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Question about upgrading T500 BIOS in preparation ...

Q: Question about upgrading T500 BIOS in preparation ...

I have a T500 (2081CTO) running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and am preparing to upgrade to W10. The Lenovo Windows 10 docs I've read say to upgrade to the most recent BIOS before upgrading. My current BIOS is version 3.22 (6FET92WW) dated 2011. Despite Lenovo System Update v5.07.0029 NOT displaying any BIOS updates, when I happened to check Lenovo's site for drivers & software I see that Version 3.23 (BIOS ID: 6FET93WW) update is available. It is not described as "Important" and only offers "Added support for the function to disable & unconfigure AMT via WMI". I'm not sure if SU is failing to offer the update, or if has good reason not to offer it. I've also read that some people have had issues with v3.23 and needed to revert to the previous 3.22 version. Is the newer version "really" required to perform the W10 upgrade? Frank

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Preferred Solution: Question about upgrading T500 BIOS in preparation ...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I'm currently using Windows 81 and would like to upgrade to Windows 10 sometime soon. And am wondering if there are things I'd need to prepare in advance. Such as would I have to be updating the Dell drivers and so forth?

A:Upgrading to Windows 10, Preparation in Advance?

It really depends on what computer you have.  First I would go to the support page for your particular computer and ensure that it is tested to work with Windows 10.  If its ok from Dell, download and install the latest BIOS and drivers for Windows 8.1 if you plan on doing an in place upgrade.  If you wish to do a fresh install, you will want to download all the available drivers for Windows 10 that Dell provides and save them to a USB drive or Disc so you can use them when Windows 10 is finished installing.

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Was looking into doing a project of upgrading the CPU of my ThinkPad T500 but don't know if the CPU is replaceable or what CPU to upgrade it to, any help would be much appreciated. Current CPU of ThinkPad T500: Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 Processor @ 2.26GHz  What i have in mind: i5 Processor with about 2x to 3x the power of the 2 Duo, any reccommendations?

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Hi Forum,My personal laptop is Lenovo THINKPAD T500 2055, and its main specifications are as follows:- Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9400 (2.53GHz 1066MHz 6MBL2)- 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module 4 GB (2 x 4 GB) 1066MHz DDR31066/PC38500 DDR3 SDRAM SoDIMM Kingston.- 2 GB Intel Turbo Memory hard drive cache.- ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 with 256MB.- 160 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm.- Windows 7 Ultimate with the latest Service Pack (x64).My problem precisely and concisely is that I am NOT happy nor satisfied with the performance of my laptop at all, and I need your assitance and advices to boost my laptop's performance.
I feel that my laptop is not fast enough especially when I run the virtual machine (VM) and do some programming work. I am not satisfied nor happy at all with the application load time nor the process response time.
BTW, there's no viruses or malicious software that are affecting my laptop or its memory. Therefore, I want to improve the performance of my laptop and increase its speed, and I do have some questions:
Q1) Upgrading to Solid-State Drive (SSD):
a. Will SSD really make a great noticible difference in my laptop's performance?
b. What is the best SSD brand or model do you recommend for my laptop?
c. Are there any issues or problems with the SSD and T500?
Q2) Upgrading the CPU:

a. What is the fastest and the most powerful CPU model that is compatible with my laptop specifications?
b. Will the new CPU make a significant not... Read more

A:Detailed Questions on Radical Upgrading a T500?

I think as far as the drive goes the rule of thumb is lack of capacity can bog system performance. So you'd probably see a slightlyimproved performance. The CPU I think the fastest in the p series is 2.3 ghz. I recently bought a T9600 which is 2.8. I am not officially recommend the t series because that CPU requires a little bit of extra juice and I haven't swapped it out yet. There is a T9900 which is 3 ghz but I have read reports of that killing mobistar

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Hi all,

I have an old HP G6000 laptop that I have wiped, put XP on and replaced the faulty Wifi card inside it.

The laptop is not detecting the card, not even as an unknown device in device manager and I was wondering if updating the BIOS would help?

The problem is, the HP site only lists BIS upgrades for Vista and I was wondering if I could upgrade the BIOS using the Vista upgrade or do I need to use an XP one?


A:Upgrading BIOS quick question

I'd check the BIOS to see if something didn't reset or become disabled, first off.

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I just joined and am following the Preparation Guide for use before posting a HijackThis Log. I was lucky enough to meet the Smitfraud.C fellow!!! I've been running Panda Active Scan 5.54.01 for about 2 hrs and it seems to be about 65% done but the "disinfection advise" says it will cost me to remove what it finds. I was just wondering if I need to pay to use it?!? Bit Defender did it's thing for free and Housecall wouldn't work the first time. I'll try it in about a month when Panda quits. Please advise. Rocco

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Hello, can someone send me bios.wph to the Lenovo ThinkPad T500?Plzzz.Thank you.

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I posted this question already but I think that the intention was misunderstood and the topic was closed without an answer being given, so I will attempt to ask it again.After downloading and running the programs required by you in preparation of posting a help request, My Mcafee icons from both the system tray and my desktop have disappeared.In response to my question of why, one of your helpers indicated that now that I have posted my logs, I should make no further changes to my system. PLEASE BE AWARE I have made no changes on my own to my system since creating and posting the logs for your helpers to review. Nor am I attempting to circumvent the wait process by posting another thread. I understand that I have a place in line and I have no problem waiting for my turn. My question is simply did the steps that I took to prepare my system for help with your volunteers cause my anti-virus to be disabled and/or the icons to be removed from my system tray and desktop?I understand that the wait times are long and that ya'll are doing this during whatever free time you may have and i'm not trying to rush anybody into resolving my issue. It is WITH this understanding that I'd like a reply as to whether or not my system is now MORE vulnerable because my anti-virus program seems to have gone on holiday and I am currently (seemingly) without any real-time protection. Sticking to what 'Animal' said about not making any changes to my system until a helper has the opportunity to review m... Read more

A:Question About Mcafee and your preparation process

My apologies if my reply was not clear.

Restarting McAfee if the log you created didn't have it on, is considered making a change. That is the point of that post I made to you. Changing the status of antimalware and antivirus tools from their status of when the log created invalidates the log posted. The person who reviews the log sees McAfee off and offers you a potential fix with that scenario in mind. But when you run the fix it doesn't work because now McAfee is on. Then the confusion ensues.

I am not a trained malware expert to where I can look at your log and say with any certainty that a step in our preparatory instructions turned off McAfee in your case. I can say with reasonable confidence that that is not an issue that we have dealt with any regularity with other members who have posted logs that use McAfee. This would tell me that there is a high probability that whatever malware you may be dealing with is turning it off. Only a trained malware team member who will be working with you, will be able to answer your question of what is turning off McAfee with any degree of certainty.

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I was wondering if anyone had a BIOS I can use that is free of whitelists, i wanted to update some hardware on my T500 but Lenovo does not want me to which violates my consumer rights 

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Dears,I trying to clean install Windows 10, on empty HDD, but ACPI BIOS ERROR prevents installation at the begining.I have latest BIOS (3.23 6FET93WW), and default settings.I tried clearing CMOS, and it was successful.I tried reflashing BIOS again with same version but this is not possible, because It says that It is current versiona and it is not necessary.I found on forums that only way ro reflash bios it to downgrate to previous version, but again, I cannot find place to download older BIOS ISO images, only older exe exists.Where can I download older BIOSes ISO images?What to do with ACPI BIOS ERROR on Windows installation? Please help with this.

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Good morning ! My Laptop, Lenovo T500 is block on the Bios, when I'm start ...It appears some textes who was passing fast and I have in the screen a lock, that I must write a pass word ...I didn't made pass word in the Bios, so I don't know ...How can I take out the pass word ? Or How can I get this pass word ?I was looking on the Forum and tried their solution, but that didn't worked ...I can't press F1 or anyone else ... I can't press any keys ... Nothing's work ...Not enough, I bought my Laptop at Montreal, Qc, and I'm just move to Victoria, B.C ...The sailor gave me a one years guaranty, but Ièm at 7000 kilometers to him ! Would you please help me ?Thanks a lot

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Hi, everybody! I update my bios with bios update utility to 3.23 version and my problems began. First my t500 began to enter sleep mode randomly, after check in event viewer it`s ahci code 13. Second problem is very strange, the display dims and the brightness go lower, the laptop is in the ac and battery is ok, after 4-5 seconds it goes to max brightness, may be power plans go wrong, i dont know. Third problem is blue screens and after check the problem is with wifi card. With previos version of bios i dont have any problems. My question is how to downgrade the bios version or is there newer than 3.23? My bios version is 3.23 (6fet93ww)

A:t500 bios version problem

The older BIOS versions are at the bottom of the page.

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I am trying to refurbish my old T500 which is running Linux Mint 18.2 and I can't find the latest BIOS either to update the existing one or confirm it is current.  The output of dmidecode is: 6FET92WW (3.22 )
# dmidecode 3.0
Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs.
SMBIOS 2.4 present.

Handle 0x0028, DMI type 11, 5 bytes
OEM Strings
String 1: IBM ThinkPad Embedded Controller -[7VHT16WW-1.06 ]-Advice is appreciated.

A:How to update T500 BIOS under Linux

Hello and welcome,
If you're looking for the ISO download to check the version and perhaps install, it's here:
Looks like it's v3.23 or 3.25.

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hi all.i have trouble with lifted pads.i want to ask a question.i have thinpad t500.when i tried to remove bios chip(16 pins)for libreboot.i lifted some of pads.i wonder whether if this could be possible: "there is a 8 pin chip place within the 16 pin bios chip location.is that for as a replacing option?can i use one of the 8 pins to recover some of my lifted pads as a proper order?"pinout and the pcb:chip location.bios chip pinouts.  

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Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain exactly what the the PCI Bus Power Management and PCI Express Power Management options do in the BIOS.     I couldn't find a chipset diagram and I'm not sure if these options affect the SSD that I have installed. As I understand it any bus power saving features can affect the performance of an SSD. Thanks in advance for any clarification.      

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I recently upgraded my T500 to a SSD and 8 gbtyes ram.  The diagnostics recognize the 8 gbyte upgrade but state only 4 gbytes are usuable.  I thought the machine maximum was 8.  Is there anything else I need to do to make the machine use the memory.
Moderator note: model added to subject for increased visibility.  Thread moved to correct forum.

A:Thinkpad T500 Memory Upgrade - Stupid Question Tim...

The ThinkPad T400 and T500 datasheet states that it can handle up to 8GB of RAM, so it should work unless you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, in which case the maximum RAM that can be addressed by the OS is 4GB regardless of how much RAM you install.       The Windows license key is valid for both 32 and 64-bit, but to go from 32-bit to 64-bit, you would have to uninstall and reinstall Windows. Windows Install Media Download Links,https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Hope that helps,

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I have a Dell Latitude D630. It has an admin password for the bios. Nothing is locked except for the settings. I can't change any of the settings in the bios. It lets me boot to windows just fine though. My question is, since I don't know that admin password for the bios, if I upgrade the bios firmware, will the admin password be deleted? Since I'm flashing the bios, I would think that all the settings will be lost. Is that the case?

A:Will upgrading the bios firmware on a Latitude D630 delete the bios admin password?


Didn't you reply here, and say it worked (after the unusual 9th try ) http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic109612-109.html#post747024

Awfully strange!

A bios update can't remove passwords. As You Must Know

Oh and thanks for the extended long Title. I'm thinking this Topic of yours would be best removed? What do you think?

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I had upgrading BIOS to latest version (3.00) when I installed linux like mbr method (non uefi). Linux can't be loaded. I can watch something like this:Loading Linux 3.13.0-24-generic ...Loading initial ramdisk ...Can I install BIOS previous version?

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I bought Windows 7 having come from Vista. However, there is a BIOS update for my system. The new BIOS update states: The BIOS updates the fan control algorithm of the system, and turns the fan on at low volume while your notebook PC is operational. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms on your notebook PC, please contact HP for support. It is located here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/s...340180&lang=en

I'd love to flash it but not sure if it will ruin my computer as it's more than likely not designed for flash when Windows 7 is on it or do you's know any better?

I also have 2 blue vertical lines going do the right hand side of the screen. I've seen loads of problems but no solutions. Has any fixed this HP problem?

Cheers folks!

A:Upgrading BIOS after Upgrading from Vista to 7

The BIOS is the stuff that happens BEFORE Windows starts to load.
Do you have issues with overheating or with the fan? If so, the BIOS update is for you.
Also, BIOS flashes are dangerous - and you can turn your computer into a paperweight by doing it incorrectly. In short, if it ain't broke - don't fix it!

The type of lines that you describe on your screen are usually caused by hardware issues. Send it in for repair if the system is under warranty. If not, then get an estimate from a local computer store - it may be cheaper to live with it.

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There is an old computer that needs to have the BIOS upgraded on it because it is very low advanced, and only gives you 3 different options in the setup. It is a very good computer, but the problem with this BIOS is that it will not recognize any hard drive over 2 gigs. I am trying to install a 15 gig in there now.

The purpose of reviving this computer is to give it to a friend who doesn't really have a computer, and I see this as a good alternative. I will also install Windows 2000 on this computer.

Now I heard that installing the incorrect BIOS software will completely DESTROY the motherboard and render it useless. Could someone point me to the correct software upgrade? I am not sure where to find the info for the BIOS either, such as the manufacturer.

A:Upgrading BIOS

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My daughter has a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. Her battery has died and I looked up the replacement battery but it states that I may have to upgrade the BIOS for the battery to work.

The exact battery info is as follows (this is info from the original dead battery:
Battery: LIP8084DLP
Unique ID: 30474 Sony Corp. LIP8084DLP
Chemistry: LION
Power state: On Line
Manufacturere: Sony Corp

I have never upgrade/flashed a BIOS but I know if it is done wrong you end up with a big paperweight.

I have searched on how to do this but all the sites were old and talked about copying the file to a floppy to run the program to flash the BIOS.

A good share of the computers today don't even have a floppy drive and I really don't want to install one or buy an external one just to do this.

Need some input on this if possible...


A:Upgrading BIOS

You need to confirm this with the service tag from your daughter's computer, but there is a BIOS update that can be run from the hard drive.


Go to http://support.dell.com and enter the computers service tag, and that will definitely lead you to the correct BIOS update.

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Hi All, I have the HP Elite M9365uk model running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I am trying to upgrade the RAM to 6GB ( my model handles up to 8GB) but have been advised that I have to upgrade my BIOS to be able to read the supported ram as there are not the standard DDR2  but are 2gb (Each) Kingston Hyper X DDR2 memory stick. I am currently stuck on the 5.17 BIOS upgrade and no amount of searching ( HP Website included) indicates where, or how to upgrade my BIOS. And as my PC is now 3 years old and discontinued HP seem to be even more unhelpful. To be honest I think this pretty **bleep** disguisting that every other version of my model series elite M9000 have all got bios upgates of up to 5.29, yet I am stuck on 5.17 and unable to upgrade? So any help and suggenstions as to who's email i need to be getting to get this update emailed so that I can get my RAM memory working correctly. Many thanks

A:Upgrading my BIOS

The HP Pavilon Elite m9365.uk was manufactured with the M2N68-LA (Narra3) motherboard.  Like most computer manufacturer's custom-designed motherboards, there is no adjustment for RAM voltage settings (most are hard-coded for 1.8 volts). The Kingston Hyper X DDR2 Performance RAM needs a 2.0 voltage setting.  This particular performance RAM would not be a good choice because one cannot adjust the your HP motherboard's RAM voltage setting from 1.8 to 2.0 volts.  Even with a BIOS update, there would not be added a RAM voltage adjustment feature. Therefore, your best solution would be to purchase RAM modules rated for 1.8 volts, such as Kingston ValueRAM 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400).  Your motherboard will support 8GB of 1.8 voltage RAM as long as you are running a 64-bit Windows operating system which you are.

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I am also not able to utilize all of my 4GB of memory (can see only 3GB) using my Asus P5B premium motherboard on my 64bit operating system. At the Asus web site there is a bios upgrade that corrects a problem as stated in the next sentence below.
"P5B Premium BIOS 1201
1. Fix CPU VID cannot be adjusted when using certain CPU"

Is it POSSIBLE that this bios upgrade (Fix CPU VID) MIGHT correct that problem? I'm reluctent to flash my bios but if flashing the bios MIGHT correct the problem its worth a try.


A:Upgrading Bios

I flashed my Asrock bios a couple of times. They provide a very easy way to do it from within Vista/7.

Not sure about Asus - imagine it is the same.

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My computer keeps crashing and I keep getting this error. The error report I get back says the error is unknown, but consider a bios upgrade. I already went to my mobos manufacturers website and if you want a bios upgrade they refer you to some site that charges you money.

Does anyone know a free way to upgrade your bios? If you do, please explain with the most lamen terms possible, for I am not the greatest with repairs.


A:Upgrading BIOS

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Hi guys, I need to update my "IBM bios ver PIKT 37.0"
please tell me the procedure,
OS-winxp 5.1
processor-1.0 G.Hz
from where i can download the latest ver of my IBM bios,
thanks for help.
I have awdflash.exe utility but not know how to use it.

A:upgrading ibm bios

If you Google;
BIOS how to make and model
that will give you a place to start.
as you provided us no info that will help us help you better...

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.htmlClick to expand...

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I need help with my bios. I have them on a floppy disk and everytime I restart my computer it will state that there is a error or disk is empty. For somereason it will not autorun the upgrade. Can some suggest any thing else I should try?


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Anyone know where I can upgrade the bios for a Emachine 400IDX system?

MB is a TriGem Micro-ATX Motherboard (FLORIDA-TG(A))

I've been to the Emachine website and found nothing...

A:Upgrading the BIOS

Try the motherboards web site.

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Thinking about upgrading BIOS (4/99). Received an offer $24.95 for the match I need. Said it was an easy install. Pros? Cons? Necessary? Thanks

A:Upgrading BIOS

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I'm attempting to upgrade my BIOS. The motherboard is an ABIT-VL6. The OS is Windows 2000 Professional. I know I need to do the following:

1 - boot up with a boot disk from a floppy

2 - after a clean boot into DOS, execute the BIOS upgrade executable program on another floppy disk (we'll call it BIOS upgrade floppy).

3 - execute the flash BIOS executable file also contained on the BIOS upgrade floppy.

4 - shut down the computer.

5 - remove floppy disk.

6 - clear CMOS data. There is a CMOS jumper near the battery. Change the jumper position from default 1-2 to 2-3 for one minute to discharge the CMOS data, then put it back to default

7 - turn on computer, hit "delete" to enter BIOS set-up page to do correct settings.


Now, my problem is this: I am unable to put together a boot disk on that computer (windows 2000 pro). How do I make a boot disk? I even tried using a boot disk I made from my other computer (windows 98). But, when I attempted to use it in the computer in question, the computer wouldn't recognize any files on that floppy disk.

Am I missing something here?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

A:Upgrading BIOS

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i want to updgrade my bios and i dont know which updgrade to pick. here is a link to bios upgrade for my board.

A:Upgrading BIOS

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Trying to upgrade my bios so it has full support for my processor. I read through the instructions given, made a startup ms-dos floppy, and booted from the floppy (with the bios update on it). All I get is an error saying:
I/O disk error
Why is this? I've read through over forums, but nothing seems to help in terms of changing the cables around etc, the drive is working as I managed to copy files onto it.
Please help, anyone?

A:Bios Upgrading

Likely an error in the download. Those BIOS updates are protected as much as possible from defects. If there is any chance of a problem, the BIOS install will not run, because it can permanently ruin the computer.
Suggest you run a new download when all this bad weather has stopped stiring up the internet.

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Hi guys,

I have an asus CUSL2 - C motherboard which doesn't suppport Windows XP!So I cannot install the drivers of the card but the PC works fine.I do however want to upgrade the card's bios so that I can install the necessary drivers!
I' ve downloaded the latest version but it's an .awd file and I don't have the right program to open it!
So, what I am asking is the appropriate program and directions on how to upgrade the bios then!

Thanks a lot, Vangelis

A:Bios Upgrading...

If you can't install the drivers I would not attempt to flash the bios, you could make the PC that works fine, totally useless.

Are you trying to install the drivers from ASUS?

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I am getting "unknown cpu type" I just put in a Amd Athlon Xp 2800 fsb266 chip clocks at 2.13 ghz in my emachines motherboard is an AM35 bios specs below It runs fine but I just want to get rid of that unknown cpu crap

BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
BIOS Date: 04/29/02
BIOS ID: KM266-8233-6A6LVF0BC-00
OEM Sign ON: Version VLA414E
SUPER I/O: ITE 8705/SiS 950 rev 2 found at port 2Eh
Chipset: VIA 82C3116 rev 0
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Version: 5.1.2600

anyone know where i can get a bios update for this as well as how to backup my bios just in case of crash after flash thanks in advance hope you guys can help me out

A:need help on upgrading bios

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your cpu should run on an fsb of 166mhz(333mhz effective) Giving you a cpu speed of 2083mhz.

See HERE for AMD Athlon XP specs.

Check in your bios that the fsb is correct.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hey guys.
New to the Forums and first post. Bit of a noob so bear with me.
Hopefully someone here will be able to help me as google has failed! lol
Recently got a bargain deal on a second hand desktop with the idea to upgrade it myself into a mid range media/gaming rig.
It has an ms-7255 (p4m890m) motherboard and an intel celeron D processor.
After ascertaining that it was compatible with my motherboard i bought an intel Core 2 duo E6750.
I plopped that bad boy into the mobo and fired up the computer.
Fans and heatsinks started whirring and it was all making lovely computery noises......But alas, my monitor did sweet FA.
totally blank.
Dismayed isnt even the word.
i put my celeron processor back in to see if it would work with the old cpu......and here comes the good part.....i didnt istall the heatsink as i only intended to switch it on for a few seconds to see if the monitor would work....(which it did btw)
Unfortunately, those few seconds were enough to decimate my poor celeron cpu.
After doing a bit of research i discovered i might to update my bios.
Now, my celeron still boots windows and actually works.....but it runs slower than a......a....a........*insert witty pun about slow things here*
and when i hit "ctrl+shift+esc" my cpu usage is at a constant 100%
Now my question is this......and i will forever love the person who can give me the solution (aside from the usual "haha, noob, take to a professional blah blah blah" Because yes.....i kno... Read more

A:Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios?

Axemanant said:

After ascertaining that it was compatible with my motherboard i bought an intel Core 2 duo E6750.
Click to expand...
How did you ascertain this...because there is no mention of E6750 support for that board on MSI's own site.

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So basically I got my new laptop which is the Aspire E5-473. Now, my question would be, how would I update my BIOS? (I haven't updated it yet, i'm currently running the stock one.) Since I recently found out that there's currently a new BIOS update for the laptop model in the acer official website. And which one should I download and install? To anyone who might ask why I'm planning to upgrade/update my BIOS, it seems like my battery's getting drained even if my laptop is turned off. (I had 30% last 4-5 days, when I opened up my laptop today, I only had 5% remaining) Thinking that updating my bios would be the fix for this. I downloaded one and it just said to run the executable file but I'm afraid I might do it wrong and brick out my new laptop. Any help would be glady appreciated. Thank you!  P.S : I made sure that this is the right model of my laptop, I also have searched my drivers using the serial number attached below my laptop. 

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Hi, i am going to upgrade my award bios, i already recieved the floppy. Now directions say to enter BIOS CMOS setup, go to boot sequence and boot from Afloppy) first. Save settings and exit by pressing F-10.
I don't want to screw up so do i go to boot sequence: A,C,SCSI, and save and exit on setup page and press F-10 to exit.
Then I shutdown the system, insert floppy and reboot, so far, so good? I hope.
Now is there anything i need to do to backup in case of a bad install, if so what do i do? Does all the above seem correct also?
Thanks for any tips.

A:{RESOLVED}Upgrading Bios

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The laptop was overheating. I installed Ubuntu aside Windows. A few months after the laptop overheated again and stopped working. I was able to repair Ubuntu but Windows seems dead. It's still overheating.It seems that upgrading the Bios actual version F.26 to version F.44 or F.2B Rev. A could solve the problem.Is it a good idea to upgrade the Bio and how do you do it with Ubuntu since Windows grilled and I do not have the recovery discs?

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hi my name is joshua i have a hp pavilion dv4 notebook pc i just try to upgrade the bios to a newer version on the installation process my system hanged for a long time i tried to reboot it and it shows blank screen and caps lock and numb lock blinks four times please help me out

A:bios upgrading issues

Hi,Did you connect your machine to AC power when updating BIOS ? Please try a hard reset and see if it works.1. Power off your laptop2. Remove the a/c adapter, battery and everything that is attached to your laptop.3. Hold the 'POWER 'button down on your laptop for about 10 seconds.4. Plug in the a/c power supply (without battery) and power on. Note: You need to use AC power when udating BIOS.Regards.

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Hey guys.

I just flashed the BIOS on my ASUS P5B-MX / WiFi-AP Motherboard. I upgraded from version 0501 to 0702. However, after the update i can't set my RAM to 667MHz as I could do before. It keeps it at 533MHz.

I use Transcend PC5300 RAM.

It also says "Unknown CPU detected. BIOS upgrade is required to unleash its full power." when I start my PC. However I press F1 and it continues to Windows.

Please help.

A:Problems After Upgrading BIOS

A BIOS update should allow the detection of more types of CPU, not fewer. It almost sounds like the "newer" BIOS is actually older.

Can you post a link to the BIOS updates you used? What problem forced you to the drastic need to update the BIOS?

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I want to install 7 on my Dell XPS M1330, currently running Vista, but have hit an issue. "Windows cannot be installed on this computer with the current system BIOS version. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update, install the update, and then start Windows installation again. OEM Name: Dell Inc.; XPS M1330 ; BIOS Version: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A10; BIOS Date: 20080421000000.000000+000"

How do I even begin? I thought I found that BIOS on the Dell site ( http://support.dell.com/support/down...&fileid=252274 ), but I can't figure out how to actually install an update. Can someone help me please?

Thank you so much for your time.

A:Upgrading BIOS for 7 upgrade?

download the bios update say to your desktop. then right click the file you just downloaded and run as admin. just follow the promps

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I want to upgrade Phoenix AWARD BIOS v6.00PG. I have a Shuttle motherboard, however, the BIN number is AK32S306. Where would I find the correct BIOS upgrade, and can it be put on a floppy disk?

A:Solved: BIOS Upgrading.

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I am going through the recommended steps to upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1.  This includes upgrading the BIOS to the latest version on my HP700-430eq desktop machine which I am very happy with in every respect. My current BIOS is 80.23 9-12-2014  2AF3 SSID family.  The HP recommended upgrade is to 80.24A 8-23-2015 I have had no issues with the current BIOS.  Is upgrading the BIOS a necessity for Win10?  According to HP there is no way to reinstall the old BIOS after installing 80.24A. Would appreciate any cautions or recommendations.Thank you!

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Hello, I bought a new processor (E8400) and wanted to upgrade from e5400 to e8400 but i couldn't.  When i started with e8400 the computer made 1 short beep and 1 long beep and kept doing it like for more than 5 min. How can i make my processor work? pegatron ipiel-la3  is my motherboard. I'm using windows 10. Please help me i'm so sad

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Hello.Characteristics of my labtop:Lenovo w52016 Gb memorySSD 110 Gb, HDD 2 TbWindows 7 Proffessional sp1Battery: 67.81 wh, 12 v, Panasonic. Yesterday I've got a problem with my PC. It had conflict between my video-drivers and BIOS. Only after upgrading both the problem got solved. But other problem came: now my PC doesn't charge my battery(connected, not charging). At the same time it showes the power of it and next message: "The battery has failed due to normal wear. The battery can't be charged. Replace the battery."I tried to solve it by dissconnecting it from labtop and switch off all the power for a long time, changed the settings in BIOS to default.All these didn't work. I wanna try to downgrade my BIOS version, but this installers that you have in this site are not working for me. It gives a message: "BIOS image doesn't match this system. The utility process has not completed." How I can downgrade my BIOS to older version or... How I can solve my problem with the battery? Thanks. Hope for the best.

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