in and not replaceable by the buyer!) within less than 2 years if I plug off a few times every day.

Alltogether this sounds very much like "planned obsolescence" and I am annoyed by the mere thought supporting something like that. And basically I am very happy with the Z930, so the more I am frustrated by this completely pointless battery drain. Any idea how to turn off the... Read more

A:Satellite Z930-130- how to REALLY turn it off?

If you are writing about complete shutdown than you can find answer on follow Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2B03EY0002R01.htm

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So recently I updated something on my Satellite (Specific Model - C50D-B-120), and after it was finished instead of the usual "restarting" screen it came up with a "shutting down" screen, which I thought was odd in the first place. After it turned off, I tried turning it back on again. The light around the power button came on as normal and the fan came on too (Though I noticed that the fan wasn't working as well as usual), but the screen and lights at the front of the laptop stayed off... Any ideas on how to fix it?

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Hi, I have had a Toshiba Satellite A665 for a few years now and have had no major problems up until now.

The first thing that happened is it would shut down randomly while I was using it. I turned it back on a few times and it worked for a while (maybe a few hours) before I noticed its next symptom. I had it plugged into the AC adapter and I started noticing it would only charge for 36 seconds at a time (yes I timed it) and then stop. If I unplugged it and plugged it back in it would work for another 36 seconds.

I then noticed that even though it was plugged in the battery indicator said 0% and not charging. Then it shut off again and I haven't been able to start it since. Now when I plug it in a white light just blinks repeatedly but nothing happens when I press power.

I have removed the battery, drained the power, replaced it, nothing. I have removed and reinserted the RAM, hard drive, and dvd drive, nothing.

Even worse, I put my hard drive in my other Toshiba Satellite, it booted once and now that one has THE SAME PROBLEM and won't start either. I am beyond frustrated and don't know what the hell's going on.

Thanks to anyone who tries to help...

A:Toshiba Satellite won't turn on

Not sure why your other Tosh wouldn't fire up but read on line about one guy who removed the battery for a short while with the AC cord plugged in and then put it back in.

This apparently resets the circuitry as it severs the memory from that battery and the computer "thinks" it's getting a new battery.

If your Tosh is modern enough to have a recovery partition, will it boot up into recovery mode by tapping F8 on boot up or clearing the BIOS may help (?)

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I have a toshiba Satellite L50 C242 (blue) , it was working proprely, but now it dosen't turn on.
It has battery and it is charging.
the battery led, wifi leed are working.
the DVD reader and the fan is working.
But when i turn on the computer, the caps lock and Num Lock ligths only flash once, and then they don't turn on. The screen is completly black.
Not even the toshiba logo appears.
i inserted windows7 DVD, to check if the computer would boot with it, but nothing happens, altougth that it makes noise reading the DVD.
I read in one post that talked about taking off the battery, but this model the battery is not remobable.
Any idea of what can i be?

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I have a Toshiba satellite a200, it won't turn on, it gives me a black screen and 1 long and 2 short beeps, the only lights that turn on are the charging light and the HDD light, what is the problem?

I have drained the power from the motherboard and replaced the RAM.

A:Satellite A200 won't turn on

Well, usually its nothing unusual for the notebook to make one or two short beeps during the startup process.
But if the notebook beeps and the system does not boot up an serious hardware problem could exists.

I’m afraid there is some serious motherboard problem and probably only the mobo replacement would help you to fix this issue.

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I purchased a new click 10 2 days ago and all seemed fine. Charged batteries. Now will not turn on, either plugged in to mains, or without mains, as laptop nor as tablet. Any ideas?

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The battery is exhausted and only lately tore connected to the cable, but now either turn connected to the power cord. Is battery problem is solved and changing it, or there is another connection problem or video?

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Hi I just bought a brand new Toshiba C50 and it doesn't turn on or remain on unless it's plugged in.

Do you have any ideas why this is doing this?

Is it a simple fix?

A:New Satellite C50 won't turn on or stay on unless plugged in

Wait a moment. If I understand you right your notebook won?t start with battery only. Is that right?
Is battery fully charged?

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I have a Satellite Pro M40X which I bought 4 years ago. It has been working well until some weeks ago.

I tried to turn it on but nothing happen, nothing at all, no lights, no sound at all, completely dead.

It is connected to the AC power and the power light is on, (the light of the battery doesn't work since a lot time ago). I have tried to take off the battery, unplug the power cable and after several hours even days, try to turn it on and I obtained the same behavior.

Only the power light it is on (the power light when you connect the AC power) but when I push the button "turn on" of the laptop nothing happen.

My laptop is no more under warranty, so if some one could help to find a solution it would be great!!!

Thank you

A:Satellite Pro M40X doesn't TURN ON


I read your issue that is related to the hardware malfunction. It looks like motherboard is dead, probably, the southbridge. Anyway, you should contact the service center:


Note, the motherboard is one of the most expensive part of lap and don't know if it's worthy to replace it It's better to buy a second-hand or a new laptop.

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Hello everyone.
I have a toshiba satellite L 50 B and when I press the power button, the device turns on (no image, but the power button turn on and the orange led below light up), but at the second turn off. It has all the appearance of being a short circuit, but I do not know where it is taking place. If I remove the RAM the laptop turns on, but obviously does not give an image, it does not turn off at the second. I have tried with many modules of RAM memories that in other equipment they work perfectly and even a colleague has left me the motherboard of his equipment and does exactly the same problem.
I've also tried another power button and another DC-IN cable and it does exactly the same thing, it turns on, but it shuts down at the second.
I think it is a short circuit, but it is rare that it happens to two motherboards equals and also, I do not note that any component of the motherboard is hot when I connect it to the electrical network (the white LED indicates that it reaches power is turned on).
A greeting and await your responses.

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A week ago I bought a new laptop, a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-153.

Last night I was looking at some internetsites (looking for a new holiday) and I noticed, that the laptop was heating up.
I touched the on/ off butten and it turned of...eventually.
And now the computer will not turn on anymore.

laptop was placed on my table, completely clear of any blokades for air entry.
Even the table was heated. Now after hours of cooling off, the computer does not work.
With or without power line in it.

What to do?

A:Satellite Pro C50-A-153 does not turn on anymore - overheating?

If possible remove battery, press power button for 20 seconds and try to start notebook with AC power supply only.

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My satellite M series laptop will turn on but then won't startup. The screen won't turn on not even the cd drive will open. Can somebody please help me out?

A:Satellite M Series will turn on but won't startup!!!

Are there any power lights at all? If so, can you hear the hard drive spinning?
If the CD drive will not open, open it by inserting a fine probe into the little hole on the fascia: insert your system recovery CD and reboot. If it boots you maybe have a hard drive failure, if nothing then the most likely problem is the power controller.

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OK, bought a new power adaptor a week ago (could this be the problem!?!) - from eBay and it was cheap. Laptop worked fine for a week or so but now I get nothing from it. Upon turning on power button, the laptop does nothing - no fan, just a little click and a slight whirring sound. The screen remains black. The lights on the front show static green when switched on. When I switch on with just battery, it shows orange. Any ideas what could be wrong (and whether I have done a mischief by buying a rubbishy cheap AC adaptor!). Thanks!

A:Satellite Pro A120 - doesnt turn on - please help!

Hi buddy,

Did you bought an original Toshiba AC/Dc adapter or is it a 3rd party part?

What I have found is this:
Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?

Theoretically the AC/DC adapter could causing such problems but now it?s too late. That?s one reason why it?s recommendable buying original Toshiba spare parts only. ;)

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Hi, my toshiba C50 sometimes doesn't turn on. I already updated BIOS, and I don't know what to do.
Sometimes it turns ON, sometimes it doesn't. Doesn't have anything with heat, because it never shuts down.
Any help?
I can do anything (I already disassembled my old toshiba to clean). I just don't know if I should find a motherboard, power board...

Note: at the end of the warranty the battery stopped working. I just use it plugged to the wall. When I put the battery he says "not charging".

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I have had this laptop for 2 years, it was working fine this morning and i pressed the power button to turn it to sleep mode. Went back to the laptop a few hours later to turn it back on and the power light lit up for approx 2-3 seconds then went out and nothing happened. Every time i press the power button the same thing happens, the light appears for 2-3 seconds then goes off and laptop does not start up. This happens both with the power adaptor connected and disconnected. When the power connector is connected the power adaptor light illuminates and the battery light illuminates.

Does anybody have any idea what the problem may be or if it can be fixed?


A:Satellite Pro P300-156 wont turn on

Disconnect AC power supply and remove the battery. Leave it for a while and try to start notebook with AC power supply only.
Please let us know what happen exactly when you try to switch your notebook on.

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I am no longer able to turn the Led lights on and off via the touch button with a picture of a light with a cross through it.

Any ideas ?

A:Not able to turn Mute or LED On/Off on Satellite Pro P300-19P

First of all you should check if this buttons was configured properly in the Toshiba Button Control.
This Utility can be found in the Toshiba Assist -> Optimize

Check if Illumination On/Off or Mute was chosen.

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First the laptop would turn on (fans running and all) but the screen wouldn't turn on. Now the laptop won't turn on at all. The laptop is charging and the charging light on the computer is on.

A:Toshiba Satellite A665 won't turn on

If you have a monitor, try plugging the laptop into the external monitor and see if it works. This will let us know if the graphics component is working and if the whole laptop is working. Maybe it is just a built-in screen problem.

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I have Toshiba Satellite A210-16F notebook and it doesn't want to turn off sometimes.
It gets to the "Shutting down" window, but it wont shut down and stays like that until I shut it down manually by holding the POWER button.
What could be a reason of this problem?

A:Toshiba Satellite notebook won't turn off

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Hello outhere,

The backlight of my M-series M70-147 does not turn on anymore.
I first noticed this when awakening the laptop from standby or hibernation mode.

At first I thought the screen was not working anymore, but when I looked closely I could still make out the icons on the desktop vaguely. So at first I rebooted the laptop and then most of the times the backlight would turn on and stay on.

But now it does not do that anymore, not even when I close the screen (to force standby mode) and then open it again, the backlight won't turn on.

I also looked at other forums and topics what the cause might be, a broken backlight or a faulty power inverter.

So can anybody with the symptons described tell me what the cause might be?
I'm pretty sure nothing is wrong with the graphics card because when I hooked on my laptop to my dads LCD monitor it just displayed the desktop of my laptop on the LCD monitor. Also the first time I did this after pressing Fn-F5 a few times the screen of my laptop would come on some times. But now it does not do that anymore.

So can anybody with the symptons described tell me what the cause might be?

Many thanks.

A:Backlight does not turn on anymore Satellite M70-147

> So can anybody with the symptons described tell me what the cause might be?

For me it looks like a faulty FL inverter.
The FL inverter is a small part behind the display frame and it controls the backlight.

Usually the external display should work properly because the FL inverter affects the internal display only...
However, the issue can be solved only by replacement of this part.

I recommend contacting the Toshiba ASP in your country to get this part replaced

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My laptop does not turn on when you press the button is black screen and make several attempts on without problem. I changed the memory, change the hard drive, dvd, has someone happens, the model of the laptop is a Toshiba P-55-A5312.

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Satellite Pro A300 - How do I turn on my webcam on? Operating windows 7. The whole computer is clean.

A:Satellite Pro A300 - How do I turn on my webcam on?


The webcam can be used with communication programs like Skype where you can make a video call. Of course there are other messengers or programs they use the webcam.

But you have to install the webcam driver/software that you can use it. This software can be downloaded on official Toshiba website (Camera Assistant Software):
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

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Does anyone know of a way to turn off screen backlight and leave laptop running

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the toshiba satellite c50 a1hf laptop worked fine, until i unplugged it when i moved to another room and now it will not run on, the screen is black and there is an orange and white light on the front only usually there is a third light. the most recent things ive done to the laptop that may have caused this was plug a brand new hdmi monitor into it and put in the disc to install the monitor that is what i did yesterdayand it worked fine. and today the monitor said no signal when i turned it on, so i unplugged it from that and the screen on the laptop was also black i have tried the unplubattery and plug and hold down button but that didnt work and the only other option ive seen is to press a rest button at the bottom with a needle but im not sure where to locate it on this model. thank you.

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Hi there,

my Satellite Pro M10 (PS630E-G207V-GR) doesn?t allow me to turn it on via ist power switch; and if it turns itself (!) on after a bunch of minutes, it doesn?t allow me to turn it off anymore. I already tried to exchange RAM, CPU, HDD, AC power adapter, FAN, but nothing helps. I suspect the motherboard to be the culprit one. What part could be defective on the motherboard? Which Toshiba P/N do I have to order for the motherboard?

Any more hints and tips for tracking down the culprit component?

Thanks and kind regars,

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Sorry if this is a piece of cake for you.

Laptop was overheating; I usually just undo a few screws, dig out the fluff on the fins, rebuild and all is ok.

BIG mistake: I hibernated computer instead of turning off, left battery in and then disassembled (don't ask me how or why I did this because I do not know)

Lot of fluff taken out of fins.

Upon rebuild, power button only illuminates green LED, screen stays dead, no audio noise, no beeps.

Have taken apart 3 times now and rebuilt, but can not find a problem.

HDD is in a caddy and backed up elsewhere,

Any idea of what is going on or if laptop is fixable? I feel such a fool.

Thanks if you can help

A:Satellite Pro C660 does not turn on - green LED only

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Obviously there is no reaction at all. Even BIOS doesn't work. Maybe some electroshock and now BIOS chip is screwed up.
Man why do you play with your notebook if you don't have experience with this stuff?

Sorry to say this but I?m afraid mainboard is death. I really don't know what to say.
You can ry to search for same or similar notebook on eBay. Maybe you can find same machine with defective display ot anything else but with well working manboard.

Repair is pretty expensive so I don't think it is an option for you.
What do you think about all this?

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I have a Satellite m50d-a-103 which runs Ubuntu.

The OS crashed recently. I'm unsure if the laptop actually turned off or not. But the screen is dark, and the Laptop does not start when pressing the power button.

The only thing the Laptop does is that the power LED blinks 5 times when the power button is released (it doesn't matter how long it was pressed before). There is not splash-screen or anything, the screen is completely dark.

The help located here suggested that I remove the RAM, but I'm not sure that that's a good idea, as I'm not sure that the Laptop is actually turned off.

What I have tried is pressing the power button for 20 seconds. I also tried pressing the - or what I assume to be the - reset button on the back of the laptop.

The only idea I have now is to hope that the Laptop doesn't work because it indeed did not turn off, and to wait until the battery is empty. But I'm afraid that that will take a very long time.

So my questions are:

- How can I fix this?
- How can I find out if the Laptop is actually turned off?
- If it's not actually turned off, how can I turn it off (it has an internal battery, so removing it will not be easy)?
- Or is this a hardware problem? And if so, how can I find out which component might be the problem?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

A:Satellite M50D-A-103 crashed and does not turn on

[for some reason I can't edit my original post]

I wasn't able to find the manual for the m50d-a on toshibas website, but I wound it here: http://www.manualslib.com/products/T...A-3509950.html.

For the Power Indicator Flashing white, it says: "Indicates that the computer is in Sleep Mode and that there is sufficient power available (AC adaptor or battery) to maintain this condition."

So I guess my initial assumption might be correct. I still don't know how to get out of sleep mode though.

Any ideas?

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Hello my laptop wont turn on.
When i press power bottun power lights go up for less than one second and it shutdowns immediatly..
I tried unplug ac and battery ....
Nothing happened

Could you help me guys ??

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