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Video Editing Software Recommendations Needed

Q: Video Editing Software Recommendations Needed

I know almost nothing about editing videos and get confused when I see the menus and controls in editing software. I don't even understand the terms. For instance, I don't see anything that looks straight forward to me as to how to open a video for editing. Instead, I see something that says "Open a Project" and I don't quite understand what to do with a video even if I do figure out how to open it in a "Project".

So, I'm kinda lost.

Here are some of the things I would like to do:

Join two videos together
Take out uninteresting segments that may be several seconds or several minutes long
Compress time, meaning in an instructional how-to-disasemble/reassemble video speed up time through repetitive identical processes, like maybe the removal of several screws.
Convert a larger MTS file to something much smaller so it can be easily downloaded and viewed, or attached to an e-mail
Remove a single frame from a video file to save as a still image
Brighten a darken a video
Color corrections

These are some of what I would like to do and if I am going to buy a software that will do these things and then learn how to use it, what would be a good one under $150? I've read a little about Adobe Premiere Elements and it looks okay; but, for someone who understands little about what he reads, I would like to have some advice from those who actually do this work regularly.

To be clear, I am not asking for instructions on how to do these things; I am asking which program(s) might be best and why one or the other might me better or undesirable. Once I settle on one, then I can start learning how to use it.

Thanks for reading.

Preferred Solution: Video Editing Software Recommendations Needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video Editing Software Recommendations Needed

If you have Windows 7, I'd suggest starting with Windows Movie Maker .. and Windows DVD maker.
Lots of YouTube tutorials available.
I just open WMM ... and Drag n Drop my vids

Most videos are too large to Email ... I use YouTube and Email the link.
Still frames from a video are usually poor quality ... (depends on what quality you need) ... I usually use a ScreenShot .. It's the same as WMM's Snapshot view

Other than these restrictions ... WMM is easy to use (and understand) and will probably do what you want to do .. (for free)
I do this regularly .. and WMM and WDVDM is all I use

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Can anyone recommend a video editing software program that will allow students to edit and burn a DVD? I have a school setting which uses Windows XP in a Domain enviroment and the students have only restricted user rights. Currently we are using several copies of Pinnacle Studio which does not support MS "restricted user rights" policies (ie, can't burn a DVD!!!!) only the administrator can burn a DVD (that's me). I have been round and round with Pinnacle and they finally admitted their software won't work. What a waste of taxpayer money!

Any suggestions?

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I have a Panasonic MiniDV camcorder (tape) and am looking for a good program to import and edit video. The camera comes with MotionDV Studio which basically works to import the video, but it's not very useful beyond that. I've used the latest Windows Movie Maker, which works fine but it's pretty basic. I've also tried Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD - it has many good features but it doesn't import properly from the camera (sync problems). Can you suggest anything? It's for personal not professional use and I don't want to drop too much $$ on it. Thanks!

A:Video editing software recommendations

have a look here

i'm not 100% sure you can trust sites like this though - how much of it is marketing? anyway, they have a few reviews of several lo-cost products, hopefully there are free trials available so you can try-before-buy.

i've always been a vegas fan, so i haven't tried any of the above i'm afraid.

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I use Win Movie Maker presently as that was already installed, and I dont prefer that as it changes the video specifications or quality of the clip & doesnt give enough options to match the original specifications. Result is cubes on the screen, etc.
My only need is to trim, cut-short & in very few cases combine the clips. No effects or anything else is required. I mostly work with .mpeg, .wmv, .flv, .mp3

Can somebody please tell me what would be the best software for this purpose.

Thanks in advance

A:Recommendations for a Video Editing Software

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Hi. I've decided purchase some video editing software to start making dvd's for the family, weddings, graduations, birthdays and such. Does anyone have a good software suggestion and or suggestions on getting started with the video stuff? I'm not looking to spend a huge amount of money right now, maybe in the future.

Thank you so much.

A:Video Editing & Burning Software Needed

Nero is a good all around solution.

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Hi. I have some mpeg and wmv video files - I would really like to cut some sections out, and in some cases paste them to elsewhere in the video file - or to a different video file.

I have struggled to find any free software to do this. The main thing I want to do is just to cut segments out. Does anyone know of any software that can do this?

Thanks - I really like this forum - it is very helpful!

A:Very Simple free Video Editing Software Needed

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So I've just bought a TV card for my PC and 10 hours later I have finally worked out how to hook my old VHS player to it, to capture all my old VHS tapes to disk. It saves the file as MPEG, is this the best format?

The other problem I now seemed to be faced with is the file is superb on it's own but as soon as I drop into Windows Movie Maker, to add an intro pic to each video, the final cut is badly degraded. It goes a bit pixlelated and the sound has gone crap. Is Windows Movie Maker an OK tool, if so, any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or would you recommend using something else? Is this a normal thing for the movie to lose some of it's quality? Anything good out there for free that you use that will not effect the quality of the original movie, other than that something cheap to buy instead.

Several hours later I learnt to use Windows Movie Maker directly to capture the VHS video and not to use the software that came with the TV card. The quality suffers a bit but is fine for YouTube using Windows Movie Maker but am now saving it twice. One file for YouTube and another file hi-quality for myself.

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Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced (preferably free)knowledge base with the following requirements.

- have multiple search criteria(ie. can narrow down a search with in a search.) and modifiable search fields
- allow multiple users to modify and access at the same time
- be able to search through e-mails and attached documents
- uses a database which can easily be extracted to Oracle
- GUI interface
- simple implementation

I've found a couple which looks like it'll provide what I need but I would like to get some opinions from many of you who might have implemented one.

Ones that I'm looking more closely at currently are:
- ThoughtTracker = but have no idea about the database export options
- Web Board = kind of costly hope to find something cheaper
- Forum = need a closer look
- KB = heard it's pretty good
- Personal Knowbase = ??? yet

Any help would be very much appreciated.

-- Yori-ko

A:Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed

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Hi----------The wife is into digital family photo's which she prints at home. Were both way to decrepid and feeble minded to attempt learning the fancy software such as Photoshop. What she needs is a program that fixes and corrects digital photo's automaticly----Cost is a factor too. Your suggestions would be appreciated. WE now use PhotoElf and Photobrush.

A:Photo editing software needed

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can you suggest a software for video editing? i'm lookig for a simple software that will help me to:

-"pixalize" some areas of the videos of my digital camera.
- cutting parts of videos.
- simple saving of the videos with similar video quality.


A:can you suggest a software for video editing? i'm lookig for a simple software that w

There is really no proper freeware available which is as easy to use as Audacity.

If you are looking for a freeware and up for some reading and experimentation then go for VirtualDub. Literally it can do almost anyhting that a paid one can do, but it is really for some techie mind.

Otherwise, you can go for Pinnacle's or Ulead's any home solution products. Those will be cheaper and produces good result and very user friendly. I suggest that you check out Ulead's Video Studio.

Hope this helps you.

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Hi,My Flex notebook won't work with Pinnacle video editing software. It works fine with other programs, but Pinnacle won't work. Any suggestions? Corel suggested I install a June 2010 version of Direct-X, but that didn't solve the problem. Doug

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Hello all,
I wonder if anyone knows how to produce a movie sqeuence of a road/country map with the 'driven' route (from start to destination) shown with a highlighted line thats moving.

You may have seen it on movies like 'euro trip' etc, if i can get map pics of the area needed then all i need to know is how to animate it asd i've explained above.

thanks all...hope to hear from you soon...

many thanx, UK1nation

A:video editing help needed..PLEASE!!

What kind of software do you have? Several packages that I have will do this sort of thing.
I use ProShow Gold but if you are looking for something free and are a PC user Windows Movie Maker will work just as well.

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recently I have wanted to get into video editing and I decided to try out a few different video editing software tools. I tried windows movie maker 2.6 first and it kept skipping when I would preview clips and freezing. The same thing is happening with the trial version of adobe's premiere elements 9 trial version. For adobe, it told me to download the latest video driver that was compatible so i did and it allowed me to see my videos and use it a little bit but it would not be able to keep up and would freeze occasionally. Does this have to do with my graphics card? This is what I could find of my computers information (i typed dxdiag in run):


Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
System model: Satellite A505
BIOS: InsydeH20 Version 1.20
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~1.6GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX11

And I guess this is my graphics card:

Name: NVIDIA GeForce 310M
Chip Type: Geforce 310M
DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC
Approx. Total Memory: 2256 MB
Current Display mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)

If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

P.s. I'm not very computer savvy so keep that in mind :-/

A:Wondering if I should upgrade video card for video editing software

yes the graphics card seems to be the weak link in your setup, you could try searching for msi afterburner to try to overclock your graphics card but failing that i would upgrade your graphics card

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I need help finding Video editing software compatible with Vista/Win7 that can do the following:

- Remove watermarks from videos.
- Put your own created watermark on a video
- Blur out faces
- Cut parts of the video image
- Edit and draw on the video, replacing the cut piece with a still image, or even another piece of a video

So I guess basically I'm looking for all-out video editing.

I'd prefer freeware. But anything will do if that's all available.

It's no problem if I have to use different programs for each thing.

My current system is a Dell XPS 430 and can handle video editing pretty well.


A:Need video editing software for altering video image

I don't think you will get any help here to remove someone elses watermark from a video that doesn't belong to you. The watermark is put there to discourage copying. Helping you I believe would be against forum rules.

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Without going into all the excruciating details (and they ARE excruciating), my system simply will not recognize my canon altura digital video camera. Here are my basic system specs:

Motherboard msi kt7 lite with duron 900mhz chip
256 ram
all in wonder video w/16mb ram
yamaha cd-burner
Toshiba cd rom
20G Maxtor hd (primary), 60G Quantum Fireball (secondary hd)

principal software: MS xp office suite w/frontpage 2002, access, word perfect 8.0, mgi photosuite III, mgi videowave, Cakewalk pro audio v.8, sierra printArtist platinum, Ulead photoexplorer, Ulead photoImpact 6, MGI videoWave4, Ulead Videostudio v.4.0, etc.

I used to do video editing all the time with MGI video wave 3, now although it installs fine, when I go to capture video, I get the message "one of more arguments are invalid," and it won't capture. I tried capture with the Ulead software, but it gives me a similar error message. Here is what I've done so far:

* Checked user forums for MGI video wave, which turned up lots of other people suffering the same issue, which MGI hasn't been able to solve. There were several possible solutions offered, all of which I tried, and none of which worked. The natural thing would be to try other software, which I did (Ulead), but I had the same problem.

* spent lots of time with tech support for ulead, mgi, and ms. All were unable to help.

* uninstalled and reinstalled several times each piece of software.

* reinstalled windows.

* yelled at my c... Read more

A:video editing software will not see digital video camera

I should have mentioned: the system DOES see the camera; it's right there, but it won't capture.

Also, I spent some time with Belkin tech support to see if it was a firewire issue, but they weren't able to help. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the firewire card and software several times.

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I've got kind of a problem. Me and my friend are doing a school project about computers, their history etc. First, we wanted to do a presentation about this in PowerPoint, but because of compatibility issues (MSO vs. LibreOffice in school) we'd rather like to do a simple video about it, kinda replacing the standard presentation.
My first idea was to do things like this in Sony Vegas, or Camtasia - you know, just copy some text, add some images, simple effects, music, etc. But it's really not optimised for doing things like this - it's slow and even simple text formatting takes high amount of time.
My question is, is there any software that could help me in this situation? Maybe some plugins for programs like Vegas?
Thanks in advance.
PS. I know, the title may be a little misleading, I honestly had no idea how to describe my problem...

A:Video presentations software - any recommendations?

You know that you can save a PowerPoint as a video without extra software ? 
MS Office 2010 : File - Save & Send - Create a video
MS Office 2013 : File - Export - Create a video

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Could not find any on the recommended free software thread. Saw something called adblockvideo on the web, but I am not sure if it is effective or if it is loaded with any adware or malware.

Thanks in advance.

A:Any recommendations for software that removes ads from video strreams?

I feel as though it depends entirely on the video stream, but for Chrome, I've had nothing but success with AdBlock (I use the beta version). Not only works on Pandora, but it also seems to work with Twitch.tv (which is really the only video streamer I view.)

Of course, I feel obliged to click on a few more related links of the streamer to make up for the fact that I'm accessing his or her stream for free. ;)

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Occasionally, I would like to capture an on-screen video. I have downloaded and tried three and so far this one I like best of those I tried. If anyone has recommendations based on personal experience and personal use, I would appreciate your comments.

Here are my requirements:
I am willing to pay up to $50.
It has to be free of ads.
It has to be free of trial restrictions.
It cannot be a web-based program or require an internet connection to run.


A:Need recommendations for video screen capture software

I just used LiteCam HD and It's quite fast and easy to use .The only downside is that there is a visible watermark and side control panel when recording with this software. The recording quality is in clear HD.

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I have what I think should be a simple editing need. However after two days of trying this and scouring the web, I'm still at point one. Which brings me here.

I have a sports skills video and at a certain frame I'd like to stop (pause) the video for about two seconds. During those couple seconds I'd like to place a semi-transparent box over a particular player. After the pause the video will resume as normal and the semi-transparent box will disappear.

I've had success, to an extent, using Flash to edit my flv (adding box on an additional layer), but I can not for the life of me figure out how to pause the embedded video.

Would anyone have any idea how I could easily go about doing this? I am not very skilled with actionscript which is making this difficult to accomplish with Flash. Speaking of which, I am completely open to any editor for any format of video out there. Whatever can get the job done. Oh, and preferably an open source software.

Versions: Flash MX 2004
Windows XP Media Center Editor

Thanks so much in advance for any help with this!

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Hi, Im looking to buy some software for video editing to edit home movies etc, but havent a clue which to get.. what is recomended for the easiest to use, and best effects?

many thanks...

A:Best Video Editing Software?

You might check out "Adobe Premier Elements". 4? I think is the latest version. You can get it in a bundle with "Photoshop Elements 7", which is the best photo editor this side of Photoshop itself.

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I am slowly getting interested in messing around with video on my PC, mainly video lifted off old VHS tapes I have. At the moment I use Windows Movie Maker with mixed results, for some reason the quality badly degrades, even for Youtube quality.

Does anyone know of a decent video editing package?. I am prepared to spend up to £50 to £60. I've done some research but was wondering what do most people use for cutting and joining video footage, adding music, burning to DVD's, making optimised Youtube vids, etc.

any help with standard software people use, much appreciated.

A:Help with video editing software

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Whats the best video editing software that I can make into DVD's.

I have a Sony video camera that writes to those little dvd's in mpeg format.



A:Video Editing Software

Adobe Premire Elements.


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Does anyone have any experience with any video editing software out there??
Im looking for a program that can put together a nice ~20m clip with tons of transitions and effects and being able to add MULTIPLE audio tracks......not just 1 or 2 tracks......
ive been looking into Adobe Premiere 6.5 but im not sure if that has the features im looking for. I also have heard its rather unstable at times.......is that due to software or hardware? *shrug* The program itself is like $600 through Adobe (so ive read) but ive found it bundled with a firewire card and extras for roughly $250.....

anyway.......any ideas? suggestions?

A:PC Video Editing Software

Personally I wouldn't bother with adobe premiere. Take a look over at www.pinnaclesys.com as you'll find Edition 5 a very tough product to beat, and its around the same price as premiere. It has unlimited audio tracks capability plus hardware video acceleration support. Nothing else comes close. There are also various lower cost alternatives, so take a look around that site.

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Hey Guys!

OK, I am looking for a video editing software to create simple but effective videos for a web site I work on.

Obviously, I have a small budget from which to work from. I have limited my choices down to:
Ulead Video Studio - £55 (Plus version) or £35 (Standard version)
Magix Movie Edit Pro - £58 (Plus version) or £40 (Standard version)
Which package is better?

The main element I would like to use is to insert a static background behind the person in a video - can this be done with either package?

Many thanks

A:Video Editing Software

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Hi all,

I want to make a documentary and will be filming a number different scenes.

I want to get some software but am not sure what is the best to use.

I am a novice so I donít need software to produce a Hollywood film (although that would be nice) but something that is very good and also user friendly.

Thank you for your time,


A:What is the best video editing software to buy?

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I'm after a video editing software instead of windows movie maker, which i dont like, that can cut up videos etc. Free ones would be preferable but suggestions for any good paid for one is welcome.

Anybody got any ideas?

A:Video Editing Software

Originally Posted by eggyuk

I'm after a video editing software instead of windows movie maker, which i dont like, that can cut up videos etc. Free ones would be preferable but suggestions for any good paid for one is welcome.

I use Ulead Video Studio 11.5+. I'm still just learning what all it can do, but it seems pretty feature rich. You can check it out here: Video Editing - Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Plus - Corel Corporation

Unfortunately its not free ($109.97 USD) at the site. There's a try button so you can check it out.


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What video editing software would you recommend at a reasonable price. Must handle jpeg from a Sony DVD Camcorder.


A:Video Editing Software

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ok, pc specs first,

dell dimension 2400
windows xp home sp3

2 gig s of ram
60 gig hard drive

ok, i made this funny reaction video i did while watching this scary spider video on youtube.

i think the video i did is kinda funny, cuz my reaction was real, but i dont want to upload it because of all the swear words.

is there a piece of software that can detect and "bleeeeep" all my swear words ?.

A:i need a video editing software

Editing the video in XPs Windows Move Maker ...
And using Audacity .. You can record the sound track ..
Edit it .. Then replace the original Sound track.

Using this method ... Just for fun .. I added the Beeps Here

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I need a software that can convert from divx to mpeg, and also one that can split divx files. Any recommendations?

A:Video editing software

depending on what kind of quality you want, you need a frameserver in anycase. avisynth while not a stand alone is one of the best free video editing software out there.

If you just need basic converting then you can go with tmpgenc or virtualdub both are excelent programs that are under constant development. Though i believe that vdub is a bit more user friendly.

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I'm looking for a good piece of software that costs no more than around £35-40, all I have at the moment is Windows Movie Maker and it sucks lol. So, any suggestions?

At the moment I'm looking at Ulead VideoStudio 10, but before I decide I was wondering if there were any other pieces of software better (but not more than £35-40 of course, lol).

A:Best video editing software?

Ulead Video studio is a good user friendly programme. Version 10 doesn't have the additions that 10plus has though so I would question whether you gain much over version 9available at Amazon for £20.
I am using version 9 and have downloaded the 10plus free trial to have a play with. Unless you want to edit HD video and want 7 overlay tracks as opposed to version 9's 1, then version 10plus doesn't really offer much more. (Version 10 has 1 overlay track as 9). Version 9 is also a lot faster at rendering completed projects than 10.
I'm going to stick with 9. I could be tempted in the future for 10plus, but the straight 10 version isn't worth the extra in my opinion.
You can compare all versions at Ulead's site to form your own opinion.

Just found 10plus for £40 at Amazon.
It's in your price bracket. Would advise to make the choice between 9 or 10plus now both are within reach. Forget 10 which is only £16.97 on the same link.

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not sure im in the right forum here but I was just wondering what is the best software to use to edit a small movie. I have made many 10 second movies on my phone and I want to add them all into one movie with a song in the background so I can juck it on yutube. Any ideas to what some good software to use?

thanks in advance

A:Which video editing software to use?

windows movie maker should be all you need for that. Its free with xp and you might already have it. you may find it here C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\moviemk.exe

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I'm trying to find software that will join two avi's together. I've used a program called "Alive Video Joiner" but i would like to find something better.
I would like to get more into editing and encoding so if anyone can recommend software that is easy to learn it would be a big help.

Free bet
Inspirational Quotes

A:Video Editing Software

If you have Windows XP you can try the Windows Media Maker, its free so its worth trying first.

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I want to try my hand at video editing. Any freeware s/w out there thats any good to start??

psobviously it needs to be spyware free as well

A:video editing software

Windows XP comes with Movie Maker and there is Avid Free DV.

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actually what i wanna do is...............its like anime music. in a vid i want to add another music. which soft is best and free. and east to use. except windows movie maker.
thank u

A:Video editing software

Check out the Multimedia Forum. Then click on the red triangle and ask one of the MODs to move your thread if you think that you'll get more of a response there.

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I'm getting a new camcorder with DV output (up to now I've used analog) and I want some software that's better than windows movie maker, but then not too overly complex ether, or I won't have a clue =P Any ideas?

A:What video editing software to use?

Sony Vegas Movie Studio +DVD--Pretty much gives you everything you need and is rock solid. Another one to look at is Premiere Elements. I would stay away from Pinnacle products. Some like Ulead but I find their support to be non-existent.

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Ok, basically I am told that their are only a couple good video editing programs, but Adobe Photoshop is the best Is this true? What else can you recommend for me?

Also, I am planning a trip to Europe to film a documentary and would like any advice about the best video camera possible for the money.

A:Video Editing software

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Hello friends!

Which amongst Pinnacle Studio 9 & Ulead Studio 9 is a better Video editing software. Please consider features as well as final ouput quality to be most important.

Thank you.

A:Which is a better Video editing software???

Plz. help...

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if you would be able to offer any help. I've been using Adobe Premiere 6.0 for video editing for the past 5 years now and I've finally decided it's time for an upgrade in video editing software. After initially looking at the latest version of Adobe Premiere I've decided it's far too expensive for me to justify purchasing. So I was wondering if you could offer any other suggestions?

I really want something similar to Adobe Premiere but I also want it to allow me to do fancy text effects and everything. iMovie looks good but as I'm using Windows XP that isn't a possibility. I want something more advanced that Windows Movie Maker and I've looked at Serif MoviePlus but didn't want to purchase without asking your expert opinions.

Thanks in advance,


A:Video Editing Software?

I think first of all you should give us your price range as there are so many to choose from and a price range will narrow it down.

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Hey all,

I was looking into getting some video editing software beyond the likes of simple programs such as windows movie maker. I would mostly be using this video editing software to edit gaming content I've recorded.

Also along the lines of video editing software, after I'm done recording a video, the file sizes can easily exceed 2gb. Does anyone have any recommendations for video compressing software?

My friend uses Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 for all of his video editing needs but this program is $100 which of course isn't too bad compared to other software but is still pretty expensive for just video game content.

Let me know guys.

A:Video Editing Software

Movie Maker is probably the best free editing software. Anything else is mediocre IMO. I like After Effects/Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas but those are very expensive. If you just want compression software, use Handbrake. If you want Video Editing Software, look into Lightworks or VideoDub.

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hey im looking for some of the best of the best video editing tools on the market, i've been working on some ideas i'd like to start putting into play ... money isnt the biggest issue for this project so ill deal with whatever the cost is i was just wondering if i could get some input from as many people as i can on what they perfer or suggest... Thanks alot !!!!

A:Best Video Editing Software out there ?

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Hello all,

I ve been looking for a software that will allow me to parse parts of videos and place them in other videos.

For example, I have The Tow Towers on DVD, and there is a beautiful scenic view that is simply awsome. I want to parse my moving image from a video and place it in the scenic scene. So lets say I have a video of me walking, I want to make it look like im walking in that scenic scene of the Tow Towers. Anyway you get the point.

Do any of you know of any software that is capable of these tasks?


A:Video Editing Software

Ulead Media Studio can, and I believe Adobe Premiere probably can....the difficult part is going to be achieving it....what it sounds like you want to do is "blue screen"....can be done, but if you have existing video of you, you will have to figure out a way to blue screen that in order to insert it into the other one....


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I was using Cyberlink Power Director 13 on my PC, but its so power hungry it's unbealivable. It has more crashes then a deranged car, and freezes more times then the North Pole, even Polar bears and Penguins would be shocked.

I have my eyes on Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite or, Corel VideoStudio Pro X7. I would like to put it on my i5 laptop which runs windows 10 and has 8gb and 64 bit processor.

Which is the better one to go for?

I'm not really looking for all the bells and whistle's (although it would be nice) stabalisation is a must, and a story board where you drag and drop.


A:Which video editing software please?

Any reason why you didn't mention Adobe Premier Elements ????
Works pretty good on my 8gig i3-4130 W7-64 desktop.

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I have an .AVI file. I wanna cut a few parts and add text to some scenes. Which program would i use?


A:Video Editing Software

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Hi guys. I'm new to this forum, so excuse me if i break any common etiquette you may have. I'll keep it short:

I'm looking for an intermediate level video editing program. I want to make sure I can relatively easily do three things with this program:
put text anywhere on the screen at any time in the video.
Add an explosion anywhere on the video
make the video play backwards (and stay that way- as in an effect)
In fact, if i can get a program that does only these three things, I'll be set. Can you help me out?
(Price isn't an issue- I'm willing to pay for it)

A:Looking for video editing software

Playback speed and direction are typical features of mid-range consumer editors. Corel Videostudio12, Pinnacle Studio 12 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3 and up handle that with just a slider for speed and a tic box for direction.

Text position and duration is also fairly easy as all three have one or more overlay tracks which you can use to superimpose anything onto the video.

Explosions are a little different matter. Most editors come with some special effects but the bulk are sold as part of seperate add-on effect packs, especially Pinnacle. I didn't see any explosion effects in the basic ones I have and I can't say for sure but surely somewhere in one of the FX packs there must be such.

Maybe someone will know about that or another editor that I don't use which comes with explosions. I see I have fire as one of the effects in Pinnacle--good for before and/or after the explosion....

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I have a Sony Digital Camera that connects via USB. What is the best free video editing software that I can use?

A:What is the BEST video editing software?

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I am in need of some new video editing software, Which is the best one out these days which is easiest use, and contains lots of effect features, and other editing stuff.

A:Video Editing Software

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