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Windows Vista - Sleep mode

Q: Windows Vista - Sleep mode

I've been having quite a few problems with my laptop recently and it all started with a software I downloaded so I'll list in order of what happened.

- I have a HP Pavillion DV6000 which I bought a year ago, no problems apart from a faulty motherboard which I had fixed

- I recently downloaded a software known as rocketdock which is nothing more than a copy of the Apple Mac scroll bar that has all the icons.

- I then managed to delete my videos folder by accident and as it was too large, it was not kept in the recycling bin

- I downloaded a programme known as "glaryundelete" that retrieves lost documents and files and got a few of my word documents and a few videos back but some videos were corrupt

- I deleted glaryundelete and rocketdock as my general speed of my laptop decreased for some reason

Problems now:

- My windows aero theme has vanished for some reason and I think this has something to do with system configuration where I changed a few startup settings but I don't remember the original ones

- My laptop does not go into sleep mode. I've never had problems with the sleep mode but all of a sudden it no longer does that when I close the lid or press sleep button.

I've had a look at the power plan settings, they are all perfectly normal and according to them, it should go into sleep mode but it still doesn't.

Does anyone know what's going on or has faced similar problems? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Preferred Solution: Windows Vista - Sleep mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Vista - Sleep mode


Originally Posted by DB20

I then managed to delete my videos folder by accident and as it was too large, it was not kept in the recycling bin

Is it possible to "system restore" to to that point?

good luck

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Upon resuming computer work after my desktop has went into sleep mode the mouse and keyboard will emit light but will not work, and i repeatedly here the noises that are made when USB devices are inserted and removed, after a while sometimes they will begin to work otherwise i have to go to the back of my computer which is quite difficult because i cant see where i am plugging into and unplug and replug the mouse and keyboard which is a very tedious task and i would really like to find a way to stop that from happening, so if you have any answers please tell me. @ Thanks

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Hello. I have HP Pavillion laptop. I also have Vista. I have never had this issue before. But when I put my computer to sleep, i can wake it up but there will be nothing on the screen and I can't do anything. When I close the laptop and open it, it gives me the same issue. I set it to sleep when I close the laptop. I think it may be due to a recent file that I deleted. Every time I boot my pc I get this icon in my taskbar that says some start up programs have been blocked. In my case there was only one. I don't remember what it was called but I do know that it starts with the letter "g" and ends with a number. What can I do?

A:Windows Vista Sleep Mode

by the way when I said nothing on the screen, i meant that it would be blank. The screen would be black. It looks like my screen saver. My screensaver is blank. So it gave me a blank screen. And just now I found out that after a little while if I move the mouse again, then the desktop shows up. So there is a really long delay when i wake the pc up from sleep mode.

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I have Vista Home Premium on an HP desktop that recently started freezing during sleep mode ~1/3 of the times I would awaken the screen comes on with the cursor and keyboard frozen. A self diagnostic check advised three drivers may be the culprit so I uninstalled the drivers to no avail. Several system restores to no avail. Finally swallowed hard and did a system recovery(like new from the box) and the problem got worse, now freezes at every sleep session requiring rebooting. The drivers are no longer mentioned when I open "performance issues." Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Windows Vista Freezes in Sleep Mode

Here are my solutions to freezing, and an excellent article, which I hope is of some help
Start with a clean boot, which may give your answer.
Go to search type device manager and look for any yellow warning markers
Run antivirus scan
If overclocking, restore to original

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

Take a memory test, too.
Download memtest86 and test RAM
Run for 8 passes
If passes try a good stick in each slot for 3 passes
If fails do the same for 8 passes.

Problems like this are often memory related, do you have enough memory?

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I'm having loads of trouble with Windows Vista's sleep mode:

I put my vista into sleep mode last night by accident (meant to select shutdown) and now i can't get it to work - the fan is whirring away as if it was on but it seems as if all of the USB sockets and anything plugged into the pc is getting no power?

The keyboard doesn't work (no lights on it)
The mouse doesn't work (tried a wired and a wireless one)
Tried putting a CD into the drive to wake it up - nothing
Neither of my monitors work (checked and swapped cables)
Switched it off at the switch on the back of the pc tower itself and swapped power supply cables - nothing

Short of opening it up and messing around, which will void my manufacturer warranty i'm stuck as to what to do.. i currently have a computer that's on but is completey inactive - any USB things i plug in briefly light up and then cut off

I've seen countless threads on how to avoid this happening again by going into windows settings etc, but none as to how to rescue my PC from its current state as i can't even see anything as the monitors won't work!!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows Vista stuck in Sleep mode

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Following one of many sets of online instructions, we successfully (well almost) installed Windows XP on our new Toshiba U405-S2824 laptop, which came pre-loaded with Vista. The one thing that no longer works is the feature that enabled us to plug our MP3 player into a "hot" USB port to charge overnight. Any ideas on why it is no longer supported, and whether there is a fix for this?

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Every time I wake my laptop up from sleep mode, my Windows live messenger refuses to start. It is still showing up in task bar but I get no response from right-clicking on it. When I double-click on it, the main messenger window opens but it unresponsive. Once I get the main msngr window up I can use Task Manager to disable the process and then start it again fresh. It's either this or restart the computer completely, which I have done a few times after I got sick of restarting the process. It works great after a restart.
Any clue why this keeps happening? It is a pain to have to restart the process every time I wake the machine up.
I also have Messenger Plus! installed, if that makes a difference.

A:Windows Live Messenger Freezes After Vista Comes Out Of Sleep Mode

I have exactly the same issue. The WLMessenger support people asked me to completely uninstall WSLMessenger and reinstall it. But as always happen with that people this is not the solution.

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Hello, I have been experimenting with Torrent for downloading movies, etc. . .
Yesterday night, when I tried to put my vista to sleep, the screen went black, but the computer was not in sleep the power light was still green (Usually goes orange when it goes to sleep,) and I couldn't wake it back up by pressing my power button.

Also, every time I turn on my computer, the internet will not connect straight away, I would have to get a new IP, reset the network router, etc. . .

I am currently using AVG Free anti-virus system.

Are my problems linked to using torrent?

What can I do about my problems?

A:Windows Vista "Sleep" mode problem

Sorry, but the forum rules prohibit assisting with Torrent issues: http://www.techsupportforum.com/rules.php

Remove the Torrent software and we'll be glad to help you with any problems that you may have.

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What exactly is Sleep?how is working?Is there any risk to set computer in Sleep Mode for days?

Shut Down

A:Sleep Mode on Vista

well the best thing to do is go to your power options & set your pc to hibernate after like 3 hours or something. So you can sleep ur pc & then it will hibernate if not turned back on within 3 hours.

Its always better to sleep ur pc if your leaving it for like an hour or two because rebooting causes the pc to use no power managent features so ur burning more electricity than if u left it in standby for an hour or so.

Hibernate is just like shutdown, so your pc can be cut off from the mains, but will still resume afterwards.

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I have HP laptop with vista Home prem. I have the laptop put to sleep 15 min after idle time if it is unplugged and 1 hr if it is plugged.

Is the idle time when there is no mouse movement?

I want the sleep mode but I have problem when downloading. when I download a file longer than 1 hour and leave the computer, I come back after long time to find the computer sleep and the download uncomplete. I can make the wait time longer but I don't want to change each time I download.

Note: Most of the time, I use Internet Download manager for download but sometimes I use the web browser, mega manager or rapidshare downloader.

A:Vista and sleep mode

You should turn off the sleep option, or increase the minutes to 2 hours or over.

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First time user here in this forum; or any other for that matter. I have windows Vista for ops system with IE8. The issue is as follows;
When I am finished using internet, typically I put computer into sleep mode. The towers "power" button will flash for @20 sec and then "desktop" appears their after- like it had come out of sleep mode. Does this every time I try to use sleep mode. The computer is Dell Desktop about 1 year old. My level of computer skill I would consider as advanced beginner, (if that makes any sense). Any suggestions as to how I get sleep mode to work would be apprec.

A:sleep mode for win vista

Hello Kimber, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might go through the items in the tutorial below to see if it may help you find out what may be waking your computer back up. A usual culprit is the "Allow to wake computer" option checked in the network adapter's power management properties tab in Device Manager (STEP SIX in tutorial).

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

Hope this helps,

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I just got my brand new vista machine and since its a lot beefier than my previous i have been wanting to put it into S3 mode when i sleep but when i put it to sleep it sounds like everything in my case is still running the same as before i put it to sleep. I check my bios settings and its set to S3.

Heres my specs:

Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB)
500GB - Seagate 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache
nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
Single Drive: 16X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4 DIMMs
Windows Vista™ Home Premium

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Vista + S3 sleep mode

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Hello, I'm running Vista Ultimate 32-bit and I'm having a problem with the sleep mode. The last time Vista resumed from sleep mode, I received a STOP error.

However, the most bizarre thing was that when I put it into sleep, about 10 seconds later, the system came on by itself! It then showed the STOP error as KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED).

The Event Viewer says that the system was resumed from sleep by Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 2659. However, the only devices attached to it are 'USB Composite Device' and 'Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse (IntelliPoint)'.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

I have attached the Crash Dump file from WinDebug as a text file to this post.

A:Vista Sleep Mode

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My machine is an Evesham 17" Laptop, Intel Dual core, 2GB RAM, Nvidia graphics, wireless conection to internet. Just plain standard really.

I have it configured to enter Sleep mode, rather than Shutdown, when I've finished for the day and this has always worked perfectly......until last night. I put it to sleep as usual, turned off external power and toddled off to bed. This morning when I came down I found it up and running with not much power left. I switched mains back on and was presented with a message that "Internet Explorer has stopped working." IE was definitely not running last night. As soon as I closed that box, another one appeared saying that Adobe Flash was ready to install an update - clicking OK enabled the update to be installed. Next Paint Shop Pro decided that it also wanted to install an update, and duly did so. I then shut the machine down completely and went off to work.

Booting the machine this evening was uneventful until I tried to view a video on the BBC website. I was then informed that I didn't have the latest version of Flashplayer and invited to download and install it. It would therefore appear that the previous update had actually reversed Flashplayer.

What I hope is that some kind person can tell me is how the machine wakes up from sleep mode all by itself? I've checked BIOS and there is nothing enabled there which would allow an automatic start from sleep. I've also checked my power setting in Control Panel wi... Read more

A:Vista Sleep mode problem

Hi beauparc,

If you wish to find out the reason for a wake from sleep mode,

Start a command prompt, (start menu - enter CMD into search bar and enter), and enter "powercfg -lastwake" without quotes the system should display the last item to cause a wake event.

Hope this helps

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I have a TrendNet TK-207. When my computer comes out of sleep mode, neither my mouse nor my keyboard will work. My printer won't event work (network printing) and it isn't event connected to the KVM. When I restart my computer my printer starts printing what was in the queue and the mouse and keyboard work again. What can I do so I can use sleep mode? Thanks.

A:Vista Sleep Mode and the TrendNet TK-207 KVM


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Hello everyone,
I have Vista Home edition on my Compaq computer. Everytime I hit the sleep button, the computer goes to a black screen but does not come out when you move the mouse or hit the keyboard. The only way to get the computer unstuck is to unplug it. I have disabled the hibernation mode but this has not help either. I have updated the computer on a weekly basis but this has not helped.
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Vista gets stuck in sleep mode

Run through the diagnostics in my sig and upload your system specs. Then update your drivers with the new info of your hardware. Just google the manufacturer.

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Hello all, first time poster here and I'm having some troubles.

Basically up until a few days ago my computer had been running just fine but now when I try to put it into sleep mode everything seems normal but when I return to the computer and attempt to wake it up by pressing a key on the keyboard it stirs awake, but goes to the BIOS splash screen. This is leading me to believe that the computer is actually entering sleep mode fine, but when it wakes up it is crashing.

I already went into the advanced system settings and told it not to restart upon a crash and that did not allow me to catch an error message as it still did it this most recent time. The computer seems to run stable aside from that, no other unexpected crashes or anything else weird.

I have not made any recent hardware changes, nor any software installations.

All of these issues began a few days ago when I installed a few updates through windows update on the 8th. I remember distinctly, because I had installed the updates, and it wanted to restart my computer but I postponed it by 4 hours. I then continued working for about 30 mins and then walked away from my computer for a few hours. I have the default power saving settings enabled, so it then put itself to sleep and when I came back I tapped the keyboard and was greeted by the bios splash screen. It then told me that it had not shut down properly and asked me if I wanted to start normally (it does that each time the problem occurs).

... Read more

A:Problems with sleep mode in Vista

Welcome to (TSF) techsupportforum.com


Originally Posted by Placehold

I would seriously disable Hibernation, It also creates a log that can reach the GB's

There has been alot of issues surrounding Hidernation mode, If you really need it keep it but otherwise Use a screensaver lol


but if u want to keep useing it ok ill need u to goto the device manager
and check for any flags

start type in start search device manager
show hidden device see any flags post them

post the dxdiag info

start type in start search dxdiag and click on save all info

and post the minidump files
there should be minidump file there

u will have to winrar them



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I click sleep and the computer using Vista will go to sleep for 15 seconds and then turns back on. When the screen saver comes on it will just stay on even though I have the system set for the monitor to sleep after 20 minutes and the CPU to sleep after one hour. Yes, I can click a key or use the mouse and the screen saver will go off so I can resume any thing that I was working on. Any suggestions?

A:Vista will not stay in sleep mode

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My Intel system hangs every time it goes into sleep mode and then has trouble rebooting.

I have run ever diagnostic test I can think of, have not upgraded BIOS or re-installed Vista. The system log reports no particular errors other than unscheduled shutdowns.



A:Vista hangs after sleep mode

Best advice I have for you is upgrade to win7. If thats not an option reinstall vista. If that don't work... Don't put your computer into sleep mode just shut it down

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Alright so I know what I did to cause this, I believe, but now I need a way to fix it. Recently, the partition Vista was installed on (~31 gig) was getting really tight on space (less then a gig left) so I needed to free up some space. I have both XP and Vista installed on my computer (XP for school work, Vista for games, though it is slowly becoming my main OS for everything) so while I was using XP to defrag my computer I found the hiberfil.sys which was well over 2.5 gigs. I knew what it was for but I went ahead and just deleted it anyway so I could get some free space back. I thought vista would just make a hiberfil.sys, but it didn't. I've tried the command: "powercfg -h on" and while I did lose 2.5 gigs worth of hard drive space instantly, my computer still can't go into sleep mode, it'll shut off the monitor for a few seconds, but then it just goes back to the welcome screen. I've gone back and forth on that command several times ("powercfg -h off" restart, then "powercfg -h on" restart again), but still nothing. So my question is what are some things I can try to get my computer to be able to go into sleep mode again? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Computer won't go into sleep mode with Vista

Besides the powercfg -h on command, which you have already tried, try method 2 from this page:

Re-Enable Hibernate Option in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

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Sorry if this issue has already been addressed in another post. If that is the case please point me in the right direction to locating the solution. If not, my issue is with sleep mode in Vista Home Premium edition. Vista is running on a Gateway Laptop, Model: MT3422. The issue arises when I close the laptop screen while it is running in Windows. The problem is as follows: When the laptop's screen is closed it is supposed to go into sleep mode and then when opened back up it is supposed to come back out of sleep mode. However, this isn't happening. When the laptop is closed it does indeed shut off the monitor, however when I open it back up the screen remains black and does not seem to be quite in sleep mode(there is no slow pulsating of the status lights that is supposed to mimic sleeping). However, because the screen is black it seems to be in some kind of standby mode. I have to hit the power button to get it to respond, which it does. However, It goes back into windows for about a sec or two then the screen sort of blinks real quick, then the screen goes back to black. This state does not seem to be sleep mode because as stated earlier it does not pulsate the status lights on the outside of the laptop in a slow pattern. Also, while in this state, if I press the power button it THEN goes into sleep mode and pulsates the status lights. It is like a weird &#8220;half-sleep&#8221; mode but not actually in sleep mode. I have ruled out that it could be ... Read more

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Have a new intallation of Vista Ultimate on GA-X38T-DQ6 M/B and am having trouble getting Vista to sleep on the power saver ..set for monitor shutdown 15mins. hard drives 25mins. however nothing happens tried various settings to no avail..this works fine on the other comp. Asus/AMDA8N32 which also runs Vista Ultimate.. has anyone any clues.. it is a new install and I might not have all the patches as yet?

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Alright I recently bought a Acer Aspire 5100 that came pre-installed with Vista on it so all drivers are vista compatible and all the drivers are the newest and updated.

Now when it comes to going into sleep mode...It works on a 50/50 bases...Sometimes it goes into sleep mode perfect and works out good.

Other times it will just sit there...Do some activity on the hard drive and then just stop and screen goes black but the fan and everything is still running....I left it like that for a hour and it just sits there with the fan running and a black screen...After that I can not bring it back to normal operating unless I manually shut it down and reboot...Which looses all data in memory.

A:Sleep Mode Working sometimes on Vista

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I enabled the sleep function, so when I press the sleep button it works but when I want to wake it up , the laptop hangs or can't wake up properly.

I have Vista home premium

What is the problem ? help me... I'm going nuts.

Thanks a million in advance

A:Vista Sleep mode problem

I have the same problem. Mentormatt88 has suggested this solution. It worked for him, but not for me, but I guess you might as well give it a go anyway.


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I select Sleep from the start menu, and the monitor powers down, but then the laptop shuts off completely and starts rebooting. Then, it says Windows did not shut down properly. I have to select to start windows normally and everything is fine. But why won't it stay in sleep mode?

A:Sleep mode problem in Vista

It may or may not have anything to do with this, but, just to get the obvious out of the way, have you checked out these reasons listed in Help and Support?:

"Why isn't Sleep available?"

You might not be able to put your mobile PC to sleep for one or more of the following reasons:

The video card on your mobile PC doesn't support sleep. Update the driver for your video card, or check the information that came with your mobile PC about your video card and supported drivers. For more information, see Update drivers.

Some settings are managed by your system administrator. For more information, see Why can't I change some settings?

Sleep and other power-saving states are turned off in your mobile PC's basic input/output system (BIOS). To turn sleep on, restart your mobile PC, and then enter the BIOS setup. As your mobile PC starts, instructions typically appear on the screen that indicate which key or keyboard shortcut that you must press to enter the BIOS setup process. Because not all computer manufacturers use the same BIOS, different keys are assigned for this purpose. To learn more, check the information that came with your mobile PC or go to the manufacturer&#8217;s website."

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I just recently built a Vista PC. I was able to put the pc into sleep mode originally. Although I had some driver issues related to playing games prior to SP1. Seeing as that was the case I wanted to start with a clean install of Vista to update it to SP1. I can't get the pc to go into sleep mode any more. It either hangs indefinately and never powers down everything or on an occasion or two it actually crashed, I guess you could say, and instead of hanging the pc restarted after a minute or less. I know past versions of windows this has always been a problem so it is of no shock to me that I am once again seeing a problem with it but since it did work before SP1 it makes me wonder what is going on to make it not work after SP1. BIOS settings didn't change except for having to manually set memory timings so that the mobo would actually run the RAM at its rated timings. It took some time to figure out that was why the PC wouldn't always boot to the point of beginning to load Vista. But anyways I highly doubt that would have anything to do with the pc not going into sleep mode when I ask it to. Any ideas on how to fix this or once again do we have a senario where sleep mode it completely broken in the OS and they will never get around to fixing it like with previous versions.

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Greetings, I am running Vista Ultimate 64, when ever the machine goes into sleep mode, and I come back to work on it, it takes a long time to wake. Sometimes it goes into a blue screen with the message Windows did not shut down successfully, or Windows shut down to avoid damage to the computer.
Also when she finally boots, it will go into Windows Error recovery with the options of starting in safe mode or start regular.

It's a fairly new Vista installation and it has been doing it since. If I do have to leave the computer for a few hours, I find it easier just to shut down and reboot.

Thank you

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I use Windows 7 and I have the power button on my start menu set to 'Sleep'. It used to work, but now, when I click on it, the screen goes black but the computer never goes into sleep mode. I can move the mouse and the screen will immediately come back. I've been using hibernate instead but it takes longer to come back than sleep does. What could be wrong?

A:Sleep Mode [moved from Vista/7]

you just set your display on sleep mode You have to check your setting from power options sleep / hibernate / disk / shutdown

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After having Vista for 3 weeks, all of a sudden, when I return from Sleep Mode, the screen says Locked. I just hit retrun and everything is fine. Before, I got the normal screen right way. Is there a way to disable that. It isn't a real big deal, but I liked the other way better. I don't use a password, just return.

A:Why is Vista Locked after returning from Sleep Mode?

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I'm running Vista/64 on a Dell desktop, and from the beginning have been using a castoff HP keyboard that I picked up at a church jumble sale. The HP keyboard has a Fn (function) key, and by pressing that key and F2, I can put the computer to sleep. This has been working just fine for several years now.

But now I've ordered a Microsoft 'curvy' keyboard, and note that it does NOT have a function key. So I tried putting the computer to sleep through the Start menu, but it won't work. I get a System Standby Failed notification, that the WSD (wireless?) Print Device is keeping the system from going to sleep. But this never come up using the old keyboard and its built-in Fn+F2 sleep command.

Evidently the HP keyboard is sending a different command to the system than using 'Sleep under Start.' Is there a way to duplicate this command somehow, or is its derivation hidden in the HP keyboard encoding?

Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Strange sleep mode issue with Vista

Some possibilities in this tutorial"

How to Create a Sleep Shortcut on the Desktop in Vista

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I'm looking for some help here. I'm running Vista Ultimate x64. It no longer enters sleep mode on its own. It used to. I can force it into sleep mode by clicking on the Vista Orb and selecting "Sleep". It won't do it on its own - which is what I want it to.

I've run through the Control Panel/Power Mgt troubleshooter on these forums. All my settings seemed to be correct. Using the CMD prompt and powercfg -devicequery wake_armed yields one device: my logitech g15 keyboard. (Using powercfg -a shows that the only sleep state available is S3. That is correct for my motherboard, an Abit IP 35 pro.)

If forced into sleep, the keyboard will wake it up.

The problem, again, centers on the automatic sleep entrance. Currently set for 1 hour of idle.

It seems to me that the machine never thinks it's idle. Is that where I should start? Finding processes which are running in the background?

I'd appreciate any help.


A:Vista Ultimate x64 won't enter sleep mode

Originally Posted by iamc3k


I'm looking for some help here. I'm running Vista Ultimate x64. It no longer enters sleep mode on its own. It used to. I can force it into sleep mode by clicking on the Vista Orb and selecting "Sleep". It won't do it on its own - which is what I want it to.

I've run through the Control Panel/Power Mgt troubleshooter on these forums. All my settings seemed to be correct. Using the CMD prompt and powercfg -devicequery wake_armed yields one device: my logitech g15 keyboard. (Using powercfg -a shows that the only sleep state available is S3. That is correct for my motherboard, an Abit IP 35 pro.)

If forced into sleep, the keyboard will wake it up.

The problem, again, centers on the automatic sleep entrance. Currently set for 1 hour of idle.

It seems to me that the machine never thinks it's idle. Is that where I should start? Finding processes which are running in the background?

I'd appreciate any help.


Hello Ken,
Is it possible that the problem started after you switched to a wireless mouse/keyboard ?

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For some reason unknown after a Vista patch my system no longer enters "Sleep mode".

I'm positive it is the result of a patch and I'm rather bitter about the fact that after months of waiting no fix has been released.

Before anyone asks, NO the system is not entering some sort of passworded screener which I've seen replies for on some other peoples post on this matter.

Situation is simple, I installed a Windows Vista critical update, and after doing so I can no longer enter sleep mode, neither through "Start -> Shutdown -> Sleep" OR by simply leaving my pc idle for a period of time and letting it attempt Hibernation/Sleep mode...it's as though in the patch Microsoft have simply messed up somewhere and made sleep mode or hibernation across the board "log off" instead. Simple fix I would assume, but no fix for months.

I'd really like this fixed in an upcoming patch.

A:Vista Ultimate x64 logs off when I put it in Sleep mode

update your bios, it mightnt support the new update.

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Hi I have the same problem I recently bought a new PC desktop Dell xps 420 intel[R] core tm 2quad q6600 2.40ghz 4gig memory 500 gig hd system 64bit w/windows Vista home premium service pack1 and I cant get it to go into sleep mode ,when I try to it goes off then a analog thing comes on then the pc comes back on I have to shut it down every night .I am not computer smart so if you can help me tell me in laymans terms .I really am not to fond of Vista and I would like to take Vista out and reinstall XPhome again is it possible for me a rookie to do this as I bought xp software package to try to do this can anybody help me I think Vista sucks,Thank you Danny B,Matsui55

A:trying to get into sleep mode/install xp uninstall vista

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I have our wireless router hooked up to my computer at home. When I shut down my computer, the router stays up and working fine, allowing our wireless laptops access to the internet. The ethernet light stays lit and everything is fine. However, when I put my computer in sleep mode - something I would prefer to do rather than shutting it down when I'm not using it - the ethernet light goes out and the laptops can't connect to the internet. It even says no network connection is available.

Does anyone know if there is something I can do? Change a setting in Vista or in the system BIOS ? Is it something to do with the router?

The router is pretty old - Actiontec (GT704WG) but we've never had any problems with it.

I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 bit on a custom built system with an E8500 @ 4.0 Ghz and 8 megs of RAM
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4

Thanks for any help

A:Router shuts down in sleep mode Vista 64

Is the ethernet cable running from the modem going into the router, or the computer? It would makes sense to me that if they were switched something like that would occur...

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My computer is a Toshiba laptop model A85-S107 running Windows Vista Home Basic and sleep mode does not work. Can it be enabled? It's not shown in power options.

A:No Sleep Mode in Vista Home Basic

I don't have Basic but have you gone to Contol panel/power Options and select Change Plan settings. Then select change advanced power settings. Then expand sleep and see how it is set.

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My Vista/SP2 notebook has had no problems.
Except for this:
I put it to sleep last nite, but this morning it was awake.
And, there was an auto update installed:
MSE client update package KB2254596

The same happened several weeks ago.
And as I remember that had an update as well.
I have auto update set to run at 3:00AM.
What happened here?

A. Notebook problem where it did not go to sleep properly.
This is possible, but I think I would have noticed the led on.

B. The auto update causes it to wake up at 3:00AM and check for updates
even when asleep? Is that possible?
I thought that only task schedular tasks could bring a PC out of sleep.
I see only one task that has "Wake the computer to run this task".
It is MobilePC/TMM, which seems unrelated.
I also seem to remember that some NIC cards can be set to wake up
a PC. I have never fiddled with that.


A:Vista updates on notebook while in sleep mode?

Yes, you nailed it. If your NIC card is set to wake the computer. It will wake you when updates are available. You can turn it off, if you like:
Device manager
Network adapters double click
Right Click
change settings
power managment
Untick the box wake

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Hi all, I've looked around the net and seen people with similar problems but none the same and no solutions have worked so far. Every time I click on sleep mode the computer shuts down to a BSOD

I hooked up my brothers laptop to my computer and things were going fine, then his (brand new) laptop had a BSOD and when I went over to my computer it had one also. So I'm not certain of the cause but perhaps something related to that.

Here are the system specs
Intel e8400
4gb ram
Asus P5Q Pro
Vista Ultimate SP1

I've updated my bios to the latest and have installed the latest chipset/usb/lan drivers from the Asus website.
Nothing is overclocked and bios is default settings

I've attached my minidump as I am unable to figure out the problem. Please let me know what else you need. Thanks guys!

A:Vista BSOD on entering sleep mode

From what I can see in your minidump file, everything is pointing to memory and misread memory. My suggestion would be to run Memtest86+ against your installed ram and see if any problems are reported. If this does not show any problems, then I'm sure that someone else in the forum will have another possible area to look after analyzing your crash dump.Hope this helps,

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Hi there Had this computer for a week now...still working out all the Vista bugs...here is a new one: I can't get sleep mode to work. It goes to sleep fine, but wakes right back up in about 20-30 seconds. I have already tried disabling the mouse wake capability and also changed the BIOS settings to diable "wake up on LAN" - neither helped.

Any other suggestions?


A:Vista won't stay asleep in sleep mode

Look at the NIC properties in Device Manager under Network Controllers. I've found with my Vista system that I had to allow the system to shutdown the NIC to save power to get sleep working properly.

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My Dell 530s running Vista Home Premium is turning off after it goes into sleep mode. Dell techs say I need to reinstall Vista, which I don't want to do. Any thoughts.

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I have a Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 that when I awake it from sleep mode it generates a BSOD and then reboots.

The BSOD stop code is:
0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0x8A9A8020,0x8B39AEC4,0X8B39ABC0)

Complete BSOD Screenshot:

Hoping someone can provide a cause and suggestion for a solution to this constantly reproducing BSOD.


A:Vista BSOD when awakening from sleep mode

Hi -

Per your post, bugcheck -

0x7e (0xc0000005,0x8a9a8020,0x8b39aec4,0x8b39abc0), listing probable cause as the Microsoft SCSI class system driver classpnp.sys.

0x7e - thread threw an exception; the exception is the 1st parm - 0xc0000005 - a memory access violation.

Assuming not hardware problem, the real cause is an unknown 3rd party driver. More times than not, 0xc..5 are caused by Internet Security suites like NIS, KIS, McAfee, etc... Do you have one of these installed?

If not, run the Vista Driver verifier - it should help put a name to the unknown driver -
START | type cmd.exe | right-click on cmd.exe uptop under programs | Run as Administrator | type verifier & hit enter - the Verifier screen will appear | do the following:


1. Select 2nd option - "Create custom settings (for code developers)"
2. Select 2nd option - "Select individual settings from a full list"
3. Check these boxes -? Special Pool
? Pool Tracking
? Force IRQL checking
? Deadlock Detection
? Miscellaneous Checks4. Select last option - "Select driver names from a list"
5. Click on the Provider heading - sorts list by Provider
6. Check ALL boxes where Microsoft is not the Provider
7. Click on Finish
8. Re-boot

If the Driver Verifier (DV) finds a violation, it will result in a BSOD. After re-boot, you may not be able to log on. If so, boot into SAFEMODE (select Last Known Good Configuration or System Restore). To see the ... Read more

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I have a Sony Vaio FW390 with Vista SP2. Everytime after I've used the SD card slot on my laptop and want to enter sleep mode, I get the following error screen:
The laptop then reboots and when Windows starts up again it says that there was an unexpected shut down. It appears that this error only occurs after I have inserted an SD card and then removed it. I haven't had any problems entering sleep mode when I haven't used the SD card slot.

How do I fix this problem?

A:Problem entering sleep mode in Vista

are you using the safely remove icon before pulling the card?
Also the card needs to stay in a while to benefit the machine.
just putting in the card will actually slow the machine.
it takes several minutes to write the card...page and the card now will be filled for use with the card..you have to go through an optimization time,which can be quite some time depending on how you use your machine.

basically you just put the card in,set it for ready boost and walk away a few minutes,then come back and use the pc....leave it in all the time.

Also the error you are showing also happens when ram starts to fail..i guess it is possible to have a bad card do the same thing.

Format the card ..check it for errors and try again.

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Hi so I really like the vista sleep mode, but I have a question. Would using sleep mode often cause a slow down? I don't want my computer to be noticeably slower. I have vista ult. 3 gig ram, 9800 GTX, Intel e6400.
also how can I make a shortcut for sleep...like win key+s for example.

A:Vista ultimate sleep mode question

Hello Isikh, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It should not affect the performance of your computer except that it will be faster to startup when you want to use it instead of from a complete startup.

This tutorial will help show you how to create a sleep shortcut.

Sleep Shortcut

Hope this helps,

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Compaq Presario 6-8 yrs. old. Only 2 GB ram. Looking into auto startup programs. Computer can take 5+ minutes to wake up in morning or middle of day after leaving it for awhile. Regular scans and defrags. Even took to Office Depot, but they want $100+ to do full cleanup. Saw the forum on this site about Event Viewer, came up with several codes: 300,302,301,351,303, also 501,500,400,100,101,103,107. Hundreds of them. Windows site a little too technical and not much help. What steps should I take and in what order? Thanks in advance!

A:vista wakes very slowly from sleep mode

Windows vista are very heavy and want a lot of resources.
Your machine is very old. Format it and install a fresh version of windows xp.

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Hello.. Vista crashed my hard drive on my inspiron 1525 about 4 wks ago.. of course comes the drama with losing the last 2 months of my life.. and yes I know to back up.. just didn't get to it (nursing school).. anyway.. since re-installing Vista and trying to get my laptop back where it was... I have noticed that when I close the lid and it's in sleep mode of course.. if left that way for about an hour or longer... IE shuts down and I've lost everything that I had open... when I restart IE it doesn't ask me if I would like to go back to the previous sessions where my tabs were before (as it did ask me this before my laptop crashed a month ago). I have discovered that it will leave IE up and running if I don't close the lid even if it sleeps with the lid open... I can't figure out why it does this and what settings were defaulted maybe differently than a year ago when I first bought this laptop from Dell. Can anyone help direct me to changing the some settings please? I have looked in the Control Panel and can move around comfortably but I'm not a big fan of Vista so there are a ton of things I don't know.

A:Re-installed Vista vs IE7 shutting down in sleep mode

Hi and welcome to TSGF go to control panel power options (in classic view) and on the left choose what closing the lid does and see if the setting needs changed

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Sorry to call it a sleep mode i'm not entirely sure what it is but it's the default option for the key next to the search bar before the computer lock. When highlighted it says, "Keeps your system in memory and puts the computer in a low-power state so that you can quickly continue working."

Essentially what happens is i click the button (mostly by accident as i just switched from xp) and the computer shuts down immediately without doing anything. I'm like sure sleep mode ok and click the mouse and sure enough the computer spins back to life. Only as soon as it spins up it shuts off again then 3 seconds or so later it spins up again, rinse and repeat until i pull the power. I did try the power button to no avail.

Now the computer runs fine if i don't touch this button. I assumed it was a faulty powersupply, as i didn't associate the problem to the button at the time, so i took it out and sent it in to get fixed and put my old computers powersupply in and it booted right up and worked fine for a day until i clicked that button in which case the comptuer did the exact same thing.

I just finished building the computer.

intel quad core 9450
4 gigs of ram
ati 4870
apevia 600w psu (the one i returned was a corsair 750w)

i'm using ultimate x64.

hopefully i can figure this out, thanks.

A:Vista 'Sleep Mode' Crashing the computer.

This is fairly strange and I don't really have any ideads at the moment. But I was just going to tell you that you can change what that button does in the Power Options:

Control Panel > Power Options. Click on "Change plan settings" for the current power plan, then click "Change advanced power settings". Expand the "Power buttons and lid" section, then the "Start menu power button". Select what you want it to be, et voil?.

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