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A few days with Windows RT - comments, questions

Q: A few days with Windows RT - comments, questions

I just picked up a VivoTab RT and have many options on the thing thus far, so I wanted to make a thread for others in the market and for anyone to possibly help me around the shortcomings I see with the device.

Firstly, why I purchased it - I saw it on clearance for $250 with keyboard dock and couldn't pass up giving it a try at that price - been looking for something with a bright screen to use outside and something that could replace both my Nexus 10 and Win7 laptop with one device, to make things simpler, especially when traveling. I found myself always bringing both devices, because even though I much preferred using the Nexus 10 for the majority of things, some tasks along the productivity side were simply much easier with a Windows based laptop.

So Windows RT, I was expecting to hate it based upon the amount of times I have heard it trashed. Metro is not bad at all, a good interface and although the app selection is minimal all the major players are there, I haven't yet found myself needing something that isn't available. Overall, I like it, in some ways better than my loved Android, but now, the shortcomings:

1. I am greatly missing Chrome, I now know why I left IE years ago and never looked back.
2. Some websites display as mobile and I do not see an option within the browser to request the full site.

Any work-arounds for my issues?

If I were to look into getting a similar device running full win8 what would you recommend? If one of my requirements is 600nit brightness or higher is the VivoTab my only option? I couldn't find any others with brightness even close, but I am not that familiar with all the models available. Starting to think if I upgraded more memory would be nice as well, things are sluggish with multiple tabs open at 2MB as I was used to my laptop with 8MB.


Preferred Solution: A few days with Windows RT - comments, questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: A few days with Windows RT - comments, questions

As far as a Tablet, I'm sure it's OK, there are just no good Store apps. There are a few, but most of them are wastes.

But Chrome, Chrome is in the store, it's free. Are you saying it's locked to IE? It shouldn't be, search for Google Chrome in the Store, and download it.

Are you sure this is an RT tablet - Because RT has NO desktop.

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Hey All,

I got a 32 GB for data burning. Works great! All I wanted to do was to have it save my Bookmarks, Pictures, Documents, the basics. I selected the "Let Me Choose Option." and it seemed to back up a lot of data 1.5GB. My question is, in Windows 7 there is a Download Folder, I also use Firefox and it creates a download folder by default. Is the downloads folder considered a part of Windows 7's library? It does not seem to be listed by Windows 7 as a default under the Libraries list.

It doesn't matter too much, because I would just get fresh downloads of new Internet programs anyway for any type of reinstall. If I were to make a new Windows Library containing the downloads folder, would I just be double-dipping? Recreating what has already been backed up?

Please provide any comments or personal experiences using this Windows feature.


A:Questions and Comments About Windows 7 Libraries

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Windows Update comments & questions no Window update issues

Why are windows update so huge? On mine, I noticed 104.7 mb for required security updates.

I also noticed some other optional updates for windows 7, I am ed to see those with Windows 7 mainstream supported ended. I thought Microsoft Security essential would be the only one shown in the Optional updates and nothing else. I know windows 7 gets security updates till 2020.

A:Windows Update comments & questions no Window update issues

Well... Better not complain about it, now mainstream support has ended.

I'm at near 1Gb of Optional updates & Hotfixes since i installed SP1, and for security updates i do not find those in excess.

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On the advice of hjlbx I installed the trial version of Bouncer by Excubits. It's a limited trial that the developer says limits only the size of the configuration file. However, I can't seem to save the configuration, so it seems maybe that is a limitation, too, but I am not sure.

On the program, I like what I see in that there is the potential for 100% custom behavior control. This opens a new door for me, but I have some questions about what Bouncer is reporting in the log. Here are some entries that I couldn't explain. These are parent>child blocks:

*** excubits.com demo ***: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe > H:\Configs\PortableApps\PortableApps.com\PortableAppsUpdater.exe
*** excubits.com demo ***: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe > C:\Users\########\Downloads\privatefirewall.exe
*** excubits.com demo ***: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe > C:\Users\########\AppData\Local\id Software\quakelive\quakelive.exe
*** excubits.com demo ***: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe > C:\Users\########\Downloads\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\program\soffice.bin
*** excubits.com demo ***: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe > C:\Users\########\Downloads\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\program\soffice.exe
In the downloads folder I am keeping a number of installers for various reasons, but none of them are dangerous. The question is why is svchost.exe seeking to access these files? Does this have some remote connection to the a-v makin... Read more

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Bit-defender free edition questions and comments

I have been trying out bit-defender for a couple of days. I like it. From what I read it is supposedly better than other free protection program. Is Bit-defender better?

What I like about it, it stops bad malware web pages. What I don't like about there is no way to change or disable auto update for the free version. It wouldn't so be so bad if it just updated once a day. I read it updates every hour or two. Anyone know a trick to set bit-defender to once a day, Once every other day?

Right now I am back to using MSE.

Anyone else have any other problems with Bit-defender?

A:Bit-defender free edition questions and comments

No way to disable auto-updates for the free version unless somehow you block update.exe using a firewall. It took me awhile to find this information.

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Hi all,
I'm using Acronis True image v11 home, and it's VERY good at it's disk image backing up; helped me numerous times while setting up a dual boot on my laptop.

When i create the backups, it asks for an optional comment, so you can identify the backups later on. I always made good comments, but now i have numerous backups, i've just realised I don't actually know how to view those comments?!

If anybody knows how to, please give instructions!


A:I create comments when making an acronis backup, but how do i view the comments?

Hi nappymonster,

The Official Acronis Support Forum is here.

-- Tom

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Hi, just come across this File Metadata (free) which I think will interest you- seems very competent in tagging files.
At the bottom I've added a note about StyleFolder (free), which adds comments to folders.

If you want to add comments, tags, metadata to files, this is for you.
In some places it refers to XP and Vista, but is maintained and current for '10.

File Metadata - Download File Meta 1.3

1. Explorer with normal view of details pane for txt

2. Configuration screen for program
3. Result with several added editable fields and added comment
"It is pretty clear that Microsoft originally intended to ship a broader capability. What this package does is wire together pieces that were built into Windows in readiness, but never joined up: it connects Explorer's ability to see and edit metadata with NTFS's support for storing property data in an annex to any file, and so allowing metadata to be added to files of any type. And because Windows Search uses the same property system hooks as Explorer, you can also search using this metadata, both in Explorer and from the Start Menu (or Search charm). That all this takes just a 19K DLL (64-bit, release build) and some registry settings tells you how close Microsoft got.

One reason why Microsoft never shipped the complete solution is that all works well when the file is moved around between NTFS drives, but the metadata is lost when a file is, say, emailed, or moved to a FAT file system. Also, if your fil... Read more

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Hi guys,

I'd just like to ask how is McAfee McAfee AV / Internet Security doing these days...?

A friend was asking me the other day and I really did not know what to tell her because I have not been using McAfee since 1998.

May I have some inputs as to McAfee's performance today from you guys? Maybe some strong points and low points perhaps..What about slowdowns during usage?

It's AV(only) as compared to say, Avast's or AVG or Avira's AV..?

It's Internet Security Suite as compared to say, Avast IS 2016 or Emsisoft IS..?

Or if I'll choose an ALL FREE software config that can (well if it can) suffice for McAfee IS protection what will it be..?

AVG Free + TinyWall + ERP + MBAE free + HMP..perhaps..?

Any suggestions as to the all-free combo as well as the ideas on McAfee AV and IS performance is very welcome
Thanks a lot

A:How is McAfee AV / Internet Security doing these days and some questions

I would not advice you to use mcafee , but it is not great in my opinion , confusing gui and the price what you pay for the suite is way to high! I cannot comment on the way it performes on a machine , like any other security product it may vary on each different machine. what kind of user is your friend? does she have computer knowledge or is she a novice? there are better av's ou there and for free also! like AVG or Avast which are better detection wise. If she wants a paid product go for emsisoft internet security. a nice free setup imho would be : AVG free or Avast free ( Hardened mode ) and Comodo Firewall ( Cruelsisters settings ) and an anti exploit like Malwarebytes anti exploit free or Hitman Pro Alert ( Paid ) protect against browser and software exploits.

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in this video Laura E. Hunter from Microsoft describes behavior analytics: https://youtu.be/hNZdboDvnuU?t=1251
She says that ATA will analyze the behavior in a domain for 21 days and declare this as normal behavior. After the 21 days ATA will report unusual user behavior based on the 21 days analysis.
I have two questions about this:
1. Can we see the progress of the analysis somewhere? I searched through the ATA-center but there is nothing. Is it possible to see it in some kind of logfile or the Mongo-DB?
2. We have started ATA with one DC. What happens if we add our other DCs later? Will the analysis recognize behavior from those, also when the 21 days are already over?
I did not find anything about this 21 days analys period in the documentation. I'm more than happy with a hint if I have overseen something there.
Thanks in advance

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4 months from now (April 2019), the last round of security updates will be released for Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit.

3 months ago (September 2018), the last supported browser for it came to its end-of-life and will have no further security updates.

As much as many of us still like this Windows operating system, the time has come to say "good bye" to it.


A:Some Comments About Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit

Well, it had a five-year run beyond it's official EOL date, Frank. It's hung in there but you're right; time to say goodbye.

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I am in the process of picking parts for my new build which will include an AMD Athlon 3700+ San Diego core.
I already have XP home and was thinking off getting XP pro 64.
I would like to know what the experts think of this OS, is it worth upgrading from home and what am I going to gain etc? Also will I still be able to use my existing software?
Thanks in advance for any comments

A:Windows XP Pro 64 comments please

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The last security update(KB4500331) for it was released in May 2019.
Maxthon Cloud Browser is the only known up-to-date browser that works with it.
No known up-to-date antivirus apps work with it.
Very few up-to-date security-related apps and maintenance apps work with it.
More and more internal and external devices no longer provide driver software packages for it, nor work with it.

I'm still using it for testing purposes in legacy - 3rd generation systems.
As things continue to change with it, I'll update this thread with new information, or I'll post a new thread.


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Personally, I have made good use of the "Windows XP Service Pack 3" site at


and have installed numerous hotfixes from it(11 of them today).

This is what my SP3 list, per Belarc Advisor 7.0T, currently looks like:

KB319740 on 9/30/2005 (details...)
KB867282 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB873333 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB873339 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB883523 on 10/25/2005 (details...)
KB883939 on 6/14/2005 (details...)
KB884020 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB884883 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB885222 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB885250 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB885835 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB885836 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB885894 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB885932 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB886185 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB886540 on 8/24/2005 (details...)
KB886677 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB886716 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB887472 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB887742 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB887797 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB888113 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB888240 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB888302 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB889016 on 4/7/2005 (details...)
KB889527 on 8/6/2005 (details...)
KB890046 on 6/14/2005 (details...)
KB890047 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB890175 on 3/5/2005 (details...)
KB890463 on 10/25/2005 (details...)
KB890737 on 10/25/2005 (details...)
KB890831 on 3/11/2005 (details...)
KB890859 on 4/12/2005 (details...)
KB890923 on 4/12/2005 (details...)
KB891630 on 10/25/200... Read more

A:Your Comments About The Windows XP SP3 Site

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The Security Monthly Quality Rollup and the Microsoft .NET Framework updates for this "patch Tuesday" will take longer to install and configure than they usually do, and there will be multiple restarts.
If your computer appears to freeze or lock up, be patient and wait for the process to finish.
Make sure to install the Servicing Stack Update that appears afterwards.

On or after the January 2020 "patch Tuesday", Microsoft plans to launch a nag screen to encourage you to upgrade your computer to Windows 10.
You can read about it HERE.

If you're using the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus app, Microsoft is no longer going to provide definition updates for it after the January 2020 "patch Tuesday".
It's my guess Microsoft will launch a nag screen to alert users that it's no longer being supported.
It probably won't hurt anything to keep using it for a short time, but it will eventually need to be replaced with a different antivirus app.

If you're using the "Pro" version of Windows 7, I will be doing some testing after the January 2020 "patch Tuesday" to see if security updates can be obtained and used beyond that post-End Of Life date.
If it can be done, that will extend free support until October 2020 or October 2021 or later.


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I rent a computer in a clothing store in Hollywood,California,U.S.A. This has been going on for about 2 1/2 years. But,recently the best computer (and the 4 others) were overhauled....some kind of routine re-formatting due to too many people using "porno" sites (which infected the machines with viruses.)

My favorite machine had Windows XP. But,when re-formatted,that became Vista. I don't like the way the files are shown on Vista (vertical instead of horizontal) and also,Vista is way too slow.

Also,suddenly I could no longer use the NCH "Express Burn" software....I now have to burn discs using the inbuilt Windows "autoplay" feature. But I can't use the 3rd option,because this produces a silent disc (don't ask me about codecs and audio drivers,because I can't handle the higher tech stuff.) Not using Windows DVD Maker.

Only "Burn a DVD data disc using Windows Media Player" or burn a playable (video DVD)
by "Burning files to Windows".

Just thought you'd like my comments on Windows. A great PC system (I don't understand Mac at all but Bill Gates should have left well enough (XP) alone.

A:General Comments-Windows Vista

Quote: Originally Posted by ronald3333

but Bill Gates should have left well enough (XP) alone.

Vista has earned itself a bad reputation

I was a big lover of XP until Windows 7 arrived (Loved 7 from the beta releases), i still support XP heavily but really wouldn't like to use XP as my main system again

There is also a dedicated Vista forum here - http://www.vistax64.com/


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Hi!. My first post....

I just put together a new PC with decent motherboard, AMD quad CPU, 8 GB RAM, solid-state C:\ main drive, new 2 TB disk slave drive F:\, plus an older external drive G:\. I loaded Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit.

I have many video files (mp4, flv, mpg, mpeg & wmv). These were compiled on another computer running XP Home SP3. The problem is that I can no longer access file details, which is a huge problem. So, when I right-click a file name, hit Properties, Details, Comments, my old text notes are either missing or there is no comments field, depending on file type. I see all users have full rights, and I unchecked Read-only and Hidden File and applied to all. No change. I tried copying files to the other drives ... no change.

The mp4 files don't show my old notes in the empty Comments line. The flv files show no comments line at all. The mpg and mpeg have a blank Comments line that cannot be filled in; same for Nero VOB files. The wmv files, however, are the only ones that show the old notes in the comments line.

As for pics, the jpg files seem to have their comments intact (whew!).

If I put the external drive back on the XP machine, the comments are there. I later installed Nero 9 from their website ... no change.

Do you have any sage advice? Is there some utility software that could help me access the missing comments? I don't want to install XP as a dual boot just to see old comments. Thanks very much!!

A:Can't see my old explorer file comments from XP in Windows 7


I believe that Windows XP used some feature of NTFS called Alternate Data Streams to store text comments. This is no longer supported from Vista onwards.

The below may help you, but I have not used it myself:

Good software to handle NTFS alternate data stream in windows explorer? - Super User

Hope this helps!

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“Apple today released Safari 4, the world’s fastest and most innovative web browser,” the company’s press room reveals. “Available for Mac and Windows PCs and introduced as a beta in February of this year, Safari 4 features the Nitro engine which runs JavaScript up to 4.5 times faster than Safari 3,” Apple says.

“Safari 4 makes browsing more intuitive and enjoyable with innovative features, such as Top Sites, Full History Search and Cover Flow, and support for modern web standards like HTML 5 and advanced CSS Effects,” the Mac maker further stresses.

Having been built on the the Nitro JavaScript engine, Safari 4 executes JavaScript nearly eight times faster than IE 8 and more than four times faster than Firefox 3, according to Apple. As far as HTML is concerned, web pages filled with such content are loaded more than three times faster in Safari 4, compared with Microsoft’s latest iteration of Internet Explorer.

Safari 4 is also the first browser to pass the Web Standards Project’s Acid3 test, Apple reveals. Not surprisingly, Snow Leopard (available this September) will push Safari 4 to its limits, by enabling its 64-bit nature to take the performance of the Nitro JavaScript engine up by 50 percent.

Apple - Safari - Introducing Safari 4 - See the web in a whole new way

Well, all I can say is that I liked BETA better (with tabs on top, it was much better for me than the tiny tabs in the final version... Read more

A:Safari 4 Final for Windows - your comments

No one is interested in Safari 4?

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I'm currently running Vista Ultimate 64 bit and it's GOOD to a pain in the butt at times.

I'm thinking of getting Windows 7 but was wondering, should I do the upgrade or start completely from scratch install?

And, should I get the 32 or 64 bit version?


A:Upgrading from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7, any comments?

Clean install is always preferred over an upgrade.

As for 32-bit vs 64-bit, it depends on what you're planning to use the machine for.
Main advantage on 64-bit version is a possibility to use more than 4GB of RAM, which is a limit for 32-bit OS.
On the other hand 64-bit version will sometimes cause issues with finding correct drivers and some applications may not work. Since 64-bit becomes more and more popular, both problems are less and less likely, but they still happen.
64-bit OS is also more secure, than 32-bit.

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Windows Explorer allows for a COMMENTS column but I am unable to populate it with my comments. How is this done ?!?

A:how to populate COMMENTS column in Windows Explorer?


Download CommentConfig, CommentConfig 1.11 Download

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Yesterday I finally got down to organizing my mp3s. I 've so far been very weary of any automated options of arranging my mp3s (which are in the number of hundreds of thousands - avid music fan that I am). Reason being that most of the time if you rely on computers to automate tasks that are too complex for them to do so, you put too much time in yourself for very mediocre results. In the good old days (before reluctantly making the transition to mp3) I had my cds (sleeveless) in a some 200 cd per case folders and I let my brain do the work of mentally sorting out where everything is or what I want to listen. In any case, I am diverging here, sorry for that, yesterday I decided to make the move.

First of all I've long been waiting for vista for what was supposed to be the virtual folder features and ended up being the stacks. So I coughed up 400 euros or so for vista ultimate. I should have expected that the useless hacks (not in the computer wiz sense of course) that they are over at microsoft they would have messed up this much touted feature, I just didn't think that they'd come up with such a sad excuse of "tagging". Once again near monopoly forced me to give them the benefit of the doubt.

What a horrid mess. Gonne are the adjunct files for file types that don't support metadata as was the case in windows xp, and it seems that the only files you can tag are docs and xls, some picture formats, a handfull in total, thus rendering the sta... Read more

A:Windows Media Player Auto Playlist where's the comments tag?


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hey guys, i came across this a little while ago: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/875-activation-trial-period-extend-up-120-days.html it says if i run that command Windows7 evaluation period will be extended by 30 days each time it's done. however, when i do it it only extends for 3 days. is there any way to make it last longer or has it changed?


A:Extending Evaluation Period for 120 days.. only extends for 3 days?

If you have a valid copy of windows 7 with a legit COA sticker and can activate it without problems i dont see any need to even have an evaluation period.If your copy of windows 7 isnt valid and the COA sticker isnt anygood id suggest you buy a proper copy of windows 7 with a legit COA sticker and go from there.Because eventually it wont work anymore and you will be locked out of the computer.

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As I understand it, with the new anniversary update after 10 days one will get disk space back relating to Windows.old being deleted automatically (if PC is left idle for a while).

i also believe that if a PC upgrades to Windows 10 then the new anniversary update wouldn't be offered until 30 days have elapsed. However with the aforementioned change to 10 days for rolling back the anniversary update I wonder if that now also rings true for previous 10586/TH2 build? We got a new mini PC approx 10 days ago, Windows 10 was pre installed but it was a really old build, pre 10586/TH2. I checked for updates and it immediately set about updating to last novembers 10586. However I am now confused as to whether I need to wait 10 days or 30 days for Windows update to offer it the new Anniversary update. I am totally happy to wait for Windows update to do its thing rather than use MCT etc, just curious about the timescales involved given MS has changed from 30 to 10 on the latest version

cheers, Wayne

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Hi guys,

I'd just like to ask how is McAfee McAfee AV / Internet Security doing these days...?

A friend was asking me the other day and I really did not know what to tell her because I have not been using McAfee since 1998.

May I have some inputs as to McAfee's performance today from you guys? Maybe some strong points and low points perhaps..What about slowdowns during usage?

It's AV(only) as compared to say, Avast's or AVG or Avira's AV..?

It's Internet Security Suite as compared to say, Avast IS 2016 or Emsisoft IS..?

Or if I'll choose an ALL FREE software config that can (well if it can) suffice for McAfee IS protection what will it be..?

AVG Free + TinyWall + ERP + MBAE free + HMP..perhaps..?

Any suggestions as to the all-free combo as well as the ideas on McAfee AV and IS performance is very welcome
Thanks a lot

A:How Internet Security McAfee Antivirus / Internet Security doing these days and some questions

I would not advice you to use mcafee , but it is not great in my opinion , confusing gui and the price what you pay for the suite is way to high! I cannot comment on the way it performes on a machine , like any other security product it may vary on each different machine. what kind of user is your friend? does she have computer knowledge or is she a novice? there are better av's ou there and for free also! like AVG or Avast which are better detection wise. If she wants a paid product go for emsisoft internet security. a nice free setup imho would be : AVG free or Avast free ( Hardened mode ) and Comodo Firewall ( Cruelsisters settings ) and an anti exploit like Malwarebytes anti exploit free or Hitman Pro Alert ( Paid ) protect against browser and software exploits.

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MS Office 2010 detected hardware change You must activate MS office in 2 days. Just did that 3 days ago
Motherboard failed. Put in new mobo (F2A85-M Pro) and cpu (A8-6600K APU), Installed W7 Pro x64  along with a couple hundred updates. Installed MS Office Pro And re-activated by phone. All OK.
This Morning i updated BIOS and Drivers on ASUS website and re-started PC a few times.
When I opened Outlook the preceding warning window came up.
What now??? Do I re-activate again?

A:MS Office 2010 detected hardware change You must activate MS office in 2 days. Just did that 3 days ago

With elevated administrator rights (Run as Administrator) run the following from command line
cscript "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs" /act
cscript "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs" /act

Thanks Milos,
But I have been unable to make that work. I bit the bullet and reactivated by phone again.
Hopefully for the last time.

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I have problems with the windows up day, is is looking for updates and this hours and hours and not for but nor is them up day, as could repair this, because you are missing up days to my computer

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My new computer has BSD twice this week giving the error in event viewer: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000034 (0x0000000000050830, 0xfffff88003354558, 0xfffff88003353dc0, 0xfffff880010bc141). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 052211-30747-01.

Technet don't seem to know.

Any ideas?


A:Windows 7 BSD twice in three days?

Download BlueScreenView:
unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe to run the program.
when scanning is done, go to EDIT - Select All
Go to FILE - SAVE Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt
Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all of the content, and paste it into your next reply

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I am not sure what this means. Windows 7
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: d1
BCP1: 0000000000000000
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: FFFFF88001E9456B
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

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I guess somebody is familiary with this problem, I never heard about it. After reinstall Windows XP from Dell CD, it's appear small popup window with caution "You have 30 days for register". As is original I never register software. Yesterday he call me, he can not use Windows. Yes, it's passed 30 days! He describe me, its appear a log screen, but who know for waht is this. How can I fix it for him? Is there any way without reinstalling again?

A:After 30 days can't use Windows XP

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Something is going on with Windows update and new/restored 7 machines. Been going on pretty much all year so far and has been noticed by a great many other technicians besides me.  Windows 7 has seamed to taken the hit hard. With machines I have built
and restored for customers over these past few years. I know how long the update process approximately took with in an hour or 2. but the same machines are now running into days. Something is not right and needs to be investigated by Microsoft to locate the
problem unless it is being done intentionally for some reason. ??? Windows 8 and 10 machines don't seam to have as much problem 8 more than 10 but 7 never used too.

This involves too many different manufactures machines and clean installs of 7 SP1 for this to be a OS install problem. Not when doing the same machine with in less than 2 years and I could turn the machine over and have it ready to return to work in
a day. Not with the current problem with the update system for 7 OS anyway. I have read where this problem has been very frustrating for other techs.

I have tried a number of the so called KB fixes for this and they pretty much do not correct the problem, I believe it is with the update system and older OS's.

If is an effort to force 10 on folks is not good, if they don't like it and just don't want it, or have other issues with it. They ask for 7 OS machines. You have something people really like!!! So keep selling it and supporti... Read more

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I may not explain my problem perfectly, so please bear with me. I am unable to open "comment" boxes on certain sites or "windows" on some sites that, for example, allow you to enlarge pictures just by clicking on them. Not all sites, just some. I used to be able to open all "boxes", but now I cannot. I do have pop-up blocker software, but I deactivate it by pressing ctrl key.

For an example of what I mean, if you go here (just a random site) http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm, I can no longer open the comments sections.

Thanks for your help.

A:Unable to open some windows or "comments" sections

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would be grateful if you can let me know ? I have Windows 8.1, I want to have clean install Windows 10 but first I want upgrade to Windows 10 ? keep this for few days to see everything is WORKING and OK then do CLEAN INSTALL of Windows 10. Can I do this ? If yes then please guide me or let me know how to do this. My email address is <removed>

Once more thanks and I do appreciate for all the advise.

Yours faithfully,


A:First Upgrade to Windows 10 then after few days CLEAN INSTALL Windows 10

I have removed your email address - ALL communication and support should be kept in the forums as per our rules
ALSO putting your email on public forums is the quickest way to get spam

Yes you can do that using the ISO from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10

You must do an upgrade first - so that MS can see an orginal valid license for the software and then assign a windows 10 key
After the upgrade you can then do a clean install

I would wait a bit longer than a few days , to check everything works OK
With the upgrade you can revert back to the original software for upto 30days after the upgrade and then the windows.old folder will be deleted

I would make sure you make a note fo your old windows key before the upgrde
With 8.1
that would be obtained by running www.belac.com or https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/

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A while back, I purchased a new Lenovo P580 laptop that came loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium and has the OneKey recovery button. Here is a link to spec's if needed: Discounted Prices Lenovo IdeaPad P580 Laptop PC i7 -3520M 2.9GHz 15.6" 8GB 750GB HDMI BT NVIDIA GT 630M Only @ Laptop Best Offers

Fast forward... I just bought a second identical Lenovo P580, same processor, memory, graphics, everything... BUT this one is used and the previous owner upgraded it to Windows 10 more than 30 days ago. I need them to be identical since I use them for DJ purposes. Is there a way for me to copy the files needed from my original laptop to this upgraded one so I can revert back to Windows 7? Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!

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Saving up for Windows 7 but can't wait any longer? Well you don't have to!

Microsoft has made available a 90 day trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and with a simple hack you can use it to install any of version of Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate) so that you can purchase that version without having to format and start again.

The trial is just under 3GB and may take several hours to download depending on your internet connection. You can pause and resume it but I suggest leaving it over night.

Getting the Trial

1. Head to Download 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise Trial

2. After selecting either 32 or 64-bit and your language it will take you to a questionnaire page. Enter your name and choose either Vista or Windows 7 RC as your current OS. For occupation pick either IT Manager or Developer. For "What is your purpose for downloading Windows 7" tick atleast 4 of them. Enter a valid e-mail address. Click continue.

3. You may get a security warning about an invalid certificate, allow it and it will load the Java based download manager. Pick a location to save it the ISO.

4. When done you have two options: 1. Burn it to DVD and install as is and it will install Windows 7 Enterprise which there is no way to activate (legally) using a retail copy of Windows 7, so a clean install will be needed if you choose to go with Windows 7. 2. Follow the next section to extract the ISO and hack it so that you ca... Read more

A:Try Windows 7 FREE for 90 days!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by WiCKED

you can purchase that version without having to format and start again.

afaik the trial version is time-bombed, and in that case you would still have to reinstall a final version in order to use/activate it past the 90-day period.

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A:how do I uninstall windows 10 after 30 days; also ...

Try this:http://www.thewindowsclub.com/rollback-from-windows-10

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A:how do I uninstall windows 10 after 30 days; also ...

Try this:http://www.thewindowsclub.com/rollback-from-windows-10

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Hi I just finished building this computer and I'm getting Bsod for the 3rd time in 3 days always same number

The system is OC-ed and was tested in prime95 for 8 h. I know it can be a bad OC but I'll post the mini dumps just in case they say it could be a hardware problem.

SSD 120 GB Corsair
Gigabyte G1.sniper2
16gb kingtone HyperX
680 gtx asus direct cu2

A:Third BSOD in three days on Windows 7

Minidumps show just general Windows instability. If you take off the over-clocking do the BSOD's stop

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This could be four minute warningg style from Mark Owen:

3 days left to go, until the finale, Windows 7 will hit RTM! Everybody wants to know, what the build is, when it's going to be leaked to torrent sites.

A:Windows 7 with be RTMed in 3 days!

Quote: Originally Posted by Samlaptop


This could be four minute warningg style from Mark Owen:

3 days left to go, until the finale, Windows 7 will hit RTM! Everybody wants to know, what the build is, when it's going to be leaked to torrent sites.

Welcome to SevenForums. This topic has been covered here in different threads but just so you know, July 13th Microsoft will announce details on RTM. As for what build and when it will leak we do not know yet, but there are some RTM threads here that will help you stay up to date.

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Please HELP, I'm in a panic sitution. Yesterday afternoon my computer suddendly started switching on and of and doing this on a regular basis. I swithced the PC off a few times but when it started on each occassion it was still doing the on off antics. I found my recovery disk and put it in my PC I was then confronted with 3 options: 1) press R' for recovery 2) press F to format drive with new windows and 3) press Q' to quit.
I pressed R' yesterday afternoon; the screen gave me the impression that it was going into recovery and has left me with a greyish screen. The PC has been left on since yesterday afternoon and is, as I type, still showing a greyish screen. My question is: is recovery norrrmally a long exercise? If yes; how long will it take? Or am I wasted my time looking at this greyish screen?
Any constructive help at this urgent time would be very much appreciated.
Yous with thanks

A:Windows XP two days in Recovery - Can this be right?

You're wasting your time looking at the gray screen.

I suggest you remove the hard disk from the computer, connect it to another computer, back up your user data, put it back into its original computer and do a full format and resinstallation of Windows.

It might also pay to visit www.badcaps.com.

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I have A question concerning the activation of PC Windows 7
Most of the office is connected with Windows 7 and have an activation key.
Most PC stay activated after being installed, However some PC deactivate shortly after the key is entered (2-3 PCs)
There is no local KMS, there has been no physical change to any material, and the key is taken directly from the MVLSC store with enough activations left
The enetered key is of type MAK
After looking in the event viewer of the machine : i fell on multiple errors :

"License Activation Scheduler (sppuinotify.dll) was not able to automatically activate.  Error code:

This solution has been tried to no avail (method 1)
Any ideas?
Kind regards

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Hi my friends. I need a help.

I have an windows 7 acronis backup, which i often restore to another computers. Activation of windows and office works for 180 days, as i know. When i restore archive to another computers, this 180 days not reseting. It counting from the first day of installation windows. For example today i have installed new windows, so i have 180 days and then i do acronis partition backup. After 20 days (for example) i have restored backup of windows to my friend's computer. After restore the activation days not recounting, it will be 160 days left. So, how can i recount 180 days of activation after every recovery?

Thanks for help.

A:180 days of windows (how to reset)

your not supposed to do that. When you buy windows it is for one machine and one machine only unless you purchase multiple licenses from Microsoft. An oem version of windows gets hardwired to the machine it is on a retail version may be installed on one machone then removed from that machine and installed on another.

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Hi, I have not had any updates since 11 Jan in windows 7. I think something is wrong as I'm not even getting any defender updates.

My pc is checking everyday and when I manually check it says no new updates.

Everything is fine with my OS, is this normal?


A:No Windows updates in 10 days?

What antivirus program do you have?

Install the latest Windows Defender definition updates - Microsoft Malware Protection Center

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everyday when i turn on my pc and turn it off my computer shows it has updates and to not turn off my pc but the next day it keeps trying to do those updates and when i check to see what updated the list shows the updates are failed. i have no idea what to do........

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What gives?
By the way I hibernate my computer every night if that matters.
Also the first recent bsod was yesterday and a Minidump was not created.

A:Windows 7 bsod after 60+ days then 2 in one day.

It appears to be a display related issue.

8ae9c184 9014a6f2Unable to load image nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys

90001000 90af4000 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Tue May 15 13:04:51 2012 (4FB2071B)
CheckSum: 00ADD7B9
ImageSize: 00AF3000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Download and install NVIDIA DRIVERS 314.22WHQL .

Stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark

Also, is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

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I have my obsolete xp box set up as a jukebox. It hasn't been online since it went out of support. Today I fire it up to rock-out and what happens? I get this announcement;

"Since Windows was first activated on this computer, the hardware on the computer has changed significantly. Due to these changes, Windows must be reactivated within 3 days.
Do you want to reactivate Windows now?"

Is this the real deal? It can't be a virus 'cause I haven't been onlne. What exactly happens if I refuse this "request"? How does Microsoft know anything about an offline box?

Since I have gutted this box to free up space for music, I will have to make some effort to comply with this ridiculous demand. It's an effort that I have absolutely no interest in doing. I have my obsolete box just exactly how I want it and I really don't appreciate falling victim to pre-installed Microsoft malicious mal-ware.

Advise anyone?

A:Activate windows in 3 days?

If you changed the motherboard, RAM, or other hardware component, Windows will believe that you changed the PC.

After three days, Windows will become unactivated. All you need to do is reactivate it and enter your Windows installation CD.

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I have an HP Notebook...I decided to wipe it for my son and completely reinstall windows. I followed the prompts and three days later, it's still installing windows? Wth? Is this normal? It says installing windows gets to 100%, shuts down, and restarts the entire process again. I haven't had this laptop for a month yet. Help.

A:windows 10 reinstall taken 3 days and still not working

Katya Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your new HP PC not working and wanted to help.Since this is a relatively new machine, instead of struggling for hours to fix it yourself, why not just let HP fix it -- for free!!  You should contact HP Customer Support directly to have them put you in touch with HP Technical Support to see what they can do about diagnosing and repairing your machine remotely.I did this recently and the HP Tech was able to remotely access my PC from the Internet and do the needed repairs.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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