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Rolled Back Windows 10 to Windows 7 - Now big Windows Live Mail issues

Q: Rolled Back Windows 10 to Windows 7 - Now big Windows Live Mail issues

I have an HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 on an HP Pavilion dm4-Notebook PC.
It has 6.00 GB of installed memory and a 64 bit operating system. Windows is activated and I have Product ID.

I download Windows 10 but could not deal with it and rolled back to Windows 7. Now my Windows Live Mail 2011 does not work correctly. I keep getting a message "Recovering Windows Live Mail database. I get part of my mail and part of it can no longer be opened or deleted. I have figured out that when I rolled back to Windows 7 a second database was created into which mail is also going. How to I rectify this issue?

I am not very technically inclined, so I need very specific instructions on how to fix this. Is there anyone out there who will help me. I have been laid off from work and have no funds to take this into a shop to be repaired, and I am frantic!

Thank you,

Tiny Trish

Preferred Solution: Rolled Back Windows 10 to Windows 7 - Now big Windows Live Mail issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Rolled Back Windows 10 to Windows 7 - Now big Windows Live Mail issues

If the accounts are IMAP you can recreate them in the mail client and it will download all the mail afresh from the remote server. But if they are POP you have to work with the local database. Even if they are IMAP I would make a backup of the existing database.

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now my computer will not let me open PDF files. I have tried reloading (and deleting) Adobe reader and my computer is giving me an error "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

I cant uninstall either. I get the same error.

Any suggestions to fix this?

Thanks for reading and offering help.

A:Rolled back windows 10 to Windows 7 and lost my Adobe reader

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Hi there,

So we have a windows 7 desktop at work that one our employees agreed to upgrade to windows 10. We eventually rolled back to windows 7 but we just recently noticed that the system hasn't been getting windows updates since the roll back. No windows updates for 8 months now. Please help. What do I do to fix this?

Thank you

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I reverted from Windows 10 back to 7. Every time I open mail I get a message "recovering database." Bunches of emails downloaded and when I deleted them some of them could not be deleted from the deleted box. So I did research and found that I should reconfigure my email by deleting the account and recreating it. Well, now things are a mess. I think I deleted the account even though it still is there but will not accept new email. I have never understood this live mail thing. I have a skybeam account that I use that is what I want to use. But I log into live mail with a hotmail account. I am so confused. I want to recreate my skybeam account but do not know how. Do I need to call the company for the server data? Do I use the hotmail account? I don't get it. All I know is I have important emails coming to this account I will not be able to see. Where can I read live mail online. Help please!!

A:Windows live mail messed up after reverting back to Windows 7

Hi .. The Link below should help ....

My Webmail - SKYBEAM

It is a 10 digit SKYBEAM number ... Should be your Account Number ...
SKYBEAM - Webmail Services

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I have read many of the other forum threads hoping to solve this issue... to no avail.

I have been running Windows Mail on my laptop for seven months now with no issue. After changing my password, Windows Mail no longer wants to send or receive email.

I have tried many things (from other people's successes) to solve this problem:
- Changed my password again (note: both password changes have been successful in my webmail and in downloading to my Blackberry)
- Removed the email account and readded it
- Disabled the auto scan components of McAfee
- Uninstalled McAfee
- Repeated earlier deletions and additions of my email account
- Downloaded Windows Live Mail to the same errors and repeat of the above
- Reset my password/account through the email host/server

Here is the error message from Windows Live Mail:
Unable to send or receive messages for the (christine) account. An incorrect password was entered. The next time you send or receive messages, you'll be asked to enter your user name and password for this account.
Server Error: 0x800CCC90
Server Response: -ERR Login failed.
Server: 'mail.unionevents.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC92
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No

Any suggestions? Both my tech-savvy friend and I are at a loss...

A:Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Send/Receive Issues

Just a guess, you changed your password at the website of your email provider, did you also change it on Windows Mail?

Sure that they are identical?

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Hi, I was on vacation for two days, I shut down the computer correctly and when I came back from vacation, I turned on the computer and it rolled me back to windows 7. I can't get online from that computer as I have no drivers or anything, I also have lost alot of new photos and videos. Is there a way to recover this information. Thanks for the help in advance.


The pc is a Dell XPS It rolled me back to windows 7 Ultimate.

A:Windows 10 rolled me back to Win 7

the last rollback date I have is over 9 months ago and i would lose alot of work information, family photos, etc. because of this.

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I have windows 7 with windows live mail. It is working ok with btinternet pop3 mail account however I want to back up the mail.
If I use the Export mail I get a very small and quick backup that no way contains the many gigs of email. Under the maintainance tab the store folder shown is virtually empty. Any ideas as to where the mail actually resides?
It was originally imported from outlook express, but the folder structure in windows mail is fine and all the mail is there.


A:Windows 7 live mail back up

Hi Tony, welcome to Seven Forums.

Here's how. Never Lose Emails.pdf

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Hello - I installed W10 three days ago and changed my mind. I selected the roll back option and after some time got a message asking me to insert the W7 installation disc. Unfortunately, I no longer have either the disc or the product key (long story). My Vostro PC came installed with W7. Is there anything at all I can do? Many thanks. Rosie

A:Rolled back from Windows 10 and now being asked for installation disc

You will need to purchase a windows7 disk. Click the link below for purchasing a Windows 7 disk.
Windows Restore Disk

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I was experiencing a recurrent PARTIAL blue screen of death, similar to this but without any error message (system just froze with blue columns crossing my screen).

So I uninstalled several versions of my nvidia 8800 GTS driver until it only showed as "Standard VGA driver" by Microsoft. I then reinstalled the most recent driver by Nvidia.

When I restarted my computer, the problem seemed to be solved but it seems like it deleted some of my files. My Documents folder and my Downloads folders are empty... About 15 Gb of data are GONE. My programs are still there (or so it seems), but Spybot and tea timer no longer run on startup, my folder options are reset, etc.

Did I do something wrong, and can I get my files back?

Here is exactly what I did: in device manager, I right-clicked my video card and clicked "uninstall". Then I restarted my computer and upon restart I repeated the process until my card showed as "Standard VGA driver" or something like it. Then I restarted again and installed the newest driver.

I'll provide any more information as necessary.


A:Reinstalling a driver rolled back my Windows settings?


There was a TEMP folder in my Users directory. Looks like windows was running as the TEMP user, as if I was a new user. So when I select "Downloads", it went to "Downloads" in the TEMP user directory. But when I go to User\Downloads, my files are there. I deleted the Temp directory. Restarted as USER. Problem solved *facepalm*

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Just wondering if anyone else has had the following experiences recently;

First, when I opened Windows Live Mail today, one fortnightly recurring event notification from my Live Calendar started sending reminders via Live Mail to me. About ten events were immediately loaded and showed as Emails in my In Box. I deleted [unopened] all the subject Emails, followed immediately by emptying of the contents of the Deleted Folder.

However, the Emails kept coming, and the only way to stop the problem was to open the Calendar, select the subject Event and delete all future recurring instances. By that time, Emails for notifications into the middle of 2011 had been received, and I treated those the same way as detailed above.

Second, for the first Email that I wished to send after this strange behaviour, this anti-spam security clearance panel appeared;

I needed to complete the clearance, before the Live Mail email was sent.

Now I'm left wondering what this was all about?

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Windows Live Mail 2010 seemed OK. Then WLM 2011 arrived out of the blue and was installed without prior warning. I don’t like it. How do I get back to WLM 2010 easily? Or are there simple ways of dealing with the problems below?
- It has lost all my imported messages on which I rely, from early 2010 back to 2003 (hopefully I have a back up and can import most of them again).

- Sometimes it won’t start unless I close down and reboot my Windows 7 PC first.

- It fails to show some of my recent messages, missing different ones each time. For 11 October for example it showed one out of three I sent on a particular subject, and after the last reboot lost that one too, so now I have none.

- If I ask for emails concerning a particular search term it says that some may not show while it is scanning my emails, but that’s not true. If they are not there quickly they never appear.

-I want the inbox and sent box to show each individual email amongst others in the order they were sent or arrived, which it doesn’t seem able to do.

- I ask it to find all messages from Alan to Bill sent after 10 October and before 12 October, and it shows me messages from 15 October to 26 October.

- I think the upgrade from 2010 to 2011 arrived as an automatic Windows update, so now I have asked to see all updates before installation to avoid getting it again, but I can't see it in the history list.

Would be grateful for help with this this.

A:How to get back to Windows Live Mail 2010

I feel that same as you. You may want to try a system restore. But you said that it came automatically. With SR it may come back.

What you may want to do is download one of the many other great mail clients and make it the default. WLM will be on your hard drive but not working.

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I am getting this message from windows live mail where I have to accounts ( hotmail + gmail)

Error de servidor: 4102
Servidor: 'http://mail.services.live.com/DeltaSync_v2.0.0/Sync.aspx'
Id. de error de Windows Live Mail: 0x8DE00001

I want my outlook express back, still cannot get used to WLM, unfortunately am stuck with Windows 7 till I can afford a MAc.
Can anybody help me please??



A:want OE back, HATE windows live mail, please somebody

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I briefly tried Windows Live Mail 2011 after having used the 2009 version since it was released. I had one problem, however. When I used the export email option to back up my email to an external hard drive, it didn't copy all of my email over. I selected the option of all folders, so what's going on here? This never happened with the 2009 version. I guess a work-around would be to copy the storage folder over to the external drive, but the export option should work. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 Doesn't Back Up All Email

Quote: Originally Posted by Peter Dryton

I briefly tried Windows Live Mail 2011 after having used the 2009 version since it was released. I had one problem, however. When I used the export email option to back up my email to an external hard drive, it didn't copy all of my email over. I selected the option of all folders, so what's going on here? This never happened with the 2009 version. I guess a work-around would be to copy the storage folder over to the external drive, but the export option should work. Any ideas? Thanks.

I used WLM 2009 and WLM 2011 and they function the same. What is the folder setup you are trying to export?
Ken J

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While deleting icons from my desktop, I accidentally included (and deleted) Windows Live Mail. Unfortunately, I then cleared my Recycle Bin before realizing what I had done. Will someone please tell me how to recover Windows Live Mail. I hope it's an easy process. Thank you.

A:Solved: Windows Live Mail accidentally deleted. How do I get it back?!!

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I accidentally clicked to update my mom's laptop. I need to know how to revert Windows Live Mail 2011 back to Windows Live Mail 2010. She isn't that good on the computer and cannot lose any of her emails/addresses as most are business related.

I need to know ASAP how to fix this.

A:How to Revert Windows Live Mail 2011 back to 2010

I don't think you can revert.

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New laptop with Windows 7 and Live Mail and cannot get my @Lineone.net Account to send or receive although my other one @blueyonder.co.uk does work.

Am getting this error message

Unable to send or receive messages for the POP3.lineone.net account. The connection to the server has failed.
Server: 'pop3.lineone.net'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
Protocol: POP3
Port: 995
Secure(SSL): Yes
Socket Error: 10060

I read somewhere that Tiscali ( for they took over Lineone and then became Talk Talk) don't accept out going mail or something?

my incoming mail is set at pop3.lineone.net and my outgoing to smtp.blueyonder.co.uk ( which are the same settings as on my Vista laptop).

Be greatful of any help and apologies if its been asked millions of times before!

A:Windows Live Mail Issues

Sorted, had the correct POP and smtp settings but some of the wrong boxes were ticked elsewhere!

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Ok..I have Windows 7 emachine- 64 bit, and here's the issue. First, let me start by saying that I have about 6 people in the home who all use the same PC throughout the day, and each have their own hotmail account through Windows live mail. Now I am not sure if this is confusing the program or what, but anymore when I log into my hotmail account, it is acting very strange! I cannot permanently delete anything from my inbox, because it "comes right back", and I am also seeing 2 pages when I first log in to check my email. (1st page shows my old theme inbox), and then it blinks and switches to my current theme inbox. This is very frustrating! Can anyone tell me what might be causing this issue? Also, do I have any other options to use "HOTMAIL" without having to use WINDOWS LIVE? Like, can I go to a direct hotmail link or is it the only way to access my hotmail box? If anyone has any idea's or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

A:Windows live mail issues

Are you using the program for windows live mail or logging on online??

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When I fwd emails with pictures and applicable text they don't fwd as received i.e. one picture under each other with appropriate text. Instead the pics are fwd as a slide show and sometimes not at all.
I want my emails to be fwd in the same format as received.

A:Windows Live Mail Issues

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I'm having two issues I can't seem to resolve on my laptop.

1. CSV file is sent as an attachment. If I get the email on the server or download to my phone it will open as excel. If I download to windows live mail inbox it is converted to txt file. I checked file association and csv should open in excel but the issue is more that it is coverted already to txt when it lands in my inbox. I have not tried to convert teh txt file back to csv but I've never had this issue before so I'm trying to figure out why it changed.

2. When something is sent as a zip file, when I go to save then extract, it creates the saved folder but then the files do not show up in the extracted folder so I cannot do anything with them. If I go to another computer in my house (on with the same operating system) I can extract and save them, then email as separate files to my laptop.

This is making me believe I have some malware or a program changed some setting that I cannot locate. I am not home to double check but I believe I am running Windows XP.
Thank you for any help. I tried searching the web but couldn't not find anything.

A:Several windows live mail issues-help!

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I know that my account has/was setup correctly but when I came back to my laptop some several hours later I was unable to send/receive and this is the response I get.
Unable to send or receive messages for the Optusnet.com (masaloi) (2) account. An incorrect password was entered. The next time you send or receive messages, you'll be asked to enter your user name and password for this account.
Server Error: 0x800CCC90
Server Response: -ERR Login failed.
Server: 'mail.optusnet.com.au'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC92
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No
I am able to use the internet.
I have done a repair of Windows Live essentials hoping that would help but no way.

All assistance appreciated
thanking you

A:Windows Live Mail issues

"Optusnet.com (masaloi) (2)"
Have you got two accounts with the same name? Perhaps that's related to the issue.

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Had to get PO Broadband due to house move and now I cannot send emails although can receive them in WLM.

Have "@lineone.net" and "@blueyonder.co.uk" addresses which worked with Virgin but PO tell me they don't support 3rd party emails and refuse to help.

I used to have the pop3 set to lineone on one account and blueyonder on the other and they both worked with Virgin.

Anyone know of a fix other than going to Gmail?

At the moment I can read the emails in WLM but have to go to the Talk talk (lineone) and Virgin sites (blueyonder) to send emails which is a pain.


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When I first log on to my 3 year-old HP desktop running Win7 and attempt to access Windows Live Mail, the program freezes while trying to log in via WLCOMM.EXE.  I generally need to close that process via Task Manager, close WLM and try again.  Even then, often times WLM will load and retrieve emails, but I'll get an error message when I try to open a mail message until I I go through the whole process again. 
I have tried uninstalling/re-installing WLM several times, running repairs on it (and the entire Windows Live suite), with no improvement. 
I tried searching the forum for previous reports, but the search turns up no results for "wlcomm."  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

A:Windows Live Mail issues at startup

What's the error message? If it includes your email address xxx out the part before @whatever.com/net

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New to the forum, and hope to find lots of good information here.
Here is my issue that popped up just yesterday. I was in WLM (Windows Live Mail) and clicked on the red x to close a new mail window I had started. When I did that, the main WLM window shrunk to about a 3 inch tall by 5 inch wide window (that has never happened before). I thought nothing of it and re-sized the window, but when I exit WLM and re-open it, the window is back to the small size. A reboot of the system didn't help either.
I did find a similar thread here, but it was that the WLM window would open maximized, and I found that setting, and it's set to "normal window", so that's not the issue, plus mine doesn't open maximized, it opens in a small window.
Does anyone know how I can make WLM keep my re-sized window size?
Let me know if you need anymore information.

A:Windows Live Mail window issues

Ok, I figured it out.
I played around with the "size" option and that seems to be working. I had to manually re-size the window, rather than just using the pointer to re-size.

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Hi there.

I have Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, and it recently did it's automatic update with the new, (mostly) terrible interface and features.

Here are two problems that I am having that are annoying the heck out of me:

1) Let's say I get a new email. I open it, reply to it, go back to the inbox and delete it. A few minutes, maybe more or less, and I will instinctively go in and refresh my browser for new messages.

This is the annoyance. When I click refresh, it always brings up the deleted message. Sometimes it's just for 10 seconds or so, and then it goes back tot he inbox. Other times, it just leaves it up, and though the left panel will show I have new messages, I am stuck on one I deleted already.

2) This issue is another annoying one. Sometimes I go into my inbox, and there is a message that goes straight to the trash. I check off the box next to it without opening, and click delete. Instead of the message disappearing into the trash, the pages goes to the trash!

The email I am trying to delete stays in the inbox, and I have to go back to it and try again.

Both of these are ridiculously tedious to deal with, and I'm hoping someone can help.

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After struggling through various help topics on various forums including Microsoft, I managed to produce and save an html document... but couldn't get it to appear on emails.
I have 5 different addresses and only want it on one. So I didn't tick the box (under signatures) which says to add it to every message - and it didn't appear on any.
Under advanced I did tick the box I wanted it to appear on but without ticking 'all' I don't get it on any?

So basically I currently have it on all outgoing messages rather than just on one address... any thoughts?


A:signature issues with windows live mail

Confirming it works when adding to every message? You can also add it to individual messages, I know that isn't a fix, but probably an improvement for what you have now.

If you want to manually choose when to include a signature in your message, ensure that the Add signatures to all outgoing messages check box is cleared. Then, when you want to add a signature to a specific message, click the Insert menu in the message window, point to Signature, and then click the signature you want to use.

Change Windows Mail signature settings

A Guy

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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on an HP Notebook and IE9windows 6.0.
A few days ago I noticed when opening up Windows Live Mail..hotmail.. that there was no longer the two email addresses we use for hotmail there and no longer the passwords saved. There isn't even an option to use a different windows ID option. I studied the forums, accesses through help in hotmail and I cannot find anything on how to fix this that I have not already done. I checked the addons and reinstalled windows live essentials 11 and even went into internet options and under privacy advanced enabled override automatic cookie handling and always allow session cookies. I use ccleaner and I unchecked auto complete etc, where before I just had passwords unchecked. Up until a few days ago I could logoff of Windows live mail and run ccleaner fully and even restart the computer and still open up Windows lice and have the email addresses there and the passwords there too.

Was there an update that I could uninstall that could put things back the way they were?
I do not like the linked feature in hotmail I prefer them back the way they were.
Also windows mail is not as nice as windows live mail.

If there isn't anything I can do about this, is there an alternative email program that I can use Hotmail in, that will allow me to have the same old features, without me typing in email address and passwords?

Thank you.[/FONT]

Much appreciated.

A:Windows Live Mail Hotmail issues

Check your email accounts online - http://www.hotmail.com

Try system restore - choose a restore point prior to that start of trouble -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .



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I have been using Windows Live Mail for about a month. I am still trying to set it up so that I can have all of my messages at the top left, and not within each email account.

I have set up Quick Views which covers most, but not deletes. Noting the Storage Folders at the bottom, I "moved up" these folders (along with the Out Box) so that they are under the Quick Views, above all of the email accounts I have. However, whenever I restart the program, they are back at the bottom.

Additionally, whenever I delete an incoming message, or send out a message, it goes into the appropriate email account, rather than were I would prefer, into the storage folders for these items, where they would all be together when I am searching for a prior incoming or sent email.

1st Question: How can I keep the storage folders at the top on restart?
2nd Question: How can I have deletions and sent messages, automatically placed into the appropriate Storage Folders, rather than into the individual email accounts?


A:Windows Live Mail Storage Folders moved up, drop back on restart?

Quote: Originally Posted by Coastalguy

...1st Question: How can I keep the storage folders at the top on restart?
2nd Question: How can I have deletions and sent messages, automatically placed into the appropriate Storage Folders, rather than into the individual email accounts?...

1) Can't move them and have them stick. That's a bug from 2009 that apparently has not yet been fixed.
2) You may have to alter your definition of "appropriate". Microsoft has decided that users of their free mail program want things separated by account. As a workaround, I set up only one pop3 email account and forward the mail from another to that one. (Unfortunately, the storage folders get thrown in to the mix if I use IMAP or Newsgroups since all drafts and sent items for those two wind up there.)

If you feel strongly about recreating the Outlook Express experience all I can think of is this tutorial: Windows Mail

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I recently had to upgrade my Windows Live Essentials products on my Windows 7x64-Bit Home Premium laptop and this included updating Windows Live Mail, Which was part of the latest deployment released by Microsoft.
However, I have ran into multiple issues with the latest build of Windows Live Mail 2011, After updating it to the latest build in my laptop. The latest update, Is causing errors stating that it could not communicate with the server, In order to check/receive
messages in my inbox.
But when I go to the name of my e-mail, And then click the send/receive button in Windows Live Mail, it will receive the messages for both of my accounts linked to it successfully.
The other problem I have come across is with the system stating that there was a script error in the page and if I wished to continue running the script.
I use the following software if it helps with diagnosing and resolving this problem.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
Malware-bytes AntiMalware
Spybot Search and Destroy
Note: The above I did run tests on for issues and none were detected.
Any assistance appreciated, and Thank-you for your time!

A:Windows Live Mail Server Connection Issues

I use Windows Live Essentials 2011, and I don’t met the same problem on my side. As a test, you could reinstall WLE 2011,then check the problem again.
If the issue persists, you may try to perform a Clean Boot to check whether some software confliction or security software blocking caused this problem.

Note: Clean Boot is a step of troubleshooting, we can go back to normal by running MSCONIFG.

Since this is a Windows Live Mail related problem, I also suggest that you may access Windows Live support website to get more information about this issue.
Windows Live http://windowslivehelp.com/Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I am having trouble with YahooPops and Yahoo! Mail account. I download and install the software and use my LATEST version of Windows Live Mail. After that I keep getting error messages. I use pop3, smtp and my username as eg. [email protected] I enter the full address, even the @yahoo part too. It asks to check authenticate option in the settings so I did. I even tried changing my zone to Asia because I heard some people on the message board there talking about it. That didn't work. I get my gmail to work but why does Yahoo! have to be so complex? Anyway, if anyone can assist, please let me know.

A:My Windows Live Mail and Issues with my Yahoo! Account Thats localhost, no wonder it wont work. You need to find the correct smtp address.

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dear all,
I am using windows live mail , i had configure my email provided by my local ISP provider but there was some problem in receiving email as i was getting popup to enter username and password , after i entered correctly even then also it was keeping on appearing , hence i deleted my email by selecting properties etc and again configred my email, but to my surprise all my inbox/sent etc old messages disappeared, how to recover this as in outlook express it use to never happen, finally is it possible to install outlook express in place of windows live mail??

A:windows live mail issues of lost folders

Welcome to the forum, as to you last question no it's not possible to install Outlook Express, that is a very old email client and will not work in Windows 7.

When you set up your email account did you remember to tick the box to remember your password ?

I don't know if it would work but you could try doing a System Restore to a date just before you lost them.

That's all I can think of for now but I'm sure the experts will be able to give you more help when they come along, have you looked in the Tutorials to see if there's anything there that could help ?

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I'm having a problem with Windows Live Mail not displaying properly when I use Remote Desktop to connect to my home PC. The problem only happens if someone is also logged into the machine locally. Parts of the WLM window will display just fine (like the overhead toolbars and email preview window), but other window panes like the folder list and email list do not render properly. For example, if you have a Word document open and you switch back to WLM, you will still see the Word document "bleed" through in the window panes that do not repaint. WLM is still functional and you can click on emails in the email list, but you have to guess where to click since the window pane did not paint properly.

Normally Windows 7 does not support concurrent sessions like this, but it's not hard to enable that feature. I've never had a display problem with any other application when using concurrent sessions.

The display issue goes away as soon as the local user logs out or presses Windows-L to lock their session.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

A:Windows Live Mail display issues with Remote Desktop

Quote: Originally Posted by CowherPower

I'm having a problem with Windows Live Mail not displaying properly when I use Remote Desktop to connect to my home PC. The problem only happens if someone is also logged into the machine locally. Parts of the WLM window will display just fine (like the overhead toolbars and email preview window), but other window panes like the folder list and email list do not render properly. For example, if you have a Word document open and you switch back to WLM, you will still see the Word document "bleed" through in the window panes that do not repaint. WLM is still functional and you can click on emails in the email list, but you have to guess where to click since the window pane did not paint properly.

Normally Windows 7 does not support concurrent sessions like this, but it's not hard to enable that feature. I've never had a display problem with any other application when using concurrent sessions.

The display issue goes away as soon as the local user logs out or presses Windows-L to lock their session.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

have seen the problem with remote desktop, as a workaround I use Team viewer which supports as many concurrent sessions as you want

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I just bought a new laptop about two months ago, and I'm having memory usage issues with both Firefox and Windows Live Mail. Specifically, it seems as if the memory usage is extremely high after about a day of usage - it often climbs to about 700k for Firefox and 250k for Windows Live Mail. It slows up both programs and makes my computer very difficult to use. No other program that I use appears to do this.

While I can restart my computer and whatnot to make it go away, I'd like to know why this is happening and what can be done to limit the memory usage of both programs. Is there anything that I can do here? Thanks in advance.

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MS and their mail systems are giving me grief. I have a Vista 32 PC using "Windows Mail" and want to transfer email folders (lots) and messages to Windows 7 using Windows Live Mail 2011.

Note: Windows Mail was a replacement for Outlook express on Vista.
Windows Live Mail 2011 is a replacement for Windows Mail on Windows 7.

I tried a couple of things.

1) Basic Export and ImportI exported relavent files: Account info, Contacts and all the messages to a folder (in Windows Mail format) on old computer and used the old "Addias" transfer - copied folder to stick and RAN it over to the new computer.
- Imported (using the Windows Mail format) the Account info successfully,
- imported the Contact info successfully.
- Import Messages - appeared at first to be successful

Issue: Message folders appear to be renamed and some folder names have been truncated, not all folders appear to be there. (Looks like "long Name folders greater that 8 characters get truncated)


2) Tried the "Easy transfer mechanism (Vista and Win7 transfer utility) - but couldn't get the new computer to see the Vista even though I could see them on the network. I thought that this would transfer the folder names correctly.
I'm about to try a time consuming effort of coping folder by folder (export/Import)
What I am more concerned about is that the individaul messages may have the same issue Ie not all coming accross and subject names being lost.
Looking for altern... Read more

A:Solved: Troubles transferring Windows Mail Vista to Win7 Windows Live Mail 2011

I get a little nauseous just thinking about Windows Live Mail 2011, much less expending effort to use it, but I would try installing it on the Vista and see if it has the option right up front of importing stuff from Windows Mail. If it does, and happens to work correctly, then all you would have to do is find its files and copy them over.

By the way, are you putting on airs with "Addias" transfer? We plebeians just used "sneaker net."

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I have seen 2 similar threads to this one but not quite the same situation. I have Vista Ultimate x64 + MS Office Home & Student. The E-Mail client is 'Windows Live Mail'. This is set as the default mailer in all relevant places and otherwise works fine. MS Outlook is not installed nor has it even been on this PC.

If I try to 'send to mail receipient as attachment' from one of the Office applications I obtain an error 'You must logon to Microsoft Exchange to access your address book'. Trying again leads to the same error.
If I then gogo 'send to mail recipient as PDF' or 'send to mail recipient for review' it opens a 'Windows Live Mail' send mail window and all works fine. If I then go back to 'send to mail recipient as attachment' it now works fine. Close the Office application, try again but with the same result.

Some of the other threads imply that it is not possible to use 'Windows Live Mail' to send from Office but the above experience shows that it can work but with unusual errors and sequence of events.

Any others had similar experience? Anyone have 'Windows Live Mail' working from 'send to mail recipient' in Office applications with no issues?

A:Issues sending 'Windows Live Mail' from Office 2007 applications

I fixed this after some searching. Turns out that setting Windows Live Mail as the default E-Mail client in 'Set your default programs' is insufficient. Solution is to goto Start-Default Programs-Set program access and computer defaults-Custom, then explicitly select Windows Live Mail as the default mail program in this location. All then works fine.

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Banged my head enough on this one. Customer complained that he could not open a Word attachment in is Windows Live Mail (Win 7 64-bit). When I double-click on the attachment, Word Starter 2010 would start but then hangs on the "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run" pop-up. He also complained that he could not open any docs from his My Document folder. Correct, we could not open any Office docs with his Starter software.

I ran a "change" (i.e., repair) from Programs & Features (selected the "Remove all Officer user settings related to this product option) and it succeeds "OK". I open Windows Live Mail and then open the word attachment and voila, it opens!!! I check a few more emails with Office attachments and they open fine.

HOWEVER -- I then go to My Documents and Word Starter cannot open a document. It hangs again.

I go back and repeat the process in Programs & Features, come back to My Documents, and voila, the documents open just fine. Go into Windows Live Mail and guess what, I can't open those attachments.

In a nutshell ---- I fix one (e.g., repair via Programs & Features) and it breaks Windows Live Mail attachments. I fix Windows Live Mail attachments to open, but then it breaks the capability to open documents out of My Documents. Ad infinitum.

I hate the work-around to have to save the attachment to My Documents and then open it but it is better (as per the customer) than from within Mail. I... Read more

A:Word Starter 2010, Windows Live Mail, My Documemts issues

Is this a Trial version of Word that has just run out of the prescribe time limit?

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Looking for anyone out there in the virtual world that knows how to put my old e-mail folders and messages into the windows live mail. My old laptop AC port stop working.....so took info off of old hard drive to external hard drive to new computer but can't seem to put all e-mail folders and messages into new computer. They are both windows 7 operating systems. Also have a vista laptop and can't seem to put it in there either.
All help appreciation and thanks in advance!

A:transferring e-mail messages and folders from windows mail to windows live mail

Create a folder on your Desktop. Drag the Windows Mail messages into the folder. Now drag the messages in the folder to Windows Live Mail.

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I currently have three Email Accounts. 1 x Windows Mail, and 2 x Windows Live Mail.

I would like to clean out all the File Folders in both locations, but still preserve my existing Folder setups, at the same time.

If I try to Export the Message contents of a Folder to DVD [E:/ Folder], I get this Error message;
Is there any way that I can get around this, so that I can create a DVD Archive of all of my Emails.

Basically, I just wish to clear out all the old Emails from each Account, but still retain a record of them, at the same time.

A:I want to save Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Folder Contents, to a DVD Archive.

Hello Tony,

You will need to export to a empty folder on your desktop first, then copy that folder to the DVD, or place that folder in a ZIP and copy the ZIP to the DVD.

Windows Mail - Messages

Hope this helps,

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My sister-in-law?s Window Mail is now inoperative and now wants to use Windows Live Mail instead. I have installed a Windows Live Mail POP account for her on my computer which is working satisfactory but she wants her old Windows Mail messages.

I managed to have save her Windows Mail message store file for her and I am attempting to make it work in Windows Live Mail.
I have replaced the Windows Live Mail message store file with the Windows Mail message store file
but it does not recognise it and when the recover option is used nothing happens.

Any ideas please how I can make the old Windows Mail message store open in Windows Live Mail.

A:How can I make Windows Mail message store work in Windows Live Mail

Read here.
Windows Live Mail - Import Windows Mail Messages

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Hi I have a new vista pc with windows mail on it and an xp machine on which I have downloaded windows live mail
However I cannot seem to find any stationary for either of them
outlook Express stationary I saved seems incompatable
Any ideas please?
I used to also create my own by finding a cute pic and setting it to the left of the page creating a border vertically all the way down.
However when I use the stationary wizard now to do that the picture I use fills the whole page
With the text all over it!
help lol

Also while i had outlook express I could se a webpage link I wanted to email or right click a photo to email it and just the message box came up

Now the whole email program opens - in windows and windows live too

I want all my mail to be downloade to just 1 computer
But now if I find a pic or something and click send by email the email program opens and al my mail downloads itself to the wrong pc!
help please

A:Windows mail and Windows live mail - Auto opening and wheres the new stationary?

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I have windows live mail 2010 and wanted to upgrade to windows live mail 2011 but i dont want to have to install windows live messenger 2011 and would like to keep windows live messenger 2009..

Is there a way i can have windows live mail 2011 along with windows live messenger 2009 (14.0.8117) ?

A:windows live mail 2011 with Windows Live Messenger 2009

Hello GBP,

Was there something wrong with Windows Live Messenger 2011 that we could help with so you wouldn't have to worry about using an older version of it?

Here's the most common complaint and solution for it.
Windows Live Messenger - Change to Full or Compact View

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I had to re install my OS. After I did that the fun of installing everything started and one of those things was Windows Live Mail.
I've done this before when I bought my new computer and had some issues importing my mail as well which was the same idea, Live mail to Live mail.

Now I'm facing the issue again and find it hard to find a simple and straight forward answer to my issue as most topics go about Windows mail or show importing methods which aren't the same as I used before so I'll try to explain as good as possible what I encounter.

I click on import messages and select email messages. Then it lets me choose a folder from which I can install. I select my external HD where the back up is. Then when I want to add it I get the option to either select the folders I want to add or I can add all of them. Strange thing here is that it doesn't show my inbox or any subfolder, and I had many subfolders, but only shows the deleted folder. When I do proceed it adds that what it showed and I don't have anything imported other then the deleted folders.

Now I might be doing something wrong as in the past this was the way I could import and export. Maybe I don't have enough rights for the folder?
I do hope that someone can help me out and have a straight forward solution because if I lose all these emails I will go crazy

Looking forward to any help.


A:Trouble importing Windows Live Mail to Windows Live Mail

Name a folder in my documents. Call it Windows live mail backup
Make a sub folder call it backup
Click on options/ email
Click on export mail
It should pop up with all the folders, in box etc.
highlight each folder. You will have to do it with the crtl key because using shift key sometimes does not work
It will then give you a browse where to put it. Put in the backup folder you made. Them copy and paste the folder onto the flash drive
On the new computer you will do the same thing bit you will pick import instead of export

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Hey everyone. I have been on a mission to solve this problem. I've been seeking out and posting on several MS/tech/computer support forums looking for an answer. I've also spent quite a bit of time googling for a solution on my own. So far I have come up empty handed.

My situtaiton and problem is as follows:

I'm working in a small office where we have some computers running Windows Vista and using Windows Mail (version 6.0.6000.16388). We have hundreds of contacts and a couple of contact groups on these computer.

A few months ago we got two new computers which are using Windows XP and Windows Live mail (version 2009, build 14.0.8089.0726). Other computers in the office still have Vista and the other version of Windows Mail.

I have been able to export our hundreds of contacts and import them into Windows Live Mail so the new computers have all of the contacts... however I was unable to find a way to import the groups.

These groups are all very large and consist mostly/entirely out of contacts which don't have individual contact entries.

I have been googling to find a solution to this problem. The closest page I could find was this one:


I was very discouraged when I saw the big red warning near the top of the page:

In Contact Groups from Vista, only the contacts that are also included as normal Contacts will be imported into Windows Live Mail. Contacts that were created fo... Read more

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One of my computers has 3 or 4 emails that dropped into the junk mail folder in my Windows Live Mail for Windows 7 and I cannot seem to get rid of them.  I have tried to repair it in the control panel, and have tried a couple suggestions and steps from the internet, but I still cannot get rid of them. 
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get rid of it?  Should I just delete the Junk folder all together, and then create a new one? 
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Need assistance to delete junk mail from Windows Live Mail for Windows 7

I just figured it out by accident.
there was a little 'x' to the right of the junk mail box on the left hand side of windows live, I hovered my mouse over it, and the words, "empty this folder" came up.  I clicked on it, and like magic, the junk emails disappeared.  Woot!

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Can someone tell me how to get my windows vista mail to windows 7 live mail?

One problem: the windows vista mail is on a hard drive that is non bootable... I have access to the drive via an installation as a second drive on a windows 7 machine.

So I can see the vista mail folder. Is there a way to get the emails and import them to windows live mail?

Reloading windows vista is not an option.


A:Windows vista folder to windows live mail in windows 7

My original Windows Mail is currently on my Vista Gateway PC.

I recently purchased a new PC (Win 7) and want to move, copy, restore (whatever) all of that original mail from my Vista PC to my new Win 7 PC.

Some facts to know:

Email is on my Vista PC, version 6 Windows Mail.

I have set up windows Mail on my new PC (Win 7) and version is Windows Mail 2012

I already have some email on my new Win 7 PC.

Can I export mAIL from my old PC to an external hard drive and use that as the tool to import Mail on new pc?

Anxiously awaiting a response that will let me do this.


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Please could I have some help on Windows Live Mail?

I have just upgraded to a new PC running 8.1. I have installed Windows Live Mail which seems to be regarded as the best email client.

I have about 11 GB of messages from my previous Vista installation (seven years of my life) which I would like to be able to manage in WLM.

I have imported them using the File/Import Messages/Windows Mail command but I can't see any of them in WLM. They appear to been imported in WM format and so aren't readable.

In that case, I'm not quite sure what is the point of the import function. Can anyone suggest a solution please?

A:Windows Live Mail - importing Windows Mail messages

have a read here
Copy and move email from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail on Windows 7




How to upgrade from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail - Microsoft Community

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I copied my "Windows Mail Contacts folder" from my previous Windows Vista pc to my new Windows 7 pc. I have close to 4,000 contacts and they are all organized in subfolders. How can I import them to Windows Live Mail while keeping them all organized as they were in Windows Mail on Vista? If I have to manually organize them again it will be an endless task. I have built this organized list of contacts over several years of work. For people like myself who rely on this type of organized list of contacts for work purposes, switching from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail could possibly be a nightmare. I really hope there's a positive quick solution.

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