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Warranty coverage on Canadian purchase while travelling in S...

Q: Warranty coverage on Canadian purchase while travelling in S...

My delete key had been wobbly and has now fallen off completely. Warranty expires in mid-June. I am travelling in Sweden until July, so warranty will have expired by the time I get back to Canada. 1. Can I get the laptop repaired here in Sweden using my HP warranty?2. If not, since I am reporting the problem before the warranty expires, can I get it repaired in July, after the warranty has technically expired?Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Warranty coverage on Canadian purchase while travelling in S...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, I have recently joined the Lenovo family with the purchase of the Lenovo Ideapad 710s.  Unfortunately, I have recently noticed bright spot on the screen and I read that it is similar to the dead pixel.  I brought it to the customer service and they told me that they do not cover defective pixels under the warranty. However, I recently found a Lenovo web page that claims it's coverage under warranty. https://support.lenovo.com/id/en/documents/ht004254 Does anyone know if it is actually covered or not?  Because I don't want to waste another trip to the service centre as it is so far away from my apartment.   

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I purchased a Yoga 720 15" 2in1 three weeks ago and I am trying to decide if, when, and the type of warranty extentions I should get.I can add the " products " to the cart but I can not find the small print anywhere.  IF I decide to get additional coverage I would likely go for the maximum available but I want to know what the coverage is prior to purchasing it. I have two options available in addition to the levono warranty and  want to choose wisely.As it is I have over 11 months* remaining on the warranty but I think adding accidental coverage and on site service may be a good investment because I will be traveling with this laptop and I might be at the other side of the country if it breaks.I would appreciate advice on this topic. * I purchased it on 7/3/2017 and the start date for my warranty shows as 6/22/2017. Not sure what that is all about.

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Hello,I've noticed athttp://support.lenovo.com/it/it/warrantylookupthat 3-years warranty started before I purchased my X1 Carbon .It probably started from the date it was manufactured, but I bought it a year later and I don't want to lose 1 year of warranty. How can I rectify the date?  PSI can still print a pdf receipt from online store where I bought it, is it enough?

A:Warranty started before purchase

Hello and welcome, MichaelVaughnTo update the warranty data contact your local Lenovo authorised service provider (though, I don't see those companies list in Italy in the on-line locator) or request online:http://lenovoemea.force.com/warranty?lang=enChoose "Base warranty cange / Purchase date update" item.FYI, this page might help to find the service company:https://support.lenovo.com/uu/en/iwslookupthink?linkTrack=MastubNavupport:Warranty%20and%20Repair:Wa...

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I bought a Dell Laptop on 14 October 2017. Its service tag is <Service tag removed>. But the following message is showing in Dell website with a shipping date of 14 Sept. Can anybody rectify this warranty wrong information? I bought it in Singapore. Please help me immediately.

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Hello everyone. I'm thinking of purchasing a T470 and it appears that it comes with a 3 year onsite warranty as standard here in the UK (with the student discount anyway). My main question is that will I be able to make warranty claims even if I'm not in the UK? I'm going to be going to China in August and I'll be there for a good 10 months (maybe more) so I want to know if I'll be able to make warranty claims there. Going along with that, if I am able to make warranty claims in China, will I have to make the claim in Chinese to Lenovo China, and what is the chance that the technician speaks English (especially in a second tier city)? I'd say my Mandarin is "OK" at the moment but I know very few computer related terms. I think I could just about get by with what I know and the dictionary app on my phone, a roommate helping, or someone in the International Students office helping over the phone, but I'd feel much better having making the claim and talking to the technician in English if possible. Finally, I'll probably buy some RAM and a SSD from Amazon if the price is significantly cheaper than Lenovo. Will I have any problems with this if I need to make a warranty claim? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I recently purchased Lenovo Flex 5 (14") laptop (Part Number:  80XA0011US). This comes with 16.0GB DDR4 2133 MHz and 1TB 5400 RPM+128GB PCIe SSD.  I have 3 questions: 1) I am hoping I like the laptop. If for some reason, I want to return it, how many days I have? And, is that from the date of purchase or date of delivery?  2) I forgot to buy warranty with the purchase. How many days I have to buy warranty?  3) I bought accessory - Slim DVD Burner. Will this be attached to the laptop or is this an external one? Thanks!  

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I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 5567 on 2/01/2017 from Reliance Digital Store Pune. Dell support assist shows that my warranty started on 14/09/2016 and will end on 14/09/2017. As far as I know warranty should start from the date of purchase on the invoice. So I searched a little bit and got to know about the ownership transfer process. I did that 15 days ago but still haven't received any notification regarding the same. Can you guys please help regarding this process. I don't know what to do now as my warranty will end in 12 days.

A:Dell warranty only for 9 months on new purchase

If the ownership transfer doesn't go through, contact the seller to find out why - if the system was originally sold through a grey market channel, you can indeed have transfer issues - your seller should be able to tell you.

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planning to purchse p 51 from bhphoto. wanted to know if i can purchse extended warranty later. also if i can add international topup to it?

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I have purchased one Dell Vostro 3546 series laptop 2 days back i.e 4th June 2015. When I checked the Warranty details for my laptop (tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>) it shows that the warranty will expire on 24-Dec-15 which is less than 6 months whereas the Dell provides the 15 months warranty for this laptop.
It shows that the product is shipped on 24-Sep-14 and thus the warranty will expire on 24-Dec-15 but how come the warranty will expire when the product was not at all purchased by customer.
I have purchased this laptop from authorized dealer under the bill from Nehru Place and request you to please let me know the solution for my problem.

A:Dell Warranty less than 6 months on new Purchase

You need to register the system with Dell (transfer ownership to your name) to initialize the warranty.
Use the system service tag and the link above.

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I purchased a product in june 2016 through best buy in june 2016, but it shows the date of warranty as Feb 2016. I verified with best buy and they also have the correct date of purchase as june 2016. How to get this verified asap? Any information will be helpful  

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how to purchase extended warranty online for my laptop

A:how to purchase extended warranty online for my laptop

Called Care Packs..sold online through this site: http://store.hp.com/us/en/care-packs-88343--1?jumpid=home_hsa_na_1_161016 There are limits as to the age of the laptop, etc. but if you are still within the original warranty or even slightly beyond it you are eligible to buy extended protection.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I had purchased Dell Inspiron 15 3558 laptop from authorized GTM Store on Oct, 2016. On checking warranty status, it is seen that the POW date started on August 31, 2016 which is shipping date. How could i resolve this specific issue, since all other waranties i.e, NBD, Limited Tech Support, etc are showing purchased date i.e, Oct 2016

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It seems Lenovo just rolled out new plans for  Thinkpad customer to choose their warranty add-ons. It moved from old optional plans with different extent of bundled products (e.g. ADP, KYD, Sealed battery) into an a-la-carte item model for the customer to choose. I compare Lenovo online sales website in HK, JP, SG and US and have the following findings: 1. Not all countries have rolled out the new warranty options scheme yet (e.g. Lenovo HK and Lenovo JP is still using old "bundled" warranty plan option) 2. Inconsistencies on the choice of additional warranty services available for Thinkpad customers (For Levono SG, Seal Battery, Keep Your Drive are not available as add-ons if the customer chooses Depot Warranty plan, while Lenovo US offers these add-ons to both Depot and Onsite Warranty. Meanwhile, Lenovo US customer need to buy an add-on for international warranty but Lenovo HK, SG offers the international warranty to all new Thinkpads they sold. 3. Lack of transparency on warranty add-on pricing. I noted Lenovo SG priced Seal Battery Add-on for T480s at SGD330 but same Add ons in Lenovo US is only quoted at USD$26. Can Lenovo explain why such discrepencies happen? And welcome you all share your findings on the Thinkpad warranty add-on offerings in your home country.    

Thinkpa... Read more

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HiThe fan of my less-than-half-a-year-old T470 suddenly began to emit strange noise and I went to a local service provider in CA. My laptop was bought in Russia with a 3-year international warranty. The service provider told me that he might have to send it back to Russia, and they will consult with Lenovo within a week. That is a huge surprise for me, as shipping it back and forth might take a long time. Can I somehow request to repair my laptop inside the US and is there any opportunity to claim a temporary replacement for the time the laptop is being repaired?Thanks

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Issue since moving from IE9 to IE11 in the office

I've changed the Language Preference on IE11 to add both of them, English by default
Microsoft Office is already set to use both language

Although using Internet Explorer, we are having an issue where it only seem to spell check one language, giving errors when typing words in the other language.

Read on the internet some people that added both language in the keyboard layout, but that's not an interesting solution because first the French keyboard layout does all the English keys and second people tend to accidentaly switch language while typing
using shortcut or whatever

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated


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Hi there I tried linking my serial number and product number of my laptops  with my hp passport, but that does not seem to to work. The warranty checker start date november 2014 but we bought them in october 2015, so we are a year out. How do I update these, and am I able to link them to this hp passport account. Thanks for your time. All the best Matt

A:Warranty dates do not tally with my purchase dates

Hi melton , In this to get you warranty to be update please do contact the HP support line of your country with the Proof of purchase with the serial number on it . So that they would work on it and get it updated . HP Worldwide Telephone Numbers  http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00047049.pdf Also as you have the the passport account  you can raise a request throught the support case management . r-K //Click on Kudos and Accept as Solution if my reply was helpful and answered your question// I am an HP employee!!

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I currently use Satellite connection for my internet, since where I live it is all that is available other than Dial-Up.
Planning a trip out of state this weekend. Can I hook into their in-room internet service with my pc? I've never had this need before.

A:pc use while travelling

If you used satellite internet connection then can be moved easily. Or can prefer to use local Wi-Fi connection if any available in your area much better idea

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I travel a lot in rural France and in S Africa. Internet cafes are few and far between. How can I get on the net using a mobile local call and only pay for the data? This should be straightforward in theory but do how many providers give local access numbers and do n ot require a monthly suscription.

Freeserve used to do this but with broadband becoming universal it's difficult to find out about dial up options.

Any ideas?

A:Internet And Travelling

I would recommend you look at Blackberry. I have read that you can use there device to connect a notebook and access the internet. Here in the states it is only $35\mo for unlimited data access.You may want to also look into satelitte internet. It runs about $80?, but is broadband. From 450Kbps to 1.0Mbps download and 128Kbps to 384Kbps upload. These are figures from the States but I have heard this service is also available to Europe.http://www.satsig.net/ivsat-europe.htm

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I am a contractor and I work mostly from home. My current client is in USA but sometimes I have to fly to eastern europe at another client site for couple of days. When I am in Eastern Europe, I still want to be able to show USA IP address when I connect through Cisco VPN client to my USA customer's network. I thought about getting another VPN service which will give me USA IP address. Is that the best way to do it? When I tried one of the free VPN service and looked at the VPN client connection log when I connected to the USA client's network, it showed entries for both my Easter Europe's wireless ethernet card IP which is outside USA obviously and another IP through the free VPN. In that case, my USA client will know that I am not in USA.

What other ways can I achieve this? I tried gotomypc by connecting to my USA server then using VPN client from there but performance is too slow.

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Will be traveling to Peru...Do I need a converter from 110 to 220 or will the Pavilion just convert for me...Thanks Ken

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I have Windows 8 on my new laptop and tried to use the Telstra USB toggle to connect to the Australian Telstra network while travelling around the country. This toggle does not work with Windows 8. Are there new Windows 8 mobile broadband USB toggles compatible with Windows 8?. If not what can I do to use my laptop while travelling.

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I just bought a NetGear Wireless USB adaptor to use while travelling. I'm running a laptop with WinXP (SP2). I have cable internet at home and don't want to change everything over to wireless at this point, so testing it has been tricky.

I drove over to my local internet cafe just to configure it. I know it was able to detect the network of the cafe, because it knew the name of the place. However, it never got past "acquiring network address" although I waited about 10 minutes. Is this the IP address?

I sometimes have trouble with this computer being unable to find the IP address on my cable internet, so I just go in and key in the address. My question is, is that IP address my computer's address? Can I key that in? or was something wrong? And should I use the NetGear network config utility, or the one that came with Windows?

A:Wifi help when travelling: can't find IP

souns like configuration or security settigns issue. this may help, http://www.howtonetworking.com/wireless.htm

How to fix wireless connection issues

1. Make sure all wireless devices are using the same mode, infrastructure in the most cases.
2. Make sure all wireless devices have the same SSID.
3. Make sure all wireless devices have the same WEP encryption settings if you have enabled them.
4. Make sure you have added the wireless MAC into MAC Address Control if you enable it.
5. Use ipconfig and ping to test the connection. All wireless devices must be in the same IP range.

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I am travelling on business next week & will be bringing my laptop.

I think I want to get one of those cards so I can access the internet anywhere. What am I looking for, and is there such a thing as having this temporarily? I hope I don't have to sign up for a contract for a year

Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide

A:Solved: Internet access while travelling?

What you want is "Pre-Paid Mobile Boadband". These plans are offered by most of the big cell phone providers. With pre-paid, you will have to pay up front for an adapter, and then you pay as you go for service. I just came back from a road trip visiting less 'tech savvy' relatives. Based on the information at Mobile Broad Band Reviews http://www.mobile-broadband-reviews.com/
I opted for a Virgin Mobile device. The adapter is $80, and plans are $10 for 10 days, or $40 for 30 days. The 10 day plan has a 100mb limit, and the $40 plan is unlimited. Your choice or needs may be different, so do a little research first. Mobile Broadband Revies is a good place to start.

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Hi all,

I will be brief and provide as much detail as i can, hopefully someone here can help.

I will be going to USA on business for one week. I will bring my laptop with me, and I need internet access on it for most days - where I am not at a hotel/other places so WiFi is not available.

So from the searching I've done, it seems I need two things - a USB mobile stick, and a data plan. These topics are a bit hard to research as I am in Canada, so things like compatability, quality of coverage, etc are lost on me.

I need a pay-as-you-go data plan for the mobile stick, and from what I've found only Virgin Mobile offers a service like this (without any contracts etc). Would this be a good solution? I will be in downtown LA so coverage isn't a question.

So - please recommend me A) a USB stick and B) service provider for mobile broadband in US. Needless to say, I'd like to spend as little as possible


A:Travelling to USA, need help with mobile internet solution

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Hi all,

I've been frantically searching for the perfect laptop to take travelling and use to produce my travelling videos filmed on my GoPro Hero 3. I will be producing videos in 720. While this will be the laptops primary function, it will be used day to day for general use. It would also be nice to think it'll last us for a few years. It will not be used for gaming. The only intensive work that will be carried out on the machine will be video and photo editing.

I'm a little confused about what will make the most difference between a better processor and a better graphics card/integrated graphics. I have managed to narrow it down, after other considerations have been taken into account, price being a huge factor, to the following laptops:
This is our favourite at the moment and we'd be happy with this if we were sure it would be possible to do decent 720 and occasional 1080 video editing. The processor is my big concern. Do people feel this will be able to handle the job (even if it's a little slow)

The other is this G510. Looks great to me but I'm concerned about the integrated graphics being able to handle high quality video editing. I'm new to producing videos in HD and I'm not at all sure if this will be an issue?

Our wildcard entry... Read more

A:Please Help! Laptop for Travelling Blog Videos!

If you have no need of an optical drive I would personally opt for the Lenovo Flex. I have played around with one while setting it up for Sister-in-Law. Decent Battery Life. Light weight. Though the picture shows the Win 8 OS, the details list OS as None. Might want to verify that fact.

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I will be travelling to the UK (from USA) and want to bring my laptop. Does anyone know how to do this so I connect to internet and email. I've been trying to research this and it is very confusing to me.

I am quite a newby when it comes to laptops, so any answers should be like you are talking to a 12 year old.

A:how to connect to internet when travelling to Britain?

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Hi,I am going to use my X2 10 (10-n155sa) to travel to Africa, and while there I will be unable to have access to electricity for several days at a time to be able to charge the laptop. I need a compatable battery Usb battery pack that will allow charging of the X2 10 while on the move. I understand Hp have locked out charging from normal third party usb c battery banks with drm? (the few off the shelf third party usb c battery banks I have tried do not work, including converting usb 2 to usb c), so I am asking them what solution they have available to the problem they have created? Do they have their own Hp branded usb battery powered solution available for purchase? It is imperative that this laptop is charged while a dedicated a/c source is not available as the laptop will be crucial to site functions within the field.  A laptop with a flat battery and no way to charge it is a useless paperweight. I am sure I am not the only one in a similarly presented situation, with no current way to charge from a usb power bank, even if just for generic traveling without access to ac for several days. Or does anyone know of a known third party combination that allows charging of a 10-n155sa via an external usb c battery bank. It does not matter if it takes several hours to charge and only charges when it is off, as long as there is a workable solution. Thank you for any responses to this problem...

A:Usb battery bank for charging when away travelling with no m...

 I understand Hp have locked out charging from normal third party usb c battery banks with drm? (the few off the shelf third party usb c battery banks I have tried do not work, including converting usb 2 to usb c) Where did you read that information? Nevermind.I found a good article.http://www.pcworld.com/article/3017182/hardware/usb-c-charging-universal-or-bust-we-plug-in-every-de... I have a product loan Spectre 13 ultrabook and I just tried what you stated. I had no idea that had been done.  I will have to look into this. I will ask in the Inner Circle.I can tell you that at the moment you are put of luck.

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Im in the progress of producing a combined worksheet for my team members and have a problem fitting a formula,
Im trying to calculate travelling time between depart time and arrival time minus 1 hour, as the depart and arrive time varies in the cells (needed for other information) I need in the morning to only calculate travelling time only up to 08:00 and only from 16:00 in the afternoon ignoring travelling time in the cells outside these limits.

Can you help please

A:Excel formula calculating travelling time

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I am looking for a simple way to manage two or three sets of "WiFi settings" ...

Example: When at home, I want to have a static IP address for my WiFi connection. When at the office, I want to let the server set the IP address and DNS. And when I am travelling I may want a 3rd configuration.

Does Windows 7 have any built-in support for this type of WiFi management? I looked at Profiles in the "Manager Wireless Networks" screen, but that doesn't appear to be referring to what I am wanting to control.

If W7 doesn't have this built-in, can anyone recommend a good, freeware, simple and safe utility/app to do this type of management?

On my Android phone I have a simple app that monitors my location based on cell towers and when I get within a certain distance of my home, turns on the WiFi radio and when I leave that area it turns it back off to save power.

If what I'm trying to do could be triggered automatically that would be great, but unlike my Android phone, my laptop doesn't have any way to know where I am... Does it?

BTW, I did look in the tutorials section before posting but didn't see anything related to this in the networking section. I also searched the forums and didn't find anything with the terms that I used.


A:Change WiFi Settings: Home vs Travelling

You need to go to "Manage Wireless Networks"

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i am moving to a new address and have a contract with o2 until august for a bill pay phone at the new address i have no coverage at all not even a bar , how does my contract hold up then can i change providers as another provider phone works perfect

A:no coverage

i would discuss with the retention team at O2

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I am looking for a solution to connect for free to wifi networks while travelling, what can I use?

A:solution to connect for free to wifi networks while travelling

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I dont get it. I build a fire station with a certain ring of coverage. Fire breaks out outside of the ring but i can still send fire truck there. What is the purpose of the coverage ring then?

A:sim city 4 DE coverage

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My authorized dealer for TMnet and TM Unifi broadband packages.

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I am having a problem with my system. whenever i am going to select any items/options of an window, it is traveling through all icons/options either horizontally/vertically instead of the intended one which i want to select and this problem is happening with each and every windows. even if the same problem is happening with the desktop icons. i mean when i am going to select the my computer i am unable to do this, the mouse focus is traveling through through all the icons on the desktop. and also i formatted my computer 3 times by thinking that virus would be affected. still the problem exists. so please help me regarding this issue.

A:mouse focus travelling trough different icons/options instead of the intended one.

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the info here can help Changing Your Mouse Properties in Windows XP - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

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We have two laptops at home which connect to the same wireless network. I just took one of them on a roadtrip and when I got back, I could no longer connect to the wireless network - I can't even "see" the connection. It keeps saying "no wireless networks were found in range." (obviously I am posting on the other laptop!)

I suspect that my frequent connecting to other wireless networks while on the road may have squirreled up the wireless settings but I have no idea how to fix it!

Thanks for your help!

A:Solved: Can't connect to home wireless network after travelling w/ laptop

Assuming that your SSID broadcast is enabled try a System Restore to when the connection was working.

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Aloha friends,

I apologize in advance if this thread had already been posted, although I doubt it since all of my research attempts haven't rendered anything very useful to me.

Long story short, my desktop was working before I left on my year long voyage. I came home a few days ago after being gone for such a long time to find my pc sitting in my room where I had left it. I brushed the dust off (I know, some of you are cringing right about now), set it up, and booted it. First attempt it failed. I figured the inside was dusty as well so I got a can of compressed air and cleaned the heck out of everything in my tower (fans, drives, cables, you name it).

I was able to get it booted after this but noticed my pc was extremely slow (it was really fast when I left), to the point where it would freeze and I would have to do a hard reboot. I finally got it running up to speed, ran a disk defrag, and deleted a lot of old files I didn't need any more. I then noticed there were about 50+ updates that needed to be installed. Ok no problem, I'll just download the updates and things will run smooth right? Nope

Desktop crashes and I try to reboot again. This time I received startup repair. It found a problem but was unable to find a solution. At this point I began trying different ways to boot it, checking BIOS, trying to get in through safe mode. Every time my computer crashed.

I then tried to do a clean install of Windows 7, however; it will begin installing and will pre... Read more

A:Spent a year travelling while my desktop at home, crashes upon booting

There may have been a power surge while you were gone if the pc was left plugged in. If you have another computer available, try making a bootable flash drive to run tests. For Hard Drive:SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use
RAM: RAM - Test with Memtest86+
Put them on seperate drives if possible as they will delete all data on the flash drive.

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Hi There!

I request you to kindly help me to resolve my issue. I have windows 7, Broadband connection and a Belkin router, which works fine ground, first and second floor. My son has a computer at his house, without a internet connection, the distance to his house is 200 meters. What I want, is there any device, method or option to connect to my son's computer wireless. I have no problem in spending the money to get a device, which should work as WiFi, Blue tooth, etc., by doing this from whatever the method, the speed should not be dropped. Presently, I have 4mB speed connection, which can be increased to more than that, if it's essential. How to extend the routerís coverage, say 200 meters, up to my son's house? Thanks and regards. Binyamin.

A:Extend router's coverage

For that kind of distance you need a unidirectional antennae (example).


The speed is going to be dropped regardless simply because you are on a wireless connection.

Coupled with the distance you are transmitting the wireless signal, you should not expect the 4Mbps speed you subscribe to (not to mention the TCP/IP overhead, which there is more of in wireless communications)

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Hi,I'm trying to configure a ThinkPad T580 but I have many doubts about the choice of the monitor Choices are:- 15,6" IPS FHD (1.920 x 1.080)- 15,6" IPS UHD (3.840 x 2.160) I'm not able to find information about the srgb coverage of the two options.I will mainly use the laptop for music creation and for photo editing and the% of srgb coverage is very important.Someone can tell me where to find this information?Thanks in advance and sorry for my english....Ale

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I'd like to extend my WiFi network coverage. I thought of several ways doing this.
I have a few questions for each ways.
I have a TP-Link TL-WN1043ND Router ((Official product page for tech specs)

I'm saving up so I'd like to get this done relatively cheap.

1) I thought of buying a TP-Link Repeater. TP-Link TL-WA730RE (Product page)
EDIT:I bought this one. Works great!
This suppports up to 150 mbps which is OK in the area it's extending to.
However, the router is running on a max of 300 mbps. Can I still get this speed for devices that are connected to the router's wifi? (not to the extender), or do I need to reduce it's speed to 150?

2) I have an old SMC-WBR14-G2 router which is fully functional. It supports WDS.
However it's only 802.11g so 54mbps max. Also OK in the extended area, but we still require 300 mbps 802.11N network in the main area.
Do I have to reduce it's speed to 54mbps and mode to 802.11G instead of N?
Which method would you suggest and why? If you would do this in a different way, just let me know.

A:Extending WiFi Coverage

Try one of these pal .... really easy to setup, reasonable price and they work like a charm

Wireless Range Extenders from NETGEAR?

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Hey all,

I am trying to extend my wireless network through my house. So that I get better coverage on the side furthest from my router. I have heard of a wireless distribution system or something that I can use another wireless router to do this with.

Does the original router need to be compatible?

How about some ideas as to what types of devices id need to do this. Or if there are other options..


A:Need to expand wireless coverage

Best option is to run an ethernet cable to the far side of the house and use a wireless access point (WAP) (can use a wireless router for this) there. Maybe a cable can be routed through the attic or basement, along heating ducts, etc.?

Some people have had success with powerline adapters. These use the electrical system as a substitute for an ethernet cable and allow use of another WAP. Other people have found these systems to be useless--depends a lot on the quality of the electrical system.

I think that you are referring to a Repeater (or Range Extender), which rebroadcasts the wireless signal. A few wireless routers include this feature and a fair number of Wireless Access Points have the feature. They slow the system somewhat, and seem to often be difficult to get working, especially if not the same brand as the router. But certainly seem to be an attractive option when they work.

The use of a high gain antenna may also help. Or, say, replacing a 'G' router with a good 'N' router with three antennas may give you the extra range needed.

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I've recently married and moved a block away but still own my old home. Since we're unable to sell my old house we'll try and make use of it. Now whether we call it a man cave or a guest house is still under debate lol. It would be nice to have access to the internet while at the man cave.

To give an idea of the distance/obstacles to overcome. The houses are in the same location of the block but on the next street down. I do have a garage at the man cave and then an empty lot that separates the two locations. The garage has electricity also and could be utilized if need be.

We have att uverse and use the provided Arris modem and to my surprise I can get connected with the way things are with the computer tower in a certain spot. But the connection comes and goes and at near unusable speeds.

I currently have a dgl-5500 router and an old embarq 660 series router and 25ft whether cable I have at my disposal but havent found a way to use them in this situation.

So far the best probable solution I've been able to find is to buy a USB wifi adapter and extension cord or even a wifi repeater I could set up in the garage.

I wanted to get any ideas or suggestions I could before buying something I know little about.

I apologize if I went into too much detail about some things and not enough of others.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may offer.

A:Extending wifi coverage

One thing to start out with, is it a violation of the service agreement with the internet provider?
Most of the ones I have seen or heard about yes, it would be a violation.

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I have read about bridging to extend WIFI coverage.
I was experimenting and what I did was to use a D Link for the root router. Then I used a LAN cable from the D Link LAN Port to the TP Link Internet port. It seemed to work and extend the range. If I used the TP Link Ethernet port it didn't work.

I would be interested in hiring views about pros and cons of bridging and connecting the additional router via the LAN cable.
Thanks very much!

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I've moved to Donegal and am having difficulties picking up the internet from my neighbour/landlord. The have a dlink router and have added an extension and my house is pretty close to theirs but although my iphone can connect the laptop cannot. I thought it was an issue with the laptop but I can pick connect to wireless at work.

My phone coverage is also poor where I live - but I'm loath to leave as the view is beautiful.

Can I do anything at all?

A:poor or no internet coverage

You could get your own internet access.

Does "neighbour/landlord" refer to two people or one?

Is internet access supposed to be included in your rent?

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hi, friend just bought laptop round but i cannot get it to connect to internet nothing wrong with my router as my laptp is connected and when i try and click on his network connections there is no displaying that my router is there ??

A:Solved: no network coverage

This is marked solved, is it?

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I bought a Lenov Ideapad 510 15IKB on 14th April 2017. Now I'm facing 2 issues with the warranty registration and warranty upgrade: Issue#1On April 16th I registered the base warranty of my product as it should start from the purchase date of my product. After few email conversations for purchase proof, finally on 3rd May, I received email confirming the base warranty registration of my product. It was starting from 14th April 2017 and ending on 13th April 2018. I checked the same on lenovo website. But few days back when I again checked the warranty status, it was restored to factory warranty (15 Oct 2016 - 13 nov 2017). I don't know why this happened and how this happened. When I contacted lenovo, they said that warranty is updated in their database but how can I beleive when I can't see this on warranty lookup section of the Lenovo official website. I have also attached the screen shot of warranty lookup page as of today (22 June 2017). Issue#2I registered for 2 year warranty extension under Back To School offer (Ticket Number - ADP-BTS-025399) on www.buyalenovo.com and made a payment of INR 999/- on 6th May 2017. On 10th May, i received an email confirming the receipt of payment and in the same email, it was mentioned that warranty certificate will be mailed to me within 7 bussiness day, but till the date I've not received any warranty certificate, I've sent so many emails in last one week, but I didn't receive any reply to any email. I tried to reach the A... Read more

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