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Syncing iphone, backing up apps and updating the OS

Q: Syncing iphone, backing up apps and updating the OS

Hi all,

I've recently had a few issues with my laptop, and had to reformat it and have it repaired (Windows Vista OS). My iPhone 4 was synced with it before I had all the issues with it.

I have tried updating the OS and backing the apps up today but it won't upgrade the OS as it says the download is corrupted. I don't want to do a re-sync to the new build laptop as I don't want to lose everything. However I'm also aware that I need to back everything up, should something go wrong in the future.

Any ideas as to how I can re-sync it to the re-built laptop, without losing any information?



Preferred Solution: Syncing iphone, backing up apps and updating the OS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Syncing iphone, backing up apps and updating the OS

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I use Outlook as my primary calendar app at home, and either GMail or my iPhone calendar when I am away. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these three services to talk to each other.
Does anyone know of any programs or services I can use to keep my calendar synchronized? I wouldn't mind dropping GMail from the loop entirely and just having Outlook <-> iPhone synching to each other. Or if anyone has any suggestions for other super awesome calendar apps I'd consider that - but I admit I am pretty fond of Outlook at the moment.
Thanks for your help.

A:Calendar Apps: Syncing Outlook -> GMail & iPhone (or alternatives)

Are you using a personal email account with Outlook, or a company account? If you're using a company account, you can set up your email on your iPhone using the Exchange account setup wizard, and that will sync over your calendar to your phone.
If you're using a personal email account, it's probably either POP or IMAP. Outlook calendar and contacts can be synced to your iPhone, but you'll have to use a manual sync with the phone connected to the computer: http://www.sync-iphone.com/contacts-calendars-email/sync-iphone-with-outlook.html#sync-iphone-with-outlook-two-way
You can also sync Outlook to Gmail, but you'll again need to hool up the phone to the computer and download Google's calendar sync program to your desktop: http://www.ehow.com/how_7172202_sync-outlook-calendar-gmail-calendar.html
Hope this helps.

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I just got the new iPhone 4S and I have a 3GS as my old phone with no way to transfer my contacts. I was told I could save a backup of my 3GS to itunes, then load the backup onto my 4S.

Well my 3GS won't backup, it keeps saying "iTunes could not backup the iphone because an error occurred" without any error code. I've wiped my old backup, I've cleared sync history. I'm using a PC with itunes with the latest itunes version 10.5.

What can I do to get my contacts over to the new phone?

A:Error backing up iPhone - trying to transfer contacts to new iPhone 4S

You may have to load them one at a time.

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Just got a new computer with Windows 8 yesterday, I was able to plug in my Iphone 4s yesterday morning and it registered and synced. But now it won't sync. When I plugged it in last night a pop up came up on the upper right hand asking me what I would like to do with it (I was just trying to charge it then) and I hit "ignore" or something to that effect. Now today when I plug it in, it will charge but won't sync or register it at all. Anyone else having these problems? I appreciate any help!
Also, if it helps, whenever I connect the phone iTunes does recognize it.

A:Syncing Iphone?

Hello there!

Microsoft and apple do things differently. iphones are detected as removable storage, where you can actually move content on and off of it, but the iphone won't detect anything at all. The iphone is tethered to the use of itunes, that's what you're supposed to use to sync content on and off of it.

There has been a case where Windows 8 has actually detected an iphone 4s as a toaster! I think that might be a little Easter egg Microsoft has put in Windows 8 as a middle finger to apple saying Windows 8 is a refrigerator and a microwave in one (something of such).

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Hi, I'm having problems trying to get my iPhone to sync on my laptop using iTunes, but it's just not being recognised. Is there a driver i need to download from HP ? Doing my head in tbh.  Peter

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How can I transfer my Outlook address book to my iPhone?

A:Syncing outlook to iPhone

The usual technique is to first EXPORT your contacts into a neutral format, say CSV (aka spreadsheets). Then investigate how to import contact data.

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I recently synced my 3G iPhone and it erased all my downloaded ringtones. Now I can't even sync again. When i plug my iPhone into my computer, it says it can not detect my device. I have read all the things online but none worked, what do I do?

A:iPhone syncing problems

Can anyone help me with this? I'm thinking perhaps the iphone driver isn't installed, but when I checked it said it was?

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Hi got Windows 7 on my Toshba laptop I updated Itunnes to the latest one and since then my iPhone 4 or my iPad don't syncing all my details come up my name my phone just don't syncing I have tried deleted everything reinstalled Itunnes but still not syncing when I go to back up all my stuff it say it's never been back up one minute it looks like it's going to work it's like it's being blocked not sure what to do?

A:iPhone won't syncing to iTunes

Hi get message cannot sync iPhone an unknown error occurred (-54) can't find a fix I think Windows is blocking a file not sure

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When Itunes offers "your photos are set to sync on another CPU, would u like to do it on this one?" is it going to delete my photos/videos on my iPhone?

A:Syncing iPhone photos

nope, just sync with another device unless you have ticked a box saying its ok to delete originals.
And anyhoo you'll always get a pop up warning you if you are about to do something dumb
If you have a backup on your desktop or lappy then you can relax.
I use an old ipod to store my music and pictures on just incase I screw up....again!

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Win-8 Install was a breeze until ? Apple. iTunes ver 10.7 and 11.2 when trying to sync Outlook simply run processor to 98% and sit there with disnoted.exe, Outlook sync and one other apple program I can?t identify sucking up all of that 98%. No syncing of Outlook calendar or Outlook contacts happens. It just sits in this loop for as long as you let it. I let it run 2 hours once just to be sure the first ?sync? wasn?t the particular issue. iTunes will backup the iPhone and the apps. Just not Outlook

I tried installing in Win-7 and XP-SP3 compatibility. Same problem as described above.

11.2 will work on Win-7 on another Toshiba Tecra of the same age, but it occasionally locks the machine. (BRS reset to get it back.)

Naturally it works on XP and has for months.

Other than iTunes, all other programs, including 16 bit legacy, which I need, ran fine and had no issues with Win-8 GUI. In about 1 hours I knew it fine. Don?t know what the hubbub is about with some about the GUI.

Any rumors of a fix for this iTunes issue?


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How can I (if it is possible) to sync the calendar in outlook 2010 with my iphone 5 calendar? thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

Download and use the icloud control panel on your pc and it should sync.

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how can I sync my iphone calendar with microsoft outlook? Thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

mattts6887, I use iTunes and set it up for syncing the calendars. One thing Outlook can not be open when you sync
or it won't do it properly.

I sync with my iPhone and iPad calendars with my outlook 2010.

Assuming that you don't have a really old version of outlook..


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Now that you have successfully helped me sync my three computers I hope you can tell me the easiest way to sync OneNote to my iPhonel I have OneNote version 2.3 installed on my phone but it does not sync with the computers. How do I go about getting this to happen? Where do I begin. Thanks to everyone who views this and offer help.

A:Solved: syncing OneNote to iPhone

I believe this just solved itself. After I entered a password it synced. Sorry to trouble all of you.

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I've lost the ability to sync my address book and phone (not sure when it happened)

I've the Sync Contact and Calendar box ticked and it seems to go thru the steps, but no syncing taking place

A:Syncing Outlook 2007 with iPhone

How's the sync setuped? Through Exchange server or just sync directly?

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I have syncing issues with my iPhone 3GS since I upgraded my system from Vista (x86) to 7 Ultimate (x64). For most of the time when I try to sync media (including music/video/photos/apps) to iPhone, the system will lag/stutter heavily (laggy mouse cursor, stuttering sound, etc.) The stuttering sound occurs to every programs that is playing sound on the system (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Media Player Classic, YouTube videos playing on internet browser, etc.) The stuttering sound also spread to external USB headphones. (Logitech G35)

I have attempted several remedies in order to fix the problem, these include restoring iPhone firmware (and updated to the latest version available, which is 3.1.3), reinstalling iTunes (The latest version, 9.1), updating drivers, updating BIOS, and ultimately formatting and reinstalling Windows. Furthermore, I tried swapping to the x86 version. The issues were still not solved.

At first I suspect that the iPhone might be faulty, so I tried to sync it with an older computer. (Running on Pentium 4 2.6GHz, 1GB RAM and Windows XP Pro x86), it appears that there's no issue with the sync at all.

The brief system specs are as follow...

LENOVO IdeaPad Y450 (BIOS version 17CN38WW, latest installed)Intel Centrino 2 Technology, Montevina Platform
Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P7450 2.13GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache
Intel PM45 Cantiga Chipset
Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100
4GB DDR3-1066MHz RAM
nVidia GeForce GT 130M GPU with 512MB G... Read more

A:iTunes 9.1 syncing with iPhone cause extreme lag.

Hello Google Search:

Fix Apple iPhone Sync Freeze: FAQ |


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I hope that this is the correct forum for this question. I asked the Apple website Communities forum but have not received a reply.

The other day I downloaded two songs from the iTunes Store to my HP laptop. I then selected both songs in the iTunes menu and attempted to manually synced them to my iPhone by dragging them to the IPhone in the iTunes menu. One song synced but the other did not. I tried to manuallly sync the other song but it did not work.

What could be the problem?


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My Iphone will sync fine with my computer however, once it is finished my Favorites list is now in alphebetical order I had my OWN order and I'm trying to figure out how to keep this from happening everytime I sync my phone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ,

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Can it be done? keeps telling me that outlook is not default mail program, but it is.

A:Syncing Iphone with outlook 2010?

Win7 RC + Office 2010 + iPhone 3Gs = FUBAR. I too get same error message(s), also get 'sync in progress' ad infinitum.

SOLUTION!! Virtual PC! I admit its the king of kludge solutions, but I did the following:
- Install older version of Microsoft OFFICE on Virtual PC
- install 'integration features'
- copy PST file from share to C drive on Virtual PC
- copy pictures etc to C Drive on virtual PC
- install iTunes on Virtual PC
- enable integraton features on Virtual PC
- click the "USB" dropdown on the Upper Left of Virtual PC and dedicate the iPhone to Virtual PC, and iPhone will now sync.

Frustrated bleeding edge end-user

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{{Moderator Note- Edited the title of your thread from just your TSG user name to something that will help you get good help}}
I am new to this forum so here goes. My Microsoft outlook express uses companion link to sync with my phone and I pad.. It is always locing up and not syncing automatically as I have it set to do. How can I fix this..

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Hello. I hope this is the correct forum.
Two questions about syncing an iPhone.
1. My iPhone 5 was at capacity so I deleted songs. I then backed it up to the iCloud. Now my iPhone 6 has larger capacity. How can I sync all songs in my iTunes library to the new iPhone? I assume there is a manual way of doing this and then the songs will sync to the iCloud in due course.
2. I've never known how to sync my calendar and contacts between my Outlook and my iPhone. How do I do this?
I have a PC with Windows 7.


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Hi I am running Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 and an iPhone. I downloaded google sync yesterday because I want to see my job's work calendar as well as my personal calendar (I set it to sync from outlook to google) and when I plugged my iPhone in to sync it and my calendar disappeared off outlook and the phone. When I go onto google all of the calendar items are still there so I backed that up. Can someone please help?

Thanks for looking at my issue!

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I am a college student and I teach college classes. I keep my life on my flashdrive because I have a 45 minute long commute. I have about 12 gb on my flash drive in school work, dissertation data, and files I use to teach (jpg, pdf, ppt, word, etc.), and personal information.

I have once again lost my flash drive. (I guess you could call me an "absent-minded proffessor"). I long ago (after a scare at about 2 gb) learned to create a copy of the flash drive on my hard drive. However, I often don't have the time (student, teacher, and mom)or attention-span to create the backups as often as I change the files.

Here's my issue. I can get a new flash drive, and copy the files from the old one that I saved to my hard drive about a month ago. However, once I recreate the 100 or so files I've modified in that time, I'm still in the same boat. I'd like to know if there is an easy way to save a file that has been changed in two locations at once? Or, is there a way to backup (or copy) only files that have been changed on the flash drive to a folder on my desktop? I'd like a quick, easy, foolproof (and inexpensive) way to automatically protect the files I modify quite frequently.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

PS. I did try using the option of creating a backup copy using the settings in office, but it only creates the backup on the disk the file is located.

Windows Vista Ultimate, HP m7690n, 4.0GB RAM, Office Pro 2007

A:Syncing (or backing up) files in two locations

I do exactly that which you want with a simple double-click--after writing the batch file and installing a special program for that purpose. There are two programs available for this, one already installed on your computer called XCopy and another free one called XXCopy.

XXCopy is far more versatile and available free from XXCopy.com.

Because flash drives don't always assume the same drive letter, the batch needs to consist of a method of locating the flash drive and then logging to the flash drive's letter then copying (synchronizing) the files.

Here's my batch; but, it is designed to do several flash drives connected at once. Yours need not be this complicated. If you decide on this method, I can help with your custom batch. This one synchronizes many folders on my hard disk with multiple flash drives. Yours would probably be far simpler.

CAUTION: The following may look intimidating to some. Don't let a complicated look scare you off. With a little information from you, I can have you doing your synchronizations clickity-click.

::XXCopy \AC\*.* D:\AC\ /r /i /c /h /k /y /s /d /Q1 /Q2 /FF5S /EXC:\BAT\Neck.txt

@echo off
mode con:cols=160
Title Locating NeckDrive
Title if exist F:\Neck.ID set findanother=goto SetG
if exist F:\Neck.ID set findanother=goto SetG
if exist F:\Neck.ID goto F
Title if exist G:\Neck.ID set findanother=goto SetH
if exist G:\Neck.ID set findanother=goto SetH
Title if exist G:\Neck.ID goto G
if exist G:\Neck.ID goto G
:S... Read more

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Hi all,

I have been having a major problem with the graphics card in my system that is preventing me from running in anything but safe mode and I am about to do a clean install of the OS. I need to back up my iPhone before I start but I can't run Apple Mobile Device while in safe mode. I also cannot start the service without getting error 1084: This service cannot be started in safe mode. I have read articles that explain how to start windows installer on older versions of windows in safe mode by modifying the registry and I am wondering if this could be modified to start AMD or if there are any other methods that I haven't found.

Any help appreciated


A:Backing up an iPhone in safe mode

Please mark closed.

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My sister was saving all of her somewhat 4000 photos she had, and she thought It was completed. The next day she got a new phone (knew they were going to wipe her old one), and look to get the files back into her new one. Unfortunately, the files from iCloud say they are corrupt/not completed.

Is there anything I can do to get this back?

*We talked to a lot of people, (including Apple themselves), and other professional restoration people.

Even if there is not a way to do this just say in the comments so I could potentially stop looking,

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What should I do?
I'm pretty sure the backup wasn't done yet.
Does it start off from last time or do I have to delete the partial backup?

A:I accidentally pulled out my iPhone when it was backing up on iTunes

Delete it and start over.

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In the "old days", I used to think of apps that sync my personal files to the cloud as the best way to protect and preserve them.
But with the rise of ransomware, it could be just the opposite, because if your files get encrypted, you might get your cloud backup messed up as well, thanks to the sync.
So I turned off all that constant real-time syncing, and only run a sync every once in a while, as necessary.
What do you think about this issue?

A:The danger of desktop syncing apps

They can restore your files to a previous version. I know dropbox can do them all if you make a ticket and don't want to do them one by one.
Onedrive you can restore for sure but i don't know if they can restore the whole account at once.

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Is there a setting somewhere I missed that tells each computer not to sync my apps from the store? I set up a new HTPC last night (late, so I may have missed the option), and it started downloading all of the Store apps I have on my laptop. I'd like to, if possible, keep each PC separate.

Or am I better suited just using a different Microsoft account?

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Is there a setting somewhere I missed that tells each computer not to sync my apps from the store? I set up a new HTPC last night (late, so I may have missed the option), and it started downloading all of the Store apps I have on my laptop. I'd like to, if possible, keep each PC separate.

Or am I better suited just using a different Microsoft account?

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I have an Excel 2007 workbook. In it I have a number of sheets to keep data. Because i keep data for many years and end up with 100's of 1000's of rows, it was slowing down my day to day work.

What I did was to only keep the last 12 months data on my "CURRENT"sheet, and all the rest I moved to my "ARCHIVE" sheet. All the formula I use to update values are linked to that "ARCHIVE" sheet. This all works fine, but what I now do is manully copy data from my "CURRENT" sheet to the "ARCHIVE" to keep it up to date for the formulas.

Is there a way I can sync the sheets automatically? What I would like to do is to keep entering new data on the Current sheet as I do now, but have a way that this was added to the archive sheet without me having to copy & paste. Both sheets are sorted by date order (oldest to newest), but the archive sheet might have 5 years data and 200,000 rows, while the current sheet has last 12 months or so and has 20,000 rows.

A:Solved: syncing or updating 2 excel sheets

Do you have Access ?
The reason I ask is that with so many records, you would be better using a dedicated database.

Or is there a reason why it can't be changed to a database.

It might be a good idea to load a small example on here so that we can see what you are trying to do.

Is it the same workbook we have just been looking at on the other thread, or a different one?

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Hi everyone! I support a medium-sized law firm and we've recently upgraded from office 2003 to 2007. Needless to say there's been quite a number of small glitches that we've been trying to work out for a while and they've been getting me stumped.
One problem is that a number of users use tasks to handle deadlines and they're frequently updating the due dates several tasks at a time. Some have been reporting that if they update about 20 due dates they can no longer update any more dates until they restart outlook. One guy also said that after he sent an email the due dates were updating again, but pushing the send/receive button didn't cause the same effect, which seems confusing to me.

It seems to me that it might be an issue with the exchange server and possibly caching, but I can't figure it out.
We're using exchange 2003 SP1 for our mail by the way. All help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hi, I did a quick search in this forum for iphone related threads, but didn't see any that fits the bill of my problem, so I have started this thread. If it's in the wrong section, please let me know and I will move it.


Laptop - Dell Latitude 610 (1.7 GHz, 512 MB)
OS - XP Pro SP3

I am syncing the iphone 3G through itunes with my Outlook contacts and calendar items without any problem on my PC at home, but it's a completely different story at work with the Dell laptop. When I first got the iphone, it worked fine with the Dell for a couple of days, but when I came to work after the weekend, everything went south.


Once I hook up the phone with itunes, it registers it, but when I hit the sync button, it goes to sync with my contacts, and stays that way for eternity. 10-15 minutes goes by without any changes, and meanwhile, the machine slows to a halt. I can't run any other program in parallel, and it would take 30-40 seconds just switching in between windows. So I would have to manually cancel the sync. Afterwards, the machine remains slow as molasses. I go to Task Manager and would see that the OutlookSyncClient.exe continues to run even though I exited itunes. This is not the case on my home computer. When I exit itunes, that particular process stops as well. If I click over to the performance tab, it would show spike sin CPU usage, and off the chart PF values, like in the GB range. It also is taking up 40-50 MB of memory as well... Read more

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There's a list of the top 15 here:

But what are your best?

A:Best, useful and free iphone apps

Im more into the games, like cover orange, but i do also use the app teamviewer. When i go on my dads i also use the app to watch tv on it threw sky tv.

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Hi Ive been reading some stuff about the internet when adding apps to your iphone all the other apps get deleted? so i just wanna ask, is this true? cause i want to add a certain application to my iphone but w/o getting my other apps deleted )


A:Iphone Question: about Apps

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I have an iPhone 3g, version 4.2.1 on AT&T.

How do I shut down an app? I've just been exiting the app, but I was using the Texas Fires App tonight and got a message to close some apps to improve memory space. This sort of shocked me--I've had this phone for 2 or 3 years and never have known about shutting down an application. I do hope this isn't as dumb as it sounds to me!

Thanks in advance!

A:Shutting down apps on iPhone 3G

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I want to run iphone apps on win7 but don't know how to di it so i need your suggestion to solve this problem.

A:Can we run iphone apps in win7

Have you tried something like this ?

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hey guys, ok so i have an app on my computer, but i cant find it in the installer because my friend gave it to me ( after i had bought it off of him for 5 bucks)and it is the full version of a game called labyrinth. i would like to know how to put it on my iphone. thanks

ps. sorry if the thread is in the wrong category

A:iPhone 3rd part apps install from PC help

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Hard to explain but here goes.

When I am backing up my hard drive, I am aware that things are coming in - antivirus program updates and others.

How does this affect restore if I find it necessary?

Thought it would be better to ask now rather than when I really need it.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any comments.

A:Backing up while other files are updating

Hey Joe,

As long as it doesn't restart the computer or explorer, it shouldn't be an issue. They just won't be included in the backup in progress.

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Happy Friday the 13th to everyone.
I recently relocated to a new city in Florida.
I didn't change any of my information on facebook or any other apps on my desktop or iPhone.
One of the people I work with has one of those names that just roll off your tongue.  (eg. from the WWE, Alberto DelRio)
Every morning I say a general hello and than I say his full name.
The past two weeks Facebook has been asking me to add him as a friend.
I'm currently updating 45 apps on my iPhone.
I went into general settings and opened all my apps to look at the current settings and 7 apps had (had) a microphone option turned on.
I've never used a microphone for any app.
Is it possible FaceBook spied and listened to me saying my coworkers name and that is why he kept coming up on a suggested friends list?
Is Big Brother & the Holding Company getting bigger and sneakier?
Should I have posted this on Alex Jones website?
FB has not asked me to friend anyone else from work or the city I now live in.
I love a good mystery, any theories?  

A:Facebook, my iPhone 8 & Apps with Microphone Option

So I've been on Hirens to see if they have a program I can install on my PC and modify it so that it will believe my cell phone is another hard drive and scan it so that I can see if anyone has remotely accessed my phone.
Does anyone know of a program that can do this, it doesn't have to be free source, I am willing to pay for the product if it exists. 

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Have a format/reinstall getting ready to happen. Needing to back up windows 10 store apps and games. Wanting to copy to external hdd so hopefully to not have to redownload 50gb games as I only have 6mb dsl (all I can get where I live).

Not even sure it will work but it does for steam, origin etc. When I try to copy the folders to external hdd I get this message "do you want to copy this folder without encryption, a problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted". Couldn't figure out what to do after that. I saw something on google about decrypting but it's a lengthy process it seems on such large folders and I'm not sure if they would need reencrypted once moved back to folder after reinstall of windows or what. Can any one help? Thanks in advance!

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If let's say I have 5 iPad/iPhone users. Can I, as a server, example force each user to install a particular app/update on their iPad? Kind of like how anti-virus push their updates down to the clients. Is there any Windows software that I can use to help me? Does the Apple Configurations Utilities help?

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I need to transfer 2 game apps from my old iPhone 6 to my new LG K20 plus Android to retain my progress on both games. They're both related, in order to earn points on the 1st game .. I downloaded the 2nd game through the 1st game app.
I also have a laptop running Windows 7 and a 3rd phone which is an android also, in case they will help with the transfer. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Transfer iPhone game apps to Android phone

I think iPhone and Andriods have different OS architectures. Thus transferring the app from iPhone would not run on the Andriod.

If the games are online games, your game state might be saved online, and there might be no need to transfer. Just download the Andriod version and sign in. See if progress is the same.

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Hi All,
I had my 4 years old iPhone 4S in which I was using my Free Google Apps Email via the OLD exchange Method (yes pat me for using it till all this time). Any mail sent via iPhone would also download to Desktop Outlook's Inbox via POP3 and I'd just move it to my sent folder
I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6S and configured my account as the given option "Google". Everything is fine except that any mail sent from my iphone doesn't get downloaded to Outlook via POP3. Any mail sent via Webmail does get downloaded to Outlook, just the mails sent from iPhone are not downloaded
I presume somehow iPhone's sent mail is marked read in the webmail and is not considered to be downloaded via POP3. Can you help me fix this please.
This same thread is also posted on Google forums but couldn't get any productive answer.

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After I updated my Windows 8 x64 Lenovo y410p PC to Windows 8.1 from the app store and updated and repaired all possible apps from the store, there's 5 apps (that appear without images):


that when I try to run them, I get the message "This app can't open" and it asks me to check the Store for a fix. When I click the button to do that, the Store opens and I get the message "There's a problem with the app you're trying to run, and it can't be repaired by Windows Store." I'm guessing these are the old apps from Windows 8 that are no longer supported on Windows 8.1 (since I also have separate working Photos, Camera, and Skydrive metro apps). The only exception is that when I run the broken chat app, the Store app offers to repair the Mail, Calendar, and Peoples app, but that does not remove the broken chat app. How do I get rid of these apps, since I can't uninstall them from then normal uninstall menu?

Here's what there apps look like: Photo Album - Imgur

A:Broken apps after updating to W8.1?

See if this helps:

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter - Fix Apps in Windows 8

Good luck.

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Sometime ago as I was updating my Firefox browser I noticed multiple previous versions in the folder. I can't find that thread so I'm asking if that or similiar happens with other programs such as Avast,CCleaner, M-bam & so on? If so, I think it might be best to use revo to uninstall & reinstall, is that true? I'm only asking because my Vista laptop has slowed a bit & I'm thinking I could speed it up a bit by doing such. My scans continue to come up clean, too. Thanks

A:Updating software apps

Well, it wasn't mass minutes it saved, but uninstalling & reinstalling some programs has been beneficial.

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I have automatic update of Windows apps switched on but on opening the apps store I am told there are 29 updates. I have tried to install the updates one at a time but the screen shows the message "Pending" and nothing more happens. I have checked that my internet connection is OK. I am using a Samsung Ultrabook with 6GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive space and I have only had it a few days.
Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?
Many thanks

A:Problems updating Windows 8 apps

Did you get any error messages? I ask because I am having the same problem I can't install new apps or update existing ones.

Each time I attempt to install or update through the app store I receive error message 0x80072ee4 or 080073cff. I searched google and unfortunately none of the solutions posited helped. They include:

1. Performing a clean boot. (Disabling all non-microsoft services and startup items)
2. Using the SFC /SCANNOW option to verify the integrity of windows files.
3. Clearing C:/Users/Myusername/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Store and C:/Users/Myusername/AppData/Local/Package to clean the cache files.
4. Clearing C:/Windows/SoftwareDistribution and restarting the Windows Update service.
5. Verifying that all windows services are running.
6. Disabling NIS 2013
7. Running troubleshooter
Nothing works. Oh and before someone tells me to run the windows restore function.
1. I don't consider that to be a genuine solution. (What if the same thing happens again?)
2. I don't plan on reinstalling all 50 non-windows app store applications.

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having problem using windows update, syncing One drive and having problems signing into programs like xbox video. internet is working but it says there is no connection and to check network connections. also look at firewall settings. ive turned the firewall off and still couldn't connect so turned it back on. also tried adjusting windows defender. help please...

running windows 8.1,
intel i7950 64bit

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