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Solved: Converting .wb3 files to Excel

Q: Solved: Converting .wb3 files to Excel


I have an old Quattro Pro file which I would like to access but do not have Quattro Pro installed any longer. I believe it may be possible to open in Excel. When I opened Excel and click on Open, File Types, I tried Quattro Pro/DOS types but that (and any other trial I've had) returns a warning message ".wb3: file format is not valid". The file had been on a 3.5" floppy and maybe (hopefully not) the floppy is unreadable.

My OS is Windows XP and I have Excel 2003.

Thanks for your time


Preferred Solution: Solved: Converting .wb3 files to Excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Converting .wb3 files to Excel

Welcome to the board.

Try this?

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Hi there bright people,

I am having trouble converting a LOC file type into EXCEL.

I have tried every type of special copy and paste and tried different formatting, but everytime i get the same result. That being cells that will only show (example) 1.440000E+62, or somthing similar. I will then expand the cell to cope with the length of the text but still the same result

I can however open the LOC file in Notepad or wordpad and can view the document there, but I need to be able to manipulate the data in Excel to be able to run a Macro over it.

Any help from an Excel Guru would be great.


A:Converting LOC files into Excel

Have you tried "Importing" the data straight in to Excel?
Alternatively if you save the file in Wordpad as a comma delimited file, Excel can then open it directly.

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Good Day !

I receive via email 2 reports daily from a POS system for restaurantscalled ALOHA.

The first salesreport from ALOHA is sent in "sls.rtf" format...the second report is sent in " pay.rtf" format. My Santa Clause wish is to export these figures into excel...or ultimately to quickboooks.
The rep for the POS system said it was not possible. Is he correct?

A:Help converting sls.rtf files to excel

smgisland, Santa Clause has come early. You can import rtf files in to Excel.
Whether you can make sense of the data afterwards is another thing though, it may take some data manipulation.
To import a file go to Main Menu>Data>Import External Data>Import Data
to browse to your file change the File Types to either "all files" or "text fies".

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I would like to know how to convert old files .wpd/.wpl to Excel or Word. O/S is XP. These files have been saved to a floppy and the old computer has died so cannot access files to resave.
I've tried changing the extension to txt, doc. dbf, xls etc. and opening up in several different applications but receive only non-text information (squares etc.).
Can someone help with this dinosaur file?
Thank you.

A:Converting wpd/wpl files to excel or word

what are they from word perfect - you may be able to open with word - in word - open - change the filetype to the ones you have

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Dear All,

I need to convert a set of 12 excel sheets in a particular folder into txt files which need to save at other location(another folder).

Please help me out in this regard


A:Macros Code for Converting set of Excel files to Txt

Try this: Convert An Excel Spreadsheet To A Tab Delimited Text File - How-To Geek

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I'm just wondering how to convert this spread sheet file (.wks) to excel 2007..

i know thats a lot of years in between the two programs but there must be a way to convert it.. or is there?

so i do need to open and re use the spread sheet but i don't know how i got that program in the first place.. so yer.

ive tried to convert it using excel 07' and was a fail. only came up with all differnt characters.

thanks for reading.

A:Solved: converting spreadsheet (.wks) to excel 07

Is this of help ??? http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/779694-solved-works-vs-excel-formats.html

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I have tried seaching for this information, but I can't find it anywhere.
What I would like to know is, do function words in Excel convert automatically if sent to someone with Excel in another language.
For example:

I am user English version of Excel. In my spreadsheet I use "COUNT" funtion. If I then send this document to someone who has the French version of Excel does "COUNT" then become "COMPTE" (which is the French equivalent).

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Converting excel functions from English to French

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I am trying to extract a date from a data cell within an Excel 2003 workbook.

The cell contains the data, "October 10, 2011 11:11:11 PM GMT-04:00" but I want only the date information and for it to convert to MM/DD/YYYY format. Basically, taking that cell and turning it into 10/10/2011.

I have about 500 entries with similar data and I am looking for the easiest way to extract the dates from the text. Mind you, the length of the Months (i.e., January vs. September), Date (i.e., 1 vs 11), and even time vary (1:00 vs 11:11).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Found the answer I was looking for:

Assuming the first cell is A1,

=TEXT(LEFT(A1,FIND(",",A1)+5), "mm/dd/yyy")

Copy down, then copy the column and paste values.

You can also use


then format the cell as mm/dd/yyy, then copy down.

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Here is my problem. I'm making a countdown timer in Excel. The process is working fine, but my problem is when I call my Sub to set the time at which I want the countdown to end, I receive the following error:
Run-time error '6':


Here is my code:

Dim TimerEnd as Date
Dim WorldPop as Integer 'This value is picked from my Excel worksheet

TimerEnd = Now() + ((1500 - (3 * WorldPop / 8)) / (60 * 60 * 24))

Note: WorldPop was tested and the value from the cell is really loaded because I was able to modify another cell value by assigning WorldPop value to it.

Basically, I store in TimerEnd the time at which I want the countdown to reach 0 (obtained by doing TimerEnd - Now() )

The 1st part of the expression:
(1500 - (3 * WorldPop / 8)) determines in how many seconds the timer should end

The 2nd part of the expression:
/ (60 * 60 * 24) divides the 1st expression to obtain the seconds in decimal value which is added to Now() to get the end time.

What I don't understand is that when I type this expression in a cell of my worksheet that have been formated as date:

Note: 850 is just a random number which I tested the result. It can be any number ranging from 0 to 2000

It gives me a valid time in the cell.

What am I doing wrong so that in the code of my subroutine it gives me Overflow?

Is there ... Read more

A:Solved: Excel: Overflow error when converting decimal to date

I found the problem.

The following expression was too long:
TimerEnd = Now() + ((1500 - (3 * WorldPop / 8)) / (60 * 60 * 24))

I simplified it to:
TimerEnd = Now() + ((1500 - (3 * WorldPop / 8)) / 86400)

and it resolved my problem.

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This is a two part question

I like to give a bit of a background to this issue before i ask for help.

I am a personal care worker for a retired school principal who had contracted MS, he has very limited physical abilities but still has alot of interests including computers.

Question one in a broad scope is can i use this service ( techguy ) to come for help as i am the person that will be doing the physical work on the computer. He is getting a voice operated system in six weeks so he will be more involved.

Question two is more specific, i need to convert music files from MP3 to WAV and vise versa, i want to know if there is a way to do this without downloading any programs, he lives on a farm and the only internet service available is dial up and downloads take forever , i know of a program ( Audacity ) is thats the only option.

Thank you


A:Solved: Converting files

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My sky+ box packed up so i decided to take out the HDD and connect it to my pc so as to "extract" the videos on it.
With some internet searching i came across a tutorial on how to do it.
I downloaded +Extract and ran the program and converted all the files to .SRT files, then it said to convert the .SRT files to MPEG and then to AVI but the program won`t convert the files to MPEG, it keeps just giving me a text file, then i read somewhere that said .SRT files are text files.
SO now i`m totally confused.
Is there a way of taking video files from the HDD from a SKY+ Box and convert them into a watchable file, don`t have to burn them to DVD, AVI format will suffice?
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Converting .srt files

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Is there any way to convert WMA files to Mp3 ?

A:Solved: Converting WMA files to Mp3...

Lots of ways, take a look here: http://www.mp3-converter.com/mp3_converter_freeware.htm

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My business partner emailed me some files but they're .wps and the computer I'm working on won't let me read them.... is there anyway I can convert them so they'll open with Microsoft Word????? HELP!!!

A:Solved: converting .wps files

Those are Microsoft Works files, altogether a different format and Word should open them, although it may not be associated with that file type.
Open Word, go to Open. Browse to where the Works files are located. Change the file type (at the bottom of the browse window) by clicking on the down arrow. If you scroll down far enough, you should find Works (possibly several versions) listed. Select one of these and the file should open up for you.
You might ask your business partner to save any files in the future as .RTF (Rich Text Format) files. A bit of formatting may be lost, but that type is one both programs can use. Works cannot do a thing with Word documents.

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Anyone out there know how or if there is a way to convert .ram sound files to .mp3? Any help will be appreciated.


A:(Solved) Converting .ram files to .mp3

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I have a number of scanned reference letters from my business that I previously scanned with a Visioneer scanner in Paperport 7.0. As Visioneer is so proprietary, and I am not using it anymore, I would like to convert all my Paperport files to anything else with which I could view and print these files within Windows Vista. I now use an HP Deskjet F4280 for all my scanning. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Solved: Converting .max files

Check out the following, http://www.ehow.com/how_6030039_do-max-file-pdf-file_.html
If you no longer have Paperport installed there is a converter to download and install.

I have NOT used this, so I can not help any further.

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Hi there

I was wondering if there was a relatively quick and simple way to convert and then burn avi files onto a dvd disk that can be played on a standard dvd player.
I am getting a bit confused re. recoding etc. Would it be better to use the burning software I have i.e. nero to recode then burn the files or is it quicker to convert the avi's to another format first then allow nero to burn them onto the disk?

Thanks in afvance!

A:Solved: Converting AVI files to burn to DVD

If DVDFlick (www.dvdflick.net) recognizes the filetype it can make a fully functioning DVD for you, no fuss, once you've set up the initial settings. Try the beta if you want to add menus (otherwise it will only chapter by set time intervals).

Otherwise it doesn't matter much either way, its going to take about the same time to convert the video to MPEG-2 DVD format and about the same time to burn them because both processes are hardware speed dependent (conversion most likely on the speed of the processor and burning on the speed of the optic drive or speed that the media can handle being burned at).

The step alluded to in your post about converting avi to another format and then burning is only if the format is the DVD-compatible MPEG-2 format. An intermediate format would indeed take much longer then since the resulting format would have to be converted to NTSC or PAL MPEG-2 to be DVD-compatible.

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I created a Word file that contains my business cards. (I also have the same file converted to PDF.) I'd like to try a new on-demand printing service that requires a Photoshop file (EPS.) I do not have Photoshop and I was wondering whether there was a way to convert the existing PDF file to EPS. Thank you for any leads...

A:Solved: converting Adobe PDF files to EPS

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How do I convert a .wav file to an mp3 ?

A:Solved: Converting .wav files to mp3 format

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Is there a program I can use to convert .cda music files to mp3?

A:Solved: Converting .cda music files

You cannot, a CDA file is an audio track shortcut file. You need to rip the audio off the physical disc. There are a huge amount of cd ripping programs, including iTunes and Windows Media Player.


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I run a weekly excel 2007 macro that converts a spreadsheet to a Word document, but it stops after row 29 of data. Any spreadsheet with 29 rows or less works fine. If I have 34 rows of data, the macro hangs. See below for script. Any help would be appreciated.

Public Sub AddControls(WrdApp As Word.Application, CurRow As Integer)
Dim OptChecked As Boolean
Dim GrpName As String
GrpName = "Grp" & CurRow
'Calculate the colors based on the cell information.
CurRange = "F" & CurRow & ".." & "F" & CurRow

If InStr(1, UCase(ActiveCell.Text), "X SRM") > 0 Then 'SRM
OptChecked = True
OptChecked = False
End If

SetCellBG WrdApp, True
WrdApp.Selection.TypeText Text:="Governance:" & vbCrLf

Set RadioObj = WrdApp.Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl("Forms.OptionButton.1")
With RadioObj.OLEFormat.Object
.GroupName = GrpName
.Caption = "SRM"
.Font.Name = "Arial"
.Font.Size = 8
.Value = OptChecked
End With

If InStr(1, UCase(ActiveCell.Text), "X PPO") > 0 Then ' PPO
OptChecked = True
OptChecked = False
End If

WrdApp.Selection.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd

Set RadioObj = WrdApp.Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl("Forms.OptionButton.1")
With RadioObj.OLEFormat.Object
.GroupName = GrpName
.Caption = "PPO"
.Font.Name = "Arial"
.Font.Size = 8
.Value = O... Read more

A:Excel Macro - converting excel to word doc - stops after row 29

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I convert a lot of web page articles to PDF files using Acrobat Pro 6.0. Occasionally the Acrobat icon in my toolbar won't even light up. If I save the page as a MHTML file and open it, the Acrobat icon is active but won't complete the conversion. Does anyone know if some newspaper pages are protected from copying with Acrobat? This happened to me this morning when I tried to convert a WSJ article (I'm a subscriber) to a PDF file.

A:Solved: Problem converting web pages to PDF files

Instead of using the icon, have you tried to actually print, from the file menu, and choose to print to the .pdf printer?

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I was playing my game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and saved a replay that I would like to upload to Youtube. Before doing this, however, I have to convert the .bin file on my SD card to a video format (any video format is fine).

I've tried using Google, and many results tell me I should use vcdgear or a combination of Daemon Tools and other assorted programs, but I fear most of these results are also in reference to movie files (so they include .cue files, which are not present in this case--therefore, these results are of no help to me).

Other results have stated that simply changing the extension from .bin to .avi would be enough to be able to upload it, but the extension is not present on these filenames and I don't know how else to change them.

I'm using Windows XP Professional. Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: I just realized this might be the wrong place for this thread...I can't seem to delete it, so if this is the wrong place for it, I apologize.

Edit 2: Never mind. Apparently Brawl replay data is basic commands and not a video file so it cannot be converted.

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I have some files that are saved from outlook in dbx format. I want to try and convert these files into pdf. Is there any programs that will convert that are free. The programs I am finding all give you a demo version, but they are so limited. Outlook won't allow me to import the files back in so I can forward the emails onto another program. What are my options here. Thanks.

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
I've written a batch file for a client to help him to change his IP settings - he uses his laptop on 2 seperate networks, but would like to use only 1 network connection (against my recomendation ... i suggested creating a seperate network connection for each).
His home network uses DHCP, while his work network uses static IP settings.

The batch file i've written works fine, but it doesn't look very professional ... I'd prefer it if I could write it in Visual Basic (at least it'll look half decent then).

I've read other posts, and all I can find is one posted by aaronmcgowan, which was rightly closed (as it seemed he wanted to bypass school/work proxy settings).
My batch file has no illegal/inappropriate purpose, it's just to assist in my clients daily network usage (and should hopefully cut down on the number of support calls i get)

What I'd like to know is, is it possible to convert a .BAT file into Visual Basic?



A:Solved: Converting .BAT files into Visual Basic

How about if you just tell him to use this.

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hi guys,lately i have been converting my hundreds of cd music disks as mp3`s to cut down on space,i have been using "record now v.7" to convert them,but as there is no option to name the tracks,it has taken me days & days to retype track numbers as i have been putting at least 500 tracks of different artists on one dvd disk,is there possibly another program that will do eg. 20 of the same number tracks,that would make my life a little easier at the moment !!!!!! crossing my fingers.....

A:Solved: converting cd music disks to mp3 files

Windows Media Player?
If you allow it, it will find info about the CD from the net and name the files.

There's also dBpoweramp, Audiograbber, CDex, Exact Audio Copy, Winamp pro ... the list goes on.

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I have a number of voice memos recorded in my iPhone and would like to convert them to text files. Can this be done?

A:Solved: Converting voice files to text

I don't know about any iPhone software, but there are plenty of computer Speech to Type programs out there.

Off the top of my head,
-Dragon Naturaly Speaking.
-TalkIt TypeIt.

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I am trying to use the Copy and Convert module along with Tivo's Desktop App to convert video for my Ipod Touch. Can open Copy and Convert and then add recorded TV show by clicking on the movies tab and navigating to the C:\Users\Home\Documents\My TiVo Recordings folder. I then click OK and the selected video appears in the source box. I choose Ipod Touch as the Output and Save file to Itunes. A message pops up as follows: There was a problem creating a file. c:Users\Home\Documents\My TiVo Recordings for Portables\MPEG-4\the forgotten\MY Movies\-The system cannot find the path specified. This is for an old video that has long since disappeared. Can you assist in getting around this problem so I can convert videos to my Ipod. I have reinstalled the TiVo desktop app which did not help. I had been able to use the two programs previously.

Using Creator 2010 SP2 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Dell Studio 540, 8GB RAM, ATI Video Card 512MB, Pentium Dual Core Processor E5400 @2.7Ghz
Steve Rehmann

A:Solved: Converting .TiVo files to Ipod Usage

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I have a folder full of files that I want to convert from Word 07-10 (*.docx) format to Word 97-03 (*.doc) format so I can copy them to an old PDA and view them from there. In the absence of finding a good converter (there aren't a lot of people wanting to go backwards), I have been trying to use a Macro. I found some code on a previous post in this forum and tried to modify it using some code I recorded in Word, but it keeps giving me errors or otherwise does nothing at all. Any suggestions or corrections would he great. I think only the first two peramaters under "SaveAs2" are necessary for my purposes (FileName & FileFormat) but I let the others for the recording in in case Word needed them.

Sub SaveAs03()

vDirectory = "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Desktop\FolderA\"

vFile = Dir(vDirectory & "\" & "*.*")

Do While vFile <> ""

Documents.Open FileName:=vDirectory & "\" & vFile

ChangeFileOpenDirectory "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Documents\FolderB\"

ActiveDocument.SaveAs2 FileName:=vFile, FileFormat:=wdFormatDocument _
, LockComments:=False, Password:="", AddToRecentFiles:=True, _
WritePassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, EmbedTrueTypeFonts:=False, _
SaveNativePictureFormat:=False, SaveFormsData:=False, SaveAsAOCELetter:= _
False, CompatibilityMode:=0


vFile = Dir


End SubClick to expand...
... Read more

A:Solved: Converting Files to Word 2003 with a Macro

You are trying to save with the name something.docx

Try stripping the Docx and adding Doc

vsavename = Left$(vfile, Len(vfile) - 4) & "Doc"

Sub SaveAs03()
'my folders are on the desktop
vDirectory = Environ("USERPROFILE") & "\Desktop\FolderA\"
vfile = Dir(vDirectory & "\" & "*.*")
Do While vfile <> ""
'MsgBox vfile
Documents.Open FileName:=vDirectory & "\" & vfile
ChangeFileOpenDirectory Environ("USERPROFILE") & "\Desktop\FolderB\"
vsavename = Left$(vfile, Len(vfile) - 4) & "Doc"
ActiveDocument.SaveAs2 FileName:=vsavename, FileFormat:=wdDocument
vfile = Dir
End Sub

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I need to have editable text, preferably as WORD .doc to create files to be sent to another person. Is there some sort of conversion process for some wordpad text I now have?

A:Solved: converting text files in Win XP from wordpad to a WORD document

Simply open them in Word and save them as Word files. Nearly everyone can open WordPad files though.

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A month ago I downloaded Excel 2007's Trial Version...all OK. I previously had Excel 2003 installed. I purchased an upgrade of Excel 2007, placed the disk in the C drive and followed the installation instructions. (I should have used the conversion route, but I didn't.) It appeared the upgrade installation was successful, but the "Trial Version" notation still appears on the top line of the screen. I then went the conversion route, entered the Product Key again, and received the message something like "Product Key already used." How do I make the Product Key work...or how do I obtain a new Product Key? What to do, please? Thanks. Kiki2

A:Solved: Converting from Excel 2007's "Trial Version"

Have you tried to uninstall the trial version of Excel and then just install the upgrade copy you have?

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I have 2 excel files. (Excel1.xls and Excel2.xls)

Excel1.xls has the following columns:

Client name | ID| FACS

Excel2.xls has the follwoing columns:

Client name | ID| FACS

I would like to connect this two excel files together and get the FACS number from the second excel file (excel2.xls and insert it in the excel1.xls under the FACS column) But it needs to match the client so all the FACS numbers go to the right client. The client list may be mixed and its not in order.

Can anyone help me please?
Id appreciate it
Thank you

A:Solved: Excel Help - Merging excel files

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I have Adobe Pro 7 with Office 03.
I'm able to convert Excel to pdf via printing options. However, I can't seem to get multiple tabs to convert to one pdf document.
I don't want to select entire workbook because that will convert all tabs.
How do you select it so you only convert some tabs to pdf?

A:converting excel to pdf

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I'm trying to convert an excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. While it can do so, I have a graph in the excel document, along with an arrow pointing to a value on the Y Axis. When I convert the spreadsheet, however, the arrow gets moved up half an inch or so, which makes the graph and arrow inaccurate.

Please help!



A:Converting Excel doc to PDF

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dear all,

Am running Office XP pro. Doing an excel template and have a column that has running time in minute. I need to has a separate column that show in hours. Therefore I devide the min col with 60 to get the hour but it's in decimal ie 100min = 1.666 but i need it to show 1hr 40 min.

how do it do that? pls help. thanks

A:excel xp help (converting time)

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Good afternoon,

Does anyone know if there is a downloadable converter that will take a WORD document (extension .wps) on a computer running win 98 and convert it into an excel or word document on a computer running xp and office xp (extension .xls)
i have just changed jobs to a company i used to work for and due to the economic climate have not updated their computer system, and i was hoping that there was a program that i can add to my computer to allow me to read .wps and .wks documents generated by an earlier version of word, mainly to convert and store them onto a cd.

is there anything i need to look for on the free download sites?

best regards

A:need help converting word 4 to excel etc

I don't know of a program that would do this. It seems to me the Word program that you have should determine if you will be able to use Excel with it or not. I would suggest that you request that your thread be moved to the Business Applications forum. You'll probably get more responses.

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Does the "OR" worksheet formula on Lotus convert to something else in excel?
Could anyone give an example (excel) of how to use the "OR" formula along with "IF"?
I have already used the conversion Wizard and the Formula did not convert.

A:Converting Lotus 123 to Excel

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I have a file given to me by our local tax accessor with all the info in need with one problem. The name field is one field which includes last first Middle initail example below

Smith John D


Smith John & Nancy

In doing a mailing I want it to be First Last (could care less about Initial or second name

Ant thought short of aadding commas to all 4000 names

A:converting csv file in Excel

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My boss just asked me to convert a publisher 2003 file to an excel 2003 so it can be used in another store location. Is that posible and how?

A:Converting Publisher to Excel... is it possible?

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I have set up a spreadsheet that contains a list of things to do. I want to be able to enter the lette Y beside the ones that have been completed. Is there anyway to change the letter to a check mark.

I have already tried the autocorrect function, but this then changes all the letter Y in my orther spreadsheets.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Excel: Converting letters

Select the cells before doing find/replace. That limits how much changes.

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Hello. I have some .xls files on a cd which I could open fine until yesterday. The files were created on my Acer Aspire 5732Z (Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium system x64 - based pc) using Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003.

Yesterday, I opened the cd on a different laptop (Acer Aspire 5733 64 bit operating system - windows 7 home premium, service pack 1). This laptop opened the files using Microsoft Excel starter 2010. I saved the files back to my cd when I'd finished, then safely ejected the CD using the correct method.

Now when I insert the CD into either pc, it show the CD drive but there are no visible files, so I can't open anything. I tried the error checking tool, but it can't check for errors as it says "windows cannot access the disk".

Can anyone help me open the files please? I have all the files backed up elsewhere, except for the two I worked on yesterday, but I really don't want to have to type them up again unless I absolutely have to as it will take me many hours. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Cannot access Office excel 97-2003 .xls files after opening in Office Excel S

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I'm trying to convert numbers to text in Excel for e.g. convert "1" to "one", "2" to "two" etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:converting numbers to text in Excel

I could not find a Worksheet function to do this, but depending how many changes there are and how many different numbers need to be changed, you may be able to do this with a VLOOKUP.

In a test I ran I had numbers with values from 1-12. I created a 2 column range elsewhere on the spreadsheet. The 1st column had the 1.2.3 numbers and the 2nd column had their text equivelent. I inserted a new column to the right of where the original numbers were and entered the following to the right of the first value I wanted to change. The vlookup looked like this =VLOOKUP(A4,$F$4:$G$15,2,FALSE) Note: A4 was the cell that had the value I wanted changed. $F$4:$G$15 is the range of the lookup array. 2 is the column with the text value.

Needless to say, this would not be a good idea if every cell had a different number or there were thousands of possible numbers to be converted, but if you had thousands ofmnumbers in a limited range, this might be helpful.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Fatmah:
I'm trying to convert numbers to text in Excel for e.g. convert "1" to "one", "2" to "two" etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


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I just started to use MS Excel and I'm having trouble entering data in one specific catalogue.

In one column in that catalogue are digits, and what I have to do is to multiply them all by certain value and then add percentage to them.

Is there a way to do it quicker then one cell at the time, it okay now but as the info building up it will become a genuine pain in the you know what...

Thanks in advance

A:Excel help - automated process, converting etc.

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I have changed the settings in Control Panel such that the List Separator is '|'. I then create and excel s/s and save it as csv file. When I open this csv file with notepad I see the file is comma separated instead of the expected pipe separated. Why
is this happening and how can I fix it?

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Hi, This is silly but...

I have created a template on excel for printing my company cheques and what I wanted to know was:

Can I create a formula or macro so that when I write a number in text (such as 'one' or 'two' or 'three', etc) in the cell representing the word part of my cheque, can I get that number (as '1' or '2' or '3', etc) to appear in another cell representing the numerical part of my cheque.

This is a lazy man's burden but I thought it would also suffice as a check that the right amount was going on both parts.

Sorry for the bother but ...

A:Converting text to numerals in excel

Take a look at numbers alphebetic and numeric

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I work at a Hospital and I have to convert employees Lotus 123 files to Excel 2000 or XP, but I do not have Lotus 123 on my computer and have no way of getting access to Lotus 123. Is there a way I can convert these files without having Lotus 123, if so, how?

A:Converting Lotus 123 to Excel 2000 or XP

Have you tried just opening them with Excel? wks is a file type that can be opened.

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How do I convert this to Access?
In excel I have a formula which takes production levels for an individual an applies them to the table below to get their rate. =IF(BE6>0,VLOOKUP(BL6,Grids!$G$23:$J$34,4),0) How do I convert that to Access? Do I do it in a query or do I create multiple tables? Here's another formula -- =IF(CS6="Yes",VLOOKUP(CP6,Grids!$G$3:$L$9,HLOOKUP(CR6,Grids!$G$3:$L$9,2)),0). If needed, I can provide that grid as well.
Here's the table called "Grids" used in the EXCEL formula below. The rep table has one row per individual rep with their values stored in BE6 and BL6. (argh! I can't copy/paste the grid into this forum post!)

Column G H I J
Production LevelYear 1Year 2Year 3
<$200,0000NANANA$200,000-$299,999 200000NANANA$300,000-$399,999300000NANANA$400,000-$499,99940000028%34%36%$500,000 - 599,99950000036%37%39%$600,000 - 699,99960000037%38%40%$700,000 - 799,99970000038%39%41%$800,000 - 899,99980000039%40%41%$900,000 - 999,99990000039%40%41%$1,000,000 - 1,499,999100000040%41%42%$1,500,000 - 1,999,999150000041%42%42%$2,000,000+200000042%42%43%

A:Hlookup in Excel converting to Access

You use one or more Queries to do what you want. If you can explain in words what the lookup does I can advise you how to do it in a query.
From what you have already written it suggests that the Individuals "rates" would be in a separate table, in which case the query only needs to link the 2 tables to provide the data.
If the rates are in the same table a query will provide them anyway.
You can attach a copy of a Screen shot of the Table by pasting it in to Excel or word and the zipping it and attaching it to your post and then using the "Go Advanced" & "Manage Attachments" Buttons below where you type.

I can provide you with examples if required.

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