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removing embedded sound from an AVI video clip before adding a new sound track in Movie Maker

Q: removing embedded sound from an AVI video clip before adding a new sound track in Movie Maker

HI - I have some AVI clips that I am processing in Movie Maker but they have background sound recorded.

How can I clean up/delete the background sounds before I continue adding a new soundtrack?

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Preferred Solution: removing embedded sound from an AVI video clip before adding a new sound track in Movie Maker

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


As the title says, I've just started using movie maker but it wont show the images from my avi clips, only plays the sound. They imported ok, but its not just my own clips that wont play; I tried to preview the video effects and despite the progress bar scrolling along I couldn't see anything in the player. Will be grateful for any help at all!

A:Movie Maker - Sound But No Video

It would appear you are missing codecs I would download K-Lite Codec Pack Basic
from here install and all should be good.
basic pack should be good enough

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hi guys,
I am importing my holiday pics from my panasonic camcorder via usb cable into windows movie maker. when it captures it i can hear sound on the video recorder but when it has imported it onto the computer and i start editting it there is no sound. I can import music internally from a music file and it works fine .
it seems that the sound isnt coming from my camcorder. i have checked the obvious and it is not muted and i have also unchecked my filters.
Any advice in simple terms please as i am not good with this kind of thing. thanks so much.

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At a lab I've spent numerous hours on this animation that I'm entering into a national competition. In PowerPoint I had my friend narrate it, and uploaded to drop-box. It was all working perfectly, but now at home when I downloaded it most all of the sound clips are recognized as movies, and won't play. Two of the sound clips still are recognized as sound clips and will play, but the other 12 don't. How do I fix this? The due date is tomorrow.

A:Powerpoint is recognizing sound clip as movie, won't play the sound

Not knowing what format they were uploaded to and if they all were uploaded in the same format, its hard to say. Are you using the same powerpoint version?

Can you look at them individually within powerpoint and see what they are listed as (not the powerpoint show).

Although this is an audio problem, its more a Powerpoint problem and maybe should be posted in the MS Office section.

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So hey, Ive checked out the forum and done all the reccomended fixes for this issue. (i.e. Updating my drivers, downloading codec packs, converting my .mov files to .avi for WMM) but still WMM wont show the video however plays the audio. Any help, or any point in the direction that theres something obvious im missing, would be massivly appreciated!

Thank you!

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(Sorry if in wrong thread)
Why l ask because l am doing placement at an community organisation and they don't won't suggested videos when they watch their vidos on youtube. l asked youtube and they said the only way is to embeded it off site meaning not on youtube. How do we do this? or which program or plug-in is best.


A:How do you embedded a video you made using windows movie maker 2012?

Where do you want to do this embedding?

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How do you add/remove audio to/from video clips?

A:adding/removing audio on Windows Movie Maker

to add audio to a movie got to movie tasks then under that import audio. if u want to remove the audio go to the timeline and look for the icon next to the microphone and set audio levels. play with the slider till it mutes the movie. hope this helps u.

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Hi everyone

Hope I've posted this in the right forum! I know zilch about DVD writing and recording.. I have made a DVD of all my old 8mm (and super-8) movies that I took when I did Europe in '67and '69. (As Jean Brodie would have said, I was in my prime...) What I'd like to do is make a voice recording, a monolog, in step with speed of the movie, just to describe what is on the screen.

I have the DVD version on the HDD of my LG RH 278 DVD recorder. I have copied the file to a DVD rewritable disk, but I can always scrub it and do it again to incorporate a sound- track.

Is there a simple way of adding a sound track either after burning the master from the HDD or simulaneously? One store said I must use Pinnacle, but the price was off the scale, and anyway, I'm not likely to even use it twice, so it's not worth it.


Larry (More Problems)

A:Solved: Adding a sound track to a DVD

Simple is in the eye of the subjectively biased eh? One way you could do it without going the "Pinnacle" way is to use something like Audacity or something that can record your narration as you watch any particular video so you get a .wav or mp3 file of your voice that will be timed to correctly narrate the video.

Before you narrate though you would want to have the video extracted into a format that the program DVDFlick can recognize. That might be as easy as copying the files to your hard drive from the DVD and renaming them with the .mpg extension if those files have the .vob extension now.

Then as I said, you narrate those files to get a correlated mp3 or wav file. Then once you have added the video segment to DVDFlick and gone through all the basic settings to get them as you like there is a Audio Tracks tab in the Title (each video segment is a title) properties where you can add the corresponding audio file as a audio track to each video segment. Then when you create the new DVD, your narration will be included.

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I imported film clips from my Canan Legra Fs200 through Imagemixer 3. But when I play the clips with VLC or Media Player/Movie Maker I get no sound. I would like to use Movie Maker edit a film but this doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can fix that? Or would you recomend me to use another programme?

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hi guys i seem to have a problem, i haven't done any updates whatsoever. it was working earlier today fine. I HAVE SOUND in everything else except MOVIE MAKER i checked all volumes and see if anything was muted but all seems fine. any ideas???

A:Windows Movie Maker: No Sound

this is very weird, its seems to have fixed itself this morning.

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I am trying to make a slide show in WMM. Everything seems to be working except the audio. I tried 2 add an mp3 to the time line but there is no sound. The track plays but there is nothing to be heard. Any ideas?

A:Windows Movie Maker : No sound from mp3.

Do you get the visual graphic fequency bands of sound to show up in the Audio/music timeline when you drag the MP3 there? If so it might be simply that your audio levels have been set all the way down in the program. If you just get a straight line (no sound detected) then there is a problem with WMM not being able to pick up on the audio of the MP3. Assuming the MP3 has a common standard bitrate and such and WMM fails with all MP3s added, you've got bug that is not so easily diagnosed.

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Relatively new laptop, Toshiba Satellite P75-A7100, love it. Windows 8, getting used to it.

I like to make "movies" with Movie Maker of my pix and scrapbook pages, etc. and I create an annual slide show for our ACS Relay For Life. Downloaded Windows Essentials because I like and am most familiar with Movie Maker.

Created a new project, added jpgs, added mp3s. Worked fine................and then it didn't. Jpgs are still there, project is saved, looks like music is there, but no sound will come out.


A:No Sound with Windows Movie Maker

I've had that problem while using Movie maker, as well as Sony Vegas Pro 11. I fixed it by going into my recording devices, disabling everything I'm not using, disabling what I AM using, and re-enabling it. Another thing you can do, is go to you sound devices and click the "Communications" tab and check "Do Nothing". That was my main problem.

Sorry for the late reply!

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I converted an MP4 file to WMV to be able to rotate it in Windows Movie Maker (Windows XP) and after the rotation the video is ok but the audio is not working. The original MP4 had good sound. All other sound is ok on my PC and as far as i can see i haven`t muted anything. Any ideas please?

A:No sound Windows Movie Maker

What do you mean by Rotation of the Video?
You can try converting the MP4 to WMV before importing it to WMM. How to Convert MP4 to WMV | eHow
If you just want to burn the MP4 to DVD, then try the free DVDFlick

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Somehow the sound got turned off in Windows Live Movie Maker. The computer has sound in other applications, but in Live Movie Maker there is no sound, even though the volume is turned full up, when I click the "Video Volume" it shows a red circle with a red line thru it indicating the sound is turned off.
It worked in the past, I used it to make movies. How do I turn the sound back on"

A:No sound in Windows Live Movie Maker

If everything else works OK, I would suspect a problem with the Movie Maker. Try reinstalling that and see if it fixes it. You may have to uninstall it, restart the PC, and then download it from Microsoft to reinstall (do not skip the PC restart - if you just uninstall and reinstall without restarting the original problem can still be there).

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When i import some files into WMM and drag them into the timeline, it fails to acknowledge any accumpanying sound. Strange thing is, it will be fine with one .wmv file... and not the next.

Very confusing. Possibly a codec clash? I don't know enough about these things. Any help it rectifying the problem?



A:Windows Movie Maker Ignoring Sound

Does this happen all the time?Remember you can't import any files in WMM. Please tell us which file types you are talking about.

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Whenever I import a sound, usually a song, into Windows Movie Maker 2 and then play it the sound comes out horribly garbled, it skips parts and just crashes the program. I also imported sounds into another video editing software and I got the same effect. Obviously, I am unsure why this is happening and how can I fix it? BTW, I have Windows XP SP1. I don't use SP2 as it makes my computer highly unstable.

A:Imported sound is garbled in Movie Maker 2

Chances are you have a corrupt sound driver or codec. I would uninstall and reinstall your sound card.

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After I imported an mp3 file to windows movie-maker, I noticed that the sound quality was noticeably worse than the original source file. It now sounds slightly fuzzy. The 'fuzziness' carries over the the final wmv file.

What could be causing this problem and is there anything I can do about it?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Movie-maker corrupts mp3 sound quality

I think you will get a lot more help at the actual support forum for Windows Movie Maker.


Good luck,


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Hi all

I am currently copying some old VHS analogue tapes to my PC for editing. I have copied the film OK along with the sound using "One touch grabber" This edits OK in Movie maker and plays fine but the resultant save to the PC (.wmv) format when played back in Media player has very quiet, fuzzy sound quite unlike the raw film as edited and played in movie maker which was quite clear and crisp.

I decided therefore to pick up the sound track from the VHS tape separately using the the mike input socket in the PC and the windows sound recorder. The intention being to put this recorded file against the film in Movie maker and editing it along with the muted video.

The recorded sound in .wma format was fine when played alone and the file was imported and edited with no problems with the muted video files. Playback of this via movie maker was OK.

The final result when the combination was published to the pc as a .wmv file played through media player was just as dismal.

Does anybody know the reason for this or suggest a way of getting better output sound?

Thanks in advance


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i use this alot to edit videos but after reinstalling my os the other day ,i installed this again and now when i add music file the sound quality is really badly reduced .
im not sure why this has started happening after ive been using this program for so long with know problems and i dislike the windows live movie maker
anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

A:windows movie maker 2.6 sound problem

Many people prefer Movie Maker 6 from Vista if you have access to it:

Windows Movie Maker 6.0 - Install on Windows 7

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Hello all,

I tried searching all over the internet for a solution to this problem without luck. I was happily using Windows Movie Maker 2012 on Windows 8 for several days, when all of a sudden the sound stopped working. Whenever I try to play a clip from a video camera, a former project, or a finished movie file on my computer, the video plays but with absolutely no sound. I have tried putting in mp3 songs, and those do not play with sound either. I can see and single out the audio tracks to clips, but I cannot hear anything. Sound on the computer is working fine, and the clips play in Windows Media Player and other media players. I have tried uninstalling Windows Movie Maker and reinstalling it. It worked initially, but I waited a few days and tried again only to have the same problem occur. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(P.S., I did try Windows Movie Maker 6, but it does not accept certain movie file formats that my video camera uses, so I went back to WMM 2012.)

A:Windows Movie Maker 2012 on Win 8 - No Sound

As an alternative to your issue, try using VLC player, it's free and at least you'll be able to watch/listen to your videos.

VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework!

For you problem, I'm wondering if something has been left over from the uninstall, which could be causing your problem. Try using Revo Uninstaller and uninstall it with that then download and install movie maker and see what happens.

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Hello Tech Support forum members,

I am currently trying to learn how to make an "Automovie"(nothing that would require a large amount of memory usage) in Windows Movie Maker 2, but keep getting a "Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem and needs to close" error msg after improting a .wav sound file into the Automovie project;I have checked the error report(the location/path of this report),but can not locate the error text in the path specified!!!

I was wondering if this error might have something to do with having service pack 3 installed,or possibly a missing/corrupt .dll issue??

The following is the complete error message I received:Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem and needs to close.We are sorry for the inconvenience.

More info about the the specific error:Error signature=
More information of the technical nature of this error report:

BTW,there are no directory with the name "WER1154,dir00",nor files "moviemk.exe.mdmp,appcompat.txt found in the... Read more

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Hi -

First, I'm extremely computer dumb! My son is attempting to do a school project in which he needs to add sound effects to a short film he's done on Windows Live Movie Maker. I'm currently using Windows 7. He downloaded sound effects from soundfxnow.com and when he clicks "Add music", he can't locate the file and when he opens up windows media player it's saved under playlists. When he opens the playlist on "add music" it says that there are no files there.


A:Window Live Movie Maker Sound Effects

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My Movie Maker ver 6 for Vista has stopped working. I can open the program
alright, I can import the video media and also visualise it. but when I drag
the media to the storyboard the icon does not stick . I am not
getting any error messages when this is happening. It is very frustrating.
Please help.
Many thanks

A:windows movie maker cant drag clip to storyboard

Help would be very very appreciated!

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I am recording video for a local sports team. When I use the software that comes with my Sony recorder I can review the video and hear all of the sounds of the games, whistles, etc. But the editing ability of that program is pretty limited so I import into Windows Movie Maker 6.0 and can edit it nicely but none of the sounds are imported. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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And before you say anything, IT'S NOT THE FILE. The file is an .avi and it works fine. The problem isn't that it doesn't play sound at all, but that it will play sound for a while but after I move the cursor to another time on the video a few times it will
just stop working and I'm forced to guess what sound is playing based on what's happening in the video, which obviously, isn't working. My speakers are fine because my music will play so don't say that either. This is something on WLMM's part as my videos
will work fine in other editing programs. This has been going on for weeks and it needs to be fixed.
I apologize if I sound demanding but this is absolutely ridiculous.

A:Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't play sound

This kind of issues are caused by Codec. Have you installed third party Codec packs? You may temporarily remove the Codec packs and check the result.
For Codec related questions, please refer:
Codecs: frequently asked questions
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Codecs-frequently-asked-questionsPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I may have posted this question previously in the wrong area. I'm new to this forum.

I video using a Sony HD cam and the video gets downloaded to my computer with decent sounds from the environment I was filming. The editing capabilities of that software are limited so I import that video to Windows Movie Maker 6.0. When I play the video in Windows Movie Maker the sounds that were there originally are all gone. How can I use the improved editor but keep the sounds?

A:Losing Sound from Sony MPEG to Windows Movie Maker 6.0

At first guess I would think WMM doesn't support the audio codec that your camera uses. Check to see if your camera uses a "wierd" codec and campare it to the codecs that WMM supports. You may have to use a program like Virtual Dub to convert the audio if this is the case. Another option is to see if the camera can save the audio in a differnt format or maybe upgrade to a more advanced program.

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I have a starting page that has a wav file (i may swap this for a video clip) that is from one of my tables. Can this wav file play automically when the starting page is open. Im using 2000 format ms access. Or maybe there is a better way to get a video clip to play when the starting page is opened? Any help would be great!

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im having a problem with my audio when viewing video clips websites, the video works
fine but the audio dosen't work
(youtube, flash, divx ect)

but streaming audio does work or well it did for the mp3 i just tried and it is the only thing that has worked so far for embedded but that was using the standard player for firefox

it affects safari, internet explorer, and firefox but anything i dont play off a
website works fine

ive updated all the drivers, players, windows is up to date

because it only affects embedded content im not exactly sure on what to do....

i guess im after
finding out what reg keys, files, codecs are related to audio for embedded content
and for the reg keys whats the default settings?

its a freshy built computer so it hasnt worked as yet
i checked in all the usual places for spyware and ran a couple of scans to see if that was the cause but it appears clean

any idears?
thanx in advance!

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Okay, I've searched the internet for answers to this problem and I came across quite a few. I've downloaded the K-lite codecs to no avail. I've tried looking for the wavemapper program that others have suggested and that hasn't worked either; I can't even FIND th wavemapper and I'm pretty sure I'm following the directions on how to get to it pretty good. Finally, I found this solution:

"Problem solved. Google is my friend! (so is the planetamd64)
After googling and reading several threads in Adobe forums.
Several reinstall's of flash and some registry edits. Finally found a fix that works. Apparently I wasn't alone quite a few people have had this problem also. In this thread there's also a registry code for XP 32 bit.


But way down in this above thread is the solution for XP x64.
So i thought I post it here if anyone else runs across the same problem I did. Still don't know what caused it?

Fix for no audio in Flash Player videos for XP x64
Copy and paste the following code (both paragraphs) into notepad and save it as a .reg (fix.reg for example) then double click the file and you should have sound in Flash Player again. There were several other suggestions in the above thread none worked until I found this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32]
"msacm.imaadpc... Read more

A:No sound on embedded video

The same thing happened to me...and I get the same error message.
Too bad there wasn't someone around to help us.


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Trying to burn an MPEG and seperately a video clip. I can get picture when I play the burnt cd in my dvd player, but not sound. What am I doing wrong? I am using Nero Burning Rom 6.

A:Burning MPEG or Video Clip, Picture, but no sound?

hi chatter if i were you id get a program called winavi, and use this to convert the MPEG to avi, and then the avi to DVD (VIDEO_TS) and then use DVD shrink to add the VIDEO_TS files and burn them to dvd thats what i do and had no problems.

You could also try this guide


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Hello --
I'm new to the list. I found an old thread that describes my problem, that being not being able to get sound from an embedded google video that I added to our website, though the video is playing. I found a solution in the thread that I used, namely saving a file of code as (missing.reg), and then double clicking to add it to my registry. But -- when I do that, I get this message: "Cannot import missing.reg: the specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor."

Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks for your help!

A:Google video embedded, but no sound!

ooooh -- I fixed it!! After 2 hours -- I got it. Thanks! -R.

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how can i enable a movie i am currently editing in windows 7 to be able to edit it on a windows 2012? 

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I have one clip in the timeline.

I would like it to fade in from black and fade out from black.

I know I can split the clip and fade in the first half and fade out the second half but there is always a little 'skip' in audio where the split was made.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Live Movie Maker - Can I fade in AND fade out a single clip?

Perhaps you have to fade the audio clip separately?

Adjusting audio in Windows Movie Maker: frequently asked questions

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I'm putting together a very simple movie with a lot of photos that I want to simply fade into each other.

Is there a way to select all photos and pull down the "fade" transition only once, rather than adding it one by one in between all of the 100+ photos? I was able to "select all", but when I clicked on "transitions" they all de-selected. It seems that there must be a simple fix for this, but I cannot find it. Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Windows Movie Maker adding transitions

Put your cursor on one of the pics and right click. In the menu that opens up click on "Select All" (or press Ctrl+A) to select all the pics. Now go up to the Fade transition, right click on it and in the menu that opens up click on "Add to Storyboard" (or press Ctrl+D) and the fade transition will be added to all the pics.

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I created a movie using Movie Maker. I published, checking the box to publish for viewing on another DVD player. I get the message "saving video and opening up DVD Maker to burn the DVD. This happens, I burn the DVD using a DVD +R, and it plays on my computer, but not on a DVD player/TV. Help!!!

A:Publishing Movie Maker Video with DVD Maker

Try DVD Flick. Works 100%.

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Hello, I'm new to the forum, so please be patient.

I have a Windows Movie Maker clip that was sent to me through an e-mail. I had difficulty playing it at first as Windows Media Player gave me an error message "... does not recognize", or something to that affect. I got past that after some research.

I tried to re-send it to a friend and it would only open in Note Pad on his computer. From the error messages, apparantly there is a problem with the file extension. I sent it back to mayself and figured out how to solve that problem and advised the friend.

What my ultimate goal is, is to post this clip on my website or U-Tube for promotional purposes. Can someone please tell me how to resave this file or what ever else is necessary so that I can post it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .


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Hi...I have downloaded some movies and are attempting to watch them. Some work fine...while others don't. I use media player and it tells me that it doesn't support the file or codec. Then if i try again.. it tells me it can't play a .AVI file. Can this be fixed?

A:can't play "video clip (.AVI) movie...why?

even though it is an avi file it might be a divx or other compressed avi file, and WMP does not have the codec to play it.

Yes there is a fix, download this codec pack and install it


Now the movies will play.

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This is a useless program for me, it takes up a ton of space and has about 60 startup files, there is no uninstall for it. What is the best way to remove this junk from my system
It is considered bolt ware is way it was not on win7

I am really thanking about going back to XP Pro, never had a problem with it, never had to reboot to get it back up to speed, have not tested win7 yet, almost afraid to, the newer windows get the more problems they come with

I stayed with win 98se till win 2000 pro, I still beleave win 2000 pro was there best release to date, it just became out dated, now XP pro stands as there best release, the reason so many or not upgrading from XP pro, it is a solid OS that runs with out fault.

I had no choice, when I bought my new pc, vista was the only choice, I have converted it to XP desktop

I am not having many problems with vista, it just has to much s-i-t on it I dont need or use and am trying to remove all the crap it came with. I like to keep my system clean, keep the best AV-Adware-Maleware-defrag-torjan-rootkit finders-registry error apps running and up to date, and I do not count on one of these apps to do the job so I go with 3 different ones of each expect for the AV app which I stand alone with nod32, nod32 has held it's ground for me from 1997, I can say I have never been infected for the last 13 years , got hijacked once when I did not thank I needed a firewall, turned all my files to Chinese language , good thing I was running dule ... Read more

A:Removing windows movie maker

Unfortunately Windows Movie Maker is a core part of Windows Vista and it cannot be uninstalled officially.

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Quick problem, getting annoying.

I fraps a 1.5gb video file. I import this to windows movie maker. It seperates the massive video into many many seperate smaller shorter clips. Ok.
So I just highlight them all and add them to the timeline? right. wrong! I've discovered that when some certain random clips are added to the timeline, windows movie maker closes. BUT, heres what I don't get. I can add each and every seperate clip to the timeline, alone, and nothing will happen.

It only closes itself if some certain random clips are added to the timeline in conjunction with other certain random clips. Like...they aren't able to be played in the same timeline..or something? O.O whattodo, whattodo...

(I have re-installed codecs etcetc.) :: I had this same problem before i formatted my comp and re-installed windows also.. so ugh..?

A:Windows Movie Maker // Closes self when adding clips to timeline. Interesting =S

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Hi all:

I will appreciate it, if someone could teach me, ......


If you have any DVD of a movie or say, .......
100 MB of any wmv/avi kind of video file
and you want to make a small avi vdo clip
of 15-20 sec, how to do that?

Do I need particular software? WiNDVD can do it, how? Can WIN XP do it without third party software? How?

Here is just for an example.


If you have 100 MB file, how to split it into two/ three files of equal size?
Can WINXP do it? How? I would try to avoid any third party softwares if WIN can do it.


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Hello; A rare conditon: I cant get sound out of any internet video. sound card is ok. Sound from every other source is ok,,,except from internet explorer videos of any kind.


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Hello Im currently Unable To Use Xillisoft Video Converter / MS Movie Maker (2012) or CUDA Video Converter

I have a video that I captured using FRAPS its avi and I want to convert it to youtube format MP4 OR WMV for easy upload.

When I try to to convert the video with movie maker I get no visual only audio with a black screen. With Xillisoft and Cuda Video Converter they both end up with a failed to convert message.

I scanned my computer with malwarebytes pro and no issues. I also scanned with this program called rouguekiller I found off the internet that scans for rootkits and 0 access viruses, It found a few but I Don't know if they were actually viruses or not but I went ahead a removed them and restarted computer but still have issues.

Ive also tried installed the software titles in different compatibility modes, Im using windows 8 64bit and tried windows 7 comp mode and windows xp compatibility mode and still having issues.

The Video I made with Fraps works fine in windows media player but not in latest movie maker. I was using almost identical configuration with radeon hd gpu and didn't have any issues, it worked once with my NVidia gpu which is a gtx 650ti.

I have latest graphics drivers and turned off anti virus / firewall when I try to convert video.

I don't know what else to do Any Help Appreciated, Only thing I havnt tried is uninstalling and reinstalling Fraps but I don't know why I would be having issues that would cause this.

Some Programs that ... Read more

A:Unable To Use Xillisoft Video Converter / MS Movie Maker (2012) or CUDA Video Convert

Are you only experiencing this problem with only one FRAPS file or does it happen with any FRAPS video you create?

Would you mind sharing a short video file with us to see if we can re-create the problem on our systems and see if it is the video or the system causing problems?


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I upgraded my Win XP to Win 7 like 1 month ago.
Downloaded all drivers (from their sites) updated them... then i open WMP 11 and start playing some music. After listening to that i heard some weird sound lag, I believe its called crackling. I searched on internet found some solutions, but none worked and none was for mine sound card.
This wasn't happening on Win XP.
Oh and if i have older version of driver it works way batter (only hear crackling when my cpu goes up to 1000MB (100%) ), but then my Microphone goes really quiet like I disabled microphone boost.

Hope you understand my problem.


"Windows","Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (Build 7600)"
"Internet Explorer","9.0.8112.16421"
"Memory (RAM)","1023 MB"
"CPU Info","Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz"
"CPU Speed","2802,0 MHz"
"Sound Card","Speakers (C-Media PCI Audio Dev)"
"Display Adapters","NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 | NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 | RDPDD Chained DD | RDP Encoder Mirror Driver | RDP Reflector Display Driver"
"Monitors","1x; Generic PnP Monitor | "
"Screen Resolution","1024 X 768 - 32 bit"
"Network","Network Present"
"Network Adapters","VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter | Hamachi Network Interface"
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A:Genius Sound Maker Value 5.1 Crackling Sound

Here Two Pictures from two programs (DPC Latency Checker V1.3.0 and LatencyMon), while playing music.
The results are pretty much the same.

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I have a new-to-me desktop dell
pentium 4
windows xp pro SP 3
dvd player: tsst corp cdrwdvd ts-h493b
(also has samsung cd-rom sc-148c)

software: avast free, malwarebytes, spybot s/d (scan only), spywareblaster (currently off), spywareguard (currently off), zonealarm free firewall

hi techspot,
i am trying to solve another problem over at bleeping computer having to do with streaming video on this computer. i read about you--you were highly recommended for someone with a driver-related problem, which this may be.

in trying to figure out my streaming video problem i tried out the cd player and the dvd player today for the first time. the cd player works fine except sound is weak even at top settings.

dvd player has pretty much the same sound as the cd player with a cd in it, that is, weakish sound.
When I put in a movie there is beautiful video but zero sound. I tried a few different movies to make sure of the problerm.

other info: default media player is wmp
a former user seems to have used powerdvd 6

i can play a movie using either wmp or powerdvd. Neither have any sound.

i am happy to add new drivers, etc, but will need help.
Not sure if related to streaming video problem (shuts down browsers, explorer and firefox, for you-tube and hulu, as soon as video loads. some short commercials ok video and sound.)

appreciate ideas.

A:Dvd player has sound with a music cd, no sound with a movie

Sounds like you are missing some sound codecs, at the very least. Luckily Techspot can provide them for you...

Hope this solves your problem.

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I have been searching and reading and watching youtube videos about this and I have tried all the solutions that have been suggested. Nothing has worked! I loaded codecs, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. Please, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to try them. I am a novice at video editing and I tried other free, highly recommended video editing software and the learning curve is just too high! If you know of a free program that is very easy and close to the movie maker interface, please suggest it!

A:NO video in Movie Maker!

What is your operating system ....
and you using this move maker ???

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