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power option problem...

Q: power option problem...

guys i have a problem in power schemes tab as you can see.i cannot edit it..

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Preferred Solution: power option problem...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have compaq presario cq 40 317 tu notebook
Problem is that whenever i use it with windows xp home edition it never give me options to manage battery. also it all time show icon of Ac power on the task bar even the laptop uses battery. no alarm or any other option to change the battry settings or dont get any idea how much battry is available to use
but the on vista everything works fine.
Please help

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say i make a new power custom plan and save it now i am useing it as my defult plan here is the probelm eveytime i use the modem the second i click connect the power plan automatically bounces to high performace. and when its done dialing the number sometimes it will auto switch back to the custom plan and sometimes not. what is causing this to happen its very annoying especially if im using the batter however it happend even when the plug is used or vise versa. what is makeing it auto bounce between plans like that. I re partitions the hard rrive and re-insdtalled windows and even did a master recovery from the factory cds and this still happend after 4 new fresh installs. I heard someone say this is a vista64bit bug but they was not to sure on it. or if ti was even true. is there a fix. patch etc
note i do have service pack 1 and 2 installed and all the window updates done this did not resolve the problem in the least bit.

A:power option problem

Hello Microvista64, and welcome to Vista Forums.

As a workaround, you can use one of the default power plans and adjust it's settings to what you need and use it instead. Hopefully that will work better for you.


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Hi guys

I have my power setting to shut my monitor off after 15min
of inactivity, it has been set like this for months and all of a sudden
the last couple days I noticed my display wasn't shutting off.

Any suggestions

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Hello,In my power option settings i have selected NEVER to turn off my monitor.But for some reason the pc decides to keep switching the setting from never to 20 minutes.
Any advice would be nice to cure this real pain.
Example,,,I can be watching a film then the screen goes black and no picture,when i check the settings it reads turn off monitor after 20 minutes ????????
I have no idea why this is happening.

Please help

A:Power option problem

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I am running XP Pro with SP/3 and have lost my power option function. Everything under "Power Schemes" is grayed out so I have no setup options..
Can anyone help, I've not seen this problem before.


A:Power Option Problem

Try this:

Line 204 - Right

Download the file. Double-click to install.

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on my HP 6910p Laptop. The power plan options were working absolutely fine, but suddenly it has started to act weird. When I used to select a power option For instance , when I click High Performance: The brightness used to be full (As I Configured this plan to have max screen brightness) and when I used to switch to Power Save: The brightness used to be lowest (As I configured this plan to have lowest screen brightness)
However, now, when I switch between the plans, nothing happens. For instance, if I click high performance, the brightness remains the same as clicking the power save plan. Also, If I choose High Performance power plan and lower its brightness, and then click on power save the brightness remains same as the high performance. So, Apparently, there is no change.
Can anyone suggest me what to do?
I have also Battery-Care software installed if that helps.

A:Power Option Sudden problem..

Using this tutorial and reading the links below should help you in getting the right power options for
your laptop.
Power Plan Settings - Change

Welcome to 7 Forums.

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AOA frnds

i have hp notebook with windows 8 OS.
when i plugged in the charger the display totally disappears and the screen has black for only 1, 2 seconds. and the same situation is when i removed the charger. but this is not happened when i was using windows 7. is this a problem or a feature of windows 8. if this is a problem plz tell me how can i resolve it ,

A:Windows 8 power option problem

This link may get your started on solving the problem, but I have no confidence in what anyone said. Check out the links though.

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I have a power scheme problem on my computer running XP Home. I stupidly deleted the power schemes on the Power Options Properties window, thinking I could enter my own custom ones. However, XP did not permit this and now all the options are grayed out and I can’t get back the original. I don’t want to go through a reinstall of XP. Can anyone tell me how to reclaim these power options?

A:Solved: Power Option Problem

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I've done a lot of searches using variations of the above title and came up empty or just plain missed the answer.

I'd like to know, if it is not asking too much, the following points:

1. What exactly is the function of Link State Power Management in the Power Options Advanced Settings, PCI Express?

2. What are the implications of using the options available:

a) Off.
b) Maximum power savings.
c) Moderate power savings.
d) Which option is the best selection for my Dell laptop.

I'd appreciate a feedback on these points.

Thank You for Your time and patience.

A:Power option PCI express Link State Power Mgmt

The function of that power management feature is to manage the power consumed by your PCI devices. PCI components require constant streaming of data when in use so configuring power management to shut them down, or reduce the data stream, when not in use can save some power, which really only has a substantial effect in laptop power savings. The wireless card is usually a PCI component in a laptop, so configuring it for maximum power savings might shut it off when it's not in immediate use. This might introduce some lag into your wireless connection upon first use of the wireless or even during use (if the system decides to shut it down between connections). It's hard to say what impact it will have for you. If you're not extremely worried about getting that extra small fraction of life out of your laptop, I'd leave it alone and configure it not to use power management (keep them on all the time). Otherwise, you can try out the different settings and see if you notice a difference.

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All i have on my 920 is balanced, no option to change to a different setting like power saving or performance, is this correct ?thanks

A:Lenovo yoga 920 no 'power saver' option under power settings

AIUI, Windows 10 comes with Balanced. You can create as many other power profiles as you like and name them anything you want. It's a great way to experiment as you can always go back to "balanced." 

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Can I use switch user option on power option list or on start menu list ?

A:switch user option on power option list or on start menu list

Hello jk22,

If you like, you could already use either option in the tutorial below to natively switch user. OPTION ONE is the closest to what you want.

Switch User in Windows 10

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In the documentation I see a reference to:

For optimal performance, set the Power Option of the ATA Lightweight Gateway to High
Where do I go to to set this option?


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Hi all

is there any way to show the power plan in tray like in winxp so i can change between plans (balanced, power saver...)


A:Power Option

Right click on your task bar --> Properties --> Notification area tab --> tick power.

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I accidentally erased the default settings in Power Options (in the Control Panel). Now, when I try to enter a power option and save it, I get the message, "revision levels are incompatible", and I cannot apply the setting.

If any know the names of the original default options originally available , and the settings of each, perhaps I could enter the values, save, and start from scratch? Or, what settings ARE compatible?

A:Power Option Defaults For Xp?

Hello spike404,The following may be helpful -- first try the fix recommended under "Method 1":"Power scheme options are unavailable on a Windows XP-based computer":http://support.microsoft.com/kb/913622EDIT:There is also the following article, which may apply to your situation:"Error Message: Power Policy Manager Unable to Set Policy. Indicates Two Revision Levels Are Incompatible":http://support.microsoft.com/kb/302713

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I’ve got my Sweetie’s Acer 2300 Travelmate’s display set as follows:

Turn off monitor after 25 minutes
Turn off hard disks after 25 minutes
System standby never

Her screensaver starts after 5 minutes. It runs for a while, and then disappears. Monitor returns to the desktop and just stays that way.

Any clues as to what may be causing this?

Better yet, how do I fix it?

A:Power option problems

Try not using a Screen Saver.
25 mins. isn't going to hurt it to sit there,
because then it will turn off.

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hey guys.
Does anyone know how i can get the power options in my taskbar ?
its greyed out in system icons ....

A:power option in taskbar

YOu can try to type power options in search, and then drag to task bar; that may work.

Weather the above does or not work, this may be more to your liking.

Power Plan - Create Shortcut to Change Power Plan[2]=Power Management

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How do I disable Windows XP Power Option?

I have a Toshibia Laptop. Whe I go to use the Power Option in the Control Panel, I get a screen that says I have to disable the XP power option feature. How do I do that? Thanks.

A:How to Disable XP Power Option

What error do you exactly get?Describe briefly.

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I recently did a clean install of Windows XP Home. I no longer have the standby option in "Shut down". It is grayed out. When I go into Power Option Properties, under Power Schemes; the only Power Scheme available to me is "Portable/Laptop" although I am on a Desktop. If I check the "Save As" box, it says: "Power Policy Manager unable to set policy" and below that an exclamation with a message saying "Indicates two revision levels are incompatible". I don't know what to do.

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The Stand By power option has stopped working on my netbook.

The power options are set to go into Stand By when the lid is shut. This has always worked, but has now stopped working.

Even when I go via the Start button, Turn Off Computer and click the Stand By button nothing happens.

All looks to be in order when I look at the power options in REGEDIT.

How do I get the Stand By function working again on my netbook.



A:Stand By - Power Option

go to Start/Run and type powercfg.cpl and press enter. Go to the Advanced Tab and set the When I close the lid .... option to Standby.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8 (64-bit) and noticed I don't have power options available. I own an HP Pavilion DV7, usually when I leave the laptop to do something over night, I go into "Choose what closing the lid does" and I get the error saying my power plan info is not available. Whenever I try to create a powerplan it tells me the same thing, but when I hit next, it tells me it can't find the file specified. Any ideas on how to fix this? I have no power options at the moment. I tried resetting to defaults using cmd, rebooted, and the only power option I had (Razer Gamebooster) was gone, and had nothing after. Thanks for the help.

A:No Power Option in Windows 8...

Hello Papaniz,

It sounds like a bad upgrade possibly from something incompatible from the previous OS.

You might consider refreshing or resetting Windows 8.

Hope this helps,

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i noticed that on sony vaio laptops there is an option to boot directly to the internet browser, which is great if you dont need access to any files or want to wait for windows to load up..
is there a way to setup a similar config on my pc? (would make things so much easier if i just need to browse something quickly)

..like a dual boot option once passed the post.

A:Browser option at power on

I think you will find that you still need a large portion of the Windows OS to load to support Explorer before you could launch IE - in any event, you might want to try and configure KIOSK Mode -> How to use Kiosk Mode in Microsoft Internet Explorer to run at boot.

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I am using windows XP home sp3, w/IE 8.I am 79 yrs old & could always set the monitor power option to shut down the monitor after 10 min. if not being used. It doesn't do it anymore. I have reset it & restarted the PC, but it stays on. I am stumped.

A:monitor power option

I've always had the problem where after a day or 2 or maybe even less my monitor will not go into standby or go into standby and a few seconds later come out. Different computers, different monitors and everything so it seems like a bug in XP. This has been going on for years...maybe 10. It's only guaranteed to work after a reboot but it doesn't last.

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Windows XP SP2 on eMachines laptop.

Power options settings box is grayed out.
No power schemes listed.
No settings possible.


A:Power Option Settings

Look at system properties to see what xp is using for power management. See if it is enabled. Many laptops are rather odd. They might require special tweaks that the manufacturer did on the previous OS to get it to work. found while re-searching your problem: remember to always back up your registry before doing ANY changes to it.I would also wait for someone who's been around here awhile to add to or change this advise.Esp. if you've never worked with your registry before.Mark in Redondo Beach - recreating default power schemes in XPAfter doing some research I?ve determined that there is no standard default power scheme, since OEM?s often customize these. However, Kelly?s Korner XP (a fabulous Windows XP tweak resource) has a generic set you can download from here as a Registry file. Download the file and double click it to install the power schemes in XP. You may want to tweak these a little in the Power Options control panel after you install them.[http://leoville.tv/uploads/powercfgrestore.reg]http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

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Hi there. I own a Y40-80 and wondering if I can somehow find a way to plug in the power supply and NOT charge the battery. Another words, I want to use the laptop and bypass the battery entirely.  Is this possible without taking out the battery? 

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I'm not sure if it has to do with the "upgrade," but now my task bar is along the right edge of my PC. (This is annoying because, when I scroll along the bar on any given site, my finger on the touchpad will sometimes stray off the bar and inadvertently hit one of the applications, which I then have to close: who designed this? But, c'est la Microsoft.)

When the task bar ran across the bottom, there was an area at the far left where I could chose my power options for my PC: sleep, restart, update and restart, or shut down. It was great to have that restart button if a program froze (or required it) but it's gone! My only options (apparently to me) are to 1. close the laptop, or 2. press the on/off button.

Am I missing something? I sure hope so... I want my old bottom-of-the-screen taskbar back. Thanks in advance!

A:How Do I Select a Power Option?

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate on a Sony laptop computer.

All of a sudden (may have been after the recent Windows Update), my computer will not turn off the display. I have the screen saver set to 10 minutes and the screen off after 20 minutes. The screen saver comes on appropriately, but the screen does not go off anymore.

It used to work just fine.

I have changed the timer settings to see if it made a difference, but it did not.

Any suggestions on how to get this working again?


A:Power Option Not Working

Try a System Restore to before the last Update. If that fixes it then you need to install the updates a few at a time until you find the one causing the problem.

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I have windows xp pro, I notice that I do not have an alarm tab in the power option box. I notice this while reading about low battery warning. How is this so? any assistance please, thanks.


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anyone has surface pro 3 and installed with windows 8.1? because when go to power option, it only show "put the computer to sleep" option only. it does not have "turn off the display" option.
so when gpo has "turn off the display" set as 15minutes for both batteries and plugged in, it is actually applied to "put the computer to sleep" option.
anyone encounter that as well? thanks.

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I am confused by some of the energy saving setting in XP. The energy-saving choices on the screen saver tab are not well explained.

I've read that an LCD display has a finite lifetime and running a screensaver picture consumes part of that lifetime. So it seems to me turning off the monitor after X-minutes is prudent.

What is the difference between turning the hard drive, option on line 2, after X and am going to Stand by? I thought, the energy savings in standby were accomplished by turning off the hard drive. I'm guessing there must be a difference otherwise there would not be two options. What is that difference?

I don't think the energy savings between standby and hibernate are so significant to prefer one over the other. However, after one hour of inactivity. I would like the computer to reduce energy consumption. Do I choose the option on line 2 or on line 3?

Is activity measured solely by keyboard or mouse, or does it include downloading?

Thank you for your help

A:Solved: power option properties

if you want to deave the monitor set the screen saver to 'None' and this will just give a black screen and turn the monitor to standby

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in my adv Power Option box it does not have start menu.It has the Power Button Action and Sleep Button Action

A:Power Option box does not have start menu

That button is set from the Start Menu settings:

Power Button - Start MenuRight-click on the Start button, click Properties
Click on the Start Menu tab
Select which setting you want from the drop-down menu

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Working on MOM's laptop. So I'm unfamiliar w/ Vista and correct settings and so on.

Having issues with her computer shutting down incorrectly. (found errors in event log and reliability log) Anyway... she likes to put her laptop in hibernate. But when she does that it doesn't shut down properly.

What should her power settings be set for so she can make her computer hybernate when she's just taking a break? And shut it down when she's done for the night?

Also would like to know what to change the settings so it automatically hibernates if it's idle for X amount of time?

A:Need advice ....power option settings

Hi Kuriusredhead, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Step Two (step 8) in this tutorial will help show you the recommended settings to use for hibernate.

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

Hope this helps,

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HP Recommended power option is not available and Hp logo is not showing in System Information. I had attached the pictures.

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Hi all I have just got rid of a bad virus named (antivirus xp2008) real bad now
i can not set turn off monitor for any setting but 5min.
the numbers are there ie;10min-15min-etc. But will not work.
Can anyone tell me how to get into taht system and how to correct it.

A:Windows XP power option properties

Don,. click on the Delete button at the top, under Power Schemes. Then make the new settings> Save as> Apply> OK.

Note: depending on the settings, you may get a message that the combination is not compatible. That is normal and you may have to make changes until you get an acceptable combination.

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We would like to use Guest account because it limits user access to unauthorized XP areas (good thing), however I do not want the computer to go onto 'Stand-by' every 20 minutes (this is XP 's default setting), so how can I accomplish this task (like to set it to NEVER standby).



A:Power option when using XP Guest Account

Go to the control panel then power options and change it in there.

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I have an HP Envy 15t product number: L4R36AV.  I'm trying to set it so it will automatically reboot after power loss.  I've been in the BIOS but I don't see any menu for the power options where the After Power Loss option is stored to set it to return to the previous state.

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I have had this Toshiba Laptop for nearly 2 months.
I very rarely take it away from home so it is plugged into the main power.
This morning I noticed that the battery warning light had gone orange and checked in Control Panel > Power Options.
Under Power Meter Both the mains power and battery are listed and the battery was at 99%, which only took a minute or two to recharge to 100%.

My question is.. Which Power Scheme should I have it set to so that the battery is fully charged for the rare time I require it, without doing any kind of damage to either the battery or to my laptop??
Currently it is set at Always On.
The other options are:
Home/Office Desk
Portable Laptop
Always On
Minimal Power Currently
Max Battery
TOSHIBA Power Saver

A:Solved: What is the best Power Option for a Laptop?

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I had to reinstall Windows and now I'm reconfiguring the power options. When I go to "control what closing the lid does" in my control panel, the option to Sleep is not there. It only allows me to select "Hibernate" or "Do Nothing".

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!

A:Option to sleep is not there under Power Options

This usually occurs when your display adapter driver is not compatible.
Try checking to determine what states are available to you:

- Click Start Orb > type cmd in the search box > right-click cmd in results above > click Run as administrator
- At the prompt type powercfg -a > press enter

Read the results to determine what sleep states are available
Quoted from

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I don't know if this is feasable,but is there any way to retain a "high performance" profile in "power options" under Win8.1,even when the laptop is on battery power?
I know by design that once on battery the profile defaults to "power saving" mode!Is there a workaround to keep it in high performance mode?
My laptop is an Asus!
Thanks in advance!


A:Power option question on a laptop?

@venustus : You can activate 'high performance' already and it will not change automatically, as long you click change plan settings and adjust the brightness for 'battery' and 'charger' then good to go.

I activated that on my laptop HP as always plugged on AC Power with battery on.

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I've been trying to change my power options. I go into Power Saver, "change plan settings," and try to change the "On battery" setting from "Put the computer to sleep: 3 minutes" to "Put the computer to sleep: Never." (I want to make this change because I have a Dell XPS, and it can have difficulties waking up from sleep.)

I've made this change a number of times, but after a while my computer simply reverts back to the 3 minute setting on its own. So, I leave the machine alone for a few minutes, I come back, and it's asleep...even though I thought I had changed the setting to 30 minutes. And in fact, I *had* changed the setting to 30 minutes; the computer is somehow reverting to 3 minutes on its own.

Anyone else experienced this? Got an answer? Thanks!

A:Windows 8.1 won't retain changes to power option settings

You might check if Dell's power management software is installed, that would explain your problem. Your power plans should be changed from there.

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Hello, I have a Z620 with Dual E5-2620 CPU's, 500GB SSD, 24Gb Ram and the standard PSU is rated at 800W.   I want to run a Geforce GTX 1080 but do not have the 8pin power connector that the card requires.  Would it be optimal to purchase a pin adapter and plug this in line with the SSD or replace the PSU all togther? Thank you!

A:HP Z620 GeForce GTX 1080 Power Option

NVadasz Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about the GTX 1080 and wanted to help. That card is really using a LOT of power -- as there have been a lot of articles lately about how much power it draws, so much so that AMD is working on new drivers to reduce the power consumption. A good site for info about the card is this one: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2016/05/17/nvidia_geforce_gtx_1080_founders_edition_review/#.V4UBG-Mk... There are also other reviews of similar cards on that site. As to the power cable, it's my understanding that some of the older PSUs, the ones that do not come with an 8-pin cable, have the option to connect two 4-pin cables, as the connectors are designed to be joined.  If you have that option, then you're probably OK, but you can't just change a 4-pin to an 8-pin and have it work.Good Luck

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with the "Power on with AC Attach" BIOS option enabled, my T430s boots up when the power adapter is plugged back in only if the battery is installed.  if the battery is unplugged it does not boot up.  same behavior docked or undocked.  it had the latest BIOS 2.70 but the behavior is the same with BIOS 2.69.  I tried downgrading further back but it won't let me.  question for everyone who has a t430s, do you see the same behavior? my goals is to have the t430s be able to boot itself up after a power failure, with or without the battery being drained.  Thanks!  

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2030 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3967 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1791 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 448568 MB, Free - 395704 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0XFWHV
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled

Is it possible to setup a power option for hibernation rather than sleep?
All the choices available are delays before monitor cut-off and before system sleep as a custom option. I would like to use an option such as 10 minutes for monitor cut-off and 30 minutes to hibernate.
Is is possible to instruct the Power Option of Windows 7 to hibernate rather than sleep

A:Solved: Power Option to Hibernate not Sleep

Yes, you can set it to hibernate. Go to Control Panel > Power Options and for the power plan you're using click on "Change plan settings".

Then click on "Change advanced power settings", expand Sleep and set the Hibernation time. You can also configure other settings there.

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Recently, I had to re-install WIndows 10.
After re-installing, I noticed that SLEEP option is not working properly. Before re-installing, closing the lid used to stop all the applications and computer used to turn off. But now, the computer's power light + fan remain ON. Putting the laptop in my bag suffocates it and thereby the body of the laptop becomes quite warm.
I tried with hibernate option, no change. Even if I select Shut Down from start menu, power light + fan are still on !

A:Sleep (power option) not working properly

Abu-Hafss,When you reinstalled Windows did you reinstall all drivers back into the system? If not, you will need to get the drivers loaded. You can also go int the setting  and choose Power and Sleep. Here you can set the computer to sleep or hibernate. You can also click the Advanced settings from this area as well and set the computer to sleep or hibernate.You can click the link below to choose your computer and installed OS to download and install the drivers if needed.Support.Dell.com

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the power cord came-off and after i plugged it back in the computer
keeps coming back to the option screen (choice of)- normally,last config,safe made-etc.
i tried all of those options but still goes back repeating to option screen
it was "just" running great till this happened
please some one help with info. much appreciated.

computer is a HPpavillion 750n desktop

A:power cord came off-now repeats option window-help

Hi Mike,

Try this: Go to Start, then to Run, and type in "SFC.EXE /SCANNOW"? (without the quotes - and with a space between the SFC.EXE and the /SCANNOW).

Let me know how that works out for you.

Good day,


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I don't know if this may have been posted previously, but just in case it helps someone, I'll go ahead and post it. Use of the Power Saver Setting in Windows 8 lowers my pc temperature (at idle) by at least 6 degrees. Using this setting, my pc now idles at 27 degrees C. When I use High Performance, my idle temp is usually at least 33 degrees, or more. For those who have problems with their pc's running warm, this is just one of the things I've found which helps temperature lowering. My biggest impact on lowering temp was air cleaning the pc case interior - getting all the fuzzy balls out.....lol. At one point, my idle temp was in the 50 to 60 degree range and I figured my disk was failing. After checking for a possible problem, I found much of the problem was my own maintenance procedure failure. So, if your pc seems to be running rather high, look around for the simple solutions - clean pc, use power settings, etc.

A:Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8

If you reduce power, you also reduce performance.

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