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Phone Line Disconnects When I Hook Up Modem!

Q: Phone Line Disconnects When I Hook Up Modem!

I have a large Toshiba P25-S520 running WinXP Home. In the summer I shift from Cable
broadband to dial-up. This year, When I connected my phone line to the RJ11 hook-up, my telephone connection literally died. When I tried to dial up the internet, I received a "no dial-tone error." The minute I disconnected the phone line from my computer, all of my phones started working again! I checked the hardware device list and the modem is o.k. and I also "queried" the modem as well. All seems to be in working order.

I should mention that my husband's laptop works just fine, with no problems whatsoever.

Can someone help?



Preferred Solution: Phone Line Disconnects When I Hook Up Modem!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Phone Line Disconnects When I Hook Up Modem!

I suspect that the actual modem had died. The relay (solid state or mechanical) that takes the phone off-hook is usually the suspect here.

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I am still using dial-up as my main source of Internet access. I use a PCI SoftV92 Modem hooked up to a home phone line. This is the only line into my house, I have a slitter plugged into the line, with two ports, one has a line plugged in that is connected to the modem on my PC, the other has a line that connects my telephone. The telephone is a dual-system, it has a cordless phone and a base phone (not cordless).

My modem worked normal with my phone ever since I had my PC. Normally, when the modem was connected and one would lift the phone off the hook, you would hear the various noises of the Remote computer on the other end. If someone called while the Modem connection was active, they would hear a busy signal.

Recently, I had to reformat my HD. So of course I had to reinstall windows. So of course I had to reinstall the drivers for my modem.
This was about 5 days ago. Ever since, if someone lifts the phone of the hook, the modem will automatically disconnect. This is true with both the cordless phone and the base phone. If someone calls, they still get the busy signal and the modem does not disconnect, but if someone lifts the phone of the hook or turns the cordless phone on (like one would do to get a dial tone) noises can still be heard from the phone, but the modem disconnects.

I have searched through the various settings on Internet Properties, modem options, connection settings and stuff like that on my PC.

The phone does not seem to be doing thing out... Read more

A:PC Modem Disconnects When Phone Line is Activated

Disconnect all splitters and phone lines except one for your computer. Make sure you disable call waiting and see what happens

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The ADSL Broadband disconnects when I take the phone off the hook ...

I connected the filter to a modem extention lead... would that have anything to do with it??


A:ADSL Broadband disconnects when I take the phone off the hook

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I am having trouble getting a computer to dial out using dial up. Every time that I attempt to connect it says that the modem is in use but it is not. Any suggestions? I went to devices and disabled the modem and re enabled it and it will not work. Thanks!

A:Phone line modem

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When my computer is off, the modem will pick-up and hold the phone line when the phone rings. To get the phone to work again, I must disconnect the phone line from the computer. I have win98. If the computer is turned on this does not occur. Thanks for any help.

A:Modem tying up phone line

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Can I boost dial up performance by reducing the legnth of my phone line to modem cord?

A:Cord from phone line to modem

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U.S. Robotics 56K Internal Modem for Windows PCs
Model No. 3CP5699A
Manufacturer US Robotics

i cannot find the problem with my modem, i have 2 phone lines at my house one i use for internet one for talking. When i connect my modem to line1 (talk line) it dials fine. when i connect to line2, i get this static like sound for 2 seconds, then all sound stops, then the modem starts dialing but unfortunately nothing happens afterwards until constant loud beeping starts like when you hold the phone and donot dial for a minute.

I tried with another jack, i even called the phone company technician, he has plugged his laptop and it worked fine, and he said i might have a short circuit on my computer.
But even if that is the case, how come the other line works and this one does not?
Also, if i plug the phone directly into the jack on wall i get dialtone and i can use it. If i plug it to the modem, then extend it to the phone, then i get problems like i need to de plug and replug each time after i use or else i donot get dialtone and that beeping.

I am sure it is something to do with the modem, but i donot know what. my roommate uses other line so i need to make this line work.
I tried short cords, different cords, cord adapters, but as i said, it works fine with one phone line and other one does not work.

A:Modem works with one phone line, does not with other!!!

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Hey all,

I'm currently subscribed to TWC's internet and phone plan, and I'm paying for 50mb/s internet, but my router and modem are only capable of putting out an average of 13-16mb/s. Also, since I'm paying to lease one of TWC's modems, I want to cut out that $10/month fee. Thus, I want to purchase my own modem and router (or a combination of both).

However, any modem I buy will need to have a phone line; I can't just ditch the phone line because cell service in my area is atrocious. (This is "VoIP" when the phone line connects to my modem, correct?)

My problem is, any modem I want to buy doesn't have the telephone line that I desperately require. I've already scoured all vendors for a decent modem with a line, and I spent a couple solid hours combing through Amazon, amounting to nothing. Is there any way I can buy a nice new modem and just get an adapter of some sort to connect my phone line? Or, did I miss a promising modem that will actually suit my needs? Or, will I have to abandon this endeavor and suffer my First-World problem here?

Current Hardware:

Arris TM602G (Modem)
Netgear CGD24G (Gateway)
Proposed Hardware:

TP-Link N300 - Cable Modem Router
Netgear N450 - Cable Modem Router
I appreciate any and all help, and feel free to ask for clarification or more information.

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Dear Friends,

pls tell me is that possible to connect one telephone line with two modem (both are wireles)if possible then how?


A:Connecting two modem with one phone line

Not possible.

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Hi! I am losing hope here. On Wednesday, we had storms in our area. I was very ignorant in believing that as long as my computer was shut off it was O.k. How wrong I was... I had the surge protector on though, and had the brilliant idea to shut it off. Well, when I pushed the switch, there was a lound crackling/snapping noise.

Now I am having lots of problems. Mostly with my dialup connection. I have an internal modem which is a Conextant 1033 HCF PCI modem.

Windows used to say it connected at speeds of 48 but actually connected around 34 or so, according to those internet bandwidth tests. Now it tests at between 8 and 9. It is so slow, almost not worth connecting, and it takes anywhere from 5 to 30 tries to connect, or does not connect at all. Most times it says "the computer you dialed did not answer". My phone co./isp came and did some things, updated the modem driver, deleted and created a new connection. He ran a "computer software" test on my phone line which he says came out O.K, but admits that sometimes it doesn't always show everything. Modem Helper says the modem is fine. HyperTerminal comes up with a "no carrier" response. What does that mean? He checked some AT codes. I admit I'm ignorant on most of this stuff. I checked the line for noise, changed the phone line wire, disconnected all the phones and just connected the computer. My phone co. brought a laptop which he says was able to connect to the internet using my pho... Read more

A:Is it the Modem or the Phone Line or Worse?

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Dear Experts ~
We want to access our AT&T DSL line through a telephone line connection like we used to when we had a 2wire home portal 1000 modem. Presently we have 2wire 2701HG-B, which does not appear to support phoneline connectivity. Can this be confirmed? Is a new modem a solution? Is home telephone line internet access still a viable form of access?

Thank you very much!
wb104475 (aka wes)

A:Modem - Phone line question

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I need help. I have a computer that when the modem is plugged into the phone jack, it automatically ties up the line.
I have tried:
- Using a different phone jack in the house (same problem)
- Using a different cord into the phone jack (same problem)
- Leaving the computer off and then plugging it in (same problem)
- Leaving the computer unplugged and plugging the modem in (same problem)
If I take the modem out of the computer (its an internal modem) and plug it in the phone jack it doesnt do that. Do I need a new modem or is my wiring bad? or could it be something else?

A:Modem Ties Up Phone Line

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Hi Guys, just gave my machine a new hard drive and threw XP on. Everything's fine except when I disconnect from the Internet I cant reconnect or use any phone in the house until I take the phone line out of my PC and put it back in.

Kind of like it's not releasing it correctly....Hope someone can help me out!

A:Modem not releasing phone line

I had a similar problem when I had dial-up. I think it was a driver issue with me, I forget what I did, but I changed around with a bunch of different modem drivers, and it worked eventually.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but that's all I can remember, Hopefully someone else can help.

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just installed w2k with service pack 4. Bought new modem, v92 technology, with rockwell chip. I can log on to my server without any problem. good connection. but when I click "disconnect", the modem won't let the phone line go. so far, the only solution is to turn off the computer. any suggestions?

A:modem won't disconnect phone line

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I have a Pentium II 400 using Win 98 and a Motorolla SM56 AD04 56K winmodem. I got the computer last september and I've been using a phone line for internet access. But since I have 2 phone line and the phone line I am not using has call waiting, I decided to use my second phone line for internet access.

Initially, the problem was every once in a while ( every 2 - 3 days), I get connected with this second phone line, but most of the time, I get 'No dial tone', even though the phone cord is plugged in and is tested to work with the phone. When changing to this phone line, I changed the phone number settings. ( With this settings - I was able to connect to the internet with the first phone line - the one that I used to use for internet access ).

A day before changing my phone lines, I installed a shareware called Modem Booster (which is suppose to tune up your modem so you'll get faster speed - downloaded from download.com ). Also, I made sure that I uninstalled the shareware before I changed my phone line.

Could it be that 'modem booster' ruined the settings in my modem? That's what I thought initially so I installed modem booster with my second phone line ( I was able to connect to the internet for 3 days but then the line didn't work anymore. Next, I upgraded my modem driver which did not help at all. Could it be that my second phone line doesn't have enough power ( or something) to provide internet access? HELP.

By the way,... Read more

A:modem rarely works with second phone line

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We have a desktop PC with a modem...the problem is it will not pick up an Italian phone line. Our laptop works fine with the phone line but for some reason it won't work on the desktop.

We have talked to an Italian hotline and the troubleshooter said something about all we need is a "line of script" to fix the problem. I'm assuming (my Italian sucks!) that he meant a quick command to re-route the current command. Any body know what this command might be?

We would appreciate any help from you, hopefully before the volcano blows!

Thank you.

A:can't get modem to acknowledge ITALIAN phone line

Are you up to date on your critical updates? They arent so critical but some of them can help in these situations.

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I used to have three land phone lines. About two years ago, I pared it down to one. We no longer need to communicate on land phone lines and want to get rid of that last land-line phone.

The problem: I still get computers to service that are on dial-up and I occasionally still need to troubleshoot/replace modems. How can I emulate a land phone line to test these modems' abilities to detect a dial tone, dial and connect?

A:A way to do a sure-fire test of a modem without a phone line??

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We have NEC MobilePro 900's that use the internal modems to dial into work. I've been looking for a way to let the users dial in from a digital phone line without frying the modem. I ordered two Targus digital telephone enablers, not cheap, and they are supposed to do this but the problem is that the enabler wants to connect to the phone receiver using an RJ-9 connection. Many home phones are wireless or don't have the RJ-9. They instead have the RJ-11 connectors. Does anyone have a way around this? Or know of a product that will accomplish this?

A:digital phone line frying modem

You need to get modems that are digital line tolerant. I thought most modern ones were. Certainly the two PCMCIA modems I have are both digital line/exchange enabled.

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I installed a new modem, and plugged in the line-in phone wire and a telephone handset. If you pick up the handset there is a loud annoying humming noise. This happens whether the computer is on or off.

I tried it in two different PCI slots with the same results. I installed the drivers and still the same.

I tried the same modem in a different computer. It works fine.

Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this?

A:Modem causing noise on phone line

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hai... im using BB i have two account one is mine and other is from my relative.i tried the other account it working... i can use 2 account after changing in my modem.. i have an old modem how to connect two modem in single phone line

A:2 modem,2 account,1 phone line.how to connect

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I have a Gateway M675 running XP Pro. Up until the end of January I could receive and send faxes without problems, although I did much more receiving than sending. When anticipating a fax, I would take the phone line from my DSL modem and put it into the dial-up modem receptacle (is that what you call that part?), and it would answer automatically after two rings as I had it set up in fax configuration. Before the problem, I would be able to hear it ring and answer through the speakers. When the problem started, I didn't hear the rings. so I checked the phone line by picking up a separate handset and could hear the automated operator "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again..." If I try to send a fax and switch the phone line over, it will pick up the line before I have a chance to send the fax, unless I time it just right. I tried doing a manual answer, and unless I timed it just right, the phone line was already picked up, or it would answer but not receive the fax, or receive just part of the fax, and would take much longer than usual and I receive fax error messages, such as "there was an error receiving the fax from XXX-XXX-XXXX", but no specific error was given in the Fax Monitor dialog box. Basically when I switch the phone line from the DSL to dial-up modem, the dial-up modem picks up the line after about 15-20 seconds it goes from dial tone to the automated operator comes on, just like when you pick up a regular phone ... Read more

A:Modem picking up phone line, even when computer is off

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Here's the problem:

We (myself and my room mate) just hooked up a new U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem for Windows (running Windows 98 Second Edition) and have encountered some background noise (static) on our regular phones. We have it on the same phone line, and the static goes away when we unplug the phone line from the modem.

We have troubleshooted the actual phone line and all of its connections, so we are positive it's coming from the modem itself.

The modem is brand new, out of the box for less than 36 hours (at the time of this posting). Do you have any ideas as to what might be causing this or any ideas how to go about eliminating it?

Any help is appreciated.

A:Background noise on phone line after modem hookup

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Is it possible to set up my Dell AIO (All in One) 962 printer/fax/scanner to send and receive faxes through my Comcast modem? I recently had my phone line disconnected to cut costs but would occasionally like to send/receive faxes. Spoke to Comcast and they said it was possible but that I would have to change some settings on my computer and on my fax machine. What are these settings? My Comcast modem has 2 phone jacks labeled TEL 1/2 and TEL 2. Which of these jacks should the fax machine be connected too? Thanks in advance!

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Cannot setup dial-up connection.
The modem works - responds to query.
(Tested with windows fax utility, can send and receive faxes)
I want to setup dial up connection (for area with bad wireless/cable) - but get "error 633".
Problems started when someone tried to configure something (probably did it wrong); altered setting for services _or maybe_ deleted some windows files.
Remote Access Diagnostic Report is here: http://tiny.cc/dialup100
Modem using port 28. Diagnostic Test succeeded.
Dial up networking settings screen shots are here: http://tiny.cc/l8sxyw
When clicking "connect" the 633 error comes up immediately.
More details:
OS Windows 7.
Restore points unavailable.
Connection via Cable just fine.
No Malware or Virus Issue.
I ran SFC /SCANNOW. Verification 100% complete. "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations".
I ran Tweaking.com - Windows Repair - didn't help.
Is there someone who knows which files and services are needed / or a workaround to only [manually] install windows files necessary for internet dial-up connection ?

A:Problem with internet dial-up connection. The Modem and phone line work.

Have you contaced your ISP?  Some use a script to set up a working dialup connection for customers.
Generic References

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I recently acquired an older Compaq PC (4090US model) with Windows XP, and had to install an internal V.92 PCI modem in it (it was a gift for someone who uses a dialup connection). There were only 2 slots available, one with a wireless modem card and another with a network card; I uninstalled the wireless card and installed the PCI card following the instructions that came with the CD. It appears that the new card has been detected and installed properly; however, I cannot connect to the internet using dialup, as I keep getting a "phone line is busy" error from the modem. I went into Windows "Help and Support" section and used their network diagnostics tool, and think I see the source of the trouble- both my new modem and a PCTEL PlatinumV90( ? I don't know if this was from an earlier modem card installed or if it's the LAN card?) are listed under "Modems". However, under "Network Adapters", there is still a listing for the Wireless connection. It lists as follows- [00000001] NETGEAR FA312 fast ethernet adapter
[00000011] NETGEAR WG311 v2 802.11 Wireless PCI adapter.
I can't find a way to modify this connection. Any ideas?

A:"Phone line busy" error after installing modem

I think (from a little web searching) that PCTEL PlatinumV90 is an integrated dial-up modem. Is it not working, and that's why you needed the PCI card? Maybe you can disable it in the BIOS.

When you "uninstalled the wireless card" did you simply physically remove it, or did you use Device Manager to uninstall it and then physically remove it? If the former, that's probably why you're still "seeing" it. If it still shows in Device Manager, try to uninstall.

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In a new twist on phishing, fraudsters are sending out e-mails that attempt to trick people into sharing personal information over the phone...the spammed message warns of a problem with a bank account and instructs the recipient to dial a phone number to resolve it...The phone system identifies itself to the target as the financial institution and prompts them to enter account number and PIN,"...news.comCloudmark Press Release

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wondering what to get to hook up two pcs on the same line

well i got a idea from a friend , he said to hook up my 56k modem with my sisters one as well , but i was wondering what sort of stuff i need to do this , it may sound simple to u guys but i just need the help , look foward to at least one reply plz..

A:Hook up two pc's on the same line.

:wave: Newcomer Welcome & Hello :wave:

Yes it is possible to network via a modem, but your better off getting two (2) NIC cards & a Crossover Cable for Peer -to- Peer networking.

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ive just upgraded my tiscali broadband from 2mb to 8 mb, but ever since ive had problems,ever time i use the phone i get internet explorer cannot display the webpage and the only way i can get back onto a webpage is to reset the modem(sagem 800).ive tried using a different phone and new filter but it makes no difference.ive had 5 long phone calls to tiscali but problem still not resolved.
ive re-installed the modem still no difference,when i ping the ip address it come back with timed out,can you help,starting to get very fustrating.

A:phone disconnects me

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Windows 2000

I know I have the modem hooked up right, I know the dial up is hooked up right, It keeps saying there is no dial tone so I unchecked the dial tone detection and you could hear the modem dial up right away but it would dial once and then nothing. There is a phone dialer hooked up on this computer will that make a difference if it will dial out or not? there is only one place to plug the RJ11 line in. Most have the phone jack and the line jack this one doesn't. This guy had a bunch of spyware and a few trojans etc on his computer and asked it I would help him. I caught a bunch of stuff but I have to be able to dial up so I can update the programs I am running. Need some suggestions, Thanks The modem is a HCF 56K MCI Modem and like I said it is hooked up right you can query it and it gets answers and no dial tone but unchecking the dial tone detection box you can then hear it dial up but does it once and then nothing. I no the line is good.

A:Solved: Windows 2000 SP4- has modem and phone dialer- can't get modem to work- Help

did w2k id it or did you supply the drivers?

2k doesn't like a lot of hardware.

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I just got DSL and now everytime the phone rings i get disconnected. When i got it they gave me a Westnel 327 router/ modem and filters for the phones. I have the phone line going directly into the modem/ router, then from there i have a wire running to my linksys N Gigabit 310 router. I have the router shut off on the westnel. Also all phones also have the filters on them.

Anyone have an idea what the problem could be or what to test?


A:DSL Disconnects When Phone Rings

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Due to my problems with error 638 and being disconnected frequently I went into control panel,clicked on phone&modem options only to find that my modem isn't accounted for at all! There is a blank where my modem details should be and yet I am on line when I'm doing it! Help! My computer will not allow me to access Hijack- this but I've run adaware spybot and antivirus.I'm also refused access to the btyoyager modem booster as 'the unzipped folder is invalid or corrupt' This is the reason for refusing Hijack-this also.Yesterday I was disconnected 6 times in 70 minutes and I'm getting desperate!

A:no mention of my modem under 'phone&modem' of control panel

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This problem began last week after my connection dropped off completely but once it returned after about an hour my internet would disconnect (not when the phone rings) but rather when it was answered.

I looked into the issue online and found it could be related to wrong settings on my Netgear router (which I checked out and was fine), the other issue that came up was filters.

So I rang AOL who said to change the filters and I put two new filters on and this seemed to stop the problem until tonight.

We changed the filters on Thursday and the problem stopped so we thought fantastic! Until tonight the phone rang and off went my internet.

It's odd as the disconnect only occurs when the phone rings and the connect immidiaetly restablishes after the phone is put down.

I'm wondering if there is anything further I can do as I feel like I'll hit a brick wall with my ISP (AOL!!!!), I've heard that it could be my router/modem is there a way to test this?

Anyone experienced a similar problem or have an idea how I can solve it or what the issue is?

Here's my router log if it helps;
Mon, 2010-09-13 16:20:47 - Receive NTP Reply from time-g.netgear.com
Mon, 2010-09-13 20:00:43 - LCP down.
Mon, 2010-09-13 20:00:59 - Initialize LCP.
Mon, 2010-09-13 20:01:02 - LCP is allowed to come up.
Mon, 2010-09-13 20:01:03 - Loss of synchronization :1
Mon, 2010-09-13 20:01:04 - CHAP authentication success
Mon, 2010-09-13 21:08:42 - LCP down.
Mon, 2010-09-13 2... Read more

A:Internet disconnects when phone is answered

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I have Qwest DSL. Whenever the phone rings, my DSL disconnects me from the web or causes me to freeze. I have an Actiontec modem with a Linksys WRT54G router. Is there a setting I can make to prevent this?


A:Solved: DSL disconnects when phone rings

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title say it all,help me pl0x

well outside of my house is the main plug and that wires into my house next to the bed.Connected to that is the plug thingy(idk know what it is).and connected to that is the caller id( a grey wire) and the modem when the phone rings my internet disconnects my phone is at 5.8Ghz and my router is at 2.4Ghz

A:Internet disconnects when phone rings

10 minutes= no reply [profanity removed by mod]??

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Hi, ive had this problem for a while now and I really havent thought of it.

Ok, so the title says it all but i do have a single ADSL in line splitter/filter connected to the 1 phone in the house. Ive read similar forums and they say do that.
Im a bit of a n00b when it comes to internet so stick with me.


A:Internet Disconnects When Phone Rings!

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I have a 3com officeconnect router,everytime someone uses the wireless phone it disconnects the router.I tried changing the channels in the router but still it kept disconnecting.
Any Idea how to fix this?

A:wireless phone disconnects router

Change the phone to a non-2.4ghz model.

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I've been having this trouble since! It's very irritating and I'd love to find a way to fix it.

I have a cable connected to the dsl modem in my sister's room and the phone is connected in my mom's room.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Internet disconnects when phone rings

Is there a broadband filter in the connection to each and every phone in the house?

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Is there a way to "reset" my modem? After some nasty weather last night (and a possible minor power surge), my modem seems to be always on, like a telephone off the hook. I can't get it to disconnect. I've rebooted several times, unplugged the computer, and I tried sending a fax through the modem thinking it would disconnect at the end of the call. I've had no luck. Even when the computer is unplugged, the modem remains off the hook. Any suggestions?

A:Modem off the hook

Looks like the surge took out your modem.
You could try opening it up ,
take a coin &
sweep it along the contacts of the chips a couple of times (with power removed of course)

I've revived hardware a couple of times this way

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Considering DSL service (AOL or SBC)-- cable service not available here.

Question: Do most modems have the "outlets" for more than one pc? I'm not interested in networking; just want to hook up two home pc's (to high speed internet) to be used simultaneously by running phone cable to each from the DSL modem. Is this possible? If one outlet only, can I use some sort of splitter?


A:DSL modem hook-up ?

Most of the time the modem is activated only for one NIC card. Meaning you'd have to get sometype of router.. There's one on sale at officemax for $20 after rebate. plus I have the one that's on sale and it has the ability to clone the machine address off your computers NIC. pretty cool.

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I have had the same modem through Brighthouse for eight+ years. It is working fine, but they are now charging rent on this old modem, so I would like to purchase my own and not have the rent to pay. I am pretty tech-savvy, so here's my question--what is involved in changing modems? Will the settings just automatically be changed when I switch the modems? I do know how to go into settings on the computer, but I am not sure I will know how to do changes that need to be made. I can copy all the settings before making the change, if that is needed.
I will appreciate any/all help. Thanks so much!

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I bought a Zoom 56k usb modem to hook up to my toshiba lap top (no disk came with it) to get a dial up connection.(my only option). The comp. wont let me down load the modem. The wizzard said to contac Zoom web site but they dont have a search menu to post my problem. I have a set up disk to install msm but it wont down load till i can the modem in. The comp. came with out a modem. Any input will be welcomed. Thank You

A:external modem hook up

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Hi, I am in a 2 office complex. My office has a Linksys router and computer which is connected (via ethernet cables ) to DVR for recording surveillance cameras. I connect to the second office's router, a D-link and go out to the internet on his DSL via a wireless d-link usb.

What I want to do is view cameras from my home. But I have been told that before I can portforward, the router connected to the DVR has to have access to the 'net.

I can't run a cable from his router to mine. Is there any way for my router to access his modem and get on line? He willingly lets me hook up to his DSL via the wireless USB d-link, but I can't run a cable to his router. I have been told that I can't portforward through the usb wireless, that the actual DVR router has to have access out.

I really don't know much about portforwarding, except what I have read--no practical knowledge.

Can anyone offer a solution? Thanks

A:Can you hook 2 routers to 1 dsl modem

Just leave one router connected the the modem and connect the two routers together. There should be on-line instructions available on just how to do this

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lets me start off with saying I'm sorry for how long this is, but I will cover everything that has been done.
I had my 1st dsl account with verizon for about 3yrs it was terminated for nonpayment (their messup), never had any problems. they tryed to make thing right by setting up a new account new modem and 6 months free, from day 1 evertime you used the phone(either pickup and or hangup) the dsl disconnects, now it's to the point where 2 seconds before the phone even rings the dsl dissconnects and it seems like every 20 min or so the dsl randomly dissconnects. verizon has sent 32 techs to my house. after the 1st yr verizon decided to install the homerun package (NID is split house lines and jacks are filltered and dsl line unfilltered) problem is still there, this was tech 15 or so that did that. 2 yrs and 17 more tech still dc'ing. Even with no phone pluged in and calling the house with me cell it dissconnects
1st acount 3 yrs no problems
new account
random dissconnect
dissconnect when phone is used or rings
so wtf is the problem and why cant they fix it??
have had all fillters tested and replaced
3 diffrent modems
and have had the speeds changed from 1.5, 3.6 and 7.1kbps all with the same results
ohh ya forgot to tell you evrey tech that comes out test the line @ the nid and jack says everthing is great 14543kbps then look at me like a deer in headlights when I pick up the phone and the dsl dissconnects, then they say that a problen in the CO ( centrel ... Read more

A:verizon dsl disconnects when, phone rings pickedup or hangup

This is clearly an ISP issue, and they're the only ones that will be able to fix it. Since they've installed the DSL filter and a direct line to the modem, that's as good as interior wiring gets.

The techs are correct, this is a problem either in the lines coming to the house or the CO.

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Im about to purchase a router for my house's new cable i-net connection. They charge 14.95 per extra isp, so i thought this would be the best way to do it. I got 2 questions. Now when the DHCP server onboard the router assigns ip address, are these unique to the network. I mean, when i video conference with my family on Netmeeting, and i give them the ip addy that shows up on my "ipconfig" utility, will it ring on all the other computers attached, or will it only ring on my computer. I know routers are usally good at splitting signals...but how good? Also, alot of routers claim to be say 4-port, but isnt one of these ports already taken up by the cable from the modem to the router, so in essence 3 avail. ports. Or would i be able to purchase a cross over cable. Plug one end in the modem and plug the other end in the "wan" or that seperate slot in the router, and have the 4 computer slots in the router for 4 computers? Whats the best way. Speed is sort of an issue, but im runing on a 14.4 cell connection right now, so anything will be better. Please let me know the best way to use a router. I have 5 computers i think that want to connect, but the only other routers i see after 4 port are 8 port. Please Help

A:How exactly do you hook up the Router to Cable Modem

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I need to know if I can hook up my cable modem without actualloy needing the CD to come with it, since I don't have it it was accidentally taken by my sibling, if so can someone help me and give me a step by step instructions? I have a laptop and win xp. The wizard isn't helping me much....

A:Can I hook up cable modem to laptop?

To connect to a modem via USB you need the modem's software. Maybe you can download it from the modem manufacturer's web site.

No software is needed to connect to a modem via ethernet (except, of course, for the ethernet adapter's driver).

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I am new to this so please bear with me. I have one computer and 1 cable modem. Currently my computer is hooked up through the USB port on the modem. I want to get a second computer for my household, so I checked online with my cable service to see if I can connect two computers to my modem and it says you can hook up 2 computers through a home network, but they do not provide tech support for home networking so I need to check through there. So that didn't answer my question on how do I do it, and I have no clue on how to set up a home network. I basically want another computer that can access the internet at the same time and do word processing functions. I wanted to know if I have to pay an additional service fee to my cable company and purchase another modem, or does the second computer somehow get connected to the main computer. There is an empty ethernet connection on the modem, but it says not to connect both the Ethernet and USB cable to the PC, or can you connect the second computer here? Thanks for any help on to do this.

A:How to hook up 2 computers to cable modem?

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