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Batch script to create files with special characters

Q: Batch script to create files with special characters


I have the following batch file that works great, until I happen to execute it on a file with a + in it.

@echo off
for /r %%f in (*txt) do copy %%f m:\text files

I searched around for a bit, but I couldn't get any of the information I found about escape characters to work. How can I make the batch file treat the file name in %%f as a literal?


Preferred Solution: Batch script to create files with special characters

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Batch script to create files with special characters

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I just got a Len Yoga 730. I'm trying to figure out how do you use the number lock to create special characters when there is no number pad? I do not have a dedicated num lock key either. Is there a special combo of Fn and another key? I've tried to research this topic and am pretty frustrated. I use special characters all the time in my Adobe Products, so I'm hoping there's a seamless way to access the numbers to create special characters. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thank you!

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I have several hundred photos that I am in the process of copying multiple times and renaming them to a different name for uploading to a website. They are all being renamed to product numbers and multiple product numbers can use the same image. I am currently doing this through a .bat file where I use a command to copy and then rename the same .jpg image to different file names.

This works perfectly for product numbers that follow the normal Windows naming convention (i.e. abcdef.jpg, abcdefg.jpg) but there are also product numbers that have a / in the part number. To get this to work and upload via FTP, I save a .jpg by using the character %2f for the /. However, when trying to do that through .bat, it doesn't recognize %2f as being valid. It does copy and rename the file, but drops the %2 when renaming the file.

Here is an example of the command in my .bat file. In the example I am copying SHCSB_L.jpg to 3 different .jpg files (.2C8SHCA%2fB_L.jpg, etc). The .bat file does make 3 .jpgs but .2C8SHCA%2fB_L.jpg is copied as .2C8SHCAfb.jpg since it doesn't recognize the charge %2.

copy "C:\Users\RobPC\Desktop\Photos\SHCSB_L.jpg" "C:\Users\RobPC\Desktop\Photos\.2C8SHCA%2fB_L.jpg"
copy "C:\Users\RobPC\Desktop\Photos\SHCSB_L.jpg" "C:\Users\RobPC\Desktop\Photos\.3C6SHCA%2fB_L.jpg"
copy "C:\Users\RobPC\Desktop\Photos\SHCSB_L.jpg" "C:\Users\RobPC\Desktop\Photos\.3C8SHCA%2fBR_L.jpg"

Is there another way of us... Read more

A:Copying and renaming files with special characters using .bat

Seems putting a forward slash in file name is wrong approach. Number one, its not a legal character in a windows file name. The forward slash also looks like the division slash, its likely to screw up things on other platforms as well. I recommend a dash.

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I still can't figure out this Windows 8 search function ...

I have a bunch of text files and I need to search for the following string for example within the files:


Can anyone tell me what I need to do to search for this string?

It seems like Windows 8 ignores just about all non-alphanumeric characters when searching.

If I can't search within files for a simple string like the above I'm screwed!

A:How to search within text files for special characters?

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I want to create a batch script which can search for .jpg and .jpeg

I am new to this script language, so don't no how to search, so I am posting this thread here.

Please can anyone tell me the batch script which can search all drives and folders and subfolders in a computer for .jpg and .jpeg, once found they must get copied.

Please help me with this, please give me the script code for this.

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I'm having trouble creating a batch script to simply copy a shortcut to the desktop from a program installation, then carry out some tasks.

Overall my goals are:
Burn a CD that includes a autorun.inf that will load a batch script
In the script I want it to activate two self extraction archives
activate a self-extraction archive to install the necessary files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Software
2. (once 1. completes)
activate a self-extraction archive to install the necessary files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Software\Content

Then finally have the batch script create a shortcut from C:\Program Files (x86)\Software\Softwarename.exe

Any advice will be appreciated. thanks in advance..

A:Creating a batch script or use a 3rdpartyprogram to create shortcuts

Still looking for a solution!

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Hi everybody - My problem is that I have 100 identical printers, all the printers have network connectivity onboard.

I want to create 100 print queues for these printers, however I don't really want to add each lpr port/print queue manually !! Is there anyway that this can be done via script or batch file ??

Thanks in advance


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Create a batch script for Oracle ODBC connection

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I was wondering if there was a way to create a set of folders in a specific directory according to a date range that i input.


Select start date 2011 10 01

select end date 2012 10 01

Select Output path of c:\users\XXXX\desktop\export data

and it creates a folder for all days from 2011 10 01 through 2012 10 01 and places them in the output path i have set for it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Is there a Script or batch file that can create folders by date range

Welcome damjohnron to the windows 7 forums.

Here are some snippits of a dos batch file that will create a directory with the datek and tell you if it already exists.

set DATEST=%DATE:~10,4%%DATE:~4,2%%DATE:~7,2%
echo %datest%
rem if it looks ok, then you can press enter to continue
if exist %homepath%\documents\%datest% goto dup1
md %homepath%\documents\%datest%
rem the pause can be taken out if you wish.
go to end
rem you already have done this.

you can change the path statement to the directory you wish.

This batch file can be run each day that you want to create a new sub directory.
There are other ways to do this but a bit more complicated such as reading an external
text file for the directory names.


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so im an IT specialist at a big car dealer ship im not that good with scripting but what i want to do is when i go around to a computer i want to be able to put a flash drive in run a batch script that creates a folder on the C drive transfers a few files (xml and .bat ) to that folder then from that folder i want to run the batch script that will create a scheduled task to run ccleaner when the pc is in idle for 10 min
we have 600+ pc's some are on the domain some are off the domain with various user names/passwords and pc names also different os's (xp win 7 and some vista) some are 32 bit but most are 64 bit

ok so i made a scheduled task on my pc then exported the XML i put the files on a flash drive then i made a batch to copy the other batch scripts/xml's to a folder on the c drive (that part im having no issue with )only issue i have is when i try to run the batch to make the task on a different pc then the one i created it on i get a message saying "error: no mapping between account names and security ID's was done <17,8>:logon type
i plan on just popping in the flash drive and running these scripts as i go around doing the preventive maintenance or wile im on a pc to troubleshoot an issue

here are my scripts

this one is run off the flash drive and creates a folder on the c drive i have no issues with that but im posting it just as a reference

@echo off
REM Check if 32 or 64-bit OS
if "%Processor_Architecture%"... Read more

A:creating a batch script to create a scedualed task on multiple pc's

Hi there,

Quote: Originally Posted by joeykong

only issue i have is when i try to run the batch to make the task on a different pc then the one i created it on i get a message saying "error: no mapping between account names and security ID's was done <17,8>:logon type

Is this the only issue?

It's not a problem with batch but with Task Scheduler. Before you can import a task that originated from another computer, data contained in the "UserId" element of the task xml has to be changed to match up with a user that exists on the machine you are importing the task to.


<Principal id="Author">
The part in red must be changed to one of the users of the machine you are trying to importing this task to.

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When I try to download a file from Internet explorer it replacec the white space with underscores and double quotation with weired characters. How can I avoid this. while downloading I want my original file name. Any Ideas please tell me.

thanks in advance,

A:replaces special characters with weired characters on download from internet explorer

When you download it are you hitting save or run? (I reccomend save BTW)

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I have 100 + files that all start with the same four characters that I wish to rename.  This would be a two second command line operation in DOS with wildcards, but my file names are 30 - 50 characters long.  Only the first four characters are
the same in every file name and I want to preserve the remaining characters as they are now.  How can I do this in Windows other than manually changing them one by one?
Windows XP Pro (32), Vista Business (64), 7 Pro (64)

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Can anyone help me how to create a batch file or vbs script to install multiple windows patch (.exe) file from a network share folder. Also I want get the individual log file of all user including hostname.
So please help me because we need to deploy multiple patches in around 100 PC and we are not using any WSUS  server and windows automatic update.

Thanks & Regards
Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

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I have a program that requires multiple steps to load (click on the icon then select the data folder ect...) I would like to write a batch file or script that would automate the process for the end users. Is there a good tool for doing this or examples of the code I could use???

A:Script/batch files


Batch files are a lost art but they still work.
The following site has info on how to create different types of files: http://www.robvanderwoude.com/


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Does anybody knows a website with cool, free batch or script files to download for simple and useful tasks?

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I have the following .BAT script which works fine if both source and destination folders are local but if I make the destination a networked drive, it gives me an error.

@echo off

set loglocation=C:\test\Copyout.txt
set olderthan=10
set source=C:\test
set destination=C:\test2
set extension=*

if exist %loglocation% del %loglocation%

echo Copying and deleting files older than %olderthan% days with the file extension *.%extension%.
echo Copying and deleting files older than %olderthan% days with the file extension *.%extension%. >> %loglocation%
echo Copying from %source% to %destination% and deleting from %source%.
echo Copying from %source% to %destination% and deleting from %source%. >> %loglocation%
echo This file may take an extremely long time to run while it looks unresponsive.
echo Check %loglocation% for copy progress.

cd %source%

echo List of files to be copied and removed: >> %loglocation%
echo List of files to be copied and removed:

FORFILES -p %source% /d -%olderthan% -m *.%extension% -c "CMD /C Echo "@FILE"
FORFILES -p %source% /d -%olderthan% -m *.%extension% -c "CMD /C Echo "@FILE" >> %loglocation%

echo Starting copy...
echo Starting copy... >> %loglocation%
date /t >> %loglocation%
time /t >> %loglocation%

FORFILES -p %source% /d -%olderthan% -m *.%extension% -c "CMD /C XCOPY %source%\@FILE %destination%"

echo Starting delete...
echo Starting delete... >> %loglocat... Read more

A:MOVING files to a UNC Path using BATCH script

Anywhere you want to use the UNC path, replace the UNC with a mapped drive:

\\server1\C$\KIdneyBeans\ you can just replace with J:\ if you map the drive first:

net use J: \\server1\C$\KIdneyBeans\ /user:domain\user Password

Mapping the drive needs to be done at the beginning of the script too.

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Hi ,

I am very new to windows.

I wanted to know how to copy the files from Linux to Windows using script ? Not all the files but only selected file pattern.

Like I want to copy all the files with today's date ( abc02152013abcd , xyz02152013mno ..) from Linux Machine A under the path /usr/tmp to windows machine path Z:test/

Any help in this regards ?

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Hi guys,
I found out recently that the "Hibernate" feature on windows could potentially compromise truecrypt keys, and certain content from an encrypted drive or encrypted virtual partition.

When I found out, I sought to remove the "hibernate" feature from my computer, and remove the "Hiberfil.sys" file that could be potentially holding sensitive information.

Now, you're probably thinking "why would you want a batch script to do that? Its located on C: (windows partition drive), just go there, and delete it!"...
The problem with that, is the fact that I have had windows on multiple drives, of which I have not re-formatted yet, and also have windows XP installed on the same partition as my windows 7 OS.

So basically, I just want to make a batch file, that will work with windows 7, to search for "hiberfil.sys" through a hard drive (I'll just copy the batch file to each partition's root and run it on each partition separately), then delete the file or files if there are multiples of them.

The search will need to include "hidden" attributes, and perhaps include "system" files, and "read only" files in the search too, but not limit the search to those attributes (also include files with no special attributes attached).
I just want to do a good, clean purge of any hiberfil files on any partition.
Anyone able to help me out with this?

A:Search for, and Delete hiberfil.sys files using batch script.

If you have several Windows installs, you need to go inside each and disable sleep before you can delete that hiperfil. Maybe it won't let you delete that file when the feature is enabled.

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I need a script to zip files on my local computer and move them to an SFTP folder.

Currently, I have WinZip for zipping and WinSCP for SFTP file access.

I have tried the following for SFTP file access:
# Automatically answer all prompts negatively not to stall
# the script on errors
option batch on
# Disable overwrite confirmations that conflict with the previous
option confirm off
# Connect using a password
# open user:[email protected]
# Connect
open username:[email protected]
# Change remote directory
cd /home/username
# Force binary mode transfer
option transfer binary
# Upload file from local directory C:\BACKUP\*.zip
get C:\BACKUP\*.zip home\username
# Disconnect
# Exit WinSCP

During the code WinSCP states, "No Session".

Please let me know if you can help.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello there,

One of my job functions is to take full resolution videos from our in-house editors and convert them to FLVs for web viewing. I'm trying to create a script to do this for me. Here are the steps that it does:

1. Check if Sorenson Squeeze is running. If it is, quit this script.
2. Check if files exist on the server share (where editors put videos).
3. Copy files from the server to the local encoding machine in a "to process" folder.
4. On the server-side, move the files just copied to an archive folder.
5. Look for movie files to be processed and run them through the squeeze command (encode the files!).
6. Move processed files on the local machine to a "processed" folder

Here is the code that I'm using, with the problems I'm having in red italics.

@echo off

tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq Squeeze.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "Squeeze.exe">NUL

if exist Z:\fileCheck\*.mov (goto COPYNEWFILES) else (goto NOVIDEOS)

rem copies files from server to local machine
robocopy Z:\fileCheck C:\EncodeStack\processing *.mov /DCOPY:T /MIN:10240 /R:0 /NJH /NJS /MON:1

Since the script runs every 10 seconds, RoboCopy often
copies files that have not finished being copied to the server. For Example,
an editor might begin m... Read more

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I need to create a batch file to delete folders and the files that are in them. I have an application that is blowing up users profiles, not allowing them to log off until they reduce the profile size. Until I get a resolution from the application support team I need a batch file that I can send them that will delete two folders. Here is what I have to far and it is not working:

@echo off
deltree /y C:\Documents and Settings\SidesRJ\Documentum\ucf
deltree /y C:\Documents and Settings\SidesRJ\Documentum\cta

Any help would be appreciated

A:Create a batch file to delete folders and files

deltree is a DOS/Windows 9x command.
In Windows NT 4 and higher (2000, XP, Vista, 7), you use rd /s (subdirectories)
If you want to do it without prompt you'd use the /q (quiet) flag
if you want to run it on different users' computers (with different usernames) use environment variables
to know what they are, open a command prompt window and type set
to access specific variables, use the % sign
for example in my computer, if you type %temp% in the address bar, it'll take you to that folder.

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How do I create a batch file to convert all of my iPod Photo Cache all at once to jpeg. I have SmartIV ImageZipper Image Converter 1.0.2. I have read how to use other software to do this but I can't figure out the command with this software. I have no experience running batch files so please be specific. I made a folder on my C: drive named Thumbs that have all of the folders/files in it. My software is in the Programs (x86) folder. This PC/Windows(C/Programs(x86)/SmartIV/ImageZipper/imagezipperPic FileConverter.exe.These are the instructions I saw:

This link is no longer valid & I already had conversion software that works but you have to do it a folder at a time.

Download http://www.4shared.com/file/50707723...iThmbConv.html
Now follow these steps:
1. Create a new foder called Thumbs as a subdirectory of your hard drive. I assume this your C: drive. (example C:\Thumbs)
2. Copy all the .ithmb files into this folder.
3. Download the iThmbConv program file directly into this folder.
4. Now, on your pc desktop, go to Start, Run and enter cmd in the box. Hit okay.
5. When the black screen command prompt comes on, type cd.. at the end of the prompt line. Press Enter.
6. The next line should only show C:> If not, enter cd.. again to just show C:>
7. Now type *cd Thumbs* When you press enter, the next line should be C:Thumbs>
8. Assuming one of your .ithmb picture files is named T100. (They are all T and a number, so I'm using T100 as an example) Now type *iThum... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

I have 500 files coming in and I need to first check if any file(s) exist then rename all of them regardless of what their filename is (the files are named in a different language).

No need to process them in any order.


1. ??X?d?f-20110703-?+?d?H?-?-?=??.xls?
2. ??X?d?f-20110707-?+??-+?8.xls?
3. ??X?d?f-20110707-?+???j??.xls?
4. ??X?d?f-20110708-?+???M?n.xls?
5. ??X?d?f-20110713-?d?O?n?h?P.xls?



Hope you could help me on this one. I?ve been trying to do this for weeks.


A:How to rename and add incrementing number suffix on multiple files in Batch Script?

You can do this with Windows Explorer for the most part.

If you select a bunch of files and then right click and chose rename, you can type in what you want the base file name to be and then windows will take care of adding the number to the end of the file.

HOW TO: Rename Multiple Files in Windows XP with Windows Explorer

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Is there any body who can create a batch file to install multiple  *.msu  files in running system (windows 8.1/windows

A:Create a batch file to install multiple *.msu files in running system

See the article below, basically you can use the WUSA command line to install your updates quietly.


Be kind and Mark as Answer if I helped.

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I am using Microsoft Works word processor program. I need to cut and paste a document into Windows Mail The document contains 'em dashes.' These transfer as the numeral '3/4', rather than an em dash. Any suggestions?

A:Special characters

Remove the *em dashes* and replace them with -- instead. That should transfer just fine.

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I have a bunch of pdf files that are named "minutes.pdf", each alone within a directory that tells me what they are.

So the file path would be D:\WaterBoard\August2012\minutes.pdf

Every pdf is named "minutes.pdf" if this helps.

How would I create a batch file that would give the pdf a file name of the folder within which it is located? I've got like 400 of these so a script would be super useful. Thanks for any guidance!

A:Create Script to rename files after parent directory

There is a subforum on DonationCoder.com that does nothing but these small requests:
Post New Requests Here - DonationCoder.com

Please read the guidelines before posting.

Of course someone here may post a script or batch for you also.

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For the past week or so, whenever I try typing in special characters (like , alt-0233; I'm on a laptop so it's actually alt-fn-mkll) weird things happen. For example, typing an "n" with a tilde in Firefox (alt-0241) brings me back a page. I think I activated some kind of shortcut that I really don't want to have. How do I fix this?

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Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this.

I live in New Zealand and I have the standard keyboard for my country. I want to add the Euro symbol to my keyboard as I use it a lot and I am not happy with typing Euro54, for example, when I am quoting a price.

Is there something I can add to Windows to make this happen?

A:Solved: Special characters

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They used to be able to be rendered, how come not anymore? How can I fix this?

A:Special characters cannot be displayed

Are you turning your Num Lock key on?

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Hi all,

I am building a mail application in java. While reading mail content i am getting special characters which are in some other language... i want to read it properly...

Please help me regarding this...

A:Special characters in mail..

Do you mean the encoding? Make it UTF-8.

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I would like to write a query that will use hex ranges to find their repespective values in my tables.

These ranges are:
00 - 09,
0A - 0F,
10 - 19,
1A - 1F

I know how to write the query for finding one value but not a range of values.

db2 "select * from table where field like ('%' || x'0F' || '%')"

thank you.

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hey guyss

is there any way i could use special characters like 'subset' in word 2003 or XP? u guys know subset, i mean eg: set A belongs to the set B, hence->subset of B . then i need the projection operator...for denoting PROJECT operation, the 'pi' character (workin on mysql). then i need a double arrow facing right and left, and special characters that are denoted in databases, SELECT,PROJECT,etc

help guys.urgent.its for my documentation.


A:special characters in word

Look in programs > accessories > system tools for "Charachter Map"

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Using a Lenovo Yoga 910.  All I want to do is to be able to quickly and easily insert the registered trademark symbol   without copying and pasting.  I use this symbol often and am frustrated that I can't figure out how to insert it quickly.

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On my Mac if I wanted to type "?" I just type option+e to get the little tick thingy with a highlight field then e again to to "?". On Windows the only way i've found how to do that is to bring up the character map, which is a bit of a pain when you just want to use the keyboard.

A:How do i type special characters?

Hi Mate,

You might wanna look this article Keyboard Shortcuts for special characters

Hope this helps,

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Can't display special characters in Win XP
For example, try pasting any of these characters into notepad:


also, this shadowed box looks like a regular square:


These all work fine in notepad in Windows 7.
Does anyone know how to get these to work in Windows XP? Thanks!

A:Can't display special characters in Win XP

Zoooo said:

Can't display special characters in Win XP
For example, try pasting any of these characters into notepad:


also, this shadowed box looks like a regular square:


These all work fine in notepad in Windows 7.
Does anyone know how to get these to work in Windows XP? Thanks!Click to expand...
I'm surprised they show in W7's version of Notepad because I've always seen Notepad as a simple text editor and wouldn't have expected to see anything out of the ordinary in there. In XP, try pasting into Wordpad instead. If that doesn't work, go to Control Panel>Regional and Language and check the Unicode matches your chosen language under the Advanced tab.

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With windows 98 I was able to access HTML characters easily by hold down alt key and type in the numeral code for the character I wanted. But with Windows XP I can not access the HTML characters. Can someone assist me?

A:special HTML characters

mthumjdo said:


With windows 98 I was able to access HTML characters easily by hold down alt key and type in the numeral code for the character I wanted. But with Windows XP I can not access the HTML characters. Can someone assist me?Click to expand...

I think you mean ASCII characters, but I dont know what to do with that problem, it's always worked for me...

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Hi Everyone,
Right i'm more hardware orientated so not sure on this one. In word '97 (i know, ancient) my friend is trying to insert special characters and suchlike.
Now when she goes to Insert - Symbol and the windows appears, half of the characters are missing all that is in the space is a small square. Sometimes she can see the symbol/character but on inserting it is either a square or space that is inserted.
I'm no expert but on reinstalling Word the problem is the same, could it be the installed Fonts on the system that are corrupt or does the problem lie elsewhere.
Cheers Guys

A:Special Symbols/Characters in Word

Yes. Try reinstalling the fonts on her system. Also, clean up the hard drive too, and possibly even troubleshoot Word.


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I am so very fristrated right now with this HP TouchSmart 310 PC everytime i go to use the ' and ' before and after words it autoatically changes to special charachters and it is very annoying and i have no idea where to disable it, doesn't matter what program I use it happens, Microsoft programs, Internet Explorer, notepad.

Example if I type 'trust' it is ok but burt the ' symbol won't show until i type next next letter or press space bar and if i type ?afe'- the c changes to a special character and i do not want that - so any help to stop this from happening be appreciated, only computer in my life to do this.

A:Special Characters - automatically inserting when i don't want them

You can try this ... How I restored my Windows 7 default fonts: http://www.withsteps.com/404/how-i-restored-my-windows-7-default-fonts.html

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ok i got a fix from you guys about splittng files... turns out my program guy cant use the file its just not jelling with our processess...

so now i have come up with an ingenues idea to get rid of offending data causing our problems

i need a way to delete data between 2 special characters

my file will look like this:

|this is the offending data|i need to keep this stuff|this is more i dont need|


how do i remove the offending data and keep just

i need to keep this stuff

without the "|" pipe characters

the special characters could change depending on our source files
so we need to be able to specifie that character

how would something like that be accomplished???
|delete me|i need to keep this stuff|delete me|

any ideas guys. could use a vbscript or a .bat either would work here...

A:New Issue, Deleting between special characters!!!

del <special>*<special>

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Hi guys, i accidentaly set my windows pasword to my native language letters ąčę not to 1 2 3 , its laptop acer e13 , when windows asks pasword i cant change keyboard language from english to Lithuanian, my new pasword is ąčę..but i only can enter 123, i tried unicode alt 261 alt 269 and 281 for ąčę i get symbols but pasword is incorect, i checked other computers and it seems that alt + my unicodes works only in ms word or wordpad..not in pasword field..what to do guys? Sorry for bad language.thanks

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I used to get a large set of special characters on Microsoft Works (not Word) with a key combination I've forgotten. Now I'm limited to the character map under system tools. I think the keys were like ctrl+something+something. Maybe the same set used for Word. Anyone know how to get more special characters than just what's on the map?

A:(Solved) works special characters

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Hi, I have an Ideapad Yoga 13 and have been trying unsuccesfully to use keyboard shortcuts for spanish accent and other characters but nothing works. I figured it must only be the standard Atl+code to do this but that doesn't work. Anyone has ideas or been able to use special characters? Thanks


Go to Solution.

A:Special characters shortcuts don't work

The Alt codes require a number pad to work.  They don't work on the top row of numbers even on a regular keyboard. If you're using Microsoft Word, you can press Ctrl and one of these ` ' : ~ and then the letter.  So Ctrl+~ then n will give you .  (Technically it's Ctrl+Shift+`, since you need Shift+` to get ~.)  Also Ctrl+Alt+Shift and ! ? to get the upside down versions. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/word-2007-shortcuts-for-inserting-accents-and-symb.htmlhttp://www.twinning.org.uk/international_characters_in_word.htm Non-Microsoft Office programs probably don't support this so you may have to write there and then copy and paste.

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Is there anyway of being able to use Swedish characters on an english keyboard and a langage setting as English (UK)?

A:Keyboard languages and special characters

If you mean characters like ? and ?, you can get these by selecting Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map. From here, you can select and copy the character you want and paste it into whatever you want.

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I have a Windows 2000 server running Exchange 5.5.

Ok, some one with an apostrophy (ex. xxxxx.x'[email protected]) in there email address is trying to email me, but they get a message undeliverable.

There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator.
#5.5.0 smtp;553 Requested action not taken:
mailbox name not allowed or chunk too large.

Is there anything I can do on my server to allow this email delivery. I have heard of someone talking about a patch for 5.5, but have been unable to find.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Can I do a select statement on an Oracle database where I search a table for all records where field x contains special characters(ie it contains chanracters that are not between A to Z(both cases) and 0 to 9? These characters can be in the field also though.

I hope that makes sense.


A:SQL - Search for records containing special characters

This would be very tricky using just SQL; I'd recommend that you write a small program based on a "select fieldX from tableY" cursor and then check each letter of fieldX in turn to see if it is special.

If oracle sql supports a substring type function in the where clause then you could possibly check for a limited number of characters using something along the lines of:

instr('$',fieldX) = TRUE OR
instr('&',fieldX) = TRUE OR
instr('#',fieldX) = TRUE...
but it would be slow and clunky.



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Usually you would hold the alt key and use the num pad keys to enter the number codes, then release the alt to get the special character.
we do not have a numpad on the x1, so how do we do this?
I have tried using the normal numbers at the top of the keyboard, does not work.
I am using 4th gen x1
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A:How to use Special Characters?(Alt Codes) w/o nump...

Doesnt exist on the keyboard, is there a way to simulate it with other keys?

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