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Satellite A350 PSAL6A-051016 Windows 10 Trackpad, webcam not working

Q: Satellite A350 PSAL6A-051016 Windows 10 Trackpad, webcam not working

Looking at a Satellite A350 which was recently upgraded to Windows 10. Since doing so the trackpad, webcam, microphone no longer work.
Has anyone managed to get theirs working successfully with Windows 10? Any suggestions on which drivers to use?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite A350 PSAL6A-051016 Windows 10 Trackpad, webcam not working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Can anyone help me to get my webcam back?

Went on one of those geek websites which tells you how to make your computer run faster, by disabling things you?re not using. Can?t remember what I've done but webcam doesn?t work anymore. Tried reinstalling Drivers and rebooting Camera Assist Software but the same message comes up every time - "WEBCAM FAILED or is DISABLED".

Would appreciate any help or advice before I have to pay the local computer shop to sort it out.

A:Satellite A350-20Q - WEBCAM FAILED or is DISABLED

Is webcam listed properly in device manager?
You can find it under ?Imaging devices?.

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Satellite A350

I have serious problem with Vista since I brought from last year but I've tried to enter 25 digital of key product that doesn't work on Visa.

But its says invalid key after I type 24 digital key product.

Isn't product key have 24 or 25 digital key product? I'm confused.

I need your help.

A:Satellite A350 - Product Key not working on Vista

> Isn't product key have 24 or 25 digital key product? I'm confused.

25 digital key product.

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I have a Satellite A350 with Vista installed. When I run the Win 7 upgrade assistant it says I can install Win 7 Home Premium or Ultimate... but my question is: I have an install disc for Win 7 Professional, can I upgrade to this version of Win 7?

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With Windows 10 the Wi-Fi worked well. Suddenly three days it?s not active anymore?
FN + F8 does not work.
The switch in front of the computer either.
At startup, the computer recognizes the card and then turns off the front LED.

The Wi-Fi card is Intel 5100 AGN and most recent drivers work well.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but without result.
What can I do to get my Wi-Fi working again?

PS: when I was upgraded to Windows 8, it had the same problem...

A:Satellite A350-22D - Cannot activate WLAN card (Windows 10)

In addition to Windows 10 when you go to Settings, Network and Internet, Wi-Fi card is disabled. When I tried to activate it, the light always returns to the off position ....

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Some weeks ago after a windows update or something, the webcam stopped working under windows. It isn't a hardware problem, as it works fine under Ubuntu.

Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite L50-A-18R
Webcam Hardware ID: USB\VID_04F2&PID_B41A&REV_2960&MI_00

Uninstalling & Reinstalling the driver in the Device Manager
If I try the "On-line search" option, it fails to find the driver.Installing Toshiba Web Camera Application [doesn't work either]Reinstalling Toshiba System Settings app.Searching on-line by the hardware ID for the drivers.

But it's no use, i'd need the driver files to make it work again.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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My trackpad has suddenly stopped working. I have tried everything I know to turn it back on but nothing works. Pressing the FN / trackpad keys do not turn on the trackpad and all software indications of trackpad activity are greyed out as if the pad is off. A USB mouse works fine.

The machine is a refurb and is running Windows 10, Is there anything else I can try before I return it under warranty.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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Hi there guys. I just acquired a laptop from my step-father and I have formatted it to Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I seem to have most drivers for it but I have missing a crucial piece of software.

I have tried Vista 64bit and Win7 Flash Cards Utility to get my FN Keys working. Non of which have. Also the Value Added Package wont install either.

I would love some help with this!

Any Ideas?


A:Toshiba Satellite A350

Did you install the chipset drivers first before any other driver the .inf file gives the correct locations to which all other drivers will be instaled.

You should only use drivers for Windows 7 64-bit only

Have you checked that the FN key is not damaged or debris caught under the key itself giving a bad contact?

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Hi everyone,

I've got a problem and hope that anyone can help me.

After two years I had to re-install my satellite laptop with windows vista. Now is the problem that the productkey isn't readable anymore. So I used a little program(productkey86.exe) to get it out of the registry. So far so good. So I installed vista with that productkey but now my computer tells me that I have to activate. When I try to activate microsoft says: the product can't be activated..

Does anybody know what i have to do?

Hope to hear soon of you..



A:Re: Satellite A350 - Can't activate Vista


The problem is that the key on bottom side is an OEM license key and doesn?t work with normal Vista installation disks. So that?s the problem why you can?t activate your Vista installation.

You wrote that you have a Vista installation disk. Why you don?t use the key that belongs to this disk? This would work ;)

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firstly i want you to forgive my broken english (it's not my mother tongue)

I have installed Windows 8.1 on my old (but very good) *Satallite A350-122 PSAL6E-02300SFR* and i was really satisfied till i tried to install my drivers downloaded from the Toshiba support center. No one were made for Windows 8.1 x64 but some could finally be installed but the others like the webcam and mouse drivers don't; so i looked for it on internet but it seems like they (Toshiba) didn't thought some one can some day install that OS on that computer espacialy.

So my question is: Can some one help me with it? i would be very gratefull.


A:Why some WIn 8.1 drivers don't work on Satellite A350-122?

This old Vista notebook is not supported for Win8 so Toshiba doesn't offer any driver, tool or utility for it. Generally speaking webcam driver doesn't exist anymore and Toshiba doesn't offer it for Win8.
Webcam driver is part of the Win8 system.
>... it seems like they (Toshiba) didn't thought some one can some day install that OS on that computer espacialy.
Toshiba cannot offer support for all notebook models, especially models offered long time ago.
I have the same model and use it with Win7 32bit. It is fully supported and works perfectly.
I really don't understand why do you use Win8 on this old piece of hardware.

My advice for you is to use Win7 on it.

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I think my mainboard is defekt. I want buy one but i found KTKAA LA-4571P Rev: 4.0 or Rev. 1.0 i think i need a Rev. 2.0
Is this right or can i use a Rev. 4.0 too?
Thanks for your answer

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Ok, here?s the story. I own a Toshiba Satellite A350 laptop for a few years. As every night, laptop was on, I press the power button making it go into hibernate and then pull out the plug (battery is out, since it is always on cable and it might save the battery)

The next day, I plug in the adapter, press the power button and nothing happens. Literally nothing. Black screen, not a single sound .. nothing. All I can see is the indication light that the adapter is plugged in, which lights up.

I searched the internet (using another PC, duh ) and found lots of similar issues with Toshiba laptops. Main solution seems to be holding the power button for 30 second, putting the battery in and restarting it. None of these methods help.

I took the laptop apart, checked (and disconnected) the CMOS battery. Checked the power button, which is working, cleaned everything.

Here?s the weird thing: I have an USB optical mouse and a keyboard connected. I noticed that ?besides the indication of the adapter- the red light of my mouse is on all the time and also the indication lights (caps lock, num lock) of my keyboard can be switched on. So there seems to be power on my USB as soon as I connect my adapter.

Hope anyone can help, because I ran out of options. Two friends looked into it, no one has a clue.

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Hi, about a month ago I formatted my pc, a toshiba satellite a350-12i. I installed all the drivers and it worked perfectly. Among the updates downloaded from the official website of Toshiba there is also the BIOS. Unfortunately I did and now I find myself with the PC died. It turns on but black screen because probably the BIOS file is corrupted or damaged. I tried resetting the Phoenix BIOS with a bootable flash drive but failed. You have other solutions? Thanks a lot

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Hi Everybody,

I have a Toshiba Satellite A350-20Q Model No: PSAL6E-05GO18EN which was originally installed with Windows Vista but I have now installed Windows 7 Ult Ed. However, some of my Toshiba Specific drivers/software have been removed. For example, FN + F9 which is used to enable and disable my mouse track pad does not work. On the following website

I found some drivers, but I can't seem to find any keyboard related drivers. Some of my FN + Fxx keys work like FN+ F6 which dims the light down but not F9, can somebody tell me why some of my F9 key won't work but some of the others do? Is it a driver issue?


A:Can't find latest drivers for Satellite A350 laptop

Generally speaking if you cannot find some specific Win7 drivers install Vista drivers.

Have you already tried this?

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does anyone know what buttons I push to restore my laptop to factory settings?

its a Toshiba

PSALWC-02T00Q - Satellite A350 - 02T

Has Vista on it from the day it was purchased. Time to format and start over

thank you

A:Restore to factory settings - Laptop - Satellite A350 - 02T

You may have been prompted to create a set of Recovery Disc when you first got the laptop.

If not then you can try using the HDD Recovery Partition.

See if the below article will help.

How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure

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I stil use very old Toshiba A350D. Notebook works fine with Office, internet browsing and other light task.
But last days i notice a problem with wifi connection. Well, the card constantly switches off automatically. I use Intel Wifi ProSET tool and Windows 7 system tools.
Windows 7 indicator shown no avilable connections and ProSET indicator shown wifi disabled and ask for turn on wifi with hardware switcher, when hardware switcher (mechanical slider with LED on front) is in the 'on' position and LED flashes.
When this happens, the wifi card is still detected in the Windows device manager. I reinstalled all drivers, but this didn't fix the problem.
The card can be switched on and off several times per minute, but most often when the card is turned off it is hard to activate it again.
Fn + F8 works well, if WiFi Link works properly himself.
Is there still someone who remembers this model and met with such behavior?

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Hi guys,

I have upraded to Windows 10 and now to the anniversary edition. I haven't used my laptop in a while so I can't remember the last time the webcam worked, all I know is that it did. What I have noticed is that the webcam driver isn't on the laptop and when I've searched for it on the Toshiba Drivers Site I can't find it. I don't even know what it would be called. I'm quite confused as it worked before. Could somebody help me? Thanks, Matthew.

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At first my webcam gave up but i didnt really miss the thing by that time so i didnt do anything about it. Now my microphone, which i need to use skype also stopped working.

I noticed that in my Device manager there is no driver shown for my webcam, but i cant find the right driver for my laptop somehow.
i thought that if the webcam problem is fixed my microphone would work aswell because it is the same piece of hardware i guess.

What can i do?
please help me out.


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About a month ago my webcam stopped working. I tried various solutions and then formatted my hard drive, installing a 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I still can't get the webcam to work. Could you please advise?

Kind regards,

A:Satellite Pro A300-1EA webcam not working

Do you get any error messages?
What happens starting the webcam software / application?

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I've upgrade the device to Windows 10 64 bit, everything works except the webcam and built in microphone.
Microphone shows in device manager, webcam does not. I've downloaded the Toshiba Webcam software but the webcam still does not appear in Device Manager. Any ideas?

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Webcam stopped working after 2,5 years for no reason.
Reloading windows did not chance anything.
No image in device manager. (windows 10)
Could this be a faulty camera?

Help please

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I've never tried using the webcam before, but having recently tried to access it on Skype and it appears to be not working (it says "we could not find a webcam on your computer).

In fact, I can't find any files about the webcam anywhere on my computer.

Can anyone help? many thanks

A:Re: Satellite Pro U300: webcam 1.3M not working with Skype


The internal webcam needs the preinstalled webcam software.
Did you delete or remove this from the system?
Check if this software is available on your notebook.
It?s calling: Camera Assistant Software.

If you would start this software then you could check the webcam functionality and the settings.

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Hello I recently upgraded to windows 10 since then my webcam and microphone do not work - I tried searching on device manager for these but they are not even showing on there - how do I go about re-installing them? I tried searching for a relevant driver but no luck?

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Mi webcam is not working after installing Windows 10.

Any solution available?

A:Satellite L755-16M - Webcam not working running Win 10

Can you please post full model name and model number of ypur machine?

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Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite L855 and when I was using my webcam on Skype it stopped suddenly and now it is showing only white and black lines( see attachment). I have tried a few things like updating the driver, uninstalling it and again installing and still it doesn't work. Can someone help, please?

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The webcam on my Satellite L955 stopped working. I thought I would uninstall and reinstall it. However, having uninstalled it, I need the latest drivers to reinstall it. Despite my best endeavours, I cannot find any drivers relating to the webcam. Can anyone help please

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Dear all,

the integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and already re-installed the 64bit webcam drivers through this website. Nevertheless, when I click on the webcam application, simply nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or shutdowns instantly. Skype also doesn't recognize a cam. Also, there is no webcam in the device manager (one undetected USB device though) and no cam symbol in the Toshiba quicklaunch ribbon, which is how the camera is started according to the "manual".

Anybody got an idea of what the problem is? Seems like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than reinstalling drivers. Maybe some other application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

I'd appreciate any support, thanks.

Regards Florian

A:Integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working

>one undetected USB device though

This might be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on motherboard.

It looks like a webcam driver is not installed properly.
Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other Satellite series.
The versions are newer?

Furthermore recommend checking the BIOS settings.
In some cases the BIOS contain an webcam option where the webcam can be enabled and disabled.

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The webcam on our laptop has started giving us the error message "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" but everytime we restart it says the same thing.
What do we need to do to fix it. Our system runs Windows Vista Home Premium service pack 1.


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The webcam of my T130 stopped working.
When windows start, there is a message saing the camera is not found.
At the same time, Windows tries to install a driver for an "unknown" usb device and... failed.
If I go to the device manager, I can see this unknown device (marked as unknown)

I tried to remove it and refresh the devices, windows tried again to install the driver.
I tried to remove the whole usb stack and got the same result: everything reinstalled properly but still an unknown usb device

I tried to remove the webcam driver then got a fresh copy on Toshiba website and reinstalled it... Without any success.

Then, to eliminate a BIOS or hardware problem, I've booted a Linux system and there, the webcam works.

The webcam used to work few weeks ago. Maybe a Windows update is responsible of that.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


A:Webcam stopped working on my Satellite T130


Something has muddled up the webcam software/driver.
The unknown USB device seems to be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the USB controller.
Usually new webcam driver installation should solve this therefore it?s really strange that you could not solve this installing the webcam software.

Maybe you should clean the OS and registry using the CCLeaner (freeware)
Would recommend this workaround:
- First of all uninstall the webcam software
- Then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner
- Now reboot the notebook
- After that install the webcam software which you have downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page. By the way ? would recommend testing the webcam driver released for Sat T230. This is a newer driver version

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I recently updated my laptop satellite pro c650 to windows 8.1 pro.i updated and installed my drivers with the help of drive booster software.All the other drivers are working fine but my inbuilt webcam is not working,it has failed online webcam tests.I tried to find the solution online but to no relief.My microphone is also not working eventhough it is seen in control panel>sound>recording.The green bar is not going up.I have installed conexant hd audio.
Kindly help!

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I have an ultrabook z830 and the webcam is not working since W10 upgrade. I have tried installing the webcam application software from toshiba and also the one supplied with the laptop but when I try to run it it just says webcam initialization failed please restart application. I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. The webcam worked fine before W10 upgrade. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for the correct webcam drivers. I have tried many without success.


Message has been edited: subject changed from Portege Z830 to Satellite Z830

A:Satellite Z830 - webcam not working since W10 upgrade

hmmm somebody has changed my title to portege z830 instead of ultrabook z830

I dont believe my laptop to be a portege

when I list my part number in the drop down menus it shows me this

Satellite Z830

I cant find the words portege anywhere on my laptop

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I hope someone can help me.

My integrated webcam on my Toshiba Satellite R630 spontaneously stopped working in the last couple of weeks.

I have tried:

- Checking whether it is activated in BIOS and there's no option to select a webcam here.
- Restoring my laptop to an earlier state when the camera was working. This didn't work either.
- Updating the webcam driver - this installs the driver but then it disappears and nothing happens.

A few things that it might help to know:

- In Device Manager, 'imaging devices' is missing, so I cannot find the webcam driver here.
- I used to get a pop-up every time I turned on my laptop that was trying to load a bluetooth webcam but saying it couldn't. This has stopped happening; i think i turned it off in msconfig.
- It's not a hardware issue
- Yesterday I had a weird breakthrough moment - I'd downloaded an app to my phone to try and use it as a webcam via bluetooth. I'd turned on bluetooth on my phone and laptop. I plugged in my phone to my laptop and the bluetooth camera pop-up (see previous point) came up, but this time worked without the error message. However, instead of my phone working as a webcam, the blue light came on next to my integrated webcam and that started working. I thought it was fixed so closed everything and ejected my phone and the webcam stopped working again. I've tried to repeat this sequence but with no joy.

I'm out of ideas and really frustrated. Can anyone help?

A:Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working


If imagine device isn?t listed in device manager, then this means that the module could not be found. Even if the driver would not be installed, the module should be listed in BIOS as imagine device, unknown device, etc?
But this isn?t the case?

So I think there are two possibilities: the module is fault or the connection between the module and the motherboard (controller) isn?t established.

As far as I know the internal webcam module is connected to the USB controller.
If the connection drops (loose cable) the module will not be recognized in device manager?

So from my point of few it must be some hardware related issue?

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then my Webcam doesn't work... I checked if I have the driver in device manager but I couldn't find it. I don't know how can I fix it I was looking for driver in thosiba website but I got any result.
Someone can help me?


A:Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update


Which notebook model do you have?
Webcam should be listed under “Imaging devices”. Can you see any entry there?
What happen when you try to start Camera application?

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Out of nowhere, it just stopped working. When I try to run the program I get a message saying it's been removed or failed =/
When I went to the Device Manager, the "Imaging Devices" is gone :(

I tried finding the driver on the Toshiba website, but Imaging Devices is not a searchable option!
Model Content Page

I don't know what to do!!

A:Seriously about to cry. Toshiba Satellite A305-S6916 laptop webcam stopped working?

Run system restore - choose restore point when webcam last worked -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .



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this wass also a reply to another thread posted by romeshomey, link bellow:
---------My laptop model is Inspiron 17R 5720 and Im having the exact same problem after the Microsoft Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607: August 31, 2016 - KB3176938, done Sep 4th. I was also already running Win10 and it didnt mess with Webcam Central - till yesterday when I gave the reboot necessary to install the update files.Pan/Zoom/Position Arrows show as available to be used but if you try to use then, nothing happens and back to full zoom. Only thing it allows me to do is to change to Face Tracking.I called Dell Suport Center and for about 2 hours I ran diagnostics and tried possible solutions with the tech assistant but he wasnt very helpfull at all. All diagnostics came back with positive/OK/passed results and they offered me a paid support to fix the problem. Not exactly a good solution, is it?It was clear though MS updates messed up with the webcam driver - I checked myself at Devices/Imaging there was an update for the driver done exactly when MS updates were done. Unfortunatelly, the rollback option wasnt available. For that matter, I decided to uninstall the whole Windows KB3176938 and CAPICOM (what ever that is) updates done using Control Panel/Updates but no-go. Next step was to google for that problem which leaded me to other Dell Forum threads pointing to reinstall Webcam Central which also didnt work at all then I bumped into your threa... Read more

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I've owned this laptop for quite a while and had been using Webcam Central to control the Integrated Webcam on my Alienware M17x R4.   I never had any issues using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or even Windows 10 until my system updated on 8/20/2016 with a scheduled Windows 10 update.
After the windows 10 update my system restarted and the next time I went to use my webcam I noticed that I couldn't control the pan / zoom / or tilt or alter any of the settings in webcam central.  If I attempt to change anything it automatically changes back instantly.  For example of I move the slider to zoom, or attempt to change the pan, it auto goes back to where it was and will not allow me to change the settings.
I also notice that my mouse pointer flickers over the webcam central GUI, meaning, there seems to be some issue with the GUI after the windows 10 update, I assume is also whats causing the settings not to be changed.
I have tried uninstalling both the drivers and software and reinstalling to no avail, same problem is present after reinstallation of both drivers and the webcam central software.
Wondering if anyone else has run into this and whether there was some type of resolution.
I was able to get the pan / zoom / tilt working with 3rd party webcam software, however I would prefer to go back to using webcam central.

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I just recently bought the lenovo 910 ultrabook from best buy and ive knowticed that that trackpad works when it wants to, ive tried updateing drivers through windows. but when i look on leneovo support i cannot find the specific drive for the track pad if anyone could help direct me to it

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The Microsoft upgrade adviser said my Satellite R830-182 would be ok to upgrade to Windows 10, so I took the plunge. Everything works well, except the Toshiba webcam. Device Manager states "The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)" and clicking "update drivers" is to no avail.

In searching the Toshiba site for an updated driver, I found that this model is not listed in their supported models for Windows 10, despite the MS advice.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get around this issue (alternate driver?), or is it impossible to get this webcam working in Windows 10?

Thank you.


A:Satellite R830 and Windows 10 webcam issue

I have exactly the same problem with my tablet Encore WT-8A-102. after W10 upgrade. Cam software has memory exeptions and closed the system down with a blue page

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Hi guys,

I recently updated my Laptop (Satellite L755) to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I'm having trouble with Web Camera driver.

Pls. help

A:Satellite L755 - no webcam after upgrade to Windows 10

Originally Posted by Teban

Hi guys,

I recently updated my Laptop (Satellite L755) to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I'm having trouble with Web Camera driver.

Pls. help

And I have problems since Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and definitely Windows 10 with the sound driver and they don't even release an updated driver since 2012-2013.

Please help up staff! Ty in advance.

Greetings from Spain.

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I installed Windows 10 and the touchpad is not working and I tried to install two different drivers (one from Lenovo site and one from Synaptics) and when I try to install, they both say that the touchpad doesn't even exist.  So it's not installing the driver and I'm having to use external mouse for now. Is anyone else having this problem and what is a solution?  Thank you.


Go to Solution.

A:S21e-20 trackpad stops working after installing Windows 10

I have the same issue and so far, I could not find any work around either.

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My Aspire M5-481PT laptop was working fine for months with Windows 10, then suddently the trackpad stopped working after an automatic update. I was able to install the most recent Synaptic Windows 10 driver, and after a few hours of farting around got the trackpad to work again, but the two finger scrolled still doesn't work...it doesn't show up as an option in the Synaptic settings (see screenshot):Has anyone come up with a fix for this?   This seems to be a common issue with Windows 10 and the new automatic driver updating which is impossible to turn off.  Come on Microsoft / Acer, how could a critical piece of hardware like this stop working?!  Let's do some better testing before rolling out updates....every time I waste hours to getting my computer to work with little support from the manufacturers, I am a one step closer to buying an Apple machine next time. Thanks for your help,Allen

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after an HD crash I was forced to re-install the Windows 7 x64 operating system. Unfortunately I haven't the system disks so I re-intalled from an original Microsoft disk Windows 7 and download the various drivers for my model from the Toshiba Support site.
The only driver not working has been the Webcam one.
My Satellite is the model C660D-11C part. n? PSC0UE-00C006IT
The Webcam onboard is the model C2PB1P (from Chicony I think)
Before the HD problem occurred the webcam was perfectly working.
The official webcam driver available for my model and OP was:
- Version
I also download and try the following drivers available for other, similar Satellite model and same OP:
- Version
- Version
- Version
No one driver was able to find the webcam.
Can anyone hel me?
What can I do now?

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until the Windows 10 Update of my Toshiba Satellite Z930 the onboard webcam is out of order.

I couldn't find any driver updates or Toshiba app update (Win 10) for the onboard webcam.

Any idea on how to activate the onboard webcam under Win 10 1709?


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I have recently purchased this laptop secondhand it had windows 7 home premium installed,all seemed fine so I upgraded to windows 10 pro & again all seemed fine & does run quite good,i'm 65 now & not quite as alert these days but for some reason the inbuilt webcam isn't found/recognised,all that appears in device manager under imaging devices is my HP printer/scanner,any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I got Satellite A500.

After upgrading to Windows 10 Webcam and Fn keys are not working.

Where can I find driver updates?

Thanks for reply.

A:Satellite A500 - Windows 10 Webcam and Fn keys drivers

Where can I find driver updates?

Unfortunately, it seems that Satellite A500 is too old and will not get Windows 10 drivers.
I found the Toshiba website which provides info about Toshiba models supported for upgrade to Windows 10 and the A500 isn’t listed there.

Usually all Toshiba Win 10 drivers for other notebook models can be downloaded on this page:
so maybe you could check out the drivers released for the other series…

I read also that some of the Win 8 drivers could also work in connection with Win 10.

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Restored my U300S to factory defaults, everything was working then out of the blue it stopped working.  A check of the Device manger doesnt show it at all.  Went to the site downloaded the correct driver install pack (TouchPad Driver (Synaptics, Cypress)).  when it runs through the setup it states  "Cannot find cypress track pad" and aborts. Any help appreciated. Thanks  

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