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Problem with free space in computer manager/drive manager

Q: Problem with free space in computer manager/drive manager

Hi I'm a newby so not sure yet of how you guys work.

In a fit of stupidity I installed Ubuntu on my laptop, and went with dual boot, but it just would not see my WiFi router regardless of what I tried, so got rid of it following some online advice, using the bootrec.exe/fixmbr command, which now allows me to boot straight into Vista.

However, if you look at the pic attached you will see I have a huge lump of free space 41.64gb free space which I can't use for anything.

Is there a way for me to re-combine the 41.64gb free space with the C: drive again, the options allowed are displayed in the pic, also there is another slice of the drive 5.37gb which I'd also like to be able to use.

I'm not sure I've made my self clear on what I'd like to acheive, which is to bring both of theses slices back in to the C: drive.

On right clicking the 5.37gb drive the only option is Help, as neither of theses slices has a drive letter I don't see how I can do anything to them.

The only options I have for the 41.64gb free space seems to be to make a simple volume (not sure what that actually means) or delete the partition.

I'd like to get back to how it was before I installed Ubuntu, IE a C: & S: with no more partitions, preferably without having to re-install Vista.

Thanks in hopeful anticipation.


PS for clarity I've cut and pasted the options for each slice of the drive below the relevant slice

Preferred Solution: Problem with free space in computer manager/drive manager

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with free space in computer manager/drive manager

Download Easus Partition Master EASEUS FREE Partition Manager Software: Free Partition Magic alternative for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Server 2000/2003/2008 Hard Drive partitions..

Should give you the tools you want.


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Hi, I?m about to commite suicide so I just wanted to make a final query before I do it.

I have a 320 GB western digital HD, it has windows 7 (x64) in one partition and data in the other.
I used paragon partiton manager to redistribute the free space (don?t ask me why didn?t I use the W7 features please). It did, but the partition with all the data was "not formatted". It showed the exact used and free space (so no data loss) but I couldn?t have acces to it. I manged to convert it to NTFS... still showed the right used and free space, but no luck having acces to the files.

So I used the W7 function to check the disk... and after it finishes it the partition with the data is empty, the OS partition is intact, but the other one is empty.

I tried everything, so I?m not actually asking for a solution, my question is:
Given the fact that I haven?t erased the partition or deteled it or have done anything other than redistribute the free space... will a professional HD recovery be able to restore the filesystem or the files?

Thanks in advance.

A:EMpty partition after redistributing free space with paragon manager

Use free Partition Wizard bootable CD which has helped with hundreds of complicated partitioning operations here without a single failure. Partition Wizard

First from the Wizards tab, run Partition Recovery Wizard to see what it finds. When you identify the lost partition by size and space usage, tick the box next to it and restore it.

If this fails, use the Data Recovery Wizard or Recuva data Recovery software.

In the future, always keep your files backed up externally and ask here for exact steps to repartition or "redistribute free space" (whatever that means).

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Good day guys,
well, I was just installing Linux Fedora on my computer (I wanted a Dual-Boot with Win7) but I noticed that I don't have second partition. So I deleted some useless files (trash, games, etc.) back on Win7, and Voala, I just gained around 60GB of free space. I decided to creat new partition on disk manager. And here is the problem. It shows free space, as good as Explorer, but when it comes to that graph below, it doesn't show me free space. I shrinked it, but only gained 6GB of free space, where I can create new partition. I know it sounds complicated, but here is the picture.

I guess I'm doing somethin' wrong, what is it?
My Windows is in Czech language, but I made notes in the picture in English

A:Windows Disk Manager doesn't show free space

Try starting over. Put the Windows partition back the way it was. Make sure everything works normally. Reboot a couple times etc.. and run some apps to make sure nothing is acting weird. Then defrag the Windows partition to move the files toward the front of the partition. That should allow you to shrink to a greater amount of free space.

Always a good idea to make backup images along the way before risking your system.

edit: by "put it back the way it was" I mean delete the 6 GB partition you made, then expand the Windows partition to the end of the free space. Then use the system for awhile as suggested to make sure nothing got broken, before defragging.

edit2: also make sure you leave enough room for page file expansion etc..

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I have 99.6 GB available and only 5.23GB used. Its a Compaq computer system that runs real slow here and there when task manager has two pages up or when loading pictures. A low memory warning comes up and says that some programs might not operate normally. Do I need to buy a new memory thing and what is it called lol. Kind of annoying to have task manager freeze up or close down every few minutes. Thank you kindly.

A:Low Memory and lots of space on my computer? But Task Manager runs slow?

When you say, "I have 99.6 GB available ..." I assume you are talking about hard drive storage space. The low memory warning has to do with the amount of RAM or hardware system memory that is on the motherboard. If you right click on "My Computer" and select properties, the information screen should show how much you now have installed.

When Windows and all of the programs you have running at the same time require more memory than what is installed, Windows starts to copy the chunks RAM content to and from the hard drive as needed. This constant transferring can bring the fastest computer to a dead crawl.

Most motherboards let you install more RAM Modules or replace smaller capacity modules with larger ones.

EDIT: The support section of the Compaq web site should be able to tell you exactly how much RAM was installed on the computer when it left their factory based on the model number and sometimes the serial number. The site would probably also list exactly what kinds of RAM modules are needed for expansion.

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Two of my USB external Hard drives, a Fantom 600 GB and a Western Digital My Book 500GB cannot be seen in My Computer. I can see them in Device Manager and that says that they are working properly and the drivers are up to Date. In Disk Manager the 2 external drives had a black bar unlike the other drives which had blue bars. The 2 external disks had a number assigned to them but no letter.

I have tried diskpart in the command prompt, was able to assign a letter, then had to format the drives and they did show up in My computer as valid empty external hard drives with the correct amount of space on them. But when I tried to recover the backed up data for one of the disks (less than a third of the capacity of either drive) they went back to not being recognized by My Computer ans in disk manager had a black line with no letter again.

I just went through that process again, got both drives back and tried to recover the backed up files to my Fantom drive and lost the Fantom drive once again.

I am attaching screen shots of my current My Computer (Computer in 7) Device Manager and Disk Manager. In Device Manager you can see the Fantom. The My Book is the WD 5000AAV. In Disk Manager the My Book shows healthy with Disk 1 and the letter L. The Fantom is Disk 2 with no letter and a black bar. In My computer, the My Book is there but not the Fantom.

Any ideas for this. I am about to just recover my computer to factory setup and start new. I have sa... Read more

A:External drives show in Device Manager & Disk Manager but not Computer

Hi Dick1030,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Please do as follows:

1. It is unusual for the System Reserved Partition to have a drive letter. Please remove the drive letter.

2. Please remove (always Safely Remove) all the external drives including any card reader and do a drive cleanup as indicated here. http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/298744-usb-thumb-drives-not-recognised-not-drive-letter.html#post2477076 It will clean your system of all non-present devices and you will be starting with a clean slate.(Incidentally this can resolve many drive letter assignment confusion of Windows OS, as you can see in the referenced thread.)

3. After you reboot on completion of the drive cleanup, plugin only your WD My Book and the Fantom drive. As you plug-in the driver for each device will be installed ab-initio. You can watch it.

4. Now take a screenshot of the Disk Management and post. While taking the screenshot, click on "Show/Hide Console Tree” and “Show/Hide Action Pane” buttons on the toolbar on top to hide those and also pull up the center partition line up as much as possible so that we get a clear and full view.

5. Also tell us whether you are sure that you had formatted the Fantom drive and it contains data and whether you want to recover the data..

(Your statements and the screenshots are so confusing - atleast to me - it is necessary that you do the above and restate the problem.)

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Yesterday, I started a download and kept the pc on with my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex External HDD 1TB plugged in. After I woke up I realized that there was a power cut and the computer went off unexpectadly (I had no UPS or any backup system).And, I found that my Ext HDD was not seen in my computer anymore (It was working perfectly until before I went to bed).
In device manager, under 'Disks' it shows 'GoFlex Hard Disk', but in BIOS or Disk Manager there is no sign of this HDD.

I really need the data in the HDD badly. Please help me recover it.
P.S. I read somewhere that keeping the HDD in freezer might help and give a little more time. Is that true? Worth the risk?

A:External HDD gets detected in Device Manager but not Disk Manager or seen in 'My Computer'

Power outage probably killed something in the enclosure or its PSU. The drive in the enclosure is probably fine. I would remove the drive from the enclosure and put it in a dock or install it in a desktop computer before considering freezing it. Freezing is usually reserved for click of death drives, and a last ditch effort.

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System Information:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3894 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1723 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 398515 MB, Free - 26043 MB; E: Total - 476906 MB, Free - 122522 MB (passport);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 140A
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Not Updated (not online)

I used CC cleaners Drive Wipe feature (Simple Over write 1 pass) to wipe free space on hard drive. After completion my hard drive went from 120 gigs to 28 gigs. I had used the program before and didn't have any problems with it. I have two laptops and it only does it on the HP listed above. I also notice that when I try to convert videos using that computer it eats my hard drive up and never gets back to the original size after I delete the converted file. It also does this when I perform Disk to disk copies. Is their a problem with my computer registering recovered space after deleting files including free space. Has anyone had this problem before. If I restore my system the problem goes away until I use CCleaner Drive wipe program or copy, convert video files. It seems this is only happening when some information is written to the disk, images and such. The drive wipe (free space) program does write dummy information to the hard drive and deletes it to clean ... Read more

A:Free Drive Space Problem

A good program to locate used drive space is TreeSize, available here: http://www.jam-software.com/treesize_free/

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i have 4 drives and they all show that they have less free space. but when i open the drive and see inside the files dont occupie so much space as noted in properties . for example my F: drive its total size is 8.31 GB when i open the drive and see the size occupied by the files inside it totals 3.28 GB but 8.31-(minus)3.28 GB= 5.03 GB but it shows that the free space is only 2.46 GB not only this drive but all my drives can any help pls, Thanks

A:Drive free space problem?

are you looking at all the files? system files are hidden by default (need to go to tools, folder options, view, and tick show hidden files and folders).

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I previously asked for help on this same computer and everything was fixed. The previous help topic is herehttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic454206.html/page__p__2704571__fromsearch__1#entry2704571Mod Edit: Above topic was closed by unknown, OP had not responded since 25 May. No known unresolved malware issues revealed in topic above - Hamluis.Now the computer has run out of hard drive space. Single drive, no partitions. I disabled Hibernation which cleared about 1.2 GB and thought I would search for possible deletions later. The next days it's out of space again and it has not been used although it was left running. I reduced the page file size to free up some space to update some utilities. I ran rkill and it stopped userinit and later it stopped pifsvc which is a symantec file. I ran combofix (yes even though I was directed to) and it removed a ton of set####.tmp files from the windows/system32 directory. Now I'm up to 6GB free. I went through old emails and deleted old files and compacted the mail folder. Now up to 8.62GB free. I restarted and left it. Within two hours I've lost a GB although I haven't used it. I do some searches and can't find anything. Left it running all afternoon and night and it's down to 3.5GB free space.I don't know where else to look.Mod Edit: Removed subsequent posts, moved to XP from MRL, no malware issue apparent - Hamluis.

A:Idle Computer eats up Free Space on Drive

Please follow the directions at Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 .


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As the title says I have been having a weird issue since yesterday where every time I start my computer I have less free space available on my hard drive. For example before restarting my computer I had 606GB free and now I only have 559GB free. What would be causing this because I am not downloading or installing anything?

I read online that system restores could do this so went ahead and turned off system protection so that it would stop creating systems restores but it keeps doing this. Also My hard drive keeps becoming more and more fragmented despite repeated attempts at defragmenting. Before my last restart I was sitting at 17% fragmenting and now I am at 23% fragmented.

A:Less Free Space on Hard Drive after I start my computer

Go to the website of your hard drive manufacturer and test your hard drive, it may be failing.
Back up all of your stuff now, just in case. Put your stuff on an external hard drive.
If you hear any strange sounds or clicking that is another indication of a failing drive.

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I am trying to access files on a hard drive from a different computer which will no longer load the OS. I have connected the hard drive using a usb adapter. When I plug it in, I get a notice that the device is ready to use, but it does not show up in Computer.

It is visible in the disk manager. There is no drive letter assigned and the options to do so are grayed out. Most of the options in device manager are grayed out, except for 'delete volume' and 'help'.

A:hard drive w/ usb adapter- drive shows in disk manager, not computer

Welcome to the forum,

Can you post a maximized screenshot of your full disk management window.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Updated to 5.2 .

Supports AFD drives, I understand.

It works very well for me, even recovering ext4 partitions. It can make a winpe disc for you - but like most of these things, you need to d/l waik for that.

Surprisingly, it also is free for commercial use

Free partition manager download for managing your PCs and Servers.

They are doing the pro version free as well atm - tho you need to twitbook , it seems.

Giveaway of AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition 5.2

A:New Aomei partition manager free - and free pro giveaway

worth getting this program - small too.

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I had originally posted this issue on this forum but it was moved to the "Am I infected? What do I do?" forum.  We ran ESET online scanner, Malwarebytes, CCleaner, AdwCleaner, and Junkware Removal Tool.  We deleted or disabled start up items and scheduled tasks but computer still freezes up.  Only a reboot gets it going again.  Task Manager shows "Disk"  stuck at 100%.  There is 40 gigs space left on the drive.  It was recommended that I start a new topic on this forum.  We did find a suspicious file ... conime.exe, but I could not locate it to submit it to www.virustotal.com for evaluation.  Not sure if it is important or not but the on-screen keyboard keeps popping up. Stays gone for a while after closing but pops up again after a few minutes or whenever I open a different app. I ran FRST.  The files are attached.

A:computer freezes until reboot. Hard drive stuck at 100% but 40 Gig free space

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Press the windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the RUN BOX.Type Notepad and and click the OK key.Please copy the entire contents of the code box below to the a new file. 


FF DefaultSearchEngine: Google (avast)
FF SelectedSearchEngine: Google (avast)
FF Homepage: hxxps://www.google.com/?trackid=sp-006
FF Keyword.URL: hxxps://www.google.com/search/?trackid=sp-006
FF DefaultSearchUrl: hxxps://www.google.com/search/?trackid=sp-006
FF SearchEngineOrder.1: Google (avast)
FF NewTab: about:newtab
FF SearchPlugin: C:\Users\Heather\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\o1visahr.default\searchplugins\google-avast.xml [2015-09-30]
CHR Plugin: (Widevine Content Decryption Module) - C:\Users\Heather\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\WidevineCDM\\_platform_specific\win_x86\widevinecdmadapter.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Chrome PDF Viewer) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\47.0.2526.106\pdf.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Adobe Acrobat) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AIR\nppdf32.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Google Update) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\\npGoogleUpdate3.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Java Depl... Read more

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Hello, i am new here so her goes..
After updating my Dvd/cd drive last night and then rebooting caused my computer to startup up slow. At the dell startup up screen it stays completed for around a minute or so and then loads up fine. When i went to My computer and Device Manager it doesnt show up. I tried unplugging and replugging the Dvd/CD cables inside but that didnt change it.
Please help.

A:Dvd/cd Drive Not Shown In Device Manager Or Computer, I need

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My CD/DVD drive is not showing up in My Computer or Device Manager. I went into the Registry and deleted the Upper and Lower Filters, but tha didn't work.

This is the type of drive that I have:

I have a Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7825 Laptop.​
If it helps any, the problem started after I uninstalled a program called Alcohol 120%.​

A:CD/DVD drive not showing in My Computer or Device Manager

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Recently changed some hard drives in my desktop and the CD/DVD Drive is not working, Not detected in "My Computer" or  Device Manager. 
I was wondering how I can get it working again, not too well versed on changing bios setting.
Can any of the pro's here offer a walkthrough?
Using a custom built desktop
Operating System
MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3
AMD Athlon XP
Thoroughbred 0.13um Technology
3.0GB DDR @ 133MHz (2.5-3-3-7)
KT400-8235 (Socket A)
719BF ([email protected])
128MB RADEON 9600 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation) (ATI)
Hard Drives
313GB Western Digital WDC WD3200JB-00KFA0 (PATA) 22 °C
244GB Western Digital WDC WD2500BB-55GUC0 (PATA) 29 °C
Optical Drives
No optical disk drives detected
CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device
Appreciate the consideration

A:CD/DVD Drive not detected in "My Computer" or Device Manager

The only times I ever have had issues with plug n play not finding devices, it has been because my cable connections weren't made properly.
You should probably turn off the computer, open the case and make sure the CD drives data cable is completely on the motherboard connector. Check it is likewise fully inserted into the back of the drive.
I know that for the 4-pin Molex connectors (used for non-SATA drives), an accidental forceful tug on them can cause one of the wires to "pop" off of where it is normally secured inside the connector. This may not be obvious by looking at it. 
I would suggest using a different connector to power the drive, if there is another one available.
After checking the connections, start the computer and see if Windows finds it.

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Hi there, I have a problem where the CD drive does not appear in "My Computer" however it does appear in the device manager. I cannot check whether it appears in the BIOS because HP limits what you can do to the laptop. This is a HP Pavilion DV6500 Notebook.

It used to function okay then for no apparent reason it has disappeared. It does not appear in Drive Management so it hasn't got anything to do with not being assigned a drive letter.

Interesting thing is. The CD tray has power it opens okay. And the drive light on the CD tray lights up when I place a CD in the drive and close it. You can even hear the CD drive powering up and spinning. But the computer shows nothing of its existence apart from device manager.

I have tried restoring the computer completely back to factory settings and there has been no change. Any suggestions?

Many Thanks


EDIT: found out the Fujitsu MHY2250 in disk drives in device manager is in fact not the disk drive, this is the hardrive. Does this indicate that the disk drive has died then? It doesnt appear in Disk Manager or My Computer.

A:CD Drive Not Appearing In My Computer (but in device manager)

Does the CD drive have an error in Device Manager? What is the model it lists for the drive in Device Manager and what version of Windows?

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My dvd rom drive was not working so I uninstalled it and restarted my computer to reinstall it but it never let me reinstall it so now it isn't coming up in device manager at all and is not in my computer. I have tried the upper and lower filters but I haven't got them so I cant delete them also I have uninstalled and reinstalled the ide ata/atapi controllers and it came up installing disk drive and it was complete and it told me to restart and I did and it still wasnt working.. I have also tried the microsoft fix thing and it didnt work so someone help please!

It is also in the bios when I boot up

A:Cd/dvd rom drive missing in device manager and my computer

Your System Specs gives very little information. How old is the computer, is it still in warranty?

By default Windows Explorer is set to not display empty drives so it wouldn't show up until a disc has been inserted, it's in Tools, Folder Options, View tab.

As a diagnostic in such situations I usually start by shutting the computer down, pull the power cord out of it then put the cord back and try again.

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Right, Ive got a nasty problem with my CD/DVD drive/s.

As you can see in the attachment, the drive labelled.

"VOBID Instant Drive CD SCSI CdRom Device" is malfunctioning. Now I believe that is related to the Pinnacle Studios Instant CD/DVD SE software.

There is no Vista patch with my version of that software, so I assume its a conflict with Vista, It also started after installing Vista.

I've tried disabling and uninstalling this device, but upon restart it returns. I tried uninstalling the Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD software, but I got a blue screen half way through uninstall. So then I just deleted it manually from my hard-drive, and used CCleaner to clean up the registry. Still, that damn drive will not go away.

I wouldn't mind but whenever I put a DVD/CD into my drive and navigate to My Computer, it crashes. I created a virtual drive using Alcohol120%, mounted a file on it, and when I naviagated to My Computer it also crashed.

The only time I can actually go to "My Computer" is when ive disabled that device, but as soon as I restart, it comes back. Its really starting to pi$$ me off.

How the hell can I get rid of it?!

Thanks for reading that rather long story.

A:Device Manager/CD Drive Problem

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Hi all,

Here's my problem and how far I have got with it: Windows can't see WDC WD25 00JS-60NCB1 250GB SATA hard drive either installed internally or attached by USB in caddy; This drive was migrated from a build that has stood idle for a while without a monitor. I accidentally booted this computer and had to shut it down with the power button. In the build the drive has been migrated to the USB to ATP/ATPI bridge is seen in Device Manager but the drive is marked unavailable. The drive can be seen from an Ubuntu Live disc and some files can be accessed but the drive dismounts after a few minutes and shows as needing formatting. The Disks Accessory shows all the partitions (Drive has a Windows and at least one Linux install); GParted stalls with errors.

I followed jumanji's Post 3 at disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, unallocated and installed/ran MiniTool Partition Wizard 9.1; however, when the Partition Recovery Wizard completed scanning it showed one partition overlapped with another and at the recovery prompt said that at least one partition would be deleted and I am unsure how to proceed. An 87.1GB partition is showing as existing but unformatted; this then shows up without a file system and overlapping several Linux Ext4 partitions, see screenshots.

I'm not sure what is going on here; I would have expected it to come back showing a Windows data partition formatted NTFS and a Linux Ext4 partition subdivided Root, Home, Swap etc, both marked as existing: this is what t... Read more

A:Drive not seen in Computer, present in Device Manager but unavailable.

Hello and welcome Deadtroopers mate the attachments are not showing up please follow this Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If you can send us a pic of the Disk Management Start > Computer(right click it) > Disk Management - see pic

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Alright.. So my DVD only works when it wants too. I need to install a bunch of software and anti virus programs so its important I get it too work

there is no "cd/dvd drive" list thingy in device manager for me
it doesn't show up on my computer either

I just reformated my laptop

its a HP pavillon DV6000, dv6824ca to be more specific.. Vista OS

Any clue whats going on?
I searched but got 50 pages of results, went through 5 couldn't find the same problem and gave up.

If you need more info let me no

A:DVD drive not showing up in device manager or my computer [urgent]


Here is the resolution for this kind of issue


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I have a big problem. I booted my computer and I got a BSOD with no error or driver. So I used another hard drive to boot from, and my main hard drive doesnt show up under my computer. I looked in device manager, and it is there. Im using a program that will recover my data, and so far it found the partition, but I was wondering---

1- how do you read data from a raw hard drive
2- if i have a registry back up and i copy all of the files, then will the hard drive boot

Thanks! Happy Holidays

A:Hard drive not detected in my computer, but in device manager

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I've spent most of the night searching and cannot seem to find an answer to my problem so I registered with the hopes that someone here may be able to help.

I have a NAS set up with two 2TB Samsung Spinpoint hard drives. The hard drives in the NAS were partitioned to have 300GB in a RAID 1 and the remainder in a RAID 0. One seemed to be failing so I removed it hoping I could connect it externally to my laptop and recover the data. When I hooked it up to the laptop, it seemed to connect fine but did not show in My Computer. When I went to Computer Management - Disk Management, it shows the partitions as healthy (see image - Disk 1). However, when I right click on the partitions to assign a drive letter, the only options available are Delete Volume and Help. Same when right clicking the Disk 1, all that is available is Convert to Dynamic Disk, Properties, and Help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Hard Drive shows in device manager, not My Computer

Did you try accesing the drivers from device manager ? (right click 'open')

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my dvd/cd drive stoped reading discs and isnt showing up inn my computer its in device manager but says this device cannot start iv tried updating driver my drivers are up to date iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling and its starting to get on my nerves

Thank You

A:Disc drive not showing up in my computer but in device manager

try this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

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Ok all, What is the BEST free Antivirus out there? And also BEST password manager? And should I even be using a Password manager???

Is the Password manager Dashlane any good?

A:BEST FREE antivirus? And best free password manager???

Hi there,

I have been using "MalwareBytes" for several years and it's a really great AV/Anti-Spyware program. It does a great job in detecting both anti-virus and spywares.

You can download the program here = https://www.malwarebytes.com/

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Ok all, What is the BEST free Antivirus out there? And also BEST password manager? And should I even be using a Password manager???

Is the Password manager Dashlane any good?

A:BEST FREE antivirus? And best free password manager???

Hi there,

I have been using "MalwareBytes" for several years and it's a really great AV/Anti-Spyware program. It does a great job in detecting both anti-virus and spywares.

You can download the program here = https://www.malwarebytes.com/

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OS Win XP Pro, HP Pavilion, PIII 550MHz, 192 MB RAM, 41% free on 27.9GB HD

Have a system that has had its C: drive changed from FAT32 to NTFS and then defraged. The CD-RW drive is now not recognized. The Device Manager properties for it says 'Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration Information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged (Code 19)'. I located the corrupt entry in the registry but cannot do anything with it. Can't even uninstall and reinstall or update driver. Regedit cannot even do anything to the entry - it fails trying. Restore points don't work because of the file structure change. I would be happy to supply any info you may need if necessary! I'm obviously not a registry expert and would truly appreciate any input, direction, etc. Thank You.

A:Solved: Win XP Pro Device Manager problem CD-RW drive

Found the resolution!! If you have taken your time to look at this problem, I thank you sincerely! The following is quoted from the MS Knowledgebase. . .
1. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe).
2. Locate the UpperFilters value under the following key in the registry:
3. On the Edit menu, click Delete, and then click OK.
4. Locate the LowerFilters value under the same key in the registry:
5. On the Edit menu, click Delete, and then click OK.
6. Quit Registry Editor.NOTE: After you remove the Upperfilters value and the Lowerfilters value, if you notice lost functionality in a particular program, such as CD recording software, you may need to reinstall that software. If the problem recurs, consult with the software vendor for assistance.
7. Restart your computer.

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basically when i click on it this happens http://i46.tinypic.com/3322o3s.jpg , ive looked all over the net and found no one that has the same problem, so im asking you guys

A:Computer Manager problem

Hi -

The command is correct, but I don't understand the other screen re: winrar

Did Vista come intalled on your system?

Try this -
START | type compmgmt.msc

Also -

Do they work?

Regards.. .



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I was saving documents on to my flash drive, when I got to the last one and Windows claimed it couldn't find it. Unplugged, plugged back in, no luck, tried two different computers, no luck.  It is not displayed in "Computer Management",
but is in "Device Manager".  I tried the uninstall USB controller solution, but the uninstall continues indefinitely.  Is there another method, or at least a way for me to salvage my data?

A:Flash drive not displayed in My Computer, detected by device manager

Hi Caznik,

This can be caused by any of the following:
Your drive does not have a drive letter assigned to it in Disk Management
Your USB driver may be corrupted

Please try the methods below.
Method 1: Make sure that the drive has a drive letter assigned in Disk Management.

Computer Management by clicking the Start button, clicking
Control Panel, and click System and Security viewed by
Category View.Click
Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Computer Management.
If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Look for a drive that does not have an assigned drive letter and is
not labeled as System Reserved.
Note: The System Reserved drive is reserved by Windows.Right-click the unlabeled drive and click
Change drive letter and paths?Click
Add and then click OK to select the first available drive letter.If the
Change drive letter and paths? option is not available, make sure that the drive is Online.If the drive is Offline, right-click
the disk number and click Online.
For more information, please review this article ?Change,
add, or remove a drive letter?.

Method 2: Your USB drive may be corrupted.
Your USB disk may be corrupted, to check for a corrupted disk, plug the disk into another computer to see if the disk is seen in Windows Explorer on that computer. Make sure that you have the driver installed.

If the device is still not seen in Windows Explorer on... Read more

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How do I put the hard drive space used and free space on the Partition C: ? Partition D:\ and Partition E:\ has it but for some reason drive C:\ is missing it doesn't say how much space is used and how much space is free. The GBs are missing

A:How to bring back the amount of free space and used space on a hard drive

I'm a little confused about your question

You can't see how much drive space you have left when viewing your C drive via My Computer, or similar?

If you right-click on My Computer and select Manage, when the new window pops up click on Disk Management from the left hand side. What does that tell you about C drive? Assuming your C drive is actually a hard drive (and not a CD drive or something, though I have never heard of this happening and don't even know if it's possible to have C as your CD drive), you should see details at the top of the screen such as how much space you have left, by percentage of total capacity, as well as GB

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I have a Western Digital 250 GB external HD that had been working perfectly until yesterday afternoon. It has been making this repetitive whirring noise *not the clicking noise of death* and it died before I had a chance to copy the data onto another external. When I plug in the USB it makes the connection noise, but autoplay does not come up and it does not show up in my computer anymore. I did look in device manager and disk management and it does show up but it had no drive letter and it says unreadable. (I've attached a screenshot of this)


Is there any way I can recover the data off of it? Should I just take it out of the enclosure and hook it up to a desktop pc?

A:External hard drive broken shows up in device manager but not My Computer

It sounds like the drive itself is dead rather than the enclosure. The repetitive 'whirring' noise likely is immediately following the click of death, just the click is pretty quiet on a lot of notebook drives. If yours is a full size (3.5") drive in that enclosure, then perhaps you are right and the click of death isn't occurring.

In either case, its not going to hurt to hook it up internally, because even if it doesn't work you aren't any worse off than you are now.

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I have just installed a new hard drive. (Maxtor STM3160815AS 160GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 8MB Cache) The OS detected the new drive on start up but it wasn't displayed in My Computer. In Device Manager drive was displayed and it says that the drive is working correctly. I installed the drive in the second SATA port of four as the first already had a drive plugged into it.

I did notice that one of my optical drives also disappeared. I tried unplugging its power supply but this didn't help the hard drive problem.

Any idea what I should do? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
(Windows XP Pro SP2)

A:Solved: Installed hard drive not detected in My Computer but seen in Device manager.

Is it partitioned, formatted, have a drive letter?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

Is the CD-ROM in Device Manager and working properly?

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Hi there,
I've been having a hard time with my secondary hard drive showing up when I go into the "computer" option under my start menu. It does appear under Device Manager though.
I've reseated my cables numerous times, purchased and used new Sata cables, and I'm also running a new motherboard. I've also changed and disabled all my sleep options already.
I recently switched to using a Primary SSD for my programs to be installed on but ever since switching over to my SSD my HD no longer appears and I can't save anything to it.
Any advice? Thanks.

A:Secondary Hard Drive Disappears in 'Computer' Shows in Device Manager

You seem to need to assign the drive a path. Do this:
1. Open the windows search bar by pressing the windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen
2. Search disk
3. Find the option labeled Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions
4. Select it
5. Find your hidden disk
6. Then assign your disk a path and it should appear in My Computer

Hope I helped!

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Upon selecting 'Disc Space Cleanup Manager' under System Tools, a window stating 'Disc Space Cleanup Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close' pops up. Why is that and how do I solve it, please?

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I was browsing around this forums, looking for similar issues, but I was unable to find any that could help me with my situation. Currently am running Windows 8.1 (It has been occurring in Windows 8 as well). I have 8GB of RAM, and 1 TB of Disk Space and a 1 TB backup hard drive. I have filled 350 GB already. For some reason, whenever I turn my computer back on, either from a restart, or from sleeping, I always seem to get somewhere from 97%-100% disk space used, even when nothing is running outside of the background. I have come to a possible conclusion that it is a specific process causing for this, because It randomly goes down when I begin to end some background processes. I can not seem to figure out which one, for it seems to occur while in the pause of deleting. The processes, and it occurs after a different process each time.
Here are some photos to show what is going on:

A:100% Disk Space in Task Manager

Disable the paging file on the partition windows is installed. You can keep one on any other partition/disk. Reboot. See if it helps.

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i installed ubuntu on my ssd and had a dual boot laptop, however i want to use my ssd as a cache drive, henceforth i deleted ubuntu and now i have unallocated space and free space on my ssd and i am wondering if i need to covert that into a new partitioned volume that can be used as a cache drive

A:Use unallocated space and free space on ssd as cache drive

I think you need to allocate the free space as a linux swap partition and format it as such.

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Setting up a new box, Vista sadly to say. Installed MS Office XP Pro and get the following error when closing MS Word ONLY. Excel saves without any errors.

The disk is full. Free some space on this drive, or save the document on another disk. Try one of the following:
*Close any unneeded documents, programs, and windows.
*Save the document on another disk.

I've moved the file location and same error. I cleaned up the drive including removing all restore point except the last one.

Now this thing has a 250 gig drive but it is also used for security in a mini mart with 8 cameras. There are about 145 Gigs of video from the security cameras on this box. At this time I am just setting it up, no cameras are connected, and the security program hasn't been set up yet. I just moved the files from the old drive to this one. BTW the old drive crashed.

I've tried the detect and repair in MS Word and no help. I have uninstalled MS Office and reinstalled and no help and even went into Properties and set the user up on quota with no limits and still no help.

So now I am at a loss and have no idea what to try next. Really don't want to delete the security files because it took 6 hours to transfer them to this computer and unless all else fails this isn't a option I want to use.

Now on the old box, which had XP Pro this, was not a problem so on Vista it should not be either but then Vista is a MS Software so this is understandable. Actually, the old box had a 15... Read more

A:disk space is full. Free some space on this drive

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Hi everyone. My name is Jimmy. I'm using a lenovo 3000 n100 laptop running windows vista with SP1. Recently I noticed that my 100GB hard drive was running out of space. So I deleted nearly all my space-hogging applications and media. Windows explorer said there was still being around 70GB being used. Since I had only a few GB of documents/media and no huge programs, I suspected that this was wrong.

I proceeded to "clean up" my disk space: deleting temporary files with windows disk cleaner, running the chkdsk utility, doing a complete defrag. I deleted all but my last system restore point, deleted my hibernation files, and checked shadow copy (shadowcopy was only using about 1GB of space... not the culprit). I ran CCleaner and then full scans of Windows Defender, AVG, and Spybot S&D.

All of this freed up about 10GB, but explorer said there was still supposedly a whopping 60GB taken up on my 100GB hard disk. Highlighting and selecting the properties of all the files in C, even with hidden files & super hidden files enabled, said it was about 25GB. I also downloaded a program called JDiskReport which calculates disk usage and, affirming my suspicions, JDiskReport showed about 27GB of usage.


So, why then the difference of 30GB between windows explorer and jdiskreport? Someone recommended that I boot from a disk or another OS and examine my C drive from there. So, I booted my laptop from WinPE on a... Read more

A:interesting junction problem - hard drive showing wrong amount of free disk space

H Jimmy. . .

Welcome to TSF Vista SUpport.

I know exactly what you are talking about with Vista Junctions. If an app uses hard-coded directory (folder) names from the XP era and is now running in Vista, the Junctions will take it for the ride of its life usually down to about 17 directories deep - depending on the length of the dir name.

I need to know if you are Vista x64 or x86 and was it an XP upgrade?

If you are Vista x64 and the program that you ran is an x86 app, the results are useless b/c of virtualization and 3 folder in particular that can and sometimes cannot be found within the Windows directory - \system32, \syswow64, \sysnative.

Please get me a screenshot of Disk Management -
START | type diskmgmt.msc & hit enter | be sure to expand screen so all can be seen

Also, run these commands line-by-line from an elevated Administrative command prompt ("DOS") -
START | type cmd.exe into the start search box | right-click on cmd.exe above | select Run as Administrator | the black "DOS" screen will appear | copy.paste the following (to paste - right-click at the very top of DOS screen, select Edit, select Paste) - hit enter after each if necessary:


tree /a /f > "%userprofile%\documents\tree_users_10-30-08_a-f.txt" & start notepad "%userprofile%\documents\tree_users_10-30-08_a-f.txt"

tree /a > "%userprofile%\documents\tree_users_10-30-08_a-only.txt... Read more

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When i do mountvol it shows duplicate entry except one says no mount point.

I also noticed that on my disk manager, the boot drive doesnt have a letter assigned. Additionally, on my Event viewer i had some distributed link transaction error.

A:Xp Mountvol Problem And Disk Manager Doesnt Show Boot Drive

I don't know anything about mountvol...except that it links drives without a specific drive letter being assigned to each one.http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...k.mspx?mfr=truehttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490934.aspxLouis

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Hi partition manager 10 is free for the next few hours http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/part...glish-holiday/

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I'm trying to find a free disk partition manager. All the ones i find are demos or don't allow resizing. Can somebody provide me a download link or anythign of the sort to point me in a good direction? I always hear of partition magic, but 70 bucks is a bit much for one use!

A:free partition manager?

You can use the Windows disk management.

Right click on my computer and then click on manage then click on Storage then disk management (local) you can right click on your hard drive and go on shrink volume to resize it.

If you do have any problems Just ask


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I can't afford Internet download manager. So, I want to switch to a free download manager.

What is the best free download manager with good GUI and a lot of options and good speed?

A:What is the best free download manager?

I've tried and tested a few over the years in virtual machines.

The one that works for me is "DAP (Download Accelerator Plus)". It's free and I've never had any problems with it.

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Hi partition 10 is free for the next few hours http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/partition-manager-10-0-personal-english-holiday/

A:partition manager 10 free

thanks for the heads up joeten

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Can anybody recommend a really good free password manager? I tried Roboform recently, but it was more annoying than helpful. The Autofill on the Google Toolbar used to be perfect for me, but since I upgraded to IE 8 and Windows 7, it doesn't take care of my passwords anymore.

Any suggestions?

A:Free Password Manager

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hi hello, not sure where to put this: what is the best free download manager?
I can't be bothered to try all of them myself, i tried FDM but it was not acceptable.

A:hi hello, not sure where to put this: what is the best free download manager

By "Best" what features do you actually want in a download manager?

If you're using Firefox, try DownThemAll, Flashgot, Flashget - all acceptable programs.


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if there was a good partition manager out there that works through vista and would save me having to boot from a third party app.

I just can't get the Disk management to work in Vista, keep getting the error "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation".

Even though there is 68Gig free it wont let me creat a new partition of any size.



A:Free partition manager

Hi TommyK,

Vista Disk Management is good, but it is limited to not being able to work when unmovable files like Virtual Page File, Shadow Copy, System Restore, etc... are not allowing the partition to be created.

Other than doing what you want when reinstalling Vista, you will need to use a 3rd party program like Acronis Partition Expert in the Disk Director Suite. You can try a 15 day trial version here:

Acronis Partition Manager - disk partitioning for Windows (Vista/XP/2000): resize disk partition, copy, move, split and merge partitions


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