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T440p storage question.

Q: T440p storage question.

As I understand it, the T440p has three options for internal storage : (1) Internal SATA slot for a 2.5" drive.(2) SATA slot for a 2.5" drive in the Ultrabay/caddy.(3) M.2 slot.My question: Do all of these slots work at SATA3 6Gbps ? Is the interface for all three SATA3 6Gbps ? Will new SATA3 6Gbps SSDs work at SATA3 6Gbps speeds for all three ? What is the maximum capacity for each slot ?

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Preferred Solution: T440p storage question.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


As I understand it, the T440p has three options for internal storage : (1) Internal SATA slot for a 2.5" drive.(2) SATA slot for a 2.5" drive in the Ultrabay/caddy.(3) M.2 slot.My question: Do all of these slots work at SATA3 6Gbps ? Is the interface for all three SATA3 6Gbps ? Will new SATA3 6Gbps SSDs work at SATA3 6Gbps speeds for all three  ?  What is the maximum capacity for each slot ?

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As I understand it, the T440p has three options for internal storage : (1) Internal SATA slot for a 2.5" drive.(2) SATA slot for a 2.5" drive in the Ultrabay/caddy.(3) M.2 slot.My question: Do all of these slots work at SATA3 6Gbps ? Is the interface for all three SATA3 6Gbps ? Will new SATA3 6Gbps SSDs work at SATA3 6Gbps speeds for all three  ? What is the maximum capacity for each slot ?  Many Thanks

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Hi, i have recently got a t440p and i have ran into a power throttling issue, this only happens when GPU is loaded the HD4600 and the cpu is utilized a bit, i have even undervolted but it seems to power throttle, is there any way to raise the tdp limit to 47 instead of 37 without flashing the bios? i have tried throttlestop's "Disable and Lock Turbo power limits" but it doesn't work.also my temperatures are not a problem and are quite far away from throttling temp. 

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Fixed typo in subject line - mod
Hello everyone, I need to ask you a question about ram voltage of a t440p. It came with 4gb, and wanted to change one slot to a bigger memory module.Techincal data say this laptop uses ONLY DDR3L (1.35v) because of the Intel i5-4300 (which also states this in its tech sheet).My question arised when I opened the backplate and found there are already 2x2gb modules of DDR3 (1.5v) working in it. When searching for data sheets of the rams, both work only at 1.5v.What's happening? I really don't underestand if they are running in a lowered voltage state, or why they are working at all.Here's one of the modulesThank you in advance


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A:[QUESTION] t440p RAM upgrade

Is this a second hand T440p? (I don't recall Lenovo installing Kingston Value RAM modules in ThinkPads...)
Basically there is nothing you should worry about, a T440p can use both 1.35v and 1.5v RAM if I remember correctly. And 1.5v RAM can also run at 1.35v.
If you plan to upgrade your RAM I would remove those modules (they're Kingston's cheap RAM line) and install 2x 4GB or 2x 8GB (the latter is the max RAM supported by this model).

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I was asked by answers.Microsoft.com to refer this question to this forum.

BTW there doesn't seem to be an option for Windows 10 forum. So I  had to choose Windows 8.

1st of all everything was fine until 2nd of December.

My Laptop installation of Winodw 7 and then upgraded to 10 was configured from the start to have the USER folders (u sing a script provided by Microsoft) on an SD card through an Expresscared media read/write because my system disk is a 64gig SSD
( which BTW means that system restore has been disabled).

on 3rd of December when:

I turned the machine on it couldn'the read my user profile.I tried to login in safe mode but I got sihost warning: unknown hard Error! But I got into prompt screen and ran diskpartThere is an inbuilt SD card reader slot in the machine where I store large downloadBut the system could only see the main SSD and the expresscared SD card with user folders on itI ran sfc /scannow &  then DISM and the sfc /scannow again until both were successful.But again diskpart  only detected the SSD and Expresscard SD cardBut the attributes on the SD card claims that Current state read-only : Yes although read-only flag is No.I have checked the SD card on other machines and it is not write protectedI have tried introducing writeprotected entry in the registry with values of 0 and 1 without successI have tried everything else that I could in Safe mode but other than what is expected in safemode (e... Read more

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I created a Storage pool with the following setup. Three 3TB drives with parity all in an external enclosure with eSata and USB 2/3 ports. It was connected via USB when created and had production data loaded and tested without any issues.
After a few days of use I decided to see what happened when I tried to access it via the eSata port. No luck, due to a driver on the eSata card issue with Win 8. So I powered all back down and plugged back in via USB. At this point the Storage pool went
into the state as per the screenshot below. Any suggestions to either fix the issue and/or retrieve the data that is in the volume?

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I have a wireless network at home. My wife's PC is running XP connected to linksys router. I have a laptop with XP Pro using a linksys wireless card as well as a Dell PDA with Wifi. We have file sharing ability but I'm looking for something better. The PC is full of digital pics, music, as well as some digital imaging programs. I would like to free up some space and use an external hard drive. I've heard that you can connect these to the PC via USB and just use file sharing. But what about speed while accessing from the laptop? Is there a way to connect the external hard drive directly to the router and share the storage and access? I guess I'm just asking for a home server.

Any tips on equipment and hook ups?

Thanks in advance.

A:Storage question


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I have a 1 gigabite size video file on my hard drive that I need to send to someone. So I went and got a 4 GB flashdrive, thinking I will just put my video on there and send it off. But when I wanted to move my 1 GB file onto my 4 GB flashdrive, a sign came up saying that my destination drive was smaller than my file I was trying to copy! Why is this and what can I do?
I would appreciate any help with this predicament!

A:Storage Question

if you Try to host a video file you shold find planty of free host webs. (fileshare etc..) with direct video links.
but..if you try and send it through your PC.
you shold use a Trustable software with the Abilty to let access to small and large files.
-Good luck.

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Hey everyone i have a 128gb SSD as a boot drive but i'm also using it to store my games on and its becoming quite full due to the games i have installed and i wanted a 2nd drive that would be big enough was thinking about a 240gb ssd for my games for speed but deciding on a 1TB hard drive instead since cheaper and much more storage but i want it to be fast even though not ssd fast but good enough still and fairly quiet also i was looking at the WD Black 1TB edition in particular does anyone own this drive and if so how quiet is it also to note i'm using a fractal define r4 computer case so it would be quieter in my case if its quiet in yours one more thing to note if going to recommend a hard drive please meet the criteria of

-1TB Size
-Low Noise

i know its a lot asking for low noise and speed from a hard drive but let me know what you guys think

1TB Hard drive - Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX Internal Hard Drive - Newegg.com

A:Storage question

I'm no fan of WD drives, only two failures in last 10-11 years, both WDs. I currently use a Seagate enterprise 500GB version of this: Seagate Constellation ES.3 ST1000NM0033 1 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - Newegg.com for storage and I don't hear anything.
WD also has the VelociRaptor series which is the fastest SATA 6GBs drive. Western Digital VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ - Newegg.com

All 7200RPM SATA 6GBs drive will have nearly identical performance. The VelociRaptor is 10,000 RPM.

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okay, this one has me stumped, but I'm also riding on a snootful of cold medicine, so I could be missing the most obvious part.

Wife's laptop: compaq nx6310
HD: C: 30.7 gb total, 23.2 used. However (this is where it gets weird) when I hit c, ctrl-a, properties, I get only 15.2 gigs used. I went through and rather quickly threw together a spreadsheet to check individual folders, that got me 14 gigs or so. So when I right click on c, go to properties, I get 23.2 gigs used. However, when I check by selecting all the files ON the c drive, I come up with 15.2 used. Missing about 8 gigs there.

Reason I say missing, is that this also has a reco partition, and that is straight up 6 gigs. But that wouldn't even figure into the c drive properties, so I am stumped. Ran ATF, checked the hjt log, disk isn't defragged at all (defragger, btw, also shows 23.2 gigs used).

So I'm stumped. I have the 'show hidden files' ticked and 'show system files' ticked in explorer. The fact that both defragger and the properties for the drive show 23.2 used, yet when I ctrl-a > properties I get an amount significantly less leads me to believe the c > properties IS giving the correct answer, but I'll be dipped if I can figure out why when I select all the files on the drive I can't get it to add up to 23.2.

I can attach screen shots if that isn't clear enough. As I said, the snootful and what not.



A:odd storage question

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Alright so I'm on a Dell Inspiron1525. Came with Vista Home Premium. Dad had Ultimate, so I upgraded.

Question 1: I keep getting a message in the bottom right saying that windows is trying to activate, always fails, never works. Why does it do this? Windows is obviously working, and I still get updates. What does this affect/mean?

Here's the storage issue I have, related to the first question. In Computer, I now have a folder called Windows.old. All my music is being copied somehow and put into the Windows.old file, even while it keeps everything on the current windows as well, therefore doubling the size of basically every file, and eating my memory like a fat kid who hasn't had cake in a week.

Is it safe to delete the music in Windows.old, or even just delete Windows.old altogether? I'll be getting a 1tb external soon to back everything up on so I'm not too worried about losing anything right now.

A:storage question

Hello majik,

About your activation problem you need to be connected to the internet. If still having

problem you can activate Windows by telephone there should be a number that you can

call (see the below article)


About you storage question see the article below. Make sure that there are backups

made just in case.


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hi all, i really need a hand with this. i've got 2 other external HDD's. i want to back them up, but each one has different files. how can i back them up without losing any files? i want to make one of them the main drive and the other one i want to make the 'back up' drive. are there any tools i can use to do this? how can i 'align' the hard drives so that one has everything and i don't lose any files? i'm not sure how i can figure this out?

thanks for any help!

A:Storage Question: Need help!

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I'm running out of storage on my local PC and I still have a few spare drives I pulled from systems. I dont have any more IDE slots available so I was curious if they made a storage bay, similar to the internal removable storage bays, that you can use externally and connect them to a USB port on the back of your PC.

Has anyone ever seen these? I know I havent but that doesnt necessarily mean they dont exist, I never had a need for them before either. Anyway, dose anyone know?

A:HDD Storage Question

For exmple http://www.pcconnection.com/Search?CatId=104540&om=lnavsub

Also try Cyberguys, CDW, etc for best price.

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Hi, everyone...I just joined. I hope this is the right place to ask this. My system is getting old now (I'll give specs below). Hard to believe but after all these years, I'm still saving data and doing backups on floppy disks.

Anyway, I know it's time to join the 21 century, but I find external hard drives a bit pricey. So, I thought maybe I could save/backup my data on CD-R's and/or CD-RW's. Is this the way to go? The thing is I'm having the devil's time figuring out the difference between the two. Am I on the right track with this?

Dell Inspiron
OS = Windows XP, SP3, 32bit
Processor = Intel Core 2, [email protected] 2.20Ghz (800mhz)
Memory = 1X3 GB Ram
Video Card = ATI Radeon HD, 2400 Pro
Hard Drive = 232GB Total space; 21.6GB Used
I think I bought this around 2007 or so. I don't remember now.
Anyway, thanks for listening.

A:A Storage Question...

Look and see what type of drive you have. Opening My Computer should show it. Or look on the fron of the Optical drive and see what it says.

CD-RW are not good for long term storage due to the dye used to make them rewritable. Same with DVD-RW.

CDs hold around 750megabytes per disk and DVDs if you can burn them hole around 4.7Gigabytes per disk.
And if you had one which from the age you don't a BluRay holds 25Gigabytes per disk.

The best way to back up if you can afford them is to back up to CD or DVD and a External drive. Redundancy.


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Is there a stable storage software at a good price point that is VMware 5.0 certified and preferably other than MS?

A:Storage Question

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I have the same problem with my dell xps (320 Gb HDD and 3 GB Ram).
The C Drive in HDD has 95 GB free storage.
But when I free more storage in C Drive, for about 10 GB, (now, I have 105 Gb free in C Drive),
The problem solves.
What's the reason to this problem?
It is very weird!

A:Storage Question

Don't understand the question.

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Is there a stable storage software at a good price point that is VMware 5.0 certified and preferably other than MS?

A:Storage Question

Not clear what "storage software" means to you...can you give an example of such program?


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i'm looking to free up some memory on my comp. i was told i could put some of my programs that i use occasionally on a usb drive. my thing is last time i did that i screwed it all up. so if some1 could possibly guide me through it i would appreciate it. ty

A:Portable storage question

cleanup old temps using Disk Cleanup.

another technique is to stop taking System Restore Points ,
resize the quota to 4-5% and then
reenable System Restore Points.

This will toss the old ones, trim the amount of data that can be retained and
return a large amount of free space.

Good idea to defrag the HD after this is all completed

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Well, after I figured out that my video ile was actually 11.2 GB I got a new flash drive, this time it is 16 GB! It came today so I right away wanted to try it out and went to my computer, plugged it in and wanted to copy the same 11.2 GB video file onto it. No luck! This time the error mesdsage says, that my destination drive is full and I should put in a new disk and try again! This is a brend new flash drive, never was used before!
What do I have to do to get this file copied over to a removable storage format? Any suggestions?
Or, I could use ideas about hw to make smaller pieces of the video file, which I also don't know how to do. If anyone knows of a good software, I would also appreciate ideas about that!

A:Storage Question - Chapter II

It's possible the drive needs to be formatted before you can put any data on it. Have you tried putting any smaller files on your new jump drive?

There are ways to make the movie smaller in size, but it typically degrades the quality a little also. I'm not sure of this exact process as I never mess with it myself, but I'm sure someone can help you if you decide to go that path.

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Love my new Y520.  Got the SSD HDD combo model.  So I noticed that my documents are on the SSD.  and the HDD keeps showing 1.81 free of 1.81 TB.  Does the HDD only kick in when the SSD is full?

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i just bought a new toshiba laptop that i'll only use occasionally. how should i store it? usually for several days-up to two weeks at a time. should i leave it plugged into power supply? should i let battery rundown on occasion? even when i use it it will probably be plugged in. ty for any advice.

A:new notebook, storage question

Two items. 1) for LION batterys, it is best to store them for long periods of time @ around 40% capacity. 2) after you charge/dis-charge your battery, remove it from the laptop. Store it in a cool dry environment. I have a low use Thinkpad that I use less than once per month. I have had my batteries for this system for close to 3 years and have followed the above suggestions. The batteries today when fully charged still return the same usage as they did when they were new. If I need to use the Laptop in a non mobile environment, I always use it on the brick.


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I currently have 4 3tb hard drives in a storage pool using windows and it is nearly full. Its much like a raid 5 array, 3 drives worth of storage with the four drives. I want to add a singe 3 tb drive to this array but windows 8 is telling me i need to add 3 drives.

My question: can I get away with only adding one 3 tb drive without losing my current data? or do i need to add 3 drives as windows is indicating?

A:Storage Pool Question


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Well doing the whole CMD thing I figured out my shadow storage... Well I was wondering if the used and allocated shadow storage is two different thing and do they both take up space from my hard drive?

Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 30.397 GB
Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 32.337 GB
Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 42.613 GB

Would the 30.397 GB add with the 32.337 GB to = 62.734 GB of used space on my hard drive?

A:Shadow Storage Question

How to adjust disk space in Windows Vista:

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Hi there, computer people!
I have a simple question. I am using free cloud storage through Weiyun and I installed the client for my Mac, and I have the folder on my computer to sync to the cloud. What I'm wondering is if I put files into that folder, is it also being saved to my computer (taking up disk space) as well as being put into the cloud?

A:Cloud Storage Question!

I do not know about how Weiyun Cloud works.
In general, file syncing over the cloud means that files are updated to all the connected locations. Latest files are kept in your local hard disk folder as well as on the cloud.
But in most cloud storage systems there are settings to sync only a particular folder or set of files.
So yes, it may be taking up space on your hard disk (and consuming network bandwidth for downloading files) depending on your configuration settings.

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Not sure if i should post this here but here goes.

I need to reformat my CPU and i don't feel like using my 2gb memory stick to transfer all my stuff over to a different PC before reformatting.

A) Can i use my Zune to store files that are not media related?


B) As for my music, can i get my music off my Zune onto my fresh computer? I know iPod's can't w/o 3rd party software.

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I'm getting a 256 SSD, I also have a 1TB internal HDD that I plan to DBAN and reformat to use as extra storage as the SSD will be the primary drive with the OS.
My question is after I got the 1TB HDD all reformatted and setup and say I'm storing all my family photos on it...if I ever need to use System Restore or Recovery on the computer that is housing this HDD will doing so erase all the data on the HDD as well as the SSD when doing a System Restore or Recovery? The only reason why I'm wondering is because if I install any programs or games on the HDD it's going to create registry files that will obviously be removed upon a System Restore or Recovery. Correct?

Also 256 SSD is that going to be enough? I play a lot of games and plan on installing the following:

The Sims 2 complete collection
The Sims 3 complete collection
The Sims 4
Everquest 2
Everquest Next Landmark
League of Legends
Runes of Magic
and any other games I'm forgetting or that will be released in the future.
I just want to make sure I'll have enough room on the SSD. I know programs will run faster and would like to have a majority of my games on the SSD but don't have a problem using the HDD if need be.

This is my first SSD can you tell? lol
In the future I do plan on getting a 500 SSD but way in the future.

A:1TB internal HDD question about storage

Nah, system restore does not touch user folders even if they are on the C partition. But you are doing the right thing. User data is a lot safer in a seperate partition on the same or a seperate disk.

Make frequent backup of your user data partition anyhow. Just in case the disk goes on the blink. And the same of the system disk. With images you can always save the day. Here is my preferred imaging tool.

Imaging with free Macrium

You may want to make a seperate folder on the HDD for the very biggest games and direct them to that folder during the installation.

SSDs are great. I would not want to live without them. My oldest is from 2008 when they were still very expensive. In the meantime they have mushroomed to be nearly a dozen, LOL.

If you need any further SSD help, post back.

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I don't have a problem just a few questions: 1) Thinking about which MP3 player I should buy- If I make a copy over and over again from the original MP3, will that degrade the original MP3 over time (or Copies) or dose it not matter how many times you copy it to transfer to an MP3 player. 2) will said copy work O.K. in an MP3 Player or do you have to use an original (i'm just right clicking then select copy then paste) and 3) I have windows XP, how can I tell how much space I have left. I appreciate your help.


A:Solved: MP3's and Storage Space Question

Copying an mp3 file will not degrade it. Quality loss comes from converting it to another format, or lowering the bitrate, changing it in effect. Each change will degrade it. You can copy it as many times as you like with no problem.
You can use the original or the copy in your mp3 player. A copy is identical in all ways to the original apart from it's creation date.
Go into my computer, right click your hard drive, properties to see how much space is left.

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Hi, I recently ordered a xps 15 9550 1080p with 256gb SSD and 8 ram. Still haven't received it yet but 256gb isn't enough for my use. I'm planning to add extra Hard disk to store my games and files on it (doesn't matter whether it's HDD or SSD) but I have a ZERO experience and knowledge about upgrading it.
Is it possible for my configuration to add an extra HD? And if it is possible: Do I just open the back of the laptop and put the hard drive and it will work or do I have to do other things?
And do you suggest any specific hard drive? 500gb will be enough or I could wait until the Black Friday and get a 1 TB ssd.
Thanks in advance

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I have just started using OneDrive. I see that the free version offers only 5G of space. But I have Office 365, and it tells me I have only used ~880G out of 1T. However, when I just went to drag some folders into the OneDrive on my HD, it says I don't have enough storage (the folders were only ~6-7 G.) How can I make sure my OneDrive has access to the full allotted amount of storage?

Note: I just installed OneDrive on both my desktop and laptop, and both are syncing perfectly.....just in case that information is useful.

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Here's the scenario: Two desktops running XP Pro, one notebook running XP Home with wireless pcmcia, cable modem and 4 port wireless broadband router. I have file and printer sharing set up and all systems can see each other, but it's proving very inconvenient to always have the main destop on so the other systems can share the files (since the main desktop is where I currently store my data). Does anyone have a solution to have a stand alone storage device connected right to my router? I'd like to be able to just power on one system and see the shared files. The only retail option I can find so far is from Iomega, called the NAS appliance, but it's big $$$. I'm looking for a <$300 solution. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help!

A:Network attached storage question

I don't know about < $300, but a Snap Server sounds like what you want. Of course, you could just connect a headless PC to the network and stick it in a corner with your large disk installed. Most of us have a couple of old systems sitting around that would work well for such service. If you install a remote console like tightVNC on it, you could do any management manipulation remotely.

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I've recently gotten an htc incredible (which is incredible), but it only came with a 2gb card which is clearly not enough. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the max size of a card I can get (I believe it is 16, but am hoping it's 32) My own personal research short of calling verizon hasn't turned up much.

Also, for basically music playing purposes, and the occasional large file transport, do I need to worry about which class of card I get, like class 1 or class 6, I really am not sure what any of that means. I can only assume that like all things electronic, higher numbers are better (usually =] )

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My Local Disk C: has a total size of 62.1 GB and 36.9 GB of free space. Say I have a whole lot of dvd's, both movies and tv show seasons. Can I safely put those on my computer without using up too much space?

A:Question about computer storage space

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Hi all,

Im currently building an extremely small thin client into a ftp / web server.

The specs of the box are AMD Geode GX533 // 128mb RAM // 64mb FLASH DOM

It will be running DSL (damn small linux) on the box and it works fine with a usb pen drive i have been testing it with.

My plans are to use a permanent storage solution such as a 2.5 inch IDE laptop drive or a CF drive but done really know which way to go. I want it to be fast enough, have 8gb at least (but more would be better), and use minimal power as will be on 24/7.

What would be the best route to go down? CF or IDE 2.5"?

If CF can you show me some cheap cards i could use, ive heard about industrial CF's that last longer? Worth it? Also what filesystem should i use?

If IDE what are the best low power 2.5" drives?

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Ok, so first of all, I'm a n00b. Yes, I have searched the forums and have not found what i've been looking for, so please forgive my n00biness if it is, in fact, answered in some archival post.
I've recently acquired an external hard drive, and have avoided loading music on my computer till I could get one, so now that I have one, I'd like to begin doing just that, using said EH to store music instead of my PC of course, thus leaving storage space for other things and possibly (again, n00b, so I don't know how these things work) preserving performance as well. So, my questions is, how does one go about setting up his system, music software, EH, whatever, so that when you rip a CD, it goes straight to the EH instead of the PC? Many thanks,


A:Music Software/File Storage question

Hi, welcome to TSG.

First of all it would be good if you could tell us what version of Windows you have and what's the make and model of your PC? Also how big (number of GB) is the hard drive in your PC, how much space is being used and how big is the external drive?

Most desktop PC's have an internal hard drive and two CD/DVD drives. The hard drive is called C: and the CD/DVD drives are called D: and E:. When you add the external drive Windows assigns the next letter in the alphabet which will be F: so all the files on that drive will start with F:\.

Before we go any further have you hooked up the drive and formatted it yet? Maybe we should get to that point first before moving any files.

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I have a Hp Envy that I want to update with better m.2 NVME ssd than that comes with the product since it is nor fast in write or big enough capacity for my taste (128gb) but I don't want to void the warranty by doing so.can it be done without voiding the warranty  by the way will this be compatible :Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB

A:Warranty question with upgrade of storage in hp envy 13

Need the specific model number to be sure but just in general if you open the chassis you place the warranty in risk. Shame you have to choose between having the laptop as you want it or being 100% sure you have a warranty but that is just the way it is. Users are having issues using M.2 PCIe mSSD disks other than the OEM Samsung SM951 in HP laptops. I just read a long post here from a user who struggled getting a Samsung 950 Pro working in an HP laptop to replace an SM951. Happy to link you to that and any other information you may need once I have your specific model number. 

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The PC in question is Sandy Bridge based system with one SSD and an HDD. Is it necessary to install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology that installs a service with the same name?

I am trying to get rid of the following error message, event ID 9, in the system log:

The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.

I've searched for this error and this link has a pretty good explanation; quote:

If your hard drive doesn't support LPM (Link Power Management) then, by default, Intel's controller still attempts to send LPM commands to the drive which causes the computer to freeze for 10 - 30 seconds and it creates two events in the event logs.

That's pretty much the exact description of symptoms my system experienced.

While the link references ICH7R and ICH8R controller hub drivers, the suggested registry fix seemingly fixed event 9 errors for the ICH10R as well.

Removing Intel Rapid Storage Technology probably will not do anything in relation to this error, I don't really see much use of it.

The other question relates to the ICH10R controller driver; is this driver, that freezes my system, necessary at all? The reason for asking is that I have another system based on the Asus P7P55 motherboard that does not have Intel controller driver installed and it works just fine.
Thanks in advance...

A:Intel Rapid Storage Technology question...

Perhaps reading this might help - http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Deta...?DwnldID=18859

BTW I use it and have no issues. However I don't don't have a RAID setup but I do use AHCI.

It also provides AHCI support on select Intel? 5 Series, 4 Series, 3 Series, 965, 975X, 955X, 945, 925 and 915 chipset-based platforms, as well as on Mobile Intel? 915/910 chipset-based platforms.

If you're not using RAID or AHCI I'd imagine you don't need it.

That's the way I understand it.

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I was setting up a test storage pool consisting of five 2TB drives. I set it to parity and was surprised to see how small my storage pool was. I'm not sure how the inner working go but I thought I would suffer one drive worth of space to parity but it
is much more than that. Five 2TB drives totals to a little over 9TB total (stupid measurements) but when I set it to parity I only get about 6TB when I was expecting closer to 7.25. Why so little? How does Windows calculate parity for a storage pool?

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We are looking to implement long-term mass storage in the future. What is a good method? We need to back up about 40GB of data now, with an average monthly increase of about 1 GB. I'm thinking a DAT autoloader would be the way to go, but I'm unsure. How do those big auto-loader boxes work? Are they connected to the network, or do they transfer data through the SCSI connection?

Keep in mind, most of the files we are backing up are already compressed TIF files, so data compression would be minimal.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks

A:Long-term Mass Storage Question

I would consider combining this with a 120Gb HD. http://www.datacity.net/removable-hard-drives.htm

You can probably replace the HD for about what you would spend for 120Gig of mass storage media and the unit itself is a tiny fraction of the cost. It is faster than most mass storage devices and reliable. You can use the backup software resident in Windows or purchase fairly sophisticated backup software at reasonable prices.

The units even come with a carrying case to take the drive home with you at night.

This is another thought: http://www.maxtor.com/products/externalstorage/3000XT/default.htm It also comes in USB2, but you would probably need a Firewire or USB2 card with either. I think the unit is about $300. It would probably not be quite as fast as an IDE unit in the removable tray but still a lot faster than a tape unit. 30 MBPS compared to 3 for a tape. And 160Gb seems like it would do you for a while.

I’m sure there are reasons people pay those prices for commercial tape machines. I’m just offering cheaper alternatives that look pretty good. I don’t know how well the Maxtor unit would interface in a network, but the removable HD unit will certainly integrate easily.

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So, I built my system using this SSD caching. It works really well. My hard drive is 1 terrabyte and my Cache drive is a 60 gig ssd. Lately, while playing Star Wars the Old repubic, I have been 'freezing' in game. This freezing completely locks the computer. I run Teamspeak and I can still push to talk and my friends can still talk and I can talk to them via this during the 'freeze'. What is odd is Cnt/alt/delete, will not bring up the control panel to allow me to kill the game. I am just stuck.

Normally I would say this is a Video driver issue. I did cleanly reinstall the latest Nvidia driver and this will still occur sometimes.

Now, when I disable RST, I never get the problem. I can play and play and play. When I reactivate RST to 'maximized', I can still play but its like a timer. After about 2 or 3 days the Freeze will happen.

So my RST question is, {has the driver been updated since 2012} (when I built my computer) and is it possible to update this driver now without having to re-install Windows and all my programs?

If I am left with having to re-install I am likely to just fork over the money and just buy a 300 gig SSD and keep Windows and 1 or 2 of my favorite games on it and use the Terrabyte drive for Music/videos and storage.

A:Intel Rapid Storage Technology a question..

Yep, there's 2013 versions for Win7.


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I have a large selection of cds. Is there a device that would let me copy their contents so that they are all stored on one device, which I could then plug into a stereo, and then have the contents appear on a screen so I can call up a disc or a specific song on a disc (or even better, select a sequence of songs from different discs, and maybe even have the device memorize a given sequence for future playback)? I'd like this device to be independent of my computer or other types of devices.

Thanks for any feedback.

A:Music Storage/Playback Medium Question

I think many dvd players will do just that.
A dual layer dvd is over 8 gigs,so you could get more than 10 cds on a dvd
Ofcoarse you would have to burn them with the pc

Now as far as car stereo goes they do a have hard drive that you hook into the mix to store thousands of song...I would guess the same is available for homes as well

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hey all,
Does anybody know of a way to use this without a floppy disk? say by loading it from a USB drive instead?. Is the only way by using a floppy disk?

A:Intel Matrix Storage Manager Question..

When I installed it, it just ran a setup file within windows then I simply rebooted.

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So i was given a dell t7500 that i want to use as a desk top
It has 3 sata ports one has my os c drive one the opitic drive and
One a storage drive  and is working great as a desktop
The board also has 4 sas ports which i know very little about
I Would like to use the sas ports for more sata storage drives,
Each with its own drive letter, each with diffrent stuff on them,
Is this possible to use sata drives in these sas ports for extra
Storage or should i leave the sas ports empty and get a card
With sata ports?

A:T7500 sas ports question can i use them for sata drive storage?

Posted in wrong section modarator please help and move thread, thanks

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1. I could not establish with certainty that the latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager (7-17-09) would work with my chipset series after many hours of study. Do I need to install an older one and if so which one? Could you sent me the actual file and the directions for proper installation. I have the Back up or mirror drive without any power. and have been using the "C" drive for a few weeks. It says I have the correct driver but that it is installed incorrectly. I am good at following instructions but as a psychologist a very busy person. thanks for your help.

2. Using the Intel Chipset ID Utility mine is "Intel® G33/G31 Express chipset"
3. My system Devices says: Intel® G33/G31/P35 Express chipset. -

4. When I search for this chipset, with either name, it always said "no result matched my search" = or that it was not found.

5. My current Intel Matrix Storage Manager is 8.5 But it has problems. The error messages are:
a) The RAID plug-in failed to load because the driver did not install correctly.
b) A Serial ATA plug-in failed because the driver is not installed correctly

6. I had upgraded from RAID 1 2-1T Seagate drives to RAID 1 2-2T Seagate Hard Drives.

7. When I tried using "Contol I" - It said that data on the disks would be erased. I then shutdown and listed both of them as Non-Raid Drives and have the mirror drive without power.

8. Perhaps it is safer to use another new 2T Seagate Hard Drive for safety r... Read more

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