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Changing the text editor associated with IE?

Q: Changing the text editor associated with IE?

I used to use an HTML editor that asked me once whether i want it to display page source codes with IE or not. I clicked "yes" , then after some time i decided to just keep using notepad , but i couldn't do it through the editor.

Is there a way i can change it back to notepad in IE or the registrey?
Thanks for your time

Preferred Solution: Changing the text editor associated with IE?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing the text editor associated with IE?

Try Tools/Internet Options/Programs tab.

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I have a list of all my MP3's in a text file. I want to delete everything on the line except for Artist - Song Name.mp3.

For example:
Green Day - Armatage Shanks.mp3 ::INFO:: 2.68Mb 2m17s 160/44.10/JS

I want to delete everything starting at ::INFO::

A:Need a text editor/program that can delete part of a line of text based on a string

I figured it out. I had to learn about regular expressions in text editors.

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I compile my own PDF for my personal use from texts copied from other sources and other ebooks I have purchased. When I copy texts from other PDFs, the chapter title, page # and book titile appear multiple times (same as # of pages) in the big single document I have pasted.
Is there any software which will find repeating phrases sentences in a big area of text so that I can replace/remove them?
the function/app should list all repeating phrases in the selected text area and offer suggestion to replace/remove
thanks in advance

A:Any Repeating text/phrase finder function/software for text editor? replace/remove?

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Text files were created within excel by concatenating cells in each row. Each row became a text file. The contents of the text file are the contents of an html file. After the text file is created I change the file extension of the text file to html.

I need a mass replace text editor so I can replace the word (paramark) in the txt file (to be renamed as an html file) with a real paragraph mark that shows as a paragraph mark in Front Page.

The problem with doing what I am doing is when all the cells are concatenated in Excel, all the html contents end up on one line rather than having paragraphs separate the html lines.

Example: The Way The HTML Code Should Be
<title>Memory Master Bible Memory Program - NIV - 1 Peter 4:9</title>
<meta name="Microsoft Border" content="tlb, default">

Example: The Way The HTML Code Turns Out After Using Excel To Create The File

<html><head><title>Memory Master Bible Memory Program - NIV - 1 Peter 4:9</title><meta name="Microsoft Border" content="tlb, default"></head>
I can place text to be replaced (paramark) next to each paragraph mark so if I can find a text editor to mass replace a real paragraph mark in place of the word (paramark) my problem is solved.

I have four thousand files to process so I need to do a mass replace across files.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

A:Solved: Need To Replace Text With Paragraph Mark In Text Editor

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In addition to Search and Replace, does anyone know of a text editor that will let me replace text based on column ranges?


A:Text Editor

Perhaps Notepad ++

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This isn't so much a tech support issue as much as a program search. I'm trying to find a simple text editor, ala notepad, with the ability to change the color of the text I'm writing in and the background I'm working on. The bright white consistently kills my eyes. It doesn't need to have any special features although bold, and italics would be nice. Anybody have any suggestions?

(Nevermind...found something good in Edit Pad Lite...Mods can delete if they want)

A:Text Editor

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I am looking for an open-source web-based text editor that I could use on the back end of my website for developers. We are using a mySQL database with a php based form that allows a person to make changes to different web pages. We are currently using a plain white form that resembles a general <textarea> control in HTML. I have discovered only one on the web but it unfortunatley asked for globals to be turned on which would require me to redo my entire website, so clearly this is not the answer.



A:Web-Based Text Editor

i am not sure what you mean, but a good html editor out there is metapad, i dont know the link to it but just google it

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I know there are a lot of free text editors out there but I am looking for one that can Search and Replace and also Sort by paragraph. I haven't found one that contains both! Any links please?


A:Text editor with features

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i JUST bought a macbook yesterday. i'm learning everything as i go. my primary email is yahoo. i've noticed that the rich text editing function is not there. in fact, i've noticed that when i type in a web address it isn't even underlined. is there anything comparable to the rich text functions for mac users?


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How can I change the default text editor to, well, something else. For everytime notepad pops up I want crimson editor or SciTe or pop up instead.

In your professional, experienced wisdom D) - do you think SciTe (Scintilla Text Editor) or Crimson Editor is better.

A:[Default] Text Editor(s)

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It there a free pdf editor that will white out text areas?
Something that is easy to use.
In addition could that text editor be used to retype new text
into the pdf document.

Thank you,

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I've recently come over from XP and miss notepad and wordpad. Any simple replacements for Windows 7?
Also, I would like a simple, fast mp3 player to set as my default player for mp3 and wave files so I don't have to open iTunes every time I want to listen to a clip. Suggestions?

For both of these programs, simple and quick opening is a requirement.

Thank you!

A:mp3 player and text editor

Notepad and Wordpad are included with Win 7.

If for whatever reason you don't have them in your Start Menu, they are located at C:\Windows\System32.

Also, Windows Media Player isn't a bad alternative music player, it plays just about everything nowadays, except mkv's, and it's much less heavy than Itunes.

Although, a better alternative would probably be VLC, which is even more lightweight, and literally plays everything: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

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SO......what does everyone use ??
Whatever Gringo uses must be good !!   he has amassed over 130,000 posts, so what ever he uses would need to be bulletproof and simple !!
Upon surveying the 'lord knows how many results' on google...i am left with the conclusion that if I am a certified brain surgeon i just might be able to figure them out....
I am looking for something that will of course accept bb code, and will highlight in all the various colors, and print in bold etc etc.....that is obviously a given...but also has some sort of simple structure whereby the canned "speeches: can be kept in the program itself and maybe be bought up by simply typing some text.....eg....mbam would bring up Malwarebytes and all other speeches associated with it...
I want to be able to write a "speech" containing links and instructions for the various tools used in the AII area, be able to store that speech, be able to edit that speech, and have plenty of room to organize the speeches into some semblance of order.
As you can see I am groping in the dark here....I have little/no experience with this type of thing.
So, all suggestions are welcome and will be looked at with interest.
Any detail as to why you think a certain program is well suited to this forum eg, simplicity, etc etc, will be perused with great interest.
ps.....Yes, i will even pay money for the right program.......so 'free' is not a nece... Read more

A:Text editor ...for use in BC forums !!

I use bbEditor - (BC Download) in conjunction with TinySpell portable free spell checker.
Along with extensions like CoLT :: Add-ons for Firefox and a  good screen capture extension :: Add-ons for Firefox, or a good screen capture application makes life easier.  Helps to have a clip board manager too.
Still lets me make plenty of mistakes though, so not a bulletproof set up.  No brain surgery required before use, maybe after.

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Do any of you know of a text editor that can handle a big file of around 2 Gb?

Textpad, notepad, wordpad, even Word did not handle it.

any suggestions?

A:Solved: text editor

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Hi techguys and girls .
So here is my problem:

I just love the way text looks like when I color just the 1st letter of all words in it, like this one you're reading now.

But, it's pretty hard work tough.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows a good program (can be an advanced program too) for coloring just the 1st letter in your text. Like you copy the text in it and it color all 1st letters of all words in it.

So, many thanks for reading, and I really hope you will help me.


A:Looking for a color text editor

I don't know of such a program, and there's probably a good reason why it's hard to find one.

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I have bee using Linux 6 years. I started to use Windows now and try to learn how power users work with this Os. So im going to ask lots of questions in future

So, what is best text editor these days? I edit php files and stuff with it. Notepad++ ?

A:Best text editor these days?

I don't know what a PHP is but I use Jarte for a words processing. Kind of like a nice replacement for note pad and word pad.

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I have about a hundred and fifty odd files in html format and I want to convert them all to text fromat. That is to strip them all off the html tags.

Is there a freeware program that will convert them in batches?

many thanks in advance


A:looking for html to text freeware editor

Don't know if this is exactly what you want but here you go:


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I used to have this DOS-based PIM/text editor that had this great template feature. You would create a template eg, for a form, repetitive note taking etc. as usual.
Here's the feature: You typed a closed bracket "<>" on the template then when you opened it and pressed the TAB key, the cursor went to the space between the bracket. At each bracket space you could enter a name, date etc. then press TAB again and go to another bracket. When finished, you saved the new document. The document printed without the brackets!
Can this be done on Word or a Windows word processor?
Is there a Windows program that will handle templates in a similar fashion?

A:text editor template feature

Yes in word you use fields.

click on help and type in add fields.

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I'm trying to turn the RICH TEXT EDITOR option ON in hotmail, but when i get the message about it'll remove formatting, i click ok but nothing happens
same when i click the other option?

Any thoughts?

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hello friends,
caun you tell me any text editors have intellisense dictionary if you find it , tell me the the url of the project's source code.i need the source code in any .NET language

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i need a advanced text editor recommended.
it needs to be able open files of upto 10gb, 10's of millions of lines
does not need to be ram restricted
can edit and remove rows, edit, replace etc
text to columns if possible

initially some people told me Vim, but it crashes i found with files this big. opens a "swp" file nad crashes out at about 2gb.

for example

data line needs changed from
2007.03.30 16:01:15.688,1.33755,1.3374,18.1,35.2
2007.03.30 16:01:15.688,1.33755,18.1,35.2
this needs done 50 million times. notepad and excel are not capable of this!

oh yes..and ideally free or low cost


A:advanced text editor recommend

I use Textpad. Not free but I think it has a trial that is full featured. I bought it years ago.

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This may not be Windows specific, however I'm hoping someone might be able to help anyway. I'm looking for a CD ripping program that provides a way to edit the song titles for such things as having every word in the title begin with a capital letter.
I have many CDs (hundreds) that are not in any database such as FreeDB, MusicBrainz, CDDB or anywhere else on the net. That means I have to enter song titles manually. It would be great if there was a setting to bring up and change the way those titles appear so the data entry can be done in lower case, then have them all changed to begin with caps.
There was a program, EZ CD Extractor, which worked that way in earlier versions, but they removed that feature when it was updated a few years ago. Those old versions which have that feature won't run satisfactorily on Windows 10. Frankly the program was never that stable on Win 7 anyway.
I buy a lot of CDs that have just been released so no one has entered them into Freedb yet. Then there's homemade CDs that I've traded with people who just put random tracks together on a CD.
I also find a lot of Freedb matches in formats I don't like, such as all words except for prepositions in capital letters. I prefer all words in a title to be in caps so I have to manually edit those too. It seems like text editing would be a simple addition to a ripping program but I guess there hasn't been enough demand for it.
I've taken a look at Exact Audio Copy, fre:ac, dbpoweramp, Express Rip from NCH an... Read more

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FYI, I'm not an expert in this area, I am simply sharing my experience so that others can avoid the frustration I felt. I just finished a bitter struggle to the end to reconcile the differences between my computer and a mysterious problem I was having using the Rich Text Editor on this forum. Okay, so that sounds a bit melodramatic.The story goes like this: I was experiencing two problems using the editor on here with RTE enabled (in my settings) and one with it turned off. FYI, I'm using FF10.After entering the full editor from Fast Reply, or after clicking Preview Post, everything in the editor would be formatted just as in the preview. Well, almost everything. Some things were wrong. That means that, instead of plain text with BBCode and emoticon code, in the EDITOR I saw the preview of the codes, and I couldn't edit the coding.
If I used list tags and either went from Fast Reply to the full editor, then previewed once; or if I previewed twice, some of the list tags would be displayed incorrectly. Usually the first one or two * would be okay but, after that, they'd be replaced by <li>. When I paid close attention, I noticed that the first time there was a preview in the editor, the affected list tags showed up as bullets, not numbers, and the second preview both the preview and editor showed <li> for the broken * tags.

There was only one way to fix this problem. Before pressing "Use Full Editor" or Preview Post, I had to cop... Read more

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HI All,

Quick question for any web designers out there:

Just wondering what you all use for coding?

Me and my friend are just starting a little web design business but we argue over coding methods; I am used to using alleycode on Windows, and now Ive started to use linux I use screem on there - when I first began designing websites I got pointed away from word (hehehe) and was told to use something more like a text editor because it means you can make really clean code and have everything validated and that most WYSIWYG programs tend to add alot of extra code and go about things the wrong way).

My friend uses dreamweaver and whilst it doesnt code as bad as i had been told, it does tend to make heavy work of simple designs.

Imjust wondering what everyone else uses, wheather you can make really good pages with a text-editor and whether you can make W3C complient clean pages with dreamweaver.

A:Web design dreamweaver vs text editor

First, Techspot is not focused on coding techniques and you will get a bigger
population (and thus more replies) on some other boards.

However, your question is great as it says you're trying to plan ahead and start
off right. I'll give you my take, but understand, I am a purist and disdain GUI tools.
I what to know what is written so that I can change it if I desire to.
IF you use a TEXT editor, every line is yours and there's no surprises.
The really bad part of a GUI tool, imo, is that if you need to make a change,
you tweek the PRESENTATION, not the code. Sure it's what you want, but compare
the new file to the old -- massive changes result and finding exactly
that line that implements what you wanted is usually impossible.

Another issue with web page generation (as apposed to manual editing) is the
bloat and cruff that they generate. If you've ever see a Word.rtf file (in a text editor)
you'll understand immediately -- tons of stuff that is just not obvious
and sometimes it's not even references (ie: used).

Then too, the HTML,SCRIPTS, and CSS are just merged into one file --
not very effecient and makes the maintenance just that more difficult.
Lots of web designers don't realize that placing each resoruce in its own file
and using the appropriate < script scr="..." > </ script> or
< link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="xxx" href="pa... Read more

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i need a advanced text editor recommended for win7.
it needs to be able open files of upto 10gb, 10's of millions of lines
does not need to be ram restricted if possible
can edit and remove rows, edit, replace etc
text to columns if possible

initially some people told me Vim, but it crashes i found with files this big. opens a "swp" file nad crashes out at about 2gb.

for example

data line needs changed from
2007.03.30 16:01:15.688,1.33755,1.3374,18.1,35.2
2007.03.30 16:01:15.688,1.33755,18.1,35.2
this needs done 50 million times. notepad and excel are not capable of this!

oh yes..and ideally free or low cost


A:advanced text editor recommend

Hi this might be worth looking into World's fastest text editor gets even better | ZDNet

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OK basically this is what I need. A very basic .js javascript text editor. Basically I want to put this in a linux www director and run it using a webpage or just by entering www.domain.com/texteditor.js.

OK here is a run down of what I want it for and am trying to do. I want to develop my own firmware for a router. In this firmware I will be adding a program that may from time to time need editing of its config file to change the network that has access to that programs daemon. Does this make any sense?

OK I am making my own build of DD-WRT firmware for a router and want to add Kismet_drone to it however since from time to time the user may change the local network from say to etc... I want a easy way for the user to edit the kismet_drone.conf file to reflect this change or any other changes the user may need to make in the .conf file. The line that mainly will need to be changed is allowhosts=. The saved file will have to be in the format that vi saves text in.


A:Simple javascript text editor????

Crimson Editor is what I use.

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Okay I am new at this so bear with me,
I have a Hewett Packard all-in one (printer/scanner/copier)
What I am trying to do is scan a document and change certain parts of the text of scanned document, when I try to do this the document is "protected" from being edited.
Does anyone know of a program I can download and edit the parts I want to?

Have MS windows 2000 on the computer I use.
Thankyou in advance for the help.

A:Document scan / Text editor

Sounds like you need OCR.


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Hi I belong to an MSN Group and when I try to reply to a post or make a new post in rich text, I cant get a cursor or anything I try to type doesnt show up. I switch to plain text and all is fine. No one else is having the same problem as I am.
I am using IE 6.0 - I have Windows XP also just in case that helps.
Is there some sort of script problem I am having?

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Is there any free but good text editor which can be used as alternative to Microsoft Word ?
I have Winodws XP.

I mean one can be downloaded , not online tools by Google.

Thanks in advance!

I have Winodws XP.

A:Is there text editor alternative to Microsoft Word?

If you mean a word processor you can use Open Office.

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does anyone know of any reason why I can not use the rich text editor feature on msn groups and hotmail? I have not been able to use this feature since I bought this computer w/ WIN XP installed.

A:rich text editor (hotmail & msn groups)

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Hey all.

The situation is: I would prefer to use Firefox all the time but it doesn't sit well with Hotmail's rich-text editor. If you access Hotmail via FF and then try to reply a mail, the included original text turns into plain-text HTML code.

So I try to turn off the rich-text editor by using IE6 (WinXP SP2) to access Hotmail, but I can't. The same pop-up would come up warning that formatting will be removed from signatures and draft messages, and the rich-text toolbar would remain in place.

I looked at this post:
weblink = forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?t=390383&page=2
but it didn't help.

I've mailed MSN support and followed their suggestions (changed security and advanced options back to default) and still no luck. Am currently waiting for their follow-up mail.

I've replicated the problem on two different PCs and using two different Hotmail accounts. So I can safely assume that it's to do with the programming of that site?

Just want to put this out here to try my luck with you guys. Thanks.

p.s. Yes have considered moving away from Hotmail but I thought that there has to be a solution. M$ can't possibly force ppl to use HTML in Hotmail right?

A:Cannot turn off Hotmail's Rich-Text Editor

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I use MetaTrader (MT4) and it's editor which has context sensitive help.

My question is about how I can manually say by a .reg or? quicky util which does the same thing as IE does when view > text size

I am turning to this great forum because nowhere else can I get any response except the usual IE text size changing ideas. MT4 vendor MetaQuotes does not care nor offer any suggestions...

1. any time MetaEditor starts up it has unreadable help text size
2. which I can correct by stopping the editor then start up IE and set text size to large then set text size to small ie, toggle size UP then down
3. now I restart editor and the text size is readable. editor must be getting it's text settings from somewhere? or using IE rendering engine or XP functionality? ...
4. this small text size issue can happen many times during work day when for no apparent reason editor goes back to small help text and must do 2+3 above.

Perhaps IE must use registry? to record like state memory, the current view > text size setting and that MetaEditor must be sensitive to this?

But what gets me is that by going into IE and doing the view > text size when editor is still running and has the small text the text size action has no effect on editor [note that I escape out of editors help before doing IE action] when I reenter its help again the text still small - must actually kill off editor before IE action as explained above.

By the way, both FireFox and IE use vari... Read more

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MS has Notepad as a nice lite text editor and word-pad.. both are nice and fit the need, and pre-installed. But what do you use as a third party tool??

I use the following:
Notepad++Notepad2GennyEditPad Pro/EditPad lite.. both are great, IMO..

So,, what you you folks use/think??

A:Favorite Basic Text/Data Editor??

I use Notepad++ for pretty much all of the coding I do for my Web course and the majority of text-based stuff I do for myself.

I only use Word, when I have to create documents (e.g. reports) that have to be submitted for assessment.

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When ever I do a full registry backup and then "Edit" with Metapad (text editor), I get this alert ...
Metapad 3.6 (not LE) version

Metapad has always been OK for small "reads" of keys, but it has always irritated me when I want to look at the full registry list in REG file. Searching REG is much faster in text format, but if ANSI characters are lost the reg file is then worthless..
I have an automatic Ctrl+S reflex ...

MS Notepad does not falter. But it is too clunky, I think it is pre 1995 since MS even looked at Notepad.

Can you recommend another text editor (or Registry editor) that I can use.

One extremely useful feature in "Metapad 3.6" is the option to display URLs as links.
Makes topic research very compact

Any ideas appreciated

A:REG file, alert when opened with text editor

Have you tried Notepad2? The Portable Freeware Collection - Text - Notepads

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I have a memo field in my application that the user needs to put a lot of text in with numbered items that require indentint. The finished report looks awful because she is forced to space between the numbers and the text instead of a clean indent. I am using the runtime version of Access 2007 field. I need find a text editor that will hold formatting and keep it in the field for the report.

A:Text Editor for Access 2007 Field

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Hey guys, got a fairly simple request. I'm looking for a text editor similar to PSPad, that (1) allows you to open multiple documents (i.e. tabbed), (2) has a ruler, and (3) allows you to word wrap to the ruler.

You'd think this was pretty trivial, but surprisingly the several text editors I looked at didn't seem to support this out of the box. Or maybe my goggles are on too tightly.

As you can see in the screenshot, there's a nice ruler there in PSPad, and I've set the text to wrap to a specific column count (which I've highlighted using a red circle, in this case after 144 characters). I was thinking, surely this is a basic feature all the bajillion text editors out there have, right?

Strangely, the text editors I looked at either don't seem to have a ruler, or have tabs for multiple documents but don't allow you to shortcut switch between them (e.g. in PSPad I can hit Alt+3 to view the document in the 3rd tab), or force you to word wrap only to window size instead of letting you pick.

Reason? Well, as you can see in the screenshot, when I play RPGs I like to have guides on hand to look up - I've got 9 open there just for Star Ocean 2. But I'm also playing something else on another console, and I'd like to see the 5 guides for that one too. (Yeah, I'm a glutton.)

I wouldn't mind closing these 9 documents and opening the 5 for that other game, IF I could somehow get PSPad to remember these 9 (and the order they were opened in, i.e. the tab order). I don't... Read more

A:Looking for text editor with tabs, ruler, wrap

Try PsPad with a monospaced font. The ruler gets thrown off by variable width fonts. Many editors the tab(as in hitting the tab key, not a separate window) stops won't even have aligned text if you use a variable width font.

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Sometimes while using Word as my email editor the text will get all garbled and look like
Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas what is causing it? I've switched back and forth between HTML and Rich Text but it happens in both.


A:Word as email editor/garbled text

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I'm looking suggestion for an application or software that could
- Do a screen capture
- Edit picture with line/text/arrow
- Have an area to write text comments of the picture (not in the picture)
- Able to define categories like ex: summer/winter/family
- Able to organize /Search and display picture with categorie or text tags

It would be nice if the screen capture is within the application, but it not the screen capture or picture organizer would do the job.

Any idea or suggestion appreciated


A:Looking for a screen capture/editor/text/organiser


I have been using Techsmith Snagit for many years on many platforms.
The current version, v13, is optimized for Win10.
Not free, but well worth the $$ -- I think it will do everything you seek and tons more (I use it daily but barely scratch the surface of its enormous capabilities).
Excellent customer service and tech support.

Others will have different suggestions, I am sure.


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Hi guys,

my bosses mails (several thousands) suddenly disappeared from Thunderbird inbox. I tried deleting index files and resetting profile - nothing happened.
The .mbox file must be corrupt and as far as I found out the only way to repair it is to edit it manually in a text editor.

I can't find any program that is able to open a file of 3,3 Gigabytes!

Any ideas - please! I'm going to be slaughtered soon... :(

A:open huge (3,3G) file in text editor

I'm a little confused what happened...but regardless, you should be able to open a 3.3 GB file in notepad as far as I'm aware. If not notepad, then try Microsoft Word.

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I have just installed Mozilla Firefox . Does Mozilla Firefox support Hot Mail's Rich Text Editor? When I composed my first e-mail rich text editing was available. When I went to reply it had dissappeared. Open tags are showing and the contact list looks completly different. Is there some kind of tweak or configuration I dont know of? Im lost. Please keep any answers fairly simple. As Im light years away from being a whiz at all of this. Lol

A:Hot Mail rich text editor supported by Mozilla


Hotmail, being a MS product, uses proprietary versions of internet software. You will need to use IE for most of MS sites (gee, I wonder WHY?), as well as a few others that do not support web standards.


PS, and this is in spite of a article in SLATE a couple of days ago recommending users "dump IE"---Slate is a subsidiary of MSN/MS.

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Hi guys,

This is really annoying problem I'm facing for many days. If a select any text from a editor like notepad,word,etc. It automatically copy the text without any copy operation by me like ctrl+c or mouse copy. I need to restart my os to make it normal again.

It happens randomly. this a problem in clipboard for sure. For example if I select text from notepad, I can paste it to word, ect. I don't know is it a feature from microsof. I want to disable this forever. How to get rid of this issue. Please help me.

A:clipboard copy automatically while any text selected from editor.

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I am trying to build a basic text editor for a course project, and I tried searching online for help and I can't find my problem.

So I have the ability to open .txt documents though the program, and am able to save. However, I'm running into a few problems.

When I try to save a new document (or using Save As...) it refuses to add an extension to the file, even though the SaveFileDialog is set to do so.

My other problem is the MesageBox that has the yes or no buttons to save the unsaved file before opening a new one or closing the program isn't showing up.

I have included the code. If you need any screenshots, please let me know.

Imports System.IO
Public Class Form1
' Class-level variables
Private strFileName As String = String.Empty 'doc filename
Dim blnIsChanged As Boolean = False

Sub ClearDocument()
'clear contents of textbox

'clear document name
strFileName = String.Empty

End Sub

'OpenDocument opens the file and loads it for editing

Sub OpenDocument()
Dim inputFile As StreamReader 'object variable

If ofdOpenFile.ShowDialog = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
'retrieve file name
strFileName = ofdOpenFile.FileName

'open file
inputFile = File.OpenText(strFileName)

'read the file's content into textbox
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A:Beginner Visual Basic Help: Building a Text Editor

Where are you running the code from? Is this a true VB project (.vbp) or a part of a macro?

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Is there a text-editor program(MS Word, Wordpad etc) that can displayed ruled lines, like in your college notebooks or lines that are alternately shaded like iTunes?

A:Ruled or alternately shaded lines text editor

Editpad lite is free.

Editpad Pro is under priced.

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Hi, i have an email account with MSN hotmail and i have had it for a long time now, but recently i noticed that when composing messages the rich-text editor did not appear or appeared with icons missing or pictures or all the button missing or blank. I tried turning it off and on to see if they would appear but they didn't. If any one can tell me how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated, 'cause i like some color in my text!! Thank you

A:Hotmail won't show me the rich-text editor tool

I had the same thing happen to me......email hotmail support and they will email you the link and directions as to what you need to do. Sorry I can't help, but this was the only way to fix mine.

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Would anyone know of a downloadable freeware, search & replace text editor that has the flexibility to allow line oriented deletions or insertions based on a key-word? More clearly, I wish, for example, to be able to find every occurrence of a specified word in the text and delete whatever follows it in that line of text; or insert a specified string after (or before) the word.

It would be nice if the editor could remove blank lines or groups of blank lines.

The freeware editors I have found do not seem to have such flexibility. They work on multiple files; I don't need that. One file at a time would be fine for me.


A:Solved: Wanted: Freeware Search & Replace Text Editor

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I have a system that was running Outlook 2002 and as word 2002 as its text editor and it has worked fine until recently. When I opened up Outlook 2k2 recently and tried to reply to a message, I received this prompt "This form requires Word as your email editor, but Word is either busy or cannot be found. The form will be opened in the Outlook editor instead. An OLE (?) registration error occurred. The program in not correctly installed..."

Does anyone know who to resolve this? I have attempted to repair Outlook using its built in repair utility but that did not fix it.

Please, help.


A:Solved: Outlook 2002 unable to use Word as Text Editor

The detect and Repair within Outlook will only fix Outlook issues. There seems to be a disconnect between Outlook and Word. Try using the repair installation options by popping the disk in or by using the Change option from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel for Office Xp (You will need the disk either ways.)

If this doesnt work , then try removing the entire Office suite and reinstalling. You wont lose your Outlook data nor the other Office documents in case you were wondering.

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