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Toshiba Portable EHDD keeps disconnecting...

Q: Toshiba Portable EHDD keeps disconnecting...

I recently purchased a 640 GB Toshiba Portable External Drive. Lately, it keeps randomly disconnecting from my TV and computer. Why does it keep doing that and how can I make it stop?

Preferred Solution: Toshiba Portable EHDD keeps disconnecting...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Toshiba Portable EHDD keeps disconnecting...

BUMP, I really need help with this...

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What is the correct way to disconnect a USB portable drive from a Win7 system running Windows PE (during image capture/deployment)? Can I just pull out the USB connector or is there a safer method?

A:Disconnecting Portable USB drives in Windows PE

Try to make your removal drive offline with diskpart tool then eject it.
Hope it helps.
Alex ZhaoPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite 225CDS circa 1996. I have a D-Link DE-660 PCMCIA card for Ethernet 10MB networking when it ran under 98SE.

BUT -- I have had to install DOS 6.22 and win3.1 to drive some old hardware and currently I am using floppies and sneaker-net and that ain't good.

I have found some instructions for installing a DOS-based network that should work for w3.1 but I cannot find a driver that will work for the DE-660 and win3.1.

I have checked D-Link's site and they do not have drivers for anything prior to win95 and that driver does not work with w3.1, I have tried it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


A:DOS Network and Toshiba portable

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Hello! I was given a portable Toshiba SuperMulti drive to accompany my Acer Laptop (Windows 7.) I am just now trying to use it to watch a DVD as my television is not working. I know this seems like an idiot question but I cannot figure out how to open the tray! I even googled an exact photo which viewed the tray in an open position, but it just will not budge. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

A:Toshiba portable media drive

Does it look like this one? With the portable drive plugged into a USB port that works, see if it's light comes on.....that's a signal it is up and working.
Usually the rounded oval button will open the tray- press it, wait a bit....keep pressing. They can be stuck- there is another way to try to open the tray:

Open Computer, My Computer, or ThisPC whatever shows your drives....this portable should show in Removable drives area......
Right click the portable DVD drive if it shows in that window and select "Eject" and that would also open the tray.

Another way, look for a tiny round hole in the front of the tray, using a straightened out paper clip, poke gently into that hole not too far....you will feel a little give when you contact the tray eject button inside the drive. Tray should also open that way.

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I am trying to use Windows Vista Backup to backup to a Toshiba portable external hard drive -250gb. When I am stopped by the backup program, I get the following message "the last file backup did not complete successfully". Details: "Data supplied is of wrong type". The error code is 0x8007065D.

I have already converted the portable hard drive file system type from FAT32 to NTFS, in hopes that would fix it. It did not work, and I still can't complete the backup, and still get the same error message. Can you tell me if something is corrupted, or tell me what to do next? Thanks in advance.

A:Toshiba Portable Hard Drive Can't Backup

Can anyone offer any help on this please?

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This seems to be a classic catch22 situation:
I bought a toshiba portable supermulti drive because the DVD drive in my toshiba laptop stopped working.
But I can't install it because I need the internal drive to read the CD they sent me.
Toshiba sent me to three different departments none of which could help me. They are all specialists!
I would like to DOWNLOAD the driver, but don't know who to ask or how to explain.

A:Solved: need driver for toshiba portable drive

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I bought a Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 1.5 TB Black about a week ago, with the intent of using it for static data storage and system backups. But the only big issue I'm having with it is that it keeps randomly disconnecting while copying files, and even when it's not doing anything at all. I'm in the middle of copying a file, and BAM, disconnect, even though my laptop hasnt moved at all and the cable is firmly plugged into a powered 3.0 port. And it is extremely sensitive to even the slightest movement. Examples, someone bumped the leg of a table earlier today just a little bit, someone else barely placed their hand on the table a few feet away from me........disconnect. I had an external Western Digital awhile back, it rarely DCed unless the cable was jarred enough to knock it loose a bit from the port. Not nearly as sensitive as what I have now. I've tried different cables, same issue with all of them. I've also ran chkdsk on the drive, it checked out fine with no bad sectors etc.

I know that 3.0 drivers are included in Windows 8 by default and that external HDDs are typically classified as plug and play. I have searched the Toshiba website, no drivers available. I've also tried looking for 3rd party alternative drivers/solutions, etc. Windows is fully up to date. And I just checked my power settings and found something called "USB Selective Suspend", which I'm guessing is where Windows puts a drive to sleep after it's idle for a certain period. I disabled that settin... Read more

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My Name is Hariyanto and I am from Indonesia.

My toshiba canvio portable hard drive 500GB is not detected by my Acer Laptop 4750 G. there are three usb ports. two of then are 2.0 and is 3.0 USB.

The USB 2.0 is not a problem. It can detect and read my external drive.
But when I change to USB 3.0, the laptop says that I need to format and when I format it the Windows 7 said that windows 7 can not format it.

I have already installed the renesas usb controller drive. I have tried to uninstalled and reinstalled it but still it didn't work.

What happen to my USB 3.0 port or my Toshiba external HD.

I really need your all help, please.
Thanks a lot

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Good morning,

I recently found my Toshiba portable external mass storage device and plugged into my USB port. The Device shows in my control panel as a connected device but I can not gain access. What might prompt this problem?

For the record, I am a beginner when it comes to computers so I'm just looking for some insight to this issue.


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My name is Yannik. I have a Toshiba 500 Gb Portable (external) Hard Drive that had information on it but for some unknown reason, when I plugged it, the computer asked me to reformat the drive so I did. After that, I thought it would work fine but when I tried to access the Hard drive,, I couldn't because a message appeared that I needed to check/scan it because there's was a problem: A Hard Drive Error: Volume is dirty 0x80071AC3 If I either try the two option below:
1) Automatically fix file system errors
2) Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
I waited and waited for over 2 hours and nothing happened, it was still at "0" Free cluster processed!
My question is: Do you know how to fix this issue?

A:Toshiba Portable 500 Gb Hard Drive Error: Volume is dirty 0x80071AC3

It can take quite some considerable time for this command to complete, particularly with large drives and more so if it has a lot of work to do. Leave it running overnight and see what it has got up to tomorrow.

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I own a WD 160gb USB2 EHDD and it's about 3 years old. I have it reformatted to fit Mac. I noticed it said exFat when I inserted it to my PC.

Last night, I was going to transfer files to my PC from Mac. As usual, my PC froze. I ejected it and reinserted it. Now while it detected it, it wanted to scan it. I chose scan. I waited for 30 mins before cancelling the scan because it took too long and the progress bar wasn't even moving. Now it crashed. I can't open it and access my files. I inserted it to my Mac and just before the scan happened, my EHDD was working on my Mac and after now, it said it doesn't recognize it and wants me to Ignore, Eject or Initialize. I tried back and forth between PC and Mac to get it working but no avail. I rebooted my computers and nada. I went to bed and this morning, both my PC and Mac detected them ONCE. Just once and it even froze on both computers. I was going to transfer files to my Mac so I can reformat it but it froze. I tried again and then it went back to being undetected. Now I'm trying different ports and usb cables and it is still not working. I listened to that ping sound it makes when you insert to a port and my PC seems to be ejecting it on its own. I need to recover my files and my drive. Can anyone help me? I run on Win7 and OSX Snow Leopard. Thanks.

A:My EHDD Crashed, Need help.

I Would try running Spinrite. It fixes most HD Crashes. What your describing sounds like a HD Crash and you drive is dying. You say its 3 years old, around the time most people see these errors. Spinrite can be purchased at security now. If your info is Very crucial, A company called driver savers will open your drive in a clean room and extract data to new drive but this cost thousands of dollars sometimes.
But it depends on how crucial data is to you I Guess.

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I currently have an Asus laptop with Windows 8 installed and I want to remove Win8 to install Windows 7.

The laptop has no CD/DVD drive so I need to do this via USB. I have extracted a Windows 7 installation CD onto a USB 4GB stick (NTFS), and also on to an External Hard Drive (FAT32), both to the root directories.

When trying to boot, the USB stick didn't appear in the boot menu, and with the external hard drive, it appeared in the boot menu, but when pressing enter nothing happened.

I also tried the ultimate boot CD on the external hard drive, and that wouldn't boot either.

It's an ASUS X501A-XX402 for anyone wondering.


A:Cannot boot from USB or EHDD

UPDATE: I had to turn CSM on in the BIOS.

So now the laptop finds both USB's which helps. However, when I select the USB stick, it says please insert bootable media.

Secondly, when I try with the EHDD, it says "Missing operating system".

I'm stuck..

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so basicly we got different pc's here on school and on all those pc's my key needs tobe activated BUT at somepoint it says that all of the uses have been used... but actually i keep switching systems... (i hope its a bit clear...) so can anyone tell me what to do? do i need to crack it? (hope i wont..)

A:EHDD + different pc's @ school

If all of your keys have been used, then you will need to purchase a new one from MS...

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Hi all,
So on Saturday I got a new EHDD, a Seagate 1tb usb 3.0 (bus powered), as my old usb 2.0 one must be like 8 years old and at 500gb it was getting full (although it still works fine, something which at this point I'm very glad about). I was excited to be trying all the speed usb 3.0 could throw at me, and quite pleased with results.

But then things got weird, and I'd really like to know if it's a problem with my system or a faulty drive, so I can work out what to do.

1) Randomly it seems it'll just stop being recognisable. When it's in this state it ranges from showing as no files/folders on the drive, showing empty folders, or showing all the files there, but they're unreadable/useable when you try to click on them. This has happened during idle time and during use of the drive. Even though I formatted the drive before use, it shows up during these times as having RAW file system, constantly says the device is inuse and unable to be removed - and even if you unplug and replug it it wont be recognisable again until you restart the pc.

2) Upon start up, it seems there's an extensive period of the drive 'lagging', maybe 5-10 seconds, before you can do the first thing you try to do. After that, it seems to work fine, until issue #1 comes in that is.

I have tried updating my usb 3.0 controller driver (it's the renesas (sp?) controller, built into mobo) and all that did was make the lag slightly worse for issue #2 (or randomly made it go away, although that's o... Read more

A:Odd Problems With New EHDD (usb3.0)

#1 seems like a power issue, but the "does not get recognized until you restart" part and the #2 does make me think of driver issues.

Your USB controller is NEC, not rensas (the former acquired the latter, but anyway), so it's possible that you are using wrong drivers. Go here and download/install the driver under USB category.

Also installing the latest chipset drivers is worth giving a shot, from here (as they seem to pack USB3.0 functionality in the pack as well).

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Hello everyone, today I bought a 1TB Western Digital Elements SE Portable Harddrive. It is in NTFS and I want to change it to FAT32. I dont care about losing any data because I dont HAVE any data on it in the first place because its new.

I want it in FAT32 because I have a Sony Bravia TV, a Sony Media Centre, and a Sony PS3, and they will only detect FAT32 drives, if I plugged in an NTFS one it wont come up at all, but FAT32 comes up just fine. I can imagine that most other devices such as stereos, DVD players and the like would only accept FAT32 as well so I want to keep up to speed.

I am running Windows 7, I have been trying things out myself, I've tried a couple of things like just the usual right clicking the drive in my computer and choosing format, then where the file system drop down list is it only has NTFS and exFAT.... I've tried using windows diskpart utility in CMD run as administrator, but that doesnt work, it comes up saying no drive selected or something along those lines, even though I selected it. I tried Partition Wizard Home Edition which I've used before, but when I select it and go to format, then choose FAT32, it will only allow me to make it 380GB.... what about the rest of the space? I tried Partition Magic despite compatibility issues with Windows 7, but when I go to choose the file system I want theres only NTFS, ext2 and ext3... I've read up online and tried things out for myself but half the posts I see dont make any sense to... Read more

A:Convert 1TB EHDD from NTFS to FAT32

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This Procedure is for your internal CDROM to work with your External USB hard drive using Norton Ghost 2003

Advantage: You are able to write an image to your Internal Hard Drive/USB external hard drive from your stored CDROM, Hard disk, or USB.

PC DOS BOOT DISK: Create a PC DOS boot disk with Norton Ghost 2003 and edit the disk.

D1000DD.SYS (add file)
HIMEM.SYS (add file)
MSCDEX.EXE (add file)
OAKCDROM.SYS (add file)
USBASPI.SYS (add file)

Delete GUEST.EXE to fit the above files.




DEVICEhigh = OAKCDROM.SYS /D:cdrom001

@echo off
SET TZ=GHO+05:00
lh MSCDEX.EXE /L:X /D:cdrom001
echo Loading...

Laptop Users: Create a CD boot disk with Nero Express and burn the image on the CD that is needed for your USB external hard drive.

Hope this works for you.

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Hi there, I have been infected with the win32/small.ca virus for quite sometime now (possibly up to a year). I was alerted of it by the Windows Action Center and as has been mentioned in various forums and blogs, when I run anti-virus and anti-malware scans (including Sophos, Windows defender and SuperAntiSpyware) they come back clean.
I am fairly sure I am infected as my computer is crippling slow and even when no programs are running 2or 3gbs out of 4gbs of memory is being used. Programs I run crash almost instantly and Sophos keeps blocking mainstream websites I try to access  and tells me it is a high risk website associated with malware trying to attack my PC. 
I would be extremely grateful for any help and advice, especially if you could help me remove it from both my PC and EHDD where the virus originated from.
Here is my DDS log and I have attached the attach.txt as requested.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 10.0.9200.16660  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.17.2
Run by Sebastian at 13:27:02 on 2013-09-06
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.44.1033.18.3999.1037 [GMT 1:00]
AV: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus *Enabled/Updated* {9FF26384-70D4-CE6B-3ECB-E759A6A40116}
AV: Sophos Anti-Virus *Enabled/Updated* {65FBD860-96D8-75EF-C7ED-7BE27E6C498A}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Sophos Anti-Virus *Enabled/Updated* {DE9A... Read more

A:Infected with win32/small.ca (laptop and EHDD)

Hello slb1 I would like to welcome you to the Malware Removal section of the forum.Around here they call me Gringo and I will be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", th... Read more

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If anyone needs flash for portable browsers, go here ---
Portable Adobe Flash Player

Easiest way to use flash for portable browsers. I use on Firefox portable.

The website is of a well known member RejZoR on Wilders & Avast, etc...

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i am looking for a replacement for my fawtly Seagate 500gb with new 1TB Seagate external HD model I cannot decide of buying portable or non-portable. Do branded portable work as good as non portable? The reason i ask is becasue i have Steam games working from faulty 500gb exteernaall HD,so in upgrading to 1 TB will the fact it is portable/non have noticable effect?

A:portable external HD work as good as non-portable?

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Has anyone made one or what'd be the best way to have an Antimalware scanner on a USB stick? I know there is Malwarebytes Techbench, so has anyone used it and does it use MS-DOS tool or what?


A:Portable scanners & Malwarebytes Portable?

this? Techbench - USB Malware Detection & Removal

seems just a portable version using both a GUI and a Command line interface.

for portable scanners, you have plenty: Emsisoft Emergency Kit, HMP, etc...

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HP deskjest 100 portable printer will not recognize a new tri color cartridge (98). Just says :  "cartridge not installed" When I put back the old one that is out of ink, it works fine.  I have tried several new ones and all say same message.I have physically looked for any possible mechanical issue but found none.  The printer is about 3 years old but has printed maybe 200 pages.      Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Some software publishers or authors offer both portable and installable versions of their products. (Kee Pass is one of them.)

Is it advisable to systematically prefer the portable version, when running it from a fixed drive and not a thumb drive, according to the logic that if it's possible not to write into the registry, it's better not to ?

I often try new software, and I'm concerned about long-term stability. I install and uninstall a lot, using Revo Uninstaller Pro. But I've come accross people advising not to use Revo or other fancy uninstallers, just to stick to the product's own uninstaller or the Windows function.

Also, I have set C-Cleaner to a daily auto-run. In the past, I used its registry cleaner quite regularly. But some people say it's better not to clean the registry at all.

So I figured the more applications could stay away from the registry, the better. Is this a correct assumption ? Are there any drawbacks to portable apps ?

A:Are portable apps preferable, even for non-portable use ?

I have been using a lot of cleaning softwares too . Registry as well as junk cleaners.
Registry cleaner to me is a good thing as it removes the useless leftovers of programs that are left by their regular un-installer or some deleted files.

ANS1 > I recommended to clean registry as it improves performance and reduce junk in resgitry . So if portables apps dnt have or create these junks in registry then ur assumption is right and i m at your side too because " u dont need to re-install every software when u replace OS as it will work as it is if its PORTABLE "

ANS2 > Portable softwares are better then installed ones .

Above are the answer given as a user , i have used many portable softwares never had any issue just benefits

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HelloCan you clone from one laptop to another laptop with USB cabling?

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Is there ANY way to find/add/download somehow restore my missing touchscreen driver?  When I first called Toshiba they told me to call Microsoft.  Microsoft told me to download the driver from Toshiba's site.  Toshiba does not offer this
on their site.  I called them back a few times, until the unit is now out of warranty, and Toshiba just refuses to help other than to say sorry.  I would really like the touchscreen functionality back and have tried the factory reset (through recovery)
but that didn't work.  I tried the 'hold the zero key while powering up' but that did not bring up the recovery screen at all.  I'm now up to Windows 10.  There must be some way to get this functionality back.  Thanks for any help!

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My toshiba doesn't want to boot,and I can't press F2,F8or F12.

I tried everything unplugging the battery,taking out the HDD, everything!!

And i can't do absoloutley nothing when i turn it on no button on the keybored does anything.

Please help!

A:Toshiba satellite P300 (-1CD) won't boot past toshiba splash screen.


Perform the following steps:
-Remove the battery and Power adapter
-Press and hold the power button for 30-45 seconds (with battery and power still removed)
-Insert just the battery and attempt to boot the laptop.
-Insert just the power adapter and attempt to boot the laptop.

If still unsuccessful: Remember to remove battery and power before removing/installing components

-Remove the power and battery
-Remove the hard drive from the laptop and attempt to boot with the battery installed. Do you receive any error message?
-Remove the memory modules from the laptop
-Insert just the battery and attempt to start the laptop (you should receive beep error)
-Try inserting just one module of memory and test (swapping modules after each attempt)
-Remove the optical drive and test.
-Try disconnecting the CMOS battery for a few minutes then re-connect and try.

How to take apart a Toshiba Satellite P305 series notebook

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I want to change my sata mode in to AHCI. I entered into toshiba setup utility by pressing F2. But cant find any option to change sata mode into AHCI. Bios version:2.0. How can I obtain this. Please help me..

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My laptop cannot tell me any post after the Toshiba logo just black screen. Cannot get into the bios or anything... These are the things I have tried:
Taken hard drive out,
Taken ram out and only tried one..
Taken Battery Cmos battery out for a few minutes..
Had a look at the motherboard and fan is not even working when I turn it on..
I have taken the cpu and put it back in..
Defiantly Sounds like the motherboard problem but want to know if its just a chip that needs to be replaced and soldered.. If anyone has any ideas that will be awesome.


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when using the above card, and TRENDnet TEW-311BRP WireLess Broadband Router, I cannot get a stable connection.

It always connect and disconnect me.

I use this machine and card all over the world: airports, hotels, offices and it works great.

I asked the dealer to replace the 311. Same problem.

However, if I stick TRENDnet PCMCIA card and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, I connect w/o disconnections.

any idea?

A:Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop and Wi-Fi Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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The TsuRuWin.exe tool that we use to configure BIOS passwods on our R940's and Z40-A laptops doesn't seem to work on the Z40-C. When we run it on the Z40-C we just get the error 'Could not get System Information!' Has this tool been superceded by something else?

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Notebook information: Toshiba Satellite L505-S5990, Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

About a month ago I was on my notebook browsing clipart on Office.Microsoft.com when a window popped up in the lower right corner (taskbar). The only anti-virus I was using was Windows Defender and running IOBit360.

I will tell you what I remember. The window borders in the pop up were red, it presented itself as a Microsoft Windows product and it stated I was infected with a virus. There were 2 or 3 buttons to click and I clicked one of them which prompted me to buy the product, I did not do this. I closed the window, again and again, and downloaded several anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware free programs in addition to system optimization software. Several threats were found and removed (unfortunately I do not have the logs for these events) but the startup was getting slower and slower and I believe my settings were being hijacked. Over the last several weeks, I did a little amateur investigation to see what was running in the task manager. I came across a process that I was not familiar with and that I had not seen previously, taisregistpinger.exe. I performed about a half dozen factory restores which only seemed to make things worse until on 3/12/2011 after the last factory restore on the original factory hard drive, the desktop was now a blue screen with big bold red font that read: WARNING, your computer is now infected with malware/spyware (I can't remember). It had a coupl... Read more

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I wonder if there are any Techheads out there looking for a challenge?

I have a new Toshiba LCD HDTV that I want to use as the primary and only monitor for my Toshiba Satellite laptop.

I want to eliminate the laptops screen altogether.

I would like to know if there exists a connector or some other way to connect my laptops ribbon cable output to a VGA output and then to the HDTV via a VGA cable; or if there is a better way to go?

The screen on this 4year old laptop got cracked so I have to spend at least $75.00 for parts alone and if I go that way I might as well buy another laptop, or use a desktop with a wireless keyboard which will cost more than $100.00 to set up.

Besides, this seems like a kinda cool fix so if anyone has any bright Ideas, please respond.

A:Toshiba Laptop to Toshiba LCD HDTV as primary monitor

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Greetings, I am trying to update my Toshiba Satellite P50-C-11M through the Service Station, however an error occurs. Please note the laptop is roughly a week old only.

As I press install on the updates I get the following message: "The software update download operation failed. Reason: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {4991D34B-80A1-4291-83B6-3328366B9097}.

I tried the following solutions and nothing worked:
1. Updated the BIOS Independently from the Toshiba Europe Website.
2. Uninstalled the Service Station and reinstalled it again.

Thank you, and I hope this helps others too.

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What would you choose and why?

I had both, now with the centrino. Sure my centrino is not a 3.0 or 2.8 cpu but Im starting to realize the higher the cpu doesnt mean better all the time. Depends what you run etc. I dont play games on my laptop anyways, so...

but everyday when I see that my video is dedicated and not onboard, and hear my wonderful Harmon Kardon speakers (the best Ive ever heard on a laptop ever BTW)...it makes me realize the extra money was worth it. Considering i travel alot and do alot of presentations on my laptop so nice sounding speakers is a bonus. These speakers even sound better than my home ones for clarity!


(dedicated video and harmon kardon speakers, brushed aluminum shell)


(onboard video and the worst speakers ever heard on a laptop, cant even hear it in a small room, blue plastic)

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When i turn my laptop on, it get stuck on "Toshiba Leading Innovation" screen. The current solution that i found is to unplug and plug the battery and it does work sometimes and sometimes not. So the problem happened everytime i turn on the laptop.

I formatted the laptop and even restore it to the original Windows 8.1 and installed all the updates, the drivers but nothing solved the problem !

My laptop is :

Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14Z

Windows 10 Home

Intel® Celeron® N2840 processor with Intel® Burst Technology 2.0

Hard Disk 500 GB

Intel® HD Graphics

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Has anybody make a successful Win XP Portable with a thumb drive?

I have read many websites and "How To's" but to no avail... it is one of those things that I tell myself I must learn to do as it would make my life easier for those times when the computer has a virus or help a friend with a problem, etc, etc.

I was able to get one going with bartPE but it takes a long time to load the iso file.

If any of you have, can you point me in the right direction?

A:USB Win XP Portable

Assuming you'd even getting it working, it wouldn't be usable. The USB interface doesn't work well booting a Windows OS. The performance would be bad, and some sites claim it drasticllay shortens the life of the drive.

Quote: Originally Posted by AstaLaVista

I must learn to do as it would make my life easier for those times when the computer has a virus or help a friend with a problem, etc, etc.

I'm not sure how this would help (if it were possible) for either situation. If a computer has a virus, either fight it directly or pull the drive and connect it to a working computer and clean it.

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Hi everyone,
I'm going on holiday soon, I have a very nice Fuji digital camera, I have an 256Mb Xd picture card with it, lots of pics you may say, actually it takes around 100 at 6 million pixels, less at 12 million, not bad however, last time I was on holiday the picture card was soon full, I couldn't take anymore photo's last 3 days.

My question, is there a portable disk that will connect to my camera via the USB cable which will allow me to download all the pics from the Xd card thus enabling me to empty the card to start taking more pics?
Any help and advice will be gratefully accepted,

A:portable hdd?

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Hi All.

I was about to buy WD passport 500G when I noticed that they released a new edition and accordingly to the majority of the reviews on Amazon.co.uk Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB USB 2.0
it is a disaster. They built s/w into HD's ROM, so you cannot get rid of it by formatting HD (it is loading a virtual cd-rom every time you plug the HD in. Just like Scan u3 usb stick, although I think you can get red of this one (didn't try it b/c I like it)). Also it has nonstandard small USB connector/cable.

So, I will have to buy either previous edition while stock lasts or I found another HD that looks OK but I don't know anything about it.
Samsung S2 2.5-inch 500GB USB 2.0
Do you know anything about this Samsung HD? I found more or less good review on Tom's h/w but I would like to hear from "real" people

A:Portable USB HD

You aren't necessarily limited to the major brands. You could build your own by buying an external enclosure and then fitting it with the drive of your choice. I no longer buy WD/Maxtor, Seagate, ect externals. I just find an enclosure with good reviews and a decent price, then match it up with the drive I want.

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Very often, and getting more frequent now, when i plugged in my HDD into my laptop, it hangs and produces a beepng sound. Sometimes it goes away after a while and then it opens, sometimes it just hangs and I have to stop it.
Does problem lie in the HDD or my laptop OS? My OS is Vista Business 32bit.
Any advice anyone? Thanks!

A:Portable HDD

Try plugging it into another pc with same operating system. If it works fine it's not the hard drive however if it hangs it could be either one and you'll be back where you started from. GOOD LUCK

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Just thought this would be a good place to announce.I just found out that the actual creators of SAS have released a portable version.as far as i can tell. the filename is always random, the extension is .com, and the definitions are up to date.check it out...http://www.superantispyware.com/portablescanner.html

A:SAS portable

For some reason when posting links to superantispyware, the part after the / gets removed when you click it. Just go to http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&cli...mp;aqi=&oq= and it should be the first link

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so i recently got a ps3 and i would like transfer some files to it. i have a maxtor 80gb onetouch III lying around and i tried that but its formatted in NTFS then i found out ps3 only reads FAT32 formatted devices. i would like to know how to partion my HDD then format that partion to FAT32

i already know alternatives to transfering files (media server, which is what i'm currently doing) this is just so that i can go to friends house and stuff like that.


A:Portable HDD help

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Hi folks. Can anyone tell me:

1. Does the portable version of SAS get updated regularly on their site? Or should I check for updates before I run it?

2. How does one go about verifying that the stuff SAS finds is actually bad or at least unnecessary and not something that needs to be kept?
Thank you!!

A:SAS Portable

1. Does the portable version of SAS get updated regularly on their site? Or should I check for updates before I run it?Are you asking about the program itself or the detection definitions?As a rule of thumb I make a habit of checking for updates every time I grab my tools to make a house call. 2. How does one go about verifying that the stuff SAS finds is actually bad or at least unnecessary and not something that needs to be kept?Research = lots and lots of searching sometimes.Welcome to the wonderful ever changing world of malware removal.

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What would be a good Portable Antivirus?

Doesn't need to have realtime feature or web blocking etc. etc. Just an on-demand virus/malware scanner. I want to use it as an extra "add on" for Windows Defender.

It should have the option to install definitions offline and must not slow the computer.

I thought of ClamWin but reading its poor detection rate, I don't want to use it.

Anything other like Clamwin? Please recommend.

My os is windows 10 and it is an offline pc. Never ever connected to any internet/wifi/Bluetooth etc.


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i recently downloaded firefox portable for my 1gb flash drive so i can use it at my local library and it runs real slow and alot of times it stops responding and other times it makes the computer freeze and i just want to know how i can fix it. the computers at my local library are dell computers and have windows xp

A:Firefox portable

It is working on the flash drive, or you installed it onto the library computer.

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My friend has a new Western Digital Portable Passport. [Thin, streamlined about 125GB USB].
My PC will NOT recognise THIS Portable HD although it accepts all other portables of the same type.
My Laptop WILL also accept this Portable HD.

Both my computers run Windows 7.

The HD does not come with any drivers etc - it's supposed to be 'plug & play.' [And is on every other comp, it seems]

Can anyone make a suggestion, please?


A:Portable HD not recognised.

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I seem to have an issue connecting portable devices, much like the Zune I just received for Christmas. I believe one branching start of an issue that I have is that I do not have a link for Portable Devices under my Device Manager. This may be because I didn't install all the drivers and what not when I reformatted last, but that is why I come to you all. Do you know why I do not have a Portable Devices link under my device manager?


A:Portable Devices

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