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Lenovo Ideapad y510p won't start past logo screen.

Q: Lenovo Ideapad y510p won't start past logo screen.

Hi, My ~3 year old ideapad purchased from Newegg seems to have gone south. I have Windows 8.1 installed. Last night I shut it off to bring it to class and when I got to class and tried to boot up, it wouldn't finish starting up, would sit at the logo screen for about 30 seconds before shutting down and starting over. The fans power up like it is going to start. It repeats this loop indefinitely. I tried holding the reset button next to the charger port and still nothing. Suggestions? Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Ideapad y510p won't start past logo screen.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


When I turn it on, it continuously cycles between the "Lenovo" with black background screen, to a black screen, then seemingly restarts itself and continues over and over. When I hold down the reset button near the power cord, it shuts down the pc, turns it back on, and the cycle begins again. What are my options? Also The PC shipped with Windows 8, but I upgraded to the free windows 10 back when that was available. If I have to reset the PC, it'll reset to Windows 8 right? Will I be able to get it to Windows 10 again?

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In order the remove viruses I restored my laptop to favtory settings. But when my laptop was trying to install windows again it was stuck at 10%. And after a while it said there was an error. And asked if I want to restart the laptop. So I did. But when it starts now it shows up the lenovo logo and then it goes black en then the logo shows up again. This keeps going. I can go in the bios setup by pressing 'F2'. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Help is needed. 

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Hi all,Recently i've noticed my Y510P had high temperatures whilst gaming. (90C on 4700MQ and 98C on both GT755's) so i decided to replace the thermal paste.The problem is that when i press the power button, only the power led goes on, nothing else happens. No fans spin, no screen, no keyboard light, etc.What i've tried:Unplug the battery and try to boot with chargerTake out 2nd gpuReseated everythingTried external monitorHeld the power button down for 60sReseated the CPUTurning it on without RAMTurning it on without SSDStill nothing happens, anyone got an idea?

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Hi all,Recently i've noticed my Y510P had high temperatures whilst gaming. (90C on 4700MQ and 98C on both GT755's) so i decided to replace the thermal paste.The problem is that when i press the power button, only the power led goes on, nothing else happens. No fans spin, no screen, no keyboard light, etc.What i've tried:Unplug the battery and try to boot with chargerTake out 2nd gpuReseated everythingTried external monitorHeld the power button down for 60sReseated the CPUTurning it on without RAMTurning it on without SSDStill nothing happens, anyone got an idea?

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So everything has been working fine on my laptop until about 10:30PM EST tonight. I bought it new in August 2011.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU: Intel Core i7-2630QM @ 2.00 GHz
HD: 750 GB
It's always been a fine machine with NO problems.
However, last night there were Windows 7 updates that were installed and then restarted my computer. I had not gotten a chance to check exactly what they were though. About 10:30 this evening, flash crashed in Mozilla Firefox which is not that uncommon, and from there Firefox closed, and so did my Microsoft Word and Excel apps that were open. From there, my computer began to shut down and restart. When it went to restart, all it could do was go to the opening Lenovo screen which gives you the F2 (setup option) and F12 (multiboot menu option) as it typically does. Besides a thin strip at the top that appeared after about 30 secs that only displays moving static that eventually will just stick, that is where the boot process ends. No Windows 7 screen, and certainly no opportunity to boot into safe mode to check for any problems. The screen freezes and goes nowhere.
So basically, all I'm getting in terms of boot options are lenovo features, not windows 7 features, meaning it won't boot into windows 7 or windows 7 safe mode no matter what I try. The biggest problem here is that I have no windows 7 disc to even try to boot from my dvd drive.
Anybody have any suggestions on what the probl... Read more

A:Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 - Crashed and now won't boot past opening lenovo screen

Are you able to get into the advanced boot menu by tapping F8? It might not be listed on the startup screen but it should still be there.
If not you can burn a repair disc from any PC with Windows 7. Theres steps from Microsoft Here.

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My girlfriend's lenovo ideapad Z710 won't boot up past the Lenovo splash screen. She turned it on this evening and it just keeps refreshing to the Lenovo splash screen. She can't access the bios as far as I know, and she tried the CMOS battery thing as far as I'm aware and that didn't work. It won't boot into the OS and just keeps refreshing to the Lenovo splash screen. Any help would be appreciated. it's a fairly old laptop but it's needed and we can't seem to get it to boot up again. 

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Please help.
My desktop has been randomly rebooting on its own & now I can't boot up
I'm on Win 7
I've tried to restart several times. I'm afraid to do the repair option b/c the last time I did that last year, I almost lost all my data. But I guess I have no choice now. 
It could be the heat in this apt. as my landlords are slum landlords, they refuse to fix anything & I've been dealing with 90-107 degree heat b/c the AC won't stop running & I can't afford to run it 24/7.
I don't know what to do, now I can't work
Thank you in advance

A:Windows won't start up past logo screen

Try booting it while repeatedly tapping F8 that should get you into safe mode, it could be a damaged driver that the system can't load.

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My Idea y510p with windows 10, will not charge past 60%. My battery holds charge, and will charge, but doesn't go to full charge.

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My Lenovo ideapad 110 is stuck on "Lenovo?" that's all that is on there I can't access the BIOS menu through the novo button or the fn+f2. 

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So last night i put my laptop on my bed (lenovo ideapad 100) and i let it do the new windows 10 updates and i left because i had some work, after 2 hours i came back and see its still working and it only shows the lenovo logo screen, the same thing i encounter now, i tried to reinstall it with a usb and cd but no result it only shows black screen. I put the boot priority good and enabled usb boot. Any help?

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my dell dimensions 2100 with xp home is hanging at the windows logo screen. I can start it in safe mode, but am at a loss on what to do once there. Please help asap.
Thank you,

A:xp wont go past windows logo screen but will start in safe mode

Turn off computer.

Turn back on - as soon as you've pressed the power button - tap F8

This will present you with a number of boot options. Select

"Last known good configuration" this and see if it works.

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Laptop is running on Windows 10. Yesterday I updated my AMD graphics driver using the update tool from AMD. After all the necessary files were downloaded and installed, I was prompted to restart and I did. Upon restart, the laptop would not boot past the Lenovo screen. The white circles that rotate always freeze and it just stays on the Lenovo screen upon every attempt to boot. I can't enter safe mode or the bios options, what can I do to fix this?  P.S. A few months ago I began having an issue with the sleep mode. When trying to enter sleep mode, the laptop would just shut down unexpectedly and almost instantly. I'm not sure what caused this issue, but I've just been avoiding it by shutting down instead of sleeping. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, or if the restart was interrupted by an unexpected shutdown. 

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My ideapad Y 580 would not unsleep so I turned it off at the power button. When I turned it on again it boots to Lenovo logo then spinning dots then Lenovo logo with text Preparing automatic repair then spinning dots then black screen. It never gets to a Windows screen. I have gone into bios and changed uefi to legacy with no change in boot up. Also tried system recovery in bios which also went to black screen.  How can I get ideapad to boot up windows 10? 

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Hello, I just bought a new y510p laptop few days ago. It works fine for frist 3 days. Now, when I turn on the laptop, it stuck at lenovo logo screen and then restart. The recovery key doesnt work as well, it also dispay lenovo logo and then restart. I really appreciate if anyone can help, thanks

A:y510p stuck at lenovo logo

Additional information: I don't connect any external device. I cannot access BIOS using F10 key

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Hi please help i got my new Lenovo ideapad 110 2 weeks ago and its stuck on a black screen after showing the logo and preparing automatic repair even using the one key recovery i tried changing things in BIOS and didnt work

A:Lenovo Ideapad 110 With AMD Radeon R5 stuck on Black screen after showing logo and preparing repair

 Hi there, Eddie                       -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Automatic Repair usually kicks in if there's a problem loading up the files that's required to start Windows. If the repair was interrupted and the screen just goes into a black screen then there's most likely a hardware component that's malfunctioning.
To check, try to:

Boot into the BIOS by pressing the OneKey Recovery button

  - Link to picture
If successful, set the following settings in the BIOS:
Security Tab:
Secure Boot = Disabled
Boot Tab:
UEFI = Disabled or Legacy
Boot Mode = Legacy
Boot Priority = Legacy First
Exit Tab
OS Optimized Defaults = Other OS or Disabled
When done, press F10 (or Fn+10) to save and exit and try to boot from your Windows CD

If you're successful in booting from the Windows Disc, see Step 1 to Step 2 of this guideon how to proceed in fixing the issue.
If the problem remains, consider re-installing Windows by pressing the OneKey Recovery button and choose System Recovery

  - Link to picture
In an event that the recovery fails, I recommend you contact Lenovo and report the issue as you may need to send the unit for service.
Update us how it goes.
&... Read more

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Hello, My Lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 is barly 5 months old, this morning when i tried to switch it on. it is stuck at the lennovo screen.I treid accssing the BIOS screen but even if the press the button it still wont go past the lenovo logo screen.Please help  Thank you,Shyam Jampala

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-08 at 18.08.07.jpg ?80 KB

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I recently tried to reset my Lenovo flex 3 back to factory settings, which is about a year and a half old, and instead of resetting it froze. I tried to restart the laptop while it was frozen, which seemed like it worked, but after a couple minutes I saw that it wasn?t making it past the logo screen. It just continuously restarted itself up until the logo screen, blacked out, then started again. How can I get my computer up and running again???

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Hi, I got my new Lenovo Ideapad y510p for a month ago, and  three weeks after it started acting wierd by having a slow startup and sometimes it just had black screen when it was starting up. Sometimes I have to hold down the  power and try several times to turn on the computer. When it do start up, at the begining (after the lenovo logo) it makes some black screen switching (not sure if it correct way to describe it), and then it take ages for it to get on the login screen, and get on desktop, its like it doesn't have an SDD. Any help?  


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A:Problems with Lenovo Ideapad y510p

Hi Zenadbeg,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that your Y510p laptop is not working as expected and takes long time to boot into Windows, below are the steps to check and resolve the issue in the computer:

Remove the battery and any other peripheral device connected to the computer.
Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then connect only the AC Adapter and try to turn ON the computer.
If the issue persists even after performing Flee Power then resetting BIOS to its defaults should resolve the issue
To access the BIOS menu click the NOVO button which at the left-hand side of the computer next to AC power adapter jack.
Then to reset the BIOS to its defaults click on ?F9? Key and select YES.
Now Click on ?F10? Key to safe the changes that are done in BIOS, restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Hope this helps!!!
Do post us back if the issue persists.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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I've had my Ideapad y510p for about 2 years and recently the charger stopped working.  At first it just needed to be re-plugged in, then it needed to be plugged it at weird angles and held up to charge, then it had to be in the exact right position, with no motion.  Then it just stopped charging.   From what I've read it sounds like this may be a problem with the port, not the charger, but I've tried using a charger that fits my computer but isn't the right voltage/wattage (or w/e) and it will charge for a time, then stop, then continue to charge if I plug it into a new socket. I tested it by taking out the battery and turning it on: with the inappropriate charger, it'll still work, with the old charger, it won't turn on.   As far as I can tell, there's no physical damage to the charger, though it's possible it might have been dropped or mishandled when traveling with it.  I know for a fact I've dropped my computer several times, but I've never had charging problems immediate after, and all those instances were a good while back.   So is it more likely that my computer is the problem, or just the charger?  I still have the warranty on my laptop; if that's the problem, can I get it fixed?

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Hi.I am considering buying Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p,to be more specific I want exactly this model from newegg.com. This model has 5400rpm 1tb HDD which in my personal opinion is not good enough for this laptop so I was planning to upgrade it to SSD but I am not if this is possible to remove the existing HDD and replace is with my SSD as I see no HDD bay on the back of the laptop,the manual also provides no information on how to acess the HDD. There is also no information on the size of the hard disk drive on this model,is it a regular 2.5" HDD or are they using other size drive..? I have chatted with a few representatives online,but they could not provide any specific information,one of them told me that this is possible,the other one said it is not.I hope someone can provide detailed information on this matter.Thank you. 


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A:Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p HDD Question.

hi quick5and,
Welcome to the Forums.
The official Ideapad Y510p specs sheet has not been released yet but the 1TB HDD is a regular 2.5" SATA HDD (same as the Y500, see page 38-40 of the hardware maintenance manual on how to access the HDD)
Other SKU of the Y510p, like this merchant, sells a hybrid 2.5" drhve (sample specs here)
As for upgrading the HDD to SSD, you may want to check Crucial's SSD upgrade for the Y510p or go with an mSATA drive (according to these reviews, the Y510p uses an M.2 (formally NGFF) mSATA drive).
Please check this pdf data sheet in the future as it will enlist the official specs for the Y510p.
Best regards,

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Hello guys,  I bought my Lenovo y510p for months ago, tried with several SLI games to run those. They all crash, and returns the screendriver has stopped working. I have the y510p with GT 755m sli. Any solution for this?? If I run without SLI all is working good.   

A:Lenovo ideapad Y510p SLI Crashing

Have you updated your video card drivers with the latest drivers from the Nvidia website?  Have you monitored your GPU temperatures to see if either of your GPUs are overheating?  You can try using GPU-Z to monitor your GPUs while gaming.

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I've done a lot of research on this and am still stumped.   My trusty T500 started to do random shutdowns a few weeks back.  Sometimes it would restart with no issue, sometimes I would need to briefly remove the CMOS battery to get it to restart.  Now it will only "try" to start, showing the power on, the "Z" light and the bluetooth  indicator light but no Thinkpad splash screen or POST.   I can hear the disk start to spin then.... nothing.   I have ordered a new CMOS battery and have tried the remedies such as removing RAM, CMOS, etc with no change.   The computer was working quite will before this situation.  I have seen suggestions that I have a bad poly-fuse and that would make some sense if it was resetting, in partial failure or failed. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to resolve? Thanks,Dave

A:Lenovo T500 2081 no start to Thinkpad Logo screen / No P.O.S.T

Forgot to include the fan is running and I do get the 1-3-3-1 beep with RAM removed. Dave

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So since christmas is coming, I was thinking it would be cool to upgrade my 8gb RAm to 16gb My question is: what kind of memy card I need to my lenovo ideapad y510p? and do I need to change my old memory card aswell if im buying new one? Also is it easy to change those RAM cards ?

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A:Lenovo Ideapad y510p - memory upgrade

They're RAM sticks, not cards, and they're fairly easy to change out. I would suggest looking for something in the 1866mhz speed, though I think you need lower voltage memory. So I'd get something 1.35v or lower.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lenovo Ideapad Y500 | Intel® Core? I7-3630M @2.4GHz | 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM | Nvidia® Geforce? GT 750M | 120GB Mushkin Atlas Deluxe mSATA SSD | 1TB Samsung Spinpoint M8 5400RPM HDD | 1080p Lenovo Display | Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

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Hello, where i can get recovery media for my Lenovo Y510P laptop, when my recovery partition is damaged. Can anybody help me? Does anybody have original Recovery disc or someting, where i can install clean OS? If you can help me, please contact me. Its possiable that we can share media with Google Drive or someting. Thank You!Contact: Email: [email protected]  

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y510P: How to get recovery media?

If you mean the factory recovery files try Lenovo for a recovery disc set if available. If you mean for the OS alone just download the MEDIA CREATION TOOL from microsoft which you will use to download the OS installer. As to drivers go to the download site for your unit to download them.

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SO ever since last week ive been getting random blue lines when i startup. I check Devicemanager and there it is. it shows my nVidia GeForce 755m with a yellow triangle with an exclamation. Clicking properties would show "windows has stopped this device code 43". I look on the forums and find some solutions that tell me to uninstall my card and i did.  still nothing. still blue lines on my screen. I've pretty much given up at this point and im submitting to the forums. My Ultrabay card just wouldn't work. Now ive resorted to unplugging it and just using the intel integrated graphics card. 

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Hello! I have had this problem for a LONG time now, and it is getting very frustrating now. Whenever my screen has a large area of a dark color, my whole display begins to glitch out and flicker. Not only do I have this problem, but there is a problem where there are pink and green areas covering places where it shouldn't be, if that makes any sense, I don't know how to explain it. I have tried so many ways to fix it, but none have worked. I had reinstalled my drivers MULTIPLE times, I had sent it back to Lenovo for repairs, I had unplugged some cables that people had said would fix it, but still, the problem still persists. I do not know what could fix this, and it is so aggravating! It seems like everyone who had this issue as well can never get it fixed either, and their thread gets suppressed and never to be heard from again... any help is appreciated at this point, I can't even bear to look at my laptop screen anymore because the flashing and flickering irritates my eyes. This seems like a problem with ALL y510p's, and I don't understand why anything can be done about it. Thanks in advanced.

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Hello.I am the owner Lenovo IdaePad y510p Intel i5 4200m.Not so long ago I bought a i7 processor 4810MQ.Both the i5 4200m and i7 4810MQ work on the Socket G3 also known as RPG 946B/947 or FCPGA 946 but with the difference that the intel i5 4200m has a TDP of 37W and Intel i7 4810MQ has a TDP of 57W.So after update the BIOS to version 3.08 willingly I took up the replacement processor.To my surprise, after an exchange with i5 to i7 4200m 4810MQ laptop will not turn on, for a short time (1 to 3 seconds) shone on the white button "power" but immediately afterwards extinguished.I suspect that it is a voltage input to the processor, but the BIOS is not possible because the feature voltage change is not visible / hidden. I hit it on:https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/3546-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-white...but it seems to me such output last resort, and I wanted to ask what to do now.I do not want to believe that the 300W power supply does not could handle the additional 20W per processor.What to do in my Lenovo IdeaPad y510p to use Intel i7 4810MQ?I'm sorry for his handling of English who constantly grind.Thanks!!!

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Hello fellow Lenovo users, i will start by saying having been a Lenovo brand user since my X41 in 2006 and having purchased over 8 laptops from the brand based on the rich experiences i have had over the years i am really disapointed at my Y510p i purchased a few years ago. After ownership of 6months i started to notice the screen would flicker as stated by hundreds of other owners.(just type Y510p screen flicker into youtube and see for yourself) I am sure this issue is not new to you  and there are many posts about this. After contact with customer services who constantly tell me it is driver/software related, which it clearly is not i would like to ask why such a prestigious brand such as Lenovo will not admit that this model was shipped with a design fault? I understand that there would be expense involved but after being an avid fan of Lenovo for over 15 years and having purchased over 13 products from tablets for my kids to phones for my wife and the new laptop i buy every 2 years for work, this is small fry. I can never buy another machine from you again now as i have lost all faith in your design/testing and the lack of willingness to accept liability when so many units have the issue makes me sad. This has become a bit of a rant, which i know is not what he forum is about but i feel people should know all the details about a company ethos before they spend their hard earned money on a sub standard machine. (at least in the Y510p)&nb... Read more

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I am currently having trouble disabling hyperthreading on my Lenovo Ideapad Y510P. The reason for this is because Rainbow Six Siege crashes constantly and most Reddit posts have suggested to turn it off. I have tried various solutions, but none of them have really worked. I have tried turning my cores up to four and higher and yet no luck. I cannot find hyperthreading in the BIOS setup screen. In-depth specs for my laptop will be put below. If additional information is needed, please reply. Thank you. Edition: Windows 10 HomeVersion: 1703OS Build: 15063.726Product ID: 00-326-10000-00000-AA563Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHzSystem Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

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I need help and suggestions on what to do with this black screen crisis. Mine is a little different that others. so sorry if this is a repeated thread. ive looked everywhere, and no one has the issue when they have dual boot.

laptop description:
I have dual boot on my laptop with windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and windows 7 home premium 64 bit. the home premium came pre installed on the laptop and the ultimate version i installed later dual boot (i needed some capabilities that home premium doesn't have).

Problem: I cannot see anything on my screen after windows logo while booting up my laptop bcz of the black screen after the windows logo. When i boot into WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM. i hear windows logon screen notification noise but see nothing! oddly enough even my built in webcam logs me in with VeriFace software with my face, passwordless! ALSO my laptop boots fine with windows 7 ultimate and i can see everything, and it works great! i need the other version to WORK cause my life is in that other version of windows. i cannot factory restore!!!

What i have tried: the keyboard is also unresponsive, bcz i held down a bunch of keys to see if it makes the beep noise. I closed the laptop lid to see if it goes into hibernation and waited 3 mins to see if it still does, so that when i open it i can see everything (it has worked before). nothing. i rebooted a bunch of times even with a second screen attached, tried to guess switch into projector mode with my function key and switch s... Read more

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y560 "black screen in boot up after windows 7 logo"

Sounds like a corrupted file system, so try running chkdsk.

How to run System File Checker (SFC) or chkdsk from the Recovery ConsoleBoot your Vista or Windows 7 installation DVD
When you see "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", press Enter
At the "Install Windows" screen, click on Repair your computer at lower left
At the System Recovery Options screen, make note of the drive letter assigned to your boot drive (normally C and click Next
At the Chose a Recovery Tool window, click on Command Prompt. You will be sitting at X:\Sources directory
Run SFC or chkdskIf you did not note the drive letter of your boot disk, you can enter bcdedit and look at the osdevice line to see what it is.
For sfc, type sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows and press Enter (use the letter from above)
For chkdsk, type chkdsk c: /r and press Enter (use the letter from above).

Let either run to completion undisturbed.

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I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p and it has erratic BSOD behavior, usually after sleep mode, but not always. Would love to get to the bottom of it and appreciate any help you can provide!

I've attached the necessary file as per the BSOD posting instructions.


A:BSOD on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p, after sleep mode usually

Only 48 Windows Updates installed. Most systems have 60 to 80 or more. Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates (it may take several trips to get them all).

Don't worry about the specific number, it's just important that you have checked and installed any updates that were available.

The memory dumps blame usbccgp.sys, but MSINFO32 lists ks.sys (kernel streaming of video driver)
And this seems to happen during a power down event (such as power off/hibernate/sleep/etc)

Finally, what applications do you delay using Startup Delayer?
What USB devices do you have connected?

I'm concerned about your version of Diskkeeper as it dates from Jan 2013 - well before Win8.1 was released.
Can you update it? If not, please uninstall it while we're troubleshooting.

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

You may not find an update for this one, if so, just leave it be:
LhdX64.sys Mon Jan 11 10:06:58 2010 (4B4B3E92)
Lenovo HD Disk Driver

You should be able to find an update for this one:
tap0901.sys Thu Nov 24 13:50:27 2011 (4ECE91F3)
TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 or[br]OpenVPN driver or COMODO
http://www.carrona.org/drivers/driver.php?id=tap0901.... Read more

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I have a lenovo ideapad y510p and everything was fine until for I thought I'd do the battery reset in the lenovo energy management,at first the battery was dead and laptop wouldnt turn on,,I found one way around this which is that first I take the battery out and then insert the ac adapter,the laptop turns on then I put it in hibernate while I insert battery after which it seems to charge but only after I do these steps,but if I take the adapter out and insert it back in,it would stop charging.this is all because of the lenovo energy management software battery reset.I've uninstalled it but it doesnt work.any suggestions?I'm guessing one of the steps after full charge during the battery reset the battery gets drained where it says "plugged in and not charging" until it reaches zero is the problem.

A:lenovo ideapad y510p ac adapter battery problems


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Hello, I only found out after purchasing the Y510P laptop that it for some strange reason does not support 5Ghz networks, only 2.4Ghz. This results in me having insanely slow connection every single night around peak hours (7-11pm), and I'm unable to do anything like watching movies, playing games or download stuff. Does anyone know exactly how to upgrade the wireless card on this laptop so it supports 5Ghz networks? Do I have to go out and buy another wireless card, or is it software upgrades like drivers only? I'm not a computer major so a walkthrough would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, I'm looking for a power supply for my Lenovo Y510P with a single dedicated graphics card (not SLI, therefore, via bay). I was wondering if you could recommend a product that could be shipped to Italy: I saw on Ebay, among the 120W power supplies, this model https://www.ebay.it/itm/Lenovo-IdeaPad-Y570-0862-26U-New-Genuine-DELTA-AC-Adapter-120W-Power-Charger... Do you know any more?

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Hello, I have a ?Y510P Leonovo Ideapad? and found out, that the mainboard contains an empty port-connector labeled with ?SSD?. A picture of this connector is in the attached image. I am planning to upgrade the Laptop with an SSD-card to improve system speed. Within this context I have a couple of questions, regarding the specifications of this port and suitable SSD-cards: Does this port both accept SATA as well as PCIe SSD-cards?Is there a limitation on the maximum memory-size of the installed SSD-card? Can I install a 256GB SSD-card? (For example ?Transcend MTS400 256GB SSD?) ?Can I partition the SSD-card in a way to fully install Windows 10 on it, making it the boot partition. The SSD-card should then be visible as a standard drive C:\ under Windows.Can I also install a second operating system (Linux) onto a second partition on the SSD-card, making it a dual boot system?I would be very happy, if anyone could help me with these questions, so that I can upgrade the laptop with the appropriate SSD-card and configuration. Thanks in advance,electron8000

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From about 3 weeks ago, my Lenovo Y510p (GT 750M Sli, purchased in 2013) started to make this weird grinding/buzzing sound at random times on the CPU side of the fan. It was barely noticeable if I had headphones on at first, but starting from the second week the noise and vibration of it grew louder. After doing some research for possible fixes, I have tried the method openining Energy Management and running the Dust Removal feature to temporary solve the problem. However, that method only worked for about a week, and starting from the third week the buzzing remains very consistent even after I run Dust Removal several times. Does anyone here know what is the problem exactly? I know for other models, people have been able to solve the problem by updating their BIO driver provided by the website. But all Y510p users seen to have that problem early enough to just get a refund or send it back for exchange/repairment using their then still active warranty. I would like to know if there's any way that I can fix this without having to spend money for the fix when it is proven it is the company side issue since even fresh new purchases of the same model ran into the same exact problem within days. 

A:Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P CPU side Buzzing Noise

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Hi, there,can anyone tell me the size of the screws (e.g. M2 * 3; m2 * 4; m2 * 5; m2 * 6; M2.5 * 3; M2.5 * 4; M2.5 * 5; M2.5 * 6; M2.5 * 8; m3 * 3) at the bottom of my Lenovo Ideapad Y510P?Any advice, then, on where to find a protective silicone cover suitable for the keyboard of the same notebook? Thanks  

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This has been an exhausting day! I've been trying to figure this out for quite awhile.

To start, I'll post some information.

My webcam was working fine yesterday! I tried doing a system reboot to the the week before that and alas the issue prevailed. My internal webcam is not being registered by my laptop!

So the solution that seemed obvious enough was to check my drivers, update them if necessary. Which I ended up doing. Alas, the issue prevailed.

Checking the device status, I received the error "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer." The device is currently registered as 'Unknown device' as I uninstalled the driver. I was receiving the same error when I did have the original drivers though.
Looking up what the error means, it meant that the device was disconnected. I'm not entirely sure how this could happen though with an internal laptop. I also need to get a new copy of the drivers (Which don't seem to be registering the device upon installation).

Anyway any help would be appreciated as this has become a huge headache for me, and i just want to skype with my friend!

A:Need help with internal webcam drivers for Lenovo Ideapad y510p.

It might be that the webcam has failed if everything else has been tried.you can take it somewhere and have it looked at but im not even sure they can be fixed when they go. it might be cheaper just to get an external webcam such as a logitech.

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