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Post Your Lenovo P50/P51/P70/P71 CPU Temps

Q: Post Your Lenovo P50/P51/P70/P71 CPU Temps

Hello Everyone, Let's collect CPU temps stats for Lenovo P series. This stats will help peoples to make right decision between Xeon vs I7 & GPU M1100 vs M2200. For current owners it will show if their laptops have great paste job done on their coolers. Here are my results Model: P51CPU: Xeon 1535MCPU Undevolt: 0.1GPU: 2200MLCD: 1080P IDLE TEMPs: 38-40CMAX TEMPs: 95C AIDA CPU: 99C (Throttles)AIDA CPU+GPU: 99C (Throttles) With MAX TEMPs I put here my results for XTU CPU Stress Test + Cinebench running in the same time, but actually it's max CPU temps You have during the dayily usage after some heavy tasks. If you are lazy about AIDA just skip it :-) P.S.: To check your CPU temps you can use HWMONITOR Tool.

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Preferred Solution: Post Your Lenovo P50/P51/P70/P71 CPU Temps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Lets see how good your temps are, idle and under load fellow W7 Users.

A:Post Your System Temps Here

Aren't temps significantly impacted by what processor you have and which video card? I don't see where you can really do a head to head comparison between person A and person B...unless they have identical hardware and say 1 is better than the other.

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Actually, it just dropped to 42C.

I don't know if I trust ASUS Probe or not, the diode for my baybus, which reaches into the main part of my case, reads 18.4C.

I have a really cheap HSF too. My Volcano 9 should be coming sooner or later...

I included UD into the pic to show that that temp is full load.

Anyway, post your temperatures here, or share a story of a record low.

Vid card is currently running @ 34C. The fan on it isn't running either! (I "modded" it by replacing the meager 40mm with a 5k RPM 60mm fan...It was buzzing very loudly, and I haven't gotten around to checking it out yet.)

41C? Maybe...

Edit: apparently the attachment didn't work, but my CPU was @ 43C.

A:-Post your temps here- OMG! My rig is uber-cold!

And it's a 2100+ Palo if I haven't rubbed it in your face enough...

Heh. I exit UD and what do I get? Even more sweet lovin'

Ok, I'll shut my window now :haha: :rolleyes: :dead:

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Hey guys, 1st post here, but been reading this site for a few days. Tons of good info on here and I would already like to thank you all.

Anyways, last week I just build my 1st Pc, and today just overclocked it with Gigabytes Easy Tune 6 software. Im currently running my i5 750 now stable at 3.8GHz.

Obviously Im new to system building and overclocking, but fingers crossed, so far so good. I am keeping a close eye on the temps and see my system reporting the following temps: (see attachement)

Hardware monitor ITE IT87
Voltage 0 1.36 Volts [0x55] (CPU VCORE)
Voltage 1 1.62 Volts [0x65] (VIN1)
Voltage 2 3.31 Volts [0xCF] (+3.3V)
Voltage 3 4.95 Volts [0xB8] (+5V)
Voltage 5 -12.48 Volts [0xC3] (-12V)
Voltage 6 -0.96 Volts [0xF] (-5V)
Voltage 7 3.66 Volts [0x88] (+5V VCCH)
Voltage 8 3.15 Volts [0xC5] (VBAT)
Temperature 0 32?C (89?F) [0x20] (TMPIN0)
Temperature 1 24?C (75?F) [0x18] (TMPIN1)
Temperature 2 26?C (78?F) [0x1A] (TMPIN2)
Fan 0 1032 RPM [0x28E] (FANIN0)
Hardware monitor Intel Core i5 750
Power 0 82.31 W (Processor)
Temperature 0 38?C (100?F) [0x3C] (Core #0)
Temperature 1 35?C (95?F) [0x3F] (Core #1)
Temperature 2 38?C (100?F) [0x3C] (Core #2)
Temperature 3 35?C (95?F) [0x3F] (Core #3)

Hardware monitor Radeon HD 4850
Temperature 0 32?C (89?F) (GPU Core)

Hardware monitor WDC WD6401AALS-00E8B0
Temperature 0 29?... Read more

A:Are the Temps you guys post here in Celsius or Fehrenht

All temps given here for over-clocking purposes are in Celsius, unless otherwise stated. 29 C is quite cool. If it gets above 70C, watch out.

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modded rio 600 pump
tc4 turbulator water block
cooler core rad

idle 35c/95f
yet to test full load

i think my temp is a little hiugh for water cooling, no????? im mean its much better than most if not any air coolers but i think it could be better. its perfectly quiet. now for that noisy power supply and you can barely tell my computers on!

please tell me your temps and impress those still using air cooling

A:Calling All Water Coolers!!!! Post your temps and configs here!!!

the way things are going all power users are going to be using water cooling in a few years , but i am still doing ok with air.and allso , in the winter i can heat my house with 3 xp 1800s .

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Hello writing here , i see that there is a lot of posts with this problem... and no replay from lenovo ?  A maximum temperature of an gtx 940MX which is 61 C and we cannot even use a full potential of this laptop because of high throttling.No updates of graphic card drivers, currently bios update nor power managment plan will work in that case... Cant even mod a vbios of graphic card .. locked somehow ? PLS lenovo do something you're losing clients by this kind of stupid things. 

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Hi!I'm a pretty new gaming notebook owner, as i got a really screaming good deal on a y530 (8750h/1060-6gb/16gb/512ssd/144hz). Im currently trying out some recommendations from the internet like undervolting the CPU and having the power limit at 50W (CPU) and im currently getting 2678 points in cinebench r20, and the cpu is sitting comfortably at 70-72 degrees C at full load. (-0,150v undervolt) Is this good or is there something else i should change?

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I have a Lenovo Y510p with 2x GT 755m cards in SLI. When playing games like WoW the MAX GPU temps on Card 1 reach 90°C. On Card 2 85°C.At this point the game starts to stop responding. The screen will go black for about 1 second andthe laptop's fans will slow down for just a moment before the game resumes and the fans go back up.This will happen pretty much any time the temps hit 90°C again. I have a Notepal U3 laptop cooler with 1 fan on each GPU intake slot and 1 on the center of the laptop.I have also repasted the CPU & BOTH GPUs with Arctic Cooling Silver 5.I have modded the bottom case of my laptop to allow more air into the laptop.The BIOS is also modified (so are the GPU BIOSes) To stop the crashing I tried upping the voltage on both cards by 012.5mV - 025.0mV. This didn'twork at all. Games always seem to stop responding when temps get to 90°C. However my laptopshouldn't even techinically be getting this hot in the first place. I'd rather max temps to sitaround 80C. This laptop has always run pretty hot and I've always felt like I got a lemon as others haveexplained to me that their laptops don't get anywhere near as hot as this. As such I have some questions for other Y510p users: 1. What are your MAX temps whilst doing some extensive gaming?2. Have you repasted your CPU & GPU?3. Have you modded your Y510p fan intakes to allow for more air?4. Do you use a cooler?5. Do any of the games you try and play ever stop respo... Read more

A:Questions about Temps for ALL Lenovo Y510p Users!!

???? ?????? ?????. ????? ??????? "IntelŪ Extreme Tuning Utility". ? ?????? ??????????. ?????? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?????????? ? 3.4 ?? 2.4. ??????????? ??? ????????? ? ?????? 75 ????????. ???? ???????? ???????, ??? ???? ??????????? ????? ?? ????????. ????? ? ?????? ???????, ??????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ?????????, ????? ?????????? ?? ?????????????.????? ? ?????? ?? ??????:https://download82.files.attachmail.ru/6A32D1112DF94C2093B85DBB64A206D3/6f0a2098da09b88c3e7588cc5723...

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Hi Folks, Good day. We have some issues with our purchased Lenovo S500 PCs. As the title says it would stuck up on Lenovo logo during post and cant proceed on the loading windows part. This is a known issue on other models but can't really find an exact fix to this issue.We are using a dual monitor setup(vga & dp) on these units. We really need to have a permanent solution to this issue as it becomes a hassle for the people who are using those units.Product: Lenovo S500   Here are few suggestions we've tried but to NO avail.1. Load default setting on Bios2. Update Bios3. Update OS4. Enable Multiple Display on Bios5. Bios(trying between Legacy and UEFI)6. Reinstall OS7. Update DriversWorkaround: Power-On the PC using a single monitor. We unplug the Display port then turn on the PC. When the login screen appears, we insert the display port again. This workaround isn't advisable anymore as we don't want our agents to crawl under the table every time they turn on the pc.As we are a HIPAA compliant company, agents are forced to shut down their pc after each shift. Best Regards,Mike  

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After installation of new motherboard and AC F64 Pro, BIOS shows 28C for the CPU. SpeedFan's "Core" shows 31C. However, it's "Processor" shows a WHOPPING 51C!!! Everest shows same 51/52C!

I'm sure it can't be that high. Are th "Core" and bios ones that are correct?

A:Odd Difference Between BIOS Temps and Program Temps

I'd trust the BIOS temp reading. It should be more accurate than Speedfan or Everest.

Regards :wave:

BTW, how good is the AC Freezer? I may buy one for my future CPU...

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1) when i bought this thing, it didnot work with intel ssd 330, until i bought a brand new samsung evo 250g2) the usb 2.0 port died in about 8 month3) the HDMI port died in just one year right out of the warranty4) the usb 3.0 port is not compatible with some usb mouses5) most frustrating and annoying. the computer from time to time cannot wake up from sleep mode. Once it happens, it took me ages to bring it back power. have to try the following steps numerous times until it finally turned on:- hold power button for 5 seconds to shut it down- then power it up again to try my luck- or hold power button for more than 15 seconds to reset bios/cmos? - then power it up again to try my luck- or unplug the power cable and repeat steps above to try MY bloody luck again! DO NOT BUY LENOVO!

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Can anyone please tell me how to post a review on the Lenovo website? I can't figure out how to add a product review on the Y530 page. Our new laptop purchased from Lenovo didn't work out of the box and still isn't functioning a month and a half later and we can't get a refund. I'm looking for a way to post this on the website to warn others but can't figure out how to leave a review.

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About a month ago I replaced my failing HDD with a Crucial 1TB SSD. Clean install of Window 10, updated BIOS and all drivers. For the first three weeks or so, no problem. Around week 4 my fans started acting oddly and have gotten progressively worse. Now they're very noisy and running at full speed pretty much all the time. Core temps in mid- to high 40C, disk at 32C, so temps are not bad. I reopened the case, removed the fans, and checked/cleaned the area out just to make sure nothing got inside by mistake. The funny thing is, if I pick up the laptop and wiggle it around, the fans will momentarily stop, sometimes even slow down for a while. If I run the "Fan dust removal" utility, that will quiet them down for a bit, too. What should I do next? Thanks.

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Very disappointed in Lenovo after warranty service!  Yoga 920 with 4K display is only 1-1/2 years old from manufacturing date, and just stopped working.  The Microsoft store concierge store sent the machine to Lenovo, and I was expecting a factory repair, along with a bill.  Boy was I disappointed! Returned to Microsoft with Lenovo declining to estimate the repair cost, and possibly repair the machine.  Instead, they declined service at any cost!  No abuse, no liquid spills, just a machine that developed some motherboard problem!  Has Lenovo ever considered standing behind their products, and servicing them (at reasonable cost).  Instead, they refer me to factory authorized providers, and I get quoted over $1200 for a motherboard replacement! I know other manufacturers offer post warranty service, and some even offer flat rate repairs so long as abuse is not evident!  Very disappointed in what I thought was a top tier PC manufacturer.  

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Hi. I have an old lenovo Z565 laptop.it has windows 7, a mont ago i updated to windows 10. and its was ok.Then i start updating windows 10, and when it try to install latest build ( 1803 i believe) the computer restart.. and never start again i have a black screen.. no bios post no nothing.when i press the start button, fan starts, cd-rom try to read, and then fan stops.. and nothing more.I already removed memory, hdd, and no beeps, no nothing.. can anyone help ?

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I have an odd problem were the G700 takes 1 to 20 minutes to post/boot. 1.  Turn the G700 on.2.  The camera light goes on.3.  There is some fan noise.4.  Wait 1 to 20 minutes5.  Windows boot sequence kicks in.6. G700 runs as normal. I have booted to the usb UFEI and ran 5 hours of tests without issue.  Note it took about 10 minutes for the G700 to post/boot to USB drive. Booting to UFEi has the same issue.  Windows shutdown is fast.  No errors in the boot logs. I did perform a software reset to optimized default in bios but that did not solve the issue.  Attempted to reflash the bios, but there is only one version of the bios available and I did not figure out how to force a reflash over the same version.  Is there a way to had reset the bios via a pin? Any other thoughts on a resolution to this?

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I must say, I am extremely shocked at how Lenovo, a world class brand, runs their marketing and customer service. I realized after ordering my customized X1 extreme Gen 2 online that many customers who purchase customized product experience absurd delay in the shipment. The website tells you it will take 12days for shipment, but the product hasn't been shipped until today which is 16 days since time of purchase. I called the customer service, and they avoid giving definitive answers and simply repeat that they will get back to me via e-mail. The time of delivery process is definitely a crucial factor in choosing a product. If i knew it would take more than a month to get my laptop, I would not have chosen Lenovo, or the mode of purchase. This definitely can be felt to be deliberate intention by Lenovo in luring the customers with false, deceitful advertising. At least, Lenovo must state transparently that it will take ~1 month until customers will receive their products, not 12 days (I've seen many people complain online that it took average 1 month to get their laptop). The customer service is another thing. I called multiple times and they simply told me that they will send me an e-mail after checking with the fullfilment team. I received an e-mail saying " I haven't received any update yet from our fulfillment team. Will inform you if I receive any update from them.". I reached out multiple times after that asking for the status immediately after receiving the e-... Read more

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Hi All,  This is my first post on these forums and I have recently in the last couple of months purchased the above computer. I have made a couple of upgrades to it, in the form of an SSD hard drive and using the Crucial memory scanner I have upgraded the ram from 4gb to 16gb.  It now runs extremely fast indeed, but when I turn the computer on, when it posts it beeps twice, two short beeps, then continues to load windows 7 fine and works flawlessley.  I have been trying to diagnose the two short beeps upon startup for a few weeks now and am getting no where fast. I found the following article on these very forums but the suggestions dont seem to have made a difference to my situation.  https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-E-H-K-M-Q-and-ErazerX/Lenovo-H330-2-short-beeps-at-power-up-but-... This issue can be intermittant, I would say it happens 6 to 7 times out of every 10 times the machine is turned on. Initially I wasnt getting any form of error on the screen at all, until I went into the BIOS, cleared the error log and rebooted the machine. Then I got the error as follows - Error 0162 : Setup data integrity check failure Now this error code does not seem to exist on the Lenovo website, I found the following links which were helpful in showing me all sorts of other codes and beep sequences, the first one lists the two short beeps and links to an error code list - https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/migr-46... Read more

A:Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge E73 two beeps on post then...

Lenovo has identified an issue where some ThinkCentre systems with Samsung PM871 SSDs may not boot as expected or return a 0162 error code during POST. Firmware has been released that resolves the issue.
To learn more, please see this Service TIP: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/SF16-D0058
Thank you,

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So my computer have bricked bios and i need to flash bios from usb but i cant do it can somebody help? ;v

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I recently acquired a lenovo laptop B570 CHEAP. had cracked screen and I knew so when I bought it, figured it might be worth fixing seeing as lenovo is GOOD stuff, right? Anyways I turned it on after ordering replacement charger from Ebay and it just sits on the POST screen. Any idea what could be wrong?? I tap the F2 to enter setup and it will say please wait for like 5 minutes-10 minutes. I pulled the HDD and it still wont pass post. It appears to have been dropped somewhat onto its side, hence the cracked screen. Is it a orst case/fried motherboard scenario??

A:Solved: Lenovo B570 wont pass POST

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The Geforce driver version I'm updating to is 397.93 on my Lenovo y510p laptop.  It houses a soldiered Geforce gt 750m gpu.
I tried this several times.  After post-installation, the OS becomes slightly unresponsive; opening programs execute slower.  Eventually Windows 10 crashed with the blue screen of death claiming its a power state failure.  Even if I do restart the same blue screen of death appears.  There are times when upon rebooting after that blue screen of death another blue screen of death follows up claiming the critical process has died.  Fortunately with some backup I was able to revert to the state prior to installation.
Methods tried so far but didn't work
I've changed advanced power settings under the balanced power plan.  With Wireless Adapter Settings for Power Saving Mode set to Maximum Performance when plugged in, Intel(R) Graphics Settings on its Graphics Power Plan to Maximum Performance when plugged in and PCI Express's Link State Power Management to Off when plugged in.
Furthermore, I've set Nvida's Control Panel to Global setting.
Can anyone suggest a better alternative and/or correct me where I went wrong?


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo y510p: Win 10 crashed post Geforce installation

man ! just roll back to a previous version and you will be fine !!you have GT750M and this driver will do nothing new to your GPU

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Greetings, I've been a happy owner of the following notebook. Yesterday after using Lenovo Vantage I got info that a new BIOS is available 1.35. I updated, the system rebooted, it was all fine and working. I eventually turned off and rebooted the laptop a couple of times during the day and still everything was fine, until later that day in the evening I put the laptop to sleep (closing the lid). After trying to wake it up I got a cold shower. - The screen doesn't light up- There is no POST or boot picture at all- The Keyboard backlight lights up and works- The adaptive touchbar works (and cycles thru the two menus)- The fan spins for about 5 secs after power om The things I have tried so far: - Connecting to an external monitor to see if there would be any activity - no signal- Tried pulling out the battery and draining the system (holding power button for a minute)- Tried the reset button. Unfortunately nothing worked, and im stuck and in need of assistance. Thank you in advance for your kind advices.  

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Pressing Power Button on my G50-45 causes laptop to try to post (Front Led is lit,you can hear HD spinning etc). After some seconds trying with nothing on screen (no post showing) laptop is reset and the same loop continues for ever.If I left it do this loop, after some time, (I don't know how much time as I usually left it do this ovenight) laptop posts and goes to standby (I am always find it in standby mode Front Led blinkink.). If I press any button laptop wakes up and all things are working great Until Restart when same loop occures.Trying upgrade bios from v1.07 to latest V38 (2.06) but as soon as insyde flasher starts flashing bios (erase/write) windows is restarted (without allowing flasher to finish I THING) causing the same loop to occure. After many restarts without proper post a message appear which states that the bios was not correct for that model. If I press any key to reset after many reset loops I concluded with window in stand by mode again. Any Suggestions for a propper bios Update which I think is the problem ? ? ? 

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Hey guys, I am having a weird problem with my Lenovo Y510P, there's a LVDS cable which connects the motherboard to the lcd. When I disconnect this cable, the system boots perfectly and I can see the desktop when connected over hdmi to TV. However when I connect it back, the laptop doesnt even POST, no lights, no fans, nothing. I am unable to find the source of this problem, is it the LCD that's dead or some component on the motherboard? A short somewhere? 

A:Lenovo Y510P doesnt POST when LVDS cable connected

My first guess would be a short in that cable since it probably gets flexed alot (if it is the one I am thinking of), and they are pretty cheap. NEW LVDS CABLE FOR LENOVO Y510P 1080P FHD LCD LVDS CABLE VIQY1 DC02001KT00https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-VIQY1-DC02001KT00-LVDS-CABLE-FOR-LENOVO-Y510P-HD-1080P-FHD-LCD-L... Good Luck,

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https://support.lenovo.com/downloads/ds105641Tried to update BIOS with that tool on the linkall the windows stuff worked, but when the machine rebooted, it hanged up on a black screen, left it overnight and still no go PC powers on but throws no image neither on HDMI no VGAAs for the speakers, not a beep, not a chime, nada, zeroTried clearing CMOS by unplugging machine, removing CMOS battery, fiddling with the 3-pin CMOS jumper, stripping off RAM, holding power button over 30 seconds, pressing power button over 30 times; nothing seems to wake up this sleeping beauty For some reason, USB ports now feed enegy even when the machine is shut down any way to flash BIOS to this seemengly BIOSless machine?

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Hi guys, I have scoured the web for an answer to an issue which has only recently started happening (after plugging in a new USB Hub - since removed).  When i boot the machine, i get a single, short beep during (or just before) the POST, somthing i thought wierd.  I have looked on the Lenovo HMM and seen on Page 61 that it details two error codes, however no mention of a signle beep, so i started looking elsewhere and have found discussions on the forum relating to other been codes, but not a single beep!  The only reference to a signle beep i have been able to locate on a Lenovo site is here (which relates to a different product series) indicating a "normal boot", this fits because after the beep, the machine boots into Win 7 fine. I have recently reset, and deactivated the MEBX as the password was forgotten, i have also reset the BIOS to defaults, and updated it to be on the safe side, still i get the beep.  I have also unplugged everything (inc. power), pressed and held the power button for c. 60-70 seconds, again to no avail. I am hoping i have covered off the basic troubleshooting, and included enough information to help other suggest a solution, apologies if not, but this is the first time posting for support on a forum! Thanks in advance

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In an earlier post I looked for a solution to a problem with disappearing hard drive space...

After at least 10 hours with MS Tech Support (I'm not exagerating, but at least they are courteous), various time, with Lenovo's tech support (quite rude by the way), Samsung's tech guys (lovely people), and Walgreens tech support. I have dug out my XP disks, am going to spend hours installing XP, all the updates, all my programs and my files; in the hope that this will put an end to the insanity that this PC has brought into my life.

Let me say first off that I am an advanced intermediate PC user, I use my PC for my work (I'm a wedding photographer) and my husband is an MCSE, PMP, Blah, blah, blah, computer programmer.

Vista came unto my life on May 13th of this year in the form of my new Dual core Lenovo, fresh out of the box PC. Yeah, Happy day!
I used the Lenovo for several weeks with no problems, then...

1) I bought a Samsung Color Laser Printer and my PC lost it's mind. I couldn't get the printer to work correctly, I couldn't open a MS Word Document, I couldn't open a .jpg
I called Lenovo tech support (quite rude BTW) they said it was a Vista problem and all I could do was to perform a hard reset, which would obliterare my hard drive. Well that was really not an option since I had spent 2 full days getting my settings just right, installing all my softwa... Read more

A:Follow up to aerlier post, solution and why I hate Lenovo/Vista

I don't know if you've already found the answers to this problem but I searched around and with the links provided you can fix the vista issue.

Basically, the restore cache doesn't empty so it just builds up and takes over. You can reset it, and manage the size so that it doesn't happen anymore.


good luck

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Hi there! My Yoga 500 will not boot. It is a YOGA 500 14inch - 80n400pmuk - Pentium processor When i plug the charger in the lights go on and the fan spins for 1 second then turns off. This then repeats multiple times. I've tried unplugging the battery and taking the CMOS out to reset everything - but the same problem persists. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the issue, or on steps to try?  Any help would be great! thanks, Zack

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Hi, I recently upgraded the Storage with a WD green 120 GB M.2 SSD. Post upgradation, i installed Windows 7 into the new Drive. After dealing with several error messages and trying all workarounds the system was able to boot and became a working machine again.  I accidentally formatted the eMMC i.e. previously my C: drive and faced a lot of difficulty in making it work. However happy that finally the system is back to its normal working condition. The only problem i am facing now is, i am not able to see the 32GB eMMC card in Disk Management or in MY Computer. Though the same is visible in Advanced Troubleshooting during pre-boot (Repair your system Option) . Though the volume is visible and is empty there, its not visible inside windows explorer after windows starts. Though it doesnt affect the system's performance now, i would like to use the 32GB memory. I tried looking for the driver but not didnt find any. I am currently using Win 7 Enterprise. My next attempt would be to upgrade to Windows 10 and see if that resolves the issue.  Please Help !

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Since you have to hunt around different Lenovo sites (and other sites) to find out about these softwares, I decided to make a post to get feedback from actual Yoga owners on how these programs interact, what they do, which ones are prerequisite, and which ones are unnecessary. Please don't take this as a blanket answer. This is just what I have found. It might be right - it might be wrong. I'm looking for others to post their experiences as well. Lenovo System Interface Foundation Driver - Necessary prerequisite (missing driver in device manager without it). It allows the Lenovo Utility and Lenovo Companion to work. Lenovo Yoga Mode Control - Necessary if you want to use your yoga to seemlessly change between all the different modes (laptop, tablet, tent, stand). This software is responsible for autorotating and putting Windows into tablet mode. Lenovo Utility - Recommended(?) This one I'm not too sure on. I remember that I was missing some function that I wanted but I can't remember what it was now. Maybe battery cycle count and health? Lenovo Companion - I don't have this one installed and don't think it's necessary but would like someone else to shed some light here.

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I am having the one of the worst pc problem i have faced.....
It all started with my pc restarting(it was a power failure) to show boot device failure, insert system disk, i tried everything, from unplugging usb devices to re inserting sata cables but to no avail, now when i try to reinstall windows the setup recognizes all my partitions but refuses to install into any of them, ubuntu only recognizes one of my hard disk and partition( i have 1 big 500 g hdd as 1 part, and 2 250 g hdds in raid 0). I tried booting from my bart pe created windows live cds but they dont detect any partitions what so ever, windows 7 dvd's repair utility can access my file structure when i browse for drivers, but it wont repair the problem, nor will it install.
Please Help!

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I have a virus. Whenever I try to access a website that has the virus name on it the virus does not allow the page to load. I've already posted once on this page requesting help. Thankfully someone answered but unfortunately I was unable to reply to the post. Instead I sent a private message describing the problem.

I'm not exactly sure due to the virus whether or not he/she actually received the message. therefore I've taken the initative to see if I can fix this problem by starting a test thread. If I can access this new thread while signed in I'll inform the tech of the breakthrough (somehow) and maybe we can move my thread to this new one.

A:this is a test post. Virus making it hard to sign in and post

reply test

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I gave my old Athlon XP 2800 to my mom. I built it myself and it has an Epox 8RDA+ motherboard.

A week ago she said when she turned it on it beeped and nothing came on the screen. I had my dad look at it and he said the CPU fan wasn't running. This was the fourth or fifth time we had turned it on to troubleshoot it (I live 500 miltes away) so I'm not sure if it stopped running when he was messing with things, or if it hadn't been running the whole time.

Anyway, they sent it to me and I've tried troubleshooting it to no avail. When I first turned it on it got to the bootup screen before freezing. At this point I noticed the CPU speed was listed as 1100 Mhz. Now when I turn it on it doesn't show anything on the screen (what would cause this, a heat issue?)

First I was getting a C1 error, so I tried switching out and trying to each memory stick individually. No luck. Eventually I ended up with a wide array of post codes, including:

C1: Detect memory
26: Reserved
29: Program CPU internal MTRR, Initialize the APIC, Program early chipset, Measure CPU speed, Invoke video bios

Sometimes it would boot up to 29 and then go back down to 26

It seems 95% certain to me that either the CPU or motherboard (or PSU?) has gone bad. Is this correct? If so, how can I find out which one it is so I don't buy the wrong thing? Thanks a lot.

A:2 year old computer won't post; gives seemingly random post codes

well.. the best way is to try each single part in a different system to see if they do work or not...

i always use the thought that Electronical Stuff does WORK or NOT... they dont "kinda work"...

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Here are my logs.  Please refer to my post found here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/537931/need-help-re-body4udiymyricecom-post/  for my explanation of my problem. 
Please note that I ran this log without turning off peerblock.  I am nervous that the instant I do, it will make things much worse and I will not be able to see any of your answers until I do a second reformat, and then probably will need to do a third at that point.  If I need to redo this with peerblock turned off, please let me know, and I will make the attempt to do so. 
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421
Run by Celia at 15:23:58 on 2014-06-17
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.3835.1803 [GMT -4:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\STacSV64.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows... Read more

A:Regarding my "body4u.diy.myrice.com" Post - Post-Reformat logs

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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I intended to repost my question in a more relevant thread. How do I repost without being marked as spam?

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i had recently built a new computer. after installing windows 7 everything was fine, except for during start-up it'd say 'no keyboard deteced'. which it wasn't detecting it because i couldnt acess bios during this. once i came to the windows log in screen, it was then reading the keyboard.

a few days ago i had a power outage during a thunderstorm and now a screen appears when turning on my computer giving me 2 options somehwat like 'continue start up' and 'enter a set up'. these are extremely general ideas of what it says but its not the usual 'start windows normally' screen. i would look but i'm currently at work since i cannot access the internet at home due to these problems lol.

the problem with this screen appearing is that since it is not detecting my keyboard at post, i have no where else to go. i've tried every usb port, as well as a ps/2 keyboard.

i either a. need to figure out how to get past this screen or not have it appear at all or b. figure out how to get it to detect my keyboard.

if you have any suggestions or info i'd really appreciate the help.


A:odd post/bios screen, plus no keyboard detected @ post

you could try removing the CMOS battery on the motherboard and using the jumper to reset the BIOS to factory defaults.

Always us a known good PS/2 keyboard. USB is OK after you have everything setup but unless you enable Legacy USB support in the BIOS the USB keyboard may not be seen by the BIOS (I've had this exact problem).

If the PS/2 keyboard is not seen when plugged into the keyboard PS/2 port move it to the PS/2 mouse port.

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I did a forum post in the i think iaminfected area which this post is linked to you can read this post here at this link http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/170948/genericvirtop-virus/But this post is my hijackthis log reports for my pc Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 17:09:41, on 23/09/2008Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2008\bdagent.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\RocketDock\RocketDock.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Communicator\xcommsvr.exeC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\infocard.exeC:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2008\vsserv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Update Service\livesrv.exeC:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.google.co.uk/R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com... Read more

A:Post Linked To Generic.virtob Post

So has anyone got any ideas of what to do as my system really needs to be fixed and soon i hope thanks

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This is my first post other than my intro.
I am posting this from an uninfected (I hope) netbook.
My Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 computer is exhibiting the symptoms of AntiSpyware Soft or one of its related malware brethren.
I see the instructions posted for removing this abomination under the "Spyware Removal" tab of this site.
On the other hand I see elsewhere that first I should create some logs and post them.
On the other hand the idea of downloading software (rkill, etc) that is required to do either is freaking me out.
On the other hand I saw this site mentioned on PC Mag so it's probably trustworthy - aren't you?

So do I attempt the procedure under Spyware Removal first, or do I do the log thing first?
I hate to even turn on the infected computer, so I want to do the best thing first.
Thanks for being there.

A:Remove AntiSpyware soft and THEN post log or post log first?

This is my first post other than my intro. I am posting this from an uninfected (I hope) netbook.My Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 computer is exhibiting the symptoms of AntiSpyware Soft or one of its related malware brethren.I see the instructions posted for removing this abomination under the "Spyware Removal" tab of this site. On the other hand I see elsewhere that first I should create some logs and post them.On the other hand the idea of downloading software (rkill, etc) that is required to do either is freaking me out.On the other hand I saw this site mentioned on PC Mag so it's probably trustworthy - aren't you?So do I attempt the procedure under Spyware Removal first, or do I do the log thing first?I hate to even turn on the infected computer, so I want to do the best thing first.Thanks for being there.I got up my nerve and followed the procedures under Spyware Removal for How to remove AV Security Suite and it worked! I see now at the very end it says that if this doesn't work, do all the logging stuff, so I decided to proceed. Thank you so very very much.

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Sys: W2K, SP4; IE6, 512megs SDRAM, 1.2 gig AMD Athlon CPU, ECS K7SEM mobo, Award 6 Bios.

Problem: Upon system startup, power comes on, but nothing else--no beep to indicated the system has entered POST. After several tries, it will finally beep and the harware will come to life.

Once working it will usually keep working as you'd normally expect as power cycle to work. It's mainly after sever hours of being off and now always, over night that the error occurs--no power to the hardware, until several tries.

History: Recently been hit with many Trojans & viruses. They've made it past my NAT router, past my software firewall and have taken apart my McAfee AV program. But they have been contained, before they could do any damage, so I hoped, except I just got a bounced email yesterday, that shows I have been spoofed and my address book copied and is being sent to. So a Trojan got in.

I have SpyBot S&D, Ad-aware, McAfee VS8, two firewalls going. I have cleaned all the viruses/Trojans off the system, out of the registry with S&D, Ad-Aware, VS8, Trendmicros VS and Pandasofts VS programs. As well as using CWShreeder, MRU Blaster, BHO removers, HiJackThis.
The system is clean. no hidden files, every thing ok. It doesn't seem to be an OS problem.

A week ago, my power supply went out.
I replaced it.
It's since replacing it and getting all the viurs/trojan hits that the problem has begun.

I thought it might be the new PS, so I put in another, ... Read more

A:pre-POST failure. no beep, sys doesn't go to POST

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ok I am running (for now) a Gigabyte Mobo with an AMD 3000+ CPU I was always curios to see how hot my CPU temp was, so I ran speedfan, it says my CPU (as u can see in the Screenshot) is running close to 56 degrees Celcius with the stock cooler, Now thats right after running counterstrike source, and (before I blew out the case), now it runs around 52 degrees after a game, Is that a safe temp I think it could be cooler, so I purchased a Cooler Master Hyper 6+ to see if it would cool my processor better and when i do upgrade to my 4000+ processor, will it still be cooler than the stock heatsink for the 4200+... I know the rule of thumb for case cooling is same blowing in as same blowing out correct, becuase I have a PCI cooling fan too, think its a Cyclone think i should take it out its right under my 6800 GeForce card so its sucking the air right out from the Video card.... any input would be thankful, I know someones gonna say just watercool, lol

A:CPU temps

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Just curious what would be a good temperature i would want my stuff to be when playing high intense games and what are so easy ways to reduce it

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Q: Temps

Sorry if this is the wrong section I didn't know where else.

I have a vista PC, It's that my temps are going near 55degrees when on youtube and hotmail etc, and when gaming i think it rises 1-2 thats it. I'm kinda worried but are these temps expected as It's really hot and summer is woah :|
Here is a picture of EVEREST and the temps and stuff: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/6207/73452974.jpg

Before the summer came temps where average near 40-45.


Hi what is the make and model of the computer is it a laptop as that is not high for a laptop,you could invest in a laptop cooling pad

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I have just had a major update MB Processor ram and SSD,The fans seem to be a lot louder and thanks to this forum I now know how to check temps,I dont want to fry my new set up on the plus side has not had a shut down so I am guessing PC have a fail safe ?The fan is the one that came with the processor looks pretty good but I have no idea about this sort of thing and there is a fan in back of the box which came with the case

A:Are these temps ok ?

They look fine for idle on a stock CPU cooler.

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