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Dell Optiplex 360 does not power on. There is no audible click when the power button is pressed

Q: Dell Optiplex 360 does not power on. There is no audible click when the power button is pressed

Dell Optiplex 360 does not power on. There is no audible click when the power button is pressed. I have gone through the following Dell Troubleshooting Videos and articles.
My PC Won't Turn On! (Official Dell Tech Support)
No Power? Learn about Dell's Built In Self Test for power
No POST, No Power, No Video on a Dell Desktop Computer

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Preferred Solution: Dell Optiplex 360 does not power on. There is no audible click when the power button is pressed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi all, new here and not very technological so be gentle.
I have bought an old Optiplex 380 SFF to use for a homemade arcade cabinet project and need some wiring advice / help. Basically I want to add and illuminated arcade button to act as the power switch when the cabinet is built as the computer will be inside and not accessible.  As these computers do not have traditional headers / pins for the power switch I am stuck as how to achieve this. Looking at it I believe that the ribbon connector that connects the power audio USB front panel to the motherboard would be a good place to look, dell part number UM941. Ideally I would like to isolate the + and - for both the power switch and the power led within this ribbon. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this part number? Or a pinout for the motherboard and the front panel? Motherboard part number is R64DJ and front panel is XW055

A:Dell Optiplex 380 SFF second power button and lower led

Dell doesn't make front panel wiring diagrams or the pin-outs public. So unless somebody else has mapped that connector, or you can do it yourself, you may be out of luck...
Will the keyboard be accessible once it's in your cabinet? If not, how will you exit Windows and shut down correctly? If you just push the power button to force shut down, you may create errors on the HDD that could prevent Windows from booting the next time. And any data not already saved will be lost.
Assuming the keyboard is accessible for normal shutdowns, here's a suggestion:
Look in BIOS to see if there's an AC Recovery option. If there is, you could set that to "reboot". Now you're free to plug the PC into a power strip or a switch box of your own design.  After the PC shuts itself down through Windows, turn off the power strip or press your fancy button to disconnect the PC from the AC.
Next time you turn the strip on or press your button, the PC will think it's recovering from a power failure. And with AC Recovery in BIOS set to reboot, it will automatically reboot the PC.
Sure sounds easier than what you're contemplating... 
EDIT: And if you plug your monitor, speakers etc into that same power strip, you only have to press one switch to turn everything on all at once.

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My Dell Optiplex 740 power button is blinking green an won't boot up

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When pressing the on button to turn on the computer, the numbers 3 4 appear above the power button along with a binging sound, or ringing sound and the computer does not boot up.
After waiting a while, I retired to boot the computer, the numbers then were 1 2 3 4 and the computer booted up just fine. I turned the computer off through the normal commands on the monitor and then attempted to turn the computer back on again. At this point the numbers 3 4 appeared and the computer would not turn on. 
Any clue, suggestion would be appreciated.

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I have an old Optiplex GX240 that had its power supply break, I recently got another power supply from a different computer. The Power supply is working however there is an orange light on the motherboard and power button that doesn't flash. The ABCD lights on the back of the computer are also not lit.

A:Orange Light On Power Button and Motherboard - Dell Optiplex GX240

GX240 requires specific NON PFC power supply.  This unit is 16 years old now and has 512 meg ram of the PC133 variety.   A newer model like an optiplex GX620 or better is still viable.  This system is TOO OLD and TOO Slow to be of any use.

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I have been using my Lenovo Y500 laptop for 5 years and there was no problem like this. Yesterday I got a new SSD to replace my hard drive and after some problems, I managed to install windows and started using it.However, there is a problem. When trying to open the laptop with power button, it no longer boots. It just gets stuck on Lenovo logo screen.The only way to get past this is pressing restore button, which opens something called Novo button menu Where I have to select "Normal startup" to start my OS. Which is kinda annoying.What could be the problem here?

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My computer was working fine until the other day when the computer power button flashes and then the number 1 and 3 lights flash thereafter simultaneously. Although I've researched the diagnostic code error message on the Dell support documentation, I cannot determine what may be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may the problem be and how to correct it? 
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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I bought Dell XPS 8920.
When I want to turn on the PC, I press the power button.
But, sometimes it doesn't turn on emidiatly, and I press short press on and on.
Sometimes I have to press longer to turn it on.
Why is that? What is the problem?
Do you familiar with this ?
Don't understand what to do.
I want that for expensive PC that I bought, it will turn on when I press, and now when I press, I never know if it turn on or I'll have to press few more time.

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My new PC with windows 10 (1903 updated weekly), when I have to restart the PC the PC of course shuts down ..that now 'cuts the power' to my HP 2011x monitor .., moniotr shuts off ., then when PC lights up and is now powering up.. BUT the monitor remains turned off.. I have tried all the settings in my power management but nothing seems to work.
I then press the power button and the monitor lits up and- there is my desktop all ready to go ..

why or how is this possible? .. over the past two decades with all my other older model sofware for windows when the PC powers up it signals the monitor to also power up but alas in my case today it does not.

( and yes I have installed the supplied drivers for my HP monitor from the factory disc )

thank you



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I have tried the method you suggested to other people but still problem have not been solved please help me.

A:my laptop is not responding. when power button is pressed o...

My hp laptop not responding to power buttonWhat should I do.. Please suggest any solution.

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hello, i bought a asus P5V800-MX mobo yesterday and i am positive i set the front panel connectors right for the case, but when i try to press the power button nothing turns on, but the green led on the mobo is lit. what is wrong? thanks chris

A:Motherboard green led on but no power when button is pressed

All the green light means is that there is 5 volts standby power!!!!

Do you get anything happen at all when you press the power button????

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Please help it worked fine for a while  after my daughter knocked it of the side but now it won't power on
I've tried different power adapters and still does the same thing
No power makes it to the computer at all, the yellow/ green light on the power transformer just goes out when it touches the computer  is there a safety switch on the mother board ?? I've tried it with everything disconnected
The battery
And still nothing
Does anyone have any suggestions ???

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Hi, just finished rebuilding my PC with all new mobo, ram, nvme m.2 SSD and HDD. Everything wired correctly and yet no life. Ez diag lights only. New mobo is the MSI x570 gaming plus. Which I?m now starting to understand is a tricky little thing. The front panel connectors are seated properly and firmly as instructions say to. All power connectors are seated properly. Same with sata data and sata power. 4 standoffs installed although that shouldn?t be a problem. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ryan.

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I faced this problem last night when my T530 suddenly switched off and not turning on till now. When I press the power button it blinks once and then nothing happens. When I plug the ac adaptor it doesn't show  charging indicator on.I tried to fix the problem by pressing the power button 10 times and then hold it for 30 seconds ( ac adaptor unplugged , battery removed ) but nothing happened.What should I do ? Please help..

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I wanna to use my laptop and I pressed the power button to turn it on,then it powered on and then after about 10-15 seconds it shuts down back...what should I do? Do you have any idea why does this happen? By the way I got the warning about the HDD problem...it says 'the windows has detected problem on your hard disk drive,please back up all your important files'

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I wanna to use my laptop and I pressed the power button to turn it on,then it powered on and then after about 10-15 seconds it shuts down back...what should I do? Do you have any idea why does this happen?

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I have this problem for one week. I have the following error message when I start up my PC, a 6-year old HP pavilion desktop:

“Reboot and select proper device or insert boot media in selected boot drive and press a key”

Pressing any key gives me the same message. The night before the problem started, it was OK – however, I noticed that the shutdown process was much slower than usual.

I had done the following to try to resolve the problem but without success:

I had gone into the cmos setup / Boot Device priority and tried to set to boot from hard drive first but it indicates “HDD Group Boot Priority” as not installed.

In cmos setup, I pressed F5 key to Load Setup defaults, then F10 to save and exit cmos setup.
I took out the coin size battery from the motherboard, waited for 15 minutes and placed it back – then went into cmos again, press F5 again to Load Setup defaults. Repeated the process twice, this time waited for half an hour before putting the battery back – still cannot boot.

I took out the graphics card and put it back; unplugged the power cable from the hard drive and inserted it back; used another spare power connector to connect to the hard drive.
I pulled out (disconnect) the hard drive data cable (red color) from both the hard drive and motherboard and re-connect it back – still cannot boot.

And I realized something is very strange – now, every time I switched on the power on the wall plug, the PC start to power up immediately and the power ... Read more

A:Hard drive not detected / PC start up even though power button not pressed.

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The power button on my Yoga 500 has stopped working as it is broken inside (pressed). The only way I can switch the laptop on now is via the Novo button (reboot button) which starts in boot menu.  My yoga 500 is in warranty.But when i showed to lenovo service centre , they said it  will cost 600$ for replacing power button . Please, let me know if in warranty this hardware issue can be fixed. ?

A:Yoga 500 Power button pressed inside (broken insid...

I was going to check to see what is involved in the repair, but there are several machines with similar names.  Can you see if there is a model number on the back?

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T420s tries to start after power button is pressed, then shuts off and continually repeats this process..Does this with battery and also with power cord..Removed hard drive and changed memory and does the same thing.. Doesn't even get to the Thinkpad screen..

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recently bought a Dell Inspiron 14 5459 on June 12, 2016 and first thing I noticed is that to turn on the laptop I need to press and hold down the power button at least for 3 seconds in order for the laptop to boot up, this seems strange, I brought up this issue at the Dell Store where I bought the laptop and the sales people there told me that they noticed this in most Inspiron models.  Is this normal?

A:Dell Inspiron 14 5459 power button needs 3 seconds long press to power up?

Thank you for writing to us!
This is unusual we would suggest you to check with another system to see if the same happens.
Kindly provide us with the service tag and email address.

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Hoping someone here can offer some advice? I own a Dell studio xps 435t-9000 that is a couple years old. I recently replaced my harddrive and since then (don't know if it's a coincidence or not) I'm having another problem. After I installed it, the first time my computer went into sleep mode/hibernation I couldn't wake it up. Power light was flashing white. Eventually I shut it down manually and then it wouldn't boot. Had a solid amber light, no power except the power supply. Fans not working. I unplugged everything and made sure it was all good. Wouldn't start. Left it overnight and plugged it in the next morning. Started up. Worked great for about 7 hours and then just randomly shut down, no errors or anything. Same deal. Wouldn't start, amber solid power light. Let it sit for awhile, reseated everything and wouldn't start.Gave up for awhile, tried a few hours later and it started. I read a few boards pointing to the power supply being bad or not powerful enough. However, I replaced the power supply about 6 months ago with a Corsair 600 which is plenty power. Could still be an issue perhaps but seems odd it would die in that little time. I also replaced my graphics card if that matters. Finally the last time I checked all the plugs I also took out the board batter for a few minutes to try and "reset" things. Not sure if that matters, either.

So, I'm at a loss where to go from here. I could replace the power su... Read more

A:Dell XPS random shutdown won't power on solid amber power button

Memory can cause the problems you are having. Make sure the memory is seated , Then run a memory program such as memtest on It let it run for a while and see if it shows you any errors.Also check and make sure you are not having a overheating problem

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Hi. This 24pix MINI atx power connector is basically the same as normal ATX connector (bur smaller of course)? At the pin settings is different? Where I can buy 24pix ATX to 24 pin MINI atx adapter that will work with those boards? Thanks.

A:Dell OptiPlex 760 (GX760) SFF and Dell OptiPlex 780 (GX780) SFF mainboard power connector?

Moddiy makes this.
Dell 980 960 780 760 PSU 24-Pin to Mini 24-Pin Adapter Cable (10cm)http://www.moddiy.com/products/Dell-980-960-780-760-PSU-24%252dPin-to-Mini-24%252dPin-Adapter-Cable-%2810cm%29.html

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Just got a dell inspiron running vista home premium 64. works fine, except each morning the power button is blinking blue and unit has to be unplugged- mouse does not wake it, pressing power button kicks all the cooling fans into high gear, but nothing more. i suspect that this happens when unit goes into sleep or hibernate mode. under 'power plan', "dell recommended" is checked.


thank-you for any expert advice that you can offer

A:Dell- blinking power button- vista power mgmt?

Is it a desktop or Laptop?

Dell desktops are well known to have dodgy power units (hardware) installed.

Have you tried a cold reboot to see what happens?.....If you continue to have power issues call the Dell customer support and they'll send you a new power supply (for desktop).

Not sure about the laptops though.

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I'm having issues with a Dell XPS 8500. The power button does not power on the computer at all. I tried the usual reseating everything including the battery and holding the power button in with no power cable. I ordered a new power supply and put it in but now realize it's for an 8700. The only difference is the 8700 psu has the test button and the 8500 doesn't.
If I hook up the computer to a monitor/keyboard/mouse and hold the test button in on the psu, the computer boots and functions as normal. If I let go of the test button it shuts off. Is there a way to turn the test button on all the time because that would fix it.
Is there a special way to test if the power button is broken? I unplugged the button on the board labeled F and I read something about using a screw driver to connect the pins to turn on the PC?

A:Dell XPS 8500 Power Button No Power

Thank you for confirming all the troubleshooting steps that you have performed.
Now to confirm if the power button or the power button cable is faulty turn of the system and disconnect the power button cable which is connected to the motherboard.Then power on the system by connecting it to the wall socket then connect a monitor to the system ,we are trying to power on the system directly from the mains.
Hoping this helps.

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I bought my Optiplex 9020 mini tower July 2015. It's been used and moved 7 times and on the last move, the power button became unresponsive. When initially plugged in, one Amber blink shows up on the power button, and no more. I've held the button and nothing. However, if I hold the button on the back of the computer on the power supply, while holding it for 30 seconds, the power button works: I can turn on the computer and log in. Everything shows up alive and well.
Dell support sent me a replacement power supply thinking that was the issue. But even after replacing it, the same issue occurs. One Amber blink on the power button when pressed and held. No more. And again, the computer starts when the back power supply button is held for 30 seconds and the front power button is pressed. The power only turns on while the back power supply button is pressed. Is this an error with the power button or the power cable? When on, there are no problems or error messages.
Any help would be great!

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Has anyone else with this model been experiencing issues with the PC shutting down, and then blinking orange amber light on the front?
We have 100 of these and had this problem on a few of them. The blinking pattern is 2 then 1, which Dell says is system board failure. But resetting the power fixes it till it happens again. The first time it happened we replaced the PC, and the same thing happened. So we replaced the power adapter, and the same thing happened. Then we took a whole new PC out of a box and finally that person didnt have the issue again. But now someone else is.

A:Optiplex 3020m Amber Blinking Power Button

Hi ,
These models have clearly indicators of  faulty component with the help of power buttons which blink accordingly .Now when the power button is showing blinking amber with pattern of 2 and then 1 it shows that system board is faulty . I can assist you with the service call ,do provide the service tag info ,system owners details ,contact no ,physical address ,invoice copy (sent via private message ) so that I can verify the same to arrange for service call.
Hope to hear from you soon .
Kindest Regards,

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My Dell GX300 won't power on. The power button light just blinks when it is plugged in. I tried booting from a floppy and from the OS disk but nothing happens.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Optiplex GX300 Blinking Power Button Light

It's either a bad power supply or mainboard -- the former more likely than the latter.  Unfortunately, both the power supply and mainboard are both proprietary and obsolete on this model - you may have difficulty finding either.
Unless the system can't be replaced for some reason, that would be preferable than the seach for parts for this one (which is on the order of 15+ years old).

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So I can't turn on my Optiplex 755 through the regular power button.  I have to hold the power supply test button on the back, and then press the on button.  The computer then stays on, but I don't get any video output.  No BIOS beeps or anything.  Not sure what's going on.  The service tag is
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

A:Optiplex 755 only turns on through power supply button, no video output.

Power supply problem?

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Hi everybody,
I recently inherited an unused PC from work. It's an Optiplex 780 with a faulty power supply.
I replaced the power supply with a working one from an old Optiplex 740 and also had to buy an standard ATX 24 pin to mini ATX 24 pin cable in order to use the 740' PSU in my Optiplex 780.
I have plugged in the power cord (but no mouse & keyboard because I don't have any USB keyboard available) and I expected the computer to show DELL logo as well as on screen POST messages during power up but instead I can see the following :
1) Power button in orange color. No blinking. : according to service manual it means PSU is probably OK and PC has reach booting stage 2.
2) 1,2 & 4 green diagnostic lights are on. This combination (1,2,4) is not listed in service manual so I have no idea on the possible kind of error.
Any suggestions about the possible error and how to fix it?
Kind regards,

A:Optiplex 780 - unknown diagnostic light code 1,2,4 plus orange power button

Hello!  I would unplug everything go into the computer and unplug any cards you have like graphics card and network cards etc. Also unplug your HDD and Optical Drives and plug them all back in and see if that clears it.  I looked at the manuals you did and just combined 1,2 and just 4.  

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Dear All
I request all the professionals over here to just let me know the problem and the solution for it.
Yesterday all of a sudden while browsing my laptop (Dell studio 1557 - win 10 - 64 bit - 4 GB Ram - 1 TB HDD - 512 Mb graphics) has stopped responding all of a sudden making a huge buzzing sound, with no option left I have performed force shutdown by pressing the POWER button for a long time.
Later I have tried to start but there is no Display, I can fell that the PC powered up as the cooling fan is rotating and they are no beeps sound immediately after power-on but after about 2-3 min time when ever a key is pressed on the keyboard i can hear a Beep sound (one beep for each key only while pressing) . This is the only thing i can feel and i am unable to know what is the problem.
- I have tried removing the RAM cleaning and putting it back but it didn't help me.
Hoping a solution for the problem kindly help me out.
Thanks in advance
[email protected]

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I have an Optiplex 580 SFF which does not power up when the power button is pressed. If I press the reset button on the rear panel the fans run and the HDD runs. When I release the button everything stops, no light on front panel only amber light on mother board. No K/B/M connected also no monitor connected.

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Hi, when i put the powercord into a Optiplex 390 the orange light on the motherboard lights up and the power button starts to blink orange.
none of the diagnostic lights go on.
when i press the power button nothing happens.

can someone tell me whats wrong.

A:No power activity on a Dell Optiplex 390

Hi, when i put the powercord into a Optiplex 390 the orange light on the motherboard lights up and the power button starts to blink orange.
none of the diagnostic lights go on.
when i press the power button nothing happens.

can someone tell me whats wrong.

A blinking amber power LED usually indicates a failed power supply, replace the power supply with a 'known' working unit, to see if this makes a difference.
Which version of the Optiplex 390 do you have, the Mini Tower, Desktop, or the Small form Factor?

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I have an Optiplex 790 DT (i5 - 2nd gen. with 3.1 GHZ) and the gpu power supply on the motherboard is restricted to 35 W. My question is, if I could install a rather modern GPU (GTX 1050, RX 480, etc.), if I hook it up via a 6 pin power connector from my PSU (600 W)? Will that work or cause issues?Thank you for your help!

A:Dell Optiplex 790 GPU Power Supply

Unfortunately, they will not work in the 790. They require a StandardPCIE 3.0 bus spec as well as other specs the Optiplex 790 does not meet. The bus on the 790 is Bus type PCI 2.3PCI Express V2.0SATA 1.0A, 2.0 and 3.0USB 2.0 Bus speed PCI: 133 MB/sPCI Express x16-slot bidirectional speed - 8 GB/sx1- slot bidirection speed -SATA: 1.5 Gbps, 3.0 Gbps and 6.0 GbpsUSB: 480 Mbps

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My pc won't power on, this problem has been happening lately. If the power goes out in my house, I am unable to turn my pc back on. I have a solid orange light on my power button. Could it be a power supply problem? Can anyone help?

When the pc is on, it runs fine.

A:Dell Optiplex GX60 won't power on

The power outages in your house stresses the PC's power supply to the point of failure. Have the power supply in the PC replaced and invest in a good surge protection scheme, to protect the PC better next time

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My newly arrived X1 Carbon 5th Gen has a rattling power button and trackpad click button. This ThinkPad is my first windows laptop and I dont know if it is normal for a plastic (or carbon fiber) made laptops. Anybody have these issues and/or know any solutions? Thanks!

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i have a dell otiplex 740.my power supply is over heated every time i run my desktop,i open it up and there is one tiny cable disconnect from the motherboard.this tiny cable leads to the power supply that has a cooling fan built inside the power supply.now i don't know were on the motherboard it belongs to.can any one help me with this issue.thanks

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I have a dell optiplex 760and when I connected to the monitor it says power saving mode please help

A:Power saving mode dell optiplex.760

It means either the monitor is not set to the correct input, or the computer is not outputting the video. Edit: also bad cable.

How are you connecting the monitor to the computer, and is it set to the correct input?

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I am wanting to upgrade my power to at least 400 watt. I bought a power supply that is a EVGA 400 watt power supply and the pins did not match up with the motherboard in the 980. Does anyone know of a compatible power supply that is 400 watts or more?

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Hello all!

My work computer is on a network and every time the power surges or goes out, our hp 6940 series printer resets its IP. the only way to print is to reconfigure the ports in the control panel. is there a way to prevent this from happening or perhaps assign a static address for it?

Thank you in advance

A:Dell optiplex 360 needs new printer ip after power outage

Hi, I have some questions:Does the power go out in the building or does the printer reset itself?Go Here: Click Here And try and reinstall the drivers.

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Hey,Dear i have problem with my desktop dell optiplex 9020 the problem is when i tried to power on it is not powering on but i can see that the power button is still orange but it is not powering on.

A:Power issue with dell optiplex 9020

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum!
Here when the power button is  orange it indicates that the system is receiving power but not sufficient power to transmit it to the system's components.
However I would suggest you to try these steps and advise the result ,
*Disconnect the system from wall socket and press ,hold the power button where in we are releasing the static charge from the system ,then connect the system back to the wall socket and turn on the system .
*To confirm if the power supply unit is working fine would ask you to perform the power supply unit Built in self test where in behind the system where the power cord connects to the system you will be able to see a tiny black button with a green radial bulb next to it .When that button is pressed if the green light glows then power supply unit is working fine.
*Confirm the power button has a steady orange  light or blinking orange and also if you hear any beeps from the system .
Can you also provide your computer model ,service tag of the system (via private message) to perform model specific troubleshooting. Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a great day ahead !
Kindest Regards,

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So, my boss wants a remote power switch added to his Dell OptiPlex 7020 so he can pack it away in a cabinet but still be able to turn it on remotely, comfortably. I have no idea what the pin assignments are, pins look like this (box on side, front facing you, plug is in lower right corner of box):
Left to right top row first:
Yellow, Red, OrangeBlack, Blue, open     * * *     * *Any ideas that will not short me out?Thanks.

A:Dell OptiPlex 7020 on\off power pin assignments

Dell doesn't make those pin-outs public. So unless somebody else has or can map them for you...
But I've got 2 cheaper / easier suggestions.
Option #1:

Connect PC to a surge protector or power strip with its own power switch.
Reboot and immediately press F2 to open BIOS setup.
In BIOS setup, set AC Recovery to "Power On". Save the change and exit setup.
After using PC, shut down normally in Windows
Turn surge/strip off at its own switch
When you turn surge/strip on again, PC boots automatically without pressing its power button
If you connect monitor, printer, etc to same surge/strip*, they all power on with one switch
*NOTE: Surge/strip must support the load of all devices powering on at same time

Option #2:

In BIOS setup, set the Auto On Time options to suitable days/times; instead of using the AC Recovery option
Less "flexible" than using the AC Recovery option and requires user to turn monitor etc on separately

Give your boss the options, and pat yourself on the back for solving the need so simply .

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I have windows 7 and a dell inspiron 1545.

When using both my mouse and my touch pad the cursor does a left click without a button being pressed approximately every five seconds.

I have downloaded some drivers from dell but this did not solve the problem.

The computer originally ran window's vista.

Thanks guys!!!

A:Touchpad and mouse do left click without button being pressed

Do you want to use the mouse and the touch pad at the same time?
If not there is normally a hotkey (FN + the touchpad icon) to disable the touchpad when using the mouse.

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i turn it on i can hear the fan etc.. the green button comes on my monitor saying its on then theres just a blank screen, the computer does endup coming up like after 30 minutes. ive checked all the cables and everything and it still wont work. ive scanned my computer for viruses and nothing apart from a few tracking cookies.

A:My computer wont turn on when i click the power button for like 30minutes.

bad switch and/or bad psu

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yah the title explains it all I am looking for a 400watt PSU for a small desktop computer because I dont want to buy one and then dont have it fit


A:power supply unit for a dell optiplex gx270

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I need a better power supply so I can add a better video card. The power supply that comes with my SDT is really small and long and only 210W. They don't make official power supplies with more watts.

I've heard that the 1u server power supplies are the same size and should work with my SDT if it is ATX12V compliant. My question is will the power supply from a Dell PowerEdge 850 work in my Optiplex SDT? The part number for the PowerEdge's power supply is T3504.

Is there anything I need to take into account (connectors etc.)?

I'm new at this and would greatly appreciate any help.



Dell Optiplex GX280 Manual
Dell PowerEdge 850 Manual
Forum post recommending 1u PS (post by xyphur)
Power Supply on Ebay I'm looking at

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Alright so normally I can fix any pc issue I come across but I have very little knowledge of AIO's
Client called me with a Optiplex 9010 All in one.
When plugged in the light next to power is green.
When you hit the power the power light goes blue and the  light above the power is white for 4 seconds.
Fan starts up for 1 second and nothing else happens. nothing on the screen at all  (normally)
sometimes when you push the power the fan starts for a second then dies then for the next few minutes it trys to start with fan going from 1 second then dead, fan for 2 seconds then dead, fan goes 10 seconds and then dead,  almost like a car engine not getting gas but trying to start up.
Whole time it does this the power light stays blue and the light next to the plug is green.

My guess is a bad capacitor on the mother board or a bad PSU.  This being a AIO I would have to order direct from dell or off ebay.  So would like some more info being putting another $100 into a brick

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