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Laptop with WinXpPro fell down! went off

Q: Laptop with WinXpPro fell down! went off

Recently my laptop went off (not fully) due to accidental fall.

It stopped booting from hdd and an error ""hdl.dll" missing in root" started appearing on screen.
I tried to boot it from a bootable cd but the cd drive have lost alignment so dont read properly and hangs in between.
Couple of tries and i could boot in dos once and found that system and system32 are missing from c drive.
i also tried to recopy missing dll but didn't work.
Scandisk also did not work and hanged on the way.
Had to replace dvd writer to boot from a cd properly.
A thirdparty disk repair program sorted several cross linked files and at last i could install microxp on c drive to boot.
But it was a clean new boot so lost my all installed programs.
Recovery console of xp also tried.
Tried winxp pro but no way to recover old "documents and settings" though whole \program files folder is intact if browsed through explorer, it is not visible in through "start" button. Neither recover old registry etc etc. Network settings, drivers for other hardwares are lost.

Is there a way to get back all my old settings?
Thanks for reading.
Waiting for a solution......

Preferred Solution: Laptop with WinXpPro fell down! went off

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Laptop with WinXpPro fell down! went off

saying you accidently dropped your laptop minor fall. no fall is a minor fall to wreck a hdd. I bet the hdd is fried. replace and report

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I would like to network these puters.
I have a nic card in the desktop and a etherner pc card in the laptop which I use to connect to the network at work. I also have an rj45 cable to connect the two at home.
As said the laptop is set up to connect to the corporate network at work and I am a little scared of messing the settings up.
Could or would anybody give me step by step directions to connect the two at home.
BTW, I have two accounts set up on the laptop. One for work and one for home and both have administrator rights.

Many thanks

A:Networking desktop(win98se) & laptop(winxppro)

How to physically connect them is easy, either through a hub with a normal TP (RJ-45) cable or just connect them straight to each other with a crossed TP (RJ45) cable.
You wrote that you dont want to mess up the settings, that can be pretty tough..Theres no way of having 2 different LAN settings stored at the same time so you cold use one when youre at home and the other when youre at work without changing something. I could be wrong, Im no expert on Windows XP though... But the only settings that you probably would have to change is the IP address and subnet mask and workgroup ( I dont think that your homecomputer is a server, am I right?). And then when you bring it back to work you just change the settings back as they were. At work you probably have a DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses to all computers on the network, if thats so, then its more easy for you to use the computer both at home and at work. You can manually add an IP address in for the TCP/IP properties and when you bring the computer back to work, you just change it to Automatically receive an IP address instead of manually assign IP address (which you would use at home).
This was a bit complicated maybe, its too much to write really on how to exactly do this, and its even tougher when I dont know the settings you use at work...Hope this helps, maybe you should ask a network tech at work for help?

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I bought a compac 6 months ago. It fell on the floor and won't start. Any ideas what could be wrong with it and what I need to do to get it to work.

Thanks in Advance.

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My "W" key fell off recently and cannot be snapped back into place.  It looks like the plastic pieces below the key have some damage where some plastic may have broken off.  How can this be fixed?  Is there somewhere this can be replaced / fixed?  Thanks.

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hi my laptop just fell, i turned it on and it gave me a good start up, a little later it went black and i had to turn it off, but i dont know what's going on can someone please help me?

A:My laptop fell

Did it turn back on?

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Hi  My laptop fell and needs attention. It is still under warranty so what can I do Thank you


Usually the warranty will not cover accidental damage. You do not give us the model number or anything to work with here. What happened and what is damaged?

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Hi my hp laptop can't reboot stop s at the blue hp logo. It fell on the floor. What can I do??

A:Laptop can't reboot fell over

That type of error is normally caused by either damaging the hard drive or forcing the connection by the drop.  When you open the unit to check on a loose connection, be prepared to replace the hard drive.

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I have an Lenovo ideapad Y430. It's Control(ctrl) key fell out. I don't know how to put it back in. I've tried pushing it back in, but that didn't work. I've looked all over the internet. I've found nothing. Anyone haves an Idea how to get it back in.

A:My laptop ctrl key fell out!

did you break it or does it fell out?if you break it, don't waste your time, you need newer keyboard module. and you can contact lenovo support line for this issue.if it falls out, you can put it back. ( no need to change keyboard module )http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ubCUgvOCiohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL4iTWxxJC8http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4_gPRKlpqI 

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Greetings, My two month old laptop fell on the cement while it was in my protective bookbag and it shatterd the screen from the top left corner. It's pretty badly damaged, the touch screen doesn't work at all for the entire left side. The pc is bought in The States. Is there any way I could get this fixed soon and if so, what would the cost be? Thank you.

A:My Laptop Fell on the Cement :(

Hi,You can find an authorized service centre in your are and contact them for prices. It is a quite straightforward fix even if the screen can be quite expensive.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/store-finder/find.do?bs=SR4&type=authorized Hope it helps,David

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My laptop fell on floor. It did not real damage; however, now my keyboard behaves a little erratic, meaning it behave like some different letters and the return button sometimes.

I have built a computer before. My question is, is it safe to take it apart incase it has moved a little to move it back, or if a key button has moved?

Kind regard tech land.

A:Laptop fell on floor

Maybe the keys were a little loose and the underlying rubber pads are not aligned with the "outside" keys?
if you can have the laptop keyboard checked/aligned (for a minimal fee) would be wise.

in the meantime, if you agree with me, you can use a cheap usb keyboard as a temporary fix for your keyboard problem.

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bothe the main screws have fallen out of my laptop....they have never been touched since purchase....the 2 closest tp the scree/keboard join at each corner.... please arrange to send me 2 replacements as i am travelling and nowhere has them...

A:screws fell out of the back of laptop

We can't send you screws. And screws do not just fall out. Are you having issues with the screen hinges?

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I took my hp laptop to meet with a client. When I returned to my office, the laptop could not see the wireless network.

The other computers in the Workgroup can see everything on the network except the laptop. The laptop can't see anything.

What do I need to do to get the laptop back into the Workgroup so it can access the wireless network and the other computers (2 Macs and 2 PCs) can access it?

Thanks very much

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Hei hei folks. Unfortunately my X1 carbon fell down from about 2 meters.Feel free to point out my stupidity for that (: When I tried to turn it on the LEDs went on, but the screen just showed some weird piece of art instead of BIOS output. Now additionally, I hear 2 short beeps before it turns off again.I googled, and apparently this can mean eitherthe POST returned an errora mainboard failure I tried to connect it to an external monitor, but there's no signal during the short time it's on. My plan would be to buy a new LCD panel, because it's obviously broken ? and hope that the beeps just come from the POST failing to check the LCD. Do you think it's too early to buy a new panel, should I try to investigate more?Is it worth fixing if the mainboard is broken? How could I find out? Thanks for your honest opinion.

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this is a notebook mechanical question.  Didn't see a group for that. The slider on the latch that locks my notebook closed, popped out.  It has two tabbed hooks on it, not broken, but I can't seem to snap it back in so it stays.  Has anyone done this before...is there a trick to getting it inserted the right way  so it will stay in?  Or does this mean there is something broken inside the latch that this used to snap into?

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hi everybo.
i need help. my laptop fell and now when i turn it on my fan is making a whiteling sound. it still works but i get a black screen with a text ,

windows error recovery

windows failed to start. a recent hard or software change might be the cause.
if windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly, startup repair can help diagnose and fix the problem. if power was interrupted during startup, choose star windows normally

launch startup repair(recomended)
start windows normally

i tried starting with windows normally and it said(after the screen was black for a long time)

windows cannot be started

and then it send me to:

system recovery options

i select US keyboard, and clicked on next. it said

system recovery options

non of the suggested options helped. i dont wanna do it with the recovery disc yet, since i dont wanna loose all my data.


A:laptop fell, cant get to reboot windows

This is all we have. You may have to reinstall or use recovery. If it was from a fall it sounds like hardware. In that event trying to boot will not work. You must bring it in for repair.

If you create a recovery DVD, you may be able to boot to recovery options
Create A Recovery DVD

The Vista recovery disk is used to boot Vista when it won't boot - to run Startup Repair, System Restore, access a Command Line, Recover using a Vista Backup Image, etc.
System Recovery Options

If Vista will not start now, boot the Recovery CD to run Startup Repair which automates System Restore as well as numerous other tests including System File Checker which can repair system files which are not corrupted beyond repair.

If Vista still will not start, try booting into Safe Mode to run sfc /scannow to repair System files.
Special Thanks Given to Seven Forums.

Below is a bulletin distributed by MS to explain the start up procedure when Windows will not boot.
Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair is located on the System Recovery Options menu, which is on the Windows Vista installation disc. If your computer has preinstalled recovery options, it might also be stored on your computer's hard disk. For more information, see Startup Repair: frequently asked questions and What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista? I... Read more

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Dropped laptop. It turns on but nothing shows on screen. I really need help!!! Have HW due! Please help.

A:Laptop fell, it comes on, but won't display screen

Obviously gravity did its bit. It's not the fall its the quick stop at the end. Does it seem that it is coming on just nothing on the screen? Do you have an external monitor to hook up to it? 

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How do I get my computer toWork right again not sure what buttons were pressed or what exactly happen when it got bumped..it was working.g fine now it says boot device not found. Install a operating system on your hard disk.hard disc(3f0) f2 system diagnostics

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hi i dropped my dads laptop yesterday, not a bad drop, just from a bench one feet above the flooe. since then, its been makin odd noises that go klick thwunk klick add random times. its booting up and everythings normal, but is the harddrive dying?

A:laptop fell, wierd noises inside

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the battery of my laptop ( windows 10 HP) fell out, and after searching the web for help or ideas on how to start it up (because it wont) i've concluded that i need some tech help.

if you have ANY ideas on how to help, PLEASE CONTACT!
i've tried taking out the battery, pluggin in the charger, NOTHING WILL WORK.

A:HELP! battery fell out of laptop now it wont start!

We need a lot more information
Can you please tell us the Model# of the HP laptop?
The laptop can run without the battery in it just using the power adapter.
Without the battery in, what happens when you press the power button? Do you get a black screen and no lights or fans? Or what?

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Hi, thank you in advance for any and all replies!
My toshiba satalite laptop fell and the hard drive needed to be replaced. It came in the mail today and I installed it without problems but when I try to start I get this sole message: Boot media (failed). And I don't have a windows 8 installation disc-did not come with laptop/I'm suppose to burn one off this laptop but haven't had a change yet
What is going on?
Do I need to buy a new windows 8 OS from Toshiba too???

A:Can't install/boot OS after replacing HD (laptop fell...)

Contact Toshiba, see if you can get a recovery disk from them.

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Can hp send me some screws? My product is out of warranty

A:The screws on my laptop fell out and the hinges are loose as...

We need your exact model number. Screw kits are available on eBay for maybe $6-10. However, screws don't just fall out. They get stripped because something else is going on, likely hinge issues. The hinges freeze up and cause stress on the screws so that they get stripped out of the holes which means if you try to put a new screw in the same hole it will fall out, too. 

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Windows 10.  How the heck do i get back in when i forgot my dang password?

A:I just bought a Ho laptop,set the password,fell asleep and f...

Hi!, @NancysNuthouse: Welcome, to HP Forum !.  Press ENTER key 3 times and you'll get system halt/disabled code.Next time, copy or write in Code and press Get Password, from ... https://bios-pw.org The generated code is the correct password. Note: Save these code, to use in future.

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I put my laptop on a small table.As I pulled the end of my carpet to fix it, the table accidentally flipped with the laptop.I didn't really paid attention when it fell but as far as I can tell the back cover of my laptop hits the floor along with the table.So I lift them up back to normal and continued browsing the internet.
The problem came the next day in the morning.As I was browsing reddit, the cursor starts moving on its own to the edge of the monitor. As for which side of the monitor, It's completely random but most commonly it's either upper right corner or bottom left corner.Continuing the story,I restarted my laptop and it still didn't solve the issue.Also tried google searching but no luck.
Here's a list of things that I have tried:
Reinstall drivers
Closing any third party programs
Restart the computer
Scan the computer using Malwarebytes 
And here's my laptop's specs:
Dell Latitude e5410
4gb Ram
Intel core i5
Intel Hd graphics
Windows 7 
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.(If you don't understand anything I said just ask me because I'm not a native speaker sorry.) 

A:laptop fell and cursor starts moving on its own.

Just by the fact this problem happened after the drop would indicate it's a hardware problem and not a software problem. It could be the trackpad itself or the connection between the trackpad and motherboard. If you are comfortable disassembling the computer see the below Ebay page otherwise take it to a good shop. Make sure the wired connection is secure.
Service Manual

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Hello everyone,

A hard object fell on my laptop. Now it freezes even in safe mode. Obviously a hardware problem. How can I isolate which part is responsible? Thanks.

A:Laptop fell. Now freezing even in safe mode. Solution?

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I'm sorry to post this on the General Chat but It's really urgent Hello so I was sleepy but didn't want to sleep and decided to put on an audio book while lying with my laptop on my upper legs and I forgot I had it and as I turned around it fell. Nothing is broken no wrong sounds or anything. The windows however annoys me.When I turn it on it then loads for a longer while and then says something along the lines of encountered a problem we will restart for you to gather info or something. Then it restarts goes into automatic recovery and then that screen disappears and leaves just a grayish screen, after some while of waiting it goes into a loop it restarts again and goes into automatic recoveryWhat should I do please help (writing this from PC which has w7)I'm not sure which win my laptop has, when I looked at the online store it said 8.1 when I look in the papers it says 8 so I'm confused, maybe they just write 8 but it's really 8.1HELP PLEASE! THANKS :D   Toshiba Satellite S875D - S7350  some guy says I should check system partition for filesystem errors, my friend says I should try swf scan or whatever it's called ( I can't access cmd promt though) also my friend says I should try this: go to f12 - enter setup - advanced - boot mod - csm bootWhat should this do though?(On F12 I have boot hdd, usb, odd, lan, enter setup, hdd recovery)     INFO: So I apparently managed to get the command F8 (system restore) to the l... Read more

A:URGENT PLEASE stuck on automatic recovery (laptop fell but seems to be alright)

You can't use F8 to boot into Safe Mode.  Windows 8 / 8.1 boots too fast to enter this command.  You can set the computer to boot into Safe Mode once Windows is open, or you can enable the F8 key to boot into Safe Mode once Windows starts loading.
Dropping a laptop with it running can damage the hdd.  I would suggest running running SeaTools for DOS.  You will need to download this to another working computer and then burn the ISO file to a CD to create a bootable disc.  This disc should be placed in the tray of your DVD/CD drive, turn the computer off, then restart the computer.  Once the disc is recognized you will receive a message suggesting you to press any key to continue.
You may need to enter the BIOS to set the DVD/CD drive as the first device in the boot order, and the hdd the second drive.
Please download SeaTool for DOS to your desktop.  This will make it easy to find the ISO file.
When the SeaTools for DOS website opens click on I Accept, then click on the Download button.
This download is a ISO image which you will need to burn to a CD or DVD in order to create a bootable disc which be used to run the diagnostic tests.
To burn this ISO file to a CD or DVD use the instructions below.
Notice:  This applies only to Windows 7 and Windows 8, earlier versions do not have this.
1.  Place a blank CD or DVD in the tray of your optical drive and close the tray.
2. &... Read more

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WinXpPro Will Not Update I Cannot Manually Update My System. IE Goes To A Blank Page Auto Updates Stopped Working Two Months Ago I Can Up Date My Software Without Incident. Thanks Ahead Of Time :

A:WinXpPro Won't Update

Welcome to the forum!

1.) Is your Windows XP Professional legitimate? (Not a pirated copy?) Microsoft frowns upon given pirated versions the ability to update.

If you aren't sure head to http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/
and choose "Validate Windows"

2.) Copy and paste this link into Internet Explorer http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ and let me know what happens!

3.) You mentioned "IE Goes To A Blank Page". What happens when you type in something like www.msn.com or www.youtube.com in Internet Explorer?

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Can I upgrade it with all my programs and Windows ME still here, or should I format my hard drive and backup my necessary files?

A:If I upgrade to WinXPPro...

You should do an upgrade only if absolutely necessary. The 2 families of operating system are sufficiently different that an upgrade can lead to many unexpected problems (though a great many people have done them successfully).

It is best to save all you want to keep and install XP freshly. But you can insert the XP CD and have it scan your present system for compatibility and warn you about any problems that you may expect.

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Cannot get past user password and machine does not recognize adm password. Acer travelmate 4501LCi. Cleaned and defragged after inst. printer software. Used control panel to take out unnecessary updates from microsoft update. Reset. Up comes my and wife's user names. click. Enter your password. (We never set a password) message "Did you forget your password?" We had only hit "enter" before without the password require. So this is new. Go to safe mode and enter adm. password. installed a year ago...no go.
Software installed before purchase. have recovery discs. Fear loss of outlook express data which is extensive. Go to F2 and see password is (SET). What do i do?

A:WinXPPRO set its own password!!!

Welcome to TSG

please read the forum rules.

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

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I have a soyo k7vdragon MB and a Western Digital ultra100 HD
I'm trying to install XP Pro over Win 98se. For some reason it wouldn't recognize my Ultra drivers so I got the new driver package for my MB and transfered them to a floppy. On Xp setup it asks you to hit F6 to install drivers, so I did and used the floppy. Then it says "could not find SETUP.OEM" what the hell is that? Help

A:WinXPpro install problem HELP!

this is not really a fix for your problem but my experiences with xp so far lead me to believe that when upgrading to win xp it is best to do a clean install. there seems to be way to many driver conflicts when you just install it over top of your old operating system.

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Hello community

About two days ago formatted my HD and reinstalled windows XP Pro. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't use the stand by mode from the start menu. Besides whenever I boot I can see the XP Logo Screen and the my screen shuts off.
However the system is working normally I believe since I can access folders that I share over my home network. I got into safe mode and tried system restore but although I initially thought the problem had been solved the same thing happened on my next boot. I reinstalled XP Pro for a second time but the problem is still there!

Does anybody have a any idea about what is going on?

Thank you

A:WinXPPro Boot Prob

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Heres a slightly different spin on what seems to be a fairly common theme. I am a complete networking rookie, so please bear with me if this has been covered before. (I have searched past posts - no joy)

Im trying to set up a home network between a desktop PC running Win98 SE, and a laptop running WinXPpro. I have installed a wireless router (Linksys) to share a DSL internet connection, and that all seems to work fine. Each machine has access to the internet, but they cannot see each other.

Heres what I cant seem to get past. In order to get the internet access to work, I have to let TCP/IP obtain an IP address automatically. But most of the suggestions for file sharing involve manually assigning an IP address to each computer. So must I choose between file sharing and internet access? Is there no way to have both simultaneously?

(BTW, even when I assign the IP addresses manually, the computers still can't see each other)

One possible problem is that in the Win98 desktop, each time I change any of the Network properties, the computer asks me to insert my Win98SE installation disk. I do that, but then get error messages saying that certain files cannot be located on the disk. That cant be good.

Is there something blazingly obvious that Im missing here? T.I.A.

A:Networking Win98 & WinXPpro

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Hi, me again. I think I'll change my screen name to "Problem Child"

I still need help with my WinXP Pro shutdown problem.

When I try to shut down, it gets to "windows is shutting down" and it freezes.

I then have to shut the power by the master power switch on the back of the tower, because the power button on the front of the tower won't work either. I can reset the computer by pushing the reset button on the front of the tower, but have to power down from the back.

Can any one help me?? Any and all sugestions or advise would be most appreciated.


A:Still need help with WinXPPro Shutdown Problems

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Computer freezes at desktop when connected to internet. Mouse moves but won't open anything. Hour glass when moved to launch bar. Have to shut off with power button. If I remove the ether net cable, computer acts normal. The removal of the ether net cable is done after I shut the computer off, otherwise the computer remains the same without shutting off computer first
I have a dual system, so when I use my secondary system the computer acts normal. This system is Win Xp Home sp3.
The primary system is Win Xp Pro x64 sp2

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be gentle now! *LOL* Want to temporarily hide a folder from prying eyes. The prying eyes aren't very computer literate so I don't need to worry about hacking. Windows Explorer >I went to folder properties> Attributes: changed to hidden, hit apply, and then when I restarted WinExplorer, it's still there! OK, now what???? I even rebooted and you can still see it!!???

A:WinXPPro attributes:Hidden folder

turn palm upwards, raise hand sharply and quickly landing a resounding smack to forehead!!! DUH!

*answer: got to WindowsExplorer > Tools > Folder Options > do not show hidden folders*

It's amazing how the simple things can sometimes confuse us 'cause we're looking for the most complicated things!! *LOL*

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Hi all.

I have a problem with my wired network! Here's my setup:

ADSL D-Link DSL-320T modem Netgear FS108

I have the DSL-320T setup with DHCP to distribute IP addresses, but while I'm currently using the internet fine on my PC, as soon as I plug the laptop into the network, I get an IP conflict.
I've tried switching off DHCP, but the internet doesn't seem to work when I assign IPs manually.
I've tried using "/release" and "/renew" but I get the error "An error has occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection 4 : The DHCP client has obtained an IP address already in use on the network..."
I've tried all combinations of restarting the PC, Laptop, router, etc, so as to try and make it assign correctly, with no luck.

Is there something obvious that I'm missing? Thanks in advance.


A:Wired network in WinXPPro, IP conflict

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Alright, ill be as detailed as i can, My operating system is windows xp pro, i no longer have the cd, but please do your best to help me anyway, Alright, what happened was, i was playing the usual ragnarok online, and all of a sudden my computer flashed back to the starting screen, counting the memory detecting the harddrives, it loaded normally to the windows xp logo, i noticed the meter was a little laggy..which didnt seem right, after that happened, black screen for a sec, followed by a split secound blue screen, then restart, again and again and again, i swear it never ends, anyway..I dont know much more then advanced startup options such as safe mode, i tried each and every one of them to the same result, i got frustrated, and messed around with the bios a bit, but set it to bios default each time, its now detecting both my HDs again, the 2nd one isnt important and has nothing on it anyway, i used a windows 98 startup disk for some help and support, used the dos chkdsk and scandisk, as well as a few other recovery commands, but nothing worked, i then managed to install windows xp home edition on my empty 4 gig drive, so thats what im running off now, accessing my drive from herei did an ad aware SE scan and turned up a bunch of ''Alexa'' files that wernt there before, deleted, quarantined, gone, but the fact remains, despite all ive tried i cant get rid of the winxppro's blue screen, please help me restore my computer to what it was before, syste... Read more

A:Blue screen flash winxppro

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I built a new puter and put alot of money into the hardware and software four weeks ago. For three weeks I have been troubleshooting a random crash usually shutting down to desktop without the send error report. I have called Microsoft and have sought help via news groups and other help tech sites.

To boil it down.... I have Win XP Pro SP1 which IE6 SP1 is part of the windows. The crash happens abruptly in Outlook Express and IE..... errors point to internet dll's. Ocationally I would get the Flash Player was the fault on the Microsoft site. Going thru Micromedia site three times uninstalling and rebooting and downloading new and installing with anti virus off.... still that was not causing the problem.

120G HD partitioned into four with only Win xp pro OS. Dumped it all and started over with a clean install onto a different drive.

Next step was the new graphics card which brother in law bought same products I did and we built our puters within a week of each other. He has no problems at all. He removed his graphics card and placed it in mine. The crashes were further apart but not solved. As browsing thru the night, the crashes became closer together. I have four fans heat sink..... aluminum tower with a digital heat monitor and it never goes over 35C.

Today we disabled the Reset button on the tower for it didn't work right to begin with. Ran smooth for a few hours and the crashes have return. Nothing opened but the internet explorer.

Some of my other progra... Read more

A:WinXPpro IE6SP1 not in Add Remove Programs

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The machine is running Win XP Pro. The HP printer is recognized and default,

But will not work. Any ideas???


A:Dell:P-4, WInXPpro, HP Printer won't work???

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I recently reinstalled my Windows xp pro. and now i don't have any sound. i go to control panel and sounds... and can't change anything. It tells me I don't have sound device installed, what can I do?

A:lost sound when i reinstalled winxppro

You need to install the drivers for your computer, specially the sound drivers.

Do you have a brand name system like a Dell or HP? If so post the make and model. Otherwise we'll need to determine what motherboard or sound card you have.

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I know how to change the hard drive letters under my comp > manage > storage devices.

But I have no clue how to do it for CDROM.

Its in IDE Slot 2. I checked bios (dunno why), its there, it works too.
I dont think that will help but, where abouts do i go to change? Should be easy huh

A:Change CD-DRIVE Letter WinXPpro

1. Click the start button

2. Go into Administrative tools (either in the start button or in "All Programs"

3. From Administrative Tools, go into "Computer Management"

4. In "Computer Management", click on "Disk Management" under "Storage" from the left menu

5. You should see a window from the lower right hand corner open (it shows all the hard disk drives and cd-rom drives)

6. To change...cd-rom drive, click on the box that you desire the drive letter; next right click that box that you desire to change the letter then click on "Change Letter Drive and Path"

7. click the "change..." button

8. from the "assign the following drive letter", select the letter you want to assign to the cd-rom drive

9. click ok

10. click ok

and your done.

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I recently replaced 2-256mb modules with 2-512mb modules, installation was successful and the machine ran faster for a while, but now my system properties in windows xp, only show 512mb of ram. I went into the BIOS and it also shows only 512mb. So I upgraded the bios to the latest version, but to no avail. Could this have anything to do with Winxp service pack 3? I also tried replacing one of the modules with the old 256 unit to see if the module itself was maybe defective, but the system still reports 512mb with one 512 chip and one 256 chip. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Lost 512mb ram in IBM thinkpad T30, winxppro

No it can't be SP3 because ram is detected at the BIOS level and if your only seeing 512 ram installed in the BIOS then it has nothing to do with the OS at all.

More than likely you have a defective memory slot on the MB of your laptop. This is really backed up by the fact the other known good RAM sticks you removed also don't work in this slot.

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A little known fact: When Dorothy woke up in OZ, she and lil' Toto met some characters who needed to see the Wizard. Before she met the Tinman, Scarecrow & the Cowardly Lion she came across another strange guy wandering towards the Emerald City on the Yellow Brick Road. He had a green-gauze wrapped face and talked in way that was most difficult to understand, she thought. "Who are you?" she asked him as he muttered about error message dialog boxes & 'puter crashes. "I'm Phawgg and I'm so annoyed right now". After introducing herself politely and asking where she was, and as soon as Toto stopped growling in a low menacing way, he continued. "I'm off to see the wizard to find out why this darned box is givin' me fits. He's in that big city over that way and they say he knows all about the operating system." "Well, I sure hope you find him", she said in an innocent but sincere manner, to which his reply was "I do too, kid, and I'll probably see you there. Be careful in those ruby shoes, they sparkle plenty and ya' never know who's gonna slip in off the superhighway onto this old brick pathway. Don't take any wooden horses" and off he went leaving her wondering what to do next.

This I know because I am Phawgg.

Seems to me its taking me forever to understand the operating system that I've reloaded nine times this year. Heck, I've been here at bleeping comput... Read more

A:frequent & random crashs in winXPpro

I still don't know who governs Washington yet, and I'll spare y'all the details of how I saw Toto pull the curtain back to expose the "All and Mighty Wizard of Oz" to be a smallish guy with glasses and a microphone. I do have problems with the PC, and when I do I'm sitting in front of a monitor looking at it. Next to me is the computer in a tower box making sounds. I've gotten used to the sounds it makes as I work with it. When something goes wrong, I can usually see evidence of the problem on the screen and sometimes I can hear a difference in the sounds it makes. A steady whirr is the most common sound. Also common are the sounds it makes at a normal boot sequence. A higher pitched whirr of the CD-RW "winding up". Some clicking noises. The distinct sound of connecting via dial-up modem to an ISP. Typical stuff. Spending hours at task using the PC gives you a "feel" for how it works by repetition of these little clues.What I am going to do with this post is discuss what to do when things go haywire. I'm pretty sure most people who post problems here have put some time into trying to solve those problems before they post. That time I've found to be generally frustrating and leads to some degree of anger or annoyance. Why? Shouldn't I expect the PC to do a lousy job of operating? Periodically fail to do what it once did? Like a car, shouldn't I expect it to simply stop if it runs out of gas? St... Read more

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how much space do Restore Points use?

My new laptop came factory configured with WinXPpro and the usual software provided by Toshiba. The HDD has 27.9GB Total Space and started with 25.6GB Free Space.

But after a few days of updates, setup, downloads and file transfers it's down to 18.8GB Free Space !!

The files I put in should not have taken up as much space, on my old laptop they used ~ 3GB. XP Service pack takes up some additional space, but I was surprised to see so much used up.

As I'm new to XP coming from Win98 I did have a few problems setting up and did use Restore Point 2 times, and made 3 Points just in case I need them again (not finished setup yet).

When I totalled Restore Points there are 37! I know how to clear them all, would like to know:

1. how/where to find space used by Restore Points?
2. can they be deleted selectively and how?
3. if they are not the culprit what coud be eating up so much space?

Any help will be appreciated,


A:WinXPpro Restore Points - how much space?

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Hi all.

On my colleague's Windows XP Pro desktop, he has no colour behind his icons. We have checked many settings and compared them to my machine, such as the "show drop shadows under desktop icons" option, which, on his machine, toggles icons between having colour and not having colour.

Basically, we can't get my machine's icon colour to go invisible, and we can't get his to go visible without messing around with drop shadows (which I'm assuming is irrelevant).

Does anyone know of a registry key which controls the presence of colour itself, rather than which colour?

Thanks in advance,

A:WinXPPro - icon colour transparency, registry?

Im not quite sure if this is what you mean

To have transparent icons:
1) Hold down the Windows key and press Pause/Break. On the "Advanced" tab,
under "Performance" click "Settings." On the "Visual Effects" tab, make sure
the box "Use drop shadows for icon labels" is checked.

2) Right-click on the Desktop, and make sure that "Arrange Icons by" "Lock
Web items" is not checked.

3) Right-click on the Desktop, and choose Properties. Othe "Desktop" tab,
click "Customize Desktop," then on the "Web" tab, uncheck all boxes.

4) Make sure any Wallpaper is an image file. Html will stop the

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can anyone tell me how i got my automatic updates options (under right click my computer -> automatic updates) are greyed out?

i can turn them off, on, schedule, etc ...

even when i went to the automatic updates website, i had to go into the services and turn them on manually ....

anyone know why? it just seemed to happen overnight?

A:WinXPpro automatic updates options greyed out?

i have a program called deepfreeze ... i am thinking it might have been the cause ..... anyone know about this program?

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Ok so I tried searching, but continually got a Fatal Error (for any of the admins: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 75497472 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /home/tsf/public_html/search.php on line 884")

So to my query:
I have WindowsXP Pro; 4 partitions on a single hard drive:
1 partition contains OS itself.
1 partition contains Programs (non-OS programs).
1 partition contains various Accounts (MyDocuments etc).
1 partition contains other miscellaneous stuff.

What I'm wanting to do, is create a bootable image of the whole thing, the OS, installed programs, accounts, settings etc, everything. And then store said bootable image on another hard drive I have connected & be able to boot/install said image if need be on system boot-up.

I have searched the net, read several articles, but none that seem to make much sense (perhaps it's just my reading of it *shrugs*).
I wonder, am I able to use the Backup utility in WinXP Pro to accomplish all the above? And if so, do I need to make use of the ASR or am I better just using the Wizard?

Any other suggestions/tips & things to look out for etc would be great too, thanks.

A:Clone Backup bootable image WinXPPro installation

Hi Tropod and welcome to TSF !

I've found that the search feature was somewhat buggy when you enter very common terms (like windows for instance).

Take a look at this guide :
How to copy your operating system from one hard drive to another using XXclone

Create 4 partitions on the backup drive using disk management (right-click my computer => manage => disk management) then use XXclone to copy your data to the new partitions. Use the "cool tools" on the system partition to make the backup drive bootable.

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