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T410 2537 Bluetooth Issue Windows 10

Q: T410 2537 Bluetooth Issue Windows 10

W10 tells me to active BT when trying to connect a BT device. In device mgr under hidden devices I find BT (3 drivers) When I try to update these I get the message; best driver already installed. Pressing F5 BT is not visible. In Lenovo EOL there is no BT driver for W10 available. What to do? Kenneth in Stockholm

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Preferred Solution: T410 2537 Bluetooth Issue Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have a new LCD. BIOS shows ThinkPad LCD option activated. I have perfect picture on my external screen (VGA). ThinkPad LCD black, when I start I can notice/glimpse the ThinkPad Logo. Is there anything else I should check in order to get ThinkPad LCD to work?

A:T410 LCD issue 2537-25G

Probably you have a blown fuse on the motherboard.  It was common on that model when breaking the original panel

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The machine starts, fan is working, no LCD screen, no beeps regardless of RAM installed or not. ON/OFF switch is lit.  Any clue how to go on?

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I noticed that the trackpoint pin in the machine is smaller that my available trackpoints. To search for and buy what are these 'adapters' called?

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I run Win10. I have tried installing the driver for this via the device driver, Win10 Update and Thinkvantage update. No luck (no driver found). Any clue?


Go to Solution.

A:T410 - 2537 - Integrated Mobile Broadband (Gobi 2000 3G with GPS)

Installed a driver from Lenovo EOL for W7.

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I was trying to go thrue non working drivers and it popped up one bad thing acpi\pnpocof\1 dosent have a driver?? I don't have a clue what this is or I could fix it. Anyone please help win 7 pro 32 bit intel core 5 on a Lenovo thinkpad T-410 -2537

A:Get a error on laptop needs driver for acpi\pnpocof\1 Lenovo t410-2537

I recommend that you post in the Win 7 forum since this is a Vista forum.

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hello, I have installed Windows 10 on my Thinkpad t410 2518-4ju and I dont remember what bluetooth I have had before. But now I have generic driver from microsoft , I would like to replace it. I need to connect Logitech MX master Bluetooth mouse, I suppose that I cant due to driver incompatibilty. regards 

A:t410 25184ju bluetooth 4 under windows 10

Go into device manager, and properties of said device, details tab.Select hardware ids.Post the pci\ven info. mouse driver:http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/mx-master

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Hi, I have a T410 without bluetooth. It's running on Win 10. I was thinking about buying an external bluetooth dongle - the lack of bluetooth is a bit of pain these days. However, I'm not sure which model I should choose. I see that they're rather inexpensive, however, I don't know if I T410 - which is obviously at the end of life stage now - will work with a new bluetooth 4.0 adapter. Sorry, if it's a dumb question. Does anybody have any recomendations Thanks, Karol

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I've just successfully completed a win 7 pro x64 - > win 10 pro x64 upgrade on my T410.I can't seem to successfully enable Bluetooth to install and recognize and pair with a set of Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35) Bluetooth headphones (which pair perfectly well with my iPhone). the QC35 does list on the sound playback devices, but along with a vertical red arrow.Lenovo does not have any updated drivers for Bluetooth on my T410 with win 10, 64 bit.....HELP anyone?  Pretty please?  Is there perhaps ANY workaround that anyone knows of to accomodate Lenovo's tardiness to provide updated Bluetooth drivers for T410 with win 10?Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated ! ThanksJonathan

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I am having a problem with charging my battery. If I take the battery out the t410 will run ok. If I put the battery in it will shut down. If I leave it shut down it will charge the battery up. I can then run the computer until the battery goes dead again, at which time I have to shut it down and let it charge. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

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I have had to reload W7 and cannot find drivers on the driver page for these:? Any help appreciatted!Device manager?

A:T410 driver issue

Welcome to the forum!
Install and run Lenovo System Update, it should take care of the missing drivers: click me!

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Hello, I have an issue switching on my laptop since two days ago and I am not sure if the problem is with my laptop's external battery, the motherboard or the power charger. My laptop model is on the list of laptops affected by lenovos battery recall so maybe the issue is with the battery. But then theres also this:- With the external battery in the laptop and the charger plugged in, the laptop powers up and displays "Error 0190 : Critical low battery error" and then switches off.  I looked this error up in my laptops manual and it says that I should replace the system board-The laptop also doesn't run with the charger plugged in and the battery removed, so does this mean the charger is broken as well?

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Hello - I'll try to be succinct and cover everything I have tried. I have a T410 i7 with Win 7 installed along with all the drivers.  It has been working fine but I seem to be experiencing a power issue.  This first manifested itself as the screen going blank and refusing to come back on.  Thinking it was overheating my partner opened it up and cleaned out the fan (my partner fixes Lenovos as a field engineer) and applied thermal paste to the processor.  All seemed well.I was working on it, plugged in, when suddenly it shut down.  I tried to restart it but without success so I left it plugged in (with the orange light flashing) and went off to have supper.  When I came back, the orange light was still flashing so I decided to leave it to charge overnight.Next morning - orange light still flashing and although it would power up there were odd things going on when I looked in Power Manager.  It showed the battery as being good for 35 hours (although I knew that if I took the AC adapter out it would close down).  So I tried a different known good battery - same thing.  Then a different PSU - same thing.  On the desktop, it shows as charging for half a dozen animations then goes static - Power Manager says it's charging but doesn't display the 'time left to fully charge' and isn't actually charging at all. So - here are the things I've changed and tested at each step:1)  The battery2)  The PSU (trying both 90w ... Read more

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I am having trouble getting the built-in wireless adapter on this laptop to get connected to the internet. I have installed the following driver:
but have had no luck. there are no available wireless connections I can connect to.
I have also tried to use USB wireless adapter TP-LINK TL-WN725N to connect to internet. It is able to find available connections but when it tries to connect it says unable to connect and give options to troubleshoot. Once troubleshoot is complete it says to investigate router or access point issues. I have reset the router many times. Other devices are working fine with the internet just not this laptop.
I am running windows 7 64Bit.
Please help.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410 wireless issue

Can you connect the laptop to the router using a cable at all ?

using just the laptop wireless adapter
unlikely to be this as it is reporting NO networks available - but check anyway please
Check the wireless is switched ON
theres often a physical switch or a combination of the FN and one of the F keys to toggle the wireless on/off
often F2 is used - but note , not always - look for a symbol that looks a little like (( i ))

is the wireless on?


can we see an ipconfig /all - see how below
do a tcp/ip reset - see how below
post a screen shot of xirrus please - see how below


ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above ... Read more

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I have a T410 using 240gb SSD or spindle HDD, 8gb RAM.  Drive tests successfully in various 3rd party apps and BIOS tool.  Various sticks of RAM used, recognised by BIOS, tested OK from various tools. Updated BIOS successfully to latest available.Attempting to install MSDN Win7 Enterprise or Pro ISO (from USB - created using Windows ISO to USB tool).  Boots to "Starting Windows" then halts.  Also tried from DVD, halts at same point.Also tried Win8 Pro ISO from MSDN, also USB or DVD.  After booting from the media, displays blue Windows flag/logo, then reboots.If I connect another random SSD from different make/model laptop with Win7 "just for the sake of testing" that copy of Window boots to desktop, I can run burn in apps, random programs, etc, no problems, no crashes, no blips or issues.  I believe this suggests RAM/HDD and other hw components are functional?Driving me nuts - please share any ideas, happy to pull it apart and follow any suggestions.It has been years since i last clean installed Win7 on this unit .. I am sure it did not give me this much grief in the past!Cheers.

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Hello,  I have a lenovo T410 with stock memory 2x2gb ramaxel DDR3 1333, on windows 7. I want to upgrade the memory by upgrading one slot to 4gb. I have bought a G.skill F3-12800CL9S-4GBSK. After replacing one of the slots with the new memory - windows won't boot, sometimes the windows icon shows for a moment and then the computer reboots, and sometimes I get BSOD with the error "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"  Windows startup recovery gives the same result.  The memory is recognized by the bios and I can see the memory increment.  Tried to change bios SATA setting from AHCI to compatability with no success. The memory works fine on Fujitsu Ah532 running windows 10. Please help! 

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I am having a strange bluetooth problem with my XPS 13 that I haven't found a solution for anywhere on the web. I have a bluetooth mouse that connects fine, and doesn't lose connection. The problem is that if i have the mouse connected and put my laptop into sleep mode, then turn off the mouse, upon resuming windows it doesn't detect that the mouse has been disconnected. I am running Windows 10, and I have a setting enabled that disables the touchpad when a bluetooth mouse is connected, so as you can imagine the device becomes very difficult to use in the situation that this issue creates. This is definitely an issue with Windows 10, not the laptop, but if anyone has a solution to this problem(not a workaround), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:XPS 13 Bluetooth issue, Windows 10

Can I ask what bluetooth mouse you're using?  I can't get my Logitech M557 to work reliably with my XPS-13.

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How to make N580 bluetooth ready running Wundows 10--so far I have found no drivers available.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and move post to the correct forum.

A:N580 - Bluetooth issue with Windows 10.

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Unfortunately there were never any drivers released for the N580 and Windows 10.  Have you tried installing the Windows 8.1 bluetooth driver?  If it doesn't install, try installing it in Windows Compatibility Mode.  Here is the Windows 8.1 driver........

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Hey guys,

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, and today I tried connecting my bluetooth adapter, and connecting a bluetooth headset through it for use in applications.

I am using a Belkin Mini USB bluetooth adapter (model#: F8T016). When I connected the adapter, all drivers installed fine. (I didn't install any official ones, so I assume it is using 7's onboard drivers)

I have a Motorola H710 Bluetooth headset that I tried to connect through the adapter. It then gave me a "driver not found" error. From what I know, there isn't supposed to be an actual driver for this device because the adapter is supposed to handle everything. Windows recognizes the device (name etc.) But does not find a driver for it, so it does not show up so that I can select it as the default microphone.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, I connected it, went into Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices, but cannot select the device as the default mic.

Is there another way of doing it that I am not aware of? As a side note, this worked perfectly under XP. The adapter was able to configure the device successfully and I could select it as the default mic in for XP. But somehow I get a problem on 7.

I get the feeling I am missing something obvious here, can anyone help me out?



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I installed windows 7 on compaq presario cq45-402tu laptop. I have nokia Phone. I tried to connect it with bluetooth. My laptop detected phone and begin to install drivers. dialup modem succesfully installed. bluetooth peripheral device installation failed. Because No drivers found. (windows 7 searched drivers from windows update but no luck.)
So, where I find these drivers.
*My laptop came with vista home basic. It has HP integrated Bluetooth adapter.

A:[SOLVED] Bluetooth Issue on windows 7

Run the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor --> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...e-advisor.aspx

Go to the HP/ Compaq site and see if Windows 7 BT drivers are available --> http://www.compaq.com/country/cpq_support.html



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Hey guys im not one how post on these much just needing a little help with a head beater!

I have a customer xps M2010 it has windows 7 32-bit 4gbs of ram

Im currently running windows updates too SP1

So im not sure if Its ever connected its keyboard with windows 7 installed befor i got to this machine.

Iv installed the bluetooth drivers from the dell site and ran the patch update but once i reboot the system the Bluetooth is not showing in device manager! I'v tried running the drivers as Admin but now change and iv also tried about 3 Keyboard on the system.

Has any one had this issue before?

Iv had another one that did this some while back and i couldent rember how to get it to stick. but i was able to type in the Bluetooth pairing numbers and it stayed.
Any help is much appreciated!

A:XPS M2010 Bluetooth- Keyboard sync issue - bluetooth

OK so new up date.

iv gotten the keyboard to sync on post. so im able to use the keyboard in the bios and boot options Etc.

Now when i get into windows the system isn't pick up the keyboard. iv reinstalled the drivers and tried to install the patch but the system can find the blue tooth chip.

so now i know its able to connect but windows, im trying to get to the Bluetooth setting but i was unable to fine it in control panel when i did a search, any ideas on what i should do next.

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well i decided to go full bluetooth because im tired of spending money on replacment headphones and broken tangled cables so i brought myself some Tone infinium HBS-900 bluetooth headphones. now on my phone that supports APT-X these things are amazing! but on my computer it seems that im plagued with interference and sound crackling. so i swapped out my realtek AC wireless wifi card and brought a intel 7260 Dualband +bluetooth 4.0
for a while it seemed to be working and now its again crackling and shuddering. its driving me nuts! then i brought THIS

so that i can make anything bluetooth just to my disappointment that i dont think these 2 thing scan connect to each other, i mean how would i connect to things that have no gui together? but someone said they have done it ant it works fine but i can for the life of me find out how to do it.
i have already trying updating the drivers on my computer and i ave the latest. but if i cover my bluetooth or even move 2 feet away from it it crackles and disconnects sometimes. it was not doing that at first and i only tested it with my pc but yea. i tried 4 phones and they are flawless, i could go outside of my apartment and i would be connected on all 4 phones but not on my pc.

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First I had a Turtle Beach XP 510 headset that about 8 months ago worked great. I don't use my headset all that much which is the reason for the 8 months without using it.
I go to try and use my headset to talk to someone via Skype but I could not get the headset to pair properly.
Over the next two weeks I worked with Turtle Beach tech support and nothing we did helped. So they RMA'd me a new PX51 unit (basically the same headset). This was extremely awesome because my old XP510 headset was out of warranty.
I get this new headset in today and try connecting it and I am getting the same issue as with my old XP510.
Here is the issue:
The headset gets audio through the connection to the base unit which is connected to the PC via optical cable. The headset connects to the base unit via wifi.
The unit is supposed to connect the mic to the bluetooth on my PC but when I try to pair it the only thing that is paired is the audio and not the mic, basically it removes the audio from the connection to the base unit and pairs the audio to the PC via bluetooth.
So I am thinking this is a windows issue and I need help troubleshooting it.
When the PX51 is paired with my PC it indicates that it is connected for "Audio Music".
When I go to the sound properties menu for playback and recording devices I have 3 options for the Turtle Beach headset and they are;
1. Playback tab
A. Headset, Turtle Beach PX51 Hands-Free, Disconnected
B. Headphones, Turtle Beach PX51 Ste... Read more

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Hi All, I have been having a problem with my aspire s7-392 notebook. I recently upgraded to windows 10. The laptop now will constantly scan for bluetooth devices but can not connect to any of them. All devices show up as unknown devices and are not capable of pairing when the "pair" button is pressed. I upgraded the intel bluetooth driver from the Acer support website and uninstalled the old driver that was from windows 8.0/8.1. I also upgraded the intel proset wireless LAN driver. (BTW, this seems like a joke, almost none of the drivers for the s7-392 automatically upgraded when switching over to windows 10 from 8.1...what kind of "guided support for the installation process is that? Even the Acer Care Center bloatware program couldn't detect the need to upload all the drivers over to windows 10 that are listed on the support center download page!) Is there anything else I should be doing here? Thanks 

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Ok here is my issue ( screenshot is provided )

My board has BT Go on it as standard and even though all is installed and i can pair my devices to my pc ( phone )

I am unable to send or receive files to and from the pc to any paired device.

Now Asus website shows NO support for the bluetooth for windows 8.1 for my board as yet but does for windows 8.

I even have to use an older chipset driver suite due to several device manager issues with the newer ones.

Anyone have any solution / help as to what i can do for this to be able to help me use the bluetooth function as it should work?

Thankyou in advance.

A:Windows 8.1 64 Bit Bluetooth Issue Asus P9X79 Pro

Anyone able to help shed any light on this ?

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i cannot find bluetooth driver for my TravelMate p253-MG for windows 10 . any solution please ? , thank's .

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Hi All, I have been having a problem with my aspire s7-392 notebook. I recently upgraded to windows 10. The laptop now will constantly scan for bluetooth devices but can not connect to any of them. All devices show up as unknown devices and are not capable of pairing when the "pair" button is pressed. I upgraded the intel bluetooth driver from the Acer support website and uninstalled the old driver that was from windows 8.0/8.1. I also upgraded the intel proset wireless LAN driver. (BTW, this seems like a joke, almost none of the drivers for the s7-392 automatically upgraded when switching over to windows 10 from 8.1...what kind of "guided support for the installation process is that? Even the Acer Care Center bloatware program couldn't detect the need to upload all the drivers over to windows 10 that are listed on the support center download page!) Is there anything else I should be doing here? Thanks 

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I am stumped.
The Bluetooth service BTHSERV, runs fine when my system is started, my Bluetooth devices all connect and everything is fine.
However if my PC sleeps, upon waking the Bluetooth service no longer functions and no devices connect.
If I try to restart the service, nothing happens it just says trying to stop. The only way to get BTHSERV to stop and restart is to completely reboot the PC.
I ran a scan and all the files on windows check out as okay.
I even have the Bluetooth radio set that it will not turn off to conserve power but this makes no difference.
It appears that the service is the issue.
This is a brand new motherboard, and a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit with all updates.
Small Update: If I put the PC to sleep twice when it wakes up the Bluetooth service starts to work again. This is strange. Must be a better solution though.
Any help is very much appreciated.

A:Windows 7 64 Bit Bluetooth issue when waking from sleep

My guess would be a damaged or poorly written driver.

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i cannot find bluetooth driver for my TravelMate p253-MG for windows 10 . any solution please ? , thank's .

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i cannot find bluetooth driver for my TravelMate p253-MG for windows 10 . any solution please ? , thank's .

A:TravelMate p253-MG bluetooth for windows 10 issue

Atheros or Broadcom?

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Hello to all forum users.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P70-B-102 laptop with the operating system Windows 8.1 in Portuguese.

The problem I have is that I can not upgrade to Windows 10, since, according to the application Windows upgrade, the computer can not update Bluetooth drivers, including the following: Bluetooth RFHID, RFBNEP, RFBUS and RFCOMM.

This situation remains for at least a month and a half and I can not update the windows to version 10.

Someone can help me solve this problem?

Thanks for your precious help!
Pedro Moura

A:Satellite P70-B-102 - Bluetooth issue upgrade to Windows 10

This is very strange… i think this must be some kind of Windows bug… i would recommend you to check whether all Windows updates and fixes are installed…

Furthermore the unit is listed as a Win 10 upgrade supported model, therefore Win 10 upgrade should be possible.

The unit is listed here: http://win10upgrade.toshiba.com/swup...spx?region=TEG

The Win 10 driver can be downloaded and updated from this page:

but in case the Windows 10 upgrade using the automatic upgrade procedure would not work, try to upgrade Windows 10 using the media creation tool

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I have been upgraded hp elitebook 2560p from win 7 64 bit pro to win 10 64 bit pro but when i upgraded bluetooth module is not showing in device manager.   What can i do?

A:Windows 10 issue on hp 2560p about bluetooth conection

Hi: Sounds like you had the HP Connection Manager software installed and the bluetooth radio turned off when you upgraded to W10. The problem is that the HP connection manager software cannot run on W10 so you can't turn the BT radio back on. The only suggestion I can offer is this... Revert to W7, turn the bluetooth radio on, uninstall the connection manager software, restart the PC, verify the bluetooth radio is on, and the bluetooth icon present, and then upgrade to W10 again.

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Hello there community people.
I'm new here and need a serious attention to fix my problem.
I really need some help here,Since two days trying to fix this issue but still no luck.

i do not know how to describe my problem but i have attached one image that shows 'Bluetooth USB' in device manager,
was that normal?furthermore i can't even send any file via bluetooth,Am i missing something here?

Please help.

A:Bluetooth Radio Issue (NO Bluetooth Detected)

You need to give the exact model number for your ASUS.

But have you checked the ASUS website for the bt driver for your model.

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Hi all, I freshly installed Windows 8.1 Pro x64 in an SSD. I'm still using Windows 7 x64 until I can sort out some issues. In Windows 7 Device Manager under "Bluetooth Radios" I see a single line labeled "Bluetooth module" (Broadcom driver version In Windows 8.1 under "Bluetooth Radios" I see 3 lines listed, "Bluetooth module" as with Win7 (Broadcom) plus two Microsoft items (Bluetooth Enumerator and I forgot the other one). Is it fine for the Microsoft and Broadcom driver to coexist or should I keep only one? If so which one? I tried disabling/uninstalling the Microsoft one but it keeps coming back. Thanks

P.D.: In Windows 7 if I want to turn On/Off the Bluetooth Adapter, there's a bluetooth icon in system tray that I can right click to do this. In Windows 8.1 that same icon also shows in system tray but when I right click on it the option to turn it on/off does not show up. I guess the only way to do so is to go to NEtowrking/Change Adapter Settings and disable it from there. Weird.

A:Bluetooth driver issue in Windows 8.1 fresh install

No there is no problem - just leave them like that. If you have a special key combination (e.g. FN+F2) you can enable/disable like this.

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Hello folks,

my name is lynn. I have been told on a different forum that my laptop does not have bluetooth on it. So, i went and bought a bluetooth adaptor made by targis. It is a usb device. I have it installed with all drivers. I have a bluetooth iblue 737a+ gps receiver; again, all drivers installed on my laptop for it. For some unknown reason, my computer sees the bluetooth adaptor, but refuses to see the bluetooth GPS receiver. I have had it up at Office depot all morning since i bought the adaptor there, but they could not figure out the problem either. The receiver can be seen when connected via a usb mini cable, but the program i wish to use it with, microsoft streets and trips, requires i use it with bluetooth and not a cable. The adaptor doesn?t see my Windows Mobile phone either. I know the GPS and phone are working properly and fully charged because they see each other and I can use my GPS program on my phone with no problem. . I am out of options and/or ideas. Can anyone suggest anything else i should try? I do have an account on msn and would be happy to voice or video chatg there if someone needs to explain something lengthy to me. Oh, and i am blind so use a screen reader to operate my windows 7 lalptop, but that should not have any bearing on figuring this confounded thign out!! :)

thanks, lynn w.

A:Bluetooth GPS connection issue on Toshiba L505 S5990 Windows 7 laptop

Hi -

Go to Targus support and see if updated bluetooth drivers are available. You'll need the product info from the USB device -


Regards. . .



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Hi,I have a Thinkpad T410 that was delivered with Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. But for using the notebook with 8 GB RAM I need to have 64-bit version. On the COA under the battery it says Windows 7 Pro OA but nothing about 32-bit or 64-bit. Does it mean that I can use a 64-bit installation?  

A:32 bit or 64 bit Windows on T410

Yes, under Microsoft's licensing, you can use the same Windows 7 Product ID to install either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7 on your system, but you cannot upgrade from 32 to 64-bit, so it will have to be a fresh installation. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/is-a-windows-7-license-k... Cheers,

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On T410 upgraded Windows 10 32bit op sys to 64 bit and Epson projector no longer works.   Worked flawlessly and effortlessly prior to upgrade to 64 bit.  Help? thankshal mann

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I have a T410,   ID  2522-22U. I upgraded to windows 10 with seeming success. My display adapter is Intel HD Graphics and works well. My question is: the Windows 10 that installed is 32-bit but I have an x64 based processor. The 32-bit OS will not utilize 8GB RAM but the T410 will take it. I am wondering what drivers might be affected by upgrading to 64-bit.  
Reading this article, "How to upgrade from a 32-bit to 64-bit version of Windows 10" (https://www.windowscentral.com/how-upgrade-32-bit-64-bit-version-windows-10), I downloaded Sysinternals' program CoreInfo to check the four values this article says must be in place. All are good.
I haven't found on the Lenovo site yet information about T410 driver options. It seems almost that the T410 is all but erased. There should at least be historical information and links. 
My printer driver can update.
I will be looking into specific compents like the Intel HD Graphics.
What Lenovo-specific drivers might there be to upgrade and where are they? I would expect this would not be a problem as this T410 was built with an x64 processor.
All knowledge and experience welcome!
Moderator comment: New post created. Subject edited. Was: Re: Support for Windows 10 on T410s?

A:Support for Windows 10 on T410?

ssum wrote:...
I haven't found on the Lenovo site yet information about T410 driver options. It seems almost that the T410 is all but erased. There should at least be historical information and links. 
Good day.
The T410 is considered to be End-of-Life, therefore drivers and documentation available from Lenovo has moved to the EoL support site at: https://download.lenovo.com/eol/
Hope this helps to clarify.

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I want to play music on my mobile phone but listen the sound on my E5450 laptop, using bluetooth (not other methods)
I have paired the device with the laptop, but I see no options in Windows about what bluetooth services is Windows offering to paired devices.
The laptop is using latest Intel bluetooth driver for the device that appears in device manager with name "Intel Wireless Bluetooth", with these hardware ids:
There is a "bluetooth headset service" on windows with start type manual, I've started hoping it would allow phone to "see" the laptop as a bluetooth audio headset but no change.
I remember old Windows had a "Services" tab sheet on the bluetooth settings but on my W10 is gone.
Is this gone for good from Windows 10, or only on my laptop? Using latest released windows version.

A:How to view/enable bluetooth services (bluetooth windows service is already working) on E5450 with Windows 10?

I?m not sure where to find that info, but streaming audio from your phone to the PC would require that the PC act as an A2DP target, and to my knowledge Windows only acts as an A2DP source.

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Does someone have ISO of ThinkPad branded Windows 7 Professional? I'd like to swap my HDD to SSD and reinstall the OS. I'd be grateful if anyone can send me link. Thanks

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I upgraded my Lenovo T410 to Windows 10 Pro yesterday and now want to turn on the Hyper-V feature. However, the Hyper-V Hypervisor checkbox in the Windows Features remains greyed out. When I try to enable it, Windows says, "Hyper-V cannot be installed: Virtualization support is disabled in the firmware."  I assume this is refering to the BIOS settings. However, in the BIOS (in the Config:CPU section)  I have enabled the only two settings related to virtualization:Intel Virtualization Technology: EnabledIntel VT-d Feature: Enabled I ran sysinternals coreinfo which reports:HYPERVISOR -  Hypervisor is presentVMX                 *  Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualizationEPT                  *  Supports Intel Extended Page Tables (SLAT) I am interpreting this to mean that everything is good from the BIOS/chip perspective and that the Hypervisor is simply not installed. The T410 is equipped with the following:Latest BIOS (v1.45) for the T410.Intel iCore 5 M540 cpu4GB RAMIs anyone else having trouble getting Hyper-V to install on Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise? Is there any command line tool that I can use to tell Windows so that it realizes that the chipset supports virtualization? thanks   

A:Cannot enable Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V on T410

Hello and welcome,
Out of my depth here but have you done a full power-off power-on reboot since enabling VT?
On older BIOSen particularly the VT setting wasn't seen by OS and apps until a full power cycle happened.

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A friend dropped off a T410 system. Windows is flakey and locks up after about 5 minutes. Ran the HD test program in the BIOS. It finished but gave me a bunch of 0000 Read verification errors though the controller tested fine. What I'd like to do is format the Windows partition and re-install. But I don't have Windows disks (there is a COA sticker for Windows 7 Home Premium 64). Can I build a set of recovery disks from this system? Even if Windows won't run? Any info would be a great help. Thanks.

A:Refurbished T410 Windows flakey

Hi, does this help you: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7# ? RegardsTimKp

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Good afternoon all, While I have researched the heck out of this issue I have not been able to come up with anything useful. I have been having this ongoing problem with my Lenovo T410 laptop and the battery charging above 74%. Sometimes the charging light will turn amber, sometimes it will stay green with a random quick flash here and there. I'm trying to determine for a fact if the battery I have is not functioning, or if it's something else causing it. Below are the steps I've taken to troubleshoot. Completely discharged battery and recharged with laptop off.Reseated battery, and attempted to remove dust from battery connection port.Checked Windows 10 registry for settings regarding charging actions at certain percentages.(This was initially upgraded to Win 10) - Fully remove Lenovo Power Manager from machine.Verify using HWInfo64 that it appears the battery health is good (can provide image if requested)Completely reformatted and fresh installed Windows 10There may be a step or two I have forgotten, but if someone asks I'll let you know if I did it or not. I would love to get this fixed as the laptop serves my purposes other than having a fully charged battery. If there's a surefire way to know factually if it's the battery, then I'll go ahead and replace it.Thanks all!!!

A:T410 (Windows 10) - Battery Not Charging Above 74%

Have you tried recalibrating the battery? Open Lenovo Power Manager -> switch to advanced -> Battery -> Battery Maintenance -> Perform Reset. It will take a lot of time to complete, don't remove AC power while this is running. Let it run while you are sleeping or something similar so that you won't have to interrupt the process.

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Hello community. I upgraded my T410 from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Subsequently, several Fn-FX functions like Fn-F3 were no longer accessible. Fn-F5 did work, though.So I installed the T410 Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 8 (3.89.0100) in Windows 8 compatibility mode, on screen display driver version 6.73.01. As a consequence, all Fn-FX functions and the on screen indicators for Num lock/Caps lock etc. are not available anymore. I really would like to restore functionality for a least Fn-F5 and the OSD indicators, any help appreciated!T.

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I previously had my Bose bluetooth speaker paired with my Yoga2 ... lost the link and now my computer isn't finding the device to re-pair with it? When I connect my iphone to my Yoga2, autoplay doesn't come up to allow me to import photos/videos and when I go in the photo app, it doesn't find my phone yet I see my phone on the control panel? Thanks for any thoughts!

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