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Solved: To Clone Or Not To Clone. That is the question

Q: Solved: To Clone Or Not To Clone. That is the question

Hope this is the right forum.

Just need a little advise. I've attempted in past to use system restore with absolutely no luck so I've come up with a brilliant idea. "Why don't I backup my system or clone it", however, I've never done so and so have no idea how to go about it or which is best. Is there a decent program out there that will allow me to back up or clone my system on either my external drive (1Tb) or a thumb drive (16 Gb). I have no idea how big of a file will be created so I have no idea if a thumb drive would be big enough. My external is actually a WD in an external case which could be installed in my computer case if need be.I need to do 2 drives. A 250 G and an 80 gig

Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: Solved: To Clone Or Not To Clone. That is the question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: To Clone Or Not To Clone. That is the question

I know some people use Acronis True Image, I believer there are other programs available too, that will do this for you.

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I have tried everything to move or copy one drive to another, old drive is 4.3 gig and new drive is 20 gig, operating system is NT 4 SERVICE PACK 6 Small Business Server, I have used Ghost to clone the drive and it completes successfully but will not boot, drive says its active if I use fdisk to look at partition. I also tried Disk Copy to clone or copy drive...it does exactly the same as Ghost. I need more hard drive space with the same operating system , that is why I want to use the 20 gig drive. CMOS recognizes the right drive size as far as I can tell system just will not boot with 20 gig after cloning or copying . Is there anyone who can help....please!!! Tried a 40 gig drive and it also does the same. I need some help wih this,,,,the other thing that seems strange to me is that the pc will only recognize one drive , the master in a two drive configuration. The system never sees the second drive no matter what the jumper settings I use. I have tried setting partitions active and they already were.I have tried cable select and numerous other jumper settings. This isn't my first time around the block, I just have a poor or weak understanding of the older operating system NT 4. CAN ANYONE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS PROBLEM SOON?????

A:Ghost clone or Disk Copy clone completes but will not boot

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Hi there
I always thought that CLONE Disk really did Clone disks - however this doesn't seem to be exactly the case.

I decided to upgrade a SAMSUNG 830 120 GB SSD to a Samsung 840 250 GB SSD in a laptop recently. The cloning process went fine -- I left the partitions EXACTLY as they were on the original drive (so I had around 120 GB of unallocated space on the target drive).

When I re-booted everything worked fine except SKY GO (that's an application where I can run SKY TV - satellite TV subscription channel - on the PC with Internet streams -- great for LIVE Sport etc when on the move).

Refused to work saying Computer Device is not registered.

Re-inserted the old SSD -- guess what SKY GO worked fine -- so SOMETHING has changed --not sure what but surely the copy should have resulted in the OS'es being identical - I hadn't changed any partition sizes etc.

Not sure why changing a disk would invalidate a very useful application -- of course SKY TV couldn't explain anything -- Who or what are ever employed in those dreadful off shored call centers -- just get some woman mouthing away in poor barely understandable English the same line over and over again --very sorry -- very sorry -- don't know -- try technical support. I reply - YOU ARE (F-----g) Technical support -- didn't actually insert the F word though --. Answer comes back again Very sorry - very sorry -. Who or What are these automatons who work in those places. !!!!!!

I finally resolved the problem myself -- alt... Read more

A:Clone Disk -- Does it REALLY Clone disks - I have doubts

Hi again

Finally sorted the wretched problem out properly --- it WAS Silverlight (Grhhhhhhhh)

I restored my old system again to the new SSD
Then UNINSTALLED Silverlight --as before

But there's a folder in Program data ==> Microsoft ==>playready which apparently is ZERO bytes. (Or perhaps just contains hidden inaccessible security info).

Removing this folder as well and then re-installing Silverlight -- the SKY GO application started find after a few messages of "Updating security for display of protected content" and things like that.

So my remark on the CLONE DISK still stands however it does seem that Silverlight remembers things from specific PHYSICAL DISKS when you move an OS from one disk to another.

I wasn't going to give up here -- a Clean Windows install also fixed the problem - but I didn't want to go through all the hassle of installing and upgrading all my applications again so I was determined to get to the cause of the problem.

Anyway the new SSD is great -- and I can also keep two VM's on it which I also run quite a lot - response on these is now magnificent.

Waiting until I can afford the latest 980 GB SSD's -- then apart from for archive and large data files like Music / films etc - it's BYE BYE Spinners.


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Hi guys ...i have a problem while cloning windows7 in Dell machines with CloneZilla which is an open source tool...well the thing is i have taken an image from E6510 Latitude laptop...and when iam trying to clone the image on the other E6510 laptop..its showing some blue screen...

Iam sucessfully cloned with Xp ..but iam facing issues with windows7..so guys kindly help me out in this regard

if u have any other solution in this regard kindly share with me with the tutorial..iam very much in need of this..kindly do the needful

A:How to Clone Windows 7 with Clone Zilla

AFAIK Clonezilla has some issues with Dell hidden partitions. Try imaging the full disk (which will include the hidden service partitions) to an external unit, then restore the image into the new disk?

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I am currently on a machine with Windows XP PRO sp2, and i would like to clone my hard drive. When i say clone i mean clone everything, boot sectors, OS EVERYTHING!!!

I am not taking about creating a disk image for software and quick recovery. I have an extra hard and basically i want to clone it completely. It is a Seagate 250GB 16mb cache w SATA2 capabilities. I would like to know if making an exact 1 - 1 copy would be possible or i will have to invest in some additional hardware ?

Also i would like to know if my raid drivers would have to be installed ? because as it stands i did not install my RAID drivers with windows so i don't think their is a way windows can recognize a second disk.

A:HDD clone question...

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Ok so i was lucky enough to buy an old damaged t61 on ebay for around $60. But what wasn`t damaged is a quiet and smooth running 160 GB Hard drive with original nvidia preload partition for my Frankenpad . No clicking just a nice quiet operation noise if it was a brand new drive . Here comes a question : I finally found a way to clone "ALL CONTENT " using a free cloning software . By saying all i mean that very often people can not clone the preload partition , i got it. I know i can buy a larger SSD for cheap like 250 or 400 GB   ( and then extend the partition blah blah blah...) but i decided to stay at the same size as my original lenovo drive which says 160 gb on label .In real life it is only 149.5 GB . During the clonin process i can not use a smaller destination drive , it has to be the same size or larger .( we are not doing sector to sector....we clone all) Does any one know if if the destination drive has to be 160 gb on label or can it be 149.5 just like real life size of the drive we clone from ?  Thank you .

T60p Frankenpad

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Hi , so i cloned my factory t61 hdd to a newer hdd this morning just for fun while im waiting for ssd i bought on ebay . I uses free cloning software and cloned all not sector by sector ( which doesnt clone f11 function correctly )Everything went smooth as expected until i decided to see if i can create recovery media  from the cloned hdd . After thinkvantage create recovery media command i got a message saying " recovery files not found " so i switched back to factory HDD to see whats going to happen and it worked , computer asked me to insert blank CD ....so i gues not everything clones even if it looks like it . Did this happen to any of you out there ?Please share Thank you . 

T60p Frankenpad

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I have 10 sets of M700 SFF lenovo PC (Preloaded win7 Pro OEM ver and with win10 lic).I know that OEM license have saved into BIOS. So that i will use ABR (Activation Backup and Restore) to check and backup my license file first for each workstation. What i want to do:Now i haved completed the setup for the one of PC (incluted software insallation and windows update).I want to clone my C: drive (Windows7_OS) to another workstation. Can someone let me know how do that? Information:The hard drives  have three partitions on them:System_drvWindows7_OSLenovo-Recovery ABR (Activation Backup and Restore):http://directedge.us/content/abr-activation-backup-and-restore Thank You!

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Machine A is a Win7 Pro OEM that has a failing mb that needs to be sent for repair. Machine B is also a Win7 Pro OEM with identical hardware. Any problems if I Acronis-clone/move Machine A's drive to Machine B then change the license to Machine B's native license? Looking for the easiest way for temp usage of Machine B by Machine A's user during the 2-3 weeks when the mb is being repaired.

The Win7 Pro OEM licenses were not factory preinstalled - just the "for use with a new computer" variety. There are no other machine/user specific licenses in use.

I've been though a zillion posts about cloning and am now so confused... SysPrep seems like overkill and loses all the user specifics.

A:Yet another clone/licensing question (identical hardware)

Are you talking about transferring the system (Windows installation) now on the hard drive in Machine A to the hard drive in Machine B, through a cloning or imaging process?

Or do you mean physically installing the hard drive from Machine A into Machine B?

Is there any chance that the motherboard will be unrepairable and need to be replaced? I assume this is being done under a warranty?

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Have 14 G on 80 G, used N. Ghost to clone to a formatted slave 19 G. I enter BIOS / 'Boot' and select either HD and they both boot just fine. What I'm not understanding, is why is it that when I take action (change a document, add or remove info.) the same change takes place on the other HD?
I have XP Pro, and N. GoBack. Could it be that GoBack is swapping the info.? Should I remove Norton from both HD's and reinstall it to my master? or is it going to install to both? I just don't understand why one HD has anything to do with other. Desktop icons can be arranged differently from one Dr to the other and they say. I also am getting a new XP Pro, the one I am using will not validate. When I get the new XP, can I install it over the XP I have?

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I've bought a 150GB Velociraptor to replace my 36GB Raptor. The Raptor is currently my boot drive, but has run out of room. I'm running XP Pro, SP3.

Usually, when I upgrade the boot drive, I do a reformat/reinstall but I really don't want to do that this time. So, I want to clone. I purchased Avanquest PerfectImage yesterday, along with one of those HDD docking stations (very slick, I love it).

As I understand it, I have two choices:

1. Direct clone of drive.
2. Create full backups of the two partitions on the drive, then restore that to the new drive.

Is there any preference of one method over the other? I need to make the boot partition, especially, much bigger than it currently is.

Also, once I have an imaged drive, how do I go about swapping the drives (not the physical installation, the logical swap, so Windows will boot from the new drive)? I need all the drive letters to remain the same, so my apps all continue to run properly.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Solved: Best way to clone?

Never mind. Downloaded and used the Western Digital software. Worked like a charm.

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I am replacing 2 Hd's in Raid 0 enviroment with 2 new WD drives. I want to clone my current system to an external HD with Ghost 12 but I am unsure how to set the options for a drive to drive copy as it allows me to select any one of the following: Set Drive active (for booting OS)/ Copy MBR (master boot drive)/ Destanation partition type. Also, should I create a boot disk ?

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Hi ,does anyone know a cloning software that I can download, I have Acronis but it wont let me use it because I'm not using there HD (seagate) that the disc came with. I only need it for one transfer so purchasing the software would be a waste of $$$$
Thanks Joei

A:Solved: HD Clone

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I have 2 Western Digitals. One the master is a 13 GIG the other , a 5 gig is the slave. I want to copy everything from the 13 gig to the 5 gig. this should be no problem as there is only 3 gigs of space used on the 13 gig. I have WD EZ-Install which I thought would make it easy for me to clone. The problem is that the EZ-Drive says that I have more sectors on the drive that I want to clone then the drive I want to clone to. . It will not just clone the used sectors. Is there a freeware out there that would let me copy the 3 gigs of information from the 13 gig to the 5 gig?
THanks Much

A:[SOLVED] Clone

well, are both drives WD? If not, then you can't use the software to clone onto the non-WD. Do you have acess to a third HD? If so why don't you temp run the loner as master and put the other two as pri. slave and sec. master, and copy in win. That is a bit out there as people may not be enthusiatic with helping you out by letting you take their HD. Maybe you have a theird at home? I don't know. Another option is to clone the drive in dos. You can also download the software to do it from the manufacturer if the 5 GB is non-WD.

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I have a 180 GB drive that is getting full. I want to make an exact clone - including boot sector, registry, etc. so that I can pull out that 180 GB and make the new 500 GB the bootable primary disk.

I can do that by creating an Acronis image from the old drive and use it to clone onto the new drive. This requires 2 steps and a 3rd drive.

Is there a way to do that cloning process directly from windows disk to an empty (or formatted) disk?

In *NIX I can use the dd command (a sector-by-sector copy). I could boot the PC into Linux and use that dd command. Or I could purchase a forensics disk duplicator (hundreds of $$$)

Surely there's a free way to do it in windows ... right?

A:Solved: Clone XP drive

If you have the full version of Acronis you can create a bootable CD that allows you to clone directly from the existing hard drive to a new blank hard drive. To do a full image copy of a system drive - that is the drive you boot from containing your live copy of Windows - you need to boot from something else either a CD, HD or USB - so that all the system files and boot tracks can be copied.

Acronis and several other utilities allow you to create a bootable CD - and then copy your live system to a new larger HD - expanding the copy in the process to fill the new larger HD.

Not many of the free programs allow you to expand the copy to fill the new larger HD - you often need to use a second utility to expand the partition. Creating a bootable CD can be tricky for the non-technical - but sounds like you might be OK doing that.

Acronis True Image does automate the whole process once you have their bootable CD.
Acronis also produce a standalone clone/migrate HD utility - Migrate Easy 7.0

For discussions of free software check these links

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I have Acronis True Image.

Can't find a way to clone my hdd to a dvd or is this simply because dvd's don't have the capacity.

Asking this because, to clone it asks for another hdd to clone to. Yet I only have one hdd in the laptop.

I do have an external hdd which has approx. 220gb spare on a 500gb drive and my hdd has 205 gb. Would the cloning need all the external drive capacity.


A:Solved: Clone hdd to DVD - Acronis

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Yes, I did search this issue within the forum before opening a new thread, but I still have some questions.

I have a Lenovo 420T laptop for which I've purchased a refurbished SanDisk Extreme 120GB 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive with 7 + 15 pins to speed up (some) operations.


I would appreciate any comments or assistance on how to go about cloning my existing HDD before swapping the drives. [Note: My total data amount to clone is less than half the SSD capacity, so that's not an issue]

Just below are the URLs of two similar adapters/connectors at Newegg that I think would do the job so far as the necessary hardware is concerned (except for 10 cents in cost from the same seller, I don't know if there's any difference between them).


I'm assuming that I would plug the SATA connector into the ssd and one of the USB plugs into the laptop. As for the second USB I am uncertain as to whether it would also need to be plugged in for added power supply. I would then use the following software to clone the hdd onto the ssd: FarStone DriveClone (downloadable and free from CNET)


Once the cloning is completed it is just a matter of removing the hdd cover and a ... Read more

A:Solved: Would appreciate comments on how to clone hdd to ssd

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I have a Dell Studio 1555 with 500Gb Hdd. Has Windows 7 Pro installed in a 75Gb C: partition. D: is for data. Two days back it suddenly stopped booting. Sometimes shows message "Check cable" and sometimes would go upto "Starting Windows" and reboot. Even going into the BIOS was very slow. When I removed the HDD could go into BIOS immediately. So I figured drive may be bad.
I removed it, put it in a USB casing and connected to another Win 7 laptop. It took a long time but 3 partitions were detected, a "System reserved" and the other 2. However, both my C and D partitions (detected as H & J on the other laptop) are showing as RAW in "Disk Management". I tried chkdsk on one of them and it did start but taking too long and showing some errors like unreadable data, so I stopped it. Checked with Testdisk but taking too long to detect. Only checked the boot sector and it is showing okay.
Then again fitted into to the laptop, this time the SMART diagnostics said HDD is failing, it went upto Windows logo but stuck for long time and no further.
I have ordered a 1Tb drive and should receive in few days.
Can anyone help in recovering / cloning the drive? I do have all my data backed up and also have a cloned image (made with DriveImageXML, I have successfully used it in the past) of 2 years back. But would be great to get the latest image so I don't have to reinstall some software.
Why did both C: and D: partitions fail? Is there any way t... Read more

A:Solved: Clone a maybe damaged RAW Hdd

RAW means that no file system is detected. That means that there is no way to determine where the files are located on the disk . Cloning will make an exact copy, which means that the clone will also be RAW and you will not be able to access it.

You could try some recovery software, but the drive will get worse the longer you work on it and it may well be that the data is lost. At this point, the disk is probably so damaged that even if you recovered the partition with the OS on it, it would not boot nor run because of damaged portions of the OS itself.

It is always wise to have a full system backup that is recent at all times.

A RAW drive can be cloned by some cloners that support sector-by-sector copying, but the cloning program may halt if it encounters an unreadable sector unless it has an option to skip them.

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To Clone or To Image? That is the question.
I just bought a new large 3TB external drive and decided to either clone or image my disk. What I don't know if there is a preference for either clone or image or does it not really matter.

A:Solved: Clone or Image

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I have a WD 80G HDD that I wanted to transfer to a 160G because it was running out of room. Using Acronis cloning software, all went well accept it didn't reboot and clone. My computer just started up into windows7 like normal. my question is, could the HDD have a cloning protection on it?

A:Solved: HDD didn't clone

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I also may fall into this sector but am not sure. If not please direct me accordingly to the best location for the information that I would need.

I was wondering if someone could give me a step by step on how to clone my WHOLE Primary Hard Drive that contains my OS- keeping all data currently on it as well as the operating system intact. At which point I could then remove the OS hard drive and allow me to transfer the information to a brand new twice the size hard drive in place of the dying drive which will go into cold storage. I do have another 1TB that could hold all the information if needed.

All without the use of a DVD/CD Rom or USB drive? I see no way of putting 350GB on the one 1GB USB drive that I have nor the fact that I have no working CD/DVD Drive for at least another 1 1/2 months.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Clone to new drive

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I have inherited my son's wonderfully speedy clone, but am unable to get any sound out of it. It has colored jacks associated with the Intel Motherboard and my son indicates the card installed is Creative SB Live. System Properties indicate card is installed properly. I have downloaded audio drivers from Intel for the D815EEA2/D815EPEA2.

I thought maybe there was no internal speaker, so purchased some cheapies from the store. I still am unsuccessful in achieving any noise whatsoever

A:[SOLVED] Clone - No Sound

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Hi, I have a Seagate 500mb USB external drive that I want to use as a backup, should I Clone or Image my current HD to it, can I do daily backups to one or the other and are all of my current programs moved as well?
Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Clone or Image

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I have installed the GEForce 6200 graphics card.I clicked on the NVIDIA control panel and set it up for my dell monitor and the TV. I set up a movie
to play.I was able to connect the monitor and the TV together,that worked fine.
I played the movie through Nero and I could see it fine on the monitor but on the Tv all I could see was the nero program.The movie visuals didnt play but the sound did.
Anyway I clicked something?????? cant remember what I clicked and now the clone thing I did is gone. A bunch of stuff is gone from the set up tree on the NVIDIA control panel
the set up multiple display task wont work at all and where it says chose the NView display mode to use it is only giving me single display button.It did have the clone one and something else before.
Can any one help????

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I bought a new 80GB Maxtor 9 HDD to replace a OLD 40GB HDD that came with my computer. As I do not want to re-install everything I found a copy of Norton Ghost 2003 that said it would copy everything from one hard drive to another one.

I installed the new 80GB as a slave and booted Windows XP (HOME), I found it in the Device Manager but not in My Computer. I also was not able to clone my other hard drive to it as it did not appear in the list in Ghost.

I re-booted with Win98 startup disk in and ran FDISK, there were no partitions on the hard drive, so I created a new Primary DOS partition (100% and active).

Re-booted without 98 startup disk in, and I found the new Hard drive in My computer with drive letter f: (two CD/DVD drives d,e). I viewed it properties it said 'Used Space 0 bytes', 'Free Space 0 bytes' (guessed this because I had not formatted it).

I ran ghost selected my old hard drive as source and the new one as destination, Next > Next, then it restarted.

'Can not find Operating System' came up on the screen . I removed the new drive (thinking the computer thought the operating system was on the new drive). Re-booted, same thing.

Put the Win98 startup disk in, FDISK, view partitions. I found that another partition had been created and had been made active (that explains why the operating system could not be found). I made the other partition active (the one that really contains the OS).

Rebooted > Windows XP starts
... Read more

A:Solved: HDD Clone problem

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First, here's my info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 2650e, AMD64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 3838 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 694104 MB, Free - 554182 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 03D1TV
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2013, Disabled

In the years before W7 I backed up frequently by making a clone with software called "Apricorn". Some of the software elements had an Acronis label. A few choices to make and then restart, and the clone was made from bios. On a couple of occasions when I had screwed up entirely I simply backed up the process and cloned my main disk from the external drive and was back in business.

Acronis is much more complicated. The cloning process looks much the same, but the results aren't nearly as dependable. I have a log file of my last session and can't understand much - why, for instance, is there a mention of email not received?

I've attached a capture of the log and at this point don't know whether the clone was made properly or not. I am old and pretty dumb about all the add-ons (synching, etc). Can you tell if I am getting what I want and can ignore the warning triangles? Thanks

A:Solved: Problem with Acronis clone

Why are you cloning?

I mean, Acronis can do drive imaging, from which you can retrieve individual files, should you want.

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I bought a new hard drive, a bigger one. Let's say I want to make 2 partitions on this drive, each being 200 GB. The old drive is 150 GB. How can I clone the entire 150 GB drive to one of the 200 GB partitions on the new 400 GB Drive?

Please point me to the direction of what software you would recommend using or how you'd go about doing this? Some software I found has a 300mb/per second limit, and at that rate it would probably take 6-10 hours. I can't be the first person with this problem, what software can I use for this?

I'm on Windows XP. I just want to clone the drive, switch their places and boot it again on the new faster/bigger drive. They're both SATA Drives.

Thanks, I hope.

A:Solved: How do I clone my Hard Drive?

check out hd clone at

good freeware for hard drive cloning

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Would like input from those of you who are using SSD drives. I know nothing about them; but would like to know what is needed to do weekly Backups or Clone preferred hardware.

My son just bought this computer for work and he is asking Dad what he should get for backups. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230171
I use Acronis software for my Dell computer with WD drives. Is this still possible with SSD drives? He has a Sandisk 128G SSD drive in this Asus laptop.
Thank you,


A:Solved: Backup/Clone SSD drive?

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We have two computers, mine which is clean as a whistle, and my sons which is gasping as it is strangled by a virus worm. Seeing this, I want to make some sort of back-up for my hard drive, so that if there is a major infection, I can recover from it quickly. I work online, so we can't afford to have my machine go down. There is all sorts of software out there throwing all sorts of terms at me--cloning, imaging, back-ups--egad! What I want is a way to recover everything without having to reload my OS (XP SP3) and programs. I'd like all my files safe too! I fall just a bit short of understanding what they are trying to sell me or how to use it, and there don't seem to be any manuals. (Remember manuals?) Can someone take a moment to untangle it for me and point me at one that even someone as incapable as me can figure out? Thanks!

A:Solved: Noob needs help with clone? image?

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For many years I used Apricorn for making a clone backup and had a few occasions to restore my system by reversing the clone procedure. Now I use Acronis for the same thing. But in between I tried Todo by Ease-US. Their "clone" was made from Windows - requiring no reboot. I have wondered how that could result in the type of clone that one gets from Acronis. Would someone explain this to an amateur? Thank you.

A:Solved: Making a clone but not from bios

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I am running XP pro with SP3 installed.

I haven't had many issues since I did the install on this computer, I have recently went through and made sure that all updates and security patches were installed.

I have been trying to download Adobe reader so that I have it on the computer. Every time I go to the download screen, I get the ActiveX controller window at the top of the screen and the window locks. I can't do anything with it but CTR ALT DEL and kill the process.

A:[SOLVED] Clean XP install, then a clone to a new HDD

Not sure if it is a Microsoft issue, or an Adobe issue, but I fixed it if anyone else has this issue.

By opening Internet Explorer with Add-ons disabled.

To do this: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Internet Explorer(no Add ons)

Using this web browser I was able to go to Adobe's website and download the flash player and the Reader. The auto download did not start, so you will have to click on the "Download File" link on the page.

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I just put in a new hard drive, and finally discovered how to do a simple drive-to-drive clone-transfer (after having bought and struggled for months in vain with a monstrosity called "NTI BackupNOW!")

Anyway, I find that after having done the drive copy - which naturally involved disconnecting, reconnecting and reconfiguring the drives - the Nvidia graphics card I've got in the system (GeForce 5200FX) isn't allowing settings selection at the start of games, or at all really.

For example, I go into the Start menu (this is on Win98SE) and click on "Setup" for Tomb Raider Chronicles (which had been working prior to messing with the HDs,) and when the settings box comes up all the fields are blank white, as are the drop down menus. No options.

Here's what I've tried: Both the Nvidia card driver and Direct X version on the disc that came with the card are obsolete (which is incredible given that I bought the card in March of this year,) so I downloaded and installed both the latest Nvidia driver for that card and the latest Direct X version directly from the Nvidia and Microsoft sites, respectively. Neither has any effect on the problem.

Any ideas as to what's going on with this? Do I need to physically remove and re-seat the graphics card to get it to reload its drivers? Is there some conflict with that native VGA driver (or whatever it's called,) that I dimly recall having to wrestle with when I first installed the card?

... Read more

A:Solved: Nvidia Bails out after HD Clone

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16126 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 368 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 854043 MB; D: Total - 953765 MB, Free - 953619 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M4A785TD-M EVO
Antivirus: Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

My machine is making a weird sound and I want to be prepared for the worst before I let a technician touch it.

I'm running Windows 7 on my PC and am backing up files to a Microsoft Home Server but want a complete "copy" of my PC system (programs, files, settings, etc.).

My head is starting to spin with everthing I've read and heard about cloning and imaging not to mention all the software choices (cloud or external hard drive) and if external hard drive is the way to go, which one.

Can anyone here offer some straight forward, not tech talk, advice? I'm fairly competent with software, devices, etc. but sure could use some input from others that know about this topic before I proceed.

Thank you!

A:Solved: Clone or Image for Windows 7 with 2 TB PC

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Hi guys

I want to clone a 120GB laptop harddrive (multiple partitions inc. hidden factory restore, vista, xp, logical data) to a 320GB laptop drive across a network (prefer via crossover cable, but can use router).

I have tried (& failed!) using Macrium Reflect(free), Acronis True Image Home 11.0, PC Network Clone Free, and Clonezilla.

Has anyone done this and can help ?

I have spent > 20 hours already and its bugging the hell out of me.

A:Solved: Trying to clone disk across network

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I have never cloned or imaged a drive. I am not sure which one to do. I was referred to Macrium and asked them and I am still not clear, here is what they said.......

Cloning and creating an Image are two different things. They are both undertaken on whole partition(s) or whole hard drives. Both cloning and restoring an Image creates a bootable hard drive.

A clone for instance could be used where you install your new hard drive into your computer and clone old to new hard drive. Then remove old hard drive and boot your computer with the new hard drive. If you clone your whole hard drive then the new hard drive will contain operating system, programs and data that were on the old hard drive.

An Image backup is a file you save onto another hard drive such as an external hard drive. If you include in the Image your operating system, programs and data files (all partitions of your hard drive) then you can restore the Image to your old or new hard drive or even to new hardware (using ReDeploy) with the Professional/Server edition. A benefit of the Image is that you can schedule the backups daily, weekly or monthly and with the purchased versions backup changes with incrementals and differentials and also use Disk space Management to delete excess backup sets so your external hard drive does not get full.

Using the purchased versions you can also do File and Folder backups of selected files and folders. Use this when you do not wish to backup whole partitions. Please note that ... Read more

A:Solved: Should I clone or image for back up

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I've just upgraded my PC, or perhaps I should say replaced everything but the case, the last thing I purchased being a new SATA 2 drive.

I have XP installed on the previous 60GB IDE drive.
I want to clone this to the new OEM SATA 2 drive, 320GB.
I've downloaded Maxtor's Maxblaster utility but although it says it's successfully cloned the drive I can see that what happens doesn't tally with the instruction manual for it and nothing has been cloned.
The new drive is working, partitioned (1 partition) and formatted.
BIOS sees it and recognises as SATA.
Windows thinks it's an IDE drive.

I'm thinking this last bit is the problem.
No discs came with the new drive as it's OEM but I've noticed in searches people mentioning loading SATA drivers.
The disc that came with the motherboard seems to have an option to create RAID drivers on a boot floppy.
Problem is I don't have a floppy although motherboard can boot from USB.

Given all the above what should I do next to enable me to clone the old IDE drive to the new SATA one?

thanks in advance.

A:Solved: How do I clone ATA drive to new SATA?

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Hi, i have cloned drives before but now i'm stuck. i have tried to clone the drive from a ssd 120g to a 80b normal drive. i tried it with windows 7 system image and acronis 10 but the same message comes up on boot when i have swoped the drives ove,r bootmgr missing i have tried to repair the drive with a rreapair disc and windows 7 disc but still no good. when i put the ssd drive back in and boot from this then it is ok. hoe can i clone a ssd drive to a normal drive... help please.... ian 2677

A:Solved: clone a ssd.. bootmgr missing

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About a week ago my clone tool stopped working. It will not copy ANY area and reproduce it at all. Is this a program issue or possibly my computer on over load. I have used it excessively, especially the clone tool. Has it finally given up on me????? I Am Concerned and I will need it very soon. Any ideas as to what is going on and how to make it work again?

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I want to clone a hard drive
Dell laptop....Seagate 160 gig Sata
Ext hd WD 160 gig passport Sata

I want something pretty easy
currently i have the WD in my laptop so I could play with W7,I took it out of its case and put it in the dell.

The original seagate is in the hd case.

I am going to switch them back..and want to clone my original hd to the wd.

Some of the seagates were having trouble in the era I purchased the laptop.
So i want to clone it to the wd so when it fails all I have to do is swap the hard drives out.

If it makes any differance I also have Ubuntu looped in my vista with wubi,so it needs to be able trasnser linux file formats as well

A:Solved: Clone a hard drive

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I have an older Dell Latitude cpx laptop with XP Pro installed. There is only one drive in the system and it's 6 gig. I want to clone this drive to a larger 160 gig drive. This laptop does not have enough power to support an external USB drive to do the clone process.

I have cloned laptop drives a long time ago in a PC with IDE adapters using Acronis 2010. I'm trying this again but in a different PC. I don't have any jumpers on the laptop drives to configure them for cable select on the PC's IDE cable. I don't know if this is required to have the jumpers and I don't remember if I had them when I did this before?? It appears to only select one drive when I run Acronis in the clone mode. I even tried HDclone and it does the same thing. I physically swapped the drives and it still only shows one drive connected. I swapped the 80 wire IDE cable also with a new one which makes no difference.

This PC had 2 IDE hard drives running in it before I started this. I removed them to do this clone.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks

PC Hardware;
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Asus M2V-MX-SE
1 gig ram
Lite-on DVD burner

A:Solved: Trying to clone hard drives

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HI, a few days ago for the first time, I decided to make a clone of my C drive ( XP-SP3 ) onto my external hd. It was done with Norton Ghost. All went well it seems. Now, by an unpleasant coincidence, I have to install the clone, and I am at the step of not knowing how to do this. Do I delete the original C drive on my desktop and then install the clone in its place? In that way, would the clone be boot able? The original HD has only 10 GB's of free space, so I cannot add the clone to it. The external drive clone needs at least 28 GB. Would it be feasible to exchange drives, if so, again would that be boot able as a primary? BTW, I am assuming that the clone copied all those blue updates that shows up in Windows, or would I have to clone all those updates again? BTW, the hard drives involved are ide. Thanks

A:Solved: Ghost clone ready to install

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Just got a new laptop and i need to clone my programs and software to the new laptop from the old one. I did it once before years ago but it had me chone the ENTIRE drive including the OS. I dont want to effect my new Windows 8. can i just clone the programs (Photoshop, Nero, etc) and are there any free cloning programs out there or should i buy one from Acronis or someone like that?
thanks in advance for any help given

A:Solved: How do I clone software & programs to new laptop?

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I use "Elements" frequently and have had classes in it, but can't remember ever having any problem with a tool. On my computer the clone tool ,after sizing it and it appears as a circle, there is also a + the size of the circle that comes up with it and causes all kinds of trouble. It may come up inside the circle, touching the circle, follows the circle, or may be on the other side of the photo copy. If the cross touches some other tone of color, that's what comes up with my clone tool. Is the cross something useful that I don't know about. It's driving me crazy when trying to touch up some very old pictures that were pasted in an album and need touching up in the area they were pasted. Where did this cross come from? How can I get rid of it?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks, lilart

A:Solved: Photoshop Elements Clone Tool-help!

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I have two separate hardDrives,Dual-Boot.....Primary(c is on a 40 gig(Windows 2k Pro)..
Slave is on a 80gig(windows XP Home).. I want to Clone the Windows XP to a 320 gig .I have two programs that will Clone ,Copy Commander 7 and Acronis which is on the XP.What I want to end up with is .......cloned Primary(c320gig,.....take out 40gig and use as a extra(somewhere else)
.........put "old"80gig(with " old original XP" in drive bay and leave it unhooked from power and EIDE cable for a Clone backup. My reason for doing this is to clone my HardDrive because it is about full and I NEED to keep my information.I want a large HardDrive with only ONE usable drive don't need win2k (older windows) ...Another Question is there going to be a problem with XP being the Slave originally?
........................................... DELL2k(c partition basic NTFS Healthy(System)
..... DELLXP(dpartition basic NTFS Healthy(Boot)
Comment, This is such a GREAT WEB SITE!
THANKS and have a great productive day....

A:Solved: Clone HD, But is Dual-Boot(Slave)

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Hi all,

To cut a long story short my current HDD is failing. Sometimes I'm able to boot sometimes I can't.

I Have a clean 320Gb SATA HDD in a box.

All my important files are backed up.

From what i've gathered from other threads it is possible to clone Vista.

I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit OEM

So I wanted to ask you, should I clone my current HDD onto the new one or do a fresh install?

Thanks in advance.

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I've got a zepto znote 6224W (100gb original drive) and a new 320gb Seagate HDD.

My question is, what is the best and cheapest way to image/clone my current drive and transfer the image to my new drive?

I have a 1tb external drive, is there a way to clone my laptop drive, save it on the 1tb external and then transfer it on to the blank drive? Can I access an external usb drive without an opperating system on my new hdd?

Any advice would be great

A:Solved: How to image/clone and install new laptop HDD?

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