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recover files in my external hard disk

Q: recover files in my external hard disk

I've been using a 60gb external hard disk which I bought last September.I've formatted the disk and rename it as "leyza's" and have no difficulties in using it in my laptop or others before this.The disk was not in used for about 4 days..and when I plug in through USB recently, there is no autoplay window and no trace of new disk at 'my computer' as usual.But,there is safely remove hardware icon with different hardware's name,not like the one before.How can I recover all my files saved in the disk.Please help me..

Preferred Solution: recover files in my external hard disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: recover files in my external hard disk

check power and usb connections ok?
remeber if you bumped/dropped it etc?
can you hear it spinning up/powering up?
any wierd noises? grinding, clicking etc..

try on a different pc
if your on winxp, goto [my computer (right click)>manage>storage devices] see if your drive comes up there

if it is truly a machanical faliure, then you'd ask yourself how important is your data...

and like the painfull and expensive lesson i've just learnt, backup regularly.....

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I have recently bought a 1 TB Seagate external hard disk. It worked very good.
Some days ago I had to format my computer and reinstall windows, so I saved my important data on the external hard disk.
Accidentally, I did the format while the hard disk was connected to the computer.
I tried to connect the hard disk to my other computer, a massage popped up saying "Seagate storage device was successfully installed and ready to be used" , but I couldn't find it in "My Computer".
Then I went to My Computer-Manage-Disk Management and there I saw the hard disk, but it was Unallocated.
I tried to activate it, and then I saw it on My Computer. However, when I double clicked on it, A massage saying "This drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?" popped up. I said NO and then tried some file recovery programs, but with no success.
The only program that worked was "VirtualLab" It found the files, all of them, but I couldnít save them because I had to buy the program.

I Tried the "Recuva" software, but when I tried to scan the hard disk, Recuva said "Unable to read boot sector".

Please, I really need to recover my files from there, There are some Medical Documents there for my sisters surgery.
Help me up please!!!

A:Recover data from External hard disk

$40 is actually a very good price if the program can see and promises to recover all the files you need. Free software is free software; sometimes it works fine and sometimes you get what you pay for, especially with data recovery. The ones I would have suggested cost significantly more (GetDataBack and Easeus Recovery Wizard).

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Hi Is it possible to recover deleted files from an external hard drive or flash memory? If so, can someone explain how this is possible? I thought that once you had deleted a file, that was it..?

A:Can i recover deleted files from an external hard drive?

Quote: Originally Posted by Double

Hi Is it possible to recover deleted files from an external hard drive or flash memory

Not with certainty. It's hit and miss. Don't count on it.

"Deleting" in effect removes the file from the drive's "index" so it can't be found by standard means.

Specialized software may still be able to locate and recover the file if that space on the hard drive has not actually been overwritten and occupied by another file.

Recuva and GetDataBack are two such programs.

Some free software will tell you if the file can be recovered, but may make you pay to actually recover it.

The original file name may be lost.

Then there are professional data recovery services that examine the drive in a laboratory for a high fee--$1000 or more. Such services may have a higher degree of success.

I've fiddled with the free software a few times, but never had much luck.

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I recently download a backup program that deleted everything off my external hard drive. There is now basically nothing on my external, so I doubt any data was overwritten. I have a Western Digital 800BB External USB 2 with FAT32. I've tried almost every program I can get a freeware/trial version of and haven't had any luck. A few of them have shown me some of the files I am interested in but are missing quite a few I want. I've also tried restoring a few .avi files that did show up and all I get is a bunch of my mp3 files oddly strung together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I am having issues with my external hard drive. I cannot access the drive from computer or device manager. I do see the icon for the drive listed but any left or right-click freezes explorer. The drive is a 1TB Iomega USB drive. I have tried to run chkdsk on it but it will not run. I do not have access to another computer at this time to see if the drive works elsewhere.

2 things : I have gotten a popup on startup that I need to reformat the drive to be able to use it AND I have also seen the cyclic redudancy check error box. After searching for answers I believe the problem may have been caused by 1 or more instances of power loss to drive while connected to my desktop pc.

Any help retrieving my files & photos would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, there. I need to know the best utility to recover files after a reformat because I want to recover files after a reformat of the hard disk. Thank you.

A:What is the best utility to recover files after a reformat of the hard disk?

Check out the software here; http://www.oo-software.com/en/datarecovery/

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Ok guys.. I screwed up big time... I was about to create a bootable flash drive with a utility called HPflash and right the moment I pressed the start button I realized that the selected drive wasnt my flash drive.. but my external hard disk with 400 Gigs of Data! I dont know about you guys.. but I had tons of pictures and videos.. (my wedding video too!) And I am going nuts now.. can anyone please give me some hope and tell me I can recover all my files? Do I need to use one of the un-delete software out there? When I click on the hard disk it states that it needs to be formatted.. so apparently it hasnt.. so what happened to it? Can I undo what I did very quickly? thanks!

A:Solved: Recover external hard disk that "needs to be formatted"

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How do you recover lost/damaged files from a damaged disk (external)?

I'm not sure if its just damaged or crammed way too full but it started when I plugged it into another computer at the front along with another hard drive which I've never done at that particular computer before but I thought it would be fine since I always plug in both at the back of my own computer.
At the other computer this disk disappeared and only the other one showed up. So I plugged out the other one and tried to make it show up. It didn't and when i plugged it out "Drive H:\ needs to be formatted" showed up" I just kept trying at all the usb ports to failure.
I tried to plug it in my computer and my laptop leading to the same result.

I'm talking about a "1TB FreeAgent GoFlex Seagate", image http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/seagate_goflex_review_05.jpg. I took the butt part out and installed it in my computer directly. I think that's when the chkdsk utility showed up after windows started. I let it run when it started up. it finally showed up! The files still worked. but it was still almost full so I bought a new hard drive to transfer the files to and then format the old one and start clean, or so to say.

I plugged in my new hard drive and tried to transfer some files. It transferred some, but others gave me a few errors in transferring. Then I tried to transfer it to my laptop. It can't transfer directly from one external ha... Read more

A:Recover lost/damaged files from damaged external disk?

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I have a Hitachi external hard disk, I have tons of extremely important files inside. It was still working fine last night until this morning. This is what happened: I plugged in the hard disk, than it is seen as Local Disk (h. It prompts me to format the disk once I double clicked it. Please help me!! I have really important files in it! Thanks lots in advance! I've tried reading this External WD not being identified - Local Disk (h : Hard Disk Drives: data recovery and repairbut I couldnt understand, can someone tell me if it works and how to do it? Im not good in this kind of things.Please help, thanks!

A:HELP!! I cant read the files in my external hard disk!

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I have built a new pc. I have my OS on a SSD drive(C) and media files on a 500gb Seagate hard disk (D). I have mp3 files backed up on an external hard drive . I coonected this hard drive via USB to my new pc. Opened up the music folder and tried to drag and drop the fiels to drive D.Quite a few transferred before I got the following message
'You'll need administrator permission to perform this action' clicking on continue brings up another pop-up box;
'You require permisssion from the computer's administrator to make changes to this folder'
I can't then proceed any further
Anyone got any ideas

A:Transferring files from external hard disk

Hi mackemwonder, Welcome to the forums. You need to take ownership of the files Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums hope this helps you

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Hello all!

First of all I am new to this forum so I would like to say hello and thank you so much in advance for your kind guidance and support!

I am encountering some slight difficulties with my External Hard drive.. I am running an dell studio xps 1640 laptop with windows 7 64 bit home premium. Unfortunately last night my external hard drive had i guess a "loose connection" not to my computer.. to the connection to the hard drive. (Mind you its an iOMEGA 500GB). Unfortunately by accident it fell about 1 ft off my coffee table. I have so many important files on there (College Notes, Lectures, Homework, Music) and now it wont even read on my windows laptop. I tried connecting it to my windows 8.1 and windows 10 desktops....but all it does it sees the device but it wont browse the disk through file explorer to see my files.

I cant initialize the disk either! I get an redundancy error. I have attached below my screenshots of my issue. Please help!

Best Regards
Kevin =]

A:[help] How should I recover my files on a "Bad Disk" External?

I would try to run a chkdsk /f /r. You may have to give it a drive letter.

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Hello, I'm hoping I might be able to find help here.I accidentally contracted a virus on my external hard drive by plugging it into my friend's computer . The virus hid all of my folders and files, and made visible only as Shortcuts. Unknowingly I deleted the shortcuts , and the only way I was able to make the folders visible again was by searching the name of some folders which i remember . But i am able to see the files inside my hard disk which are not visible unless i search for it in the particular drive,it occupies more than 70% of my hard disk.. I am running Windows 7 64-bit.I went through this http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic413241.html but it did not help me to see my files again...Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated, and if you need more information that I did not know I needed to provide, please ask.Thank you!SenthilEDIT: Moved from Win7 to Am I Infected

A:Unable to find the files in External Hard Disk

Welcome aboard Does it mean you run UnHide program?Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be su... Read more

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Hi there,

So following is the step by step explanation of what happened:

- Copied all my data from Laptop to Seagate HDD

- Re-installed a fresh copy of windows 7 Ultimate.

- Tried copying all the Data back to laptop, some data had no issues in copying but some was not copying.
Issue: I can not copy some data and Can not even open them for ex. I do see the video file but can not run it.
Error: When i try to open the file it says i need to have Administrator rights to run that file.

- What i have tried to fix it and failed:
1. Tried changing the permissions for all users and for the current user (The administrator) and they are set to full control.

2. Tried UNchecking the 'Encrypt contents to secure data' so as to remove encryption but it returns the same prompt 'you need to have administrator rights to change the encryption type

3. Googled for solutions but in vain. No valid or success answer on google and forums.

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Hi everybody,

I'm having some trouble with my computer: it won't boot. It keeps giving me an error: about windows root\win32\hall.dll being missing or corrupt. The recovery console doesn't give me any windows installation to choose from, but using the "dir" command I can see all my files.

I was planing on copying all the necessary files to an external hard disk so I can completely reset the internal one. My question: How do you do that (the copying)?

Please explain in some detail, bcause I'm not into this kind of thing, I usually don't go further than chkdsk c: /r or fixboot or stuff.

thanks a lot,


A:copying files to external hard disk from recovery console


you will firstly need to be in the directory in order to copy anything. I think at the moment you are in C: drive or your local disk as it is known it could be a nother drive. If you do dir *.* and you see program files, windows etc then you are in c drive.

Now, thid depends on what you are copying, if you are copying my documents then do this
cd\documents and settings
cd/my documents
copy *.* E:\

Ok the copy will copy everything in my documents folder, including sub folders etc, it will save to the drive E:. Now if you are putting external hard drive you need to know which drive it is , D: F: g you can guess if you don't know by trying them one by one

ps, if cd\ doesn't work try cd/

but this hal.dll can be fixed in another way, you don't have to format pc try the following procedure i have written

1) i assume you have already inserted the xp disk other wise you cannot access recovery console unless you are using a live cd
2) in the command type expand D:\i386\hal.ddl_ C:\windows\system32\hal.dll
The expand will open that particular directory, you can change the d letter to your cd drive, though it is generally d. don't forget the _ and the C:\ is you local disk. If it says press y to overwrite do so.
unless it is different, or you have two partitions etc.

lastly don't forget you can try a repair install, if you have xp pro you can do this and this will rewrite the windows directory and you will not lose anything.

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I wonder if anyone can help I am not sure why but I am not able to delete or even open some files on my larger External drive.. I see them ok I tries (security) to give permissions to the whole drive and waited some time and thought I had given new permissions I am still not able to delete files and open some..any help please

A:External Hard disk lost abilty to open files

What happens when you try to open them? What are the file extensions on these files?

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On an external USB drive, WD Elements, 4TB (Notebook Medion akoya P8614) some files obviously became corrupted after copying them on the same drive (the files are not copied from another drive, but may be such files can become corrupted also). There was not any error message displaying the copying to be failed. I copied the same archive (zip or rar) a few times to another folder and in the same folder on the same drive and some of the copies have a different check sum (the check sum also differs among the corrupted files, so corrupted files have different check sums, not the same wrong check sum) and WinRAR or other programs show an error message that a file or more are corrupted when I try to unzip some of the copies. The file size stayed the same of all of the copies.

When I plugged in the USB plug of that drive the first times the external drive was not shown, after a few times and waiting finally it was shown. And some time ago with another Notebook (same manufacturer) I had some kind of the same problem: when unzipping / downloading archives to (or on, I do not remember anymore at the moment) a 2,5 external 640 GB drive (A sometimes they were corrupted.

I checked the drives (the 640 GB one and the WD Elements, 4TB) with CrystalDiskMark and CrystalDiskInfo and checked the 640GB drive with HDtune (error scan, the long one, not the "Quick Scan", no errors found.

And I checked the WD Elements, 4TB drive with the extended test (lastin... Read more

A:Copied files a few times on same external hard disk: copies corruptedd

A couple of things come to mind, one I've read about on the 'net is older computers don't do well with 3TB and larger HDDs and the other is the Power Options need to be set to NOT shut anything down, Windows sometimes doesn't properly recognize when a USB port is or is not idle. I have mine set on the When Plugged In feature to turn nothing off, no Sleep, no Hibernation, etc. The defaults for When On Battery are fine as I don't usually do the heavy-duty copy/move of files then.

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plz help,my important files were gone!
I have a 1T external hard drive( my passport Western Digital) .yesterday i right click on drive in windows 7 my computer --> properties --> tools --> check now --> and i check both these boxes :
-Check Disk dialog box Automatically fix file system errors
-Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
after about 2 hour, process finished.but when i go to my external hard drive. i just found 30 gb of my files and folder was remain and other(about 900 gb!) were lost! and the free space of disk wasn't changed that maybe shows folder and files are not deleted.
why were the data deleted? Chkdsk tell nothing me when it completed! If data disappears it usually is because files are damaged and the Chkdsk utility attempts to separate the damaged files out BUT there aren't any files or folders with such as these names "found.000" or "*.chk" in my external hdd.( i remove check on hidden files)

note: i found my chkdsk log in event view in windows cp :
there ware a lot of records like this : Deleting orphan file record segment 60010.

i read some where that In the final chkdsk analysis, you need to have the disk directory and file structures reporting aligned with the sector 0 allocation table (or vice versa). is it really mean everything is gone?!

plz help to find prob and get my files back .

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I moved about 10GB of files (using Photoshop Elements) from my laptop's hard disk to an external hard drive. I double checked and the files were moved correctly - they don't show up on the laptop and show up on the external hard drive. However, the laptop's C drive does not show an increase in space. I restarted the laptop but it still shows the same free space as prior to the move.

Any idea why? This is with a Lenovo T440s with Win7.


A:Moved files to external hard drive but no change in laptop disk size

Dumb question, did you delete the files off C ?

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plz help,my important files were gone!
I have a 1T external hard drive( my passport Western Digital) .yesterday i right click on drive in windows 7 my computer --> properties --> tools --> check now --> and i check both these boxes :
-Check Disk dialog box Automatically fix file system errors
-Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
after about 2 hour, process finished.but when i go to my external hard drive. i just found 30 gb of my files and folder was remain and other(about 900 gb!) were lost! and the free space of disk wasn't changed that maybe shows folder and files are not deleted.

plz help to find prob and get my files back .
(note : there aren't any files or folders with such as these names "found.000" in my external hdd)

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hi all,

i would like to ask you a very basic question:

What is the difference between an external hard disk and an internal hard disk mounted on external enclosure?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure risky in terms of loosing the data?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure reliable to use?

kindly let me know as there is a vast difference in the price of these hard disks. The external hard disk is costing more and if i use internal hard disk in external enclosure price is very much reduced.

my only concern about using internal hard disk in external enclosure is the reliability.

thanks in advance,


A:External Hard Disk v/s Internal Hard Disk in External Enclosure

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Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 byte. Have a 1 tb external Seagate drive connected with USB 2. Disk capacity is showing 925GB. Have lost 75 GB. Is there a way to recover the the lost 75 GB?

A:Recover external Disk capacity

Welcome to Seven Forums.
You have not lost any capacity, the difference is the way drive makers and Windows measure it. Windows uses binary system and makers use decimal.
Binary, 1MB=1048576 bytes
Decimal 1MB=1000000 bytes
Windows would show a decimal MB as 976.5KB
The drive may have some native files that came with it too, like encryption and software.

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First of all, I want to point out that I have very little knowledge of technology.

I have a NTFS Seagate 2TB Go Flex Desk external hard disk drive. A couple months ago, I found that it had a problem where my laptop could detect it, but couldn't access it and needed to "reformat" it. I left it alone for a while.

Recently, I tried plugging it in again, and behold, it seemed to work okay and I could see all the files and so on. I tried chkdisk without the fixing part (/f). I didn't want to "fix" it until as last resort because it seems to imply some data will be lost. It said there were a lot of bad sectors.

I couldn't read some of the files (most of them were rar files) in my hard disk, and had "read error" and "data error (cyclic redundancy check)". So I basically moved all the files which were normal out of the disk as I couldn't move the others ("can't read from source file or disk") and now I'm left with the broken files, most of which are important. 40gb of 16,000 files.

Is there any hope for me to recover those files? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: after this, how would I deal with the bad sectors?

A:Disk read error for files in the harddrive, want to recover files.

OK! The bad sectors are always one of the killers of data on a hard drive. Thatís why we are always asked to back up our needed data at least on two separate drives. So, in the future, you should learn to keep at least two copies of your important data on separate drives or locations.
But, right now, since your drive still could be read on your computer, you could try to run some data recovery programs to take chances. Nowadays, many data recovery programs are developed to help people resolve these troubles.

But, if you are not sure, you could firstly try some drive data recovery freeware such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.
But, if any data recovery software could not make a difference, you could consult a data recovery expert for help and prepare enough money for it.

Good luck!

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Hi there, I have a Toshiba External HDD 1TB, which has 160GB of data on it. The drive one day decided it was RAW format, and refuses to do anything at all on Win7 except be formatted. Same on Vista, though on XP it can be read and written to except every time I try to move the files, it comes up with "cyclic redundancy check" and refuses to do any more. I need to get these files off! Ideas please?

A:External HDD in RAW, need to recover files

I sorted the issue. If anyone has the same problem, I used Easeus Data Recovery to recover my files, then formatted the drive using Windows. Luckily enough I had just over 160GB free on my laptops HDD, or I would've had to buy/borrow another drive.

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I have searched forum but not found anythig like my scenario.

I am running Windows XP Home SP3. My 40GB Samsung SP4002H boot drive encountered NTLDR missing. I did some research from another computer and decided that since there were some files on the 40GB drive that I wanted to recover, I should remove the drive. I have been careful not to do anything that would write to the drive.
I tried booting from a Knoppix DVD, hoping that a UNIX O/S would be able to recognize files on the drive for me to retrieve and store elsewhere. No success here ? the drive was not mountable.

I have since removed the 40GB Samsung SP4002H and placed it in an external IDE USB connected drive enclosure. I have installed a new 500GB HD and re-installed Windows XP Home SP3 and have a functional system.

I am looking for ideas on how recover files from the drive. With the HD enclosure connected by USB, no drive letter gets assigned but Device Manager identifies it correctly under Disk Drives.

I will buy a product to recover the files if the product can prove that it will do the job before I purchase it. I have done a search for various products ? most of them are unable to detect the drive.

Products I have tried include:
Recover My Files appears to show the physical drive with a size of 0MB.
Stellar Phoenix NTFS Recovery 3.0 ? shows a Physical drive with a name = [,] and a search of the drive quickly completes without finding any files.

Any other suggestions how to recover files (PST, DOC... Read more

A:Recover Hd Files Now On External Hd Enclosure

You could try PC Inspector, which is a freeware data recovery utility.

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I deleted a folder with about 30 gigs of stuff in it from my 500 gig external hard drive about a week ago. I haven't done anything else with the drive since then. The folder was too large for the recycle bin so windows just automatically deleted it. I've tried recovering the files with Recuva and Puran File Recovery, but neither of them have been able to locate the files. Does this mean I will not be able to get them back, or is there something else I can try?

A:Recover files from external drive

To recover data you can install Pandora Recovery in windows or use PhotoRec in Linux.

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This evening I did a very stupid thing. When I plugged in my external hard drive, I got a message saying that I needed to reformat it. Without thinking, I clicked yes and allowed the darn computer to start erasing my data. As soon as I realized what I had idiotically done, I had another lapse of judgment and unplugged the external hard drive in the middle of the process.

Now I have a hard drive that is still 80% full and no way of reaching the dataÖ Anytime I try to open the drive, I get a message saying itís inaccessible.

Is there any way for me to recover some of the data still on the drive????

Any advice y'all could give would be muchly appreciated.

A:recover data external hard drive

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One question for you brilliant people if external hard drive gives and error message it needs to be formated. How do you recover the partition and the stuff on it.

A:Recover from external hard drive needs to be formated

Use A Free Recovery Tool To Recover You Files In That HDD.

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The USB of my external hard drive was broken and I changed to a new casing. However, it did not show up in my computer anymore and did not show up in disk management. I read forums and assigned it a drive name in disk management and clicked new partition. The drive was now visible in my computer but it keeps asking to be formatted. I do not want to erase my old data and so did not format.I want access to this data back again. My hard drive is fine and makes no noises. Someone please help.


A:Recover data from external hard drive?

No guarantee that you'll be able to recover your data. Depends on the size of the HDD, it might take a while for the programs to scan it. Be patient.

Found some posts that might be of help. Good luck.




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please help
how can I recover data from a damaged disk (not physically) of an external encrypted Bitlocer.
Description of the situation:

After connecting the drive - I can decipher it by typing the password - but when you try to open the contents of the report the message "format disk"
- the disk probably has some volume damaged - it has been disconnected from the computer (without being turned off)
What I have done so far:

Using the "Lazesoft" program - I managed to copy (of course after entering the password
on the damaged disk)
the content to another external disk (full - looking after size) but -
this data is encrypted (mainly ending with .ER)
I am asking for a hint:

whether the data that is on the new disk can somehow read (on this disk I can try) [or/and]how to create a damaged disk image to try on another disk [or/and]how to repair a damaged disk (as a last resort) - I am afraid of total data loss [or/and]what other program to use to copy data from a damaged disk
but decrypted
Thank you in advance for your help
Best Regards

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Dear All friends

i have bigg problem by mistak my external hard disk formatted by clean and clean so plsss help me how to recover my all file is insaid now whn i connet the pc its detecting hard disk but not showing its connecting pls help me friends

A:Hard Disk Recover

Hi shabee417, I'm not sure that I understand what happened to your external HD. Did you format it or did you just find it and everything was wiped?

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good evening , i know that if i want to recover the hard disk of my computer i must restart my computer and click on F12 and click on recover of the hard disk. i want to know if i do this, is the content of the second patition in my computer who contain my files (videos, pictures,etc .........),and who doesn't contain the windows files, will be not deleted?

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What is the difference of 3.5 external hard disk (e.g. WD My Book) vs a 3.5 internal hard disk fixed into an enclosure to work like an external hard disk?

Are both good to be use as an external drive to store backup?

What 3.5 enclosure is good?


A:3.5 external hard disk vs 3.5 internal hard disk with enclosure?

What do you mean fixed into an enclosure to work like an external drive? Are you referring to a My Book 3.0 VIA USB 3.0.... vs.... an internal SATA III SSD or HDD? Be a little more specific.

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i have a 80gb internal hard disk since it was not sufficient i switched up to a 500gb hard disk so i want to know whether i can use my 80gb hard disk as an external hard disk
if so how please instruct me

A:how to change a internal hard disk to a external hard disk

Is the 80gb drive ide or sata?

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I had about 300 movies on my external 500 gb external Hard Drive. Thats when i stupidly formatted the drive, I have not written anything over the drive but i still cant get files because its been formatted. I been trying gparted but im having a tough time. I also used a program online and could see some of the files but i couldnt retrieve files without paying for the software. Alot of programs say free but as soon as i try to retrieve the files it prompts me asking for payment and these sites are drowning out any real free sites. Is there a way i can do it using windows tools, or are there any other programs that are actually free, Please let me know of any, so far i have tried gparted and recuva, hoping you guys may know of better programs and maybe some tips hints and tricks. Its an external hdd (wd passport 500gb) One program i used took 20 min to find 1 video and another 20 min to recover it but no titles or anything, since alot of my video files are complete seasons it will take for ever to view each video and re-title it in correct order not including the 40 min to recover the file so its it be faster for me to just find and download the files fresh. So there must be a decent faster free (actually free from locating to recovery of files) program online i can download. Please give any FREE programs that work well to recover a large mix of different movie files. And any tips tricks or instructions will be helpful. Thank for your time.

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Problem:--- When I connect my external USB 3.0 Western digital hard disk to my system, system is hanged. Showing that some external source is added to the system( USB icon in Tray icon ) but not able to see in the system.

Device manager recognizes it as a USB device under Hard Disk, but disk management calls it unknown and not initialized.
No drive letter is shown under my computer. There is no Symptoms like any extra sound, or spinning down, it is showing normal behavior.

Goal: Try to recover my jpgs, doc, and txt files.
It had an NTFS partition and no special software was used to maintain the external hard drive, nor was an operating system installed on it. Just basic files.If it matters, My computer is a windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit DELL laptop.

A:External hard drive crashed, How to recover data?

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Scenario: My cousin just bought an HP MINI 1030NR from good 'ol Best Buy. He wanted to put a flavor of linux on there (dreamlinux to be exact, http://www.dreamlinux.com.br/index.html). He downloaded the iso file from the website and planned on installing it onto his ntfs-formatted external hard drive (80gb). The problem is that he accidentally installed the distro on the entire hard drive, as opposed to a separate partition. As a result, he has lost all of his data, images, videos, docs, etc (about 32GB). Is there any way that he can recover this information off of his external hdd? I am pretty sure that linux reformats the hdd to ext3 or something similar, so i don't know if there is any hope because usually reformating completely wipes the hard drive if I'm not mistaken.NOTE: Now when he plugs in his external hard drive, it shows up as a cd-rom image (see attached image). I have tried the recovery program Recuva, but it only seems to recognize hdd's and won't let me scan the "CD-ROM." I am using teamviewer to check out his pc at the moment, in case any of you experts need more info about the pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Please let me know if you need any more pertinent information.EDIT: I have attached another image from his pc's Disk Management utility. It shows DISK 1 as being the actual hard drive with almost the full hdd available, AND it shows the cd-rom as something separate.

A:Is it possible to recover data from reformatted external hard drive

He most likely can....BUT... itll cost ALOT of money. The hard drive will most likely have to be shipped to a professional with a dust free environment where he will open the drive and pull info from it.

If it is reformatted the information is most likely written over and gone, but ya never know, if he has about 800-1500 to dump on a hard drive, go for it, but I would just assume it is gone.

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I'm trying to recover lost partition and files from external USB hard drive (Maxtor Portable 250GB).
I'm using disk Internals sofitware and the software finds the files, but when I try to save them on the drive, each time I get a watchdog, or another BOSD error.

Here are the dumps.
Attachment 44121

Thanks in andvance.
Any help will be much appreciated.


A:BSOD, trying to recover lost partition from external hard

Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!

Do your still need help with this problem?
I will be notified if you reply to this topic and will respond within 48 hours.

Start with these diagnostics on the USB hard drive: Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
If the hard drive is dead/dying, this could easily be the cause of the BSOD's

I like the GetDataBack software from Data Recovery - Data Recovery Software - RAID Recovery - NAS Data Recovery
It's free to see what you can recover, but it costs $80 (last I checked) to actually recover it.

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I need to recover from a formatted external hard drive - buffalo 160gb mini-station Turbo USB, FAT32. The formatted external hard drive has been partitioned into 2.

Is still possible to recover back the files?

On related problem - what is the best software to repair corrupted jpeg? using ulead photo explorer 7se, i managed to view the jpeg with full pixels but when I open the file, the picture displayed is only half and the other half is blank gray.

I have plenty of corrupted mov - is there any mov repairer out there?

Thank you thank you for your help and I really hope someone can kindly attend to my question this time.

A:recover data from formatted external hard drive

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I upgraded my hard disk. Now my Windows 7 Professional product key is "stuck" on my old hard disk (which is now mounted as an external USB drive). I tried the sniffer product key programs to recover my product key (I have legitimately paid for and own the Windows 7 Professional key) but I am getting "do not have permission" error when sniffing old hard disk for product key.
Any ideas on how I might recover the Professional product key I own? (I have tried about 6 sniffer programs but all deny access to external Windows 7 directories)

Thanks for any help.

A:Recover Product Key from Old Hard Disk?

Have you tried Magic Jelly Bean; it has been very succeful in the past.

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I have problem with my hard disk's chip of my laptop. How do i recover all datas from it.
Thank you.

A:Recover data from hard disk.

You've not exactly explained the situation very well.
are you saying the laptop is broken or the hard drive itself. "hard discs chip" doesn't mean anything in any lingo lol.

if its the laptop at fault you can buy a usb 2.5" caddy place the hard drive in it and use another computer to recover all of your data and files.

if the hard drive has failed and no longer works, theres little you can do. you could try a caddy like above, placing it in the freezer is an old trick to gain a small amount of life from a dying drive.

I dont mean to go on.. but this is why EVERYONE should back up their data regularly. harddrive failures shouldnt result in manic.. it should be "oh well its all safe on another drive/disc/flash drive" ect

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I had a 400 MB HDD partitioned in 3 parts. Since the last 3 years the HDD was working fine. One day, the computer simply froze at windows XP boot screen. I restarted the machine quite a few times , but it use to freeze at the Windows loading screen of XP.

Then I removed the HDD and loaded win XP on another HDD 160 GB and made it the primary device. Now when I try to connect the earlier HDD as a secondary slave, the system just freezes and as soon as I disconnet the HDD from the cable, the system starts functioning.

I have a lot of data in the 400 MB HDD. Need to recover the data which is there in D and E partition.

Can anyone tell me the process with which I can recover the data from the old HDD ?

A:How to recover data from Hard Disk

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is anyone there who can give me the solution for a hard disk which is showing as a unallocated space, as i formatted c: which contains the windows Vista OS, please give me the solution for that as it hav lot of my personnel datas.....


A:How to recover the crashed hard disk

There are no guarantees that you can recover all or any of the data on the drive. To try and recover the data you will need another working PC that will allow you to attach the drive you are trying to recover from as a secondary drive. You will some type of recovery software to scan the drive and attempt to recover the files. Some people have reported success with using the GetDataBack program:


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I had recorded about 20 little league games on a Toshiba DVR when a water sprinkler head broke and drenched the recorder. After drying the DVR recorder I tryed to access the video's on the hard drive but it says "disc empty" and shows none of the videos. Is there anyway to recover the videos that were on the hard drive of the recorder. I need help!!!

A:Need to recover videos on a hard disk DVR

If I were you, I would try taking out the hard drive and then slave it to another computer and see if the files show up on the slaved hard drive and then try to transfer them to the computer. If they don't show up or the hard drive is blank, then the data is probably lost.

Good Luck!

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My T61 is not booting. Can I take out the hard disk and pop it in any HDD and read it from a different computer to recover the data?

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A:recover hard disk data

Yes, assuming it is not password protected

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Hello all.My recent purchase has developed a start error (bsod). I have tried using Windows system recovery, to restore the system to an earlier point, but it doesn't work. So I M contemplating a full factory system restore using hp's recovery image on the partition.My question is, can I install the fresh operating to a new ssd, and not the existing mechanical drive the PC came with?Advice and installation tips would be much appreciated.Mario.

A:Can I recover Windows 10 to a new hard disk?

Hi, Yes you can do a fresh install using Windows 10 installation media from the following link      https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 (Note: Using a tool to create the iinstalltion media). Now, use the media to install fresh Windows 10 on your computer. You need to use same version (Home) . During the installtion process, it will ask for a key, please SKIP and continue Windows 10 will automatically activate when you come online. The key is in the BIOS. Regards.

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My hard drive recently crashed, so I went and bought a used one from best buy and have been trying to install it with recovery disk that I receive from HP. It would through the process with the first disk and now all i get is this error: file:\efi\microsoft\boot\bcdstatus: 0x0000185info: the boot configuration data for your pc is missing or has an error.  Can anyone please help me, I have only has this computer for a little over a yr and this is the 4th hard drive. 

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