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R400 CPU Upgrading options

Q: R400 CPU Upgrading options

I have an old Thinkpad R400 that currently has a T6570 CPU and I'm thinking of upgrading it.It uses Socket P So I was thinking of upgrading it to a intel Q9100.. Maybe even a QX9300.I know it will fit into the socket, my question tho is will the motherboard bios support any of the CPUs? is there maybe a list somewhere what kind of CPUs are supported? or are maybe all Socket P CPUs supported?Thanks, Janbanan22


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Preferred Solution: R400 CPU Upgrading options

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: R400 CPU Upgrading options

Machine Type: 7439-WB8

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Hey I have a Thinkpad R400 7443cto with a Intel P8600 in it and I was wondering what upgrade routes I have for this guy. I'd prefer to jump into a quad core if possible.  Would something like the Q9100 work?

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Hey guys the game I play is Enemy Territory:Quake Wars

I upgraded my computer a few months ago and these are my specs:

* Windows XP Pro SP2
* AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core BE-2300 2.00 GHz
* 2.00 GB of RAM
* SAMSUNG SyncMaster 712n 17" (1028x1024 LCD)
* GeForce 8600 GT 512MB
* OmegaDrivers (2.169.21)

I play on 1028x1024 resolution because of the aspect ratio of my monitor.

I upgraded from:

*Windows XP Pro SP2
*AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.0 GHz
*1.00 GB of RAM
*SAMSUNG SyncMaster 512n (Native resolution is 1024x768)
*ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB
*Which ever version of omega drivers back then

Before I upgraded I get around 25~40 FPS (Unplayable, can't even aim [I play counter-strike 1.6 so I would personally like it smooth)
But now I upgraded I get around 30~50 and 60 (Unplayable can only get a few lucky kills)
Now I am thinking of upgrading again so I asked my brother to look for a new Processor (Becuase I thought the reason my FPS is like this is because of my processor) He disagreed with me and told me to look for a new gfx card instead.
and with the specs I have now which gfx card should I get to get around 100~90 FPS at the resolution I play at? (1028x1024)
BTW: For the graphical settings in-game I just press the button that Automatically chooses for me.


A:Upgrading options?

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Here are my current specifications
Windows 7 basic
Asus A99x mobo
8gb of patriot Ram
AMD Phenom ii x4 960t @ 3.0 Ghz - 3.2 overclocked
Crossfired Sapphire HD Radeon 6850 graphics cards
ModxStreamPro PSU @ 700watts

The only upgrading I have done since I built the machine was the extra Graphics Card, but I'm going to be switching to Nvidia once I get the money.

I want to start playing newer games at higher graphics with better frames per second, I am talking games like Arma 2 (Dayz) Crysis 3, Battlefield 3 ect.. I feel like my processor isn't beefy enogh and since my Motherboard doesn't support Intel I have to stick with AMD. What are my processor options with my motherboard? I can't go too far over two hundred dollars.

A:What are my options for upgrading?

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Is it possible to clone the hdd to the new ssd WITHOUT the operating system so that I can do either a fresh install of windows or indeed upgrade the OS at the same time as thedrive upgrade.

I'm familiar with oftware like acronis but are there any reliable and safe freeware tools to do the cloning with. These might be ISOs that you use to make a bootable disk or whatever.......


A:cloning options when upgrading to an SSD

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I currently have an old Acer Extensa 4420 laptop with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (32-bit) with Service Pack 1 (SP1) preinstalled. I wanted to use it as an emergency laptop and put a new SSD 240GB hard drive in it and do a new install of a Windows OS, preferable Windows 8.1. I prefer to use the latest Windows 8.1 because I already have an official Windows 8.1 ISO file that I downloaded from microsoft.com when installing a new SSD to my current Lenovo laptop. I also have the old Windows Vista product key from the old Acer Extensa 4420 laptop.

Question 1: Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 8.1 with an old 2008 laptop given the specs below without any performance issues or general compatibility problems?

Question 2: If yes to the 1st question above, and my old laptop can indeed handle the Windows 8.1 OS, what's the best way to install Windows 8.1? Keep in mind I'm starting with a brand new 240GB SSD with nothing on it. I have both product keys, one from Vista and one from Windows 8.1 Thank you.

The Acer Extensa 4420 has the following specifications:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor TK-57Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition operating systemMemory: 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAMOptical Drive: Multiformat DVD?RW/CD-RW drive with double-layer supportScreen: 14.1″ WXGA TFT-LCD CrystalBrite widescreen displayHard drive: Hitachi 160GB 5400rpm SATA hard driveGraphics: ATI Radeon Xpress X1250 graphics with 256MB d... Read more

A:What are my options for upgrading OS from an old Acer lapt

install windows 8.1 with windows 8/8.1 key, clean install, drivers - updates, done..

some older hardware may be any issue - but can't tell you if so.. as compatibility wizard will not run on vista..

my old dell vista machine - no problem
wife's newer dell win 7 machine - had to change wifi card

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Hi there, I've been going through all of the posts relating to the Z1 Workstation and have not been able to find anything that relates to more recent technologies' compatibility with the Z1 Workstation (first edition). It's been an interesting read so far, so thatnk you all for sharing your thoughts and experience. I have a second-hand decent-spec' HP Z1 Workstation that I'm pretty pleased with but I want to upgrade it further where possible, to cope better with heavy-lifting software such as Unreal Engine 4. Currently I have a E3-1245 (v1 or v0) Xeon processor, SSD drives, 32GB RAM and a 3000M GPU. I've read the posts regarding upgrading to a  v2 processor being a good place to start with upgrades. I've also read the posts about IT Creations and succesful non-recommended (but compatible) CPUs .  I'm wondering has anyone tried to upgrade with more recent CPUs, say v3 or upwards that use the LGA 1150 connection? Any ideas as to whether this would work? Their website currently shows that v3s work with the Z1 G2 model but they are not stocking any of the earlier' and so would appreciate any advice here. Lastly, I also need to upgrade the graphics card. I read with interest about people's experience in this area and am wondering what the consensus is? Is it worth going for something like a GTX 980m? Or are are the old Z1's getting a bit past-it for that kind of investment? Wha... Read more

A:Upgrading Z1 Workstation (Mk 1), CPU / GPU options in 2016?

#1 thing to do is a E3 V2 CPU upgrade.Don't get 1220v2 or 1225v2 as long as they are missing HT. You can not put a E3 V3 CPU, because it is a different socket. You can put practically any CPU from Ivy Bridge line.The only thing that you have to find out is whether you have regular or ECC memory, because for example, you can not use i7-3770 with ECC memory, while a basic i3-2120 or i3-3220 do work with ECC memory. Intel's marketing mainly. The same story with GPU, you can pick any MXM 3.0B GPU. But, be aware that there are two different GPU heatsinks.They are practically the same and as far as I remember the difference was the thermal pad placement and amount. BTW, I am selling my custom HP Z1 K5000M 4GB VRAM GPU (Kepler 1344 Cuda cores). I have it working thru VBIOS mod at 758/3000MHz core/memory and this makes it faster than stock 680M.Let me know if you are interested. PS, I'd never invest in 980M, overpriced card, IMHO.  

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Pentium 4 2.80GHz
Dell Dimension 4600
512 MB
Stock Cooling
nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
LG (48x CD-ROM), NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A
(DVD+R 4x, DVD+RW 2.4x, CD-R 16x, CD-RW 10x
DVD-ROM 12x, CD-ROM 40x)

I play alot of games including
F.E.A.R., Half-Life 2, Counter_Strike Source, and im probly gunna buy Prey
but i have to play them on low settings so the lag does not kill me
If you could tell me what the best choice is wether it be upgrading the graphics card, procesor, mother board, or just getting a whole new system and telling me what product to get.
The hard part is i only have about $500

A:In interested in upgrading my pc here are my specs what are my options?

Hello and welcome to Techspot!

The best option would be to build your own PC, that way you can save some bucks.

You can reuse some of your actual components, such as hard drive, DVD drive, even your CPU, which should be pretty good.

I'll try to list some parts that should be good for you and your budget.
Give me a few minutes

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I got a acer travelmate 2480, Just wondering the possibility of at all upgrading the processor,

did some checks, and intel nor acer will confirm whether it takes anything beyond celeron. Pin layout is confusing because I think it is based off the old pentium M 478 pins if I'm right.

if thats true then I should at least be able to handle a pentium at 478 pins with 533 FSB, or a core solo at that same rate.

If anyone could give me some insight it would help a lot

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Can someone please outline what options I have for upgrading my Carbon X1 6th Gen PCIe card:256 GB Solid State Drive, PCIe-NVME OPAL2.0 M.2 I was about to order a:Samsung-970-PRO-512GB When I realized I have no way to clone my current PCIe card to the new one, then I did a small amount of research and found:StarTech.com M.2 SSD to 2.5in SATA Adapter But from what I am reading, it may not be as simple as this. I have a SATA hub already, so that is what I would be using the SATA adapter with. Before going any further I would love some thoughts.Thanks 

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I have an ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 with an i5-2500k.

I just got an ASRock Z97 Extreme4 with a nice new i5-4690K

Essentially the same motherboard, just a couple different features and of course a different chipset.

Is it possible to just wipe all the Z68's drivers, swap out the boards and then run a Windows Repair Install off my DVD; then install the Z97's drivers...

Or safer to just wipe it all and start over with a clean slate?

A:Upgrading Z68 to Z97 and debating Win7 Reinstall options...

If you're happy with the install you have you can Adjust Win7 to boot on new hardware with Paragon Adaptive Restore CD.

Otherwise these steps will assure you get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

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Hi guys n girls, I Have a Thinkpad R400 running windows 10 I have had loads off issues with it but have worked though them eg no sound no dvd drive ect ect  I am suck on two  1) Fingerprint on Windows 10 worded fine on windows 7 pro I have worked though  https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Fingerprint-support-on-Windows-10-ThinkP... with no success  i have got Biometric devices no drives installed ( Authentec, fingerprint sensor ) I tryed the dell drivers http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=DFDJ9 But get error this drive dose not work your processor type ( Ive noticed it 64 and i am only 32 could this be it) I have tryed the  Here's a link to the driver and the Lenovo fingerprint reader software:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B82mESIUbcoCN2VOZEo5aFNPNWc/view?usp=sharing And thought i had got it sorted The programe showed up on my start up page bon the reboot but i am unable to add my finger prints in the set up, I have got to bios and cleared them there. I used windows 8.1   32 programe  Please if any one can help i would be greatful 2) in the devive manager my    PCI Simple Communications Controller     as no driver i tryed a search auto but none found  and i am not sure what i am looking for in manual set up Please if any one can help i would b... Read more

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I bought a new Kingston KVR13S9S8/4 (4gb) for my Lenovo R400. It does not boot. Is there any solution? Regards

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A:R400- Does not boot with new Kingston ram.

Those modules are Kingston Value RAM modules (identifiable by the KVVxxx product number), which normally don't work well with ThinkPads, if it's possible I would return them back and get a different brand, for example:

Corsair (but avoid the "Value Select" line!)
Kingston (but not the "Value RAM" line!!)


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Dear All
I had to format and re-install Windowd Vista on my notebook LG R400 model but after formatting my screen keep flicking while booting and shutting down the windows.
Kindly send a copy of your reply on my mail [email protected]

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i have a Portege R400-106, which no longer has a hard drive - so can't just get the number off the old one :-(
i'm trying to work out which hard drive i can put in it,
i can see that hard drive space in the laptop has IDE prongs. It is possible that this is PATA type, but my research so far suggests that when drives say they are IDE, i should be OK (please tell me if i have this wrong!)
i believe it is a 2.5" drive i'm looking for and the original drive would have been 80GB, which is about what i think i need.
I think i may be wanting an MK8025GAS ???

i found one at: http://www.memory4less.com/ConfItems.aspx?modelid=80028876
but the cost is pretty prohibative as i live in the UK and the shipping is loads.

I can't seem to find anywhere that can tell me which drive is suitable
cheers in advance for any ideas :-)

A:HDD replacement in Portege R400-106


I found info that original HDD is 1.8-inch PATA HDD with 80GB capacity and you can use TOSHIBA MK8007GAH.

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400 and the current help page's link to the drivers area leads to a 404. Can anyone hook me up with a working link to the drivers area?


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A:Thinkpad R400 Drivers?

Hi KDURHAM,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.
Lenovo R400 is EOL product so it's driver has been moved to Lenovo EOL site 
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I'm trying to install XP on XPS R400, previously running 98. I'm getting error message invalid system disc but all original discs are lost. I reformatted drive thinking the XP would go right on but I'm stuck.

A:Dell XPS R400 Pentium II

It sounds like it's not booting to the Windows XP CD. You need to get into the BIOS setup and be sure the boot sequence is set to CDRom Drive, Floppy Drive and then hard drive in that order.

When the PC first powers on, you should see instructions to press a key to get into Setup. It's usually the DEL or F1 key. Once in the BIOS setup set the Boot Sequence and be sure to read the instructions on the screen to save the settings as you exit.

Let us know what happens.

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Is the R400 compatable with the windows 10 free upgrade? thanks 

A:Can I use the free windows 10 upgrade on a R400 pc...

Hi Yardape,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We understand that you want to upgrade the operating system to windows 10.
Please do confirm which operating system is running on your laptop.
Best Regards,
Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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I upgraded to cox gigblast plan one of my devices is an old r400 wifi max speed is under 100mpbs - wifi card is Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN wired connection is about 400mbps - modem is Intel 82567LM i want to upgrade and replace the modem and the wifi card any suggestions?? I have no idea what wifi card and modem would work on r400

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Hello!  I have an R400 that won?t restart when the power adapter is connected.  If a restart is attempted with the adapter connected, the status lights just cycle through repeatedly (hdd, caps, numlock, batt, etc).  As soon as the adapter is disconnected, the restart will resume.  Once the restart resumes, the adapter can be reconnected and the restart will continue. The adapter will charge the battery adequately.I have another R400 that?s fine from which I?ve tried the adapter and battery.On the problem laptop, I?ve tried a known good different hard drive with a fresh install of Win 10.I suspect a hardware problem of some sort but I don?t want to shotgun it if you know what I mean.Thoughts?Thank!

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Hello,I just joined the Forum.I have a Thinkpad R400 that has recently stopped charging its battery. More details.Model 74401 Gb disk, dual boot Win7 and LinuxMint 18.Recently upgraded RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb. New RAM is recognized.The "results" are the same with or with out Dock attached."AC Power Status" LED remains dark.New battery, former battery not charging either (old battery causes "Battery Status" LED to flash orange).New battery lights up Battery Status LED, and hovering over battery icon will show percentage of charge and not charging.New AC power supply, both new and old, read 20 volts DC at the yellow barrel connector.Will not boot by AC power supply only (battery removed, error message about low battery and powers off)I tried the AC and battery removed and 10 one second pushes on Power Button followed by holding Power Button down for 30 seconds, no change.I removed (under Win7) the Microsoft ACPI and Battery drivers under Device Manager. no change.Battery (new or old) does not charge when laptop is powered off and AC power supply connected. Problem may have begun several weeks ago when I closed the laptop without shutting down and put it in my backpack.A week or so later, its battery was dead when I pulled it out to use it again. Any ideas? Thanks,Fordy2 

A:Thinkpad R400 not charging battery

DC power jack gone bad?  .

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 I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400  I have used https://download.lenovo.com/eol/  to get my Pc info.  Ive upgraded to windows 10 but i cleared the drive C Drive   so i have no lonovo programes left on the pc, I have Problems  on window 10 it s been trying to update for 3 days Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709  Fails then down loads and the fails on and on   The CD disc dose not work. And i am just feed up with it i do have a lenono recovery Q on my c drive it looks empty but there is 3 GB of data on it. I would normally press F8 a do a reset but this no longer works.So in short I have a window s 7 disc if i enstalled this and used this activation number for windows 7 Pro would this work Then using the info on this form could i get this back to normal as before the windows update 10 with lenovo programes pcdlauncher ,lenovo update, levovo recovery ect ect

A:Thinkpad R400 Windows 10 screwed it up

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400  I have used https://download.lenovo.com/eol/  to get my Pc info.  Ive upgraded to windows 10 but i cleared the drive C Drive   so i have no lonovo programes left on the pc, I have Problems  on window 10 it s been trying to update for 3 days Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709  Fails then down loads and the fails on and on   The CD disc dose not work. And i am just feed up with it i do have a lenono recovery Q on my c drive it looks empty but there is 3 GB of data on it. I would normally press F8 a do a reset but this no longer works.So in short I have a window s 7 disc if i enstalled this and used this activation number for windows 7 Pro would this work Then using the info on this form could i get this back to normal as before the windows update 10 with lenovo programes pcdlauncher ,lenovo update, levovo recovery ect ect

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not sure where to post this since this is my first time on board. I have a Dell Dimenstion XPS R400 running XP. My son was using this computer last week and now it displays a "Enter Password" box in the middle. You shut the computer off, it starts up again, normally, but then won't take you past the page where it lists the BIOS info, etc. I have tried F8 or ESC but it won't go anywhere unless the password is entered. I am not thinking it is the XP but am thinking it is a Dell password that is needed. I won't even download from the disk and reload XP.

Any suggestions on a password or on what to do? thank you in advance! mellow

A:Help w/password for a Dell Dimension XPS R400...running XP...

given the "system disabled 65535" code, also...

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Yesterday I had this issue with my Lenovo R400 and I alredy solved but i want to post the solution on this forum for other people.  The ProblemMy laptop entered in hibernation mode and in the morning that i tried to turn it on it didnt. I pushed the power button i see the lights of 1 and A turned on and off twice, but didnt show the boot screen.. The screen was blank doing nothing. Solution 1Disconnect the power cable and battery and push the power button 11 times and in the 11th push the button for 30 seconds. Connect power and push power button. Then you can connect the battery. Solution 2 (The one that helped me)Removed the power cable, the battery and the internal battery of CMOS and let it disconnected all for 15 hours. I dont now the exact time that it have to be disconected but i read a post saying 15, maybe with few hours if enought.  Then you connect the cable and push F1 (until beeps)  and turn on the Laptop to enter in Supervisor Mode to set date and time F10 and exit. Connect the CMOS's battery and normal battery and is all. WARNINGIf you reset the CMOS and the laptop have a Supervisor Password enabled and you dont have it  you will be in big problems. Mine laptop didnt have it. I was luck because i didnt know it. Without the Supervisor password you cant set the date/time and the laptop wont boot again. You will need to change the MotherBoard. Or maybe you can find another solution but wont be easy. So be carefull about... Read more

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I have a Dell XPS R400 with 196 Mb (32/32/128) of PC100 SDRAM running windows xp. I wanted to upgrade memory. Dell claims the machine can handle ~380 Mb of PC100 SDRAM. I checked around on-line, and it appeared that I could install PC133 SDRAM on this machine. My machine does not boot after I installed a single stick of 128 Mb PC133 SDRAM. It will boot with the original PC100 SDRAM. Any ideas?

This discussion indicates that my machine can handle more memory: http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/wind...XPS-R400-with-Intel-SE440BX2-motherboard.html How can I verify this?


A:Mixing PC100 with PC133 SDRAM for XPS R400 Dell

maybe the bored doenst like pc 133 ram

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Hi Everyone!I'm Mariano from Argentina! this is my first post! everything alright? I write this to tell my problem or detail: i recently purchased a used Lenovo R400 Thinkpad that i like very much, i love the look, characteristics, processor, is very good, i put it 4gb of ram, it goes really well, i paid it very cheap. But I have a little problem (the seller told me about it and show me the thing): the display (lcd) shows a little horizontal line that comes and goes (3 seconds in, and 3 seconds  out), is on the bottom on the screen, but the machine is working great, the rest of the screen is working absolutely amazing, no problem at all, it's only that line that comes and goes, is a little detail (sometimes you see it and sometimes you can't even realize that is there), i take the display off but is not the flex i guess, i move it, and is not a question of move it... the question is: anyone knows what exactly is? and how can i take it off?If anyone can help me i would be pleased with that...  Thanks very much guys!

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I have a Dell XPS R400 with a Pentium II, 400 MHz processor running Windows 2000. (It originally had Windows 98). I currently have one socket filled with 128 MB of SDRAM (PC100, unbuffered, CL=2) . I would like to upgrade and add more memory.

Information from Dell says the computer supports 100 Mhz SDRAM 168 pin DIMM with a maximum size of 128 MB up to a total of 384 MB (3 sockets).

The motherboard is an Intel SE440BX-2. The documentation for it says it supports up to a 256 MB DIMM SDRAM for a total of 768 MB.

Why the discrepancy? Is it based on the OS? And how high can I go?

A:Memory Upgrade - Dell XPS R400 with Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard

The old W98 did not function properly with 256MB or over.
W2000 does not need more than 512MB, but works fine with up to 1GB.

Intel said:

System Memory Combinations
The motherboard has three, dual in-line memory module (DIMM) sockets. Minimum memory size is 16 MB; maximum memory size is 768 MB. The largest DIMM supported at this time is 256 MB using unbuffered 128 Mbit technology parts. The BIOS automatically detects memory type, size, and speed.Click to expand...

I would believe Intel rather than Dell.
Make sure you get PC100/CL2 SDRam, anything else does not work.
You can mix different MB-sizes memory-chips. So buy what you can afford.
Unless you do intensive graphics, even just 1 256MB-stick will do wonders.

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I've recently updated my old laptop to a 64-bit Windows 10 system. And it runs and works fine. However, I'm getting these three listed items without a driver in the device manager. I've Googled a lot, but not found anything that works. Any solutions? And has anyone else the same/similar issue with their Lenovo R400 or Lenovo laptop?


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Hi everyone,
I'm having an issue with Personalization options.
On the desktop, when i right-click and select 'Personalize' from the menu, a window briefly pops up for fraction of a second and then disappears. I simply can't get to the Personalization options.
Working around this, i tried to access it through Control Panel > Personalization and Appearance and selecting it from there.

In the menu, I find that the Personalization icon has been replaced with a generic folder icon and it's renamed to 'Personalization CPL Provider'.
I also cannot select 'Change desktop background' or 'Customize colors' as it pops up and error window with the following respectively:
Windows cannot find


Windows cannot find


Is there any way to fix this at all? I've looked around but the only solutions are to "upgrade" my Windows installation to fix the missing files.

I've already run "sfc /scannow" twice and there were still errors it couldn't fix.

I would appreciate any help at all, thanks.



I am begging for help as this problem is driving me insane! To start the story Windows 10 asked me to upgrade last year, and God I wish I didn't. I had nothing but problems with the OS, mainly down to it being unsupported for my notebook by HP. I Decided to roll back to Windows 8 and during the rollback, the notebook has failed catastrophically! 'Luckily' the recovery option kicked in, but this also failed and crashed mid recovery.  I am now left with the boot failing immediatley and showing a BCD error 0x0000034. (press esc for UEFI). Once in UEFI the only option that doesnt bring the same BCD error is the HP System Test. This works ok and the system passes all tests (including hard drive which though a lot of searching online is often the root cause of the above error) I want to enter the BIOS settings and set it to boot from USB in order to use my windows recovery USB, but pressing F11 or F10 goes straight to the Blue screen of death with the same error above! I am fairly proficient with computers and managed quite a few repairs etc, but this loop of blue screen with no conceivable boot option is driving me insane! Someone please help! Thanks in advance, Thebgb! 

A:Unable to access any recovery options. Boot options menu als...

thebgb Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Sorry, but I don't have very good news for you ...The Win10 Upgrade is know to corrupt the Recovery partition stored there by the OEM that built the original machine. This pretty much guarantees that no HP Recovery is going to work: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Video-Display-and-Touch/HP-Recovery-Manager-Blocked-After-Windo...This means that RESET no longer works on your laptop due to your doing the Win10 Upgrade.To actually restore your PC to its original condition, you need something known as HP Recovery Media.HP Recovery Media is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks. You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: http://support.hp.com/us-en/driversOnce there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update". If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entry and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada,... Read more

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So I have a keyboard with a fully functional and fully working Sleep Button on it when I press the Sleep Button it will put my Computer to Sleep. However in the latest versions of Windows 10 they have completely removed the Sleep Button Options from the Advanced Power Options as well as the Change what my Power Buttons do section. I used to be able to tell Windows to Hibernate when I pressed the Sleep button in the Advanced Power Options, However that option is now gone! I have tried using Registry Tweaks/Changes etc,.. and I can not seem to get that option back! Does anyone here know how to fix this so that I can tell Windows to Hibernate when I press the Sleep button instead of Sleeping? I would really appreciate some help with this!

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Was trying to repair a boot mngr error but as the title explains, I cant select any options in system revovery. It just shows spinning blue working icon. Harddrive working light flashes for a moment then stops, never to flash again.
I've tried this with two different recovery disk, one being a W7 installation disk.

A:System recovery options screen stals, cant select options

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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When I used to change my wallpaper I had 5 options to fit the image to the screen, cant remember them exactly but they were something like; Stretch to screen, fit horizontal, fit vertical, centered, and tiled.

Why is it now that I only have; Centered, Tiled and stretch to screen?

Was this an update because this is really annoying!?

It was much easier to fit the wallpaper to screen without stretching it when I could fit horizontal and vertical?

Why can I not do this now?

A:Vista Desktop Wallpaper Fit options, I thought there were 5 options?

Hi Lersince, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Do you have DreamScene installed yet? They will be added afterwards.


Hope this helps,

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A few weeks ago after a registry clean and a few other fixes, I lost the autofill functionality on IE 7.

It is checked off in Tools--Internet Options--Content--AutoComplete--Settings (all options checked except password - same as always!).

All, for example, search fields (google, dictionary.com, etc.) are not double-clickable. Do not produce any prior words entered in the field. Etc.

Any sense how this happened? Have searched Microsoft forums but found nothing on this and wonder if it's a new bug...


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I went into my power options to change some of the advanced settings and most of them are missing? I am on windows 8.1 with a week old Surface Pro 3. I want to say I read somewhere that hyper-v can cause options to be missing, but I honestly don't even know what that is and I don't have it installed.

Screenshot attached

A:Options Missing from Power Options Advanced Settings

Hello Mossalot, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The power options you have available are determined by Windows for your specific system.

What specific options would you like to have back, and I'll post back with how to restore them?

For now, check the tutorials below to restore any you may want.

How to Add or Remove "Allow Away Mode Policy" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "Allow sleep with Remote Opens" in Power Options in Windows 7 and 8How to Add or Remove "Console lock display off timeout" in Power Options in Windows 8 and 8.1How to Add or Remove "Dim display after" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "Enable forced button/lid shutdown" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove "Hard disk burst ignore time" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove PCIe "Link State Power Management" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "System unattended sleep timeout" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove "Turn off hard disk after" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "USB 3 Link Power Mangement" in Power Options in Windows 8How to Add or Remove "When sharing media" in Power Options in Windows

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I will be going to do further my BE Engineering courses for 4 yeras from now into the Computer Science field and i have heard that it requires some not too big but not too small programs to install on PC i OWN THE hp STREAM 13 laptop i know that it cant be upgraded to better SSD STORAGE but can i use an external hardisk with USB 3.0 uSB INTERFACE to store and install apps & PROGRAMS

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I have three normal settings, but there is an odd one that stands out and does not use english characters. Does anybody know how to solve this?

A:Power Options Help Advanced Settings Options

Do you have a game booster installed?

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I have an older Belkin F6C1500-TW-RK UPS and the mfg has not offered software management for the Win 7 64bit OS. I want to let Win 7 manage the battery and shutdown. I set the High Performance under Power Options to turn off display and put the computer to sleep after 3 minutes as a test. I yanked the input to the UPS and nothing happens and I went at least 5-6 minutes (didn't time). The battery icon in the sys tray stated 2 minutes remaining and never moved.

I have connected the UPS via USB and the Device and Printers, USB Input Device show the drivers are fine and the UPS is working.

Am I misunderstanding what Win 7 will do on its own without mfg monitoring software?

The attached are screen shots how I set the advanced settings

A:How to set Advanced options in Power Options (64 bit Ultimate)

Welcome to 7Forums!

With those options, you can set how much time windows will take an action after you are not taking any action
So if you set 3 minutes for turning off the screen or going to sleep and leave it alone it will scedule these action after 3 minutes.
I don't really understand the part where you explain that the timer stopps. I do not recommend setting the same values for both options under 'on battery' or 'plugged in' state.
I would just increase the 'on battery' / sleep time to 5 or 10 minutes and see if it works.


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My browser (internet explorer) is missing the delete history and other genreal tasks under the internet options in the tools section. as well at time my broswer will not open, and typing and scrolling is very slow. i do not currently have virus protection, and was worried this might be a virus.
any help?

A:missing options on internet options

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In the Dell XPS 13 (9360). Using the latest BIOS 1.3.2 (but the old previous BIOS version was the same).

If you go to the "Fn Lock Options" under BIOS, there are 2 options, they are listed as:
  Lock Mode Disable/Standard   = The F1-12 Keys behave as function keys
  Lock Mode Enable/Secondary = The F1-12 Keys control the secondary functions.

These options are Swapped. If you disable the "Fn Lock" and set the mode to "Lock Mode Disable/Standard", log into Windows, and Press F1, it will then MUTE the system. Even though it should act like an "F1" Key.
If you go back into BIOS, set the mode to "Lock Mode Enabled/Secondary", log into the system and Press F1, then the Help comes up.

The options are swapped on these two configure options. Please update the text in the BIOS to match the appropriate configuration. Thanks. I've included a ScreenShot of the BIOS options. "Fn Lock" does do what it describes (disables Fn-Esc). Doesn't matter if u turn this on or off. If you have it set up as I do below, the Fn Keys are set for the proper Function (F1-F12) operation. However, the text says it should do its secondary functions in this mode.

A:XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched

Hi codster,Thanks for posting.I'll send this over to the team that writes the instructions. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Windows 10.
If I use the Windows Key-X, or click on the windows icon and do a right click, the menu items are displayed but only a few of the menu items actually then do anything if they are selected.
For example clicking on the Control Panel - nothing happens.
If the type Control Panel in the taskbar search box - control Panel is displayed and clicking on that displays the Control Panel.
It was working fine, then suddenly stopped.
I have also tried logging in to another account but the same problem exists.
Any idea how I can get the Windows Key-X menu options to be reset - I have tried a restart, but no change.

Best regards


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I am currently wanting to begin the process of upgrading various parts of my computer in the upcoming months. The first item I would like to do upgrade is the RAM. I am currently using 8BG (4x2) and would like to double that. I was thinking of going with the Corsair Vengeance 2x8. Eventually I would like to have a pretty sick gaming computer. As of right now, it can handle a lot but can struggle from time to time if I crank up the graphic settings.

I guess the reason I am posting this is to ask a few questions. Would upgrading RAM be a good starting point if wanting to upgrade other hardware as well. I was thinking of also swapping out the video card, cpu, and adding some fans (when I get money that is). I must sound like a complete novice right now lol.. but, I am ready to finally go through with this because my computer is starting to feel like it is getting behind the times in terms of speed and performance haha. Anyway, any insight into this topic and or first time upgrading, specifically with the RAM, would be grrreat. Thanks.

A:Solved: Upgrading Hardware - First Time Upgrading

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I've managed to upgrade some of my home PC's from Win 7 or Win 8 to Wn 10 without any significant problems, but I am having major difficulty upgrading one of my PC's.

It is running Win 7 Home 32-bit and when I originally ran the Windows 10 upgrade advisor, it indicated that I could not upgrade as my NVidia GEForce 6600 graphics card was incompatible with Windows 10.

I tried various workarounds, using suggestions on this and other sites, to upgrade with the GEForce card but none were successful. So I purchased and installed a new graphics card - an AMD Radeon R7 240, which should be Win 10 compatible.

I then re-ran the Win 10 upgrade advisor - it still said that I couldn't upgrade as the "GeForce 6600 card" was incompatible - even though it was no longer installed!

I checked the Device Manager and the graphics card was clearly showing as being the AMD card. I then explicitly uninstalled any NVidia drivers/software using the Control Panel/Program uninstall - still unable to upgrade to Win 10. I also ran the Wagnard tools "Display driver uninstaller" and removed any NVidia software/drivers - still unable to upgrade. I am using the latest drivers from the AMD website.

I also tried to upgrade using the Media Creation tool and a Win 7 image from DVD (previously this also failed to work and gave the incompatible graphics card error); this seemed to work up to a point, but after a reboot it wanted me to select a keyboard layout but neither my usb keyboard no... Read more

A:Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card

Windows 10 no longer supports NVIDIA 6-Series Graphics Cards anymore as of Windows 8

Hint : Install drivers manually through device manager (it may or may not work)

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I have 2 Dell 780's that I would like to reset to factory using the Dell Recovery partition.  These are Windows 7 64bit Pro machines.  The units have 3 partitions, diagnostics, recovery and OS.  I have followed instructions to start the recovery process and can successfully get the units to boot to the standard windows restore options page, but the expected last item "Dell Factory..." is not present.www.dell.com/.../how-to-restore-your-windows-7-computer-to-factory-settingsI do not see Dell Backup and Recovery installed.www.dell.com/.../DriversDetailsThere is nothing on the C:\ partition I wish to retain and want to do a clean (re)install, ideally on a formatted drive.  I would like to keep the recovery partition functionality intact so this can be done again.  I rather not do an upgrade where I get left with a windows.old folder and other unused folders in the root directory.Related:1 - I think I read somewhere that recovery can only be done once.  Is this correct?2 - Does recovery also include the Cyberlink software?3 - From where is the System Recovery tools run?Also have seen this:  en.community.dell.com/.../20141229

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