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Odd network problem, more busy comp - faster network

Q: Odd network problem, more busy comp - faster network

Hello, i am new here on the forum. Im looking for any gentle help i can get here from you guys who might be able to figure out my problem.
For some time ago (around 1 month) ive been having problems with my internet from time to time which include a really slow responding or sending into the internet. It is so that sometimes my ping goes up above 200ms and stays there for a quite some time (maybe an hour or more). I check my ping using cmd and typing "ping ping.sunet.se". I can also feel that the delay is huge when playing online games, so there is deffenitly something wrong with the sending and responding. Also when i check my connection in mb/s using some homepages that calculates it, like "bredbandskollen.se" (a swedish page). And here i see that the mb/s speed is prefectly fine (around 7mb/s recieving and 0.4-0.1mb/s sending). Not sure if the sending speed is accepting thou. And when my internet is busy, like when i am streaming something or things like that, my responding speed gets a bit better like 150ms, thou when my internet is doing fine and works as it should i usually stay around 20ms ^^ so something must be wrong.
Now i woundering what might cause my internet troubeling. Any thoughts would be great, thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Odd network problem, more busy comp - faster network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Recently had a virus on my computer. Had to take it to the geek squad to get it fixed. Brought it home the other day and it would not connect to my wireless network (I am on the other laptop in my house that does still connect). It would connect before I got it "fixed". I brought it back to the store the next day and they tried a few things. I will connect to their wireless in the store.

I originally had Geek Squad come out earlier this year to set up my wireless router and the guy who helped me at the store said it might be because of a certain way he set my computer up to connect to the router which got erased when my computer had to be restored.

Now they want to charge me an extra $89 for them to come back out to the house and fix it.

Is there anything I can do to try to fix this myself without forking over even more money?

A:Comp just restored, network will not assign network address to comp

uh, maybe you would want to check what is the setting looks like now and post it here? maybe someone can help you out. also if possible, mention what brand?

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I just got my new laptop and I am trying to transfer files from old computer to it. I tried to set up a home network by following the wizard. When I go to My Network Places from my new computer, nothing shows. I tried pressing the View Workgroup computers button from there and all I got was:

"Home not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."

What should I do?

A:Network Problem. New comp can't access old comp.

Create a file in notepad named FIXANON.REG with the following contents:

------------------- Use text after this line -------------------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
------------------- Use text before this line -----------------

Double click on the file and say Yes to the merge into registry question.

If that doesn't do it, let's follow these basic debug steps.

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

PING each computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. You can obtain the IP address of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG. This should work for any Windows version. A failure here needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs: Workstation, DHCP Client, DNS Client, Server, TCP/IP Netbios helper, Computer Browser.

All computers should be in the same workgroup for computer browsing to function properly. File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question from My Computer, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing.

If you... Read more

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Just put XP Home on 2 computers. One with 128MB and the other 512. I just plugged everything into the new router and the pc w/ 512 works instantly, but the other says that it cannot assign or renew a network addy for the computer. Ran the wizard on both computers, still says limited or no connectivity, and the other error mssg. Any help is a big help. Thanks. Silvertip

A:Ethernet Router, 2PC's XP H. = Network Did Not Assign A Network Addy to the Comp.???

Are you sure the router is connected properly? Good cables?

Let's see this on the working computer and for the non-working one.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

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I'm currently running a WBR2-G54 Cable Router from Buffalo tech. I have 1 computer hard wired (self made cat 5 cables), 1 wireless. Now there is one more comp that I wanna put on the network (hard wired). Its an older P3 HP. I created the cat 5 cable, and connected up the HP (WinXp Pro SP1). No lights turned on on the NIC. So I reinstalled tcp/ip, reinstalled the NIC, the drivers, resetted to different slots, tried a different NIC that I know works, reseting everytime the cable modem and router. So then I tested the cat 5 cable on a diff computer (Laptop SP2 WinXP home) the one that used to be wireless. So now the laptop is hard wire connected and got me on the internet. Then after about a minute there was no more internet. Just a message at the bottom of the screen that read "limited or no connectivity". I did a googles groups search and found out it was a new cool feature of Microsoft's Sp2 and so I quickly disabled the option for it to notify me of a Limited or no connectivity error, this did not resolve my problem as microsoft said it would. I updated my router firmware, reset, hard reset my router/cable modem.

I know what that limited or no connectivity error problem is, it states that my DHCP server from the router isnt able to give me an IP so windows just gives me some 168.***.***.*** and an IP and tells me that anyone on this gateway will be able to network up with me or vis versa. This is kinda bogus because my other computer (with sp2 also but ... Read more

A:Weird problem with adding a comp to network

Did you guys not understand this?

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HI guys,

When I try to access my DVR from remote location i get an error "Network Error Error No 7, either device is busy or network is exceptional, register Failed" Can any one suggest me

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Hi,I have a HP ENVY-15-as100na laptop. When I use the laptop to play music locally or in a streaming mode over the internet, I notice that the sound breaks up when the processor or network (WiFi) is busy. The mouse pointer will also move jerkily on the Windows desktop. The CPU and network are lightly loaded according to the Windows Task manager.  The problems occurs when I listen to music both through the speakers or via the headphone socket. I have run diagnostic tests in the Bios but no problems were detected.  I have had this problem since I got the laptop, and I have installed minimal other software since. This problem can occur when I have just an internet browser open. Both Chrome and IE are affected. I have applied all updates through the HP tool in Windows 10. Is there a fix for this issue, or updated drivers? Thanks Chris  

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Here at my office we have a data center that houses several terabytes of information and at any given time we are transferring files to and from workstations and data center up to 15Gb in size.. All work stations are connected at 1Gb/s and we use Cat6 to connect to a switch that uses fiber optic to connect to the data center... It takes me over an hour to send a total of 30 Gigs worth of files and I want to know if theres anyway to solve this?? Any network equipment out there I dont know about???

A:Faster Network

What kind of switch do you have? At minimum, I would get a Gigabit switch with support for Jumbo Frames and a high-capacity backplane.

In addition, HDD speeds also matter. If you max out the transfer rate of an HDD in the chain, then you slow the entire process down.

If you can afford it, the fastest LAN transfer speeds can be provided by combining an Intel PRO 10GbE adapter with a Force10 S2410 switch. Combine that with some fast HDDs and your transfer speeds should speed up significantly.

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I've got an annoying problem I'm trying to smooth out. On my 3-computer LAN, I've got network shares set up on all three comps. (Not homegroup; not public folders; those aren't workable for my situation.)

On my main work computer ("Comp A") (Win 7 Home Premium), whenever I open the sharelist on either "B" or "C", I have the extreme pleasure of waiting 8-10 seconds before the shares on the requested machine are presented.

Other than that, the shares work perfectly, except for the annoying delay every time I want to use Comp A to open the list of shares on Comp B or Comp C.

What I'm sharing: My user directory on each comp. (I'm the only user on this 3-node LAN.) Sharing with Homegroup or Public Folders isn't feasible.

When the delay happens: Courtesy of Wireshark, I've learned that when the delay occurs, it occurs after "Negotiate Protocol Response" and before "Session Setup Request".

I'm also getting the same delay behavior on one other computer (Comp C), but only when accessing the share list Comp A. Here's the specific run-down...

Computer A
Windows 7 Home Premium
8-second delay opening shares on Comp B and Comp C.
Computer B
Windows 7 Ultimate
No delay opening shares on Comp A or Comp C
Computer C
Windows 7 Ultimate
8-second delay opening shares on Comp A (Home Prem.) but *not* Comp B (Ult.)
I'd really appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions. End result: When I click a computer to ... Read more

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This has me beaten so far ...

I run a small home LAN, 2 XP PCs, simple wired XP LAN sharing files & printing.
There is an external drive on the first PC where we keep shared data. The significant folders are shared (for easier location), as is the drive itself.

I recently upgraded both PCs to office 2007, not sure if thats the problem though.

When the second PC tries to save a spreadsheet (new or changed) to a shared folder on the first PC's external drive, we get errors. Normally:-
path/filename 'is currently in use. Try again later.'

Of course its not in use and I can save to that folder OK from the first PC, we only get problems from the second PC. We run Zone Alarm so that's also a contender for the cause, but I have tried to isolate that as a problem without success.

Anyone got any solutions/ideas?


A:Excel 2007 Shared network drive 'busy'

Hi - me again

I tested it wasn't my firewalls, and I can copy files to the target drives with explorer - so I am pretty sure it has something to do with Office 2007. We did install office 2007 but we couldn't be sure it started happening around then, and from my PC I can save with office 2007 so it looked like it might be something else.

But everything else is pretty much ruled out now - so anyone got any idea why office 2007 would be so slow writing to an external disk folder that once it creates the empty file, it comes back saying it is busy? Yes, it leaves an empty file with the correct name & extention behind - wierd.

Help please!

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why does my available networks not  show the Xfinity wi-fi 5.0 option, it only shows the 2.4 option? the network adapter is Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn.

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is it possible ffor me to vue a webcam from another comp on network on my comp? I want to monitor my house. i have webcams on my comps on the lan, and i want to moniutor my house. Can i do it, how do i do it.... win 2k pro is on all the computers.

A:is it possible ffor me to vue a webcam from another comp on network on my comp?

Try these links:



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PCs are Win 7 Ultimate, All are joined to the Domain
Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP Server (on same instance) is Server 2012 standard
The network topology is like this: Router as Internet Gateway>Switch>Wired to Server and PC's, SIP phones, and Wireless Access Point all on same subnet. DNS and DHCP have been offloaded to Server Roles and switched off on the router.
All of the PCs have network cards that have joined the domain network at least some of the time since I set them up.
Some of them have always picked up the domain network and continue to this day.
Some of them intermittently pick up the domain network and other times join whatever other unmanaged network is available.
Some of them have stopped picking up the domain network altogether and will, no matter how many times their NICs are restarted, always join a non-domain (unmanaged) network.
When the NICs are not joining the domain, they are unable to ping hostnames of any devices on the network but nslookup of the hostnames usually works. The DC, DNS, DHCP server's IP can be pinged without issue, ipv4 or ipv6.
I am recording DNS Client Errors (ID 1014) on all of the PCs during the intervals when their NICs are identifying which network to join.

-On the PCs that are catching the domain network I am only getting a single error about the root domain, eg the domain is ad.domain.com and I am only getting errors about how the configured DNS servers cannot resolve domain.com (nothing with fully qualified
do... Read more

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hi all

sony vaio pc desktop pcvrs620 g, dell A940 all in one printer (wired to sony desktop) and a toshiba satellite laptop connnected through a wireless linksys router to the network...
all xp sp2

here's the trouble. we want to be able to share this printer, but right now cannot make the laptop print on the wired printer. of course it will print if i connect the usb cable, but i want to be ablet to print wirelessly.

have done "share this printer" on the wired pc
when i try to add the drivers /install the printer on the laptop it wants me to connect the laptop to the printer...i am not sure that i want to establish this connection since my ultimate goal is wireless printing...

ok? thanks!!

sorry, edited, i am posting this question in the more appropriate "networking" forum...

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The problem ocurred because the network did not assign a network adress to the computer
This is the message that I get everytime the I conect my d link wbr 2310 rangebooster g router

and when I click in properties
it says limited or no connectivity

This is my 1s time connecting this router to this computer
I have connected with this modem

I dont I know if this can be connect it with this

Thank You

A:The problem ocurred because the network did not assign a network adress to the comput

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Hi peeps, here's a seemingly unsolvable problem I have:

I want to network my two PCs (An Acer Vista Laptop and my old HP XP Desktop) so that I can play network games (Operation Flashpoint).

So I connect them both wirelessly to the router (a cheap SWEEX one). Now when Iook on my Vista Laptop's Network place I can see the Laptop I'm using the router (and can access it's page and everything) but I can't see my XP desktop from here. And when I go into the Desktop's network places I can't see the router or either of the computers I'm using.

And I assume that this network problem is why I can't see a server in my game.

Now I understand that file and printer sharing is turned, the firewall is definately turned off and I think the appropriate services are turned on (well to make sure I turned every single service on ) There must be some more complex reason why my XP hates to network!

Although I am by no means a noob to general computing I am reasonably new to networking. Can you clever lot help me?

A:Wireless Network problem: My XP won't show the router or other PC in Network Places

I am surprised that the old XP desktiop has wireless functionality. Did you add wireless to it, recently? If so, is it shown as operating correctly in Device Manager?

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So i'm having an issue connecting my desktop to my home network for file sharing. My Desktop is connected to the internet like so: Desktop ->(Ethernet cable)-> Uverse 2wire router -> Internet.

I have no issues with my internet connection, and in fact I am posting this from my desktop now. Windows Network Diagnostics finds no issues when I run the trouble shooter. and when I try to connect to a home group it refers me to the network issue.

This issue has plagued me for about 6 months now. I have talked to Uverse tech support, and many of my friends who are into computers and have gotten no answers. Computer is running windows 7 SP1 and again the router is the Uverse 2wire router

How can I make my desktop available for network sharing?

Also here is a screenshot of the network map according to this computer

A:Network Sharing Problem. Connecting Desktop to home network

Have you set up a home network? What is the workgroup name? Are there any passwords of any kind? Have you set your shared settings on each PC in the workgroup?

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Okay so i don't know if i am just noticing this but I have windows 7 and when I opened a folder on the left side is like the list that says computer, libraries, favorites, and networks. So i happened to click on networks and saw my own comp name and then also another called gumbo-pc. when i click on it, it asks for user name and pass to connect to that comp. It also lists the media devices of that other comp and mine. What does this mean? I don't know why the other comp is here. There are other comps in my house but ive never seen this before and never connected with another other computers. I hope I make sense. I guess what I am asking is, does this just mean another comp is on the same internet as me or that they are connect to my comp and have access to my files?
Also, sorry if this makes me look stupid. I am just worried. Thanks.

A:Another comp in my network?

The user may have pre access to files/sharing on your network or any wireless device. You could turned-off file sharing and network discovery if this feature is not being use.

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Please help me to network my 2 comp.I am using Netgear router 4 ports(2 comps.are xp windows)THANK O MUCH in advance

A:Need help to network 2 comp.?

Connect each computer to a router LAN port with an ethernet cable. Of course, each computer needs to have an ethernet adapter.

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I added a printer to my network (hp c5180) via ethernet cable. But problem accords when I try to map a network location (card reader 5in1 or sth like that, is used to read SD, xD, ms cards used in cameras) from which I d like to copy images, files in explorer without extra software from HP. After I installed drivers for printer, it automatically map a network location but when I try to open it or connect to that location I get an error:

"Access code is invalid"
The network path is "\\\Memory_card"
I copied this link in to my internet browser (in this case its g Chrome) and I was able to connect to the network location:

Its strange because all of XP based computers can easily connect, problem is only with windows 7 based computers.
Somewhere I found that this could be repaired with changing: (below)


1. Open the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel
2. Open the Local Security Policy
3. Select the Security Option under Local Policies
4. Choose Send LM & NTLM responses in Network security: LAN

or in reg:

In Windows 7, we can set the following Registry key ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\Lsa\LMCompatibilityLevel? to ?1?.

But this solutions dont work in my case.

Does somebody know hot to fix this and what is causing it??
Ty for reply

A:Problem with mapping network location - network printer

Do you have a lot of pictures on your memory card? Or is the memory card near its max limit?

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So im at a complete loss here....

I have a windows 7 pro x86 computer that out of the blue stopped connecting to its network drives. I tried a few things like flushing the dns, re-registering, new IP finally I decided to rejoin it to the domain, big mistake. The computer couldn't contact the domain controller even though all the info was correct. I ended up doing a restore to the week prior updated the NIC drivers and everything seemed to be working.

The following day it happened again I tried the same few fixes and the solution this time was to uninstall all the hidden devices under the network adapter, after a reboot I got into the drives just fine. Now everytime the user shuts his computer down he gets this same problem. My boss ran into the same problem on another machine the other day so Im hesitant to restore, I would prefer a fix in case this shows up again.

The computer can get online and use our email through outlook but network resources are all gone. The machine can also ping all of the servers but wont connect with \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP or \\servername\share even with credentials entered.

Ive looked all over with no success.

A:Very strange problem connecting to network drives / network.

Welcome to Seven Forums,

If it's now happening to another computer, I'd unplug the router and switch(es) for 20 to 30 seconds. Also, check on your computer's Security or Firewall programs installed, make sure that they are up to date and not blocking the ports and network resources. You may try disabling the program(s) temporarily for debugging purpose.

An update will be nice.

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I have installed server 2003 on a small network and created a domain that is the same as the public domain name (ie the companies website).

This is now causing a problem because when i type in the public address (for example www.company.com) it is trying to resolve it locally - because the local domain name is also company.com.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get round this problem?

Many thanks in advance


A:problem with the local network having the same domain name as the public network

add 'local.' to the internal domain or change it altogether.

Your public domain should not have any connection into your private infrastructure,
but you may have references from private->public; not very common.

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is there any solutions for this problem?
it's really bugging me
i already try to fix it by manage the device manager (network adapters)

A:Problem with wireless network adapter or acces network

Hello razuke, Welcome to SevenForums : Can we get a bit more information to assist you ? Please do this : System Info - See Your System Specs . After updating your profile pls do this to enable us to have information to help you out : Basic Requirements Before Posting your Networking Thread . Thank you , we will try out best to assist you in this issue.

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I have a Linksys BEFSR81 router and a Linksys WAP54G connected to it. I recently installed a Linksys Network Storage Link NSLU2 to the network with a Maxtor One Touch HD. I have been able to map the new network drive to my computer that is connected to the router, but I'm unable to map the drive on my second computer that is connected to the network via the AP. However I can ping the Linksys NAS from my wireless computer.

A:Mapping Network Drive on Wireless Network Problem

like most NAS devices, the Linksys nslu2 has built in security administered through a web browser. You probably need to create a user acount for the wirelessly-attached computer, either by machine name, IP address, user id, or some combination of the above. You may also have to grant permission to the user or user group for the specific share you are trying to map. hope this helps.

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When I save as my MS Office (v2010) files on network drive it shows error "file is busy, please try again later", but actually it creats new file on given name on save as but all BLANK!!!!!

I read dirrerent places that it could be fault of antivirus so I tried to disable my antivirus and it works fine !!!! so I need to know how to disable only network protection function on my antivirus program which is KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2011, so I could use my files on network with security on local PC.

A:Network Security "on save as file is busy error"

Sounds like to me, that you need to use a different AV program or find the setting within your AV program that is blocking the saving.

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I need help, I am trying to setup my laptop computer so I can get internet from my home wireless router. I have a Netgear wireless router for the internet connection on the home pc, but I can't figure out how to get connected with my laptop computer. Can someone give me help?

A:How to add comp to wireless network...

What version of Windows is your laptop running, and what model # is the wireless card on it?
Do you know the "SSID" or name of your wireless network, and do you know if the network is has WEP or WPA enabled?

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Hey anyone who can help,
I haven't posted in a while because everything has been running smoothly, however just yesterday I got hit with a bunch of spyware that I can't seem to get rid of. I have a program in my add/remove list which says it's from 'The ABI Network' and it won't allow me to delete it. Since I've noticed this I have been unable to complete a full scan with either Ad-aware or Spyware doctor. The ad-aware freezes up and SD gets to about 93% then says it encountered an error and then stops completely. Additionally, my computer has frozen up when it never used to and also it is running very slowly. I was able to remove some abvious mal-ware through my HJT but I would like to get some further help since I still have issues with the ABI program. I don't want to remove anything I shouldn't so I thought someone here could help me out. Your response to my last problem a few months ago was great and I fixed everything but I require some assistance once again. Here is my logfile for HJT.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:23:21 PM, on 7/2/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS ... Read more

A:HJT log for a comp. infected with VX2 and ABI network.

Hello dongottiex,The ad-aware freezes up and SD gets to about 93% then says it encountered an error and then stops completelyTry running Spybot and Adaware SE in the Safe Mode. Are you running the latest versions of those, as they both have been updated last month. You should be running Adaware SE ver. 1.06r1 and Spybot 1.4How to Reboot into Safe Mode tap F8 key during reboot, until the boot menu appears...use the arrow keys to choose "Safe Mode" from the menu......,then press the "Enter" key. Be sure to run Adaware SE with a Full Scan in the Safe Mode. How to Reboot into Safe Mode tap F8 key during reboot, until the boot menu appears...use the arrow keys to choose "Safe Mode" from the menu......,then press the "Enter" key. The following explains how to set Ad-aware's settings to perform a "Full Scan." In Ad-aware click the Gear to go to the Settings area. The following items should be on a green check, not on a red X. Under the Scanning button: Scan within archives Under Memory & Registry, Check EVERYTHING In Check Drives & Folders, make sure all of your hard drives are selected Under the Advanced button, check ALL under Log detail level. Under the Tweak button... Some of these may not be an available option, depending on your version of Ad-aware and your version of Windows. Do not be concerned if you cannot select a certain item. In Scanning Engine: Unload recognized processes during scanning Include info about igno... Read more

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I am having a odd problem with one of the two brand new vostro desktops running windows 7 home. On the problem comp (which I will name as compProblem), it is only able to see 3 out of the 10 devices on the network. The 3 it does see are always the same, all of which are running vista.

The devices it cannot see are:
the other new vostro (windows 7)
2 xp machines

Both vostros are supposedly identical and are attached to the network via the same switch. Only compProblem though is experiencing this issue.

Here is what I have tried so far:
installed a new network card
verified everything is on the same workgroup
verified sharing is on
verified compProblem can ping every device it can't see (both by IP and comp name.... ie \\bpi-drive)
'net view' only returns 'there are no entries in the list', but 'net view \\bpi-drive' works properly
I have run lanscan, but it does nothing since 'net view' returns nothing.
reverted compProblem to dell factory defaults

Run from another computer on the network, lanscan returns:

LANscanner v1.3 - ScottiesTech.Info

Scanning LAN...

BPI-CODY <--------compProblem
SANDRA2-BPI 192... Read more

A:comp only able to see a few devices on network

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i have 1 comp with 2network card.
1st is with 192.168.1.x
2nd is with 192.168.0.x

i remember once i somehow got the two comp to talk to each other using this comp as a gateway but i don't remember how. anyone has any suggestion?
what i remember is
comp A (2xnetwork) does not set the gatewayIP.

ie. 192.168.1.x <--> compA <--> 192.168.0.x

and was able to ping each other even though they are from different network.

A:how do i route between two different network with one comp?

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Here at my work we are having a problem with one of our computers and the network. Sometimes when he trys to access his personal drive and shared drive on the network after not using it for a while it will boot him and not let him access it. Also will not be able to access these on outlook as well. Sometimes he has to compleatly log out and back in to get access and sometimes after clicking around it will come back up.(this problem is very incositant) Is there a problem with XP and the network or is this something in his computer that needs to be fixed and if so any ideas how to fix it? This is the only computer doing this on the network!

- Please give me something to go on here lol

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I have a very simple network problem that is bugging me. I have an XP home computer that has a Westell modem/router with Verizon DSL and it works fine. We are using it wired. My daughter came home from college, she has a Dell Dimension 4600 with a mini wan port. I plug the ethernet cable into the computer and I can't figure out how to get it to recognize the network. Occasionally, it will work for about 10 seconds and quit. I am not familiar with XP Pro at all, it looks different than XP Home. Please help me. I have tried everything I could think of and then some. My computer has XP SP3 on it if that has anything to do with it.

A:Adding XP Pro Comp to Network

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I have an existing network with my business using Windows 2000 Server. I want to connect a new computer to the network. Not sure how to create it

A:Adding another Comp to Network

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I have a small home network with the main comp running xphome and the two other computer are running xppro. I have a laptop that accesses the network via wireless access point and it also runs xphome. When i try to see the contents of the C drive onone of the xppro comps it says i don't have permission. I have sharing enabled on the xpro comp that i cannot access but no matter what i cant get on the c: drive. I would appreciate any suggestions that will help me to access all of the comps on the network or even a better way to set it up.

Thanks in advance,


A:Can't access one comp on my home network

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Just got a cable modem and router, thank the gods.

I have three computers plugged into the router, and all three are capable of surfing the web, downloading things, etc. Normal internet stuff. Two out of three computers can see eachother normally all of the time, one is a windows 98 comp and the other a windows XP.

One of the windows 98 computers is having a hell of a time seeing the other two, though. I've gotten it to work before, but its still pretty shooty. Half the time it sees everything else, half the time it doesn't. I'm beginning to think its a bad NIC, but I just thought I'd get everyone elses opinion.

I've ruled out that it might be the cabling: I can always get internet explorer up and running just fine, and I've replaced the connections on the cable twice to concretely rule that out. The router can always "see" my computer, as its activity lights for port 3 (Where this comp is plugged in) and what have you are blinking away.

An interesting thing to note is at one point the NIC did have trouble connecting to the 'net, but re-installing the drivers did the trick. I tried reinstalling them again, but it isn't helping this time.

A:Win98 Comp having trouble seeing network

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What I would like to do is share all of my email on 3 computers. I have 2 computers that are connected via D-Link 614+ wireless router, and both access my cable connection just fine. (These 2 connect to router with ethernet cable) I have a 3rd computer (laptop) that accesses via wireless card, no problems there.

What I need info on is how can share all of my email on all computers so one doesn't download "some" of the email and the other doesn't download "some" of the email. I want all 3 to be able to access "all" of the email as well as being able to send email and see that folder on both computers.

Both desktop computers are running XP Home, laptap running windows me
Connect thru a router
Cable internet

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!

A:Network 2 comp. to share email

You can either configure all the email clients to leave the email on the server, or run an email server on one of the machines yourself. I don't know of any email client that will run well from a shared database directly...

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New W7 build. Static ip:

My other W7 computer, hooked up to the same router, is .100

I have shared a .101 folder by adding "Everyone" to the permissions. When on .100, I can access the .101 folder . by opening My Computer > Network. However, when I open the run cmd and type \\, I am prompted for a username and pwd.

Any ideas what I am missing?

Thanks in advance.


Got it. Did some more research, and this takes care of it:

Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings > Turn Off password protected sharing


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hi i have had my hp pavilion dv6000 notebook for over a year now and just got wirless through telstra!!i have set up the connection and it has worked but keep failing to find the network!!i can find the neighbours but not mine!as soon as i turn on the ps3 it connects to it!!when im trying to connect my laptop the wirless light on the router does even blink!!The trouble is i had it working fine one day then not the next!!I have been through all the setup processes with telstra and they said it was the comp!!sometimes if it just sitting there it will connect by its self but other times i cant!!i have to connect via ethernet , and when i do in network and sharing centre there is two networks and other times just one!!I have tried everything and search everywhere for answers but no luck!!im ready to hurt this comp and thats not good!!i am running vista and have wlan!is it my settings or a firewall???please help me!!

A:my comp cant find wirless network but ps3 does

Make sure you have the latest driver for the wireless adapter. If it is integrated get the driver from HP's web site.

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I have two PC's and a laptop pm my network. One pc is connected to a Linksys BEFW11S4 router. The two pc's are under Win 2000 SP4 and the laptop is under XP. I condigured the router to WPA to secure the network. One computer is connected via Cat 5 cable to the router. The laptop and other pc are wireless. The laptop using XP connect ok using the My Network Places window and entering the passwork I setup on the router. The other pc will not connect. How do I configure it. I have McAfee firewall on each and have configured it to accept any computer on the network. Thanx

A:Need help connecting one computer on a three comp network!!

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Has anyone taken this exam? If so, how was it? I know the basic of networking but have not done much of it in the field. I do well on almost everything except the different acronymed protocols and the varying cable lengths. I was wondering if there are many of these questions on the exam?

I have my CompTIA A+ cert, and that was a relativly easy exam, so I would imagine Network + would be as well.


A:Comp TIA Network + 2009 Edition

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So, after disecting my computer and all that nonsense, Ive found out that its not the computer thats freezing, its the college internet network that cuases my comp to freeze. Why is tihs? Ive noticed a dhcp error concerning my ip address in the event viewer. Anyone have any insight?

A:Network Cuases my comp to Freeze

And the error number, the error Source, and the error message text?

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I got help to a BSOD problem in the crashes and bugs forum. Impressed with the help i received i was hoping to get help for a network issue ive had for a while.

I am using a cablet connection with my Zyxcel P2602 HWT modem. The modem/router is provided by my internet provider. It also supports a wireless connection.

When i start my computer both the connections is fine. After a while though the cabled connection is said to be unidentified. It works as a local connection, but has no internet access. When i run the diagnoses for the connection it again recognize the network and its working fine for a while until the same happens.

I tried upgrading the driver without luck. The version now says Atheros AR8121/AR88113/AR88114 PCI-E ethernet Controller (NDIS6.20
Driver date: 11.06.2009

If there is information needed ill be happy to provide.

A:Network problem - Unidentified cabled Network

Hello DonkrDjay, welcome to SF!

As a test, can you check what IP number your router gives you (through its DHCP server i hope) when it works well?
Then when it stops working... is it still the same or did you get a totally different IP for your PC?

Second, if posible, could you post snips of your router DHCP settings?

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Hey guys im new to these forums,

I have been using my laptop computer a Compaq 8510w, as a front end computer to stream movies and such to my Tv off of my external hardrive connected to my desktop. this has been working great but just recently (no i cant remember what i changed) i have been consistently getting the "Network Path Not Found" error when i try to connect to any other computer or server. It doesnt matter what computer or server it is it will automatically reject me with that error.

I can ping other computers by name and ip
other computers can ping it by name and ip
not only SMB shares are rejected but so are print servers and other types of servers.

I am using the windows firewall and have even tried turning that off.
the odd thing is other computers can access it just fine it only seems that the outgoing connections from this computer are not working.
but as a front end to a media center... it makes this computers kind of useless.


the Grubermiester

both computers are using windows 7 64bit professional

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I have 3 computer all running windows xp home sp2. I also use a linksys WRV54G wireless router. Computer 1 is connected by ethernet, computer 2 (a laptop) is connected wirelessly, and computer 3 is connected both by ethernet and wireless.

while on computer 3 i cannot see any of the shared folders or any computer, and when i click on "My Network Places" i can only see an MSN butterfly icon under the title "internet" and a "linksys Internet Gateway Device" icon under local network that promps me to put in my name and pass to change router settings (basically a shortcut to putting my router ip into the IE browser.

On both computer 1 and 2 i can see all the shared files except for the files on coputer 3. On comp 1&2 in my network places i can see all three computers. when i click on comp 3 it tells me access is denied and to ask the admin for access.

I can ping 1 & 2 from comp 3, but i cannot ping comp 3 from either of the other computers.

Every computer has windows firewall disabled and are running Norton Internet Security 2005. Also all connections in the "show all connections" window on all computers do not have the lock icon (firewalls on those are turned off)

Every computer is sharing something. Also in the network connection properties the file sharing option is checked

The router is not using any type of encryption.

i have tried making the same name accounts on both computers but only gotten as far as making two with s... Read more

A:Sharing: my comp invisible and cant see others shared on network

First off make sure all PC's are in the same workgroup. second about the pinging your going to have to scour Norton Internet Security 2005 and find where to setup the firewall in it to allow the local PC's to commmunicate.

If you can't ping and they are all on the same router then there definitely is a firewall problem here if they all can web browse just fine.

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well, we have a four person network in our house, im running xp home and whenever my comp is on, after a while ( no exact time frame) the internet will stop working and we have to reset the modem. i cannot for the life of me work out what the problem is...if anyone have any clue what going on PLEASE reply....i am majorly stuck.

A:my comp kills net on our local network, have no idead what is going on...

Sorry carnt help you , but ask a mod to move this tread to the network forum and you should get better help there.

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I posted about this problem a few months ago, but did not have enough information. We have a user on our network that connects to a clients network through a secure VPN. When he is logged on to there network other users on our network can see all of the clients PCs when they bring up windows explorer. We use a class B static IP address on our lan side. I belive if the clients network is on the same subnet then there is not much I can do to keep from seeing all of their computers.

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is it possible

both the machine have lan cards ,is it possible to setup xp as a server or something , i have data to transfer from laptop , serial and parrael ports are 2 slow to do the job

any ideaz ?

A:Connect my comp(xp pro) to my laptop(win98) via network ?


Should be easy if both machines have NIC cards...get a hub or router and share the internet connection as well.
A quick search of the networking forum should give you yhe answers you need.


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