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Y50-70 touch cmos cmos cable won't budge

Q: Y50-70 touch cmos cmos cable won't budge

How do I unhook this cable ? It's the cmos cable, tried everything and it won't budge .

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Preferred Solution: Y50-70 touch cmos cmos cable won't budge

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


This is only happening about every 10 tenth time I start the computer. When the computer is turned on, a message is displayed (white text and black background) that the "CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad, CMOS Date/Time Note Set, Press <F4> to Run SETUP".
Windows XP is started and the time for the computer is set to January 1, 2002 01:00AM. I can manually change the date/time in Windows to the correct time. However, this is happening only occasionally. How can I prevent this from happening?
I have ran anti-virus scan and no viruses were found. Also, downloaded the latest version of Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy and scanned the computer, nothing was found. Ran Disk Defragmenter and ScanDisk and no errors were found.

A:Solved: CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad, CMOS Date/Time Not Set - Only happens sometimes

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Dear experts, I run  a small business from home, today my main computer wouldn't boot up, I checked the error messages and it tells me that the CMOS settings are wrong and also that the CMOS memory size is wrong, I am not that computer literate and every time something like this goes wrong it costs me money that right now I cant afford, the operating system is XP, please could one of you wise people tell me what I need to do to put the problem right ?, a mugs guide would be appreciated step by step preferably, failing that do I need to get the computer seen by an engineer ?, I do hope note as I am officially signed of work with anxiety and depression and don't need too much extra stress or hasle at the moment.

A:CMOS Settings & CMOS memory size on XP please help.

Post the exact wording of the on-screen messages, please.  And tell us exactly when they appear onscreen.
Thanks .

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Hi I've run into an issue with my CMOS. I'm using a Lenovo Y40-70 and the CMOS version that is currently installed is 99CN28WW(V1.11) and the EC version is 99EC28WW(V1.11). I had read somewhere that when you start to have problems with the CMOS you should flash it or update it. I tried that and got the following error message: The version of ROM file is the same as that of BIOS.This is true as I checked that the latest update for CMOS is 99CN28WW on the site. So here is my problem... My system is losing the date & time when I shut it down. For instance if I shut the laptop down at 7:40PM on Jan 1, when I boot it up the next day it will still be Jan 1 at 7:40PM. I have to manually go into the CMOS and change the date and time everytime I turn the laptop off and turn it back on. If I do not turn it off, it is fine, but I prefer to turn it off when I'm not using it. I've read that the best way to combat this type of CMOS problem is to install a new CMOS battery.  My question is how do I go about doing that? Do I need a special setup for it? The reason I aks is because I bought a standard CMOS battery at a local store and when I opened up the laptop the CMOS is actually in a black wrapper. When I unwrapped it there were two connectors on the battery itself which leads me to believe that perhaps I need to buy a specialized battery with the connectors already installed. Is that the case? If so where do I get that? If not how do I get those little connectors ... Read more

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This is a first...

A friend was visiting for three days and a few things seemed to change. He shut off my monitor when not using the PC. It didn't come back on when I hit the power, so I hit the menu button and tried to get the thing up & running. I didn't get into the monitor's menu.

That's the only thing that was done differently. Now XP asks for the CMOS setting every time I boot up. It asks for standard (F1) or advanced (F2). When I do the standard setting, my computer starts back to the year 2002 at 12pm.

How can I get things back to normal, when I turn the PC on and it boots up in XP like always?


A:CMOS setting: XP won't boot w/o going through CMOS

If the date changes, chances are that the CMOS battery needs to be replaced. Just a co-incidence on timing and your friend, I'd say.

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I have a HP Pav 13 x360 Win 10. The main battery has the CMOS included inside it or it doesnt have one, I have heard both. The error persists with the battery uninstalled, using only AC power.

It all started with plugged in, not charging. Then got CMOS checksum is in invalid on startup. Changed battery 3 times (twice from HP and once from me)

Gave up and set it aside for months. Took it to a tech who could not find anything wrong with it. It was charging normally and told me it just needed to be at 0 for a while and should work fine. It booted with no error.

It is now showing the error again but is charging. Could it be a motherboard error if it happens without a CMOS? I have updated it and flashed the BIOS.

Any help is appreciated

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Hey again folks,

My machine (MSI 865 neo mobo) won't go to CMOS when I attempt it on boot. It completes the POST but hangs at a blank screen when I ask it to enter the bios.

Bootup to windows is no trouble.

Any ideas?


A:Can't get to CMOS

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Q: Cmos

When I turn on my computer, it hangs up with the message: "CMOS checksum error-defaults loaded" and underneath that it says"CMOS battery failed". It gives me an option of F1 continue or DEL to enter setup. What does this mean and how do I fix it? Thanks so much you are always so helpful!


The error you are receiving means the battery used to maintain the cmos settings is about gone and needs to be replaced. The battery is located on the motherboard and depending on your unit it looks similiar to a watch battery. If you have reservations about removing and replacing the battery then take the tower to a local repair shop and they will do it for you.
Here is a site that explaining what the message means.
And heres a site that explains the how tos

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good afternoon i got new battary in moth/board how do i re-set cpu in cmos thks

A:re-set cpu in cmos

Most is automatic. Just change time and date and such. Are you getting an error message?

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Q: Cmos

I put some old parts together and built a computer. It works fine except for the cmos settings. Everytime I turn it off and back on I have to go into Cmos to recognize the hard drive and date. It says cmos settings are wrong and display is wrong. Is it not holding the settings because the cmos battery is dead or is it something else. Thank you.


I start with a new battery before I'd look further.

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Q: Cmos

How do I enable "AGP MASTER 1W/S WRITE" in system BIOS ?
I have Windows XP with SP 1.


Welcome to TSG!
The AGP Master 1W/S Write Enable\Disable function is not contingent on OS or update to SP1. It is a function of the motherboard and the Bios supplied by the motherboard manufacturer. Also if you have a highly proprietary unit such as Sony or Compaq you may have problems in Bios update. You will have to research your motherboard at the manufacturers website and see what is available for settings and if the setting is not available then find out if there is a bios update for your motherboard which has the switch.
Here is an article from ATI that explains a problem they are experiencing with their product and they suggest using the enabled switch.



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Reading through my motherboard manual I noticed a section describing the jumper used to clear the CMOS RAM if need be. When and why would you ever need to do this?

A:Cmos Ram

you may need it if you say overclock your cpu and your system doenst start, you would clear the cmos and it will erace ALL bios options and set them to defult

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Q: Cmos

Why is it that my computer will only power on for 30 seconds and then switch itself off ?

I have put a jumper over pins 1 and 2 of the Clear Cmos pins and it powers up forever.

If I put the jumper in the correct position as I say, it will only power up for around 30seconds and it will make lots of beeps.


Q: cmos

I get a message that -cmos battery failed-
To continue I have to press F1. Then Windows starts to boot, stops to let me put in the correct date, then continues to load Win 98. I think I found the battery, it actually looks like a large watch battery but it is aabout the size of a nickel, and looks removeable. It leems to have a "growth" on it kindof like solder spuing from the center and overflowing on one side. What o I do.

Q: Cmos

When i start up my compaq mini....i get a message of cmos setting wrong, cmos date and time not set. Is the battery dead?.


That is likely if you have set them and they are not kept after power off.

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Q: Cmos

If I remove and replace the CMOS battery does that blank out my log on and Administrator passwords?

Q: Cmos?

When m/c is started all that happens is three beeps a break and so on a Cmos error but what does it mean


Hi WeeJimmy and welcome to TSG.

It would help if you told us the brand and model number of the computer and/or the motherboard. Each BIOS type has it's own set of POST beeps codes.

Are the individual beeps short or long?

What is "m/c" ?

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Q: cmos

before entering the systerm -----windows 2000, it has a Warning on the screen that


i bought my computer just several days ago.i do not think CMOS battery might have lost its charge .


<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=746063">

naqian ni hao!

Hello again! If your friend built this computer for you he may not have set the BIOS correctly. I suggest you go back and ask him about it. Also post your Belarc printout here like I suggested. If you forgot the URL it is HERE

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A friend of mine has an older Acer Aspire purchased in 1998. She has upgraded to Win 98. I tried to get into cmos to enable USB support but I can not figure out how to enter cmos. She has a acer diagnostic/support/restore CD which shows the cmos settings, however changes can not be made from there. The book said to press ctrl+alt+esc after the first beep at boot-up. there is no beep. I tried holding and tapping those keys as well as F2 and Del independently. Nothing seems to get me into cmos.

A:cmos help

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Q: cmos

My computer would not boot at all. I was told to remove the cmos battery for three hours and then start over. This worked and so far computer is working. What i want to know is why removing the battery made the computer well and is it only short lived. Thanks.

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I just replaced my motherboard. I now have a ASROCK K7VT4A Pro. I reattached all my old devices, but I keep hanging on startup. It reads:

Serial_Ch0 Master: No Device
Serial_Ch1 Master: No Device

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't get CMOS right

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When I change my CMOS settings and I save and exit the cmos settings. I then go back to the CMOS settings and it is back to default when I changed and saved the settings. Can anyone help me with this?


Hi, welcome to TSF

one thing comes to mind. is the time correct in bios? maybe change the cmos battery.

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Q: cmos

how do i locate the cmos battery in my acer extensa 4420-5963 laptop. dissassembly pictures or diagrams would be very helpful. been searching for a day no luck so far. it's running a amd athlon 64x2 dual-core tk-57 with vista home permium.sure could use the help.thanks


Okay, I'm not to sure on this. I've done plenty of searching also with no luck. This is for the 5420 series but I'm sure they're probably similar. Turn the laptop over. There should be a plate above the internal fan that should come off. Once you unscrew it and take it off you should see part of the motherboard. The CMOS battery should be around there. Beware though, any static electricity that gets inside a laptop could harm it so I would do this with caution.

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Dell Dimension 2350

Hi , My hard drive is partitioned and I have 2 operating systems installed. Windows XP and Windows 98. I can't seem to get into the CMOS. If I reboot or start the computer I get no message telling me to press esc, delet,f1 etc.. to enter setup . The only thing I get is a menu of 3 choices : 1 - WindowXP, 2- Windows 98se, 3 - press f8 for trouble shooting and advanced startup options for Windows. If I choose f8 I get the following options: 1-safe mode 2- Safe mode with networking, 3- Safe mode with commamd prompt, 4- Enable boot logging , 5- Enable EGA mode, 6- Last known good configuration, 7- Directory services restore mode, 8 - Degugging mode, 9- Start windows normally. 10- Reboot- , 11- Return to Operating system choices.

I've tryed pressing esc, delete, etc.. during startup/reboot but I don't get into Cmos. Any Ideas? Thanks

A:Can't get into cmos

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Q: HP cmos

I have a HP Pavillion 6465 I was going to up grade the cpu to a celeron 1.1g, but when I took the old cpu out and realized that the celeron wouldn't work I put the old cpu back in, and now it won't boot. the power comes on but that's it. I was told to reset the cmos, but there aren't any jumpers on the board to reset it. Can someone "PLEASE HELP" me! (Just in case someone wanted to know the only reason the 1.1g wouldn't work is because it will only fit in a FCPGA370 socket and the HP is an PGA730)

So my Question is can anyone tell me how to get this computer back running again. I need to know either how to reset the cmos or just how to fix's this problem!!!!


Hi everybody,
I need a favor, if anybody know what keys work in Toshiba notebook for entering into CMOS setup and in HP Desktop computers.

Normly F2, Del & F10 keys are for entering CMOS setup.


A:key for CMOS

Toshiba Laptops - Toshiba Utility, on selected models you can hold the ESC key during boot which will then prompt you to press the F1 key to enter the BIOS.

HP Desktop should be F1.


You could check here too:


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Q: Cmos

I have windows XP and for some reason, I got a message when booting up the other day that wouldn't finish booting like normal because my CMOS settings were wrong and my CMOS memory size was wrong. And all of a sudden it is showing that I have new hardware installed (which is actually what is already installed) but because of this message something is goofy. Who did this? I am the only person that is accessing this computer and I didn't add a thing but an update on my firewall. I have McAfee Internet Security....Please help me to know what to do - Can someone help me understand if my computer is just about to crash or something? How did I fix this problem?



The first thing to try is a new CMOS battery. They are a coin-sized silver battery held under a clip on the motherboard inside the PC.

If this battery fails, the CMOS contents get scrambled. Its worth a try first as its a cheap fix.

It could be a failed CMOS ROM, but until you eliminate a failed battery you cant tell.

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Q: Cmos

My question is about CMOS changes. I have added a newer bigger hard drive on my computer and somehow
my cd-rom is the primary slave. The computer works fine but I cant use my cd-rom. I have kept my other hard drive and I have another CDR writer too that won't work. When the computer starts it only reads the new hard drives as the main.
Pleaase help me


I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the differences between CMOS vs. VGA vs. VGA CCD. Any help would be appreciated.


Your post is highly cryptic, and therefore difficult to guess just what info you want, and what it relates to.

CMOS=Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
VGA = Video Graphics Adapter (640 x 480 resolution implied)

VGA CCD = VGA as above and Charge Coupled Device

On a wild guess you are referring to video camera devices, then CMOS are cheap, but do not have the dynamic range of CCD. CMOS cameras "smear" with high contrast images.

CCD are better quality, and more expensive.

And VGA often (but not always) implies 640 x 480 resolution or that it connects to a VGA port on a PC.

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Q: Cmos

I have a Dell Dimension 2400,128 MB Ram,40GB Hard Drive,2.2GHz Processor,running Xp.Is there a way to back up the CMOS chip on my PC ?Will it's data disappear if the battery runs out?Can someone help?


ok guys , my bro got a comp P IV which is
PENTIUM(R) 4 1.50 GHZ(100 x 15.0)

now question 1 ? wat does this 100 X 15 mean.

I went to BIOS to check out some settings and came out to


1. CPU CLOCK RATIO ... WAS SET TO 8 ...u have a option to take it till 22 . When the setting was at 8 , comp use to run very slow just like a PIII or something , I changed it to till 14 by trial and error method and stabilty checked. Now I wanna know HOW MUCH MORE I CAN GO !? I am guessing 15 ...If I do go above ,will that be overclocking ??

2. AUTO DETECT PCL CLK { enabled } !!! Wat does this mean

3. SPREAD SPECTURM < disabled> ? again meaning
some1 please do explain me the meanings and If I do overclock how much should be the optimum limit and now there are 2 fans in the cpu , one BIIIIIIG one over the CPU , one normal , one as everone has from the main powerthingy <wat do u call it>


and any utility to check the temprature of the cpu ?

thanx u

A:P IV/cmos settings !!

P4 as any cpu's ( AMD ) runs on a "formula" which goes like this.
Front Side Bus ( FSB ) X Internal cpu multiplier= speed of your cpu
Now to your case the 100 is the FSB and 15 is the multiplier so you get a 1.5 Gig P4
1. when you set the cpu clock ratio (= internal cpu multiplier) you acctually underclocked the P4 ( again back to the formula ..100 X 8= 800 Mhz P4) so no wonder that it was slower then a P3
2. If my memory serves me right you acctually have a AUTO DETECT PCI CLK not PCL , which acctually tell the CMOS that it will auto detect the speed on which the devices that use the PCI bus will run
3. In order to reduce the EMI ( electro magnetic interference ) newer motherboards incorporate a SPREAD SPECTRUM which basically try's to minimize the "intereference " inside the computer ( signal wise)
For overclocking tips and how to go to www.overclockers.com and check out there web site for all the info regarding o/c'ing the P4

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Hello,I have an issue (more like a mistake) with B50-70, by mistake i have disabled intel graphic and set to default PCI (AMD).And after reboot there si no image (not even on hdmi). I have removed the battery and motherboard battery (also keepd push 15 sec the power button with bateries removed) and nothing. How can clear the CMOS.Thanks.

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4 year old foxconn diy box.
flashed bios successfully 3.5 years ago and everything was fine.

I have wiped HDD and reinstalled xp pro sp3 several times over the years. I decided that it was time again. Unplugged everything and air compressor blew out the box. plugged everything back in. On boot:
cmos checksum error
f1 run setup
f2 load defaults and continue

Ive never seen this before.

f2 usually lets it boot into xp

f1 I make changes, but on reboot it gives me the same error. On entering f1 again I see that no changes that I make stick.

moved jumper to reset. Put jumper back and still have this issue. Battery was 3.08 volts. Still I tried a new battery. Still have the issue.

old install of xp getting slower and more buggy, so decided to reinstall despite this issue. Reinstalled xp pro sp3 and my other programs early last month. Its much faster now and not buggy anymore, however I still have the checksum error, not that I expected this to fix it.

ideas to fix checksum error??


A:cmos checksum bad

Hmmm, weird. Usually all it take is replacing the CR2032 CMOS battery. (A few bucks at your local drugstore). Maybe try resetting the CMOS/BIOS Setup to "Factory Defaults", Saving your changes and then exiting?

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I am running a AMD Athlon™ 64 3700+ with NVIDIA nForce4 SLi - KN8 SLi mother board and now every time that i have to restart my computer turn ons and does nothing.. all the lights come on fans are going just nothing is booting up.. i have to jump cmos to get it going.. anybody know whats going on? and how i can fix it?

A:CMOS trouble

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gud day to you all pc lovers out there..i hope u could help me in my problem...
my cmos resets by itself..i didnt do anything, remove the batery or short the jumper...the message during boot-up is "checksum error, cpu ration change fail?.." hope u guys who had the same problem with me, could share the solutions..thnx guys...and by the way, it autorestarts during playing warcraft III...thnx again guys..

A:cmos reset..

The battery may be dead.

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hello to every one. i have a problem with my windows sturt up.
when running my pc i receive this erroe :"C-MOS checksum error-defalts loaded" and nothing i can do except turning off my PC.and when i go through these steps windows starts up:
when i receive "C-MOS checksum error-defalts loaded" i press "Delete" button.in the menu displayed i go to "Integrated Peripherals" and disable "NV IDE/SATA Raid Function" and save changes.when the computer restarts, it comes up and every thing is just normal.i learned this weird "semi" solution from a technician who somewhat fixed my pc.
before this problem happened, i had installed a beta version of Windows 7 on my pc.a few weeks later my computer crashed the problem started from there.i still have the files of 7 on my xp, i wonder if that is causing the problem.
well, any solutions...??

A:CMOS error


Usually if you get the "C-MOS checksum error-defalts loaded" error message when turning on your PC it is because the CMOS battery is flat or your motherboard is faulty. However it is not very often that a faulty motherboard is the cause.

Try replacing the battery.

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i have an old toshiba satellite t2115cs laptop.i use it for accounting.Booted it up today (i keep it unplugged at night) message came on screen that the CMOS settings had changed.it took the date on my machine back to 1/1/1990.I changed the date at the c prompt to the current date.things now seem ok.Is this a battery problem?
please help

A:cmos settings

The purpose of having the CMOS chip powered by a small battery is to maintain the date, time, and computer configuration when the power to the computer is turned off. Best chances have it that the battery needs replacing.

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Hi.I have problem with my dv6.Starting very rare and when starting have a mesage for short time.The CMOS checksum is invalid. The CMOS will be reset to the default configuration and will be rebooted. Please check your BIOS Setup options to see if they changed. CMOS Reset (502) ENTER - Reboot the systemCan somebody help me to fix it?Thanks it advance...

View Solution.

A:CMOS Reset(502)

Hi, I saw you post many messages. Please check the following post:     http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Boot-and-Lockup/CMOS-reset-502/td-p/2438401 Regards.

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m having problem during the booting of my system... it shows the error...

press<F4> to run setup...

A:CMOS error

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Have recently purchased a Geforce 6600 AGP card but I'm having issues with it and so one my fix options is to look into my CMOS Advanced Chipset features and make sure the AGP aperture size is set correctly... the only problem is I can't seem to get to that menu.

I press F1 to access BIOS upon boot-up but this goes straight into the stnard BIOS set-up menu and I can't get beyond those options to find my way to the CMOS set-up and the menu I need.

I have looked at my mobo manual and it says those menus are there but doesn't tell me how to get there. It seems that there is a menu that should come before the one that does appear but my system doesn't use it. Looking on my mobo maker's site says that I should press Delete when powering-up which I have tried but no luck either (I've tried this in combination with F1 and without).

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get to the CMOS main menu?

My specs:

PC: Formally HP Pavillion 491.uk - now rehoused
Mobo: FIC VI31
Bios: 3.12
Bios Core: V6.0
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.2ghz
RAM: 1024mb DDR SD 2100

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Can't access CMOS

The BIOS and the CMOS are one and the same, the BIOS settings are stored in the CMOS. When you enter the BIOS do you see a screen like the following?


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how to clear cmos on asus a7v-vm

A:clear cmos

There should be a jumper to short it out close to where the Cmos battery is on the
mainboard......if you can find it the just remove the Cmos Battery for 10min

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I have a ASUS motherboard.When my Pc star to bootup,I have a line in the end that tall me that the Cmos Batt is lower and the date and time is not accurate or something like that.What kind the battery is this one and what do I have to do to change?



A:Cmos Battery

The most commonly used battery is CR2032. If you still have the P4S800-MX motherboard (from a May post), turn off your PC and remove the left side cover. The battery is a 5 cent coin size disk near your IDE drive connectors.

You can get the battery about anywhere (I saw them at the grocery store last week).

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Trying to upgrade a P3. Took apart and cleaned (filthy). Put together again and booted up to check drives configured OK. Only got initial screen identifying processor and memory – no drives. LED lights were coming on and getting POST normal beep suggesting all OK. Pruned it down to main drive only (excluding FDD & CD). Nothing further, just hangs there. Checked all cables and memory seated correctly, memory displayed accurately, checked by adding a further RAM module, and display showed additional memory (but not as “new” memory). Also showing incorrect date. Suspected problem with CMOS. Checked battery correctly seated and took out to turn around. Now not even getting POST beep, and black screen, nothing else. Replaced battery with known good one, and checked correct way round, terminals touching, etc., but nothing. Also tried moving the only jumper I can find which seems to be labelled JP4 Help, please, daughter desperate to recharge her IPOD!

A:CMOS problem?

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I have read other posts and think that the problem with my clock ( stops when AC power is off) is related to the CMOS battery. How hard is it to replace this? Is there some where I can get directions that spell out what needs to be done? I have a HP pavillion XV799.

A:replacing CMOS

battery comes out pretty easy here is a pic of your board http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...&product=59963&lang=en&cc=us&docname=bph06446

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my system clock slows down if I shutdown system. is it b'coz of my cmos battery is being low?
How do I find whether my system has a cmos battery?How will I know what type, who is the maker etc? How do I know whether it is getting low?can u suggest some softwares that check it? I am rather naive with hardware and has opened the motherboard only to clean it.My PC is 4 yrs old. Is there any problem if I don't change it other than system clock becoming low.If it is necessary to change cmos battery how much does it cost in rupees?

A:is cmos battery getting low

When you open your case you will see the CMOS battery on the motherboard. It resembles a watch battery. It is flat and round and looks almost a like a button. Just pop the battery out and off to Radio Shack or any other place that sells batteries for watches and other electronic devices. The first sign of a faulty CMOS battery is the system clock changing and not displaying or retaining the correct time.


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