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I lost a folder in Outlook Express.

Q: I lost a folder in Outlook Express.

I deleted a folder by mistake, in Outlook Express that had some important information in it. I tried restoring my system to an earlier date and the folder was still missing. Is there any place on my computor that might have a copy? Thank You.

Preferred Solution: I lost a folder in Outlook Express.

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: I lost a folder in Outlook Express.

Welcome to BC.Is it in your Recycle Bin? You might look at something like, Free Data Recovery Software!

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I have somehow lost the INBOX dbx folder in Outlook, a new folder has appeared named box.dbx with a create date of today.
If I do a file search with the word INBOX, my old folder is showing together with the new one.
If I try opening it it justs opens Outlook in the new Inbox file?

Can anyone help, have I lost all my eMails?

Also why is the new folder showing box.dbx and not Inbox?
There appears to be no way of renaming it!

Any assitance will be most welcome


A:Outlook Express, lost dbx folder

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I have an accidently deleted outlook express folder. It exists on the computer - see windows explorer - but I cannot access it with OE6. Any offers??


A:Lost Outlook Express folder

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Using Outlook Express, I typed and sent a message and instead of OE sending it it went into the outbox. Went to that folder, opened the note and sent it. Checked my sent folder and that mesage was there but all the others previously sent messages disappeared. Can you tell me what might have happened and can you help me recover them? Thank you.

A:Lost messages in Outlook Express Sent Folder

To try the easiest thing first, in OE, select the Sent Items folder. Then up at the top click on View, point at Current View and make sure "Show All Messages" is checked. If it's not, click it to check it. See if the missing messages reappear.

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My Deleted Items.dbx is gone from Windows, Applications, Identities, etc. When I try to make a new folder, I get the message that it already exists, but it doesn't or at least it's not visible. I was told that I had to "rip" the file, but I have no idea what that means or how to do it. Help! Thanks...Liz

A:Lost Delete Folder (dbx) in Outlook Express

If the delete folder was deleted don't worry about it, close out Outlook Express and restart it. It will recreate a new one.

Just had another thought also. The properties on the file may have gotten changed to hidden in which case you will have to go into folder options and change it to show all files and then once it appears again right click on the file and change it on the file to archive instead of hidden.

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I'm using outlook express 5, last night i changed the store folder for outlook express. next time when i opened the outlook express all my mails and mail folders were gone, i even checked the folder that i used as the new store folder and all the datas were replaced by the default outlook files.

how can i retrieve my lost mails in the outlook express?

A:mails lost in outlook express after changing the store folder


Outlook stores its folders as DBX files, the path to them is

C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook, where xxxxxx is the name of the account.

Look there and see what folders are listed and the size, blank folders are usually 1k or 2k, folders with stuff in will be bigger, it may be a good idea to search other users outlook settings in case something went screwy with XP, a quick cut and paste of the folders into the right directory shoud resolve the issue.

However if you cant find any DBX files of the right size then there is a good chance that the mails are gone.


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hi guys,

I have import/copy all mail & account setting from OE to outlook 2010 in the same computer. I have many folder in sent items folder, the problem is got an empty folder in sent items folder, which means all the email is not copy/import to from sent items in OE to outlook 2010. how can i get my mail back ? it is possible to import for the second time ? Really need help. Thanks

A:copy/import folder from outlook express to outlook 2010

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Hi all,

Please help this idiot.....I recently had to reset my PC back to its factory settings and now im wondering if its possible to regain my old e-mail accounts as they have some very important e-mails in them.


A:Outlook Express lost???

Go to this previous TSG Thread:


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Hey guys, when I click on Outlook Express to check my e-mail, the hourglass pops up and nothing happens. Do anyone know how to restore Outlook Express?

A:Lost Outlook Express?

Problem Solved.

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New to this site...hi all!

Was told (by friend) to go in to system tools and "defrag" my computer...found the maintenance wizard and set it to do the whole "clean up" on a nightly schedule...got up this morning and the address book from my Outlook Express wouldn't work?

"The address book failed to load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured. please re-install"

And, even though I can receive emails, when I try to send, reply, or forward and email I can't?

"There was an error opening this message. An error has occured."

I have lifetime technical support with Gateway, but a lot of good it does me. Even after explaining to two different techs (they both sounded about 16 and acted as if they'd just found out what a computer is?) the best I got was to go to start, type in msconfig, count the items checked and unchecked (???) then, once the tech came back on the phone he told me to add them together (deep, huh?) and explained to me how there wasn't supposed to be more than 15 items listed? He told me to go to google.com and bring each item listed up in a search and that would tell me whether I could delete that item or not?

The next tech I spoke with told me to uninstall Outlook Express and re-install it? I did uninstall it, but cannot find where I can re-install it? It no longer shows up on my add/remove program, and when I use the Application and System Restoration CD's they told me to use, Outlook Express... Read more

A:I lost my Outlook Express

Hi Sandy More

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

msconfig can only have 15 items, hmmm, think they were wingin' it a bit?

I have seen more than one instance where the Maintanence Wizard has run off with the Address Book.
What operating system and version of Internet Explorer are you running?

Do a Search for:

Looking for .wab files and a file that has this extension: .wa~
The file with the .wa~ extension is a backup of your Address Book.
If any files are found with these extensions save them to a folder for backup on your desktop.

You have not mentioned your messages, did you backup those files before uninstalling Outlook Express?
If not, they may still be on your harddrive.

Do a Search for:
Save all files ending in .dbx to the backup folder on your Desktop.

Download the full installation of Internet Explorer (Outlook Express comes with it) here:
click on the file ie60sp1.exe to start the download.

Download the above file to a folder on your desktop, disconnect from the Internet, shut down all programs including your Firewall and Anti-Virus programs.
Click on ie60sp1.exe, it will extract its files to a folder, locate and click on the ie6setup.exe file and reinstall Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
Restart your computer after the installation is complete, you can then delete the folder containing the ie60sp1.exe file... Read more

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Hi...I have just done a XP reinstall .... however there is no Outlook Express ?? its just not there ....so I tried to install SP2 as apparantly OE is in that...SORRY SP2 will not install cause there is a more recent version ...I presume it sees SP3.....??? Does that mean my beloved Outlook Express is no longer available to me or is there a work round here...

Yes I tried Windows live Mail.....but it will not even import my OE mail... I get this message ...

No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open..please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.. OK

Any help will be gratefully received...Hk

A:I have lost Outlook Express..

You are being helped here: Can I get Outlook Express

Please do not post multiple times for the same issue

Thread closed

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I have Windows ME.. Had a problem with pop ups that I could not get rid of, so I restored to an earlier date. Then could no longer open Outlook Express. When I clicked on the OE icon it says .. windows searching for msimn.exe. then says this shortcut changed or moved. Wanted to try and download internet explorer to get OE reinstalled but it says most recent versions of all items are already installed and it is recommended you exit setup without reinstalling. Can some one please help. Thank you

A:Outlook Express Lost

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my son used my computer last night and normally outlook express opens automatically from "envelope" on toolbar..today, it opens directly to yahoo mail...i cannot find my outlook express and would like to know how to find it and get it back on my toolbar "envelope" my operating system is windows xp and using road runner internet access

A:lost outlook express

hiya kristyemac!

try this:

In IE go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Email drop down list: select "Outlook Express" > Apply then OK

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My wife accidently deleted some folders in our Inbox. Then she deleted the folders after they went into the "Deleted Items" folder.
I have discovered that each folder in OutLook has a .dbx file corresponding to it.
I also discovered that OutLook has a folder where it keeps all these .dbx files.
I also discovered that when you turn off Outlook and turn it back on again, only .dbx files that correspond with folders in Outlook are kept in the "dbx" folder.

My problem is now, how do I get back the .dbx files for the folders that my wife deleted when they no longer appear in the "dbx" folder and no amount of searching on the computer will find them?

Please help.

A:OutLook Express - lost .dbx files

Hi and Welcome to TSF.

I may be able to help, but first I must ask how well versed you are in computers - specifically "directories" (folders). For example, do you know the location of the .dbx files (e.g., c:\documents and settings\username\application data\local...)?

regards. . .


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I Have Windows XP Professional and Outlook Express 6 on a PC.

I have lost the messages from around 6 or 7 or my Outlook Express folders. The individual folders are still there, under Local Folders as usual, but they are now empty.

I can see .bak files in the Recycle Bin with the same names as the folders, and have tried to import these back into Outlook Express after changing the .bak suffix into .dbx, but without success. I always get an error message that says: "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open."

Can anyone help, please? Also for my education, is a .dbx file an OE folder file or a message file?

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All of my messages that were in my sent folder(except for today's messages) are gone. Last night I was sorting thru my messages and checking some links to websites... when the x10 camera popup came on and froze my computer. I restarted the computer and only stayed on a few mins after that.
This morning when I logged on I saw that there were only a couple of new(from today) messages in my sent box.
When I go to Windows, Application Data, Identities, Microsoft, Outlook Express there are two sent folders listed .dbx One is the old one with many letters and one small one. The small (new) one says sent items [1] .dbx
How can I get all my old messages back?

A:Lost sent messages in Outlook Express

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Hello Again,
I'm running outlook express 6 on my XP Pro PC. I was browsing through old email sent by someone when all of a sudden the hour glass appeared. I waited for it to stop but after around a minute it was still there spinning. So I opened Task Manager and saw that the CPU was at 100%. Then I looked at the processes and saw that msimn.exe was using more than 200K in Mem Usage. After around another minute the hour glass was still there spinning and I couldn't get Outlook Express to respond so I ended the msimn.exe process in Task Manager. This finally shut down Outlook Express. However, when I opened Outlook Express again I found that my Inbox only goes up to 11/29/12. I have lost a years worth of Incoming email. My Sent folder is up to date but my Inbox has lost all of that email. I looked in Deleted folder but it's not there. I'm hoping this can be reversed with some expert advice. Can anyone please help?

Thank You,

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro NVS with AGP8X (Microsoft Corporation), 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76253 MB, Free - 42526 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D845EPT2
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Lost emails in Outlook Express

Try DBXtract:

Download it for free HERE.

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Can someone tell me how to retrieve the messages I lost in Outlook Express? I was in a newsgroup, and noticed everybody else had a different identity. So I thought I'd change mine. Now I cant find the messages I had in the main program, and there is no option to select the newsgroup. Help!

A:Lost Outlook Express 6 messages


Was the newsgroup a paid or free group?

If it was paid, then you may have to subscribe again. If free, that one may have died.

Is it the messages in the newsgroups that you have lost, or your emails?



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I was working on an attachment and forgot to save. How can I retrieve all my editing on this doc? Fifi

A:Outlook Express attachment lost

Would help to say what programs are involved.
If using MS Word to make a .doc file, did Word back it up automatically?

Otherwise, I think you already know - you can't retrieve it.

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Recently I was looking for some E-mail folders I keep in Outlook Express. i probably have 50 folders. the folder were there but about half were empty with the message "There are no items in this view". I looked at the Local Folders file and all my folders were still listed with counts of how many messages were stored there. These seemed unchanged and it listed numbers of E-mails for folders where none were available and the message above appeared. I don't recall doing anything that would affect some folders but not the rest. Can you suggest how to retrieve these lost E-mail messages or do you think they are lost for good?


A:Outlook Express lost files

Hi Jaxson4,

What OS do you have?

Try this:
Do a search for "folders.dbx". Rename all the ones you find to "folders.old".

Rerun OE and see if things are cleared up.

Keep me posted.

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I have reformatted and reloaded XP, (saved all my files on an external disc) but don't know where to look for my old email messages.

Where are they filed?

A:Outlook Express Messages Lost

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i was using outlook express for the past few years (outlook express 6) & i did have all my official mails in it, and today i found most of my mails in the inbox & some in the out box are missing , these are very impotent to me , can some one help me ....
need to find them some how

need to find these before my boss fires me

please help

A:mails lost in outlook express

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Using Outlook express 6, got some virus and a couple malware so I backed up my DBXs and reformatted. after importing the DBX files into outlook express following the reinstall, I don't have any e-mails past march 13th. so I'm wondering what happened to the other 6 months worth of e-mails.

Original path of store folder:
"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express"

New path after being imported:
"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application\Data\Identities\{C7528B0B-D49A-467F-A9CC-9586B425E676}\Microsoft\Outlook Express"

Any ideas?


A:Lost E-mails from Outlook express 6

How did you import the e-mails? Did you just copy the dbx files into the folders? Or did you use Outlook Express's import feature and pick import from folder?

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I had a virus on my computer and was able to successfully remove it, actually, my computer works better than it ever did so I'm sure other issues were resolved as well, but I lost my email messages (May 31 - present). I believe that I had a trojan virus. Anyone know how to get the emails back, I googled some information on how to do it but it was for Outlook 2003 and it didnt work for Outlook Express 2006. I also removed this on SAFE mode. Any help will be appreciated.

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My hard drive went down & lost my Outlook Express v6.0. Where can I get a rep[lacement copy?


A:Lost Outlook Express on my other computer

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Hi there
I switched on my computer to check email via Outlook Express 6.0 this morning. I had only read a few messages when my machine froze. I switched off the machine and then back on again. When I went back to Outlook Express, all my messages that were in the Inbox had disappeared. This includes previously read messages in the Inbox. However, Deleted Items, Sent Items plus other mail folders appear to be unaffected.

I have been reading your help for other users but can't seem to find anything that fits my problem. I have tried to import messages through the File/Import/Messages and then going through the folders but the only messages that come back are Welcome to Outlook Express 6.0 (one from Jan and one from February!)

Is there anything I can do to bring back my messages? Where did they go? My email provider (blueyonder) also offers a webmail service. I have checked there but there are no messages in the box.

One thing I should add, is that this has happened once before. I emailed my email provider (blueyonder through Telewest cable) and they advised the retrieval of messages through the File/Import etc... it didn't work then either.

I would really appreciate any help that folk could give me.

A:Outlook Express Lost My Email!

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Hi, i came across an option, which i can no longer find, asking if i wanted to share my contacts, i said yes and now i have NO contacts and i cannot see a 'shared' file anywhere. Can someone pls advise?

A:Help, i've lost all my contacts in Outlook Express

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Have lost about 4 months of emails from my Inbox. Searched *.dbx files and all that comes up is the current inbox folder. My computer is scheduled and does a weekly systems backup and a my documents backup, could my missing emails be buried in there? What can I do to recover/restore these important emails?
Thanks in advance for your input and help!

A:Need Outlook Express 6 help - lost emails

Hi janmomx3

Have you tried a System Restore and then searched for .dbx files?
Where does the System Backup place your files? Have you searched in that location?

When doing a System Restore, you can undo the System Restore and revert back to the current status.
If the System Restore brings back the Inbox, you can copy the Inbox.dbx file to a flash drive then undo the System Restore and return to your current status.

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Basically I have lost my signature in Outlook Express V6 (XP Pro) I have tried creating a new one i.e Options/ and created it by selecting the Text entry. Also I have created a new one as a rtf file and used the browse option. Still no joy?? when opening up a new email still blank??

Any ideas?

A:lost signature in Outlook express?

ibm37 said:


Basically I have lost my signature in Outlook Express V6 (XP Pro) I have tried creating a new one i.e Options/ and created it by selecting the Text entry. Also I have created a new one as a rtf file and used the browse option. Still no joy?? when opening up a new email still blank??

Any ideas?Click to expand...

on the same page you are asked if you want the signature on outgoing mail and if you want the sig on replies and you must click on the boxes to get the sig .

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I have updated my system from win98 to winxppro. It was my understanding that it would not lose my contacts or favorites, but would simply update the program. I lost everything. Unfortunately, I didn't follow procedure and export the info to a disk. Is there any way to get my contacts back?

A:Lost contacts in Outlook Express

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have a Windows XP home Edition, and novice that I am, I have somehow clicked the wrong button and lost Outlook Express and help and Support. The icons are on the desktop ,but when clicked, produces the warnings msoe.dll and helpctr.exe cannot be found. Any chanceof help/ can anyone help?

A:lost outlook express and help and support

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I lost all messages received prior to 4:19 p.m. e.d.t. today in my inbox. Poof!

I found the Inbox.dbx in

C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\numbers\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Do I simply import that dbx file? Will it overwrite the messages received after 4:19 p.m.?


A:Lost e-mail in Outlook Express 6

You do nothing, that is the file that OE lists when you have OE open and looking at your inbox.
You can not import it to it's self.
Have you checked the Deleted box?

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Even though I've followed the wizard step by step, I don't seem to be able to get any incoming mail with OE. I'm trying to download my messages from my ntlworld internet account but I'm getting nothing.
Is the password one that I should have been given by ntlworld or is it the one I normally use to access my account on the internet?
This should be so easy...

A:Solved: Lost with Outlook Express 6.0

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I have Windows Xp on a home computer. I recently openned my Outlook Express and suddenly had 200 junk emails in my inbox that got past my ISP's junk email filter. I quickly deleted the emails. Then in a bit of a panic I ran McAfee Viruscan and SpyBot Search and Destroy at the same time. I left the computer and came back in about 1 hour. When I was going back into the computer I got a message that said there was a Registry Key change and I hit okay (sorry I don't know exactly what it wrote). The Viruscan and Spybot did not appear so I was not able to see any results. I have run Viruscan, Spybot Search and Destroy, Adaware and Superantispyware (viruscan is a paid for service, others I have used the free utility). The scans have found cookies but no viruses. I haven't been able to get back into my Outlook Express. I was able to get into a Outlook Express but it was a new version to me and all my old emails did not appear.

I ran a System Restore hoping that would fix my registry key issue but after I ran the System Restore it said it didn't update any thing since nothing had changed (what it said). I feel like something bad has happened but I can't find any viruses. I would like to get back into my original version of Outlook Express to get my saved emails back.

I have ran a hijackthis scan. I use ZoneAlarms firewall. My wife's Outlook Express is working on the same computer. Besides the lost of my saved emails I can't seem to determine any problems but the com... Read more

A:Lost Access To Outlook Express 6.0

Hello Locust, welcome to Bleeping Computer.When you opened up OE, were you asked to configure it and set it up for use with your ISP (or other) mail? If not, one thing for you to check.Open Outlook Express. Then click on VIEW at the top, choose CURRENT VIEW. Is there a round black dot next to SHOW ALL MESSAGES?If not, click on Show All Messages.Hopefully it will be something as simple as that which will fix your issue. If not, what do you mean by "a new version"? What was different about it?

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Does Windows 7 have an email program that is the equivalent of the old Outlook Express (which I truly liked far more than what I'm trying to use now)? I know they have Outlook but that is not only a business program but it costs.

Thank you.

A:Poor Lost Outlook Express

Quote: Originally Posted by hazel m

Does Windows 7 have an email program that is the equivalent of the old Outlook Express (which I truly liked far more than what I'm trying to use now)? I know they have Outlook but that is not only a business program but it costs.

Thank you.

Microsoft has replaced Outlook Express with Windows Live Mail. Visit the following links for more details;

Difference between Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail


Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail vs. Outlook Express - Microsoft Community

You can, also, use Outlook.com. See the following links;

Outlook.com (Web Apps) - Download


Outlook.com ? Microsoft free personal email


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I recently upgraded my system from ME to XP professional. I used Outlook Express with ME. I backed up all my files, I think. Now that I have XP, the old mail and contacts that were in Outlook Express under ME do not show up. The only file I can find that I backed up is archive.pst, but I can't make it work in XP. Any ideas!!

A:Lost Outlook Express Files

Here's some information about Outlook Express that may help.


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installed an additional hard drive (will be primary) transfered outlook express no problem, but lost contacts. Any way to get them back?

A:outlook express lost contacts

Outlook Express never had "Contacts' the email addresses are in the "Address Book", (WAB).

See http://www.insideoe.com/files/wab.htm

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Hi folks , I recently forgot my password for outlook express and now that I've tried too many times to enter it , Microsoft has blocked any further attempts . I've tried their lost password retrieval system many times now , and it just sends me in a circle . The alternate email I registered with them long ago no longer works , and I had password retrieval set to 2 step retrieval system , which is now the reason I can't get back in . Is there any way around this ? Is there a Microsoft tech support phone number to call ?

A:Lost password for outlook express

Outlook Express does not work with Windows 7 and is no longer supported. There are hacks to try to force OE to work with 7, but they're not recommended.
You need to use a different email client, such as Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.

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I was having trouble today opening Outlook Express on my old resource-challenged system. When I was opening HWiNFO32 at the same time as Outlook Express, I got OE opened, but HWiNFO32 froze, so badly that I had to reboot with the power button.

(So now I know I can't do anything simultaneous with opening Outlook Express on this system.)

A number of the e-mails that are there now have this instead of the e-mail text:

Message has not been downloaded
Outlook Express has not yet downloaded this message.


To download the message:

Click here [athcmd:download].
Press Space.Click to expand...

So far that has not worked for me.

When I brought OE back up on the next session, dozens of other e-mails are missing, apparently e-mails that were being loaded at the time HWiNFO32 got hung. How do I get them back?

Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
2.05 GB of RAM
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV
Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drive Size 114.4GB
Free Space was 35.8GB; now under 20GB because after backing up My Documents on Google Drive, Google Drive has duplicated the whole darn thing on my hard drive
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0G1548
Antivirus : Webroot Internet Security

A:Have lost dozens of Outlook Express e-mails. What do I do?

Don't know if this will help but you can view all your folders this way. Open OE>tools>options>maintenance>highlight the store folder and copy it be sure you get all of it.
Now start>run and paste that store folder link>OK. You should see all the folders.

Supposidly this app will allow you to open those email folders and be able to read them. I haven't tried or had an occasion to. http://www.pcworld.com/article/260778/mitec_mail_viewer_makes_accessing_old_messages_easier.html

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I was reading this old, closed thread: http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/311961-how-recover-lost-outlook-express.html, as I have had the same problem as the original poster. I'm still using Outlook Express 6, on Windows2000PRO. On Saturday, I had trouble getting OE6 to finish loading one incoming email, so I closed the program using Task Manager. After that, several attempts to open the program failed, despite a reboot or two. Eventually, it did open, but I discovered all the emails in my Inbox since January of 2011 were gone. The other folders seem to be intact. I have a backup of the Mail folder with all the .dbx files in it from 2/15/14. That's the most recent one I have, and I can probably recover all but the last 1 1/2 years of my Inbox from that, but the thread I reference at the top offers some other potential options. I just don't know how realistic it may be to try, and if DBXpress is a good option, worth the $25 for the download (if it's still available, even) with a reasonable chance that I will recover most, if not all of the emails. Chances are, there is some corruption of the Inbox .dbx file, probably because it was huge and may have been automatically compressed, though I have no actual knowledge of that. I have not downloaded any new emails in OE6 since the problem occurred, as I was not sure if that would further decrease my chances of recovering the lost emails.

And yes, I know my system is ancient, but for now any upgrading is not on ... Read more

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I had some problem with Outlook Express - it loaded the same mails many times and then crashed. I rebooted the system, opened the application, ans the same thing again. Maybe after the seventh time, the sapplication seemed to function well. However, all the mails on the INBOX-folder were lost except the new ones. Following the advice in a relevant article in EE, I used the Express Repair Tool nsware.com .
On the first run, it recovered some hindreds of lost mails. I did not know how to save them, and I closed the application, and opened Outlook Express. They had not appeared there. And when opening again the Repair Tool, the recovered mails were not there, either. In the proper folder the size of the file INBOX.DBX had diminished to a fraction of the previous one, meaning a total loss!

I suppose I did something wrong, but I haven?t know idea what!

A:Outlook Express crashed and mails lost.

Welcome to the forum. It's worth trying to download Thunderbird run that and then try importing from outlook it may just sort it and recover

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I'm having a bit of a problem with OE 6. It seems that when I opened it this morning, all my messages were missing. Inbox, Outbox, Deleted... all the 'default' folders were empty. Compounding my frustration, ALL of my 'user-created' folders are GONE. I poked around a bit looking for *.dbx files, and the only ones that show up are the defaults - and they're all <50k in size or so.

I assume the problem came about as a result of a Windows hard lock-up yesterday (long story, but I've got a wonky SATA cable to one HDD on my RAID 0, the cable was 'reseated', and the drive checked out fine - this has happened before with no 'unrecoverable' consequences), anyhow, I had to hit the reset button to get the rig to budge. Regardless, I find it hard to believe that improperly shutting down Windows would somehow result in the LOSS of folders, corruption sure, but total loss? I dunno.

Did the usual AdAware/SpyBot/Virus checks, and I'm 100% clean on all fronts.

Anyway, all insight/help/support is appreciated.

Windows XP Professional w/SP1
AMD 64 3000+
Asus K8V Deluxe Mobo
Sparkle 420w PS
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A:Outlook Express 6 - Lost messages and folders

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I upgraded my OS from Windows ME to XP. When I used ME, I was saving all of my emails in folders I created in Outlook Express. Now I cannot find those folders.

I am now using OE 6, but I am not sure what version of OE I was using before the upgrade to XP. I have serched hidden and non-hidden files for *.dbx and nothing comes up (I figured at least the current stuff I can see would come up, but I don't know what's going on).

Are there other file extensions I should look for? Anything else I can do? Something I might be doing wrong?

A:Outlook Express - Upgrade lost my folders

tomsterdam is a good site for help with OE.

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I went to check my emails on Sympatico's Outlook Express one day and they just disappeared somewhere. This is the second time it's happened to me. can I find them?

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All of a sudden, all my email messages disappeared in OE, all of them. All the folders and their contents.

I looked in the stored area for the dbx files and they are gone too.

I suspect, the Inboox file may have been excessively large.

Is they any way, any software that i could use to recover those dbx files. I have serached the files I have on the computer and all I can find is a back 'Identities' file up I made in 2009

I could sure use some help

A:Lost all email messages in Outlook Express

Did you check the location
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Identity-GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\ .dbx

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I just upgraded from Windows ME to XP. After I did this, all of the emails saved on my local folders in Outlook Express are gone. My address book and everything else came through. I didn't lose anything in My Docs, and it looks like all my old files are still there except for these. I desperately need these back. How can I find them??

A:Local Folders Lost in Outlook Express

It could just be that the email maintenance is stored in a different location.

Click start then search. Check for all files and folders.

Enter "*.dbx" (no quotes)

Look for any folders which contain inbox.dbx, sent.dbx, etc.... There will most likely be two locations. One for the current outlook settings and one for the old.

After finding these files go into outlook express. Go to tools/options/maintenance tab/store folder buttion. You will see the path which OE is keeping its emails. Open that folder via run command.

If the files your found earlier are in a different folder than the one through OE you can copy them into this new folder. Your emails will come back.

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