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Solved: Total in Report Footer ACCESS 2010 Report - Total NOT working

Q: Solved: Total in Report Footer ACCESS 2010 Report - Total NOT working

I have a very simple data base 3 tables

Product table with 2 fields productid and productdescription

Sale1 is the basic information of a sale invoice number and who items are sold to

Sale2 is the details and shows qty , item, price, and GST charged if any (some people or organizations are tax exempt so it becomes zero.

I've got my form and subform to run correctly

I've got my report to print all items correctly but I can't total the value

the line value for each item is a textbox

=Sum([QTY] * [Saleprice])*([GST])+([QTY] * [Saleprice])

This does return the correct value for that line item.

HOW can I correctly total the sum of all items into the reporrt footer???

HELP please the sale is tomorrow through Sunday.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Total in Report Footer ACCESS 2010 Report - Total NOT working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Total in Report Footer ACCESS 2010 Report - Total NOT working

Add a duplicate of your current calculating field and set it's "Running Sum" (under data tab) to yes overall.
Then in the footer use the new field as the totals Control Source.

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Here's your Access-deficient friend again.

I'm still working on a database I described here before. I've come up with one table that holds fields for date, gender, county and yes/no fields for several possible referral sources. The data input person would just have to check a box next to the name on a form indicating that particular referral source was recommended. This is easy enough.

Now, I need to create a report based on a query that will give me the totals of the "yes" fields, or the boxes that were checked on the form. Does this make sense? If, for example, on 2/1/02, a female called from Smith County and was referred to CMH, FIA and SLVA (abbrevs) and another female from Smith County called on the same day and was referred to the same sources, I want a report that totals, say, 2 for CMH, FIA, SLVA, etc.

Thanks in advance!

A:SOLVED: Access 2000-Total of Yes' in query/report

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Chinese Report: http://www.pcsecuritylabs.net/docume...ly_2010_CN.pdf
English Report: http://www.pcsecuritylabs.net/docume...ly_2010_EN.pdf
PCHOME Report: PCSL?????????????2010.7?????_???????????_??????PChome.net

A:PCSL Total Protection Test July 2010 Report

Beyond my mind,this great report comes here.

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In Microsoft access 97, how do you get the report to add the dollars amount down to get a balance due?

A:Access Report Total

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At the end of my Query and Report I want to show a total of records returned. Can anyone tell me how to do this please. Thankyou.

A:Access - Query/Report records total

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I have created a database for a monthly report. We have finished the first year and would like to compare last year's monthly totals with this year's monthly totals. Month by month. =(2001Totals-2000Totals)/2000Totals I would like to include this in the 2001 Summary report...just adding a column to the current report. The more I read, the more confused I become. Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you,
D Long

A:Access Database Report - Total's Comparison

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I am using Access 2003 and want to put the file (database) name and the report name in the footer of my report. I'm using =CurrentProject.Name as the control source in a text box of the footer to get the file name. Is there a command I can use to add the report name?

A:Add report name in Access report footer

Hi Trilby

You could try this:

In the VBA code module (Class Module) for your report write a simple function (I've called it Get_Report_Name in my example):

Private Function Get_Report_Name() As String

Get_Report_Name = Me.NAME

End Function

In your report footer: add a text box at the position where you want to display the report name. In the Control Source property for the new text box enter: =Get_Report_Name()

This should display the report name when the report is run.


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Hi all,

How can I put the total at the end of the document, just before the Report created date? Is it something to do with the report section?


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I have an Access Report with a group header. I want to add a footer to show how many pages per group. Is this possible? If so, please help.

I am using Access 2007. Thanks.

A:Access Report Footer

In Design View of your Report, Right click in yourfooter feild, and it says Total in the rightclick menu. along side that, it says count records? is ths something your looking at? or am i way off?

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Hello guys,

I have a report which has (User, Office, Problem, Date time open, Date Time Close, and Total Date time of job.) TotalDateTime calcultates the time from when it was open to when it closes.

The report shows the total of all jobs so i can print it out. At the bottom of the report i want it to tell me the total time of all the TotoalDateTime records, i.e:

Joe Bloggs Open-11/06/2011 10:30:00 Close-12/06/2011 11:25:00 Total- 1 Day, 55 Mintutes
Jack Black Open-11/06/2011 10:30:00 Close-12/06/2011 11:25:00 Total- 1 Day, 55 Mintutes

TotalOverPeriod - 2 Days, 1 Hour, 50 Mintues

I cant seem to make it total up...Anyone know how to do this?

Thank you

A:Solved: Access 2010 Total Time and Date Values

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Dears,I have designed a database with many reports of certain importance. basically a report in my DB is one of two types; a Daily Report (requires a single criteria which is the date) and the second is a History report. To view or print a report, I have designed a Filter form to fill in with the report criteria and clicking a button to open the report.The first type (Daily R) work fine without problems. The second type (History R)has a problem. In this report, the criteria are two or three because a history report will retrieve data within a period, so I have to input (FromDate) and (ToDate)and may be adding another criteria which is called a company.In all history reports, the report header will accomodate the two input values of date and extract the rest of report items into the reprot detail area.The problem is, the desigened system doesnot respond well as expected. When I load the filter form to fill in criteria for a history report, I have input the FromDate and ToDate and selected the third criteria (if any), then, the reprot opens without data in it.on the other hand, I tried to load the report directly form opening it, inputing criteria, and it has worked fine without probelms.Would someone expect a key reason for this problem or dirtecly can solve this problem?Appreciate youtr support.Thanks in Advance.mhegazy

A:Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria

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I'm trying to make a command button on a form that opens a report filtered based on the current form record. All the fields on the form that match the report would be filled in on the report. I'm not quite sure how I would do this. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Solved: Microsoft Access 2010 - Report Help

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I have a report, with 3 sub-reports in. It collects all the data for a particular SiteID. in Each of the sub-reports, there is a cost value. One for Hardware, one for Mobiles, and one for Phone lines. I have fields at the top of report which reflects the values and totals them up. Works great, except:
When i have a SiteID with one of the subforms being empty; i.e no mobiles on the site it displays fine in the report view, but when i go to print or publish as a pdf it strips out the subform with no value, and throws an error in my calculation. I need the calculation there, which means i need it to stop striping out the subform with no value. I however cannot see how to do this...its just bugging me, its fine inthe report view, just when you send it to print.

Would grateful for some help,

Thanks Mike

A:Solved: Access Report removing sub-report when printing etc.

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I would like to access a table value (e.g. the name of a report) in the report footer.

How can I access the table if it is not part of the control source for the main body of the report?

Creating a text box with the control source of [table_name]![parameter] is not recognized.


A:Solved: Report footer variable?

Use a sub-report!

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The Good News is that I'm still working at the Rec. Dept. (Yay!!!) The bad news is that the event that caused me to join this forum last year is coming up again and my boss wants to run a report on what order entrants have been appearing over the past few years so that we can more equitably distribute this year's entrants.

She wants it so that y axis would contain the entrants in alphabetical order and then the x axis would be the year so it would look something like this:

Entrant 2010 2011 2012
Artful Dancers 93 205 14
Buttercup Troop 35 38 34
Club Karate 211 255 243

We want to be able to arrange the entrants so that they aren't always in the coveted beginning spots like Buttercup Troop, or at the undesired end spots like Club Karate.

The problem is I can create a report that will sort the entrants alphabetically and then by year, but what I get is multiple listings for entrant "A", entrant "B", entrant "C", etc. because Access gives them new ID numbers every year. How do I get Access to combine the records for this report but not destroy the data in the table?

Right now this is not such a problem because I really only have two year's worth of data in the table but in the future it will be. This year and, if I'm still around, next year I will have to dump into Excel as we don't have the actual databases for any year prior to 2011 (My boss would delete the prior year's database to save room on her compu... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2010 Combining Data Report

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I want to count the occurrences of text in a field

The report uses =count(*) to count all occurrences of ServType_Fld and it does return the proper total.

I need to then break out totals for all choices.

I tried using =count(IFf([ServType_Fld]="RFRR",0))

Note. RFRR is one of 7 possible services these are selectable from a drop down and can not be blank

when I try to preview the report I receive Undefined function 'IFf' in expression

So what in the heck do I need to do to get this right?

A:Solved: Access 2010 Report Count Occurences

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Can anyone give me some guidance on how to remove an extra page from my reports? I use a where condition to limit each report to one page but a second, blank page is part of the report. the second page only has the footnote on it. I have checked the margins in Layout view and all my fields and subreports seem to be safely far from the bottom or right margin. I've even tried removing fields from the report as an experiment and it does not seem to affect it. Any thoughts?

A:Solved: Access 2010 report has extra page

I think if you Google this you will find it is a Bug to do with the report Grouping Function's footer, so if you use grouping that is probably the cause.
If not you need to check for any page breaks.

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I am creating a report that lists entrant cancellations for an annual event. The cancellations field is currently a Yes/No checkbox called "Cancelled". I would like the report I generate to actually say "CANCELLED" as opposed to "Yes" . Would the Expression for this be:

IIf([Cancelled] = Yes, "CANCELLED", [Cancelled])

or would it be different because the cancellation field is a Yes/No checkbox?



A:Solved: Access 2010 Changing Yes/No Check box to text in Report

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Egh, here's another I can't find anywhere.

There is a coded value in this database that is a composite of three pieces of information. It looks like m-i-yy, where
m is the month digit, not zero-led
i is an ordinal index
yy is the short-form year
So the first item in March 2012 would be coded 3-1-12 and the three hundred forty-second item in June 2000 would be 6-342-00.

This is stupid but manageable.

The problem is, those values are string data (for obvious reasons). So when I have to sort a report on them, I need to bust up the string into its constituent elements. It's easy enough in a query, but I can't put the same expression in the report's Order By attribute.

The expression looks like this:

CInt(Left(Incident_Number, InStr(Incident_Number, "-") - 1)), CInt(Mid(Incident_Number, InStr(Incident_Number, "-") + 1, Len(Incident_Number) - InStr(Incident_Number, "-") - 3))
How do I get a report to order by that?


A:Solved: Access 2010 report Order By using string functions

Man, never mind, for the record (anyone else who hit the same problem and got fed up with the weak examples on TechNet), it is apparently inappropriate to use the Order By on a report. Instead, if you right-click the report's background, there is a Sorting and Grouping context menu command that is pretty self-explanatory.

I get the sense that the Order By report attribute is going to be deprecated based on the fanciness of the Sorting and Grouping wizard. Maybe not, but either way, it didn't work the way I expected.



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I've got a sub report that displays the 'CC:'s" for a letter if they are entered on a form. When there is no data in the CC textboxes the sub report still displays the "CC:" label on the letter. I want to suppress that. I've tried these.

Private Sub Report_Load()
If Me.Text78 Is Null Then
Me.Label44.Visible = False
End Sub

Where text78 is the first CC entry on the (sub)report (from the CC textbox of the form).

Private Sub Report_NoData(Cancel As Integer)
Cancel = True
End Sub

Anybody know this one?

A:Access 2010 cancel sub report

You want to use the Subreport's "On No Data" event procedure to make the field or subform invisible.

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Hi there,

I am working on a database in Access 2010.

I am trying to create a report that appears once a specific combo box is filled out for a particular field in the form I am working in. Basically, when a value is put in the combo box, the combo box will filter the form for all the records that match the criteria in the combo box. The filtered records should then populate into the report that appears.

The reason why I need this report is because I would like to be able to view all the of the particular records and be able to sort for various fields more efficiently.

Can anyone help?
If you can solve this I would really appreciate it!

A:Microsoft Access 2010 - Report Help II

You cannot sort a report once it is presented. You can easily set the report criteria to use the combo box value on the report. Just create a query that runs the way you want it with all of the fields you want to be presented in the report along with the combo box value. Set the combo box filed to be the criteria for this query and then base the report off of this query.

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I have an access 2010 report that has a few sub reports. The report itself is only linked to a simple query. The problem is that I can no longer move text boxes and labels in the detail section. As soon as I try to move one of the controls, it automatically jumps up into the hearder section. I've tried moving with the down arrow as free hand with the mouse, but always the same result. Any ideas?

This database is housed on our company shared server, with remote users logging in over VPN. All laptop users, and I fear some just disengage from their docking station prior to logging out of the DB. Not sure if that plays a role.

A:Access 2010 Report Issue

ljmiller, welcome to the Forum.
I am not sure what is causing that problem.
What you could try is setting the position of the Field using the Field's Properties Top & Left to see if that has the same effect.

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First: Goto system restore and click on the advance tab and at the bottom of the screen click on create system retore point, Name the point "____"and then you may begin when the point is finished being created.

* STEP TWO: GOTO http://www.mediafire.com/?ddvjyk5gzne
DOWNLOAD AND SAVE FILE hp_total_care_advisor.rar (11.41MB) TO DESKTOP

* STEP THREE: GOTO http://h30155.www3.hp.com/helpandsupport/

THEN RUN FILE sp36082.exe(5.61 MB)


* STEP FOUR: GOTO http://www.filehippo.com
in the searchbar @ filehippo.com [type] winrar

download and save WinRAR 3.70
RARLab - 1.15MB (Shareware) to desktop

* Step Five:go to explore and Program Files folder, and open folder Hewlet-Packard, and delete the subfolder HP ADVISOR
* Step Six: run WinRAR 3.70 RARLab - 1.15MB (Shareware) and extract the rar file hp_total_care_advisor.rar you saved on your desktop
* Step Seven: your HP TOTAL CARE ADVISOR should be installed and have created a new subfolder HP Advisor in the HEWLETT-PACKARD Program Files folder,
* Step Eight: Go to the application HP Advisor file in the newly created HP Advisor Subfolder create a shortcut to desktop for the application and then run the application.
Everything should be fine from there on out and it is your option to ... Read more

A:Solved: Hp Total Care Advisor Fix Failures Easy & Fast No Total Recovey Fix Stops

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I am trying to build a table so that I can build a report to show:
CoName, then I have several fields that we compare every three months.
Date Unsafedriving HOS DriverFitness Drug_Alcohol VehMaint ImpLoad_Hazmat Crash DisqDriver

Not sure if I can explain this enough here to show what we need.
Under each fields above, we were wondering how to get 3 months of date to show so that we can compare it.
I will upload a spreadsheet as an example if anyone can give me an idea.

I was wondering if I would have to make a table for each month of the year and then build a query to get the info into the report.

A:Building a table and a report in Access 2010

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I have a long time running database.

I have a main form with a subform within it. For now I click on Print preview and it asks me for the "Problem ID" and "Record ID" Once I enter those two numbers it opens the data in a single report. I would like to automate this so that I don't have to add any id's in. I have the following code and is not working, it's still asking to put i the id's. Am I going to have to remove something that asks for the ID's?

Private Sub Command313_Click()
Dim strWhere As String

If Me.Dirty Then 'Save any edits.
Me.Dirty = False
End If

If Me.NewRecord Then 'Check there is a record to print
MsgBox "Select a record to print"
strWhere = "[Customer ID] = " & Me.[Problem ID]
DoCmd.OpenReport "Work Order Preview Report", acViewPreview, , strWhere
End If

End Sub

I have copied this from another database. I got it to work in an access database that has only a single form. It works Great. I have searched on the net for something to print from a Main form with a sub form in it.

Thanks in advamce

A:Print a Single Report in Access 2010

In the query that feeds the data to the report, put the in the "ID" criteria row.


formname being the actual name of your form where the button will be and idfieldname being the actual id field name.

On the button's OnClick event

DoCmd.OpenReport "ReportName",AcViewPreview

ReportName being the actual name of your report

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I am working on an event that happens every year that has about 250 entrants. One of the harder tasks I have to do surrounding this event is to determine the order in which the entrants will appear. I have one report that helps determine this. Right now it just has text on it and each entry prints on a separate page so that we can physically order them as they will be appearing in the event. The only problem is that it gets a little tiring having to remember what type of group, how large, if they have a vehicle and what size, etc. I came up with an idea to print icons (.jpg format) that would represent type of group, size of group, type of vehicle, If they would have sound associated with their entry and how loud. but as things stand right now I have to print these icons separately and then physically paste them on to each page of the report.

I have an Access 2010 book that has a brief statement that pictures can be part of database tables, but they have to be attachments. However, the book doesn't explain how attach a picture, other than one that appears as part of a header or footer section.

What would be the ideal situation is that in the forms associated with the database, there could be some drop-down lists where the Icons that would best fit the entry and then when the report was printed the Icons would appear in a row at the bottom ( I think I can handle that part)

This event is extremely important to the town. Almost the entire 30,000 population participates... Read more

A:Access 2010 - Having pictures as part of a report

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I was recently hired to work in a recreation department on a special event that happens every year. The Rec Department uses an Access database. I have no idea how old this database is. My boss has been working here for 10 years and she said the database was in place when she was hired.

One of the things my boss wants me to do is to add the date on the page footer of all the reports. I have tried using the wizard on the ribbon, using the expression builder, and just typing in =Date() into the control box. Any way I try it, I still get an #Name? error when I run the report. I was hired because even though I think of myself as a complete beginner when it comes to Access, apparently, I know more than most Admins about this program. That being said, I am an Administrative Assistant and not a programmer, nor do I have programming experience, so please keep that in mind when you answer this.

I checked in the VB editor under tools - references and it seems this organization is missing the utilities.mda file. I tried a search but it was not found. Could this be a reason for the error? If it is the reason, what would be a work-around?

A:Access 2010 Report #Name? error in =Date() control box

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I have several Access97 reports that consist of two columbs of data, the issue I have is that the header and footers only cover the left hand side of the report.

Is there a way to span the whole page ???

I have attached a screen shot to show the issue.

A:Access97 Report header-footer span

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I suppose this would be easier to do in the query used to build the report, but I would like to try and suppress a record from printing on the report based on the footer for a monthly total. If the total is zero it should suppress the entire record.

A:Hiding report record based on group footer value.

That is a tricky one, I am not sure it can be done using the footer value, is the footer based on a single record?
If it is you should be able to use the Detail's On Format event, but even then I am not sure if you can make the record invisible.
As you say it makes much more sense to intercept it prior to getting to the report.

PS I have tried intercepting the individual record's on format event for a zero record and it does not register it at all.

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I have a form that will be used to preview reports with the given combo box criteria. Everything was working perfectly with the first three combo boxes I made. The fourth one (which is blank in 264 of the 311 records) made the report only return 47 of the 311 records when I searched for all records (keeping all combo boxes blank). Is there a way to ensure that the total number of records are used in the filter? I hope my question is clear. (p.s. my OS is Windows XP) Thank you!

A:Access 2010: Combo Box Field Limiting Full Records of Report

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I am trying to fix my husband's computer, which is running Windows XP SP 3 with Norton 360 installed. He was getting email and web access via Earthlink Total Access, but Total Access stopped working. We get a message that the email file is corrupted and reindexing, but after it reaches 100%, the program puts out another error message that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. We get the same message when trying to access the Web via the Total Access task bar.

I decided to configure his email account on MS Outlook 2003, which is on his computer, and his email is now coming into that OK. But when we try to access the web by clicking on a URL to launch Internet Explorer, IE keeps sending the same error message. It won't stay open long enough for me to access Internet Options to check settings. So, how can I fix IE?

Also, I found that there's no shortcut for IE on his desktop, and it's not on the list of programs when we click on Start. But it is showing up as installed when I checked the program list on the Control Panel. How can I reinstall the shortcut once we have the program working? Thanks!

A:Internet Explorer & Earthlink Total Access Not Working

An update: I've had it with Total Access, so have moved all of my husband's messages and contacts to Outlook now and will uninstall Total Access tomorrow. I still haven't solved the IE problem, though. It's listed as an installed program, but a search doesn't turn up the executable file iexplorer.exe. I copied both IE and Google Chrome from my computer to a CD. Can I just copy them to his computer and run them, or do I need to uninstall and reinstall IE? Anyone out there with a solution?

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I havn't been able to find a solution for a problem like this, so here it is..

I have alot of data displayed on a form. When i click a button on that form, it's supposed to open a report with the information that is displayed on the form. (basically it's a "review form before submitting" functionality) I need this report to show the information on the form the button is on, and also some information that is inside a subform on that form.

I am having issues having the report display this information when the button is clicked.. It's asking me to enter parameter values that it shouldn't be asking me for. Has anyone made a function like this before that has a solution? Any example code would be great

A:MS Access 2007 / Report Filter not working

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I have a sub form that is for time entry, the time is entered in the form and then shown in the sub form. The sub form is a data sheet with seven days mon, tue, etc... The very last field adds the values with this:


The name of that field it txtSubTtl. Is it possible to get a total on the main form of all the subtotals in the sub form?

It would have to be something like this, =sum([txtSubTtl]). Of course that doesn't work, I am guessing because there are no references to the form or sub form so access doesn't know where to get the total from.
Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

[This message has been edited by Talismanic (edited 07-24-2000).]

A:(Solved) Getting a total from subtotals in Access

To reference the subform use this syntax:


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Hi guys. Need a little help here.
I am using access 2003.
I have created a query (Question 41) which includes a column called [Cost].
Now I must produce a report of this query which includes a label Total Cost and shows the total for this column. I can produce a report, but how do I add up the column? Thanks

A:Solved: Access - Create total for a column

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I unstalled Comodo Time Machine after I realized I had made a mistake in setting it up, and then when I tried to re-install it (there was no option to go back and rectify my mistake), it told me the software was "already installed on my computer" and would not re-install.
I used Revo Uninstaller to remove the program, then CCcleaner to tidy up, and also went thorough my registry with CCleaner and manually checking for breadcrumbs and stuff CCleaner tends to miss.

BTW, specs:
I am running XP Professional Edition, service pack 3.
I use Rising Anti-Virus (never had a problem).
I've also tried Glary Utilities (desperate) to no avail.
CTM still thinks it is installed on my computer. I am sure there are little lurking elements somewhere where I can't find them with my limited skills. When I startup, there is a CTM splash screen detailing how it is "creating a restore point," although no other related files to this can be found, as far as my digging has shown me. Additionally, I have tried re-downloading the program and reinstalling, to no avail. Still tells me the program is already installed.

I would like to get rid of the splash screen, and remove all remaining parts of the program. This make be as simply as deleting the logo file from my system, but since I like to run a clean machine I want to make sure to scrub the rest of the traces, if there are any. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Comodo Time Machine total uninstall not total at all




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Hey everyone, I need some help building an expression that calculates total time worked. I believe it would be very simple, but I am a total access noob. I do have some excel formula experience, but its nothing to write home about. I'm using Access 2000.

Currently, there are two text boxes [Time In] and [Time Out] which run left to right respectively. The input masks for these two boxes are hh:mm in military time. Then there is a Check Box variable that, when checked, should deduct 0.5 hours (for lunch time). Finally, the last box on the right hand side (the text box with the control source) should give me Total Hours Worked (minus lunch time if the box is checked).

My current expression was derived from some other threads I found here that requested excel help. Unfortunately, Access isn't being as friendly with me as I'd like, and my formula keeps turning out funky numbers. Here's my current expression:

=([Time Out]-[Time In]+([Time Out]<[Time In]))*24

This expression is supposed to take account of the higher number, and add/subract accordingly so that there is always a positive daily "Total Hours Worked". I have no idea how to incorporate the check box into the expression. I'd like the final text box to show Hours Worked with 2 decimal places so I can move on to trying to figure out how I'm going to finish this database with such limited access knowledge lol.

Thanks for your help guys!

A:Solved: Access help requested for Total Hours Worked

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hp pavilion dv9308nr notebook, Vista home premium."hp total care advisor not working"
This is a simple app, not much information, but I have grown dependent on it for updates and battery and other health check.I like it and would like to get it back. I think I have done it before, but it is an involved procedure which I don't remember. I tried system recovery, but it was not listed for recovery of preinstalled software. It's about due for a complete reinstall, but I don't have time, now ...or inclination. bob j

A:Solved: hp total care advisor not working


Here is the support and software updates site for your HP Pavilion dv9308nr laptop. I suggest that you keep this site in your browser favorites list or put a shortcut link to this site on your desktop so you can refer to it when needed.

I've read several negative comments about HP Total Care Advisor and would advise against continuing to use it. It's among the first of the HP/Compaq crap that came in my new desktop that I uninstalled. You can read comments about it here in the HP/Compaq forums.


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i have just created a report in access 2003. In design view of the report everything is perfect and shows correctly, but when in preview mode nothing shows in the "Details Section" this is really weird and i cannot figure it out.

Can somebody help me please? Thank you for your time.

A:Solved: Access Report HELP

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I am trying to print a report based on a selection made on a list box, but I cannot seem to get it to work. The code below is what I have behind a command button.

DoCmd.OpenReport Me.lstReports, acViewPreview

Is there something I missing with the code above?

A:Solved: Access Report

Create a Command button to open one of the reports and then chnage the code that says
"stDocName = "USDA New Families Report""
stDocName = me.lstReports
Assuming that me.lstReports is the name and not the List Index value.

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I have an access report that is designed to print on label paper. I added 4 sets of the fields I want but isntead of the 4 sets showing unique records they all show the same records. Is there a way that I can have the report only display unique records in the box.

| | |
| | |
|_same _|same__|

and I want

| | |
| | |
|_DIFF _|Diff__ _|

A:Solved: Access Report

I have not done labels on label paper, but I do not think that you should add the Fields. I think that there should be just one field.
I do know that you can achieve what you want by using one field and with the Report in Preview click Setup>Columns. You can then set the Columns to 2 and set their width to suit your labels, the "Depth" of the Record Detail on the report will position the fields down the page.

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I have an Access report that I would like to seperate by the month. On the report, I have a date type field that I would liek to use to seperate by months. I then would like to take an average based on a certain filed for each month.

How would I go about doing this?

A:Solved: Access Report

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Hello,I recently encountered what I believe to be a spyware/trojan problem on my laptop which is running Windows XP. The problem started about a week ago when a fake security alert came across my desktop saying "Attention! System has encontered a potentional problem..." I ran Spybot Search and Destroy and Malwarebytes Anti-Maleware (I already had these programs installed). These both removed a number of problems. I also have McAfee anti-virus software running. I also ran a scan with this. As of now the fake desktop alerts are gone, however, when I run a Google search and click on a result, I am redirected to some random website. I also have tried to reboot my computer in safemode but when I do this the screen gets hung up on the follow driver and goes no further:Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)parition(2)WINDOWS\System32\Mup.sysDDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Tiffany at 16:38:16.95 on Sat 01/09/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_13Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.502.141 [GMT -6:00]AV: McAfee VirusScan *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {84B5EE75-6421-4CDE-A33A-DD43BA9FAD83}FW: McAfee Personal Firewall *enabled* {94894B63-8C7F-4050-BDA4-813CA00DA3E8}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGrou... Read more

A:Possible Total Security/Total Spyware Trojan

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.Please download OTL from following mirror:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.Push the button.Two reports will open, copy and paste them in a reply here:OTL.txt <-- Will be openedExtra.txt <-- Will be minimizedIn the upper right hand cor... Read more

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I have a field that I want to show the total of 10 fields added together. These 10 fields have their own calculation of 2 fields added together.


Total1= Rate * Days
Total2= Rate * Days

Grand Total = Total1 + Total2

I want a Grand Total of all these into cboGrandTotal

I built the exression on the control source of cboGrandTotal as =[cboTotal1]+[cboTotal2] etc.

This does not work. I just get an empty Grand Total.

Can someone help? OBP?

A:Solved: Calculate Total w/Calculations in fields, Access 2007

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I have a Vat Report and a Turnover Report. On each report i need to get the total but i keep getting #Error.

I created a text box in the reports footer and set the control source to =Sum([Vat]) an changed the running sum property to over all but i keep getting #Error

I have looked everywhere but cant seem to get it working, i hope one of you will help me out.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Access 2003 Report Help

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I have created a report in Access 2007. The table that the report is based off of does not have any duplicates. However, my report is showing multiple duplicates. My report is grouped by Provider Name with a title header. Then in the detail section of the report I have the following fields: Measure, Member name, Member ID, Address, City, State, Zip. Since the report is grouped by provider, the member could have different measures listed by their name. In which case, I would expect to see them on the report more than once. However, the report is currently showing multiple members for the same measure; therefore, resulting in duplicate information. How can I get rid of the duplicates in the report?


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