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Turning off 1 screen disables the other too

Q: Turning off 1 screen disables the other too

Just installed 7100 and was setting up. I have a Toshiba HDTV on DVI (display numbered 1) and an Acer lcd on VGA (labeled 2). The acer is set as the primary display and all appears fine but when I'm not using the hdtv I'd like to turn it off and just use the lcd. When I turn off the hdtv I hear the sound for disconnecting hardware and the signal is cut off from the lcd putting it to sleep.

I tried the latest nvidia drivers (oh yeah, 8600GT) and it made the system super crashy with bsod's and everything. Can I disable plug and play, which I suspect is the problem, on just that monitor?

Preferred Solution: Turning off 1 screen disables the other too

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Turning off 1 screen disables the other too

I picked up an ATI HD4650 at work with dual dvi's. It doesn't seem to care as much which is the primary monitor. Now when I turn off the HDTV I get the same device disconnected sound but the signal comes back on on teh LCD>

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I have a desktop PC running W7x64 for which I rely on my Alfa AWUS036H wireless USB adapter for an internet connection.

W7 has a feature that seems to detect whether I turn off my monitor or not (for one reason, I know this because it makes a noise when I turn it on or off). When I turn my monitor off, my internet is disabled for some reason. I would like it to stay enabled so that I can download files and keep other active connections while the monitor is switched off.

I can verify that the indicator light on the USB adapter turns off when the monitor turns off and that the wireless utility that controls the device senses no device is present (i can see this using my secondary monitor, behavior only occurs when primary monitor is turned off).

Does anyone know how to disable this from happening? I have tried both turning off "Selective USB Suspend" and unchecking the "Allow computer to turn this device off" in the properties of the wireless adapter in device manager.

A:Turning off monitor disables USB wifi

Is it pluged into a USB port on your monitor?

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Issue 704 - google-security-research - Comodo: Comodo "Chromodo" Browser disables same origin policy, Effectively turning off web security. - Google Security Research - Google Project Hosting

A:Comodo "Chromodo" Browser disables same origin policy, Effectively turning off web security

Not the first time Comodo has been in the controversial spotlight regarding weakening a user's web security. Remember privdog?
Personally I think Comodo should focus in strengthening their firewall software instead of wasting time on browsers that they might eventually abandon(not update them in a long time or stop development on them entirely)

I would like to know what our Comodo experts think of the situation. But I can imagine some of them saying something like "Meh. Nothing new. It's just Comodo being Comodo."

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Here is the issue, when my computer goes to sleep after it's on for a while when I move the mouse to get the screen back up it shows the backround no icons or anything to click.
Same if I turn it off and turn it back on. I have to turn it off and on many times then go to safe mode and shut down then turn it on again for it to work. Just now I had to turn it on/off 4 times for it to show the icons and task bar. Usually it is left blank with nothing to click having no choice but to turn it off.
Norton says no viruses.
My computer is HP with windows 7. I bought it in 2011.
This problem has been happening for a long time. Please help.

A:When turning off computer & turning it back on again screen is blank

Hello squirrels and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think I'd start out by trying to do a startup repair. It's been suggested that the startup repair be done 3 times (regardless of what the notifications say) and the computer rebooted after each repair.

Startup Repair

If this doesn't fix the problem one of the Forum experts has prepared these troubleshooting guides with some additional suggestions.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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I have been in a constant battle with this for 2 days now, but to no avail.

Some sneaky viruses/adware.malware got on my system; Although I think one triggered the rest, and the follwing were quarantined by Malware bytes;


Soon after removal my keyboard stopped working, so I assumed that I had a corrupted driver or registry file. But was not the case.

I have tried; driver updates (+manual), uninstall drivers, uninstall HID's and USB root hubs, BIOS settings, reseting CMOS and none have worked. I tried a new keyboard, same thing, and have also tested my original keybaord on another computer, works fine.

I don't think it can be the HID's or hubs as mouse works fine in all USB's front/back. I tried restore points, and even backup files. Last night I ran recovery disk and fix with OS disk and still no luck.

I have scanned the system with;
Then tried Avast (with AVG disabled)
Microsoft Fix It

But none have detected any addition nasties that may be present and causing issue.

I ran ComboFix, but it does not work,, hangs for about 1hr - then I have to reboot.

I have spent endless hours searching online and trying fixes, and none seem to make any difference. The only thing t... Read more

A:Keyboard Disables at Welcome Screen

Oops, a few typos there!

On the line "The only thing..." was meant to say; The only thing that I haven't tried yet is to buy/fit a PS2 card and try a PS2 keyboard.

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I use a screen magnifier/reader,it doesn't allw aero to function because it uses the graphics card,a known mirrored driver issue,not fixable at this time.So I would like to either disable aero altogether so I can use a black theme,or use the built in windows7 basic theme but with black instead of the default colour.
I know I can shut off aero peak and aero shake but how do I shut all of aero off,other than using the win7 basic theme,and that is why I asked about changing the colour in the basic theme.I hope that makes sense.

A:Screen magnifier disables Aero

Hello Newt,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

Rt. click the desktop > Personalize > Window Color > Uncheck 'Enable Transparency'. This doesn't turn off all of aero, but is a big part of the graphics end of it.

If you have selected a non aero theme, then you can click on 'advanced appearance and settings' and create your own color scheme.

Hope this helps.


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system disabled [i51594335] I have tried 44492911 and 35234233 with no luck. Is there any way to get rid of this BIOS password?

A:HP 15-r030wm system disables BIOS screen

Hello @digitalone,  digitalone wrote:system disabled [i51594335] I have tried 44492911 and 35234233 with no luck. Is there any way to get rid of this BIOS password?These codes are similar to HEX-Codes and newly seen. This works on a different Algorithm adding  "i" next to numbers. And normal code generators cannot provide the reset code. Please   Contact HP  Notebook support they should be able to send you a customized SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password.                                    When talking to the HP rep ask them to escalate your service request.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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Hi everyone,

From last few weeks I'm having this strange and annoying blank screen of death. I could just see a blank screen (not a blue screen) while either waking up computer from sleep or while trying to turn on the display by moving cursor/typing something(waking up from power saver mode of display, I set display to be of after few minutes of inactivity). So essentially screen becomes total blank. Just once or twice I saw this BSOD "DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE" but for all other times my screen is just blank. I could see the Hard Disk activity LED on during this blank screen. And almost after all subsequent boots, I could see "Windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown/serious error - Check for solution" message.

System - Windows 7 Pro x64 with all latest recommended and security updates
CPU - i7 2630QM
GPU - nVidia GT525M
MoBo - Factory default for Dell XPS L502X

First I suspected its because of my nVidia GT525M GPU drivers (I was using official latest drivers 320.49), so I completely uninstalled them with regular uninstall + DriverSweeper 2.1.0 from Guru3D.com. I did not install any nVidia/display drives since then. But just now I got another blank screen after it. Also I started connecting my PC to an old Sony Bravia TV with HDMI cable and that time the automatic installation of drivers failed. That is my second point of possible problem. I've been using CCleaner to clean the unwanted registry entries and revo uninstaller for almost every unin... Read more

A:Blank screen of death while wake up from standby/turning on the screen

The BSOD is caused by Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 1030 driver.

Irp is active with 5 stacks 3 is current (= 0xfffffa800760f840)
No Mdl: No System Buffer: Thread 00000000: Irp stack trace.
cmd flg cl Device File Completion-Context
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
>[ 16, 2] 0 0 fffffa8009cd4050 00000000 00000000-00000000
Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\NETwNs64.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for NETwNs64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for NETwNs64.sys
Args: 00014400 00000000 00000004 00000002
[ 16, 2] 0 e1 fffffa8009d9e470 00000000 fffff8000370b200-fffffa800c1f7510 Success Error Cancel pending
\Driver\vwifibus nt!PopSystemIrpCompletion
Args: 00014400 00000000 00000004 00000002
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-fffffa800c1f7510

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
And the driver is old.

fffff880`06cd3000 fffff880`07555000 NETwNs64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: NETwNs64.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\NETwNs64.sys
Image name: NETwNs64.sys
Timestamp: Tue Jun 21 22:40:03 2011 (4E00D06B)
CheckSu... Read more

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I'm having a BIG problem with the computer screen. Pixels on my screen keep turning green & pink. It also keeps changing the screen resolution by itself. I tried installing the latest graphics driver from Compaq, unplugging my phone, neither worked. I've provided an image below:

Please, please, can you help me!

A:Random pixels on screen turning red & green, with screen res changing by itself

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Dear all, Happy new year and all

I wonder if you could help...

My husbands laptop this evening will not turn on AT ALL. It was working perfectly well a few days ago:

When the power button is turned on all that happens is the power light turns green. There is no sound coming from the hard drive (the hard drive light doesn't even show). In addition, there doesn't seem to be a fan working. And finally, there is a light strange noise (not a hard drive noise).

I am wondering whether it is a motherboard issue????
Woud creating a recovery bios boot CD help? Would like wipe the hard drive?

The major problem is that the laptop is used for all our business transactions and GASP.... we haven't backed it up, so we could potentially lose very important data
Many thanks and I do hope somebody is out there to help us.

Much geekness

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Hello everyone! Iv'e been having an issue that's driving me crazy and i'm hoping someone here can help.

The issue i'm having is when my computer goes into sleep/hibernate mode and i wake it up, the screen appears to have a resolution issue ( picture attached ). I figured this wasn't a big deal so i turned sleep/hibernate mode off and just turn my screen off when not in use. I'm getting the exact issue though! When i turn my screen off and back on, the resolution is messed up.
So now i need help resolving this. If it also fixes it for the sleep/hibernate mode, that would be great but not necessary
The ONLY recent change is I upgraded to an Asus GTX560 Ti DirectCU II Top OC graphics card. I installed the card into my computer and windows automatically downloaded the drivers for it.

Things i've tried:
1)Uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers using windows update and then again through Nvidia website
2) Currently using HDMI, but get the same issue with DVI-D (single) cord
3) Completely reinstalled Windows 10 Pro from scratch
4) Double checked all connections
5) Look through settings on my TV and settings on the graphics card through Nvidia Experience
6) Googled similar issues, but im not finding many that have the SAME issue as me
My setup:
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8500
Mobo: Dell OTP412 X38
GPU: Asus GTX560 Ti DirectCU II Top OC (1gb DDR5)
PSU: Corsair CX650
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Screen/Monitor: 50" Sharp LED/LCD TV ( Full 10... Read more

A:Screen/Resolution Issues When Turning Screen On/Off

You appear to have a very old Dell (OptiPlex?) model desktop.
What is its model name and model number?
What is the exact "service tag" and "express service code" numbers on it?

Is it running Windows 10 Pro 32-bit or 64-bit?
You should download and save the appropriate driver from the NVIDIA site, then select the custom install option, then select the clean install option.

Are you having the same issues when using a standard computer monitor instead of using a HD TV?


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After I close the screen (closing the lid over the keyboard). Instead of going into standby and then turning back on when I open the lid (screen), the screen doesnt come back on and I have to restart the computer. What is going on. P.S. I have XP tablet edition. Thanks

A:Screen not turning back on after closing screen

It does come back on after I manually put it on standby

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Newbie here! I'm reading about how to turn the welcome screen on or off and for some reason I can't find the "Change the way users log on or off" checkbox.


A:turning welcome screen on or off

I hate to do this, but.... bump

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Hello,I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but hopefully I can get some help or be forwarded to a place a I can.So a few years ago my parents purchased a C40-05 all-in-one desktop. From the start there were problems. It would hang at the Lenovo screen, continuously have to enter Windows Repair and would not shut down correctly. After updating via the latest updates from both Windows and Lenovo, the desktop's display seems to be not working. When I power on the screen just stays blank as if no power is going to it. However, if I put in a CD i can hear it spin and also I can see the power buttons on both the mouse and keyboard light up. I can't even access the bios as there is no display what so ever.  Any of you experienced this or know how I can fix it? At this point it's not really worth taking to a shop but if I could access the bios at least that would be a start. ThanksChris

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When i turn in my laptop the caps lock light flashes twice. My screen is blank aswell

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my pc screen keeps turning off on start up I keep having to turn it on and off until eventually when im connected to the net and am using something like yahoo it will stay on
I have a Dell Dimension 2400 running windows xp
also most of the time the programs freeze and become un responsive
anyone got any idea why this is happening and how do i fix it

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I have no idea what I did wrong.

Took apart my laptop (see signature/system specs) to get the part number off the fan and put the computer back together as normal. Turned it on and voila, no display. Don't know why. Rechecked the connection of the display cable a few times, and still no display. I'm wondering if maybe I damaged the cable or the system board. The computer turns on though, just no display!
Took apart the lid to check the screen. Firstly, HP's construction continues to amaze me. These things are built like tanks for sure! Secondly, there's no visible damage to the screen or any components inside of the lid. Going to put it back together and test the screen one more time, and if that doesn't work, I'll test with an external monitor to see how things work out...

I know, vague, but I'm kinda stuck/lost here.

A:Screen not turning on

Hello kbronski,

Keep in mind that all the LCD wire connectors are extremely fragile. Do not apply too much force while reconnecting the cables. Secure the connector with the clear tape.

If the external monitor doesn't work, try power cycling:

shut down
unplug battery and charger
hold power button for 5 to 10 seconds to drain all residual power
plug battery and charger back in

If the external monitor does work, hold down the FN key while you tap the F-key with a picture of a monitor. Perhaps, it got turned off.


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HI my name is carl
each time i log onto the computer the screen keeps tuening off if i turn it off then on again it comes on the a few seconds then off again and if this is reptedly done it stops and works proply till the computer is left for a few hrs off or on then the same problem reocores i have checked all the conections can anyone help

A:screen keeps turning off

Please tell us more about your system specifications, what kind of monitor it is...

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The screen will not turn on on my dc4. All lights come on. Caps an num lights blink once every four seconds. I tried disconnecting the ac plug and battery, held power button for over a minute, plugged everything back in, still no screen. Lap top was working fine everytime i used it. I was in the middle of using it and got side tracked, i put it down with out closing it, stayed open all night, today i tried to use it and now the screen wont come on.

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I have a yr old laptop. After about an hour of being on, my sceen gets this area of red.

Any ideas as to what it could be?

A:screen turning red

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My monitor turns off every now and again, I've changed the monitor to test if it was that which was causing the problem but it still happens. I've also changed the wire, checked the power supply (seems fine from what I can tell) and replaced the hard drive. I could be playing a game or doing nothing on it at all and it would happen.

Don't think it's the graphics card as when it does work the images are fine.

One thing I noticed when it does turn off is that my external hard drive turns off too but the computer remains on,also once when I was playing music when the screen went off the music stopped too. Makes me think its a hardware problem but not sure which.

A:Screen turning off

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I had to do a clean wipe on a virus/malware infected HP All In One Touchsmart 310-1000z (2010 model). I have turned off hibernate, sleep, hybrid sleep, and hard drive sleep. Screen is set to dim at 3 minutes and screen saver at 10 minutes. But for some reason, the screen will just go blank randomly, it seems like maybe 45-60 minutes after being turned on.

Clicking the mouse does not bring the screen back, nor typing on keyboard, nor touching the screen. Have to press the power button and shut it off that way. The hard drive light does not flicker, leading me to believe it may still be going into a sleep mode I can't find?

A:screen turning off & won't come on (HP AIO)

Have you checked in device manager that no device is set to turn off to save power
see here Computer turning off suddenly - Windows - Windows 7

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I have an old gateway computer in the house, used as a second computer.

I started it up and it loaded xp but then the colour on the screen changed resulting in the xp login screen turning blue.

I restarted the computer, but the screen stays on standby. The hard drive starts but beeps a few times then loads up the operating system.

does anyone know what is causing the screen not turning on, do I just need a new crt monitor?

A:Screen not turning on.


How many beeps and what combination long or short beeps?

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Hi guys!I have a Toshiba Encore tablet with windows 8.1 on it. After an update yesterday, the screen doesn't turn off when it gets in sleep mode.It turn black, but it still has the background light on.The same update messed up the screen luminosity.It is set to maximum by default, and no matter how much I change it, nothing happens.The battery drains very fast with the screen on this way and I really don't know how to solve it.I tried system restore, but it didn't have any images saved, so I need a solution apart from that.Many thanks!

A:Screen not turning off

You could try rolling back the updates until you uninstall the "bad" one. Process of elimination is all I know if you cannot restore point your way out or apply a backup image.

How to rollback Windows Updates? - Microsoft Community

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Yesterday I was in a hurry and it was taking a long time to shut the laptop down. So I went for a force shut down. But now when I am turning on the laptop, nothing is happening. The screen is black, nothing is coming up. I thought it's a screen problem, but the buttons are also not working. I tried the Caps lock button, Mute button, Airplane mode button, but nothing is happening. The screen is black. And nothing is coming. I waited for 10-15 mins but nothing is happening. Restarted the device quite a number of times, removed the battery and then tried to turn it on. But at the end, the problem is still there. I need it today at 3 in the afternoon. If someone can help, it will be very kind.

A:Screen is not turning on.

The product name is Pavilion G6 2301AX.

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Hi im new here and need some help so this is my first post,
My partners computer screen keeps turning off for no apparent reson, first we started by restarting the screen and some times it may stay on,
but today that dousent even work, after a restart of the computer and of the monitor the screen will dim for a secound then turn off, well it go's blank the power light is still on.
Iv played with the cord while the computer is still on and some times the picture comes back but only for a secound but then disapears again i noticed she also has an adaptore on the end of her cord that go's into the box (sorry no idea on what type of plug it is but its not the normal plug, hence the adaptor it douse have gigabyte printed on it)
I dont belive its the video card coz the picture is fine when its on with no errors but im not shore if the plug itself is stuffed.
Im not shore if its the cable coz when the screen is blank it still has the blue light and when i unplug it after about 30sec it will change to orange, so i belive the computer is still giving a signel to the screen.
And i cant tell if its the screen coz i couldent work out a way i could test it.
Im not shore what the problem is and we dont have alot of money to go out buying all new parts to try work the problem out if any one can help that would be great.

A:My computer screen keeps turning off?

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Hi my acer travelmate b113 screen stays black when I turn my laptop on. The blue piwer light shows but the screen stays black. Please help!

A:computer screen not turning on

Attach an external monitor.
What button toggles the external display on or off?

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Sometimes (I'd guess 1/20) the screen does not turn on after the lid has been closed and reopened. Closing the lid again and reopening again does not work. It's not a sleep problem or similar -- if a video is playing, I'm still able to pause/unpause and hear the sound even though the screen is off. Furthermore, it's set to 'do nothing' on lid close in power options. A hard reboot solves the issue. X1 Carbon 4, W10 x64, BIOS 1.21 Please advice

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When I press the power button the computer boots up fine, and then the screen is dark but i can see the sign on page but i am unable to make screen bright like it normally would be.  So I press power button and power down computer and then it will boot find screen is normal and all is fine till the next time I power on computer. This is a pain and would appreciate any idea on how to fix this.

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hey sorry that i've posted this samish message in other forums, i'm new to this posting stuff.

when i start windows especially, my screen goes black anytime a program begins to load. it turns off up to 3 times every time a program is loading and then it's fine until i start another program. there is no blacking out during demanding video games. i have uninstalled and installed the newest video card drivers. this has been a bit annoying, but i installed linux and it is constantly turning the screen black so i am stuck with windows xp.
this wasn't a problem before i bought a new motherboard and ram and processor.

thank you so much for any help!! this has just been annoying for soooo long and i havent found any of my friends that is smart enough to figure this out.

A:screen turning black

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Windows XP has a login screen for different users (I imagine other versions do too), but I'm the only user on my computer. It never used to show up before until yesterday and I'm not quite sure why it's doing so now. It's no big problem, but I'd rather have it turned off completely like before, as every time the computer turns on or if the screensaver is exited the login screens pops up. How can I turn it off?

A:Turning off the login screen

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Hello, i checked power settings, screen (as well as the rest) is set to NEVER TURN OFF. Yet it does! After 20' or so. What can i do to fix it?

A:Screen keeps turning off after some time..

Set Screen saver to (None).
Set "turn off the display" to Never.
Set "Turn off hard disk after" to Never.

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For the past month my PC has been rebooting itself at random with no BSOD or crash report. I sent it in to get fixed where they gave it a system restore and taking out all the components before putting them back in, before leaving it on for several days with no issues. However it then restarted within minutes of me bringing it back home.
I've tried replacing the power block with a new one with surge protection, using different sockets or rooms in the house, switching the screen and power cables. I also ran windows memory diagnostic, Norton 360 and system checker. But nothing has worked, infact it seems to have gotten worse with the screen now turning off but the pc keeps running until I turn it off myself.
I ran the event viewer (see attachment) but I'm pretty much computer illiterate so I can't really make sense of it. Can anyone help me?

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I have: Turned off adaptive brightness, told it to never dim the screen at any time for any reason under any battery plan, and still, right-on-the-dot, at exactly 1 minute, my screen turns off.

A:Windows keeps turning off my screen

Open the Control Panel, then open "power options", then in the power plan that is selected, open "change plan settings" and there you can set "turn off display" to never.

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This has been bugging me lately. Everytime I click my mousepad, it somehow turns sideways. I know how to turn it back, but everytime I click,  it keeps turning sideways. My laptop is touchscreen by the way.

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I have a dv3-22330 Laptop that only recently has starting to have problems that occured about a week or two ago. On startup the LCD display does not show anything just a black screen but everything else continues to function as normal like it should, i have tried all of the suggested ideas like taking out all the power and holding the power button for 60 seconds to get rid of any charge that maybe triggering the failsafe.

The strangest thing is that im writting this thread on the very same laptop, after some testing done earlier the laptop screen will only turn on when the power cable is plugged in but will not turn the screen off when taken out again.

Laptop + Battery = No Screen
Laptop + Battery with power cable plugged in after or during boot up = Screen on
Laptop + Power cable = Screen on
Laptop + Battery + Power cable = Screen On

This surely rules out that the common suggestion that i found like backlight, inverter ect isnt the problem and this also does not sound like a dodgey cable as the power cable would have no effect on a wonky cable. The most obvious problem might be that it has to do with the Power Saving settings but they are set so they also do not turn the screen off in anyway although with the power cable plugged in makes the screen come on you would be lead to believe it is.

Any help to this problem would be greatly appreciated as this is baffeling me.


A:dv3-22330 Screen not turning on.


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Hi, my NEC Versa Aptitude is almost 4 years old, and the screen is starting to turn pink in the bottom right hand corner Today when I turned it on the screen didn't have any colour at all - the computer itself started fine, but the screen remained black. I turned it off, waited for a while then turned it on. The screen worked again, but the pink colour is still there - and I think it is getting worse.
I love my laptop - please help!

A:My screen is turning pink

I suspect it's time to shop for a new one.

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I have an i7, 4k, 512Gb laptop. My screen was flickering a bit. Dell sent a technician to replace the screen. When the technician installed a new screen, the keyboard including caps lock is working, and the screen is not responding at all. The technician installed the older screen that was flickering, the problem is the same. What is the solution?

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what do you do when the screen keeps turning upside down

View Solution.

A:what do you do when the screen keeps turning upside down

Hi, Please try this (Windows 7) Hold down Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time then press up (or down) arrow key.  Or fix it this way Right click a blank soace on desktopSelect PersonalizeSelect DisplaySelect Change Display settingsDo not use flipped at the Orientation box.Click OK/ApplyRegards. 

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Hello everybody.  I am really sad cause I think will loose my entire information.  I just bought (with so much effort) a new laptop on October 2015. Now, seven months later, when I put the ON BUTTOM, it does not turn on. I just hear all the process of turning but the screen is black.  The MAYUS KEY blink with a white light: 3 times and a pause, 3 times and a pause... Wanna know what can I do. I am completely sad and angry at the same time. My way of living is all I have there.  PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks. 

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Hi, i forgot to charge my laptop after the battery drained completely. The power snd battery button líght up but the screen won't start helpp

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Hi, My yoga 710 screen is not turning on and is completely black. I have tried holding the power button for 15 seconds until I hear the laptop fan. However, that has not helped.  The keyboard light still turns on and I can turn it on and off when I need to. The laptop is still able to charge but I  have also disconnected the charger when I have attempted to power it on. Still does not work.  There has been a few issues with it in the past such as the laptop restarting when I take it off my table or move it slightly.  The laptop is approximately 18 months old.  Any help will be appreciated.  

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My computer recently not taking any charge. It's only turning on when it's plug in. When I go to turn it on the screen is black. I've reboot it about 5-8 times and I'm not any results? Does anyone know what could be going on with my laptop? Thank you

A:Dell screen not turning on

Basic troubleshooting:
Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery (may require removing the base cover), and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the memory module(s) and the hard drive.
Plug in the AC adapter.  Verify that the LED on it (or on the DC plug) is ON before you connect the notebook.  If it's not, replace the adapter with a new one.
Plug the adapter into the system and try powering up with no battery.  If it will, but won't with the battery connected, the battery is bad;  replace it with a new one.
If the system still won't power up, the mainboard is bad.  
If you need further assistance, please post the full system model information (i.e., Inspiron N5110, XPS L502x, etc.).

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Hi guys!
Not a BSOD here, but I think this is the right section for posting.
Let's start with system specifications: Acer Aspire 5930 series, Geforce 9600M GT and Windows 7 x64 SP1.
I have an annoying problem: like I said in the thread title, my screen turns off, sometimes I hear the sound of the game, sometimes I hear the last sound looping.
The only thing I can do is to force the shutdown.
I didn't find any relevant timing in crashes, could be after 5 minutes playing or after one hour.
I've spent last days googling this ("black screen loop sound" or something like that) and I found hundreds of thread all over the internet about this issue.
I found that it can happen with different video cards, different mother boards, different versions of Windows and different games (for me it happens for Age of Mithology, COD2, COD4, League of Legends)

What i tried to do following the ideas given in those threads:
- Checked temperatures, a lot of ppl speaks about overheating. These temperature don't go really high, the blank screen happens even just after booting. I haven't had temperature problems recently (like pc slowed). Anyway, I cleaned the ventilation system.
- Stressed video card with FurMark. Nothing happened and it didn't go over 75?C.
- Tested Ram with Memtest 86+, got 2 passes. Anyway I imagin that if it were a Ram problem, Windows would give a BSOD.
- Scanned system with Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 and Lavasoft Ad-Aware.
- Rollbacked nvidia drivers to on... Read more

A:Screen turning off while playing

Power Supply issue would only be on a desktop PC, laptops use the battery as a buffer so to speak:).

Check for updated lan and wireless drivers as well especially if it's a realtec lan adapter.

Are you running video drivers from the ASUS site or the Nvidia site, laptops often use modified drivers to over come shortfalls in the design.

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For last few months i am having a problem on my windows 7 netbook . When i open my laptop after
booting up the screen turns white with black border. . This problem also occurs during doing any light office work like working on excels,word and powerpoints. After restarting my netbook sometimes the screen
recovers but mostly the screen turns white and then black borders occurs. After that the computer stops responding.

So please help me on this topic because i am a office worker and i cannot work without my netbook.

A:Screen Turning White

Hi Debasish Thakur, welcome to Seven Forums.

When you move the screen a small bit does the screen do anything at all? Maybe it could be a loose cable?

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